Thursday, 27 February 2014

Spanking Story: He Tarzan She Jane

Brenda Turpin looked up from behind her desk at the sound of a slight cough and an "Er, excuse me, I was er wondering can you help me please ?"

Brenda automatically reached up to pat her greying perm and straightened her nametag. Smiling politely as she was trained to do, the fifty year old mother of four and recently divorced from a no-good layabout whom she had discovered was dipping his wick in other wells, offered the young lady standing before her a seat. "Yes of course, how may I be of service ?" she said sweetly as she had done countless times that day, week, month and God knows how many years.

Rachel Green, a twenty-five year old brunette, single and unemployed nodded and pulled out the chair and sat wriggling for a second to get comfy and compose herself. "Hope so, I was just checking the boards for the latest vacancies and noticed one that sounds interesting. Do you have any more details ?" she asked. "Lets have a look shall we. What number was it ?"

Rachel looked down at the piece of paper where she had scribbled the vacancies registration number. "Felling 4532, the one asking for a graphic design assistant."

Keying in the number on her computer Brenda waited for the details to come up on her monitor. "Looks like the weathers turning." she smiled making small-talk.

"Hmm, think snows on the way, soon be Christmas." agreed Rachel searching her handbag for a hankie to wipe her nose blue from the cold.

"Ah, here we go. Graphic design assistant," read Brenda,"Thirty-five hours a week, some weekend work might be involved as well. Six pounds an hour. Send a covering letter and curriculm vitae to a Mr Woodward by the 20th of December. Interested ?"

Rachel nibbled her lower lip as she considered her options. Though she didn’t know why. It was fast approaching Christmas and she needed a job. She had no choice and this didn’t sound too bad. She had only one question left to ask. "Sounds fine thanks. What’s the name of the company and where is it ?"


Rosyglow Printers & Publishers sat atop a hill enjoying a panoramic view of the Tyne Valley in a small place called Felling Square. On the northern side, situated conveniently next to the Cock and Bull Inn, it was an area made up of the usual shops such as Woolworths, Greggs the bakers, Dewhursts the butchers, a few charity shops as well as one or two other watering holes that served the local populus well with cheap ale and much gossip.

For most the building had always been there in one guise or another, though not many took too much notice to be honest as they went about their daily business. Occassionaly the clickerty-clack of the presses rolling was the object of idle curiosity or when such things as bingo cards, party invites and wedding stationary were needed did people knock and venture inside but that wasn’t often.

Though the extra income was handy when it came to topping up the petty cash box, this particular printing works earned its keep in a rather more "interesting" fashion….


Meanwhile, somewhere in deepest, darkest Africa.......

No doubts about it, Tarzan was having a really, really bad day. The rush hour had been terrible on his way home. Someone should teach those Orangutans how to get a move on, bloody slowcoaches. As he slipped off the last vine and onto his veranda he noticed even Cheetah looked as sick as a chimp as he sat around moping whilst nibbling on a particualrly juicy looking banana. What's the treehouse coming too when even the King of the Jungle, the Lord of ALL HE surveys comes home after earning an honest living fighting crocs and alligators to find he has to cook his own meals and wash his own loincloth just because his beloved Jane has got a headache from too much sunbathing ?! Its just not the done thing this far up the jungle. Well, she might come from a land far away where her every little whim is catered for but she's about to find out that even here there are rules. Number one being to keep your bloke happy by making sure his dinners on the table at the end of the day as well as having a clean pair of underpants to wear in public. God knows what the natives will think !!

Jane, a shapely, pretty, reddish brunette with ringlets down to her shoulders and educated at Eton looked up from behind her Jungle Daily News at her man as he stood in the doorway, hands on hips looking all mean, moody and handsome.

"Hello dear, hard day at work ? Hope those beastly beasts didn't give you too much trouble." she said absent-mindedly as her eyes fell on the latest fashions for the approaching rainy season. Hmmmm, seems like the Zulu look was the in-thing she thought to herself wondering if she could get her old man to splash out on an new outfit for her to wear. Tarzan didn't say a word, not that he said many in the first place anyway. That was another thing she found she liked about him, he really was the strong silent type. When he didn't reply Jane looked up again.

"Is something wrong sweetie ?" she asked with an innocent smile.

Tarzan grunted, puffed up his chest and slapped his forehead in disgust. The chimp just sat rolling the last bit of banana back and forth along his lower lip watching, knowing what was coming.....

"Tarzan, he no happy." said Tarzan.

"Oh, really. Why ?" she replied.

"Tarzan tired.....tired and hungry."

Jane made a face. "Didn't I tell you this morning to get a take-away on your way home ? Really, you know I just can't stand slaving over a campfire in this heat. I always get bitten by those awful pesky mosquitoes and have to send for that ghastly witch doctor who gives me the creeps !!"

"Tarzan thinks Jane is making fun of Tarzan. Tarzan, he thinks his Jane isn't pulling her finger out."

"Oh well, really Tarzan don't be so silly !! My, you are touchy today aren't you ?" she sniffed, disappearing again behind her newspaper and hoping he would drop the subject. She thought wrong. Suddenly, she found the paper snatched out of her grasp and flung out of the window. Squeaking with surprise, she jumped up and stamped her foot."Tarzan, what are you doing ? I was reading that. You can be so bloody unreasonable at times !!" she cried as she poked him in the chest as her fullsome bosom heaved indignantly between them. Tarzan just stood there with a face like thunder.

"Tarzan thinks Jane is very naughty." he rumbled, blowing a whisp of straggly black hair from out of his eyes and bending forward until his nose touched hers. Even more surprised, Jane pouted back and thrust her fists on her hips in anger.

"I am not and even if I was, what are you going to do about it !!" she retorted, turning a bright pink because she knew it was a fib.

"Are so. Tarzan thinks Tarzan should teach his pumpkin a lesson."

"Oh you do do you ?" snifffed Jane, snootily before the penny dropped ."Wait a minute, lesson, what lesson ?"


"Jane sorry now ?" asked Tarzan as he held a spluttering Jane down over his lap.

"OWWWW, ooooo, why you, you....beast !!" shrieked the young woman as he lashed her again with a strip of vine that Cheetah had fetched from outside. He had whipped the lash across her bare bum six times. With each strike Jane had squealed loudly and cursed him to high heaven. Even in Zulu. "OOOOOoooch let me up you bloody heathen, you have no right to punish me like this. I've got connections you know, they'll have your hide for this!!"

"Tarzan thinks Jane talks to much." he sighed, striping her bum with another red welt.

"AAAGGGGGHHHH!!!!!" she kicked, but it was no use. He had her arms securely pinned behind her back with her nose touching the reeds."NOOOOOO Tarzan, THAT HURTS. PLEASE DON'T WHIP MY BOTTY WOTTY !! I'M SORRY I REALLY AM !!"

Tarzan ignored her whining. He was having waaaay too much fun to let her up now. He'd even forgotten he was hungry. He decided to change tact. Time to give her a really hard spanking, one she wouldn't forget in a hurry.

WALLOP. SMACK. SLAP. SPANK.....and on and on until his right hand was sore and her volumptious rear-end was a fiery red that looked hot and really, really stingy.

"EEEEEKKKKKKK...OWWW....PURLEEEEZE STOP LET ME UP !!" she screamed before bursting into great heaving sobs and floods of tears as she howled and kicked to no avail. Holding a wriggling Jane across his lap Tarzan noticed his hairy companion was watching with interest.

"Tarzan thinks Cheetah likes Jane's big bum. Tarzan wonders if his chimp buddy wants a go ?" he asked, pointing to his mates jiggling and very red and sore looking bottom. Getting to his feet, Cheetah blew a perfect smoke ring and stubbed out his cigarette in a nearby ashtray.

"Do orangutangs shit in the jungle ? " smiled the horny primate.


A little while and an even redder bummed Jane later...

Reaching up, Cheetah took off his head, took a deep breath and gasped. "Bloody hell, its like a flipping sauna in that mask. I need a bloody stiff drink preferably a double." he wheezed, running his fingers through his damp light brown hair. Turning, he glanced at Tarzan and nodded over his shoulder. "Here Billy, help me out of this dammed gorilla suit before I melt under these bleedin' lights."

"Tarzan thinks Jim looks muchum cute in hairy suit." grinned the elder Billy, still dressed only in a flimsy loincloth. "Didn't I tell you that if you joined the gym just like me you could of been in my sandals..."

"Oh aye ? And did anyone ever tell you you look a complete dick in that wig ?" snorted Jim looking back over his shoulders as he was unzipped from his costume.

At the commotion, twenty-six year old Jenny Waddle poked her red-head around from behind the curtain where she was getting changed back into her blouse and skirt."Now now boys, act your age, you're like a pair of spotty kids. You lot should try it from my end sometime. That'll shut you up sharpish and no mistake !!"

Both men stopped their arguing and looked at the attractive young woman sheepishly. "Speaking of your end. You ok ? Quite a spanking you took there sweetheart. Though I have to say giving it to you was a load of fun." asked Jim, looking towards the door as Barney Grubb, chief (and only, come to think of it) photographer came back into the small dressing-room carrying his two beloved cameras that had served him well over the years and began to start collecting and pack all his gizmo's away.

"Everything alright Barney ?" asked Jenny, finally finishing getting dressed and reaching up to tie her hair back in a ponytail. "Good shoot ? Certainly felt like it from where I was."

Barney, a youthful sixty-six year old who sported a close cropped head of sandpaper like grey hair fast turning white nodded and gave her the thumbs up."Yup, smashing petal. Reeled off three rolls tops !! Very nice, loads of pancake ones as well. You're a real sport Jenny."

"Hah, tell me about it you daft bugger. I'm easy, as long as I get paid on time you and the Flintstones here can do wot you like with my arse." she replied slipping on her fake fur coat and rummaging in her handbag for her lipstick and mascara. "Same time next week Barney ? Hey, maybe I can be Cleopatra. Do you know, I've always fancied sitting my asp in a bath full of milk." she asked hopefully.

Barney laughed and shrugged his shoulders. "Dunno petal, better ask the Boss."


At that precice moment the Boss, a Mr Woodward, was sitting doodling idea's on a notepad behind his desk as someone knocked on his office door. "Come in." he called, looking up as it swung slightly ajar and a long black haired woman of about thirty or so popped her head around it. It was Katy, his erstewhile loyal secretary of many a year."Hmmm, what is it Katy ?" he asked with a smile.

"Just to let you know that Number three is waiting in reception. Do you want me to bring her in ?" she explained brightly.

Bob Woodward nodded. "Ok, lets hope this one unlike the other two brought some common sense with her for her interview." he murmured waving his hand. The other two had stared at him open mouthed then had ran a mile when he explained what they did here. He sighed to himself. After all what did he expect ? Oh well. Opening his file he read her application form and one or two other bits n' bobs about this applicant noting her hobbies and interests. A soft rap made him look up as a very attractive young woman entered the room.

"Hello there." smiled Bob offering her his hand."I'm Mr Woodward and you must be...."

"Rachel...Rachel Green. Pleased to meet you."


"Phew..what a week !!" Rachel thought to herself as she gazed out of the window at grey leaden skies watching life passing her by as she headed home after a most eventful first few days at her new job. Shuddering to a halt, the bus pulled up at another stop, its doors hissing open to let more weary workers on, each of them no doubt glad that another working week was over.

Sighing, Rachel snuggled deeper into her coat to keep out the chill of a January evening that hinted a hard crisp frost with the possibility of snow was on the way. "If only you knew what I do for a living." she smiled to herself as a group of weary shipyard workers got on from Tyne dock unsuspecting that the attractive young lady sitting by herself near the back of the bus was watching them as they found and slumped in their seats. Resting her head against the window she thought about what exactly it was she did do for a living.


By the end of her first morning Rachel had been introduced to her new work colleagues and was sitting at her own personal desk getting stuck into a bit of "unusual" pagemakeup. Unusual because on the monitor in front of her was the picture of a chimpanzee wailing seven shades of shit out of a scantily clad girl who was yelling silently with her g-string disappearing between the cheeks of her scarlet bottom. "Now thats something you don't see every day.." she thought to herself as she cropped the image to the correct size for its allotted place in an photostory called "Now I'm the King of the Spankers see..."

She smiled as she scrolled up and checked the other photo's on the page, no doubt about it, Tarzan was a cutie, or maybe that should be Billy. The eldest of the two who handled the print-run, guillotining, stitching and collating duties. The other being Jim, whom she reckoned was around 23 or 24 and who undoubtedly had a bit of Jack the lad about him, swagger and all. He seemed kind enough, he just wasn't her type. A bit to up front and in your face for her liking. Though she had to admit she did have a thing for "the distinguished older man." and this Billy, mid-forties perhaps ?, certainly fitted the bill with his close cropped dark hair and bashful smile. Another plus point was his hands. She had noticed them as she had grasped and shook his when being introduced. He had big hands, artistic hands she sensed as he had gently squeezed hers. For a brief second their eyes had met before he glanced away blushing and released her hand. The thought of those big hands on her.....her. Well, whatever they were on, it made her feel quite hot and bothered !!

Thankfully, all in all they seemed a pretty nice bunch. Mr Woodward, her boss, was like most bosses she guessed, a bit distant and aloof, but who seemed to have a pleasant enough demeanor that eased her first day nerves. The secretary, Katy, was a warm and lovely woman and they had become instant friends. "Any problems Rachel, you just come and ask me ok ?" she had said helpfully. Katy had taken her to the small photolab at the far end of the building and introduced her to Barney the firms photographer who had greeted her with a beaming smile and an offer of a cup of hot tea and coconut biscuits. His office was a sight to behold. In fact, she had stood and stared astonished before she gathered her wits and met his twinking eyes. She knew he was enjoying her reaction, he'd probably seen it all before.

His light desk was surrounded on three walls by what must have been hundreds of pictures of ladies bums, in various shapes and sizes which were about to be, being, or had been smacked, therwacked and generally struck with various things that ranged from a simple hand to what looked like awfully long thin canes that made her cringe. She had turned and looked wide eyed at Barney with a gulp. He spread both arms wide and chuckled merrily. "Welcome to my Aladdins Cave my dear...."


Rachel and Katy were sitting enjoying a mid-morning tea break.

"You've only met those that put the magazine together so far Rachel. The latest issue is just about done and only needs collating and stapling before being sent to our distributors. Over the coming month you'll meet those who write the stories and articles that go along with the pictures that Barney takes." she explained.

"You mean freelance ?" said Rachel.

"Hmmm hmm, being a specialist magazine we have our own small team of writers who are into the general scene and who know what goes on where and who does what to whom and when. They send us all sorts of copy, it can range from a simple three page story to an interview with a reader, things like that." Katy continued.

"Sounds interesting. Can't wait to get started."smiled Rachel enthusiastically.

It was then Jim popped his head around the door."Told her about Sally yet ?" he winked.

Rachel turned from the grinning evesdropper to Katy who was smiling knowingly. "Sally ?" she asked innocently.

Katy took a sip of tea. "Ah yes, Sally. She lives down south, in London. Near Acton tube station I think.Wait until you meet her, you're in for a treat. She's one of our most popular writers. A very interesting woman is that one." she said with a laugh that left Rachel looking slightly bemused. She didn't know whether to look forward to meeting this "Sally" or not !!


Three hundred miles away, east of the great smoke and just north of the western bypass....

"Serves you bloody right my girl." groaned Sally at the reflection of a petite, well rounded, red haired, thirty-two year old woman who stared back at her through the steam of the hot and cold running taps. Wringing out a flannel, she turned around and stared at the rosy reflection of her throbbing bum that was criss-crossed with six inch long, three inch wide black stripes that ached so much it made her teeth rattle. "Next time, NEXT TIME, remind me to keep my big mouth shut. OOOOOOOOOOOO SHIT THAT HURTS !!" Maybe if she put some TCP on her "battlescars" it might help. Oh good grief, this was no good, no good at all !! Gingerly pressing the damp, cooling cloth into the crack of her arse she waddled out of her bathroom towards the kitchen. She definitely needed a hot cup of tea to calm her jitters. Standing of course.

A short while later, nibbling on a Kit-Kat, Sally pressed a button and listened to the mechanical whirr as the C-60 tape re-wound before stopping abruptly with a soft click. Pressing "play" she walked round her flat listening to her latest "scoop" and the rather nice deep voice of a gentleman who went by the interesting nome de plume of "The Cane-Meister".


"A reporter always gets her story....well, most of the time." thought Sally glumly to herself as she sat in Luigi's Coffee Shop, chin in hand gazing out of the window as life passed on by looking even more depressed than she felt. Wondering what she was going to do now that her "professional date" had failed to turn up, she drummed her fingers on the stained plastic top of her table, her red nails tapping away some sort of desperate morse code for divine inspiration. Looming large in her thoughts was her deadline. This friday, today was monday. She could feel the first tingles of panic setting in. No article, no paycheck and she had the bills to pay. "Shit, think think think..." she mumbled to herself as she racked her brains for a way out. One thing was for certain, she sure as hell wasn't looking forward to calling Mr Woodward and having to tell him that there would be no article from her this month. With a nervous shudder, she recalled what had happened the last time this had happened. In the end it felt like her arse had swollen up to twice its normal size by the time he had finished with it. "Think think think !!" she shivered.

Sidestepping the litter as it blew down the street, Sally pulled her overcoat tighter around her, grasping the lapels and tucking them under her chin as she trudged back towards the tube station to head for home. "I should phone now, get it over with." she thought to herself. Give them time to sort something out to put in the magazine instead. But she didn't want to, she was not a little scared and she knew it. Not of Mr Woodward, he was decent enough though she suspected he took advantage of any mistakes from his female staff by way of leathering their bottoms. A price she had discovered one day when she had walked into his office without knocking to find him walloping Katy who was bucking and kicking bare bummed across his lap. One of the perks of being the boss she had discovered much to her cost.

No, to be honest, she didn't really mind getting her seat warmed up to "smarten up her idea's" as Mr Woodward always used to say to her as she pleaded and squealed across his lap during her spanking. It was more the thought of letting everyone down at Rosyglow Publishing and all her fans who after each new issue came out would send her letters and cards as well as flowers. As she walked along she noticed an old fashioned red phone box coming closer. "Go on you nit, get it over with !!" Resigned, she stopped and pulled open the door.

Decorated in a kaleidoscope of grafitti, bubblegum and reeking of urine Sally entered the phone box, tugged the door shut and fiddled in her pocket for some change. Carefully resting a pile of 10p's on top of the box she picked up the receiver and held it between her hunched right shoulder and ear as she opened her bag and looked for her address book for the number to call. Outside, people and cars passed silently by like grey ghosts oblivious to the lady in the phone box who knew she was going to end up with a very sore bottom indeed.

"091 21..." she recounted as she pressed each plastic button in turn.

All sorts of excuses were flying round her head. Maybe she could say she was sick, maybe she should emigrate to Australia, or how about becoming a nun or something !! As she was about to press the last number she happened to glance up and something odd and yet familiar caught her eye. The buzz of the dial tone was all Sally could hear as she stood on tippy-toe for a better look.


"Fancy a good time ? Then phone Wicked Wanda on....."

"Gay man 26 seeks Hugh Grant lookalike for sexy fun and perhap's relationship. Call Billy on..."

"Buxom Betty needs a good seeing too!! V.W.E only. Blacks welcome. Give me a call on..."

"Takes all sorts." Sally smiled to herself. Welcome to the underworld of the desperate, lonely, randy and kinky. Roll up, roll up there's something here for everyone. No matter your tastes you'll find it here in this pandora's box of human sexuality. It was very sad really. But one card had caught her eye. A blue one. Glancing around, she reached up and took the card. Slipping it into her bag, she left the phone box and walked towards Notting Hill tube station.


The following day and one phone call later...

Sally glanced up from the piece of paper to the number above an old victorian ornate door which had a splendid brass lions head door knocker adorning it. Yep, number 17. No doubt about it., this was the right address. Feeling faintly puzzled, she stepped back off the step and stared upwards at the buildings facade with its solid wood latticed windows topped off with a red slate roof and gothic inspired chimney. Who the fuck lived here ? The Adams family ?

This one was going to be one for her scrapbook and old age.


"Do you like it ? "Phone the Cane-Meister." Hmmm, it has a certain poetic ring to it don't you think ?"

Sally flicked the small card between her fingers. "Well, its different thats for sure. Why in a phone box and more to the point, does it work ?" she asked. It had never occurred to her that she'd find someone with the same interests and fetish as her amongst all the lonely hearts, loansharks and prostitutes advertising there. In fact, this whole episode was rather illuminating. Sitting forward on the brown leather settee, she checked to make sure her tape recorder was working. Beside the machine was an old copy of "Bottoms Up!!". Sally smiled to herself as she watched this man who called himself "the Cane-Meister" on his card bring her a flutted glass of sparkling deep red wine. Much of her wry amusement had been on learning his real name. "Thank you." she said as she took the proffered glass. "Do you mind being interviewed Mr Pipkin ? I know it was a bit short notice."

Mr Pipkin shook his head. "Interviewed ? Why goodness me no, I'd consider it an honour to be in my favourite magazine and please call me Harry. Everyone else does. Actually, I'm still amazed that you're really here. To be honest, I thought someone was winding me up when I answered your call, I nearly put the phone down !! Do you know, I read your column every month regular as clockwork. You certainly meet some interesting people don't you ?" the man smiled as he sat opposite her.

"And their bums Harry..."Sally laughed.

He chuckled. "Ah yes, of course. Knew there had to be a reason. As for where you found my card well, it was a spur of the moment kind of thing. After all everyone has to use a phone box sometimes don't they and you'd be really surprised. I wasn't so sure at first, I was afraid I'd end up in jail or something which is rather ironic don't you think !! But I've been lucky enough to have met and had fetishistic relationships with some very nice ladies indeed. In fact, a number of them still visit me to this day whenever they feel the need." he explained.

"The need ?"

Harry Pipkin, an ex-policeman in his mid-fifties who had retired early due to ill health reached forward and picked up the spanking magazine. " To be chastised, punished, call it what you will. Some I see every week, others once a month. It depends on their moods. One lady I know would come every day if I'd let her but I told her she'd never be able to sit again if she did !! She certainly has a penchant for my extra long wooden paddle does that one. She once described it as "An itch that needs to be therwacked and often." he laughed.

"Now that I can well understand and its a very persistent itch, a very submissive one she's talking about. But enough of me, tell me some more about you. Thats why I'm here after all. How did you get into this thing we do in the first place ? I know our readers would love to hear of some of your exploits Harry."

Harry eased back, crossed his legs and rubbed his chin deep in thought."Well, let me see now. As for where my interest first came from I don't really know to be honest. Its just always something thats been there." he began.

"Since you were a boy ? Were you spanked by your parents ?" wondered Sally.

"Good heavens no, my parents never laid a hand on me even though I could be a right scamp at times. Thinking back I seem to remember my Auntie Beryl having something to do with it." he mused, staring faraway as he looked out of the window.

"Auntie Beryl ?"

"Hmmm, I was about six, maybe seven. I was staying with her and my Uncle Ronnie one weekend. Can't remember why exactly. Anyway, I was lying in bed one night when something woke me up and I needed to go to the loo so I crept downstairs. It was then I heard it." he remembered.

"It ?" asked Sally.

"The sound of someone being spanked. Though that didn't occur to me at the time being so little. So when I reached the bottom of the stairs something made me stop, kneel down and peek through the keyhole into the sitting-room."

"What did you see ?"

"Oh nothing much 'cept for my Auntie Beryl over my Uncle Ronnie's lap getting a very hard and thorough spanking on her bare botty in front of the fire. I was gobsmacked and couldn't move, he must have walloped her behind for a solid five minutes until it was beetroot red and she was kicking away like mad and trying to cover her bot to stop him. Certainly woke me up I can tell you !!"

"Wasn't she making a fuss, you know, screaming and the like ?" wondered Sally listening to him enjoying his memories. She loved this sort of stuff, real-life people with real-life tales and not some airy fairy flight of fantasy. It certainly got the tingles tingling all over her. In fact, she was starting to get idea's. Real juicy fruity one's that made her surrepticiously cross her black stockinged legs feeling the crackle of static under her knee length black skirt.

Harry, non the wiser, waved his hand. "Oh my no. If you think about it, she was probably more worried about waking me up than anything else even though her spanking must of hurt like hell. I also seem to recall she was wearing a particularly fetching pair of frilly panties and tan stockings with white suspenders that I found rather alluring even at that tender age." he finished with a big ear to ear grin and a red nose.

"So thats where it all started for you hmmmm ?"

"Well yes, I guess thats where my life long interest in the female bottom started thinking back on it now. Luckily, over the years, through various ways and means I've been able to practice what I preached on a wide selection of ladies bums." he sighed contentedly.

"When did you break your spanking virginity ?" asked Sally, uncrossing and re-crossing her long legs for the third time in a minute.

This time he noticed. The room seemed to close in on them both and the situation had suddenly got rather interesting. "Ummm, well that would be, let me think now. How old was I ? Fifteen ? Thats right I was fifteen and it was with a girl who was in the same Biology class as me. Her name was Alison, Alison Brennan. A very pretty girl indeed."

"Really ? How did it happen ?"

"Oh nothing much, we were just larking about in her bedroom, I was supposed to be helping her with her homework and we just started to fool around on her bed. She was always teasing me, you know, promising me she'd let me have a look and feel, that sort of thing. Playing docotrs and nurses. But when push come to shove she'd go all shy and slap my hand away. I'd plead with her that all I wanted to do was have a peek at her bum. She didn't even have to pull her knickers down !! "

"Ah, the "Though I know I want what you want but since I'm a good girl I'm not going to let you have what I know you there." game. Been there done that in my time." laughed Sally knowingly.

"Quite, anyway so there was I, a randy little hippy thinking I might improve my sex education by several notches whilst her parents were downstairs watching Crossroads on telly when she told me to stop or else she'd shout for her dad and he'd come up and box my ears and kick my arse all the way home before telling my dad what a depraved little pervert I was....."

"Oh blimey, she didn't did she ?!! Boy, now there's a little madam who definitely deserved a spanking." agreed Sally picturing the scene in her head. She'd found out early on that bad girls who played that sort of game almost always got their commupance in the end. But to her that was the fun of it. What's the point of having an interest in spanking if you didn't get spanked ?!! She knew she'd be really disappointed if she had pretended to play hard to get and nothing happened to her bott in the end !! Talk about disappointed and frustration rolled into one.

"Why, you look miles away Sally." smiled Harry, noticing the dreamy look on her slightly flushed face. If he played his cards right he might get some much needed practice in before Mrs Butcher and her voracious appetite arrived at six for her weekly appointment with Mr Whippy. "Well I never." he thought to himself, "This was turning out to be one helluva day."

Sally turned pink and giggled like a little girl as she smoothed down her skirt self-conciously."Oh, do I ? Your lovely story brought back fond memories. But enough of me, go on tell me more. I love this sort of thing. What happened, did you spank her bare botty ?" she urged, squeezing her hands between her knee's.

Harry leant forward to pick up his glass of wine and whispered across the coffee table." I did. We ended up wrestling on her bed and she was sort of trying to stop me when I put my hand up her skirt. "No no no..." she kept giggling."You can't...stop....I can't let you see my bum its too naughty !!" she whispered. I ignored her of course and was having a right good feel of her bumcheeks through her daisy knickers when she reached up and grabbed my hair, giving it a bloody good tug."

"Noooooo, did it hurt ?" gasped Sally.

"Like hell !! She had a really good grip, so we wrestled some more until I found myself lying under her with her spread across my lap. Well, that did it. I sat up, got a right handful of her left bumcheek and pinched it really hard until she let go with a squeal. I grabbed her hand and twisted it up her back forcing her further over my knee until I had her in the right position."

"Did you know what you were going to do ?" asked Sally absorbed. Amongst all her tingles that were tingling, one tingle had jumped in at the deep end and was emerging rather wet. Feeling the hot flush creeping up her neck, she squeezed her thighs together to ease the itch.

"Hmmm, no, not at first. But once she was over my lap I realised here was my chance. It was now or never. I didn't even think about her mam and dad downstairs watching tv. As she was struggling, I raised my right hand and gave her a hard smack right across the crown of her backside. As soon as it landed she stopped wriggling and giggling. She gave a sort of "Oh..." then went rigid. I think she probably got such a shock at me doing that." he mused.

"Probably, what happened next ?"

"Before she could do anything I gave her another one, just as hard a bit lower down." he smiled. Uh oh, it certainly felt like his todger had going camping and was having a helluva time putting its tent up. "Dont push it." he thought to himself. A go at this young madam's rather fetching backside maybe, but a spot of pot holing might be a bit presumptious on a first date. Still, if she gave him a sniff....

He continued on, noticing how Sally had begun to slowly rock back and forth on the settee."Er, where was I ? Oh yes, anyway, after the second slap Alison started to make a fuss again. "No, please...don't. Its not right." she kept saying. To be honest Sally, I was more than happy to get away with giving her two spanks and was going to let her up when it suddenly occured to me that she didn't seem to be in much of a hurry to get up from over my lap in the first place. So I figured "In for a penny in for a pound." So I asked her if I could give her some more......"

There was a brief silence when only the sound of the tape turning and birds singing outside in his small garden could be heard. "What a considerate young man you must have been Harry Pipkin." thought Sally to herself. Come to think of it she had quite the urge to ask "Please Sir, I wouldn't mind one of your spankings too". A rather novel twist and play on words.


"Oh my, that IS one big bum isn't it !!" thought Rachel to herself as she inspected it closely under her monacled magnifying glass. It was a huge thing. It was so vast its size dominated the photo as it rose over the stool like a pale moon on the rise.

She found she was becoming quite the expert on her genders rear-end's these days as she carefully cropped and resized bottoms of various shapes and sizes so that they fit into the spaces left between the text of each page she was working on. Some were small with hardly an ounce of fat on them, some were cute with a saucy jutt, some were boyish - straight up and down, some were the classic bubble shape and some were just, well, gob-smacking in the extreme. And this one, belonging to a certain lady who went by the curious name of Patsy Palmer, was one that would render a monk speechless.

As she placed the photo under the scanner the door opened and in walked Katy who approached to stand looking over her shoulder as she bent over the desk. She heard Katy go "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…Patsy."

Glancing back, she replied with an enquisitve "Oh ?"

Katy smiled. "One of our readers most favourite models." she explained. "Give you three guesses to think of a reason why…."

Returning the smile, Rachel nodded. "Oh, let me think now. Most obvious attributes ummmmm. Oh wait I know, sticks out a mile doesn't it. A bottom like that is just made for spanking isn’t it. Looks like she can take a fair tanking too, she must of ended up with some right nasty bruises judging how hard he's using that strap. Too bloody painful that is Katy, rather her than me !!"

Katy didn't say anything but just looked at her new friend with a knowing look. "Thats what all the girls say, anyway I just popped in to tell you Sally called from Kings Cross and said she'll be here in about an hour depending on the taxi and traffic with an article for her column this month. Its on tape so I'll tell her to transcribe it onto disk for the typesetter. She said she's looking forward to meeting the newest member of debauchery annonymous." Katy laughed as she turned to leave. "Hope you don't shock easy."

"Me ?" replied Rachel. "No, least I don't think so."

Guess she was about to find out.


Rachel was shocked.

So this was the infamous Sally Trubbshaw. To Rachel she looked positively normal, a petite little red-head who looked worn out by her long train journey north. Nope, nothing special, nothing at all. A plain Jane as her last boyfriend used to say. Bit like her really. "Hi, pleased to meet you Sally." she said as Sally came into her office and was introduced to her by Katy. "Heard a lot about you."

Sally had given her a look. "Oh yes?, nothing bad I hope. If it is,......its all true !!" she laughed in a sing-song knowing way."God what a trip. British bloody Rail. I've seen snails move faster." she explained as she slipped off her coat and accepted a cup of hot coffee to ease her travel aches and pains.

Katy lent back against the desk."Why didn't you just, well, post your piece ? Save yourself all this bother wouldn't it."

Sally shrugged her shoulders. "Well Katy sweetie, you know me I'm a sucker for punishment." Catching Rachel's amused look she said. "So Rachel, let me guess. This place is not what you expected eh !!"

Rachel readily agreed."If there's a bright centre to the universe this place would of been the farthest from for sure. Still a job's a job and in this area beggars can't be choosers can they ?"

Sally nodded as she opened her handbag and took out two C60 cassette tapes. "God, ain't that the truth. Even down in London jobs are hard to get these days. Luckily for me there's a lot of kinky buggers about. There's quite a demand for women such as me who like nothing more than getting their big fat arse's walloped and tanned real good and hard. We get paid for it too!! Just as well really. I'm useless at anything else. If I wasn't doing this I'd be probably packing condoms on some production line somewhere paying less than the minimium wage. No, can't complain and besides, I do get to meet the most interesting people on my little exploits. Speaking of which..." she continued as she sat down at the typesetting terminal."this one's a humdinger. I'm surprised I can sit to do this !!" Slipping the cassette into the machine, Sally pressed a button and the sound of her voice filled the room as well as the tap tap of her fingers on the keyboard as she transcribed her latest spanking escapade......


"Alright m'dear take your pick. I'm not fussy."

Standing with her skirt hiked up around her waist showing off some seriously saucy panties and tan tights that had Harry Pipkin mentally licking his lips in anticipation at the forthcoming events. Sally stared at all the impliments on his coffee table like a little girl in a sweet shop. "Oh my, so much to choose from !!" she breathed as she looked from one item to another. She didn't want to appear greedy on a first meeting, sooooooooooooooooooooooooo.....

"I quite fancy a few with that, then some with this and hey !!" she laughed." that looks awesome, finish me off with a good bakers dozen with THAT !!" She couldn't get over the back of his couch fast enough. This was going to be a session to remember.


No doubt about it thought Sally to herself as she watched the man put down his wooden ruler and pick up a short black leather strop like split strap, this bloke was a bloody expert and no mistake. With all these wonderful toys too !!!

For Sally Trubbshaw, Christmas had come early. Painfully so as Harry stepped behind her and gave her slightly blotchy backside a couple of side swipes with his new weapon. "You don't mark much." he observed as he tapped her legs further apart. Despite a couple of dozen zippy stingers with his old Police ruler there was hardly a blemish on the young womans bottom. "Impressive, most impressive." he thought. Obviously over the years her arse had toughened up after all those spankings, slashings, strappings and canings so that it was pretty impervious to a mere tickle with a length of wood. But he was a pretty good judge of pain tolerances and able to gauge limits and all that. He reckoned this little star could take a pretty vigorous seeing too without too much fuss, it would be interesting to see how she stood up to her latest chosen punishment. Very interesting indeed. But first, at her request he had to dish out a few juicy whacks with this little number he held in his sweaty hand.

"Me ?" she replied unruffled, without a hair out of place. "No, not really, not anymore. It'll take something much more severe to colour me up Harry. I've found that in the right mood I can take some serious stick, hardly ever bruise these days even when I'm caned. I'm lucky I guess, the welts disappear quicker too. So come Mr Punisher, do your worst. I can take it !!"

Harry just smiled and rolled his sleeves up higher. He liked a challenge. "Oh aye ?"


It was just as well he had elderly neighbours either side. Each crack echoed round the room loudly doubling back on itself making a veritable symphony coming from the sound of leather on female flesh. As he delivered another full bodied slash he noticed with some satisfaction that this remarkable lady was at last beginning to show signs of discomfort as she rocked up onto her toes as she lay bent double over the back of the couch with her bare arse sticking out from the rear opening of her laddered tights. "CRACK !!!!" Another hard one on her right cheek, the one that was only now starting to show signs of blotching, The cheek, a full but taut one, flattened out alarmingly almost to the bone and pancaked back with a jaunty spring that amused him no end. "CRACK !!!!" He gave its twin the same treatment.

Sally gasped, this was great !!!

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooooooo." she sighed feeling that wonderful fusion of pain and ecstacy that always made her feel light headed and giddy in equal measure. More, more, MORE !! He hadn't come anywhere close to her limits yet. She'd had far worse than this. Especially the time when she had been strapped onto a tressel by that rich Arab who had then used his miniture horse whip on her backside. Oh boy, that had been a real eye opener. And what he did to her afterwards !!

"CRACK !!!!"

"Ughhhhhh aaaaaaaah." Oh yes, that was better. Much more like it.


"Definite improvement I'd say." said Harry, bending down to inspect his handiwork. "Your beginning to bruise a bit now and there's a mass of oblong blotches across the whole of your arse now. It'll be really painful later, you'll really feel it when you get up tomorrow. I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't swell up during the night either to twice its size. How'd you feel ?"

Still bent over, Sally eased herself up onto her elbows. "Ow, bloody hell. Stiff and sore. I can feel my bum throbbing like mad Harry. Just the way I like it, though when it goes numb it makes it harder to go for a pee coz I can't feel the seat." she laughed ruefully, gingerly reaching around to judge the state of her backside. Crikey, she could feel the ridges where the edges of the leather had bit deep into her flesh. She was on a high, she could feel it. It was lovely, like floating on a cloud without a care in the world. Just her, her bum and the pain. Alright, what was next ? Her eyes fell on her last chosen item. Oh wow. A six foot long, very bendy and vicious looking old stagemans rattan. She was REALLY looking forward to this.


As another piercing scream rang out round the room Rachel winced.

Katy made a face. "Oh Sally, that sounds horrid !! He must of really laid it on to make you scream like that dear. I don't know how you do it. I'd of run a mile if someone waved that thing over my bum."


Sally started giggling as the other two women both jumped as they listened to her anguished cries crying out from the tape recorder speakers. She took a perverse sense of pride at the look on the other womens faces. "Oh, it wasn't that bad Katy. Really only began to hurt after the first six when the cuts started to criss-cross. He had me kicking and screaming then.."


"......I was bucking all over the back of his couch, really had to grit my teeth and hang on for dear life" explained Sally as she picked up a biscuit and dunked it in her tea before chewing nonchalontly on it. Katy and Rachel winced again in sympathy.

"Whatever you say sweetheart." smiled Katy making eyes at Sally who realised both her hands had reached back to rub her own behind. Noticing Sally's knowing smile, she quickly took them away and made as if she was busy tidying her own desk. But it was hard to ignore the plaintive plea's that were coming from the machine.


"Eleven." smiled Sally. "Oh, want a look ?" she said brightly.

"What ?" muttered Rachel surprised as the other woman put her cup down and got to her feet.

"My bum, want to see my battlescars ?"

Rachel didn't know what to say and it was Katy who laughed and replied. "Showoff. Go on then."



Sometime later and Rachel was sitting in her bedroom at her dressing table staring at her reflection in the mirror. The days events were running through her mind. She'd never met anyone who knew exactly what she wanted more than Sally Trubbshaw. She was one determined lady was that one. How on earth could she go through something like that ? The pain must of been unbearable. But she had hardly battered an eye, well hardly, least not until the last six or so when her tormentor had really put her through her paces. Her tolerance must be incredible to withstand that sort of thrashing. Rachel shook her head in a mixture of admiration and horror. What was it that turned the petite red-head on ? Brushing her hair she glanced to her left and noticed one of her fluffy soft slippers and she wondered. Oh. Well. Erm. Should I ?

Hoisting up her short skirt Rachel quickly slipped off her knickers and stepped out of them. Picking up her slipper she bent forward slightly, waved her hand behind her in a small arc and gave her right cheek a slap. "Oh, ow !!" she exclaimed and after a seconds pause and contemplation, gave herself another one to be sure.



Now that wasn't so bad. The future suddenly took on a whole new perspective with some interesting possibilities and adventures on her horizons..


The End.

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