Thursday, 13 February 2014

Spanking Story: Bored Housewives

"Yoooohooooo wait.....WAIT!!"

Hearing the shout, the single decker bus rumbled to a halt with its brakes groaning loudly as the engine "pfffsttt pfffffssst" billowing clouds of slate grey smoke from its rusty exhaust. Mr Bell, the Conductor stuck his head out of the door wondering who and what was up - didn't they know Arkwright Buses had a schedule to keep?

"'Hurry up luv, we haven't got all bleedin' day.!!" he called in exasperation as he tipped his black cap back to scratch his bald head, grumbling to himself as he watched the huddled figure running towards him.

Turning to the driver,"..ang on a sec 'arry she's nearly 'ere." as he stepped to one side to let the late arrival on.

"Quarter too the hour luv, thats when we leave, a quarter too the hour." he muttered as the lady jumped onto the step and made her way down the sticky aisle until with a breathless gasp she plonked herself down in a spare seat avoiding the "I'll be late cos of you madam - tut tut" gazes of the other passengers.

"Where too luv?" asked the Conductor wobbling over her as the bus bobbed and bobbled on its merry way again along the rickety pot-holed road.

"Er....a single to Milburn Road please, the stop by the Butchers."

"Ohhhhhhky dokey pet, that'll be um lemme think now, " he mumbled, sticking his pointy tongue out between his pursed and chaffed lips while he reckoned the cost of the fare up by twiddling the knobs on his click-clanking ticket dispenser that hung from a worn leather strap around his neck, "...a shilling and sixpence."

Fidgeting around in her purse, the woman paid and thanked him as he gave her the small ticket stub that popped up from the slot in the machine with a cheery "ding".

"There ya go petal." he grinned, his missing front tooth making him look either like a Pirate or a pillock whichever mood suited as he turned and whistled his way back to his seat beside the driver.

Slipping her purse back into her bag, Sarah Hardy sat back staring out of the window watching the world go by knowing she was going to be late for her weekly "appointment". Checking her watch, she felt the butterflies in her belly start to flutter as they always did right about this time on the bus journey.

It was 9.47am.

Her appointment was for 10.

The journey usually took 15 minutes depending on the traffic.

There was no doubt about it, she was most definitely going to be late this time.

Oh dear, but it just couldn't be helped what with having to drop her kids off at school, do the shopping and pay the bills and all. With that thought, she resigned herself to her fate for she knew Mr Crookshank was a stickler for punctuality.


At the sound of his doorbell Bertie Crookshank peeked over the top of his Times newspaper and glanced at the antique clock slowly tick-tocking on his mantelpiece.

It was 10.10am precisely.

Mrs Hardy was late.

"Dear me, how sad, never mind." he sighed as he got to his feet to go and let her in.


Standing in his "special" room, Sarah carefully took off her twead skirt and folded it neatly on a nearby chair watching nervously as Mr Crookshank entered the small upstairs room holding one of his swishiest canes in his right hand.

Sarah gulped.

"Oh heck....not the cane.!!" she shivered, her heart thudding in her chest as she reached up to undo the fiddly buttons of her white blouse with trembling fingers to leave her standing nervously in just her white bra and self supporting stockings.

"You're late Mrs Hardy." he said suddenly, breaking the ominous silence as her eyes followed the rod.

"Oh, well..I...I, well I'm sorry Mr Crookshank I had to go into town after dropping Charlie and Sophie off at school to pay the bills and..and well, I nearly missed the bus and ..well, I'm really, REALLY sorry." she whispered, jumping as he slashed the rattan through the air with an awful "theeeeeerwick" that made her insides churn and her toes curl.

"No matter, I was only going to give you six but seeing as you kept me waiting I shall give you twelve cuts with the cane instead, oh...take your knickers off as well Mrs Hardy I think a little humiliation wouldn't go amiss this time don't you think?"

Sarah licked her lips and shook her head.

", I er guess not Mr Crookshank." she replied, blushing furiously as she bent forward, tucked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and quickly shimmied them down her thighs and off.

"Right, that's much better Mrs Hardy now lets be having you, hmmmmm yes thats a good idea, bend over that chair and stick your big bum up nice and high for your caning." he ordered, watching with a small smile as she quickly did as she was told.

Standing on tippy-toe, with a last fearful glance at the cane Sarah grunted as she folded herself over the back of the chair rocking her hips from side to side to try and get comfy before he belaboured her spread cheeks with twelve red-hot welts. The caning was a rare event for her, in all their weekly meetings since she had seen and replied to his advert in the small-ads section of the local newspaper advertising his services as a "Correctional Practitioner" he had taken the wood to her backside only on a couple of occasions when she had confessed to him that she had been "extra-naughty" during the previous week.

Usually he would either give her a hard spanking over his knee sometimes followed by a dozen with his floppy leather soled slipper or, if he intended to make a more lasting impression he would use his extra thick and long leather army belt on her poor bum which really made her cry, shriek, shout and plead aloud begging for him to stop. But he would ignore her pleadings and lay it on harder, scolding her like a naughty little girl with., "...oh hush my dear Mrs Hardy, you know if you weren't so naughty you wouldn't be here, besides I'm sure you drive your husband Bob round the bend sometimes don't you?"

As always she would sniff and nod abjectly muttering softly "...s'ppose so Mr Crookshank, I ..guess I have been..sniff...a bit...sniff....rude to Bob this week."

SWISH.....SWOOP.......CRACK. "YEOOOOOOOOWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she'd holler.

"Of course you have my dear."


"Right over Mrs Hardy, bend yourself right over and stick your bare bottom up."

"Oh blimey, hang on, ooohhhmmppphh I'm a bit stiff today...ooooff," she grunted, wobbling her hips around until she settled herself down,"...there we go, I think, I think I'm ready Mr Crookshank." she finished with a whisper squeezing her eyes shut to wait for the dreaded "therwick" and bite of the cane.

Tapping the thin wood on the plumpiest part of her backside Mr Crookshank measured his swing with care and deliberation. "Grit your teeth my dear, I think it best I give you some good hard swipes to help you to buck up your idea's seeing as you kept me waiting 15 minutes."

Oh heck.


Mumbling with fright, Sarah gripped the seat of the chair tightening every muscle in her bottom and waited fearfully. Behind her, through the air the stick arced, its momentum bending its biting tip back slightly as it sliced quickly down and slashed the taut white skin casting deep and laying a double line of scorching red pain in its wake.



As the cane rebounded back, mishapen, Sarah gasped as the wave of expected pain rolled over her whole body with an intensity that took her breath away,"...........aaaaaaaaaAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHowwwwwwwwwwchhh!!"

"One Mrs Hardy, remember my rules." came his voice somewhere else.

"Oh..w..wuh...whone." she winced out loud as she felt the weal forming across the crescent of both her bum cheeks. She would most definitely have trouble sitting down for a while after this session for he had certainly laid into her with gusto. "Oh strewth, the bus ride home is going to be awful.!!" she groaned before squealing as he dealt her her second lash of his bamboo. This time he deliberately swiped the cut in low to catch her in her most tender spot, just underneath the hang of both cheeks and thigh. "YEEEEEEEEEEOWWWWWW..oh oh oooooooooOOHHHH...not there Mr Crookshank, please, please not there for it really hurts and stings sooooooooo much.!!" she cried, trying not to reach back and rub the forming purplish wound.

But her punisher was having none of it. "Fiddlesticks, keep quiet Mrs Hardy for you're a grown woman with a big sturdy fat arse, you should be able to take a caning without sounding like a little girl shouldn't you.?" he noted as he bent forward and inspected his work. "Hmmm..splendid," he thought to himself with satisfaction,"..nice and deep, the marks should last for a good week if all's being well."

He always took pride in his workmanship for he knew that the ladies who came and visited him would expect nothing less than a thoroughly reddened, sore and bruised backside for their money and at that precise moment Mrs Hardy could most heartily testify to the effectiveness of that point!!

Still his cane fell as her punishment continued.



"Pfffssttttooooooooeee..hmmm OWWWW, THREE!!" she squealed, stamping her feet quickly to try and shake off the throbbing pain which reached from the top of her head to the tips of her dancing toes. The sting from each slash was so horrible she wondered if she'd been wise to visit him in the first place at all today.

Seeing she was having trouble staying still, Mr Crookshank reached over and patted her on the left bum cheek. "Good girl Mrs Hardy, keep your backside well up, thats the spirit you're being really, really brave." he reassured her before stepping back and delivering another devastating crack which bisected numbers one and two causing Sarah to grunt and reach back to feel the offending sore spot.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh......hmmmmmmmm, that one was AWWWWWWFULLLLL Mr Crookshank but, but ohhhhhhhhhh I really, really need it." she whimpered as she flexed the flabby flesh of her putt-putting bum and winced as she felt the ruler like bands of ridged crimson flowering into blooms of purplish bruises that would make sitting down very uncomfortable indeed.

But as always, whether it was a hearty over his knee spanking, a floppy walloping from his floppy slipper, a titanic thrashing with his tawse, a shrieking whaling with his strop and even this, this cracking caning, she knew she would somehow endure for something in her made it so no matter what the severity dealt to her sizeable rump.


At last her caning was over and Sarah gingerly got to her feet, groaning and making faces as the skin of her bottom sagged this way and that.

"Hurt?" he asked, handing her a hankie to dry her eyes and clean the steam from her glasses.

"Oh yes, a lot." she replied pouting, reaching for her clothes to get dressed. Mr Crookshank beamed with pride.

"Smashing, tell you what, this one is on the house my dear and while you get dressed I'll go and make us both a hot cup of tea shall I.?" he smiled leaving the room to let her recover her composure in private as he always did whenever his ladies called.


A short while later.......

Sarah put down her empty cup and put her coat on to leave.

"You alright my dear?" he asked getting up to help her.

"Oh yes, don't you worry about me I'm fine besides I do so love coming here Mr Crookshank." she smiled as he walked her to his door.

Bending forward, he reached for her hand before she slipped her mittens on."And I very much look forward and enjoy our little get togethers myself Mrs Hardy, you make an old fogey like me feel young again. Now, you run along and remember, if ever you're naughty again give me a call.!!" he laughed bringing her hand to his lips and kissing her knuckle as she blushed and chuckled.

"Oh I will, tarrah for now and thanks again for making me see the errors of my ways." she promised as she let herself out. As she walked down the steps huddling up to keep out the biting wind she saw a figure in a black overcoat and headscarf approaching her up the garden path to Mr Crookshank's home. To her surprise, she saw it was her good friend Mrs Jones, another regular visitor to this address. "Eeeeh hello Betty, what are you doing here on a day like this..its a bit nippy.!!" laughed Sarah as they both stopped and kissed each other on the cheek.

Mrs Jones just blushed and looked to the grey skies with a knowing smile,"..oh hello Sarah, dear, oh dear, have you been to see Mr Crookshank again, what have you been up to this time.?" the older woman replied as she pulled off her glove and looked at her watch.

"Oh well, you know me, I never could keep out of trouble at home so I reckoned I needed a quick dose of you know what from you know who. I'll say one thing Betty, its the best solution to a guilty conscience I know!!"

Mrs Jones laughed aloud."Oh you are so right there my dear, I made an appointment yesterday after I had a little er..unfortunate accident with Arthur's car when I was trying to park it in our garage. He just called me a silly sausage and called the repair man, I tell you Sarah, my hubbies problem is he's too bloomin' soft on me for his own good because it'd save me a fair bit of money if he took me in hand when I did something daft or was naughty and walloped me instead of having to come here..eeeeeh I don't!!" she grinned taking another look at the time.

"You late?" asked Sarah looking up the road to see if the bus was coming.

" 5 minutes yet, why were you?"

Sarah blushed and nodded."Hmmmm huh by 15 minutes."

"Oh my, what did he give you?"

"The cane."

"Gosh, how many?"

"Twelve" she winced with a grimace. "Good and hard ones as well Betty, my poor bum doesn't half hurt!!"

Mrs Jones laughed patting her younger friend on the arm in sympathy. "Oh dear, I can well imagine because I've been on the receiving end of one of his bloody canes and I know how much it can sting, oh well, serves you right, you know what he's like for punctuality and all that. Hope it taught you a lesson to mend your ways my girl."

"Well, p'rhaps for a little while I guess Betty, until my next visit!!" she laughed. "What did you ask for?"

"Me, well, oh nothing so drastic as the cane. I quite fancied two dozen with his big black shaving strop. That always gets me going that bugger does cos I know he likes to really cover my big bum with it."

Sarah laughed, enjoying their whispered conversation but then she heard a cheery Toot Toot. "Heck, here's my bus Betty I'd better dash." she cried quickly, stepping forward and pecking her fifty year old friend on the cheek. "Now you get inside out of the cold and get warmed up, though come to think of it once old Mr C gets you bent over that chair with your backside sticking up you won't feel chilly for long. Bye for now." she called as she ran down the path waving at the bus driver.


"Fer gawd's sake 'arry," muttered Mr Bell the Conductor as he peered through the muck and grime on the bus window."If that ain't the same biddy that nearly missed the bus afor like. I don't know, I'm telling you, if she were my missus there'd be hell to pay fer sure. I reckon what she needs is a right tannin' on her fat arse does that woman!!"

Ah Mr Bell, if only you knew. If only you knew.


The End.

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