Thursday, 13 March 2014

Spanking Story: After School Detention

The corridors of St Mary's Girls School are quiet and silent now after the final bell has rung at the end of another day.

Everyone, teachers, pupils, office staff and cleaners have long since departed and gone home...all that is except two.

For them there is the small matter of detention and a punishment to be dealt with.


Angela frowns as she approaches Mr Edwards office.

She knocks on his door softly but there is no answer.

"Maybe he's forgotten." she wonders, her spirits lifting for being sent to see Mr Edwards after school was a daunting thing indeed. Should she go ?

Angela bit her lip and looked around then ever so slowly she turned the door handle and peeked inside. What she saw made her heart sink for there in the middle of his office had been deliberately placed a desk and atop that desk was the thing all the naughty girls in school feared the most....his black handled cane !!

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a strong sturdy hand grasped her shoulder. "I've been waiting for you my girl." whispers a deep manly voice in her right ear. "And you know how I HATE to be kept waiting for bad girls like you. Get inside....NOW !!"

Jumping with fright, Angela quickly entered his office and turned about to try and explain.."Mr Edwards..Sir, I..I wasn't my fault. I was only pretending to smoke. they made me do it honestly !!" she whimpered, feeling her tears starting to well.

But he would have none of it. "Be quiet !!" he roared. "I'm not interested in your excuses girl. You've been sent to me to be dealt with and dealt with you shall be. Now stand before that desk and get your hands on your head or else I'll have to spank you as well." he ordered sharply, giving her firm rump a stinging slap to hurry her up.

"Ohhhh OUCH !!!" squealed Angela doing as she was told.

Mr Edwards stood behind Angela inspecting her then ordered sharply. "Lift your skirt girl and tuck it into your knickers so I can see what sort of bottom you've got and what I have to deal with here. I've always suspected you have a rather big one."

Not wanting to get into even more trouble Angela did as she was told, fumbling with her skirt until she thought it was secure enough to replace her hands on top of her head again. In one way she was dreading it, but in another she wished he'd get a bloody move on and get it over with !!

Mr Edwards picked up his punishment stick and approached his charge. "Bend over the desk so I can get a better look. Aha, yes. Interesting. I was right, you do have a sturdy behind Ms Johnstone. I think a good round dozen should be enough to teach you the error of your ways. Don't you agree girl ?"

"Y..yes Sir. Mr Edwards. If you say so Sir." sniffed Angela.

Angela waited wondering what Mr Edwards was up to behind her. In the corner of her eye she could see the shadow of his cane moving across the wooden floor....

Then suddenly she felt his hand pull her skirt back down over her knickers before he stood once again at her side. "I need to make sure I have enough room for to swing my cane, so stand still while I gauge the distance. Stand still now or else !!"

Angela gulped and bobbed her head in alarm. She couldn't move if she wanted to anyway !! She was so scared she let out a little squeal of fear as she felt the tap tap of the cane end over her short skirt as she heard him, mutter to himself "Hmmm...splendid. There's enough room to get a good swing." Now that he had obviously satisfied himself she trembled as he tucked her skirt back up again and told her "Right my girl, lets begin your thrashing shall we ?"

Angela wished she'd never listened to her school chums in the first place and hoped she'd never see another cigarette again in her life !!

Mr Edwards paced back and forward once or twice staring at her quivering bottom. She certainly was a well built girl and had all the right amount of padding in all the right departments. Such a bum deserved to be thrashed soundly he mused.

"Let us begin shall we ?" he said as he raised his wicked cane and brought it down across Angela's fleshy bottom with a resounding "SWISH - CRACK !!"

As the rattan sank into her bumflesh Angela jerked against the desk and howled "AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE OW !!!!!"

Mr Edwards, satisfied of a stroke well done and delivered good and hard, warned her as he saw her about to rise. "STAY DOWN GIRL !!!"

Whimpering Angela gathered her courage and did as she was told.

His cane fell a second time.

"NOOOOOOOH PLEEEEEEEASE IT HURTS MR EDWARDS!!" she screamed as she felt the stroke rebound and curl away like a hissing cobra. Oh how her poor bum stung !!!

Mr Edwards, now able to judge how hard he could thrash her, continued on.

Therwick - Swoosh - CRACK!!!

Angela flopped across the wooden desk and began to moan and wail. Suddenly there was a pause. Had he finished ? No. She turned her head when she felt his fingers slip under the elastic of her panties and ease them over her painfully swollen buttocks and down her legs. She was bare. He had finally stripped her for the remainder of her punishment.....



Angela was in agony. How many had he given her ?

She'd lost count. She couldn't even remember how she'd removed her t-shirt. She no longer cared for her behind was one mass of criss-crossed torment that would last for days. Mr Edwards reputation as a strict disciplinarian was certainly warranted.

Panties round her ankles, Angela waited for the next stroke. Bent as she was she could feel the welts across both cheeks. She squirmed rubbing both her thighs together as he tapped both cheeks.

Mr Edwards took a deep breath, admiring the girls fortitude and bearing. This was by far the hardest caning he'd ever dished out. He raised his arm, paused, then swung it in low and hard with a nasty flick of his wrist as it landed.




Her teacher continued on with the caning.

"Keep it still Ms Johnstone or I shall be forced to begin again !!" he warned.

Angela was really and truly repentant now. She squealed as he whipped in his cane twice in quick succession causing her to shriek with pain "OOOO IT HUUUUUURTS MR EDWARDS."

Mr Edwards stepped forward and admired his handiwork. One more. "Last one Angela. Grit your teeth for this last one is to make sure you understand the consequences of your actions. Do you hear me ?"

Angela sniffled loudly and muttered a "Oh yes Sir I do." between her gasps and tears. She gripped the far edge of the desk and waited. Then the last stroke, a sizzler, fell across both cheeks of her now welted and wealed backside.


Angela Johnstone's detention was finally over.



Mr Edwards took out his keys and unlocked his car door. Slipping off his coat he slid into the drivers seat and switched on his overhead light where he sat back for a second and thought back on the nights events. Certainly had been a detention to remember this one !!

Suddenly he heard somone approaching and he jumped slightly as they rapped twice on the passenger side window. Glancing around, he reached across and clicked open the door.

It was Angela. She stood shivering with her arms wrapped around her looking chilled to the bone and still in her short skirt and skimpy top. "Bloody hell, " she laughed. "Everywhere's freezing except my bum !!"

He smiled. "I can imagine. Hurry up then, get in." he offered.

Angela eased herself painfully into the seat beside him whilst "OOooh-ing" and "AAAahh-ing"as her welted backside settled in the seat. The sting was awful and yet wonderful at the same time.

"Hurt a lot ?" he enquired, trying not to laugh as her breath whistled between her teeth.

Angela nodded ruefully. "Terrible, you sod. You caned me really hard tonight Bob. I shan't be able to sit still tomorrow. What on earth are the girls in my class going to think when they see their teacher squirming around and whimpering with the pain ?" she laughed as she lent across and kissed her husbands cheek. Goodness knows what their fellow teachers would think if they ever found out !!

"Didn't you like my treat ?" smiled Bob. "Thought it was a great idea staying behind after everyone had gone home and using a real classroom to deal with you in. I know how much you always like to play the naughty schoolgirl sweetheart." he reminded her.

Angela kissed him again. "Hmmmmm, it was great. I really liked it when you scolded me and used my maiden name. Gave me goosebumps all over that did. Oh, can we do it again when my welts and bruises have faded away pleeeeeease ?!!"

Bob tutted. "Hey...its my turn next time remember ? What about my fantasy!!"

Angela sighed and sat back before looking across at him with a mischevious grin on her pretty face. His fantasy huh ? Now what exactly was that again hmmm? She may be able to help him out there - her and her fat bottom that is.

"OH !!"she exclaimed excitedly clapping her hands. "Did I ever tell you that one of my bestest friends is a real nurse ?"

The End.

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