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Spanking Story: The Spanking Agency part 1

The man and his new client walked into and looked around the empty room. She turned to the Estate Agent who was fiddling nervously with his clip-board making sure he had all the correct documents to hand. "All right, I'll take it." she said after a moments pause.

The bespectacled man smiled and held out a pen. "Sign here, Miss Malone."

The woman signed and started to leave. As she was following him out she stopped at the door and turned to look back into the room which was to be her own personal office. So this was it. She had done it. She was on her way. Molly Malone's Spanking Agency was finally in business.


At the ring of the small bell above the shop door, Mrs Baldock - Betty to her friends - looked up from the magazine she was reading as the door opened and a tallish, elegant, middle-aged lady entered with a spectacular mane of shoulder length brunette hair and who was dressed in a smart red jacket, matching skirt and stockings. The woman smiled and came up to the counter where Betty worked as receptionist for the magazine Adult Monthly News. Patting her purplish perm, she smiled revealing a fine pair of yellow false teeth. "Ello, can I be of assistance dear?" she asked sweetly.

Molly glanced around at the rather plain surroundings before opening her purse and taking out a typed note. "I hope you can. I'd like to place an advert in the next issue of your magazine." she indicated.

The receptionist perched her wing-frame Dame Edna look-alike glasses on the end of her nose and read the contents of the note mumbling as she went. Betty blinked and did a double take at the customer. This was certainly most peculiar and downright unusual. Over the top of her spectacles she looked at the woman who was busy glancing through an old copy their monthly magazine showing a lady of mature years gazing at the camera whilst suggesting funny things she'd like to do with a carrot on the cover. "Spanking ?" she blurted out trying not to sound so surprised. She'd thought she'd seen everything going. Apparently not.

Molly nodded. "Yes. " she smiled. "Why, is there a problem ?" she asked.

"Oh, I er no, not at all. We just don't get much call for this sort of thing in 'ere. Most men like their hanky panky straight up and down. " Betty paused. "Or maybe that should be straight in and out. Anyway, let me see now. Well, you can have a full page advert, that's A4, for twenty pounds or a quarter page for five."

Molly frowned. How big was big enough to get her new enterprise noticed ? "Mean as you start to go on." she said to herself firmly. Think real big. "A4 will be fine, thank you." she replied, fishing in her purse and handing over a crisp note. Molly picked up the current issue and was leafing through it. "How far is it distributed?" she asked.

The older lady tapped a pencil loudly on her false teeth. "Oh, all over the place really. Down south and up north. From Lands End to John O'Groats. We get a lot of swingers from the Highlands for some reason. They're a funny lot up there in the mountains I hear."

Molly nodded, smiling. A sizeable circulation then by the sound of it. That was good news. The more people who read the magazine the better. As she opened the door to leave with the bell ding-a-linging merrily, she turned back. "When's the next issue out?" she enquired.

Betty squinted at a fading calendar which hung above a dusty typewriter on which a scantily clad lady was sucking avidly on a rather large lollipop. "Hmmm, ahhh here we go....twenty third of this month."

It was the tenth today. Molly smiled. "Thank you...bye !" Outside she put up her black umbrella to shield her from the pitter-pattering of raindrops. Thirteen days. She had thirteen days to be ready. All she needed now were women who liked nothing more than getting a sore bum.


Tap-tap. Molly looked up from her desk. "Yes?"

The door opened and a peroxide blonde head popped around. "Miss Malone, the ladies have arrived for their interviews."

Molly nodded. "Thanks Dolly, send them in. I may as well see them all together." she indicated waving her hand.


There was a slight commotion outside as the ten women filed in and stood looking fidgety and nervous before the desk. Dolly bounced around them, holding their applications in her dainty hand. "Here you go Miss Malone. I made sure they filled in all their details, address, telephone of birth, National Insurance number...oh, and er....spanking and sexual preferences." she blushed as she thrust out her rather splendid bosom which sat like a pair of beachballs on her small frame.

Molly smiled. "That will be all Dolly, oh and hold all my calls for the next hour will you?"

Dolly curtsied, realised what she had done and skipped quickly from the room, her face as red as a blushing beetroot.

Molly looked up at the rather diverse array of new recruits and smiled. "Hmmmmm, interesting. Very interesting." she thought as she introduced herself to her new recruits for the Spanking Agency.


The 23rd dawned wet and miserable. Dolly blew on her perfectly manicured red nails, lost in the task of primping and preening as she sat at her desk. She glanced up at the clock facing her on the wall. 9.30am. They had been open for half an hour.

Molly popped her head around the door. "Any calls Dolly ?" Dolly shook her head. Molly sighed and was about to return to her office when the phone suddenly rang making them both jump. Dolly stared at it transfixed. She glanced at her Boss."Go on then - answer it!!" laughed Molly, holding up her crossed fingers.

Dolly swallowed her gum and gingerly picked up the phone. "Good Morning, this is the Spanking Agency, Dolly speaking, how may I be of service?" she twittered in her best Secretaries voice. Molly stood there waiting like a cat on a hot tin roof. Dolly turned with the phone to her ear and gave her a thumbs up. A customer....their first !!


Arthur Knutt was a rather strange and funny bloke. Not funny as in ha ha funny but funny as in funny weird. He was well into his pension and had never married. Slightly stooped, he stood about 5'11 tall, had a mop of grey hair that resembled a burst mattress. No wonder his was know in these parts as Catweazle. He lived on the end terrace house surrounded by a garden best described as "colourful" with flotsam and jetsam everywhere. He didn't bother his neighbour and she didn't bother him.His neighbour? A certain Mrs Tuffty. A thick-set fiftyish lady who ate too many pies and who had a fetish for washing her underwear too often to be sane. Every Monday, there they were, her bloomers and brassieres, hanging on her washing line blowing in the wind. Binoculars in hand, Arthur would stand at his upstairs window and "tut tut" to himself as he leered at her red-poker dotted knickers that would fit snugly on a cow's arse. Maybe she was trying to tell him something. Maybe it was some weird kind of female seduction intended to ensnare him. If he tried anything on with her, she'd probably bray the living shit out of him....either that or squash him like a bug if she sat on his maypole. His resolve ? Keep a wide berth from Battleship Bertha. But then again.....can she cook ?


For Arthur, each day was much like any other day. They merged into a kind of hazy fog where life's little irritancies such as getting up, getting washed, eating breakfast and going for a crap just got in the way. But today was different. Today was the 23rd. He was up bright and early, peering through his curtains keeping an eye out for Mr Billericky the postman. "Better deliver the bugger on time." he grumbled, still dressed in his tartan dressing-gown. To Arthur's blessed relief, he was for in the hall lay an A4 sized non-descript brown envelope addressed to a Mr Knutt. Picking it up, he hugged it to his blue-striped pyjama bosom and with his well-worn ticker going fifty-to-the-dozen, he nipped back into his sitting-room and plonked his hairy arse in his fireside seat anticipating the little thrills to come.


Tits, fannies and bums of all shapes and sizes danced spiritually before his be-penny spectacled eyes as he flicked through the latest issue of Adult Monthly News. Flicking past the stories of nubile ladies getting a banging from the randy vicar or frustrated biddies squealing while something the size of Big Ben was stuffed up their dried up chutes, Arthur came to his favourite section of the magazine.....the adverts.

Adverts for this, adverts for that, ranging from: "Realistic Ruby and her three lifelike holes" doll to "Is your penis too small ? Don't be stuck with a small dick, the solution to your problem is here... ***Suckomatic*** We guarantee that with our revolutionary, scientifically tested vacuum pump you'll end up with a dick that'll make the ladies swoon !!!!" Arthur snorted as he turned the page."Bollocks." he muttered to no one in particular. He suddenly sat forward adjusting his spectacles and stared at something that had caught his eye.. In his head bell's had begun to ring and he felt a sudden flush he hadn't felt in years. Devouring the details, he finally came to rest on the phone-number. His heart was beating hard like a drum and he started to twitch.

Should he or shouldn't he? Once side of his mind was shouting "Go on - PICK UP THE PHONE FER CHRIST'S SAKE !!" The other cautioning him not to "Be so stupid're just asking for trouble at your age." Arthur bit his lip, the urge to grab the phone was overwhelming. He staggered to his feet and as if in slow-motion, made his way into the hall where his little white telephone sat. He stared at it. "Pick me up. You know you really want to." it sang to him. Muttering an oath he grabbed it. It was 9.30am.

"You daft old bloody fool." he muttered listening to the dialing tone on the other end of the line.


Arthur hauled himself out of the bath and stared at himself in the mirror. "Bugger, I still look like a drowned rat!" he winced, staring down at his chalky white carcass. He opened his bathroom cabinet and took out the antiseptic vapour rub plus the talcom powder and doused himself all over in a cloud of perfume that would make a harem blush.


A short while later..

Arthur glanced nervously at the clock. "What had the young lady said?" he muttered aloud. 11.00a.m. It was 11.02am. "She's late." he sighed as he got up from his chair and picked up the poker giving his fire a prod as he tried to recall THAT conversation. She'd asked him a lot of personal questions. Apart from his name, address and serial number it had been. "Thank you Mr Knutt, now to send the right lady for you to spank or whatever, I have to ask you some personal questions if that's alright with you?"
By the end of the questionaire, he figured she knew his inside leg measurement too!! In fact, he had just about described his ideal fantasy woman. What she would look like, the role she would play and finally, the most important part....what he would like to do to her. With a worried frown he had asked "Is that alright...can you, you it?"

The lady's bright and breezy voice had reassured him. "Mr Knutt, I think we have the ideal woman for you."



With boiling kettle in hand, Arthur jumped with fright. "Oh my God, she's here!!" he gasped, turning and fastening the belt of his tartan dressing-gown. Shaking, he went to the door and nervously opened it.

HOLY MOLY!! Arthur was speechless. Starting at her sensible shoe's, rising up slowly past her legs, thighs, chest and on to her amused face, he gawped like a kid looking in the sweet-shop window. Standing on his doorstep, dressed in a long black coat carrying a small bag was his spanking choice. A very large and well endowed black woman.


With a rumble beat, his dream spoke. "Ahh youza Mr Knutt?"

Like a little boy, Arthur nodded. If he didn't shut his mouth, he was going to drool all over his slippers.

She opened her bag, rummaged inside, found her purse and pulled out a card showing it to his dazed gaze. "Mah name's Bella Gingangooley, isa from the.." she looked around checking that the coast was clear "Spanking Agency." she finished in a whisper. When Aurthur didn't say anything but simply kept on staring like some deranged idiot she asked again "Ah youza alright Mr Knutt ?" He continued to stare at her like she had two heads. "Mr Knutt ?"

"Huh, what...oh, God I'm sorry, please come in." he stuttered coming to his senses at last. Once she was in his home, he quickly looked up and down the street and hurriedly shut his front door.


Still dressed in her long black overcoat, Bella put on her glasses and looked at her first ever client. "Hmmm," she mused, eyeing him up and down,"..he's a just a lonely old soul in need of a dash of spice in his life ah guess." That was one way to put it. She smiled at him, her pearly whites gleaming against her dark skin. She had a set of perfect teeth. "Now Mr Knutt." she began.

Arthur raised a hand. "Call me Arthur." he offered trying to come down from cloud 9 and failing.

She nodded. "Alright Artur, only if youza calls me Bella mind!" she laughed, a deep rumble that had him crossing everything he could think of. She reached in her bag and pulled out a yellow folder. Taking out a sheet of paper, she perched her spectacles on the end of her nose and read out the charge sheet. "Hmmmm hm, I woman, quite well endowed," she turned to him as he sat with a pink face feeling like a naughty boy."Role-play...hmmm, spanking and a slippering." She put the paper down on the coffee table. "Artur, everytink seems in order, shall we start?"

He nodded. He was tongue-tied. He was also scared shitless.

She got up from the chair. "Isa'll go and get ready in the kitchen, then isa'll knock on the door and then we'll play our little that okay Artur?"

Arthur gulped and nodded like an eager puppy.



Arthur licked his lips. "Come in Nurse." he called, his voice breaking with excitement. There was a click as the kitchen door opened slowly. As she entered, Arthur gasped in leering admiration. WOW !! Arthur felt as if someone had stuck a cattle prod up his back passage and threw the switch. Coming in from the kitchen was a vision in light blue.

Bella smiled at his leering face. "Youza kinky old sod !" she thought to herself. "Hello, Mr Knutt, howsa you this day? Time for Nurse Bella to see her patient." she smiled.

Arthur licked his lips. Fucking hell. Perfect. In her nurses uniform she was sex on legs to him. From her dainty white cap, past a uniform which bulged alarmingly to black stockings and black shoe's. Perfect. He was laid on the couch come bed. "Oooo Nurse, I don't feel so well!" he groaned, trying to sit up.

She came to his side and pushed him back. "Sit still Mr Knutt, let me have a feel." She reached up and laid her hand on his brow. "Youza kinda hot Mr Knutt, think isa better take your temperature, here let me help youza up." she indicated, reaching over and supporting him as he groaned like the best ham actor Hollywood ever saw and got to his feet. "Better take off youza gown." she nodded. He shrugged it off, leaving him standing in slightly too large and baggy blue striped pyjamas. She went over to her bag and pulled out a thermometer. Approaching him, he opened his mouth. She laughed and slapped his arm. "Nota there silly, turn around and bend over."

Arthur blinked bemused. She wanted him to what ?? He turned and bent over. Nurse Bella came behind him and with a tug, pulled down his pyjama bottoms. He gave a squeak of alarm.

"Naw youza be a good boy and open wide for Nurse Bella." she giggled.

Very Funny. Funny ha ha. He spread his legs and shivered as she stuck the cold instrument up his back-passage.

"Keep it in for a minute." she smiled as she took his wrist to check his pulse.

He stood like an idiot, loving every second as she went behind him again.

"What is she going to do nooowwwwAAGGGGGGHHH !!!" he squeaked. She had bent down, stuck her hand between his legs, grabbed hold of his nut-sac and gave it a tug. He stood up in gasping shock, so quickly in fact that it made the thermometer pop out of his rear end shoot across the room like an arrow. "What...what the hell are you doing Nurse?!" he winced, as he turned on her clutching his crown jewels.

She stepped back, her hand to her mouth. "Oh, Mr Knutt, isa so sorry. Isa don't know what come over me." she cried acting the part.

He waggled a finger in her face. "I ought to report you to your superiors."

Nurse Bella started to shiver with fear. Nurse Bella was in deep shit. "Ohhh sir, don't do that, isa'll get in real trouble if you do !"

Arthur pretended to frown. "Trouble ?"

She nodded with tears forming. "Isa'll lose mah job sir!!"

He pulled up his pyjama bottoms and snorted. "I should tell your boss Nurse, it was a very naughty thing you did .It's not good enough, if you were my wife I'd spank your bum for being so rude." he scolded her, realising that the time was near.

She took out a hanky and blew her nose. "S..spanking?" she whispered tearily.

He nodded. "And a hard one too followed by a dose of my leather slipper for afters."

"Oh..." she mumbled.

They stared at each other. The crackle of spanking anticipation hung in the air. "My ball's in your court so to speak Nurse Bella." he thought wryly. Say you want it. Tell me you want it.

"M...Mr Knutt, if youza promise not to tell."


Arthur sat on his couch watching as Nurse Bella did a strip. With each button undone, more of her ebony flesh spilled out. She shrugged her shoulders and eased off her uniform, leaving her standing in a spectacularly huge black bra, suspender belt and sheer stockings. For the first time in a long time, Arthur felt a stirring down below. "Uh ohhhh." he moaned, as he stared at her huge bulging bust.

She glanced up at him and with a naughty smile undid her bra and let it drop on the floor.

With round eyes, he watched as two udder-like bazoom's dropped south to her waist, wobbling as they settled with thumb sized brown nipples pointing at the floor. He clapped his hands. "Over my knee Nurse, right now."


"OOOOOOOOOOOOOooo Sir, mah bum's sooooo sore !!"

Was it ? With her dusky colour, he could hardly tell. He'd been spanking her arse for nearly five minutes non stop. He noticed his hand was sore. God knows what her arse felt like. It sort of "looked" sore. SLLLLLLLLAAAAAAPPPPP. He hit her again as she lolled over his lap. The size and weight of her frame making him wheeze as he shifted her around trying to hold her still for her spanking. What an arse. What a really big, fat arse. Talk about being built like the back end of a bus. Each dark cheek was stuffed full of fatty, spankable fat. It wobbled like a blancmange, like a jelly on a plate. She also had an arse crack as mysterious as the Amazon rain-forest. Every time he spanked her, she'd see-saw her legs giving him flashes of her private parts. The lips of her puss would put Mick Jagger to shame and were topped off with a noodle the size of his little finger. With her knicks pulled to mid-thigh he hit her again...hard.

"AYYYYYIIIEEEEyooouuzzzzaaaaaa hitting my bum toozaaaa hard Mr Knutt. I'm sooorrrry!!" she squeaked and squealed. In truth, Mrs Bella Gingangooley was a seasoned lady, well versed in coping with a sore bot. Her old man had dealt with her regularly during their five year sham of a marriage before he buggered off with the lollipop lady. If there was one thing that thirty-eight year old Bella Gingangooley liked more than anything, it was the delicious feeling of having her rear roasted by whatever was at hand. The advert for the Spanking Agency had been a godsend for the lonely divorcee and an opportunity too good to miss. She thanked God for the day she had chanced upon the little newsagent shop on the corner of Hilldale Drive. Whilst browsing the magazine racks her gaze settled on one in particular - on the top shelf. Taking a deep breath and gathering her courage, whilst making sure no one else was in the shop, she reached up and bought it.

Back home safe, she read it from cover to cover then back again. And there on page 45 an advert looking for a certain type of lady had caught her eye.

"The Spanking Agency. Attention Ladies.New adult agency looking for submissive ladies who enjoy a sore bum. Contact Molly on 0183-555-789"

The rest as they say is history.


"OOOOOOOOO Ten Mr Knutt SIR!!" squealed Bella, bouncing up and down as she laid across both arm's of the chair.

Arthur stepped back, breathing heavily as his floppy leather slipper dangled from his right hand. He peered at her bot which had turned from a kind of chocolately colour to a deep and dark reddish brown. In fact under closer inspection, he could see the blotches of bruises beginning to appear. Even though he was loving every flipping second, he was knackered. How many more to give her? Maybe he had better ask her. "Nurse, how many more do you want ?"

Bella turned and looked over her shoulder, her long, crinkly black perm shielding her screwed up face. "Keep on going til youza wants to stop're the c..customer after all and the customer always comes first...unless youza wants to do that other thing youza wanted to do...the extra service." she whimpered.

Er...oh. He'd forgotten about that. He felt his toes curl at the thought. She was a big lady. She would eat him alive. He rubbed his chin, deep in thought. Coming to a decision, he laid his slipper on the top of her bum. "Bella, I think you've been grand and have cheered an old fella like me up no end. Lets say another ten with the slipper and we'll call your punishment a day hmm?" he whispered warmly to her.

Bella nodded. "Yes sir....oh and sir ?" she moaned softly.

He looked from her fat arse to her face. "Hmm?" Her dark eyes were shining.

"Give me ten hard one's....asa hard asa youza can." she hiccupped, the determination in her voice left him in no doubt to her earnest request. He nodded grimly and eased the slipper away from her flesh, far behind his head. She was staring at him. Their eyes met. A meeting of like-minded people. She squeezed her eyes shut as she watched him stand on tippy-toe and whale the leather down with a lightning crack as it sank into her bruised arse flesh. CCCCCCCRAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCKKKK.

Even the slipper winced.


Arthur stood and watched with a wry smile of affection and amusement as Bella staggered back from the chair clutching her bum cheeks. She danced the Irish jig as her red-hot bot throbbed mightily. "Ahhh GOD, God GOOOD...hmmm owwwwwww !!" she whimpered as she wobbled around the room with hair flying, tits bouncing and her voluptuous backside swaying like a sailor who was as pissed as a newt. She stopped, her pretty features screwed up into a ball. "Oh Artur, youza hit me bot sooooo hard, Isa winnit sit for a week after that." she gulped as the pain reached her skull.

He spread his hands. " a bit carried away." he began.

But she stepped up to his flushed face, bent down slightly and kissed him on the tip of his nose. "Youza daft kinky bugger. Youza lucky I loves it !"

Trying not to stare at her sagging boobs, he beamed like a kid on Christmas morning. " you really liked it ?" he asked surprised.

She made eyes at him and nodded. "Loved it Mr Knutt."


Bella Gingangooley had one last task to perform in her appointment with her client - Mr A.P. Knutt. His little bonus.

Its fair to say that Mr Knutt was looking forward to this particular service too. Bella looked up at him as she knelt at his feet dressed only in stockings and suspenders. With slow deliberation, she opened her mouth slightly and licked all around her full lips with seductive grace.

Arthur's heart plummeted to his boots on an express-elevator to hell as he watched her pink tongue slither over her white teeth. Crikey ! Boy...was he looking forward to this. Behind his back, he crossed his fingers praying that he had enough blood left in his body to reach his dick. "Please, please get hard." his mind chanted.

Bella smiled wickedly. She bent forward and licked the crotch of his pyjamas. "Does a Mr Knutt want his naughty nurse to play with his wee white willy?" she teased invitingly.

Arthur nodded eagerly. Daft question.

She made a face, reached up to grab the waistband and with a shimmy drew his pj bottoms down to his ankles, revealing his knobbly knee's and spindly legs. Arthur began to pray real hard for the first time in his life. Bella lowered her gaze and stared at his member. She bobbed her head from side to side in feminine contemplation. "Hmmm, not bad....bit of a tiddler, but how big when hard?" she mused. Only one way to find out.

Arthur grunted as he held his pyjama top away from his waist so that he could see all the action. He groaned as he felt her warm mouth envelope his cock. He closed his eyes and with his tongue hanging out, savoured his first blow-job at the ripe old age of sixty. He felt that the time when he tried to stick his willy up the end nozzle of the vacuum cleaner didn't exactly count. Sucking his tiddler, Bella looked up, slightly puzzled. It had hardened a bit but not much and stood out at around 5-6 inches long. This was going to be hard work considering his age. Besides her professional pride was at stake. He had his eye's closed and was swaying with the pleasant sensations radiating out from his dick. Bella smiled wickedly to herself as she let his member pop free. She nipped his cock-head with her teeth.

"Yeowch!!" he jumped, shocked at the pain. "What you do that fer ?" he winced.

She let his cock go and sat back. "Isa not getting very hard is it ?" she sighed, tickling his semi-inflated noodle.

Arthur hung his head. "Age, I guess." he sighed in resigned defeat. Ahhh well, least he got to whack her bum.

She was grinning."Perhaps Nurse Bella should try her speciality on it Artur?"

Oh ? Speciality ? What speciality?

She knelt forward. With a last glance at him, she reached up and....

Arthur stared round eyed with surprise as the black lady took out her false teeth !!

You could of knocked him over with a feather.

She looked up at him with a gummy grin. "Misa tttthhhhhpethiality."


Arthur Knutt lay slumped on his couch wearing a bemused grin as the lady from the Spanking Agency put on her coat. She smiled at him as she put his tip in her purse. "Enjoy that Artur?" she beamed, flashing her now in place pearly whites.
He looked at her weary drunken smile and nodded his head. Who'd of thought it ? At least he had found out that he still had lead in his pencil.

She came across and kissed his forehead. "Youza was mah first client Artur and I loved having mah fat ass whupped by you. if youza wants to spank me again youza knows who to call." She stood back. "Youza lie still and rest Artur Isa let myself out." she waved as she left him lying there floating off in cloud-cuckoo land.

What a woman. Takes a smart spanking, a hard slippering, gives him a sloppy blowjob and swallows his teaspoon full of spend. What a woman. Mr Knutt was a thoroughly satisfied customer.


As the advert says. Are YOU a frustrated spanker? Can't find a willing partner anywhere? WE have the solution to your problem. CALL THE SPANKING AGENCY on 0183-555-789. Satisfaction indeed Guaranteed.

The end.

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