Friday, 14 February 2014

Spanking Story: Big Boobed Secretary Spanked

Nineteen year old Stephanie Tweddle was in big trouble and she knew it.

Glancing up from her desk, she could see through the glass partition Mr Thompson, her boss practising his swing as he waited for her to knock on his office door at the stroke of 5pm sharp.
The ticking of the clock got louder and louder as the seconds passed more quickly than she thought possible until.....

Ding dong, ding dong.

Five O'clock had finally arrived. With her belly doing flip-flops and her arse cheeks cringing with fright, Stephanie got to her feet, put the "Size 6 to 10 inches deluxe battery operated model stocklist." file away in its correct drawer and reached around to smooth the material of her tight chequered tartan skirt down as she made her way to his office.


Rat-a-tat-TAT !!

At the sound of the rap, Laurence Thompson, owner and proprietor of Thompson's Erotic Enterprises looked up and smiled as he saw the shadow of his secretary through the glass waiting for her caning.

Ah....Miss Tweddle.

From the moment he interviewed her for a job all those months ago when she wobbled in wearing a tight black skirt with an even tighter white blouse hiding what were undoubtedly an enormous pair of tit's, he knew that she was the secretary for him, even with her lack of experience. Truth to tell, he couldn't keep his eyes of her massive melons as she sat before him biting her rosy lips and fiddling with a stray strand of her long fiery red hair.

At first he smiled, ignoring her mistakes with a "don't worry my dear, you'll learn." hug before giving her rather splendid arse a wee pat that made her squeak and giggle in surprise. In fact come to think of it, she didn't seem to mind his little indiscretions at all!!

Perhaps she thought them a small price to pay for him keeping her on in spite of her increasingly frequent boo-boo's. But unknown to her Mr Thompson had other ideas for in his quiet moments he was a connoisseur of the female bum and quite enjoyed having a young lady across his lap on the odd occasion though even as a confirmed bachelor in his mid-forties those opportunities were rare indeed and invariably were with the begrudging assistance of "handsomely paid ladies of the night" who were not into it at all.
"Come in." he called as he sat back in his leather chair.

The door creaked open a bit and the pensive face of his secretary peeked round it. 
"Yes? " he sighed, enjoying the moment as he always did.

""M..Mr Thompson ?" she stuttered licking her upper lip with that dainty tongue of hers. "I..I'm here for my c..caning Sir."

He motioned for her to enter and close the door behind her.


"Right Stephanie, lets have these frilly things down shall we then you can bend over the desk and we can make a start." he ordered, standing over her and flexing the thin rattan between his hands before bending it into an arch that had the quivering girl boggle eyed in fear. Having discarded her skirt, she reached behind her and slipped her slender fingers into the waistband of her black french knickers before with a swivel of her wide hips easing them down to mid-thigh.

"Splendid my dear. Now you remember what we said last time I caned you?" he asked as she stood before him with downcast eyes, hands clasped in front of her fanny trying to hide her soft puss before his leering gaze.

Said? Last time? Oh..OH!!

"Oh my...he doesn't want me to do that now?! "Wh...what, here now Sir?" she squeaked, swallowing hard as he let the tip of the cane go and stared in morbid fascination as it wobbled and waved before her red face."Oh please Mr Thompson I don't think I should." she hiccupped shivering, knowing that he would brook no argument from her.

Folding his arms, he shook his head. "A little humiliation added to your punishment will do you good Stephanie, so come with your blouse this minute and hurry up for I haven't got all day girl!!" he indicated, pointing to her white garment.

"Oh Sir..." she pouted as with a sigh, she reached up and began to undo the small white buttons on her tight white blouse with her boss watching her striptease with his tongue poking the inside of his right cheek in rapt admiration as she wobbled and wriggled before slipping off her garment, folding it and placing it neatly on the chair beside her. Beneath a mass of hair, she glanced up at him with the question hanging between them.

He nodded.

So, taking a deep breath she reached behind her causing her over-developed encased boobs to thrust out towards him as she fiddled with the fiddly strap until.....Boing!!!

Her bra fell away causing each massive bouncy balloon to spring free before she reached across with an arm to try and hide them from his gaze which, in the circumstances was nigh impossible due to their impressive size and titifullness as the flesh oozed over her guard.
"My God, spectacular!!" he thought to himself. "I bet she's a right little vixen when mounted." he muttered to himself with so much dribbling lust that he nigh forgot the reason she was standing near naked in front of him in the first place.

"W...wouldn't you rather s..ser..spank my bum Mr Thompson like you did the first time I made a mistake..peeeeer..pleeease?" she sniffed as she saw him twiddling his finger for her to turn around and bend over the desk.
"Hmmmm?" he sighed to himself as he remembered the first time when he called her into his office after she had made one costly mistake to many to ignore.
"Sack?" she gasped as she sat before his desk, her surprise writ large over her pretty face.
He nodded. "I'm sorry Stephanie, you're a lovely lass but you just cannot keep making mistakes like you've been doing sweetheart....I'll pay you up for the rest of the week but I think its best if we call it a day." he explained, feeling awkward as he liked her a lot and not just because of her obvious charms. To his dismay, Stephanie started to sniff and sniffle as she bowed her head and fiddled with the hem of her black skirt.

"I..I thought I was doing alright Mr Thompson even though I can be a bit of a scatterbrain at times and forget things you tell me to do..but but...please don't sack me Sir..cos..cos..." she hiccupped and looked up at him tearfully in faint hope. Reaching over the table he handed her his hanky to dry her eyes.

Scatterbrained!! That was one word for it, the evidence was piled high in his stockroom due to her last boo boo, stack upon stack of cardboard boxes stuffed with "Rita Rectum - an arseshaggers dream come true....and she never says NO!!" blow up dolls that reached to the bloody ceiling!!
He shook his head. "I'm sorry just hasn't worked out." he smiled apologetically.
"But..but you don't understand Sir, me dad will go ballistic when he finds out I've been sacked and he'll...he'll.." she whispered as her face went white.

"He'll what?" he asked, curious in spite of his resolve as to the reason why she was so upset and flustered.

Blinking away her tears, she looked down at the floor and bit her lip wondering if she should say secrets and all that, but she knew she had to try and keep her job or she'd really be in for it when her dad got home from work.

"He'll..well, its..its see he's ever so strict is me dad Mr Thompson an' he goes mental if I get into trouble and if you give us the sack fer being so daft, he'll blow his top and he' me an' an' he has this big leather belt an' he'll probably us that on me bum as well!!" she whispered, blushing to the roots of her red hair as the tears dribbled down her rosy cheeks.



"He spanks you?" he asked shocked, his mind working over-time as his heart bounced around inside his chest as he listened to this young lady reveal her part innocently in a secret fantasy fetish of his.
"Yes Sir, really really hard an' all." she pouted as she watched him sit back in his chair and tap his fingers together as if re-considering sacking her. She smiled hesitantly at him, perhaps he was going to think kindly on her and not let her get into trouble with her father...after all he did give her the job in the first place even though she had no experience or qualifications for the post.

But Mr Thompson had other ideas. He sat forward. "Stephanie, I have a proposition to put to you which may help us both er....come to some sort of satisfactory arrangement....if you're willing that is." he began.

She nodded her head enthusiastically. He wasn't going to sack her!!

As she sat listening, her boss smiled and outlined what would be required of her for him not to dismiss her but as he continued her joy turned from outright relief, to a furrowed brow of bemusement, puzzlement and finally, as the penny dropped her mouth fell open when he finished by saying....

"So Stephanie, if you want to keep your job you have to let me spank you after every mistake and if you've made a really, really big one like ordering 500 blow up dolls instead of 50 well, I'm sure I can find something other than my hand to use on your bum, so what do you think, do we have a deal.?" he finished sitting back and grinning at her like the cat who got the cream.

Stephanie just sat staring at him dumbstruck with big round eyes, but in her heart of hearts knowing it was either get the sack and get a thorough walloping off her old man or submit her fat botty to Mr Thompson instead and keep her job. Talk about "out of the frying pan into the fire!!" She stuck out her tongue and licked her upper lip as she glanced down at his hands. Big hands. Oh heck!! But she knew that he knew that she knew she was in serious poop and that she had no choice in the matter....for anything would be better than her dad finding out!!! 
"Alright Sir," she sighed, resigned to her fate. "If you promise not to tell my dad you can spank or belt my bum every time I get into trouble."
"I won't tell you again Stephanie, bend over further..go on spread your legs apart and stick up your fat arse higher or else I'll spank you before I cane you!!" ordered Mr Thompson as he smiled at the memory of how they had both come to this pass. Resting her head on the cool wood of his desk, she wriggled her prominent bot and arched her back more causing each massive tit to spread out beneath her as she stuck up her shaking arse as high as she could and with a low groan awaited the start of her punishment.

"Oh...its cold!!" she gasped, her breasts pancaking out as her inch long, rock hard nipples rubbed over the coarse grain of the wood sending shivers through her body which triggered the juices of her sex thus oiling up her tight sheath which had just started to tingle with THAT tingle that always made her feel deliciously giddy and faint.

"Ready my girl?" he asked behind her prone form as he reached down and pinched the swollen head of his distended nine inch member and eased it down his trouser leg so it laid in a more comfortable position along his thigh. All his semi-naked secretary could do was squeak and clench the cheeks of her rotund seat in his general direction as a sign that she was....even when she was not.

Licking his lips, her boss stepped forward and grasped the waistband of her knickers and eased them down a bit more giving him a brief glimpse of the lips of her reddened vagina and the pinched ring of her anus that was twitching as she flexed the muscles of her backside.
Hmmm maybe. Maybe today.

Stepping to her right side, Mr Thompson bounced the business end of the cane across her white goose-pimpled cheeks to measure his aim then, bracing his feet slightly apart he reached back and with a full bodied, wrist snapping swing let her have it right across the peaks of both mounds of her arse flesh with a resounding CRACK!!

"N..noooooyeeeeeeoowwwww MR THOMPSON SIR!!" shrieked Stephanie as she felt the bite of the stick sink deep into her arse fat and the wash of white hot, red branding pain wallowed and waxed out from the epicentre of her torment. The blow had knocked her further over the desk and she scrambled with her hands to grasp the far edge as she gritted her teeth and stamped her feet trying to shake off the awful sting that was radiating up her spine and setting off fireworks in her head.

"Ohhhhhhmmmmmmhhhhmmmmmmoooooowwww don't cane my poor bum so haaaaaaard Mr Thompson, ohhhhhh it stttttttttings sooooo I..I'll have welts on my bum fer a week!!" she gasped, knowing that by the end of her caning she was going to have six blistered tramlines across each of her cheeks and that a canvas of painful bruises would follow in their wake to add to her misery.

But even though the first stroke had been a biting, cutting and very hard one she still ground her hips and kept her position bent over, knickers at half mast and not caring that she was showing her pussy and bumhole to her elderly employer. Hmmmmm. In fact, come to think of it she wouldn't mind if he tried to take one or two liberties with her person and......

Oh!! Tightening the walls of her slippery-tube, she could feel the soft tickly trickle of her sex sap lubricating the pink walls of her fanny and seep out to leave the outer lips of her puss dew shiny with the fragrance of her arousal wafting out from the core of her being. Peeking over her shoulder, she glanced at him as he slipped off his brown jacket and rolled up his sleeves in readiness to deliver the next cut to her backside. "I wonder if he has a big one?" she sighed to herself, her mind floating off into the void and away from the throbbing that her physical self was suffering. But her randy musings were cut off abruptly when...


Stephanie screamed, hollering at the top of her lungs as Mr Thompson whipped in number two with a devilishly naughty slice that curled around the width of her wobbling bum in the most tender place of all...the junction between bum and thigh. "NOT THERE Sir!!!" she spluttered, reaching around with grasping fingers to trace the searing cut."Oh awwwwwww not theeeeeere..p..perrrr ohhhhh please it HURTS A LOT!!" she squealed as she pushed and pulled each tender cheek apart trying to cool off the build up of heat. Mr Thompson dropped to his right knee behind her, watching as she kneaded her flesh revealing the damp well of her twat to his close gaze as he sniffed the scent of her sex.

As a drop of sap oozed out of her pulsing hole to dribble through her red pubes and slither down her right thigh...he made a decision, a decision that would either get him in serious trouble or ease the agonising ache in both his fuck-stick and hanging nutsack.

Stephanie gazed round eyed at Mr Thompson's absolutely HUGE member. "Oh Mr Thompson, its sooooooooooo big!!" she gasped in admiration at the gently bobbing monster as she knelt at his feet as he stood over her. "C.....can I ..can I suck it Mr Thompson?" she whispered as he reached down and lifted it to her beetroot face and nodded enthusiastically. Even though her bum was still smarting something terrible after the two cuts of the cane, she slowly raised her right hand and gently grasped his swollen dick just behind the shrouded head and with both of them watching in rapt horniness, she began to deliberately ease her warm hand up and down the long length of his pulsing shaft drawing his stretched foreskin back and forth over the apple-like purple head of his dong thus giving him a leisurely wank as his eye wept out its spit and gleamed in front of her lust-filled eyes.

"Do you want me to suck out your spunk Mr Thompson?" she giggled in a girlish voice as if asking for permission to give him a blow job.

He nodded like a dummy.

"Do you want me to suck it aaaaaaaall out?" she smiled naughtily at him as she lent forward, stuck out her dainty pink tongue and licked wetly from the base of his pussy plunger up to the swollen crown of his cock-knob before diddling the hollow of his piss-slit and scooping out some of his tangy froth.

He nodded again with the sweat dripping from his brow as he watched with glazed eyes as his young secretary stooped under his long aching schlong and licked his swinging balls with loving care and attention.

".........and do you want me to swallow it as well Mr Thompson?" she breathed as her mouth hovered over the quivering end of his pudfucker with her peeping up at him through a mass of flowing red locks as she continued to masturbate him with slow caressing strokes.

Again...not able to speak, he nodded as he started to unbutton his shirt.

"Oh and Mr Thompson." she whispered as her lips kissed his dripping bulb."You know when I said you could spank and cane me for being so silly?" she mumbled, staring as she squeezed his overlong hotdog causing the head to mushroom up and blush a dark purple.

"Uh huh." he gasped as she licked his meat.

Sitting back, she looked up at her boss. "Well....after you've punished me Mr Thompson, you can shove this lovely big willy right up my pussy into my belly as well, if you want to of Mr Thompson, do we have a deal?" she giggled as she lowered her head and with a sighing sluuuuuurp opened her ruby lips wide and sank them over the head of his dicky dangler that made him wince and go cross-eyed as she sucked long and hard on his erect cock.

And to think he had nearly sacked her.

The End.

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