Sunday, 23 March 2014

Spanking Story: Rainshowers

The sun had disappeared behind forbidding clouds and a moment later the rain burst from the grey skies soaking the young woman as she made her way from her rural home towards the nearest, and only, bus shelter on the outskirts of the small hamlet where she lived.

"Oh damn!" she cursed as she tried to use her bag as a makeshift umbrella as she started to run towards the shelter which was still a ways off in the distance. "Bloomin' rain!" she squealed as she grasped her lapels under her chin and ran faster - well, as fast as her high heels would allow.


The bus shelter itself was cut haphazardly into the side of a secluded road and was surrounded by thorn bushes, spiky hedgerows, fauna and weeds. To use it you had to look hard to find it. Soaked to the skin, Lindsey Bell - an outgoing nineteen year old light brunette - skipped nimbly around a puddle and scampered into the dry confines of the rusting bus stop out of the rain to find there was someone already there taking shelter too. Surprised, for it was rare to see anyone using the shelter at all, she stood in the doorway for a moment whilst dripping rainwater and looking dishevelled as she unconsciously reached up and tried to fix her shoulder length hair that hung limply around her pear shaped face. She must look a sorry sight and no mistake. "Oh." she said. "Hello."

The man looked at up her. "It never rains but it pours." he smiled, moving aside so she could sit on one of the metal seats he had vacated that were bolted solidly into the cracked concrete floor. "Last all day I reckon." he observed in a deep voice that bore a hint of a Northumbria accent.

Lindsey made a face and shook herself like a dog. But it was no use, she was totally soaked through and her clothes would take an age to dry out. What was worse it had to happen today of all days. Just typical. Today was the day of her big job interview in the city and she was dressed to impress in a cream jacket and skirt with white blouse. Nitwit! She should have at least had the foresight to have carried her umbrella. So much for it being "a sunny day with the odd light shower." Too late for that now she thought ruefully.

She glanced at the man who had returned to reading his newspaper. He was a great bear of a man. Possibly in his middle fifties she mused noticing his angular features and metal grey hair, which was nicely cut and trimmed giving him the impression of being someone who knew what he was about. He was wearing a dark windsheeter coat, blue shirt and jeans and had a big black hold-all at his feet. She also noticed he had labourer's hands. Big, gnarled and rough. She swallowed and stepped cautiously forward. "I guess so." she replied as she began to sit down then stopped due to the damp tightness of her skirt restricting her movement. She grimaced and sighed. "I'm so wet through I can't even sit down."

She looked out of the shelter as the rain continued to fall incessantly creating great big puddles along the roadside verges. Where was the bus? She looked at her watch. It wasn't due for another 10 minutes at the earliest. She turned to find the man looking up at her curiously. "I think I'm a bit early. Nerves I guess."

The man's eyebrows raised slightly. "Nerves?"

She nodded. "I have a job interview in a couple of hours. In the city. The weatherman said sunshine and the odd shower and now look at me. I look like a drowned rat and there is no way I'll be able to dry off before then. I knew I should have hired a taxi." She tried to sit again but as soon as she started to thrust out her rear she squelched and jumped back up muttering darkly under her breath as she bent forward slightly trying to squeeze out some of the water from her knee length skirt. It was sodden and clung to her cream stockinged legs no matter what she tried to do. Forgetting where she was, she reached around herself and with her free hand slapped her skirted bottom twice - the resultant crack echoing wetly around the confines of the metal shelter and causing a spray of rainwater to explode from each impact. "Ouch." she winced despite herself. It was then she remembered….

She turned to find the man staring at her - her bottom actually - with a bemused big grin on his face. She blushed scarlet and started to stutter an apology. "Oh my, I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me. I just wish I wasn't so wet." she explained, wishing the ground would open up and swallow her whole. What must he think of her? "I hope I haven't offended you or…"

The man raised his hand stopping her rambling. "Of course not my dear. I've seen worse I think." he laughed. "Besides, you should be complimented on finding such a novel solution to your problem of how to get dry."

Lindsey blinked. Explained like that it didn't sound so bad. He bum still tingled where she had slapped each cheek. Solution? She nibbled her lower lip considering what he had said. Was he talking about what she thought he was talking about? She felt her heart flutter. Spanking herself dry? He was looking out at the rain so she secretively reached around behind herself again. Surprised, she noticed that the material of her tight skirt seemed a wee bit drier in patches where she had slapped herself. Maybe if she did it a few more times her skirt would no longer be wet.

She was still clutching her bottom when he turned and looked at her again. He had a knowing look in his eyes. She turned even redder and gave him a weak smile in return. "Ah." she wondered licking her upper lip. "I hope you don't think me forward Sir but if the solution you're thinking about is the one I think you're thinking about - " she took a deep breath. " - I think perhaps you're the one who can help me with it more than I can myself. Does that make sense?" She stuck out her hand whilst leaving the other rubbing her bottom. "If you're willing I think formal introductions are called for don't you?" The bus wasn't due to arrive for another 10 minutes or so. Just enough time she calculated to do the deed. "Hi, I'm Lindsey." she said by way of introduction.

The man looked at her for a moment then shook her proffered hand. "Well, I think that is a splendid solution to your problem Miss Lindsey and it will be my absolute privilege and honour to lend you a good firm hand so to speak. You can call me Farmer Jack."

Pitter patter whispered the raindrops.


Spanking Story: The Spanking Agency 5


Inserting his key into the lock, Mr Lister opened his front door just as the first pitter patter of raindrops fell from the grey leaden skies. Glancing up to the heavens he sighed for it looked like another storm was on the way.

Slipping off his black Macintosh, he threw it on the ornate coat stand in the hall and went into his kitchen to make a cup of tea to warm his bones after another hard day at work. Whistling along with his kettle, he stood looking out of his kitchen window as the thunder clouds rolled in listening to the tap-tap-tap against the glass.

Oh well, another lonely night in watching the television.


"Bugger, bugger, bugger !!" muttered the young woman as she hurried along the street pulling the lapel of her bright red coat tighter round her neck as she held her handbag comically over her head trying to keep dry from the falling rain. One thing she was not and that was dressed for the bloody weather. Sighing, she realised it was no use for she was soaked to the skin and twice as miserable with it. "If that silly bugger hadn't wanted me to suck his thing I'd of been home now!!" she muttered to herself as she finally reached her garden gate. Opening it, she slammed it shut angrily behind her and tottered up to her front door in her high heels rummaging in her bag looking for her keys.

Uh oh.

"Ohhh noooo bugger, bugger, bugger!!"


"Ahhh smashing." sighed Mr Lister contentedly as he sat back in his chair with his mug of hot tea steaming nicely in his grasp. "Nothing beats a hot cuppa after a hard day at work." Picking a biscuit from his plate, he carefully dipped it in making sure it was thoroughly dunked before nibbling on the soggy end. "Ummmph.....heaven."

On his television Wendy the weathergirl was sticking a black cloud with raindrops right on top of where he lived smiling sweetly as she chirped. "Can expect heavy rain for the rest of the evening, so if you're going out be sure to take your brolly with you." Admiring the girls rather splendid bottom when she turned to her weather map Mr Lister glanced out of his window watching as the storm grumbled its arrival by raining harder.

"Well Wendy sweetheart, looks like its just you and me and a cup of tea again."


Rosemary Butler was having a seriously bad end to her day. It had all started nice enough when she got a phone call from Dolly asking if she was free that afternoon to visit a client at his home who had asked for a "Big busted twenty something blonde". Such a description fitted the twenty-four year old Miss Butler to a tee - especially in the big and busty department. Thinking that the extra money would come in handy she had jumped at the chance. So, that afternoon at twenty past three she found herself outside a huge block of flats staring upwards, hoping that number thirty-two wasn't on the top floor.

Shit. It was.

An hour later she again found herself in the exact same spot. Except this time with a well slippered bright red bum that throbbed something horrid and the lingering taste of slightly bitter male spend on her tongue. Still, at least she could put her "ill gotten gains" towards something nice and give herself a little treat when she went shopping at the weekend.

It was as she made her way home that things got decidedly worse and wetter until she found herself standing before her front door soaked to the skin and locked out. Wet through, she ran round the back and peered in through the sitting-room window as her make-up ran down her face. Her gaze finally settled on her mantelpiece and with a groan she banged her forehead against the glass.

"Shit, shit shhhhhhhit." There they were. Her bloody keys.


Thump - thump, rat-a-tat TAT.

"Huh, what?" mumbled Mr Lister as he sat dosing in his comfy chair. There was another knock. Somebody was knocking loudly on his front door and threatening to pull his knocker off its hinges by the sound of it. Slipping on his shoes, he went to his window and peeked through his net curtains. Blimey, there on his doorstep was what appeared to be a young lady in a bright red coat and high heels who was doing a decent impression of being a drowned rat!!

Wondering what was up he went and answered the door.


"Here you go my dear, wash your face and dry yourself with this." smiled Mr Lister handing the young woman a damp flannel and big blue fluffy towel. "Now get yourself in front of the fire and warmed up or else you'll catch a chill." he ordered as his unexpected visitor stood in her short black dress sipping a cup of hot tea thanking him profusely for his kindness.

"I'm so sorry to be such a nuisance Mr ummm, Mr er...." she shivered, suddenly realising that although she lived but three doors away she didn't know his name.

"Lister, its Mr Lister." he said. "But most people just call me Jack."

"Oh, right ok J..Jack." she smiled thankfully. "Well, erm, you see I've gone and locked myself out and I went round the back and I see I've left my bedroom window open. So I figured best find someone with a ladder and well, I remember seeing you out last week cleaning your upstairs windows and and well..." she finished, licking her upper lip hoping she hadn't presumed too much.

"Ah." nodded Jack understanding her predicament. "Say no more. Tell you what, get yourself warmed up and once the rain has stopped I'll go fetch my ladder and see what I can do." Smiling gratefully, she started to dry her hair, rubbing vigorously with the towel. Unable to see his face, Jack found his gaze glancing down to her rather splendidly voluptuous figure that was doing interesting things in her tight top.

Swallowing hard, he tried to concentrate on something else. "Oh, erm...I er...don't er.." he began as she bent forward and shook out her long blonde hair before snapping back up straight and rubbing it again.

Peeking out from the towel, she stuck out her hand. "Butler, Rosemary Butler but most all call me Rose."

Taking her hand, he shook it before they both laughed.

"Nice to meet you Rose."

Out of the window the rain clouds were drifting away.


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Spanking Story: Vital Statistics

Larry Smith felt like a spare dick at an orgy. No surprise really since he was standing, stranded, looking bewildered in the lingerie department of one of the more renowned and salubrious women's fashion store's in town. His discomfort was also compounded by the fact that he seemed to be the only man in the place.

He should of known better. He should of refused point blank when his girlfriend had replied to his question. "Larry, honey, do you really know what I fancy for my birthday ?" she'd told him with a wicked smile. Larry had felt his toe's curl when she whispered what she wanted him to get her in his ear. Like the nitwit he was, he had simply nodded an "Oh uhhhhhhh, sure. I can get you one of those.....things. No problem."

Big mistake. A bloody great big dammed woppa of a mistake he thought as he tried to avoid catching the eye of any women who happened to be glancing in his general direction out of knowing curiosity.

Trying to look as if he knew what the fuck he was doing, he blindly picked up the nearest thing he could find. Which, unfortunately in this case, just happened to be a leopard skin two-piece that was too far on the lacivious and skimpy side to be decent. Turning beetroot, he stood there holding it at arm's length as if the leopard was still attached and eyeing it with a kind of fascinated horror. What was worse, on the other side of the rack, a gorgeous brunette had suddenly popped up and was smiling at him with a look that made him wish the ground would open up and swallow him whole.

Larry smiled back weakly and held up the hanger for her to see. "Er....for the girlfriend. " he blurted out, trying, but failing, to sound confident. The gorgeous brunette merely smiled wider and said "Ahhhh....nice choice."

Larry did the only sensible thing he could think of. He turned, holding the bra and knicker's automatically to his chest to find himself modelling said garment in a 7ft long mirror.

Behind him he heard the gorgeous brunette burst out laughing. He not only felt completely ridiculous he sure as hell looked like it as well. "Oh shit." he muttered as he glanced around hoping no one else had seen his comedy routine. Where was the exit when you needed it?

But he had been noticed. Several ladies were watching him from various corners of the store and each had that knowing look on their faces. Larry just put on his best "warning - useless man alert" face and hurridley put those "female thing's" back. This wasn't working out as he'd planned. In - spot something quick - then out again asap was the idea.

He was about to make a run for it when someone behind him said. "Hello, you look lost. Can I help you ?"

Larry turned and looked slightly down from his 6ft 4" height to find himself staring at a middle-aged greyblue haired lady who was dressed smartly in a dark pinstriped jacket and skirt with black stockings and sensible shoe's. He glanced at the plastic name tag which was pinned to her impressively voluptious bust. She was the manageress.

Larry self-conciously scratched his ear. "Er...I er...." He gave her a helpless shrug and his shoulders drooped in resigned defeat. "I'm sort of.." He frowned thinking of the correct word. "Lost."

The lady laughed. "Don't worry about it. You'd be surprised how many men we get in here especially round Christmas time who say exactly the same. Are you buying for someone ?" she began. "Or are you..." Her voice drifted off and it took Larry a second to understand what she was inferring. He blinked. What ? How could she think he was buying for himself ? Christ, did she think he was someone who liked wearing ladies underwear ? For a moment he imagined himself in a pink matching bra, panties and stockings with his body hair bursting out everywhere.

Come to think of it he might actually look pretty good.

He shook his head and held up his hands in front of him. "No no nooooooooo."he blustered feeling flustered. He dropped his voice to make him sound deeply butch and masculine for emphasis. "Not for me, what I mean is, I'm not.....I mean I don't - you know." He waggled his head from side to side. "I'm a man's man." He paused. THAT sure didn't sound right. "Actually, I'm here buying something for my girlfriend....for her birthday."

The lady smiled. "Ah, I thought so too. I was only teasing. Here let me show you what we've got."

Larry, still aware that he was the centre of attraction, breathed a sigh of relief and followed the lady, head down and unconsciously staring at her thrusting marching bottom as he went.


Spanking Story: Dealing with Daddy's Girl

It had been one hot day in the middle of June '52 as I recall when the remarkable Miss Marple had entered a particularly favourite restaurant I frequented and thus stepped into my life changing it forever...


The dog days of June had thankfully passed into a breezy July of hot-house temperatures, much beverages drank and minimal clothing need worn. Which judging by the vision sitting opposite me at our table this very second was fine and dandy by me.

Being an item, we had arranged to meet for lunch which we always did on tuesdays for she liked to spend some of the weekly allowance her daddy gave her shopping in the city and afterwards she'd meet me from work at our favourite table at the Boulevard en Suite to muse of the day we had each lived through.

She had entered gracefully with that whimsical air of beauty knowing, gliding amongst the diners and drawing many an admiring glance dressed as she was in a sleeveless white top and knee-length plain cream skirt with a hem-line of lace. A brief kiss on the cheek and we settled down to our meal. The food and wine was exquiste as we relaxed and I listened to her talking about her day, the things she'd bought and general idle curiosities that crossed her mind for she was not one to let a silence last for long in attentive company.

Resting her chin on an up-turned palm her eyes drift idly around the room, a sure sign that her mind was beginning to wander as the wine took affect. I smiled indulgantly able at lesiure to sit and admire her obvious pristine charms and wonder what they'd be like free of clothes and cares. For despite the obvious temptation, a gentleman would never force such an issue whatever the given opportunity. "Had a good day ?" I asked, making small talk to bring her back to me.

She blinked and smiled a perfect smile. "Oh my yes, don't I always. If daddy wants to give me money who am I not to indulge myself and see that it is spent forthwith !!"

I took another sip of wine. "You spent all of it?" I enquired, slightly perturbed.

My lovely companion smiled, rather cheekily I thought with a touch of devilment glinting in her eyes. "Uhuh.." she whispered bending forward across the table. "All gone."

I was hard pushed to keep even the mearest hint of a smile off my face as she proceeded to show me her newly bought wares. Much as I'd thought. Clothes and knick knacks that would most probably be worn or used once and then discarded. "All of it? I don't think daddy will be pleased. Wasn't that sum supposed to last you for a week ?" I enquired. Though she was the apple of her fathers eye I'd come to discover he was a man of strict morals and unbringing who ruled his house with a rod of iron and not one to accept loose morals.

"Oh, well, yes I suppose so. Besides, what he and ma'ma don't know won't hurt them or to the point, heaven forbid, me will it ?" she sniffed, blushing slightly and lifting her chin up haughtily. "I mean, you certainly won't inform him will you? " she stated flatly looking me in the eye. "After all we are an item."

Why, the trumpted up little madam !! Whilst somewhat grudgingly admiring her barefaced cheek I was shocked at her attitude. Especially her presumed opinion of my moral fibre or lack of. "Oh, and what makes you think I won't inform him ?" I enquired.

She smiled knowingly, smugly. "Well, I know you won't. Least not if you want to stay in my good books and find favour."

I was so shocked I could only stare at her as she reached into an ivory bowl and popped a grape into her mouth chewing smugly as if she knew she was right. "You think so hmmm ? Supposing I did. What would happen ?" I asked, regaining my composure as I dabbed my lips with a white napkin. At my question, she stopped chewing and her face turned slightly pale.

"Oh, well, daddy would do what all daddies would do wouldn't he? He'd blow his top and definitely take me in hand."

"In hand ?"

She licked her lips as if remembering something upleasant "It may have escaped your notice Sir but my daddy is a very strict daddy. He certainly doesn't brook argument from any of his daughters, especially his eldest one. "No excuses, no scenes and no blubbing !!" he always says. He just cuts to the chase and takes the rod to our er..." she glanced quickly around, lent further forward and whispered. "Bottoms."

Bottoms ? Her bottom ?!! The thought of her pater taking a slice of swishy bamboo to her as yet unseen on my part (for shame Sir) derriere was one to linger over and cherish on a lonely night. I can well imagine the scene as he laid on a bakers dozen of whippy stingers, more than enough to chastise a willfull and naughty young lady such as the remarkable Miss Marple.

Across from me I could see her licking the whipped cream off her desert spoon as if all was well in her little world. So she thinks I wouldn't tell hmmmm?


Thursday, 13 March 2014

Spanking Story: After School Detention

The corridors of St Mary's Girls School are quiet and silent now after the final bell has rung at the end of another day.

Everyone, teachers, pupils, office staff and cleaners have long since departed and gone home...all that is except two.

For them there is the small matter of detention and a punishment to be dealt with.


Angela frowns as she approaches Mr Edwards office.

She knocks on his door softly but there is no answer.

"Maybe he's forgotten." she wonders, her spirits lifting for being sent to see Mr Edwards after school was a daunting thing indeed. Should she go ?

Angela bit her lip and looked around then ever so slowly she turned the door handle and peeked inside. What she saw made her heart sink for there in the middle of his office had been deliberately placed a desk and atop that desk was the thing all the naughty girls in school feared the most....his black handled cane !!

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a strong sturdy hand grasped her shoulder. "I've been waiting for you my girl." whispers a deep manly voice in her right ear. "And you know how I HATE to be kept waiting for bad girls like you. Get inside....NOW !!"

Jumping with fright, Angela quickly entered his office and turned about to try and explain.."Mr Edwards..Sir, I..I wasn't my fault. I was only pretending to smoke. they made me do it honestly !!" she whimpered, feeling her tears starting to well.

But he would have none of it. "Be quiet !!" he roared. "I'm not interested in your excuses girl. You've been sent to me to be dealt with and dealt with you shall be. Now stand before that desk and get your hands on your head or else I'll have to spank you as well." he ordered sharply, giving her firm rump a stinging slap to hurry her up.

"Ohhhh OUCH !!!" squealed Angela doing as she was told.

Mr Edwards stood behind Angela inspecting her then ordered sharply. "Lift your skirt girl and tuck it into your knickers so I can see what sort of bottom you've got and what I have to deal with here. I've always suspected you have a rather big one."

Not wanting to get into even more trouble Angela did as she was told, fumbling with her skirt until she thought it was secure enough to replace her hands on top of her head again. In one way she was dreading it, but in another she wished he'd get a bloody move on and get it over with !!

Mr Edwards picked up his punishment stick and approached his charge. "Bend over the desk so I can get a better look. Aha, yes. Interesting. I was right, you do have a sturdy behind Ms Johnstone. I think a good round dozen should be enough to teach you the error of your ways. Don't you agree girl ?"

"Y..yes Sir. Mr Edwards. If you say so Sir." sniffed Angela.

Angela waited wondering what Mr Edwards was up to behind her. In the corner of her eye she could see the shadow of his cane moving across the wooden floor....

Then suddenly she felt his hand pull her skirt back down over her knickers before he stood once again at her side. "I need to make sure I have enough room for to swing my cane, so stand still while I gauge the distance. Stand still now or else !!"

Angela gulped and bobbed her head in alarm. She couldn't move if she wanted to anyway !! She was so scared she let out a little squeal of fear as she felt the tap tap of the cane end over her short skirt as she heard him, mutter to himself "Hmmm...splendid. There's enough room to get a good swing." Now that he had obviously satisfied himself she trembled as he tucked her skirt back up again and told her "Right my girl, lets begin your thrashing shall we ?"

Angela wished she'd never listened to her school chums in the first place and hoped she'd never see another cigarette again in her life !!

Mr Edwards paced back and forward once or twice staring at her quivering bottom. She certainly was a well built girl and had all the right amount of padding in all the right departments. Such a bum deserved to be thrashed soundly he mused.

"Let us begin shall we ?" he said as he raised his wicked cane and brought it down across Angela's fleshy bottom with a resounding "SWISH - CRACK !!"

As the rattan sank into her bumflesh Angela jerked against the desk and howled "AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE OW !!!!!"

Mr Edwards, satisfied of a stroke well done and delivered good and hard, warned her as he saw her about to rise. "STAY DOWN GIRL !!!"

Whimpering Angela gathered her courage and did as she was told.

His cane fell a second time.

"NOOOOOOOH PLEEEEEEEASE IT HURTS MR EDWARDS!!" she screamed as she felt the stroke rebound and curl away like a hissing cobra. Oh how her poor bum stung !!!

Mr Edwards, now able to judge how hard he could thrash her, continued on.

Therwick - Swoosh - CRACK!!!

Angela flopped across the wooden desk and began to moan and wail. Suddenly there was a pause. Had he finished ? No. She turned her head when she felt his fingers slip under the elastic of her panties and ease them over her painfully swollen buttocks and down her legs. She was bare. He had finally stripped her for the remainder of her punishment.....


Spanking Story: To Spank a Thief

It is not a well known fact that the Head of Security had eyes in the back of his head and could spot a thief a mile off.

But he did, which at that moment was just as well as he watched the young lady emerge from the changing rooms, glance nervously around and head quickly for the store exit.

Mumbling into his radio, he set off to intercept his prey who was clutching a leather shoulder bag to her chest before she could make good her escape. "Got you..." he smiled.


Lucile Lips looked at Ivor Biggun the store detective with a questioning "Well...where is it ?" glance as the young lady emptied her bag on the table in front of them.

But to her Security Guards surprise and dismay there was nothing - least nothing stolen he could see. Ivor blinked, removed his cap and scratched his bald pate in puzzlement. The girl, a slip of a thing of about twenty-three with mousey shoulder length hair, turned and looked at him smuggly as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Ivor looked to his Supervisor and spread his hands helplessly. He was positive he'd seen her go into the changing room carrying something. "I know what I saw." he said determinedly. "Why else would she have gone into the changing rooms?" he challenged looking at his boss.

Miss Lips, a sort of attractive in a plain sort of way bee hived battleaxe of thirty plus turned to the girl and peered at her over the rim of her spectacles. That was a good point made by her Head of Security. Why had she gone into the changing rooms ?

The girl chewed her gum harder and blew a bubble. "I was lookin' for the loo wasn't I ?" she retorted sharply. "I've done nowt wrong. N'if you can't prove it you can't keep me here. I've a good mind to go get my dad. He'd sort you out. He knows all about the law. He'd sue !!"

Ivor grunted. Like father like daughter obviously. Why wasn't that a surprise he thought disgustedly as he eyed her up and down as she stood before him. Must be one helluva family. Pity, she was a bonny wee thing and had a figure to match judging by the short skirt she was wearing "Careful Ivor." he thought to himself, "You're not only sounding twenty years older than her but twenty years stupider as well."

Realising the situation was getting out of control his boss raised a placating hand. "Now, now, there's no need for that is there Miss...Miss ?"

The girl picked up her mascara and lipstick. Flipping open her compac she stared at them both over the mirror. "Oh no you don't. I'm not telling you my name. I'm not that stupid. You'd run a check on me. I know all your tricks I do. Maybe I should call the Police and tell them that Lurch here got me in here under false pretences and frisked me for a quick thrill hmmm ?" she sneered." A bit of bad publicity for your store wouldn't go down to well on the front page of the local paper now would it ?" she suggested as she ran the lipstick over her each lip.

"Why that stuck up conniving little cow !!" raged Ivor to himself. Given half the chance he'd teach her a thing or two about manners. She wouldn't be so smug then by God. But he knew he was in a pickle. He'd practically frog marched her through the store holding her by the arm as the other shoppers stopped and watched. He'd get the sack he was sure of it. But he could of sworn.....

"Perhaps we can come to some sort of er arrangement then ?" suggested the older woman, trying to defuse the situation.

The girl paused in her preening. "Arrangement. Like wot ?"

Lucile Lips was thinking on her feet. "Maybe we could give you some know for discounts."

The girl thought for a second and shook her head. "Hmmmmmmmm nope. I want cash."

The Supervisor blinked. "Cash ? Oh, I'm not sure I'm allowed much ?"

The girl snapped her compac closed. "A hundred."

"What ?!!" blurted out Lucile and Ivor togther.

The girl just smiled and with the index finger of her right hand dialled an imaginary phone. "Ring, ring.....hello is that the Police ?". At the helpless look on the other two faces she started to laugh. This was better than shoplifting any day !!


Thursday, 6 March 2014

Spanking Story: The Spanking Time Traveller

Authors Note: "Always been a big fan of stories that involve anything to do with the paradoxes and possibilities of being able to travel in time. HG Wells Time Machine is one of my favourite novels and I thought it would be an interesting challenge to write an erotic romantic spanking story involving the subject. Hope you enjoy it."


Another time, another place....

Higher than way up high in a building that was taller than tall the Time Traveller stood before a wall that wasn't a wall on the beginning of his journey far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city metropolis below. The wall, which wasn't a wall, swirled like a clearing mist, bee bopped a jingle and cleared to reveal the image of a grandfather clock. and the simple phrase. "What is time ?"

"May I help you ?" said the wall suddenly as the face of an attractive woman appeared.

The Time Traveller smiled. "I hope so. " he responded warmly as the wall opened and he entered into a room where time ceased to exist....


Spanking Story: Heaven Help My Big Fat Ass When Daddy Goes Apeshit!

Flowella stared fearfully down from her upstairs window as her Daddy strode purposefully up the gravel path to their stately home looking as if he'd swallowed a rather large wasp and was chewing on it with relish. She could literally see the steam coming out of his ear's. She stepped back suddenly when she saw him look towards her bedroom window. If look's could kill...

"Oh my Fluffy, he's seen the Roll's !!" she groaned as she gripped her pet poodle tighter whilst she patted the dog's head nervously. "Heaven help my big arse when Daddy goes apeshit !!!!"

Monday, 3 March 2014

Spanking Story: When Harry Spanked Sally

Harry looked out of the window as another woosh of snow blew past outside as they sat in the warmth and glow of the initimate restaurant. His companion, Sally, sat opposite finishing off her desert of strawberries and cream in that deliberate and studious way that always made him smile. She was, as his mother used to say, a bit of a "fusspot".

"Walking in a winter wonderland..." murmured Harry, picking up a napkin to dab his lips. Sally glanced up at him then out into the dark seeing the snowflakes silhouetted in the arc of lamplight across the way.

"Ohhh, its snowing Harry, look !!" she smiled like a child,"I do so love winter."

"I know you do. Remember the time we went skating on the lake ? Or, hey, what about last Christmas when we built that snowman and you stuck the carrot in the wrong place. Naughty, naughty !!" he laughed.

Sally blushed. "I was wasn't I ?" she whispered bending forward over the table so no one else could hear her confession, her eyes glancing across to the other tables. Harry sat back and wiggled his brows before winking. He felt good, life was good, had been good and he had good friends like Sally with whom he could share his love of eating out.

He had known Sally for most of his adult life, they had met years ago in college studying English Lit. He had noticed her straight away, she stood out from the crowd like a beacon with her shoulder length crinkly strawberry blonde hair, shapely figure, though she usually hid it under volumnious sweaters and roomy skirts and baggy trousers, and slightly lost appearance. But the thing he liked most about her was her eyes. They were Disney like, big, round and deep blue. With her always slightly bemused expression they made her look so innocent as if she wanted to say "Nooooo really ??!!" all the time. Like now.

They were friends, good friends but just friends. He was 40, she was 38. They had both loved, lost and consoled each other many a time by ordering ice cream and sitting in front of tv watching "Its a Wonderful Life." Every evening they'd ring each other to tell of their day, work and all that. Discuss things, problems needing solving, intimate things...well, sort of. "No secrets." Sally had said one night last week suddenly as they sat on the sofa watching the game. Harry agreed after a seconds musing. Truth or dare.


Sally had collapsed in a fit of the giggles. "You're into what ?!!"


Spanking Story: The Spanking Agency 4

It was a cold December day and the smell of snow lingered in the air as the shadowy figure of a man made his way through the park towards the small boating lake situated on its south side.

Nature was in hibernation, the flower beds were bare of colour and the wind whistled through the skeletal fingers of the trees with a ghostly whisper.

Not that the man noticed as he sat down at a particular bench to wait, he had far more important things on his mind this December day.


Sally Albright glanced up at the supermarket clock and groaned to herself as she released she was going to be late.

The queue she was in seemed to stretch for miles and moving in slow motion as she muttered under her breath wishing they'd hurry up. Eventually, after what felt like an eternity, she plopped her basket on the till and waited as the shop asistant scanned her groceries through the infra-red beam accompanied by the beep of bar code recognition.

Finally, smiling as the young man packed for her and handed her her shopping she quick walked through the milling shoppers and out into the crisp December air.