Thursday, 13 February 2014

Spanking Story: The Coal Miners Wife

Part 1.

Jack Simpson reached up and eased the mask off his face as he looked up the shaft listening for the grunts and grinds of the pit cage as it descended downwards to pick up his shift. Out of the darkness, the screech of metal cogs washed over him and his workmates as their metal coffin dropped into view before them hitting the ground with a resounding clank.

Inside the cage, a grimy hand reached forward and heaved the metal safety lattice aside. "Ok lads, all aboard the starlight express !!" shouted Taffy Lewis, his buck teeth grin shining in the lamp-lights.

Jack looked at him with a weary sigh. " Fuck off Taffy, you're on yer arse all day ridin' this thing. Try a couple of hours at the face and ye'll change your tune."

"No fear o' that sunshine !!!" Taffy shouted with a grin as the rest of the men squeezed into the cage. Jack was in last, his nose only inches from the safety gate as it was pulled shut and locked, Taffy reached over and pressed a switch and the cage gave a lurch and moved on up.

"Christ. Thank fuck that's over." thought Jack as he rested his head against the grill. He hated his job but at least it paid the bills. Drifting off on the 3-minute ascent, a smile crossed his face as he thought of the events of this morning and the undoubted outcome he was going to get tonight.

That morning Betty was her usual busy self preparing break fast for him and the kids, he enjoyed watching her bustle and hustle about.

"A good woman and catch" he thought to himself as she stood at the sink scrubbing the porridge of the dishes.

At 38, Betty was 5 years his junior, she was just over 5ft 4" in her stocking feet, she had an hour-glass figure which had filled out very nicely in all the years they had been together. Brown hair, streaked with dirty blonde highlights cut to just below her shoulders, a sizeable bosom and nice shapely legs. But to him her main asset was her bum. If he was truthful, it was the first thing he noticed when he first saw her in aisle 3 of the local supermarket bending into the fish finger freezer looking for the bargains for her mum. She was only 17. "A lifetime ago." he sighed to himself.

The cage clanked and groaned an angry groan as Jack smiled, his eyes still closed as he savoured the memory of his first sight of her as she reached over further causing her impressive backside to be raised to an immodest level. He had stood watching her antics whilst leaning on his trolley as she disappeared giving him a grandstand view of her asset. Bucking up the courage, he had approached her standing directly behind her wriggling buttocks.

He coughed.

A young Elizabeth Brown had scrambled up in surprise realising her all was on display and stood blushing brightly, a packet of cod fish fingers in one hand while the other patted her skirt down blushing with embarrassment.

"Hello, my name's Jack. Jack Simpson."

Flustered, she looked up at the man who was standing there.

"Oh, I'm er Eliza....Betty. My names Betty. Hello. Fish fingers. I was er...lookin' for the Birds Eye one's for me mam....and..and..." her voice trailed away as she dropped her gaze and stared at her shoe's.

. "Betty hmmmm ?" thought Jack to himself. He felt like he'd just landed a prized catch


Bang, clank whirrrrr went the pulley's as the men edged towards the surface. Jack raised his head and looked around, the stink of sweat was overpowering and as his headlamp flicked around at the others he knew he probably stank as much as any of them caked in grime and coal dust as he was. Tired, he closed his eyes again, thinking back.

They had been married a couple of months, they were happy, sex was regular and Betty seemed to like it, he was a big bloke after all in more ways than one.

But he had a secret, a fetish he had once heard it called. It had all started when he was in his teens, he had been staying at a friends house one night while his parents were away and he had discovered a magazine hidden away under the bed of the friends brothers bed where he was sleeping. At first he thought it was just a girlie rag, topless and other things but he got a bit of a shock when he opened it up and there was a young lady dressed in stockings and knickers bending over the lap of a studious looking man with owllett spectacles and a hooked nose. The pictures followed a story and showed the girl getting her bum whacked with the flesh of her arse crashing around her seat in waves, from that moment on he was hooked.

He kept his secret from his wife, he didn't want any trouble or upset for he couldn't imagine anything worse than her running round to her mam and dad's screaming blue bloody murder and that her old man was a wife beater. But by God, every time they went to bed and she undressed before him he felt the urge to talk to her about his urge.

"Betty luv, would you mind if tonight I spanked yer arse for a bit afore we go to sleep ?"

He shook his head. "Don't be so fucking daft, you fool." he said to himself. Never in a million years would she agree to letting him do that and so he suffered through their six month courtship and into marriage. That was until one fateful night a few weeks later.


They had been going at it big time, Betty was on all four's with her head hanging down, resting it on her forearm's and making little whimpering noises as Jack laboured behind her banging away like a jackhammer as he pushed them both towards a healthy climax.

"Ooooooh Jack, th...ahhh...that's sooo nice dear" she whimpered, close, to his obviously now well atuned ear, to a firecracker of an orgasm.

With sweat dripping from his brow, Jack looked down at his wife's wriggling arse doing its own bongo-bongo rhythmic dance. "Oh...Christ !!" he thought to himself "That look's so fucking..." Releasing her hips, he spread both hands wide and slowly sank his fingers into her arse flesh and watched as the white skin oozed out between his fingers and turning a slight shade of red as he applied more pressure. Before he knew it his hands were digging in more as if in a daze for he had stopped his pummelling crotch flush with her fanny.

Looking up, he saw that she was watching him through slitted eyes with an a puzzled, perplexed expressed on her face. "Dear, what are you ?"

Her voice stopped in her throat as she watched her husband release her right cheek and slowly raise his hand a smite away from her bum. Their eyes locked and hers grew wide as he brought his hand down on her right cheek with a loud slap. Crack!!!!!

Betty's breath whistled between her teeth as she watched her cheek wobble and shake before it resumed its normal shape except for the red handprint now adorning it. The sting had gone up through her bottom, along her spine and was now clanging around her skull. "Aoooww!!" she yelped in surprise.

Jack looked down as the cheek settled down, watched her muscles flex her buttocks giving him glimpses of her fanny and arsehole. Both were surging and winking at him. Playing the same tune, he reached up with his other hand and brought it down again with another loud whap !!!

"Ahhooooo." groaned Betty as her virgin left cheek got the same treatment.

Jack was about to wonder how many he could get away with but was caught suddenly by a wash of emotion as his pecker fired off without warning. He slammed forward pushing Betty flat onto her face and ground his pumping crotch down onto her own dripping slot. With his heart beating like a demented hammer, Jack rolled off his wife who as she was wont to do snuggled up into the crook of his arm, both of them bathed in sweat. She reached down and slowly caressed his spent dick.

"Hhhhhhm." she whispered, kissing him at the pulse of his throat loving its rat-a -tat beneath his coarse skin. "That was so good Jack. But why did you s..spank me ?"

Jack opened his eyes and raised his head and looked at his wife in the orange glow of the table lamp. "Decision time" he thought to himself. "Er well, it's kind of a long story You have no idea how much I've wanted to do that Betty." He began. Betty was all ears.


A little while later.

"So" said Jack trying to sound confident although his stomach was churning. "I er...guess I like to know" his voice trailed off weakly.

There was a long pause as his wife looked at him, her thought's and face in shadow. "Have you done it afore.....with anyone else I mean ?"

"No, that was my first time." he replied with honesty.

Betty reached around and cupped her arse cheeks. "So it turns you on then ?" she asked.

Jack nodded. "Did it hurt ? " he said as he reached up and cupped her chin, his thumb rubbing along her jaw.

"Uh huh, well not a lot. Just a stings though !! " she smiled. "It feels nice now....kind of warm and tingly."

Jack nodded. "So its okay then. I mean...I'd er like to do it again. Not often mind just every now and then if that's alright ?" asked Jack.

Betty reached up and kissed his cheek. "If you can give me a seeing too like that all because you've slapped my bum I suppose it's alright. Just don't get carried away with doing it too hard, maybe when I get used to it more."

Jack smiled with relief and reached around and grabbed her still smarting rear-end.

"Oooooh " gasped Betty, "me mam and dad would never of let you marry me if they knew you liked to slap their little girls bum." she laughed.


The master wheel came to a grinding stop as the cage reached the surface, Taffy with his usual swagger pulled open the gate and let the men out into the service area.

"See you lot on Monday lads. Stay out of trouble and off the drink!!" he shouted after them as they headed for the showers.

The water was nice and hot as it cascaded down washing the muck off of him listening to the banter between his mates. "Wouldn't you buggers like to know what I'm gonna do tonight." he smiled to himself. He recalled this morning as he set off for work at 7.30, as they stood at the gate, Betty had reached up and was about to kiss him when in her embrace he reached around and grabbed a handful of arse through her tweed skirt.

"Jack !!" she squeaked, looking around in case any of the neighbour's were watching. "What are you doing you daft sod." she whispered sharpley giving him a disapproving gaze before breaking into a sly smile.

"Are you going to give your Uncle Jack a treat tonight sweetie ? Uncle Jack really fancies taking your knickers down for a nice hard spanking when he gets home from work." he whispered in her ear.

Eyes as round as saucers, she slapped him on the arm. "Get to bloody work you kinky bugger or else" she laughed bending low over the garden gate so no one could hear. I'll think about it, now go on !"

Turning away, Jack looked back over his shoulder. "Get your mam to take the kids for the night, we'll make an night of it." he shouted, rubbing his backside for her to get the point.

Betty burst out laughing. "ALRIGHT, now go on or you'll be late."

She waved as he walked away down the lane.

He paused and turned round and in a loud voice he shouted. "Put the black stockings and suzzies on and make sure you've got a jar of vaseline handy !!!"

Betty gaped in embarrassment and ran back in the house. One thing was for sure it wasn't only her bum that was going to be sore that night. Betty couldn't wait.


Part 2.

Betty Simpson leaned over the kitchen sink and wiped a path through the condensation covering the window. Peering out, she could see flakes of snow swirling in the gathering gloom, the arc of the street lamp painting a festive scene. The weather was drawing in from the North Sea and getting colder.

She glanced at the clock - 5.30pm.

"Jack'll of finished his shift by now" she thought, with the night's drawing in she didn't like not knowing where he was. Still after his antic's this morning maybe he should stay away forever. "Silly sod." she whispered to herself as she turned back to cleaning up the dishes. She could hear the telly in the sitting-room nattering away keeping her kids entertained after finishing their tea.

Humming to herself, she folded the dish cloth and she went to see what they were up to. Sally, her 7yr old daughter was flat on the floor, chin in hands singing along with La La and Tinky Winky, her curly blonde hair flopping back and forth as she sang her tune in time to the beat of the bouncy music, legs akimbo, kicking in swirling circles oblivious to the world. She smiled lovingly at her daughter.

"MAM !!" came a shout, Betty turned as her son bounded down the stairs two at a time, a bundle of 12 yr old mayhem. Betty raised her eyebrows at him.

"Hmm huh dear ?"

"Tell Sally, I want to watch something on the other side. She's ALWAYS watching Teletubbies, its not fair !! She gets to see it every day. Tell her mam tell her !!" complained her son, his face set in an earnest frown.

Betty sighed, drying her hands in her pinny and clucked like an old mother hen. "Now Tom." she said ruffling her sons thatch of blonde hair. "Sally likes it and it keeps her quiet. You're always saying how she's always in the way, give her another five minutes, okay ?"

Tom stuck out his bottom lip and tried to dodge his mother's caressing hand. "Stop that Mam, I'm not a kid any more !!"

"Of course not sweetie, now be a good lad and sit and listen for your Grandad, he should be here soon to pick you up."

Tom shrugged his shoulders and dropped into a nearby chair. "Ooohkaay"

Sally looked over towards him, and making sure her mam had left the room, screwing up her face, crossed her eyes and with a cheeky smile stuck out her tongue.


The wind was picking up, whipping the falling snow into a faint blizzard as Jack Simpson trudged home after a long day. He reached up and grasped the collar of his overcoat and bunched it under his chin trying to keep out the cold, he couldn't afford to be off sick not with christmas around the corner. He stopped, adjusting his haversack and looked up the lane towards his house.

"I wonder what she's doing now?" he thought, probably fussing around the kids getting them ready for their overnight stay at the in-laws. He felt a tightening in his groin as he thought of the reason for their night away. He smiled to himself. "She'd better be in the mood. " he grunted as he set off again following his shadow as it walked before him home.



"MAM !!" screamed Sally excitedly as she ran into the kitchen. "Its Grandad, he's here. Where's me..."

"MY" corrected her mother.

"MuhEye"pouted Sally.."Coat and and bag. Can I take my teddy puuurlleeese ?!" she replied as she danced around her mother.

"Go and get them and be quick." shushed Betty.

Tom stood in the doorway, his eyes heading skyward and with a weary sigh said. "I know she's my sistre mam but she can be a TOTAL pain sometimes."


"MAM, MAM" Sally couldn't speak fast enough. "Its snowing, look, come here...look !!" Taking her mother by the hand she dragged her to the door and opened it.

"Isn't it lovely mam. I hope it snows allllllllllll night. We can make a snowman can't we Tommy." she turned to her brother.

Tom, trying to look cool despite his own excitement at the sight of snow shrugged and patted his kid sister's head. "Uh oh sure."

Betty reached over and kissed him on the cheek.

"MAM! !" groaned Tom, wiping his cheek quickly.

"Fasten your coats now, I don't want you getting a cold., you hear me ?"

They both nodded and kissed her goodbye. Sally squealing and giggling ran down the path with Tom trailing behind her, leaving a trail of footprints in the fresh snow. Betty wrapped her arms around her and shouted above the wind.

"Be good now. See you tomorrow. Thanks Dad !" she waved at her father as he opened the rear door to his car and let them in. She watched them drive off down the lane, then turned and closed the door shivering at the biting wind.

All was quiet.

Now it was just her and Jack...alone.

Her hands slowly moved down and around to her backside, giving it a little pat. "Well boys, are you in for some fun tonight !!!" she sighed, her pulse began to quicken as it always did whenever they had one of their little "sessions".

"That Jack Simpson is a sly bugger." she thought, turning away from the door and heading for the stairs.


Stamping his feet, knocking off the snow Jack entered through the backdoor.

No sound. Not even the sound of the tv.

"Kids must be already gone. " he reasoned. "Betty, where are you luv ?" he shouted.

A pause.

"I'll be down in a second dear, your dinner's in the oven, it should still be hot." Jack put the plate of sausages and mash on the table and sat down fiddling with the knife and fork. He wondered what she was doing upstairs. Tucking in, the warm food did him good, he could feel all the aches and pains of a days labour beginning to fade away.

"The kids are gone."

Jack jumped, startled he looked up from his steaming plate, a piece of sausage stuck on the end of his fork and stared.

His wife was dressed in his favourite dress. A slinky figure hugging black number that showed a generous amount of cleavage only just the right side of decent with the hem sitting just above her knee's. Her legs were swathed in black stockings and she had on a pair of high heels. She was sporting a cheeky grin, glancing at him under her eyelashes, her face a mask and hair let loose. She knew he loved to look at her like this.

The "I want you to fuck me stupid" look as he called it. Jack just stared, it felt as if his voice had got lost somewhere between his gob and his arsehole.

"Fucking hell" he thought. "She's going to put me in hospital."

Betty, doing a slow swivel back and forth on one foot, placed the index finger of her right hand on her bottom lip. The naughty little girl pose she called it.

"Do you like it Jack ?" she breathed in a whispery voice that she knew sent him fucking nuts.

"Uh Huh."Jack nodded like a dummy. "You, my love, " he thought "are going to get a serious seeing to tonight. You won't be able to fucking walk straight tomorrow."

Betty slowly raised her hands and ran them through her hair, bending her body slightly back causing her bosom to thrust out towards him. "Jack, I need it real baddddddddd" she sighed. "Did you mean what you said this morning ?" she asked. "About smacking my bum. I think I've been a baddddd girrrrrrl today." she teased, leaning forward and placing her hands on the table in front of him.

Jack sat rigid, gawking at her chest, the slopes of her tits were in view. He licked his lips, although he was a confirmed arse man he enjoyed giving her nips a bloody good suck knowing that pressed all the right buttons.

She was swaying slightly making her breasts do a slow dance. "Are you going to spank my bum Jack ?"

Jack nodded still holding his knife and fork in each hand.

"Are you going to spank my arse hard Jack ?"

Jack nodded again.

"Are you going to spank my arse really hard then fuck my pussy Jack ?"

Jack smiled at her. "So that's your little game my darling wife" he thought. He shook his head. "No, I AM going to smack your bum nice and hard, but afterwards I'm going to shove my cock right up that tight little arsehole of yours."

Betty blinked. "Oh shit" she gulped blushing bright red at his language, which she admitted was a thorough turn on when they were alone together, although she herself rarely swore "the bugger hadn't forgotten !!" She could feel her backdoor twitch in anticipation, leaning further forward she whispered "Are you ready Jack ?? Ppppuhhhleease you big cocked stud, I need you to spank me so much." Betty jumped back as Jack stood up abruptly reaching out and grabbing her left wrist.

"That's enough of this, no more fucking around hon." he growled as he led a resisting Betty out of the kitchen to the bottom of their stairs.

"Wh...what J..Jack, wait !! What about your dinner ? WAIT, I've got to lock the door Jack !!" she shouted trying to wrestle free.

Jack stopped and turned leaning close to her face, reached with his free hand into his pocket and dangled the house-keys in front of her and smiled.

"Its done." he drew a deep breath "I know your little game here sweetheart" he whispered "Get the old man so worked up that the only thing he'll be interested in tonight is stuffing your puss, was that your plan eh ?" he said, beginning to laugh at the pout on her face.

" Jack, I just thought if I looked nice, you'd rather er...fuck me the proper way instead" her voice trailed off hoping he'd be swayed.

Jack gathered her up in a bear hug and kissed the bridge of her nose, "Aren't you going to let your old man have a bit of fun with your bum, I've had a hard on all day thinking about it. Pretty please" he whispered.

Betty shrugged her shoulder's and stared at the floor, Jack could see it was just playacting, setting her down he lifted her chin and looking into her eyes he whispered,

"I think you look absolutely beautiful tonight" he planted a kiss on her lips.

Betty smiled and started to laugh, nodding "Jack Simpson, you're such a smoothy !!" She reached up and gave him a peck on his cheek. "Alright, whatever you want to do is fine by me, though you'd better make the most of it while the kids are away"

"Come on. Lets go have some fun." smiled Jack leading her to their bedroom.


Betty stood in the doorway as Jack went over and closed the curtains, switching on the lamp on the bed-side table. She could feel her stomach starting to get tied in knots, a tension was in the air and both of them could feel it.

Jack sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at his wife. "God, you have no idea how much I love you Betty." he reached out a hand "Come here." he whispered.

She hestitated a split-second before approaching him giving him her hand, he brought it to his lips and kissed it.

"You smell nice" he murmured turning her hand over and caressing it. Betty reached out and ran her hand through his hair which was starting to become flecked with grey.

"My loving man" she thought " a good, kind man".

"Is it okay ?" he asked.

Betty nodded.

"Turn around"

Betty faced away knowing what would happen next. He always did this, he had often said he could stare at and feel her arse for hours on end.

"Lean forward, put your hands on your knee's."

Bending forward, she hollowed her back making her backside stand out more for him.

Jack swallowed hard, slowly raising and spreading his hands he rubbed her bum through her tight skirt loving the pliable feel of her flesh through the material.

"Hmm." Betty moaned as he applied more pressure. Her hips began a slow dance sending shivers up her spine. "Hmmm."

"Bloody hell !!" drooled Jack, aware that if he didn't get a move on he was going to fire off into his pants. He crouched forward slightly, his face ony inches from her wriggling butt. "Reach back and raise your skirt, slowly." he licked his lips as Betty came out of her revery, reached behind and under her tight skirt and with jerky movements she bared her arse for him.

Jack could feel his heart beat faster as the expanse of flesh above her stockings came into view followed by her see-through black knickers. When the skirt was bunched around her waist she turned her head and looked back at her husband who was staring intently at her derriere.

She smiled knowing what it was doing to him inside. "Oh Jack, I know you so well my love" she thought to herself.

Jack glanced up and saw her watching him, he felt a blush rise from his neck to his face. He reached up and twanged a suspender belt making her wince. "Ow !"

"Come here, over my knee."

She stood up licking her lips, the moment of truth. Supporting her as she draped herself over him, he watched her fiddle about until she was settled telling him she was ready with a deep sigh.

Jack looked at his wife lying there and felt a strange emotion wash over him, a mixture of pride and lust tinged with a smattering of dominance for and over her. He looked at her arse. "Perfect" he though as he caressed it lovingly, he then reached down and kissed each cheek making her laugh and squirm.

" Oh, hurry up Jack. Come on get started...hmmmm." she moaned now into the emotion of the moment.

"Right bonny lass, you asked for it. "

Betty clenched her arse cheeks together as he reached forward, grasped both arcs of her knickers which covered her moons, pulling them up he forced them into a strip which disappeared into her crack chaffing the lips of her fanny. "Ooooh hmmmm Jack thats nice but don't tear them !!" she whispered low.

Using her underwear as a lever, he pulled them up tight making her raise her bum and then slowly lifted his right hand. Betty, eyes squeezed shut tight felt the slight draft as his hand swept down with a resounding splat.There was a pause, no sound as she jerked to the impact, but then "Yaaoooww shit ooow Jaaack !!" she yelled, " Not so fucking haaard, please."

Jack looked up at her, surprised that she had swore. It was something she rarely did even when they were fucking like bunnies, that one must have really hit the spot. He watched as her arse cheek flattened out like the ripples of water after a stone was thrown into a lake before crashing back to its normal sharp with the obvious addition of a new tattoo...his handprint.

Her body had formed a bow, ankles crossed as the pain had washed over her reaching from the top of her skull to the tips of her toe's. Settling down, she looked back over her shoulder through a curtain of hair. "Ow Jack, if you're going to do it that bloody hard, you could have at least told me first !!" she admonished him.

He grinned at her and held up his hands "Sorry!" at which they both started laughing...although when he raised his hand again she stopped sharpish.

"Oh hell" she whispered clasping the bedcovers.


She had hardly time to yell before he zipped in another one for double effect.


The was no yell this time only the sound of her breath as it whistled between her teeth and a low groan of acceptance.

Jack let go of her knickers and eased them down her thighs, smiling he licked a finger and inserted it between her cheeks looking for her fanny, both her orifices winked at him, with a sly grin he dragged a finger over her anus making her start in alarm. "Remember what I said this morning about the vaseline sweet-heart?" he smiled.

Betty just groaned an "oh fuck that" groan before she squeaked as he inserted a finger into her slot.

"What have we here now ?" he asked in a mock serious tone. "Is my little lady nice and wet ?"

Betty turned around. "Jack, you k..kinky so and so." her voiced died in her throat as she watched him suck his finger making eyes and licking his lips.

"I'm gonna fuck your brains out soon, so don't you worry about that luv." he promised.


The spanking continued with Jack landing 6 more juicy one's on each cheek before planting a woppa right across her arse crack which made her twist and turn with the sting.

"Aahhhoowwhuhh huh" she screeched reaching back and grabbing her sore seat. "OW Jack. What was that for ?" she cried turning and looking at him."AND its not bloody funny !!!".

It was undoubtdly the hardest whack he had ever given her.

"Christ bloody hell, I won't be able to sit tomorrow" she thought still feeling the pain and sting wash over her.

"Get up, stand up" said Jack pushing her off his knee where she landed on the carpet with a bounce and wince.

"Ooh Ow" she reacted twisting over and getting to her knee's rubbing feveroushly at her pain.She looked at her husband and licking her lips wondered what he would do next.

Jack looked down at his wife kneeling on the floor, her skirt bunched around her waist, knickers at half mast and those stockings. He could think of nothing more he wanted than to pick her up, stick her on her back and climb between those legs, but not tonight he had plans.

Betty was grateful the pain had gone from her bum leaving a nice glow and tingly warmth which she soothed by rubbing her hands around her tush.

"Hmm that's so nice !!" she thought, if only she didn't have to go through the first bit to get to this part. She could feel her fanny stared to hum and leak juice."C'mon Jack give it to me !!" she pleaded to herself.

Betty was surprised when Jack flopped back on the bed and twisted around until he was rooting around under the bed. Betty stopped rubbing her arse unsure of what was going to happen next.

"Jack, what are you doing ?" her voice stopped abruptly as he shouted" Ahhh HAH here it is".

Betty's eye's grew wide as she saw in Jack's hand his right slipper. "W..what are you going do with that Jack ?" she asked warily although she felt the still warm cheeks of her arse clench in nervous anticipation.

Jack smiled and said "I've always wanted to try this on you Betty and if you're willing now's as good a time as any. "

Betty looked from Jack to the slipper and back again. "Use that, you mean NOW ? Ohh, I don't know Jack that'll bloody hurt a lot if you want more couldn't you just slap my bum again, I wouldn't mind that,that would be ok." she whispered in a soft pleading tone.

Jack shook his head and gave her THAT BLOODY LOOK that brooked no argument. "Stand up and come here."

Betty sighed and stood trying to tug her dress back down.

"No." he ordered "Take it off."

She reached behind herself and found the zip which she eased down to the base of her spine, shrugging her shoulder's the dress fell away from her chest. Reaching down, she snaked her hips as she forced her thumbs under the material and with a wriggling motion eased it down over her hips, down her legs and with a final flourish kicked it off across the room leaving her standing there self-conciously in her undies.

Jack watched the strip in silence without moving, his insides though were churning. "Jack Simpson , you are the luckiest bastard that every walked the face of the earth" he thought to himself as he watched his wife undress. With the slipper flopping in his hand he pointed at her chest.

"The bra...take it off"

Betty paused and then nodded, reaching up she unclasped the clip, holding it in place she glanced at her man who was watching her actions with rapt attention. Smiling slightly she let her hands drop the garment and brought her hands together in front of her crotch, clasping her hands together forcing her breasts to bunch together and bulge out obscenely. Her nipples were hard as nut's and beginning to ache as her sexual drive grew, her stocking clad legs began to rub together making a whispery sound as she hunched the muscles of her sex.

Jack stood up and approached his wife a warm smile on his face, looking into her eyes, he bent down and kissed her deeply holding her arms in front of her. "Bend over and put your hands on the bed" he whispered in her ear.

She shivered knowing what was to come. She felt scared but strangely excited, the submissive feeling was delicious. Jack stood aside as she approached the foot of the bed, with a final look at him, she bent over and grasped the duvet cover. Moving behind her, he studied her shape. "Straighten your legs sweetheart and stick your arse up higher."

Betty bent her spine into a bow making her buttocks bulge out more, looking around she felt Jack approach her from behind and grab the waistband of her knickers and draw them down to mid-thigh. He stepped back and gazed at his wife and loved the contrast of the black stockings, garter belt and suzzis with her pale skin glowing a warm shade from the table lamp. He loved the way her tits hung down swaying slightly as her hips moved to and fro.

He could feel beads of sweat breaking out all over as he felt his own need beginning to grow, he undid the buttons of his shirt and cast it off leaving him bare chested.

"Get a bloody move on son!" he thought as he reached down and picked up the slipper studying the sole which was worn with cracks appearing in the leather. As a test he slapped the slipper down hard on his other palm with a loud crack, Betty jumped at the noise and began a low whimpering noise.

"Ready luv ?" he asked.

"No I'm bloody not Jack !!"

His arm swung back, the slipper flopping to and fro and with a furrowed brow he swung it in low and fast but not to hard.. The thwack surprised even Jack. It landed dead centre flattening her nates, he watched her flesh ripple, pancake and dance to all area's of her rear as she let out a peircing yell.

"Waaaahhhhhooow !!" her hand's let go of the cover and grasped both cheeks, her body tipped forward until only her head supported her weight, she looked at a gobsmacked Jack through her parted legs. "Aowww Jack you stupid nit. Do you have any idea how much that hurt ?! Oooowww. I'll be black and blue tomorrow if ye don't watch out !!" she wailed, continuing to caress her bottom. " many more Jack ?" she whimpered.

"Huh ?" he thought, after that one he was going to call it a night but well f thats an invitation to give her some more stick who was he to argue. "Lets make it a round 6 okay" he suggested.

Betty just groaned and stuck her bum up higher.


As Jack delivered the last blow to his wife's wriggling bum with a loud thunderclap, he promised himself. "We are DEFINITELY going to do this again" as he watched his wife jump up, grab her burning arse and turn to face him, hopping from foot to foot as if trying to shake the pain free. Her face was screwed up in a pained grimace as she released her right butt cheek and waggled her finger at him and with her breath coming in heaving sobs.

"That hurt a bloody lot Jack." she sniffed, turning sideways she tried to see the damage in the dressing-table mirror. "Oh my God, look at the state of my arse !!" she cried. "I'll have bruises for a week, how am I going to sit down !!" she winced as she twisted to and fro trying to get a better view of the damage. "AND another thing Jack Simpson, if you think your going to put your thing up my bum after what you just did, you can think a fucking gain!!"


A little while later.

Jack came back into the bedroom carrying a tray "Here you go, have a sip of tea. It might calm you down." he said placing it on the dresser.

"I'll be out in a minute hon." she shouted from the bathroom. Jack stared at the closed door.

Jack began to remove the rest of his clothes as he waited for her to come out. He was about to take off his sock's when the door opened. Jack gave a low whistle as his wife crossed the room towards the bed, she was dressed in a short white nightie that just about covered her bits n' bobs in an immodest sort of way. "Wow you look great!!" he gawped stating the obvious.

Betty smiled and then broke into a pout. "Oooh Jack, me bum still hurts, put some of me face cream on it please." she wheedled.

Still clad in his underpants and socks, he padded over to the dresser and unscrewed the top of the jar. "Here, bend over and put your hands in the seat and I'll rub it in."

Betty gave him a "You smart alec. I know you're game mister" kind of look. "He just wants to have a good look and feel of my arse he does."

Bending over, her nightie rose spectacularly over her backside revealing a nice scarlet hue with a couple of dark splotches. Jack slapped a wad of cream onto the darkest part.

"Ow stupid, that's a bruise. Oh hey go easy...ow...thats cold !!" twisting her bum back and forth as he massaged the cream into her skin with obvious relish.

"Stop being such a baby. There you go, all finished" said Jack. "C'mon get in bed quick, if you don't see to me soon I'm gonna make a mess."

As she passed him, he reached down and gave her left cheek a nice little slap. She squealed and started to giggle as she got into bed and pulled the covers up to her neck. In front of her, Jack reached to the waistband of his shorts and eased them down before removing his socks trying to balance on one leg like a gymnast. She felt her heart quicken and throat go dry as she saw his erection pulsing with the beat of his heart. Mr average size was one thing her man was not..not by a long chalk, she smiled as she remembered the first time she saw ....his thing as she called it.


A long time ago......near some seashore.

They had been seeing each other for only a couple of weeks, he usually met her after college where she was studying for a career in medicine. He'd pick her up in his new Ford Capri and they'd spend an hour together before he took her home. Jack was usually on nights at the local collery, he preferred it that way because the pay was more, especially if he did "face" time and as he toiled away all he could think of was Elizabeth "Betty" Brown waiting for him that night, holding her books with that long brown hair blowing in the wind. He knew Betty was a virgin, she had told him on their second date as they sat in the car at Church point staring out at the ripples of the sea lit only by the light of the moon.

He had smiled and said in her ear "That's fine, that's okay. I'll only do whatever you want and I'll stop when you tell me to. There's no rush."

By the second week, the most he did was stick his hand in her blouse and fondle her boobs or rub the front of her panties under her skirt which was a bit awkward as it made her sopping wet and uncomfortable for the rest of the day until she could get home and change into her nightie. Whenever she said stop, he would and truth be told she felt a little guilty as she wanted him to carry on a little further..whatever he was doing sure made her feel giddy and light headed. "I wonder what its really like" she thought often as she watched him pull away and grip the steering wheel obviously struggling with his emotions.

She'd reach over and rub his arm before whispering in his ear "Maybe soon."

The soon came sooner than she thought.


She picked up the tray and chose sausage and chips from the menu smiling at the dinner-ladies who were bathed in the steam from the hot food.

"There you go petal, .do you want beans or pea's ?"

"Er...beans. I'll have beans please."

She paid for her meal and turned to find a seat, the college hall was heaving as she slowly searched for somewhere to sit until she spotted a place next to some of her fellow class mates. There were three of them sitting around, deep in conversation.

"Hi, is this seat taken ?" asked Betty.

"Oh hello Betty, no come on sit down before you drop your tray." one said. Gladys Binks was a short quiet girl with long dark hair, penny glasses and dressed in denim all the time, she also had a slight lisp. Veronica Brooks was a big lass both in height and size but was warm and friendly to everyone she met and she was as bright as a button. But the ringleader of this little group was Wanda Dixon, she was a tall willowy redhead, had a well developed sense of sarcasm and a bust which all the lads in the class lusted over, to Betty her only major drawback was that she could talk the arse of a donkey !!

They had obviously been discussing boys.

"Lithen to this Betty." lisped Gladys in an excited whispered, her eyes swivelling around in their sockets as if to see who was watching them."Go on Wanda tell Betty what you did last night...go on..go on."

Betty looked at Wanda and raised her eyebrows.

"Eeeeeh well, I don't think I should." she sighed, "But seeing as we're class mates...ok." she replied, waving her hand to and fro as if she was holding court. She puffed herself up as both Veronica and Gladys giggled.

"Well, I was with Billy Butler last night on a date...and.."

Before she could get into her stride, Gladys exploded like a pent up balloon. "She saw his willy !!" she gasped out "You know Betty his...p.p.p.penis" her face frozen in a shocked but excited gawp.

"GLADYS" whispered Wanda, looking around in case anyone heard. "Shut up for pete's sake. Someone will hear !!"

Betty was shocked too, she normally hated gossip but even she had to admit she'd like to hear this story. "You saw it ?" she asked casually trying not to sound to inquisitive.

Wanda smiled a low sigh and nodded.

"What did it look like ?" asked Veronica.

"Ith it big ? I've only theen my little brothers when he takes a bath and its a tiddler !!" gasped Gladys, a soggy piece of bacon flopping dangerously on the end of her fork. Wanda scrunched up her face, deep in thought, then looking down at Betty's plate.

She picked up her fork and reached across spearing the largest pork sausage on view. Waving it around like a trophy, she pronounced "I'll tell you girls, it was as big as this AND a bit fatter."

"Blimey !!" spouted Veronica, suitably impressed.

"Weeealy ?" said Gladys, trying to get her brain around the fact that something THAT BIG could fit down in her little slot. She squeezed her thighs together in alarm.

Betty looked at the sausage as it flopped either side of the fork. " Gosh, that's about 7 inches long !!" she reasoned. One thing was for definite, it sure as hell was bigger than the one belonging to Harry Pratt that she had first seen all those years ago when she was 13. She smiled at the memory. They were in his dad's potting shed playing doctor and nurses. Harry Pratt had been 14, he had a pale complexion and dribbled when he talked she recalled.

"Aw, go on Lizzie!!" he whined. "Just this once, just for me. Go on, lift your dress and pull down your knickers so I can have a look."

Thirteen year old Elizabeth Brown had chewed her bottom lip. "O..okay but you as well mind...and don't touch or I'll run and tell me mam..a..and me dad'll kick your head in." she warned.

Harry nodded beginning to dribble from his lower lip. As quick as a flash, up with the dress and down with her panties. Harry Pratt went from a dribble to a drool. "Wow , Lizzie" he breathed out gawping at her crotch.

"Now you. Quick, lets have a look at yours then. Hurry up."

Harry Pratt turned beet red, unzipped his shorts and shucked them down and stood awkwardly in all his glory. She slowly looked down "Is that it "she said disappointed. Bending forward she blurted out, "Its like a fat worm !!"

Harry Pratt looked like someone had planted a size 9 boot right between his balls.


Betty stood at the bottom of her lane waiting for Jack to pick her up, it was Saturday and he had "something special" planned.

"I wonder what ?" she thought as she heard a beep. Climbing in the front seat, she reached over and kissed Jack who kissed her back forcefully, he seemed more eager to her. Puzzled she sat back. He reached forward into the glove compartment and fished out a set of keys.

"Guess what ?" he asked raising an eyebrow. Betty shrugged her shoulders.

"Key's to my Uncle's caravan down by the bay." he grinned, an impish gleam in his eyes. "Thought we could spend some time there...alone."

Betty gulped, glanced quickly down at his crotch and nodded. She knew that she would remember today forever.

The tide was just coming in as they entered the caravan, the smell of the sea air was invigorating. The caravan was one of around 30 which littered the shoreline and was a popular holiday destination during the summer months. It was neat and tidy with a set of bunk beds at the far end which were hidden behind a drawn curtain.

Jack sat on the settee and dragged Betty down beside him, kissing her as she squealed in surprise. His hands caressed her all over making her tingle with anticipation.

Suddenly he stood up and went to the windows and drew the curtains before returning to sit beside her. She knew the time of reckoning was here.

Looking into her eyes, he drew a deep breath. "Betty, you know how I feel about you don't you ?"

She nodded.

"I...I want us to get closer. I know you've never done it before and I respect that, we won't do it unless you want to but." Betty blushed beetroot as she watched him build himself up. "I want to see you...see you naked, without clothes and I want you to see me." he looked at her deeply, a slight flush appearing on his face. "Can I?"

Betty looked into his eyes.

"You only want to look ?" she asked hesitantly.

Jack nodded.

"Okay." she whispered.

Jack broke into a beaming smile which turned into a sly grin.

"You first !" he laughed.

Betty's eyes opened wide, her mouth dried up and her heart was hammering against her rib-cage as she stood up on shaky legs. She stood in front of him uncertain and scared as he settled back intently watching her as she began to undress. The more she took off the more he was determined that she was going to be his forever. As her dress fell to the floor, she crossed her arms to cover her naughty bits. She was dressed only in a white matching bra and panty set as she looked up at her watcher.

"Bloody hell !!" thought Jack. She is absolutely gorgeous and she was.

Clearing his throat he said "Take off the rest sweetheart."

Betty nodded and let the rest of her clothes slip out of her fingers, stepping back slightly as Jack reached forward and grabbed her behind the knees. He brought his face to her belly and breathed in her smell as he ran his hands up and down her legs making her shiver. He smiled.

"My turn I guess." said Jack.

She nodded eagerly and switched places, Jack watched all the interesting bits of her bounce and sway as she sat down. Betty's eyes got rounder and rounder as she watched him strip, admiring the way his muscles moved beneath the skin. His years down the pit had certainly shaped him nicely. When he got to his jeans, she felt herself leaning slightly forward, remembering the conversation she had had last week with her friends from college.

. "I wonder if its as big as that sausage ?" she thought.

Betty blinked as he eased his pants down his legs, leaving him clad only in his briefs. He stood up and looked at her. It took her a second to realise that he had stopped and was staring at her. She blushed at having been caught staring so intently at his crotch.

Jack smiled inside at her naive inquisitions. In a low voice he said "Take it out."

Betty was shocked. "" she whispered.

Jack nodded. "It won't least not yet." he laughed.

Betty eased forward, licking her lips she raised a trembling hand and hooked her fingers into the waistband.

Taking a deep breath, she lowered them off his hips. Betty blinked. "Oh my..." she wondered as she pulled them lower revealing more of his crotch. Down and down they came, and as more of his "thing" was revealed the more she got concerned.

Suddenly there was a flash of movement as the rest of his penis sprang free, nearly whacking her on the chin. "It must be all of 10 inches, maybe a little more !!" she was amazed as she watched it swaying up and down in front of her face.

Jack looked at her reaction trying to keep a straight face and failing. "Say hello to Billy the Willy." There was a moment's pause as she looked up at him with a stunned look before they both burst out laughing.

"Gladys would probably faint." she smiled to herself as she reached up and slowly wrapped her hand around its girth even more shocked that her finger's and thumb could just about touch.

Jack reached down and stroked her head. "Get used to it Betty. You'll be seeing and getting a lot more of it from now on if I have my way."

She looked up from where she knelt giving him and his dick a look of silent devotion and nodded.


Back to the present.

Betty smiled and stretched at the memory as she watched Jack approach the bed.

"He was right about one thing." she mused to herself. She, in all their years together had seen and gotten alot of it and she loved it even when he introduced it to her backdoor as he was going to do now. She smiled at him as he unscrewed the top of the vaseline jar.

"Jack, sweetie wouldn't you rather spank me again?" she whispered in her best little girl voice.

Jack grinned and wagged a finger coated with gunk at her.


Now that was a surprise.


Part 3

"Aayeeeoow Jack !!" she squealed into the pillow, her head twisting to and fro as her hands squeezed both ends into a bundle, her knuckles turning white at the effort. "Hmmm it won't're too bloody big Jack oooohwwow !!."

Betty Simpson was on her hands and knees, her spine bowed into an arc making her tits spread and wobble on the duvet. Her husband Jack crouched slightly over her, his weight balanced on the crown of her arse, sweating and muttering to himself as he fed more of his cock into his wife's obscenely stretched anal passage.

Looking down, his thumbs were embedded into the crack of her backside with her still red and bruised flesh oozing out around his grip, her crack was pulled wide giving him a grandstand view as his prick eased into her slowly, with sweat beginning to drip from his jaw he figured he was in as far as she would allow or could go, leaving about 2 inches of his meat sticking out from her hole.

"T..that's as far as its going to go pet !" he whispered bending over a little more causing his thigh muscles to ache big-time. Leaning over further, he bent his body to mould himself to her shape and releasing her backside he placed his hands either side of her shoulder-blades to support his weight.

Betty, her mind and soul deep into her fucking, gave a start as Jack blew softly into her ear, letting go of the pillow she turned her head, brushing her hair from her face as she looked around and up at him as he laboured above her. Blushing prettily, she looked into his eyes as he slowly drew his groin back, drawing his penis slowly from her sheath, her eyes grew wide and she grimaced slightly at the sudden movement and slow evacuation of her tract, Jack watched her closely as the dance and play of her emotions crossed her face making him break into a slow smile.

" that ?" he muttered.

Still looking at him, she nodded slowly as if struck dumb suddenly by the tingles of her approaching climax snaking up her spine to her brain.

"Good girl." breathed Jack as the head of the 8 inches he had stuck up her arse was gripped by her sphincter, ensnaring him in a vice like grip. Betty groaned in exquisite agony when he flexed the muscle of his shaft causing blood to surge into his dickhead making it bulge out even fatter and opening her ring even wider.

"Hmmmmm Jack, push it back in..go on..right up me !!"

Jack nodded easing his hips forward and then slowly back as he got into his fucking rhythm, a nice back and forward two step. The vaseline oozed out between them with a ssschhlurping sound with a slight phsssst as he plunged it back into her.

"Oh Christ...that's better." he thought as her passage loosened up allowing him to slide in and out more freely, soon enough he was banging away with a steady beat, her arse flesh billowing out as his crotch crashed into her seat. The bed began to creak and groan as the pace increased, the head-board rat-a-tatting against the wall, Jack groaned as Betty began to dance and work her arse to and fro, swaying this way and that as if trying to unseat him.

A huge contraction swept her groin causing her to cry out, any sense of shame or decorum gone to the wind. "Aaahh ummmmm mmm Jack, haaaaardeeeeeeeeer, hurry fuck my arse...fuck it hard Jack !!" she cried forcing herself up onto her elbows, her head and neck bent back, eyes scrunched up in dark ecstasy with firestorms and sparklers going off in her skull.

"Huh..huh." grunted Jack feeling he was more likely to have a coronary than an orgasm. He watched mesmerised as the skin of her backside rippled like waves crashing onto a beach before subsiding and disappearing back at every impact of their flesh. He lent forward and ran the tip of his tongue up the groove of her spine tasting the essence of her sweat causing her to shiver with lust. He knew she was close to her climax, he could always tell from the way her hips began to lose their rhythm and begin a juddering hunch as she began to ripple and squeeze together the muscles of her sex.

"Cummm Jack !!" she squealed, feeling the ocean of her emotion begin to sweep over her"

Jack beginning to lose his cool and control began to bang away harder and harder not giving a fuck for the strength of her desire as he pounded his wife into the mattress. Betty's legs gave way sticking her flat on her face, Jack's weight followed her down making him bounce on her bum, he loved the feel of her silk stockings against his thighs as he rotated his groin over her whole backside and thighs. Betty's eyes opened suddenly betraying her desire to him more than her body, gasping and rasping she cried "Not in me Jack, do it on me bum, on my fat arse...hmm huh!!"

Jack blinked and nodded, she never did like him to fill her arse with his spunk. "Oh..ohkkay," he gasped and then suddenly it was upon them both, the darkness exploded with light as Jack with an "Oh fucking shit" yanked his cock out of her arse and holding it in a vice light grip fired a streamer of hot white juice over her quivering arse and up her back.

Betty winced and groaned at the sudden withdrawal of his cock, although the pain was fleeting as her climax enshrouded her in its silky warm grip. "Hmm, ohhh yesssssss." she groaned, her face easing from a grimace to a look of serene bliss. All her muscles had disolved into a tingly jelly leaving her exhausted and floating on air whispering sweet nothings and little gurgles to her husband.

Jack couldn't give a fuck at that precise second, his brain had turned itself inside out and was threatening to explode, he watched as he shot off a second watery salvo which drenched her bum in a silvery sheen. After his dick gave a last feeble plop and spurt he twisted sideways and landed beside a mumbling Betty, he looked over at her still red and blotchy arse now covered with a wintry dusting. "Fucking hell Betty that was was fan fucking tastic." he wheezed as if he'd run a fucking marathon.

Betty slowly came to and with a groan rolled onto her side, reaching around she muttered "Oh hell, I don't want to stain the sheets..this is my side."

Jack smiled and laughed at her fussing.

A flushed Betty looked at him, her breathing beginning to slow, her breathing making her tits stand out rather invitingly. With an impish glint she reached around and gathered some of his sperm on a delicate fingertip and peeping at him under her eyelashes she brought it to her mouth and dripped it onto her dainty tongue making a show of eating his spend just for him, time and again she reached back and preened herself until with a final slurp and suck of her finger she was clean.

Jack watched her through a squinty gaze, smiling inwardly at a distant memory when he had first seen her naked.


A long time ago, in a caravan by the shore...

"It sure is big !!" she gasped to herself as she began to ease her hand up and down his warm pulsing cock, giggling inwardly as she watched his foreskin shrink and stretch with every stroke, the head of his dick glowing an angry red hue, little beads of pre-cum pooling out of the slit coating her hand. Bending forward on her knees she sniffed her hand as it worked up and down.

Looking up at him, blushing slightly at his dominant stare she whispered to him "It smells funny like....tangy."

Jack nodded and brushed her bronze coloured hair which was flowing around her face as she became more absorbed in her actions. "Why don't you give it a lick ? It'll make me feel real good if you try that Betty." he asked.

"You mean with my m..mouth Jack ?!" she blurted, unconsiously licking her lips which made him harden even more in her hand. Betty looked from his face to the penis in her hand and felt her mouth go dry at the thought. "Well, it can't taste that bad." she reasoned sticking out her tongue and screwing up her eyes before touching the head.

Gathering courage she drew her tongue up the side of the shaft coating it in her drool, faster and faster as she saw the effect it had on him. "Hmmmmm mmmmmm" she murmoured to herself, to her own amazment starting to enjoy the hold she had over him. Taking a deep breath, she opened her mouth wide and eased the swollen head between her lips, working them around his crown and under the base of the head.

There wasn't much room. Snorting through her nose, she began a steady sucking motion, her cheeks hollowing at the increasing movement of her mouth. Swirling her tongue around the sensitive skin, she peeped up and watched Jack sway slightly forward and back, his eyes closed and his feelings off in some far away place. She smiled around his member and then with a cheeky sparkle in her eyes she withdrew her mouth partly over the head and nipped it with her teeth.

"Ahh oww, what was that for ?" said Jack as the pain brought him back to the present.

Betty still licking his dickhead just smiled and gurgled happily at their sexual play.

Out of the blue, Jack gave a spasm and an "Oh shit !!"

Betty blinked, her brow furrowing as her sex education was about to go up a few notches.

Jack pointed his penis at her chest and gave his plonker a few rapid pulls, dragging the foreskin painfully to the root. Betty watched fascinated as his pee-hole opened up and a spurt of white gunk flew out, hanging gracefully in the air before landing with a splat on her wobbling boobs.

Her mouth dropped open in amazement.

" ...God. Wow...Jack !!" she stared awestruck as a futher three stream's coated her ample chest.

"Geez." groaned Jack, his legs feeling unsteady as his orgasm reared and faded. Opening his eyes he looked down and saw Betty had a pearly necklace of his spend. She also looked seriously shocked and impressed at the same time.

" was wonderful. You've got such a lot of stuff in your !!" she said with wonder, figuring she had better go and wash it off. As she tried to stand up to go to the sink, Jack placed his hands on her shoulder's keeping her kneeling on the floor.

Crouching down in front of her, he looked into her eyes. "Wait. I want you to try something. Its important." he said going a shade of red, unsure of wether to ask her to do this, this soon. Betty froze looking from her cum covered chest, to his face and back again.

Slowly reaching over with his right hand, he drew a finger through the mess he had made, collecting a slimy goop on the end of his finger. Wondering what he was up to she watched his finger warily as it collected more and more of his spunk "Surely, he doesn't want me to ?" she thought nervously.

Jack brought the tip of his finger to her lips. "Go on, try it, have a taste. You might like it." he reasoned smiling encouragement. Jack wiggled his finger causing a strand to swing loose and sway hypnotically in front of her eyes.

As she looked from his earnest and eager face to his disgustingly covered finger and back again, she realised that this was a major turn on for him, it hadn't occurred to her that he might want her to do THAT. She gave him a "if this tastes horrible, you're in serious trouble." kind of pout and slowly opened her lips.

Jack watched the tip of her tongue slowly emerge and waver towards his finger, she squeezed her eyes shut as she dipped her tongue into his stuff, collected a dollup on the end and promptly popped it into her mouth. He smiled as her jaw began to work slowly back and forth as she tested and savoured the taste of his jism.

"Tastes" she reasoned to herself, her brain saying it was disgusting but her emotions and her taste buds saying otherwise.

Jack smiled and laughed as he saw her eyes fly open and with an expression of complete surprise and discovery cry "Jack, it tastes like Lentil soup !!!!"

They both laughed until it hurt.


The present.

Not far away, in a house across the street Dolly Pickle tossed and turned for she couldn't get to sleep. "Whew...its cold." she breathed giving a shiver as she slipped out of bed and padded over to her bedroom window, peeking out across the lane she could see the swirls of snow illuminated by the street lamp outside her parents house.

Across the way, she noticed that the Simpson's bedroom light was still on. She glanced at her bedside clock. "They're up late. What are the Simpson's up to at this time of night ?" she wondered with a knowing smile. Underneath her nightie, she squeezed her thighs together as a delicious thrill shot through her.

Dolly Pickle had just gone 17. She was a petite redhead of around 5ft-5" tall and still had enough puppy fat on her bones for her to consider herself outrageously fat.

"No you're not pumpkin." chided her mother, while her dad just looked skyward, "bloody women" he'd sigh to himself.

She wasn't that big though, just kind of cuddly with all the right bumpy bits in the right proportions and the right places. Her boobs - or bazookah Joe's as her snotty brother Willie use to call them, were big and firm and sat atop her ribcage like a pair of sculptured blancmanges on a plate.

Then there was her bum.

Now her bum was big, not big big mind, but big as in huge. It was the kind of bum where even people in polite society would think,"Wow, now that's a right big bum."

It was the kind of bum you used to see on Victorian women, hidden beneath the bustle of their swish dresses. The sort of bum that could drive men to madness in silent devotion, the sort of bum that could stop a train. She loved her bum.

For some strange reason, her bum made her feel good especially when she rubbed it or gave it a little pat. Iit certainly gave her a funny feeling in her pussy. She leaned forward resting her head against the glass, her breath billowing out in the cold and coating the glass in dew.

"I wonder if they want a babysitter again this week ?" she thought, hoping they did as she could use the extra pocket money, nearing Christmas as it was. "Maybe I'll ask tomorrow." she decided before turning and walking back to bed where she snuggle up pulling the duvet tight around her neck to keep out the northern chill.


Betty Simpson watched Dolly Pickle meander up her garden path, pat her hair down and knock on the door. Smiling she opened it. "Hello bonny lass, what do you want ?" she asked pleasantly.

Dolly smiled at Mrs Simpson, someone who she admired and liked a lot and considered a good friend. "Oh hi Mrs Simpson. I was wond.." Dolly began.

"Please its Betty. Just call me Betty. You make me sound like some old maid !!" she interrupted waving her hand around in mock offence.

"Ohhkay Betty." she smiled and continued " I was wondering if you wanted a babysitter for tonight, I know there's a dance on at the Pally and all, some sort of Christmas party so I thought I'd pop over and ask."

"Oh that would be so nice, I quite fancy a night out dancing and I'm sure Jack would like a few hours out on the town. Tell you what Dolly come round about eight, I'll make sure the kids know what's happening ok ?" enthused Betty looking forward to that evening. Dolly beamed, turning away she ran down the path "See you at eight then. Taddah !!"


Rat-a Tat Tat.!

Dolly blushed brightly as Mr Simpson opened the door, his large frame filling the gap. He smiled at her and told her to come in. As she squeezed by him, her right breast brushed his arm making her shiver. She'd always had a soft spot for Jack Simpson after her family had moved in across the way from them, he and his wife had welcomed them openly to the area having moved from Scotland so that her father could find work in the shipyards by the Tyne.

Her belly turned to jelly every time she saw him returning home from work as she sat at her upstairs bedroom window doing her homework for sixth form. Jack blinked at the obvious contact and smiled at her bright pink face as she tried to avoid looking at him, enjoying her innocence he called out to his wife. "Betty, Dolly's here lets get going or we'll be late."

He turned to Dolly and mouthed silently to her "She's putting on her face."

Dolly grinned at Mr Simpson as his wife bounded down the stairs patting her hair and examining her face in the hall mirror. "Do I look alright Jack..?" she muttered.

"You look smashing sweetheart. Now come on lets be off." Jack cocked his head around the sitting-room door where Tom and Sally sat watching telly. "Oy you two." he ordered "Dolly's here to keep an eye on you so behave now and in bed by 8.30 okay ?"

"Huh huhhhhhhh." came the reply from two nodding heads.

Betty turned to Dolly as she put on her coat. "We should be back around 10, here's the keys, you shouldn't have any problems an' if the kids give you any hassle just tell them they'll get a clip around the ear okay?"

Dolly smiled and nodded, waving as they headed down the path and away.


A little while later.

"Get to sleep now you two, I'll be just downstairs if you want anything." said Dolly slowly closing the bedroom door and switching off the light on the Simpson children who were tucked in snuggly under their duvet.

Dolly stood for a few seconds listening for any movement, when she heard nothing she turned and tip-toed across the landing towards the stairs. As she passed the master bedroom she stopped suddenly, the door was slightly ajar. Looking around she reached out her hand and slowly pushed it open, the furniture and bed illuminated by the landing light. She shivered as she entered realising she shouldn't be in here.

The room was dominated by the double-bed, an old style victorian type with brass bed head and ornate swirls, a flowery quilt covered the blankets adding a quaint touch, Dolly smiled as she looked around, it was an overwhelmingly feminine room with bits and bobs such as jars of cream and hairbrushes on the dressing-room table. She giggled to herself as she saw Mr Simpsons pit-boots propped up in the corner, the only sign of a masculine occupier.

She leaned forward and ran her hand over the covers wondering who slept where, turning she dropped down and bounced on the bed. Listening for any sounds coming from the next bedroom she looked about her deciding where to search next. To the left of the bed stood a big wardrobe.

"Ahh hah. I wonder ?" she pondered as she got up and reached forward and tried to open the door, to her disappointment it was locked. "Wait a minute..." she realised that Mrs Simpson had given her a set of keys, fishing them out of her dress pocket she fiddled through the bunch until she found a key small enough.

She tried the key, her tongue sticking out between her pursed lips.


Turning the key, the door popped open with a low creak making her wince and guide it. She reached forward and flicked the switch to the table lamp, pausing, straining to hear any sounds. The wardrobe was filled with Betty Simpson's clothes hanging on a rail, the top shelf was where she stored her blouse's and jumpers and such like, the smell of perfume wafting from them.

She was about to close the door when she looked down and noticed an old battered suitcase stuffed on its side, her curiosity getting the better of her, she reached in and eased it out and placed it onto the bed. Taking a deep breath, she pushed the clasps at the front, smiling as they sprang open. In the case she was surprised to see a number of belts, a slipper and something that looked like a thick rubber strap. At the bottom of the case, hidden slightly was a carrier bag.

"I wonder what's in there ?" she thought as she reached in and drew it out. "Hmmm magazines." she realised as she peeked in.


"What time is it ?" said Jack as he and Betty walked back up the lane towards home, snow beginning to fall and swirl around them.

"It's just gone 9 o'clock, dear."

"Wasn't much of a doo was it, thought there'd be more on." he whispered pulling Betty close as they walked on.

"Well, Maggie said it was going to be good and a lot of fun so blame her." replied Betty snuggling disappointedly into the crook of his arm trying to hide from the cold.

"Still, here's to an early night eh?" Jack smiled patting her bum through her overcoat. Betty smiled and reaching under his jacket pinched his bum.

"Wonder what Dolly's doing ?"

"Probably stuffing her face and watching the telly." snorted Jack, his breath billowing around his face.

Laughing they walked on.


At that precise moment Dolly was sitting flicking through the magazine.

"Crikey !!" she gasped to herself as she looked at the pictures of women getting their bum's smacked in a variety of ways by a variety of implements. She stopped at a particular page showing a plump brunette, dressed as a maid being whacked by an elderly gentleman over his knee, her backside glowing an angry shade of red and a scowling hurt pout on her face as she looked back over her shoulder at her assailant.

"Oh wow." she mouthed to herself. Dolly was stunned by her new discovery, not so much that the Simpsons read this sort of thing but in the fact that this sort of thing actually existed. "Wow !!" she breathed again, staring at a picture of a young lady being whacked with a belt.

"I wonder if Mr Simpson does that to Mr Simpson ?" a cheeky smile crossing her face, her body quivering with a mixture of shocked alarm and erotic shiver. Her mouth fell open when she realised that she was leaking like a tap and her knickers were getting soaked. She was turned on big time.

"Oooooh," she thought giggling "I wouldn't mind big Jack Simpson smacking my bum like that !!" Still engrossed she read on. Dolly was so rapt in her emotions, she didn't hear the footsteps on the stairs.


She shrieked and jumped, the magazine flying in the air as the bedroom light was switched on. "Dolly, what are you doing in here ? Don't you know it's wrong to spoach, I've got a good mind to tell your ma..." The words died in Betty's throat as she saw what Dolly had been reading.

Dolly stood shaking, her hands grasped together at her waist looking down at the floor. Between them lay the spanking magazine open, a young woman, her backside in full view and mouthing a silent protest as a hand slapped down into her fleshy seat. Betty looked at the magazine and then back at Dolly, her heart thudding in her chest as she bent down and picked it up.

"I can explain Mrs Simpson honest !!" blurted out Dolly. She was in real trouble now.

Betty frowned with a mixture of embarrassment, anger, guilt and confusion on her face. She realised she had to take a control of the situation. "We can't discuss this here with the kids asleep next door, come downstairs now." she ordered, her voice quaking a bit. Dolly, her face bright red and close to tears, nodded as she walked past Betty and out of the bedroom.


Jack stood pouring hot water from the kettle into two mugs to make a hot cuppa to warm him and his wife up when he glanced up through the steam and saw Dolly hesitantly enter the kitchen.

"Hello bonny lass, didn't think much of the do so we came back a bit early. Are the kids alright ?" he asked, frowning a bit at the young girl's reluctance to look him in the eye. "Are you alright ?, you don't look so good. Where's Betty ?" his voice died in his throat as his wife followed behind her, a look of concern and worry on her face.

"What's wrong ?" he asked realising that something had happened between the two women.

Betty dropped the magazine on the table with a loud slap, Jack felt his heart leap up into his throat as he looked from them to the table and back again.

"She was reading this Jack, in our bedroom.. She had the old case open on the bed."

Jack froze looking at his wife.

"I..I'm sorry Mr S..Simpson." Dolly blurted out" I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to to find anything, I was was just having a look around and and I found..." She could feel the tears welling up again.

Jack held up his hand cutting her off in full flow. "Sit down Dolly."

Dolly sat.

Betty's hand flew to her mouth. "Oh my God Jack, the keys !!"

Jack grunted and nodded, his brain working overtime on how to get out of this and resolve the situation. He sat down facing Dolly who was watching him warily, he sighed and reached forward and leafed through the magazine. Turning to his wife he said "Make her a cup of tea and we'll sort this out right now."


"You know its wrong to go through others peoples things don't you Dolly ?" he began. Dolly nodded. "I should tell your dad what you've done."

"Oh please don't Mr Simpson, he'll go mad !!" She pleaded her lower lip beginning to tremble. Jack sat back thinking, it would be awkward trying to explain to her old man what exactly she had been doing and found he reasoned.

"What goes on between my wife and I stay's behind closed doors Dolly." he began looking up at his wife. "What we do in the privacy of our own bedroom is our own business. Do you understand ?"

Dolly looked from one to the other and hesitantly nodded.

"Uh huh, I didn't mean to cause trouble Mr Simpson. I guess I just got a bit nosey and I'm sorry. I won't tell anyone not a soul, cross me heart." she whispered earnestly waving her hand across her chest. "I'm really sorry Mrs Simpson. I won't do it again, not as you've been so kind and trustin' in me."

The hall clock began to chime 10.15.

Jack looked up. "You'd best be going before your mam begins to worry where you've got to, Betty fetch her coat."

Dolly with a mixture of relief and embarrassment stood up and gathered her coat from Betty with a shy smile. Walking to the door she stopped and turned to them. "I..I'm sorry. Thank you for not saying anything to me mam and dad."

And then with a click of the door she was gone. Jack got up and stood beside his wife watching her disappear into the night. He reached over and put an arm around his wife. "Don't worry luv, I think it'll be alright."

"But she's a proper little gobshite Jack !!"

Jack smiled kissing his wife on the head. "I think she got more of a fright than we did pet, she'll keep it to herself besides she needs the money."


Dolly Pickle was in a right flummox. She couldn't get what Jack Simpson had said to her the other night out of her head.

"What goes on between my wife and I is nobody's business, what we do in the privacy of our own home is up to us, do you understand ?"

It wasn't until she had got safely back home and into bed before she had realised the implications of his words and what they really meant.

"What we do ?!!" That meant that Mr Simpson did those things she had seen in the magazine to his wife !! That night she had tossed and turned, feeling herself getting hotter and hotter, visions of the spanking Simpsons filling her head to such an extent that she ended up rubbing her fanny furiously and pinching her bum to ease the ache between her thighs.

She awoke in the early hours and came to a decision. Nothing ventured nothing gained her mam always used to say.


Rat-a-tat tat.

"Bugger !!" Betty cursed, her hands filled with the washing she was pulling out from the tumble drier. "It's open. Come in."

She was surprised to see Dolly Pickle slowly and shyly open and close the door.

"M..Mrs Simpson. B..Betty can I have a word ?"


Jack Simpson felt as if someone behind him had reached between his legs and had grabbed a handful of his knackers and was pulling with all their might. He was stunned and nearly speechless.

"She wants to what ?!" He plonked himself down in the nearest chair and stared at his wife who was watching him with a faint smile. "You have just got to be fucking joking Betty !!"

"That's what she said dear." replied his wife, her elbow's resting on the kitchen table with a mug of hot cocoa steaming cupped in her hands.

Jack rubbed his jaw and shook his head. "Let me get this straight now, she came over here and asked that if it was okay with us, that she wants to watch me smack your arse and maybe...just maybe she'd like me to do her's as well ?"

"Hmmmhuh that's about it dear." Betty replied.

"And what the hell did you say eh ?" he looked at her with a bemused gaze.

"I said I'd ask you."

"What ?!" Jack was genuinely shocked.

Betty drew herself up and placed the mug down. "Don't get me wrong Jack Simpson, I was as surprised as you when she showed her face and asked me, but well she seemed so sincere and eager I just couldn't say no to her there and then so I said I'd ask you first"

Jack leaned forward and looked at his wife closely. He was certainly learning something new about his spouse of many years today. "Let me get this straight. You don't mind if she watche's and afterward's she gets the same ?" he asked

Betty paused. "I've thought all afternoon about this Jack, she seems to have the same ways or interest as, no I don't mind besides it'll keep her quiet won't it."

"Is that a yes ?"

Betty nodded.

Jack felt something stir in him at the thought of having two female backside's at his disposal, he nodded too. "Ok then, we'll call her bluff, you'd better give her a call and also arrange for the kids to go to your parents this Saturday." he sighed.

Betty nodded and smiled, this was going to be some weekend.



"The black or the red ?" she wondered holding up both dresses, twisting them this way and that.

"Hmmm black. I'll bet he's into black." she reasoned. Dolly laid the garment on her bed and turned to her dresser and pulled open the top drawer.

"Tights or stockings ?"

"Stockings - black." she decided, at the same time picking out a pair of frilly suspenders and garter belt. Slipping her top and jeans off, she dressed with care before admiring herself in the mirror, adjusting her stockings and making sure her breasts were comfortable in their sling. Turning this way and that she examined herself critically, smiling when she realised she looked stunning in black, her alabaster skin contrasting starkly with her decorage.

She licked her lips feeling the butterflies swirling in her stomach, still coming to terms with the fact that the Simpson's had agreed to her request.

To be honest she was surprised, she hadn't really expected an positive answer but when the phone rang and her mam shouted up the stairs. "Dolly dear, its Mrs Simpson !!!"

She had froze, gulped nervously and ran down the stairs, smiling at her mother. "Baby-sitting." she had mimed silently.

"Hhhhello Mrs Simpson." She glanced at her watch. It was 7.30pm, she had said to come over around that time. Giving her dress another tug at the hem, she picked up her coat and headed for the door, covering herself as much from her parents as from the winter chill.

"Is that you away out Dolly ?" called her father from the sitting room. "Hhmm huh daddy I'm babysitting for the Simpsons, I'll be back around 10 alright ?" she called, her heart beginning to thud in her chest at the thought of what lay ahead

"Don't get into trouble y'hear !!"

Dolly smiled as she went outside.


Jack poured himself a stiff drink to steady his nerves as he watched his wife come down the stairs dressed in a white blouse and a full flowery blue pleated skirt bare legged. She smiled at him with a "are you alright" gaze. He raised the glass to her before downing it in one. He pointed a finger at her, feeling the warmth of the whisky pervade his body. "Remember, this was your two's idea, don't blame me if she goes running back to her dad with a sore arse."

Betty sidled up to him, standing on tippy-toe she planted a kiss on his cheek slyly reaching down and squeezing his obviously aroused crotch. "Jack Simpson, just think of this as your christmas present !!" she giggled before shrieking as he landed a blow on her left cheek.

"Owww, you !!"

Rat-a-tat tat !!!

They both jumped and looked at each other, a bit shocked that she had turned up. Betty opened the door to see Dolly Pickle standing with a fixed smile on her face rooted to the spot dressed in a grey overcoat grasped at the neck, the wind whistling around her.

"Quick, come in before you catch your death of cold Dolly !!" shushed Betty gathering her wits together. "Warm yourself before the fire."

Dolly stamped the snow off her feet and went into the lions den. Jack smiled hesitantly as Dolly entered the room and stood before the fire warming her hands in its glow. "Its freezing out. There'll be a frost tonight." she said keeping her gaze fixed on the fire and away from Mr Simpson.

"Here give me your coat. I'll make you a cup of tea to warm you up." said Betty helping the younger woman. Dolly smiled a thank you shyly.

Jack pursed his lips and give a shrug. "It isn't only the bloody tea thats going to warm you up Dolly Pickle!!" he smiled his eyes appreciating what he saw as she uncovered herself. He could feel his heart beat faster and lodge in his throat as she turned back to the fire giving him a grand view of her backside as she bent forward massaging her hands this way and that.

He licked his lips, his mouth suddenly dry.


A little while later.

Jack picked up the scuttle and shook out a load of coal over the crackling logs on the fire.

Dolly watched him warily over the rim of her cup, her eyes following him across the room, she gave a start when she realised Mrs Simpson was watching her with a knowing look on her face. Trying to be nonchalont, she put down the cup on the coffee table and looked around. "Mrs Simpson, you've made a grand job of the decorations that's a smashing tree, its so pretty and all."

Betty beamed in pride, she always made an extra effort this time of year for her children. She waved her hand as if to shoo away a fly.

"Oh well, you've got to make the effort for the kids." she reasoned and then nodding over at her husband "Of course, he's the biggest kid of the lot !!"

Jack grunted and made a face, both women laughed feeling the tension ease somewhat. Jack looked at the two women seated side by side on the settee, Dolly was slightly taller than his wife by a couple of inches and was certainly bigger built, probably not yet fully out of puberty he reckoned figuring most of her weight was down to puppy fat. One thing was for sure, she certainly looked good in her dress.

The pair of them were deep in conversation as Jack looked on before he decided it was time to cut to the chase, pulling his armchair around slightly he leant forward.

"Why do you want to do this Dolly ?" he asked.

Both women gave a start and fell silent. Dolly, blushing profusely considered the question, looking from one to the other she began to try and explain her feelings.

"W..well, its kind of hard to say. I guess, I've always felt a kind of tingly feeling in my bum whenever I've er...rubbed it or you know and when I saw them pictures." she trailed off. Betty smiled encouragement and placed her hand on her knee.

"Its alright Dolly, I think we both understand its just the way some people and things are. I wasn't into getting me bum smacked until Jack did it one night and well, when he told me he always wanted to spank me I was shocked and surprised that he wanted to do that to me wasn't I luv ?" she whispered looking over at her husband.

Jack nodded feeling slightly uncomfortable discussing his sexual predilection with someone other than his wife.

"I thought about it long and hard Dolly, but you know there are worse things he could be interested in..!!" she laughed winking at her young friend, "but as we did it more and more it gets quite nice especially after he rubs some cream on my bum !!"

Dolly with an amazed look between the two blurted out laughing. "B..but doesn't it, you know hurt and sting ?"

"Oh aye, thats when he first gets gannin', but after a while you get used to it, by then your bums nice and red it kind of feels as if your backside is twice the size and it throbs luverly..!!" breathed Betty her eyes closing slowly at the thought. Dolly watched her and then turned to Mr Simpson, summoning up all her courage she looked directly at him.

"I want you to do that to me Mr Simpson, what you do to your wife. Any way and as hard as you like." stated Dolly forcefully.

Both Jack and Betty looked at her earnest face and then at each other , an understanding passing silently between them. "Remember Dolly, when Jack spanks me and hits me with other things its for real and he can really lay it on. I've sometimes had bloody great bruises on me bot for days afterwards. Do you understand what I'm saying Dolly ?" said Betty grasping the younger woman's hand in her own.

Dolly swallowed hard and nodded "Uh huh..."

Jack stood up suddenly making both women jump. "Right then, lets get bloody started. I'll do you first Betty, give her an idea of what she's going to get."


Dolly felt herself getting more shaky, hotter and turned on as she watched Mr Simpson drape his wife over his knee and manoeuvre her around on her axis tipping her over until her feet were in the air and her nose was brushing the carpet. Betty gave a squeak as she swayed and bowed like a see-saw before he was satisfied.

With a quick look at Dolly he reached down and grasped the hem of his wife's billowing skirt and hoisted it up over her back revealing her hoit couture, bare legs and quivering arse to the wide eyed gaze of 17 year old Dolly Pickle.

Betty, her face hidden beneath her veil of hair gave a low groan, feeling her emotions shift from anticipation, to a nervous fear with the onset of wet and flowing desire. "Oooh J..Jack, now not so hard. I don't want to wwet meself!!" she cried softly knowing he'd take no notice of her protestations.

"Hmm huhh." he grunted feeling his dick begin to unfurl in his shorts, making him wince at the uncomfortable feeling. As Jack lifted his hand, Dolly leaned forward on the couch until she was only a foot away from the action.

"A..a..are you going to do it over her knickers first ?" she asked fascinated now that the moment she had dreamed of had arrived. Jack just nodded and brought his hand down sharply making Dolly wince at the impact. Betty's legs shot out and up and wriggled up and down and around as if she was peddling a bike.

"Hmmm hhhhuh oooooooooh!!" she breathed before squealing loudly as Jack planted and laid on a harder blow to her right cheek. Jack reached around with his left arm and gripped his wife under her stomach holding her tight.

"Stay still !!" he ordered feeling her whole body jack-knife to absorb the pain..

"But Jack, that hurts and stings terribly dear hmm." she bleeted between clenched teeth.

"Tell me something I don't fucking know hon." growled Jack struggling to hold her still.

Dolly's mouth dropped into an "O" her hand before it, shocked that Mr Simpson had sworn at Mrs Simpson. She winced in sympathy as she watched Mrs Simpson buck, bump and grind over her husbands lap, bracing herself with her left arm she reached around with her right, her hand flailing in the air trying to shield her now seriously throbbing backside.

"Oooow Jack !!, for christ's sake go easy. You've still got to take me knickers down yet." she gasped trying to catch his hand all stoicism and dignity gone from her demeanour. Jack looked over at Dolly, who was by now a deep shade of crimson with her hands pressed between her thighs rocking backwards and forwards in time to his beating.

She realised he was looking at her making her turn even more colourful, he smiled and winked as he grabbed his wife's hand and brought it out of the way up her back. He reached down with his right hand and grasped the elastic of her knickers and with a slow shimmying movement drew them down to mid-thigh revealing Mrs Simpsons wobbling,clenching and blotchy sitapon to their rapt gazes.

"Oooh Jack noooooo." sighed his wife realising her all was now on display to the younger woman.

"Gosh, wow !!" gasped Dolly.

"Huh huh."grunted Jack still trying to hold her still.

"Ok luv, here it comes." he began raising his hand causing his wife to clench her buttocks together.

"Aaaa Jack go easy !!" she cried.


Betty let out a piercing screech and yowl making Dolly jump with fright and fascination at the same time, she watched open mouthed as the flesh on Betty's bum hollowed, pancaked and fused between Mr Simpson's hand before it rebounded back, wobbling slightly to its original shape. Dolly leant right forward, her nose only about 12 inches from the fleshy orbs.

Plum in the centre of Mrs Simpsons arse was the unmistakeable indentation of a handprint.

"Blimey !!" she groaned as Mr Simpson raised his hand again. " many are you going to give her ?" she asked.

Jack paused. "Well, another 5 or so to make a round half-dozen should do the trick, don't you think sweetheart ?" he said directing the question to his wife who was sounding distinctly sorry for herself.

"Nyyuuuh, Jack Simpson that fucking hurt. It really hurt oooh owww Dolly what's me bum like ?"

Dolly looked critically at her bum. "Its really, really red Betty, does it sting ?" she asked.

"Of course it stings Dolly !!. Wait until its your turn !!" Dolly sat back quickly, the blood draining from her face.

"Ooh Bloody hell !!" she quaked to herself.

"Not having second thoughts Dolly ?" asked Jack.

Dolly looked up and into his eyes, resolutely she shook her head."Uhh hhuh...nah.."

"Good girl" replied Jack seriously looking forward to dealing with her arse.

"For fuck's sake Jack get on with it before I faint !!" ordered his wife feeling her indignity begin to grow.Five good hard solid crashing slaps later, Betty Simpson staggered to her feet grasping both arse cheeks and squeezing them gingerly, hopping from one foot to the other she looked at the two of them grinning at her. "Its not funny, its not bloody funny at all...ahh her now Jack...that'll shut her up." she sniffled her dress flopping back around her waist. Jack began to laugh, more at her language than the sight of her with her knickers around her ankles playing hops-scotch.

Jack turned to a grinning Dolly. "Ok your turn now, come here." he smiled reaching out with his hand.

Dolly's smile froze on her face. Betty began to giggle.


Jack stared at Dolly's body as she stood before him, her fingers fidgetting at her groin."That dress looks a little tight, you'd best pull it up over your waist, I don't want to rip it."

Dolly gulped and nodded. Reaching down to grasp the hem, she wiggled like a belly dancer and eased it up over her midrift, bunching it above her waist. As more and more of her stockings and suspenders were revealed the more Jack began to sweat, it felt like geyser's of steam were escaping from his shirt collar.

"Hmmmm black..!! smashing" he thought as the crotch of her panties came into view. Dolly was beginning to shake and blush like a beacon, feeling her juice begin to soak into her underwear.

"Very nice Dolly" grinned Mr Simpson, reaching up and taking her left hand to guide her over his lap.

"Oh hell." she wheezed as she felt him draw her down and over, supporting her as her weight shifted forward. As she wallowed around she felt something poke into her thigh, with a start she realised what it was and a sexy, secretive thrill coursed through her. "Fancy that." she thought as he pivotted her over making her nose brush the carpet and her legs wave around.

Jack stared at Dolly's quivering bum encased in black knicker's, her expansive flesh bulging out enticingly from under the material. With a quick "is it okay ?" glance towards his wife he slowly ran his hand over Dolly's knickered bum before grabbing two meaty handfuls casuing her to ooohh and eeeh as he kneaded her flesh erotically. Dolly, her head hanging down her red hair brushing the floor thought she was going to explode there and then, the tell tale hum in her sex beginning to turn to a throb which pounded the blood in her ears.

She turned her head slightly and peeked at Mrs Simpson who was sitting forward on the settee, hands grasping her knees and rocking back and forward slowly.

"I will say one thing Miss Pickle, you've got a great arse !!" muttered Jack squeezing harder.

"Th...thank you very much Mr Simpson, but don't you want to smack it ?"

Jack nodded and raised his hand over her bum spreading his fingers to form an effective slapper. Dolly squeezed her eyes shut dead tight realising that the moment was at hand.


Betty winced in sympathy. "Ouch, I bet that fucking stung." she thought to herself.

Dolly's backside spread out like playdoe as Jack laid on a corker of a spank dead centre on her wide target, her body jack-knifed sharply before stretching and straining from her pretty little head to the tips of her toes, her legs crossed at the ankles as she tried to absorb both the shock and pain which rolled in waves up her spine before lights exploded in her brain. Her mouth opened in a silent grimace of protest but no sound came out as she ground her teeth together, her breath squeezed out with aloud woooosh.

Jack didn't know if he was very impressed at her stoicism or fucking disappointed he hadn't made her screech like a banshee. He waited till she had stopped rocking before bending forward and whispering in her ear.

"Four more over your knickers, then I'm going to give you another 12 on the bare..ok?" Dolly nodded, not sure if she had heard him right as her mind emerged from its self induced ding-dong. The pain was subsiding leaving a smarting glow which was beginning to radiate out around her crotch stimulating her sexual do-dah's as she called them.

She pushed up slightly with her right hand and turned to Betty, a smile on her face..

"Eeee Mrs Simpson, its...its great...feels really wonderful aaayyowwwchh MR SIMPSON !!" she began before her voice rose several octaves as Jack brought his hand down on her left cheek with a juicy schhhplatttt. She felt that bugger all right.

Jack felt the jolt of hand on bum ricochet up his arm as he delivered the last of the four they had agreed over Dolly's knicker clad bum.

Dolly began a low groan punctuated by yelps and the odd yowl, eventually subsiding into a "Ooooh Mr bum feels sooooo sore!!!" she blurted out, her arse crease clenching and relaxing as the pain wallowed, rose and dipped.

Jack clenched his spanking hand flexing his fingers, looking over at his wife who was sitting watching the play acted before her with wide eyes and a lower lip which was drooping on the floor, realising her husband was looking at her, she blushed beetroot and jammed her hands between her thighs.

She nodded at his silent question.

Jack slipped both his hands beneath the elastic of Dolly's knickers and eased them off her backside, sliding them down to mid-thigh just above her stocking tops. Dolly gave a start and a squeak of protest as she realised her all was on show to the two Simpsons.

"Ok, my girl 12 on your bare arse. Are you ready ?" he asked.

Dolly nodded as she crossed her legs, trying to hide her fanny from his gaze. "He's a married man." she gasped inside her buzzing little head "T'ain't proper !!"

Gripping Mr Simpson's trouser leg, she squeezed her eyes tighter shut and tensed every muscle and sinew in her lower torso.

"Here it comes !!" cried Betty breaking the silence.

She felt the cushion of disturbed air a split second before the spank landed with a terrific thunderclap as his hard, worn flesh met her soft yielding red tinged skin.

"Ooooooooow....blooody ooooowww mmmmmmmm !!" she screeched as the echo and blast wave reverbarated around the room making Betty shrink into the settee, thanking God that she had elderly neighbours who was as deaf as planks.

Jack watched wide eyed as her body went into a sort of hypnotic dance as if it was trying to disperse the pain to all corners, the mass of her butt wriggling and wobbling like a demented jelly. It took her around a couple of minutes to calm down..

" Simpson..that was sooooooo hard." Dolly gasped fireworks still crackling in her brain, her speech distorted by the emotions running through her.

"Christ Dolly, your bum doesn't half look red and sore." moaned Betty reaching over and running her hand over the offended area. "It even feels warm Jack !!"

Jack's hard on was giving him serious jip, he looked at his wife with a "wait till later when I get you alone, I'm gonna fuck you till you faint" look, Betty saw the glint in his eyes and gulped, shivering both in fear and her obvious need.

"Only another eleven to go Dolly !!" he smiled.

Dolly turned her head and looked over her shoulder back at him through a veil of red hair.

He was lifting his hand again.

"Ohhhhhh." she cried biting her lower lip.



A little while later.

"Get her a hankie luv" motioned Jack as he helped Dolly stand on shaky legs. "There all done lass, are you alright ?" he asked her concerned that she had found it too much.

Sniffing and blubbing a little, she nodded, turned and accepted the tissue offered to her as Betty wrapped her arm around her shoulders and shushed her like a small child.

"There, there now it'll be okay, is it sore sweetheart ?"

Dolly reached around and cupped both of her cheeks, patting them, squeezing and testing them. "Mrs Simpson, it stings a bit now...but...but.." She closed her eyes reaching for words to describe how she truly felt" feels so warm and nice. I feel really.." she stopped abruptly thinking it best not to tell the Simpsons EXACTLY how fruity she felt at that minute. She couldn't wait to get home to bed where she could have a rub and fiddle with herself in peace.

"Did you like that Dolly ?" asked Jack getting up to stand beside the two women who were cuddling each other in mutual sympathy.

"Hmm huh liked that a lot, it was even better than I thought it would be." she smiled up at him.

Betty stood back slightly and gave Jack a funny look, she turned and looked at the clock on the mantelpiece, her lips pursed as if deep in thought and eyes twinkling with mischief. "What time is your mam and dad expecting you home ?" she asked looking at Dolly who blew her nose.

"Oh er...10-ish" she sniffled an unsure look on her face.

"Its just gone 9 now, do you want to try something else with us, something out of that suitcase you found ?" smiled Betty. Both Jack and Dolly looked at her as if she was out of her tree.

"What, you mean NOW ?" gasped Dolly, her backside beginning to twitch again.

Jack was in a turmoil, at that precise second he wanted to chuck Dolly out of the door, drag his missus up the stairs, throw her on the bed and relieve the agony and fullness of his John Thomas.

But the thought of laying something material over both backside's of the two women in front of him, well who the fuck was he to argue with feminine logic and whilles, but it was up to their guest. Dolly looked from one to the other realising the decision was her's and she felt a shiver run through her soul when she decided that she wanted to experience more of what Mr Simpson did to Mrs Simpson in the privacy of their own home.

She looked down at her shoes and nodded a "Hhh huh, please."

Betty beamed and turned and ran to the stairs with a "Good girl Dolly, wait's my choice what'll we use !!"

Both Jack and Dolly listened to the thump, thump of padded feet as Betty ran around the bedroom. He looked at Dolly who was staring at him with a new found respect and shrugged his shoulders.

"As long as I'll live I'll never understand you bloody women."

They both burst out laughing.

"Oh Mr Simpson." she grinned rubbing her bum


"Ok, take your clothes off the two of yer, come on strip."

They both looked at him with stunned and wary expressions as if he'd lost his marbles. Then they looked at each other trying to figure out how each other felt about showing their all. Dolly made the first move and nodded reaching up and beginning to unbutton her dress from the front. With shaking hands she loosened the last button at the waist and with a shuck of her shoulders drew the black dress down to her waist revealing a most impressive bosum stuffed into a straining black bra. Sticking her fingers into the bundled material at the waist she wriggled to and fro making Jack swallow hard as her tits began to dance and wobble enticingly.

Once she had pushed the dress below her hip-bones and past her thighs it slid easily to the floor and pooled at her feet before she stepped out of it by bending down.

"Blimey, you've got a nice set of tit's there Dolly !!" gulped Jack.

" you want me to tek me bra and knickers off as well ?" she asked matter of factly.

Jack just blinked and nodded like a moron.

"Okay." she breathed turning to Betty.

"C..can you unfasten it ?" she asked. Betty with a knowing "you dirty bastard" look to her obviously turned on man, stepped behind the young girl who had caught her hair in a bunch and lifted it out of the way. Once the clasp was loose , Dolly turned holding the flimsy piece of material over her breasts like a shield.

Peeking at Mr Simpson shyly she slowly dropped her hands, bringing in her upper arms and shoulders together, making her mammaries bulge out obscenely as they popped into view.

Jack's eyebrows nearly shot off the top of his skull, he was mightily impressed at the vision before him as she hooked her fingers in her knicker elastic drawing them with a sexy swivel down over her stockings before kicking them off with a flourish. He gave a low whistle making Dolly simper and blush as she sat down waiting and watching Mrs Simpson.

Betty watched the strip with mixed feelings, she was certainly a well built young lady !!

Taking a deep breath, she loosened her white blouse and shook it off, then unclasped her bra from the front letting her not inconsiderable boobs bounce free. Blushing, she then undid the belt of her dress and let it fall to the floor.

Jack smiled at her, a smile in his eyes filled with a mixture of awe and pride at his now fully naked wife who stood awkwardly her hands fidgeting not knowing what to reveal or hide.

Dolly got up and kissed Mrs Simpson on the cheek."Thank you for tonight, for allowing me to take, you know part of what you do in private. It means a lot. Thank you." she cried softly feeling the tears well up. Turning to Jack, she stood on tip-toe and kissed him as well. "You as well Mr, can I call you Jack?" her eyes were wide and shining.

Jack reached out and caressed her loose hair. "Of course bonny lass, we're both glad you're here and enjoying yourself as much as we are, isn't that right Betty ?"

Betty nodded. "Lets get on as times passing quick." she began. She reached over and gave Jack the instrument what she had chosen from the case.

The 12 inch long razor strap.

Jack grasped both ends and pulled it tight between his hands making it snap. The strap had belonged to his grandfather who had been the local barber, Jack remembered as a child watching his grandad in his his shop pulling the strap tight and drawing the cutthroat blade back and forth with a grating sound. He smiled remembering when he was given the strap after his grandad had passed away.

"What the hell am I going to use that for dad, nobody uses them things any more."

We!!, he sure as hell had found a use for it now, remembering when he had first indicated to his wife that he wanted to use it on her arse.

"Don't be so bloody stupid Jack, you can't use that on me !!"

Both women watched him laugh gently at some hidden thought, Dolly looked at the strap swinging hypnotically in front of her like some black serpent. Licking her lips she turned to the other woman.

"He uses THAT on your bum Betty ?" she gasped in horror.

Betty scrunched up her face and stuck her tongue out between her pursed lips. "Oh aye, I've had my fair share of that bugger, but don't worry its not as bad as his leather belt..believe me."

"Oh" said Dolly as if that reassured her.

Jack put down the strap and reaching up pulled off his jumper, rolling his shirt sleeves up as if he really meant business. Both Dolly and Betty were scared shitless. Jack stood deep in thought. Stepping forward, he grasped one arm of the settee and pulled it around, the high back now facing into the room.

"There, thats better, okay get your arses over the back."he ordered.

Both women looked at each other and slowly moved into position, standing on tippy-toe they both bent over at the waist burying their heads down into the seat unable to see anything but each other, Betty reached over with her left hand and grasped Dolly's in a firm grip.

"You're going to love this Dolly, but you're arse will be covered with bruises for a whole week!!" she giggled.

Dolly smiled a "you've gone potty" smile.

Jack reached into each pocket and fiddled with his dick which was giving him a hard time as he looked at the glorious scene before him.

Two quivering, mature, red-hued full fleshed female arses were staring back at him, their quaking giving him secret peeks at both fannies and arseholes.

Jack licked his lips.

"Six each."

Mumblings of complaint and doubt came from behind the settee.

Grasping the strap tightly in his right hand, he gave it an experimental slash, causing both girls to squeal in fright.

"Tester. Ok here we go !!"

Dolly looked at Betty and wondered who would be first. "Who's he going to whack first ?" she began.


Jack laid it on hard right across the fattest part of Dolly's backside like a branding iron, her fat trying to escape the blow.

"Hhhayyyyyeeeeeeeeowch !!!" Dolly screamed making Betty's ears ring.

Jack watched the strap unfurl and rebound like a snake, leaving a broad scarlet and blue band three inches deep across the expansive width of the 17 year old's arse.

"Yeeeeeeeowwww ooo Mr Simpson, that hhhhhhurts !!"

A pause.

"Can I have another one ?"

Jack smiled and swung in hard.

Betty felt as if someone had plonked a red hot poker across her bum.

"Geeeezoooowwwwwww honeynot sooooo hard please !!" she pleaded knowing that he wouldn't take a blind bit of notice.

Jack just stood there grinning and squeezing his crotch through his pants.

"Just 5 more ladies." he answered delivering a mighty whap to Dolly's cringing derriere.


A little while later.

Jack threw himself off his wife who was lying face down on the bed, his penis withdrawing from her anus with a grotesque plop. Betty immediately drew herself into the crook of his shoulder, kissing him on the cheek.

"You sod Jack Simpson, now my bumhole's as sore as my arse !!" she whispered inhaling his smell.

Jack, his heart hammering in his chest, smiled at his wife. "Tonight was fucking fantastic. Can we do it again ?"

Betty smiled and nodded. "Of course, you daft lug. Don't you think I enjoyed it too hmm ?" she teased, reaching down and fondling his sticky cock. Jack reached over and rubbed his wife's bum making her wince.

"I'm sure if you talk to Billy the willy I can get it up again." he grinned.

Jack felt a tap on his shoulder.

"What about me ?" murmured Dolly as she pressed and moulded herself against his back, her engorged nipples pressing into his skin as her sizeable breasts spread between them. "I know you've already stuffed my pussy but you promised you'd stick your big willy up my bumhole next !!" she pouted feeling left out.

Both Betty and Jack looked over at her and laughed at the hurt look on her face, Dolly smiled sheepishly and giggled like a schoolgirl as Jack reached back and patted her stocking clad thigh muttering "You two buggers are going to put me in hospital.." he laughed as they each reached up and kissed him on the cheek.

The end.


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