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Spanking Story: The Spanking Club

The woman stopped at the plain front door and reached up with a gloved hand to press the buzzer below the intercom. Stepping into the shelter of the alcove out of the biting winter wind, she leant forward twisting her head slightly so she could hear any response better. When there was no reply, she pressed the buzzer again listening to it echo dully somewhere in the flat above. Another pause, then...

"Hello ?" It was a woman's voice, bright and enquiring.

The visitor stepped closer still, stooping so her mouth was close to the speaker.

"Er, hi. I've er.. an appointment for two o'clock." she replied, glancing over her shoulder in case some passer by might hear. She was shivering slightly with a mixture of nervous anticipation mixed with no little amount of trepidation. Her mouth was dry and her heart was pounding in her chest. "I...I was told this was the address."

"Ah, yes. Is that Mrs Dickinson ?" asked the voice again. "April Dickinson ?"

April licked her lips which were slightly chaffed due to the cold. "Y..yes that's right."

"Hi there, its Faith. Remember me ? I was the one who chatted with you when you contacted us last week. Do you remember the password I gave you ?"

April nodded despite herself. "Uhuh, I think so...do you want me to tell you it here, right now?"

There was a warm laugh, slightly metallic sounding. "Please do, it's simply a precaution Mrs Dickinson. We have to be sure who we allow in. Pays to be on the safe side you'll find. Go ahead....tell me your password."

Mrs April Dickinson, a tidy, comfortable lady of forty, widowed with two son's long since flown the nest, of hesitant manner and of "volumptious" build paused for a moment suddenly aware of actions and consequences therein. By saying the "word" she was stepping out of her current life with all its security and predictability into a life which was anything but predictable or secure. She didn't have to. She could just turn and walk away and forget she'd ever seen that message whilst surfing around on the Internet. But she didn't move. In fact, she doubted she could move anywhere at all !!

"Mrs Dickinson ?"

April bent closer still, her lips were literally touching metal.

"Spanking...." she whispered.


A tall blonde lady, her hair tied back in a pony-tail and with a warm, welcoming smile on her face was waiting for her at the top of the stairs. April returned the smile hesitantly as the other woman, slightly younger than her she thought, reached out her hand. Slipping off her gloves, she took it and said. "Hi, you must be Faith. I'm April, April Dickinson."

Faith nodded enthusiastically. "Oh I'm so pleased you could come April. You'd be surprised how many don't." she laughed. "I'm sure you'll really enjoy yourself once you meet the others in the coming weeks. Here, let me take your hat and coat and I'll introduce you to Bernie."

Following the other woman into a sparse but tastefully furnished room April asked. "Bernie ?"

Faith hung up her coat. "Uhuh, he run's the club. It was his idea in the first place. You'll like him. He's smart, funny and doesn't have any hang-up's that dom's usually have."

"Dom's ?" said April blankly.

"Somone who likes to do to, not be done to. Submissives and dominants. S & M. Except we're not really into that sort of thing, way too heavy. Not bondage either, though sometimes one or two of the girls quite liked to be tied up during a session. No, nothing that like that. We're into the more fun aspect of it." she explained.

April felt her ears burning. She felt as green as grass. There was obviously more to this thing than met the eye. She felt like she was on the bottom rung of a very, very tall ladder. And here was she thinking all she wanted was to be....be...she shook her head. She couldn't even say it. After all these years of knowing she wanted something, then discovering what it was, she still couldn't even think it let alone speak it. Good grief, it had even been a real effort to simply say the password !!

"When, how long...has it...the club I mean, been going ?" she asked in order to clear her head.

Faith paused, she was filling the kettle at a nearby sink to make some tea. "About 18 months I guess, for Bernie and the older members that is. Me, I only joined six months ago when like you I was surfing around on the Internet and I stumbled on his website. So don't worry April, I know exactly how you're feeling right now because it was exactly the same for me. Remember, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do and, of course, everything is said or done with utmost respect to your privacy. It's up to you if you want to try it today okay ?"

April felt her stomach drop a mile. Oh, THAT. "Oh, you mean the..the..." she muttered turning bright pink.

Faith smiled and winked. "Ah yes, THAT. The initiation." She offered April a cup of tea which she gratefully accepted. Despite the warmth of the room, she still felt cold from her journey. "Think of it as kind of breaking the ice. Helps to give you an idea of the sort of thing we do here. Besides, it also gives Bernie a chance to have a go at another lady's bottom, the kinky sod !!" she laughed.

April took a seat. "He sounds a character. What..what do I have to do for this...initiation ?" Despite herself, she felt quite excited at the prospect of letting this Bernie "have a go" as Faith so charmingly put it.

Just as Faith was about to answer, the door suddenly opened and in walked a man of advancing years wearing spectacles with thinning hair and a prominent moustache. On seeing April he smiled. "Hi..." he said, holding out his hand. "I'm Bernie, don't believe what this little madam says about me......it's all hearsay and lies I can assure you !!"

Faith made a face. "Oh sure, then you really aren't the tormentor of ladies bum's then huh ?" she laughed. "Bernie this is Alice, Alice meet Bernie, the founder of our little spanking group."

Alice smiled shyly and shook his hand. "H..hi. Nice to meet you Bernie. Oh, can I call you Bernie ?"

The man waved his hand. "Absolutely my dear. In fact, you can call me anything you like but be warned....you might end up getting a sore bottom because of it !!"

Faith sighed and raised her eyes to the ceiling. She'd heard it all before. Bernie could charm the birds out of the tree's and any lady out of her panties with his smooth easygoing charm and patter. Lucky for him, he was a dammed good spanker too !!

"Oh..." was all April could say. Put like that maybe she had better call him "Sir" !!

Now that he was here she realised with a gulp, it looked like her first session was about to begin. April felt ever-so-slightly faint for her heart was thundering loudly in her breast. She imagined her knee's were knocking too. Licking her lips, she glanced at Faith when she suddenly realised she was looking at her. Faith gave her a knowing wink.

"Wait a second...." she smiled cheekily. "I have a great idea !!"


April stood watching with wide eyes as the other woman unzipped and delicately slipped off her jeans leaving her bare from the waist down with only a pair of dark flimsy panties protecting her modesty. "Oh my Faith !!" she implored. "You really don't have to do this you know."

Bernie picked up what looked like a ping-pong bat that had suddenly appeared as if from nowhere after he'd manouvered the blonde lady into the right position, bent over with her hands in the seat of a chair so that her bottom, a very big one too April saw, was in just the right postion for him to get a good swing at it.

Faith lifted her head. "Oh I don't mind April, really." she smiled reassuringly. "Besides, its been over a week since I've had my arse warmed up. Think of it as me showing you the ropes, so that you know what to expect when it's your turn."

Bernie stepped forward. "Hmmm, you little tease Faith, pre-planned I see. These new knickers ?" he observed as he reached under the skimpy material and pulled and tugged them down and off leaving her bottom temptingly bare with her rather plump pussy on plain view.

"Oh shush Bernie, you know they are. Don't you remember me telling you that I was going to have to buy some new one's after you ripped my last pair taking them off before you caned my bum you beast ?!!"

Bernie winked at April. "Gee, you're right. I plumb forgot. That's another six I think I'll give you for not reminding me !!"

Faith twisted her head and glowered at him. "Hah, that's bloody typical that is. I pay for your mistakes now do I EEEEEEOUCH !!!!!"

Both Faith and April jumped as Bernie brought down the bat with a resounding "SMACK!!" Faith for more obvious reasons of course and April, well, for the simple reason she'd never seen anyone walloped before in her life. She gasped with her hand over her lips, the severity of it making her shiver with unfeted but curious horror. Faith meanwhile was bending back down grumbling to herself, spreading her feet for more balance and was screwing up her face waiting for the next one. Which when it came was even harder than the first one.....



Five minutes later, which felt like "an eternity" thought April to herself as Faith rose furiously clutching her scorched and scorching rear end. The look on her red face was a strange one indeed. Part pain, part rueful and part, well, exhilarated. In fact, she seemed quite chirpy given she'd just had her bare arse soundly thrashed.

"Y..you alright ?" asked April handing her a tissue to blow her nose. April noticed her hand was shaking, her's too !!

The tall blonde woman nodded and sqwidged up her nose. "Uh huh, I'm fine dear. You should know I always did like a licking with that thing. As Bernie say's, helps keep me on my toe's !!" she laughed. "So what do you think April ?"

"Er.......ummmmmmmm." stuttered April as she noticed the founder of the spanking club pulling up and sitting on the chair. "I er...I've never seen anyone spanked before. It was ummmm............interesting." She couldn't stop fidgetting with her hands so she stuck them in the pockets of her denim jeans. With the chill outside it had definitely been a jean's type of day as she watched Faith tugging up her's again.

"OOOOOOOOOO..ow !!" she hissed, making painful noises as they slipped over her bulging buttocks. April noticed her knickers lying on the floor and picked them up, offering them to her.

"Here, you forgot to put these on." she said innocently.

She was surprised to see both Bernie and Faith laugh. "Ah..." smiled Faith. "You're giving them to the wrong person sweetie. See, one of our rules is that a lady has to surrender her knickers or panties to the man who smacks her as way of a forefit. Think of it as a kind of trophy. Isn't that right Bernie ?" she explained.

"Yup, for sure. Adds a little extra sauce and spice to the proceedings." he grinned.

Faith reached across and tweaked his ear. "I reckon Bernie has a drawful at home by now, most of them mine !!" she teased as he gave her backside a swat in return that had her skipping away with a yelp.

April was laughing. "How many of you are there in the club ?" she thought suddenly. "Is it just single women and couples ?"

Nodding, Bernie said. "At the moment there are twelve, five married couples and me and Faith here. I'm divorced and Faith still hasn't found the right man yet have you ?"

"Nope, still on the lookout I'm afraid. That's why finding this club was such a boon. It's hard to find a man these days who's either not gay or a pretty boy with an eggshell ego. My true love has to be someone who know's how to keep a gal, who in certain circumstances likes a sore bum, satisfied and happy. For the moment, I'm quite content to let the male member's of the group take care of my needs. What about you April, you married, single or in a relationship ?"

April shook her head. "Ummm no, I'm widowed sadly but I was recently in a relationship that I realised one day was going nowhere I guess. Least not in the physical sense. Like you I wanted something more and the man I was with wasn't one I felt I could share my inner feelings with. So like you Faith, I'm footloose and fancy free."

Faith shook her head sadly. "Typical, what is it with the men today ?" she sniffed. "All this new man rubbish is a load of absolute cobblers. In my book, a real man should know exactly how to deal with his lady. But you're right, real men are hard to find these days. Even dear old Bernie here is as gay as a trooper..."

April blinked.

"What ?"

Faith yelped again as Bernie gave her another swat. "OWWWWWWWWWW.....KIDDING !!!"

"You'd better be." grinned Bernie. "Only one way to prove I'm not remember..."

Faith laughed out loud. "Oh sure, if that's the best chat-up line you can come up with honey you'd better become a monk !!" Rubbing her backside, she put her arm around April's shoulder who was standing grinning, enjoying the teasing and by-play of two people who she thought were obviously suited for one another. "See, be careful of this one April. He'll charm you out of your underwear before you can say owwwww."

Bernie resumed his seat. "Alright, alright, enough talk. Ignore her April, she's always like this after I give her a sore arse. Now then, don't you think it's time we got started and welcomed you to our merry little spanking club ? How does a bare bummed spanking sound for starters ?"

April just put her hand to her lips and went "Oh...."


"Oh sweetie, you have such a fabulous bottom !!" praised Faith as April removed her jeans and shivering slightly let the man help her over his lap. "Isn't it Bernie ?!"

Bernie agreed. "Wow, it sure is. Good and firm. Look's like it's pretty stacked too. From experience, I know female arse's like this can take a lot of stick. How do you feel April ?"

April tried to untangle her feet from her jeans but gave up and tried to settle herself down. "Umm, okay I guess. Little nervous."

Bernie started to caress her bum. It looked like he was going to leave her knickers pulled up for her first time.

What a gentleman !!

"That's understandable April seeing this is your first ever spanking. Let's see how it goes and we'll take things from there. Here we go...." he said rasing his hand high over her seat.

Not knowing what to expect April tensed right up. So much so that her spanker could feel it.

"Try relaxing sweetheart, help's to go with the flow. Isn't that right Faith ?" he reassured her.

Faith nodded. "Oh absolutely. It's hard at first I know but to really enjoy it you need to just let go. It's wonderful when the buzz starts."

April looked up "Buzz ?"

"Sure, the buzz. Once you realise the pain isn't so bad, your bum will start to buzz. It's a weird feeling at first but really, it's just your body giving you some relief. Sort of a natural pain killer. You'll know when it happens...because other things happen too." smiled Faith.

April lay chewing her lip. What on earth was she on about ?

She was just about to ask when her first ever spanking started.

CRACK !!! There was a brief flash of white-hot surprise followed by a swarming sting that jerked her head up and had her kicking out in surprised shock. "Oh.............ooooooooooooooooo. OW !!" she exclaimed aloud as if she was apologising for doing so. "Oh....ooo" her voice tailed off. But not for long for Bernie gave her plump rear bun's another, harder, spank.


Sissoring her trapped feet again, April grunted and twisted her buttocks too and fro as if to try and shake off the sting. Another wristy palm-spank followed, then another............and another. Suddenly her spanking came in a fast tempo, covering all area's of her squirming upthrust cheeks. Sounding like a fleshy drum roll they tattoed her rump. Faith was right. It DID sting !! It was nothing like April had expected. She was breathless. It was nothing like she'd imagined either. More than the pain, which wasn't as bad as she thought it would be, more than the sting, which was doing definitely sexy things down below the waterline, it was the thrill, the sheer unbridled thrill of actually doing it.

She was being spanked. Really, really spanked and she was loving it. "Uhoh, uhooooohhhhhh." she thought suddenly as she felt a tell-tale hot flush wash over her. "Wh...what ?" she murmured, clenching her teeth together. It can't be !! Not this soon ?!!!

It was then she understood what Faith had meant by the word "Buzz." She could sense it coming. Sense it creeping up on her. It was as delicious as she'd hoped it would be. Meanwhile, Bernie continued on spanking her as Faith stood watching with a knowing smile on her face.....


A short while and much bottom rubbing later....

"How do you feel April ?" asked Faith.

Her bum still smarting, April closed her eyes briefly savouring the sensation's emanating from her nether-regions. Exactly how did she feel ? "Wonderful....I feel...just absolutely wonderful. Like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders." she muttered, amazed at her emotions. She saw her new friend nodding. "Was it like this for you too ?" she asked breathlessly. Her climax had been sudden but brief. A twisting whirlwind that had had her gasping and groaning.

Faith grinned. "Oh yes. I know exactly how you're feeling."

It hadn't occurred to April that her jeans and panties were still at half mast. Now that she had tasted the feast she wanted more. She glanced at the man who had just spanked her virgin bum. "I...I er.....could I...oh !!" she gasped suddenly as Faith produced a length of cane from behind her back.

"Thought you might fancy a taste of this.....know I did."

All three started to laugh.


April bent over a nearby desk gritting her teeth wondering if she'd bitten off more than she could chew. After all, she knew she'd be up for more sessions if a simple spanking could make her feel distinctly fruity like this !!

But as she glanced over her shoulder, she saw Bernie flexing the tip of his cane menacingly and all doubts drifted away. The aftermath of her spanking had faded to a dull glow and throb but she realised that getting a thrashing from the cane was a whole new ball game.

Faith had stood back to let the caner measure his angles and arc of his swing. "You sure April ?" warned Faith. "Like I said, you don't have to if you don't want to dear."

April tried to speak but the sound somehow got lost in her throat. To give her accent, she merely waggled her bare arse.

"Think that means yes Bernie !!" laughed Faith.


The thing about the cane is that it keeps a woman honest. There's no hiding emotions when the wood comes to pay a visit to a willing girl's rump. The sound, the wincing anticipation and the eventual "landing" across both cheeks was one to savour for April. Especially experiencing it's stinging kiss for the first time.

Starting easy, Bernie had given her a few hearty slices that had April bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet. Despite a dark crimson, that looked as fierce as it felt, no welts or weals were raised due to his skill and marksmanship with the dreaded wood. Said experience gained from having caned all the club's ladies many, many times over the months since he started his little group.

For April on the other hand, everything was new and to be discovered. As Bernie delivered "THERWICK" slice number five she skipped and danced around doing a merry jig feeling the wood sink, then rebound from her bottom. As she found out, there was a momentary pause when there was no pain, no sting, no nothing. Just a vacant void of post "no wait !!" and pre "oo ow!!" anticpation then the rush of that biting feeling, of something hard bending and moulding itself to her shape, sinking in before casting itself off in a display of power and mastery. She also knew that her caner was judging her temperament. Her staying-put power. Her pain thresh-hold. The wit and why-fore of "being able to take it". It hurt terrible, but in an erotic sort of way. She could feel her slot juicing up again. All the questions she'd had over the years were being answered.

She liked it....being thrashed.

She liked it A LOT.

Number six landed "CRACK!!" like a thunderbolt that shrieked her onto her toe's and had Faith saying to Bernie. "Oh, careful honey. You're beginning to cut deep. I can see welts appearing."

April wanted so much to shout "NO...it..it's alright honest. I can take it..really I can. I think." but she couldn't for it would just come out as a long moan of not so dignified satisfaction on her part. But she realised she had no need for the man weilding the rod said it all for her.

"She's doing fine, she has a fat arse that can take a lot more than I'm giving it now believe me."

It would be true to say that Mrs April Dickinson had never felt prouder than at that minute.


To April, her "fat arse" felt twice as big as before. No surprise there for it was now a doodle of criss-crossed weals and welts that went from one side to the other and back again. Bernie was right handed so the business end of each cane cut had snicked in deeper than the length and where the onset of moon-blue bruises were beginning to show their colours.

April had taken twelve true strokes by now, yet she still settled herself down for more. "Please Sir, can I have some more ?" she mused to herself. "Another twelve should suffice until next time....perhaps tomorrow ?"

Hark at her, a glutton for punishment !!

But alas the show had reached it's climax and the Cane-Master was bringing the final curtain down on proceedings. "Alright, that's enough...for now." he said."April sweetheart, you're the type who could stay bent over all day if she could get away with it. Don't worry, I'm sure the other men in the group will take great delight in taking you to your limits....and beyond. " he smiled as he put his weapon to one-side. Faith came over to inspect the damage too.

"Blimey toots, that's a fair swishing you've taken there and no mistake. You'll not be sitting still for awhile I can tell you !!" she laughed. She was seriously impressed with the new girl's willpower and fortitude. It had been a hard caning. Least for a first time and all. Though she knew first hand that he could of given her a much harder time of it. A wise ploy to keep his powder dry so to speak. She glanced at the man who was running his hand over April's bottom. "Same old Bernie." she laughed to herself. She wondered if she should tell April about "afters..." She glanced again at Bernie but this time not at his face but lower down. Her grin spread wider as she saw the tell-tale outline of his arousal.

If April had thought his caning was long and hard, she hadn't seen anything yet.

Perhap's when April left, she'd be given the opportunity to take care of Bernie's "other weapon".

Faith licked her lips in eager anticipation.


Unknown to the blonde woman, April had noticed her punishers obvious state of excitement. A fact she noted for a later meeting when she would make sure they were alone. Judging by the impressive bulge, it looked a big one.

April closed her eye's. It had been awhile since she'd slept with a man and surmissed that this would be an ideal opportunity given the right circumstances. But she wondered if they - the group member's ("oh..hah") - went in for that sort of thing. Maybe it was strictly bum thrashing only. "Oh what a pity if it is !!"

April sighed as she felt Bernie's hands clasping both her swollen cheeks. She turned her head and muttered an "Ohhh...that is so nice. Sore, but nice...."

So she'd done it. Her first session of what she hoped would be many, many more. She wanted to taste everything. Explore every feeling and emotion through getting her big fat arse seen to. She was determined. She was now officially a member of "The Spanking Club."


April stood daydreaming doing the dishes. She felt a changed woman. She felt light of heart and glowed all over, in more ways than one. It had only been twenty-four hours since her first meeting with Bernie and Faith and already she felt anxious for more. "Guess this is the itch that's so hard to scratch." she murmured to herself.

"Expect a phone call." Bernie had said. Phone call ? From whom ? Oh fiddlestciks, the anticipation was dreadful !!!

Just as the thought had popped into her head when suddenly....

The phone went and April well nigh jumped out of her apron.

A skip of a heartbeat as she picked up the reciever. "Hi...hello, April speaking."

There was a short pause then. "Hi Mrs Dickinson ?" said a wonderfully manly voice. "My name's Larry. Bernie said to give you a call......."


The End.

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