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Spanking Story: Naughty Nurses in Trouble

The matron looked at three very sorry looking first year nurses standing in front of her all staring at their feet. They were in big trouble.

Matron folded her arms over her formidable bust and read them the riot act - or at least what happened to naughty nurses who got into big trouble. "You want to thank your lucky stars you aren't on wards 1 to 3 for you'd of been suspended on half pay and facing a dressing down before the Undue Procedure Board. And you should know by now that if they find you all guilty you'll be out on your ear sharpish. But on this ward we do things differently. Dr Johnstone and I handle all matters regarding disciplining members of staff. Especially first year students who may of made a genuine mistake. But being inexperienced is no excuse. Not in somewhere like a hospital where there can be serious consequences when something goes wrong. After much discussion we've come to the conclusion this is the best solution to such matters. " Matron looked at each of them in turn. "Do you understand ?"

Student Nurses Gemma, Betty and Daisy all nodded their heads quickly. They'd all come to realise that Matron was not a lady to suffer silly little girls gladly. And they had all been very silly 17 year old girls. "Yes Matron." they chirped.

Satisfied, Matron nodded. "Right then. Report to Dr Johnstone at the end of your shift."

The three nurses glanced at one another. They knew exactly what that meant. The other student nurses in years 2 and 3 had told them what happened when they had to go visit Dr Johnstone and Matron Moonie after hours. There was much nervous nodding and biting of lower lips as well as much anticipation round their bottom regions. Matron dismissed them to return to their duties.

They turned and were just about to leave when Matron said suddenly. "Oh, and another thing." she stated matter of factly. "Woolly stockings - NO TIGHTS OR ELSE." With that the formidable Matron Moonie returned to stalking her ward.



Dr Ernest Johnstone looked up at the sound of the knock as he sat behind his desk and pointed a finger at Matron Moonie who, as she had painfully found out to her cost on numerous occasions, jumped up smartly to answer it for she knew Ernest Johnstone was not a man to be trifled with. She opened it to find three very nervous looking student nurses no doubt wishing they were someplace else at this moment.

"It's Student Nurses Watts, Trotter and Dunn Doctor." said Matron.

Dr Johnstone looked at them over the top of his severe black spectacles. "Show them in Matron. You know the drill. Least guilty first, most guilty last. And get a move on I haven't all day." he ordered.

Matron pointed to Nurse Betty Watts first who turned a funny shade of white as her knees sagged and began to tremble. "You were the one holding the bucket Nurse Watts, so you get to go first." smiled Matron with an evil glint in her eye. "Get that fat little bottom of yours over to the trolley. Tug up your uniform and pull your knickers down to your knees. Did you remember what I said earlier ?"

Nurse Betty began to walk slowly over to the trolley but yelped as Matron gave her a quick smart slap to hurry her up. "Yikes, y..yes Matron. No tights just woolly stockings allowed." Facing away from her would be punisher, she blushed as she tugged the bottom of her uniform up her thighs and over her rather plump buttocks. She was starting to wish she did work on those other wards !!

Matron snorted and pushed her charge firmly over the trolley and told her not to move a single inch - or else.

Dr Johnstone, well practiced in dealing with naughty nurses, got to his feet, opened his drawer and took out a foot long strap that looked absolutely kneeknockeringly scary to every female in the room. He was rather pleased to see that Nurse Betty had a shapely pair of legs snugfit in a pair of dark woolly stockings that reached up to mid thigh. "Nothing like seeing a pair of legs in such a tempting way." he mused as he walked across and lectured her on how she and her fellow nurses-in-deep-shit should behave in future. He always did have a thing about seeing a fine firm pair of legs and thighs in such stockings. It made the session altogether more interesting when having to deal with the person wearing them. "Now then Nurse Betty, I think its high time you learned your lesson well. "

Measuring his target with practiced ease, he wound himself up and swished the strap down right plumb across the plumpiest bit of the young nurses arse. The loud crack made the other three women in the room jump with alarm. Nurse Betty of course howled her head off as the pain rattled round her compact little bod. "YEOWCHIE -OOOOO"

Nurse Betty got another five and by the end was one very sorry little nurse indeed.


Next up was Nurse Gemma Trotter.

Now this young madam was buxom in the extreme so Dr Johnstone ordered Matron Moonie to relieve her of her uniform totally. This left the young miss standing shivering in a rather skimpy pair of knickers, a lasciviously tight fitting pair of woolly stockings and last, but not least, in a completely inadequate bra that was already struggling to contain her quiveringly massive orbs. "Is that too your satisfaction Doctor ?" asked Matron helpfully as she turned the startled girl this way and that for his delectation.

"Splendid Matron." he enthused as he waited for her to place Nurse Trotter to his best advantage. "Absssssssss..." SWISH-CRACK "...olutely splendid."

As to be expected the object of the swat didn't think so. She squealed loudly, jumped up and hopped around the room clutching her massive throbbing bottom rubbing it furiously to try ease the awful sting. Her reaction produced so much jiggling of female flesh that her inadequate bra gave up the ghost and out spilled her gigantic boobies to wibble and wobble along with the rest of her. "OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW." she moaned, feeling the rectangular ridge that now adorned her behind. Surely Dr Johnstone wasn't going to make her bend over again and take another five like that??!!!

But he was. "Put those away girl and bend over again. I haven't finished with you yet." he ordered. He looked at Matron Moonie, who was herself was looking slightly red around the gills. "Matron, a little encouragement if you please."

Matron nodded, grabbed Nurse Trotter around her right upper-arm, twisted her side-ways and gave her arse a good hard smack. "You heard the Doctor. Bend over and stick your naughty fat bummy wummy right up !!"

Nurse Gemma glanced at her friends and sniffed. Nurse Betty was watching her with a pout. She knew exactly what her friend was going through - even so, she did find what was happening rather fruitily fascinating despite the throbbing in her own arse.

Nurse Daisy on the other hand was properly mortified in the extreme. After all it had been her idea for the three of them to give Mr Smithers a communal bed bath. It would be her who would get the severest roasting no doubt. Not that she was unfamiliar with such dealings as regards the discipline of silly naughty young girls. Oh no, her daddy had a particular fondness for the short crop she recalled whenever he felt she needed it - which had been depressingly often.

Musing on especially painful memories, she stared wide eyed as Dr Johnstone lathered Nurse Gemma something rotten as she lay across the trolley squealing her pretty head off.

Eventually it was over and Nurse Betty helped Nurse Gemma to her feet and gave her a comforting hug. Nurse Daisy watched as Dr Johnstone turned and pointed the strap at her. "Now my girl, from what Matron Moonie has told me - you were the ringleader in this foolish escapade. Therefore I shall deal with you harshly. Strip until you only have your stockings on right now !!"


Nurse Daisy stood before an admiring Dr Johnstone.

Lovely and comely in the extreme with an hourglass figure topped off with a denuded pubis and sumptuous pair of perfect bosoms she was a picture and no mistake. In fact, Dr Johnstone was thinking of possibilities beyond the prospect of beating seven shades of raspberry out of her peachy bottom.

Interesting things were happening in his head. But, being the professional he was, he had a job to do. A dirty job but someone had to do it. He shook out his arm and flexed his bicep menacingly as he watched Nurse Daisy step up to the trolley and with a short gasp, bend herself right over it.

Her bottom was raised to the perfect height. "Since this was all your idea girl, I intend to give you as many as I can in a one minute period. Giving you a number somewhat defeats the object of the exercise after all. Matron, you shall be the time-keeper. At the top of the minute I shall commence on your indication." With that he stepped slightly further back and measured out his swing as Matron Moonie stared at the second pointer on her watch as it ticked tocked its way around the dial.

"52...53....54...55....56....57.....58....59.......NOW !!"

CRACK went the first followed by an exclamation of pain. Nurse Daisy shrieked out loud and danced up and down in her woolly stockinged feet. "AGHHHHHHHH !!" It was as she thought it was going to be - absolutely horrendous.

But Dr Johnstone didn't spare the strap. Immediately he was swinging it in again. There would be no rest. No rest for a full minute. She would get at least 20 full bodied strokes with it. CRACK CRACK CRACK sang the strap and "OUCH OUCH OUCH !!" moaned Nurse Daisy as he shapely bottom pancaked and wobbled this way and that depending on where the strap fell.

Both her friends stood open mouthed listening as Matron Moonie counted out the strokes for Dr Johnstone as he kept up his cything rhythmn.


They glanced at Matron who was watching mesmerised as the punishment unfolded. She wasn't even looking at her watch. It suddenly dawned on them that she'd totally forgotten to keep an eye on the time. It was true what the Year 2 and 3 students also had enigmatically said - Matron Moonie never was very good at telling the time.

Goodness. Heaven help any more Naughty Nurses who got into trouble !!!


The end.

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