Sunday, 23 February 2014

Spanking Story: Miss White Miss Red Miss Black and Me

Part 1: A darker shade of white.

The problem with living on the edge of temptation all the time is knowing that whilst you may have an itch you're unable to scratch due to circumstance there's always that faint possibility - or wishful hope - that suddenly somewhere one day you may find someone who is willing to do it for you. If you're prepared to step off the edge that is....

Their names aren't important. Not in this context anyway. I'll just call them Miss White, Miss Red and Miss Black.


Let's begin at the top. Dept. Sup. Miss White is a woman of the world. Nobody can teach her anything. She knows it all. When she wants something she makes it as plain as day she'd better get it. Hot as hell one minute, cold as ice the other. Irrational hormone imbalance doesn't cover it. Great White's have nothing on her. The first of the great female predators that stalk the office where I work. She can smell blood in the water a mile off. She looks the business too. Mid-thirties, she's a bleached bottled blonde who exudes confidence in her own ability and who has a fetish for shoulder pads and power dressing minus the slack's and makes sure everyone under her know she's la femme fatale - the boss and who doesn't take any crapola from anyone. Yes Miss - No Miss.

Miss Red is a different bitch all together. Early twenties, dexterous to the point of sublimely erotic, this woman knows how to dance over a keyboard and make small-talk at the same time like no one's business. An pleasant enough up-market plain jane with a thing for simple blouse, fiery skirts and matching stockings she knows her place and her limit's but that doesn't stop her wandering eye. If only her old man knew. If he doesn't he's a bigger idiot than what I take him for. A woman like that need's a good seeing to every day - and I'm not talking about spanking her hot little arse either.

Last but not least is Miss Black. Now Miss Black was born to be writ large about. A vamperella if ever there was one with her long midnight mane she's not only Black by name but also black by look. Same mid-age range as Miss Red, she can stop a bunch of raving madmen at 10 paces with a mere look of disapproval. This woman exudes sex appeal and flaunts it like the showbiz slut she thinks she is. Miss Black is also the one who orders lunch.

So there you go. As you can tell, working in a space of about 15 metres by 10 isn't exactly easy for a frustrated spanking sophisticate such as yours truly for they've all got fantastic arses and know it. Like I said, temptation - what a bastard. Each woman knows what she's got and knows exactly how to use it. There's Miss White with her "both hands on the table in front of you as she leans suggestively forward" - just enough to show off some serious cleavage along with her bad girl crucifix when she's chewing you out. Miss Red's innocent finger to the lips "Oh whoops, look what I've dropped. Aren't I clumsy ?! I'll just make sure I bend right over in front of you to pick it up" - to give you an eye-level view of her pair of firm taut buttocks that have just enough daylight between them to get your blood and testosterone racing. Then there's Miss Black's "Basic Instinct" manoeuvre. A classic ensnared pussy parade behind a dimorphic cotton screen. No feeding allowed for this feline or you'll get a nasty surprise. The kind that makes sane men break out in cold sweats.

Somehow this battle of the sexes isn't such a fair fight anymore. Whatever happened to male hunting female ? Is it me or did the pursuit of love, life and happiness suddenly get turned arse over tit overnight ? Guess that what happens when you've been out of the big game loop for so long. Women got wise and wiser. They can probably spot a spanking man a mile off as well. Maybe it's a sixth sense they have. Maybe they already have me figured out. They say never judge a book by it's cover. If that's the case then I'm the exception to that rule. My whole persona must be writ large across my forehead like some sexual tattoo as I sit there watching their blatant excessive expressive rhythmic symphonic cheek movements when they walk past you knowing that your eyes are glued to their bodies like they're on some sort of public peepshow catwalk for fat arsed lovers. On any given monday, showing off a new outfit they'll ask me innocently "Does my bum look big in this Ian ?" when they already know the answer. As a spanking man, how could I say "Oh God yes. Your fat arse looks far too big in that toots." ? It doesn't get any easier. The sheer frustrated thrill of being stood there feeling like a spare prick at an orgy as they discuss "women's" things around the water tower and how their "boyfriend's, one night fling's, husband's ect" couldn't feel their way out of a wet paper bag and what they wanted was someone who really knew how to handle a woman. With knowing smile's and glance's they know what they're doing to me. Step off the edge and let's play honey.

One day, one gloriously outrageous fucking day I'm going to give Miss White, Miss Red and Miss Black each a spanking to end all spankings. I swear - even if it's only in my mind. Temptation - what a bastard.


It's a monday morning in autumn. The sun's out dancing between the skudding clouds and the smell of freshly mown grass is in the air. I'm pulling up in my regular slot about to head into work for another week of who knows what. Letting the belt zip back I reach for my case just as someone is pulling into the space next to me. Flash car. Cost a bomb no doubt. Easing out, I slip on my jacket and watch as a pair of long slim legs appear from under the door to reveal my Department Supervisor in all her made up glory - Miss White. Manners keep me waiting as she bends back through the door of her Jag and reaches for her things. Such a position causing her backside to rise up and slap me in the face. Oh boy, that's all I need. What a way to start the working week. Not that I have anything against spectacular female arses you understand. Far from it. As far as I'm concerned they make the rockin' world go round. Having a healthy obsession for the slap and not so much the tickle is also another reason for old purple head to twitch at the sight of it. No doubt about it, Miss White has an arse to kneel and worship at. Fat ? Of course it's fat. "Considering she spends most of her day sitting on it." I laugh to myself with due irony. Still, what I wouldn't give to have it's voluptitude at my disposal for a few minutes. I'd sure as hell make it pay for the dressing down's and over-time it's owner tell's me I have to do. I'd give it a proper spanking. A no hold's bar over the fucking knee ten gallon hatted braying. I'd have her screaming and begging me to stop in a flash. Then I'd haul her up, drag her over to my desk, push her face down, unzip cyclops and give her an arse fucking from hell.

"Hi Ian. Good weekend ? How's the wife and kid's ?"

"What?" I shake my head slightly - caught off guard at her innocent question. Snap out of it. I can feel my day-dream fading away like sea mist. I realise with a start that I'm now staring at her crotch where her arse had once been. I jerk my head up and have to grit my teeth to meet her gaze. She's watching me with those hazel eyes of hers and a small smile on her full lips. "Oh for fuck's sake Ian." I mutter to myself. What did she say again ?

Miss White reaches up and slips in a pin to hold her faux blonde hair in place. "Monday morning blur huh ?" she teased. "I asked if you and yours had a good weekend." she repeated as she pointed her gizmo at her motor and pressed a button. It beeped twice to say everything was secure and locked. She then stepped nearer, holding her essential's close to her chest like some cardboard chastity belt - A4 size. My adam's apple bobbed as her scent wafted under my nose. "Pleasant if a little stifling imho." I thought as I wondered what she really smelt like. As usual she was dressed immaculately. A dark blue jacket and skirt with matching stockings enhanced by a peach blouse. On the right lapel was a silver rose pendant. Nice, very nice. Her right shoulder brushed my chest and disturbed both my plain red tie and equilibrium as she slowly stepped ahead of me and waited as I locked up. Over head the wind was rustling the big maples that lined the path into the building where we both worked.

"You mean soon to be ex-wfe and kids." I reminded her. She mouthed an "Oh, sorry, I forgot." I shrugged. What was done was done. "In the circumstances it wasn't too bad. How 'bout you ?" I couldn't resist. "You been giving the menfolk a hard time again on the town ?"

Miss White laughed. A pleasant sound all things considered. In fact she nearly blushed. She balled her right hand into a fist and thumped me on the left shoulder playfully. "You cheeky sod." she laughed as if shocked. "Don't believe everything you hear. I'm a paragon of virtue I am."

We walked side by side. "Oh sure.." I replied as she glanced across up at me. She was a couple of inches shorter at 5ft 10. There were times I could easily forget she was my immediate superior. Sometimes..

She thumped me again. "I AM !!"

"Oh sure."

Another thump. "I REALLY AM - HONEST !!"

If she wasn't my supervisor I'd thump her back. No - wait. On second thoughts not thump, I'd grab her arm, twist her slightly in front and away from me and give her one of those thigh ringing swats that make bad girls jump. Yeah sure......right, in your dreams mate. As usual I just smiled and faked an "Ow..hey." as she strode ahead of me and into the building. She probably knew my eye's were watching her rock and roll rump like a kid in a sweet shop.

It was monday. The first day of the working week. Least she was in a good mood.


It was wednesday but it felt like a monday. I was on autopilot checking dates, prices, stats and making sure everything was as it should be, where it should be or going to be - fingers crossed. I had invoices coming out of my ears and people coming in and out of my little space like I was holding a fucking party or something. This was definitely going to be a long old week. I eased back in my swivel chair which squeaked in that irritating way and revolved my skull in a 360 to lift some of the pressure that had built up at the top of my spine. The section was buzzing. We were busy. Really busy. Everyone was going at it like a bitch on heat. There's about 20 staff in this section. Mostly typists and cust. services ops. Only other men on this floor are Charlie and a couple of Agency short contractors. He's the umbilical between here and the grunts a floor down. The women call him Gramps due to his age. Gramps, of course, laps it up.

"How goes the grind mate ?" Above the whirr of printers, fax machines and the hum of computer fans I looked up to find Charlie leaning against the desk clipperboard in hand and pencil behind his ear like he was some sort of paperweight gunslinger. He's a good sort is Charlie. A no bullshit merchant who tell's it straight and who would help you out of a bind without thinking twice. He nods across to where she who must be obeyed is prowling the floor. "Beware blonde's bearing gifts. Reckon we're behind by about a 1/5th this month and the loafers are a bit pissed with all the overtime they've got to stump up for."

I laugh in that kind of desperate way I've developed when I know I'm going to be in detention again after everyone else has fucked off home. "That's great Charlie. That's just really great. Look at all this. I'm up to both sets of balls in this crap. No way can I get this finished by 5." I sighed, waving my hand over the piles of admin and everything. "Only got one pair of hands like I keep telling Madam Sadist over there."

Charlie laughed too. "Madam Sadist ?! From gossip think you'd be surprised." he grinned, tapping the side of his nose conspiratorially. "Keep those hands in good nick, you never know. Anyway, I wouldn't worry Ian. Miss Red and Miss Black are in the same boat as you. Remember, if one of you goes down - you all do." He winked again. "Well, can't stand here all day shooting the breeze all day. Got to go earn my pay. You got the Westlake deal ? I need to cross-check their order before I sign for ship out."

I had. Right in front of me, right on the top of a depressingly big pile of stuff to do. "Sure. Here you go." I said handing the sheet to him.

"Ta. Don't look so miserable you miserable sod. I'm sure you'll have a whale of a time in detention. "

I sat there watching him wind his way through the desks saying hi and flirting with all the younger women. "You dirty old man Charlie. You dirty old man." I smiled. What was that he said about my hands ?


Miss Red glanced at the clock on the wall behind my desk. As usual she looked the part. White blouse with flushed lapels, dark reddish skirt emphasising her wide carriage and a lighter shade of red stockings. What is it with me and red ? She turned just as Miss Black came back from a quick coffee break and slipped off her black jacket and hung it round the back of her chair. In the background I noticed Miss White talking expressively down the phone. No doubt someone was getting a right ear full. Great, just great.

"Welcome to detention for boozers, losers and Jacuzzi users." said Miss Red as she perched one apparently perfect bumcheek on the corner of my desk. Frowning slightly, I reached across and moved my by now in alphabetical order pile of things to do out of the way just in case. I sure as hell didn't fancy sorting that lot out again. She should keep her arse to herself. An arse like that should come with a health warning - a "Beware - female bottom out of control." sticker on it. "Hell hath no fury like a Dept Suppy on the warpath sweetie. I'm close but not close enough. How bout you ?" she asked brightly looking down at me. I glanced up at her and made a face. There was always something about her when she speaks to me like that. A kind of sparkle. A look. A flirt. Nothing obvious but it's there.

She smelt of rose. Nice. Just as well I was sitting down. "Lucky you. At a push another hour and a half for Mr Pedantic here. At a shove I'd say an hour max. I wonder why we're all here ? I'd of thought two of us could handle this even if it meant not clocking off till after 9."

Miss Black had just caught the last of our conversation as she picked up and flicked through the rota sheet. Another looker. She was the kind of woman men like to paint. The kind of woman men felt uncomfortable around. Tall, elegant with a shock of jet black hair. Exceptionally well proportioned too with a seriously spectacular bust to brag about. Interestingly, no rings on any finger and from office gossip no one to stoke the old furnace to keep the fires burning at home either. A situation I found totally baffling. What is it with the men in this town ? All of them must have no fucking sense.

"Ah." said Miss Black. "That's easy to explain. If a job needs doing you need the best people to do the job right. We're the A team. If you have a problem we are the solution to that problem. Heads up, here comes the headmistress." She nodded to an approaching Miss White who had slammed the phone down and who looked like she was on the warpath. The three of us looked at each other knowingly. Back to work or else. Behind me I could hear the tick and the tock of the clock getting slower and slower...and slower. Wonderful. Some one speed up time and teleport me off this rock. The thought of being stuck in this place all alone with these lot didn't exactly thrill me to bits. Least not in the all work and no play sense.

Boy, was I in for a surprise.


It had gone 7 and I could feel everywhere starting to throb. Hands, feet, you name it - it was throbbing. I reckon I'm allergic to work. What I really need to do is find a rich woman looking for a toyboy, a plaything - anything. I could do that no problem. We'd all moved into Miss White's personal office and were sat around the circular meeting table which was in the centre of the room finishing up. We'd finally managed to issue documents, check stats and get everything printed out and sealed up for courier delivery the next day. Miss White looked up and finally closed her logbook.

"Okay, that's that done. Good job." she smiled with satisfaction as she got up. "Anyone fancy a glass of plonk to celebrate ?" She went over to a cabinet behind her desk and pulled out a bottle of wine and four glasses. She looked more relieved than anything. The head honcho's upstairs had no doubt been giving her a hard time and excessive targets to meet - as usual. Despite being a bit of a stickler, she was kind of ok.

"Oh God yes." grinned Miss Red, blowing out her cheeks and fanning away a whisp of stray hair. "Glad that's over."

"Make mine a double. " concurred Miss Black who had eased herself upright and was stretching her arms above her head, hands clasped together, to ease the ache of sitting for too long. Such an action did interesting things to her bosom. Which I duly noted in a tired sort of way. Apart for the throbbing, parts of me were also pinstickingly numb. My backside for one thing. Grunting I got to my feet, stepped away from the chair and began my own kind of wind down routine which ended with me slowly massaging and kneeding my arse. Ah, better. Much better. It felt so good I'd closed my eyes to savour the sensation of blood flow and feeling coming back. When I opened them again I discovered all three women watching me.

"Oh boy. Do I feel stiff." I laughed feeling awkward for some reason.

Miss White laughed out loud. "You don't say. Think we kinda guessed that honey. Here drink this, it'll put colour into those cheeks you were just playing with."

Accepting the glass I noticed the atmosphere had changed. The formality had dissipated once we'd done what we had to do. We were just four people - adults - letting loose, easing down and unburdening our stress. In fact, I felt pretty dammed good. I think the other three felt the same way too as we sipped our drinks which helped further to aid the jour du vive. The work conversation had died a bit. We just made small-talk about how glad we were that was over ect ect. But there was something more. A hint of devilment hung around us but which none of us wanted to acknowledge. The idea of being alone in a room with three attractive women suddenly hit home and there it was again. That tingle of temptation. The hint of electricity in the air. I was on the edge but this time the guilt was nowhere to be seen.


It was Miss Red, surprisingly for I didn't think she was the type to step over the line first, who sort of made the first hint that something really was brewing between us. I was still standing and had rested both hands on the table in front of me and was bending my spine back and forth. As she got to her feet there was a brief glance between all three women. It was as if they'd given each other a subtle invisible nod of agreement. It would be much later that I'd realise that this was far from being an isolated incident between them.

"Here Ian. Let me help you. Stand still while I give you a hand." she explained, coming around to my side, then standing behind me. I turned my head slightly and looked her straight in the eyes. There it was again. That invisible aura. Glancing across, I saw that Miss White and Miss Black were staring in rapt attention at what we were doing. The room had suddenly got very much smaller. The air was more charged and the temperature had risen in proportion too. I could hear a dull drumbeat in my ear getting faster and faster as the blood surged along with my anticipation. I'd already come to the conclusion that something was going to happen. Exactly what would depend on them. I just prayed I had enough strength and stamina left to be able to satisfy all three. Suddenly I felt Miss Red press herself against my back, her lips close to my left ear. "Relax honey. Just relax. So you're all stiff huh ?" she breathed enticingly. "I'm sure we know a way to fix that don't we ladies ?"

There was a murmur and big grins from the other two who had both got to their feet and were approaching me from the front. In a matter of seconds I had three pairs of wandering female hands all over me. The drumroll got louder and louder and the temperature got hotter and hotter.

I closed my eyes and said the first thing that came into my head.

"I never knew you were such bad bad girls."


Part 2 - Giving in to temptation.

Such were the overwhelming sensations washing over me that I missed the knowing glances that passed between them as they surrounded me on all sides as those last words tumbled freely from my lips. I let out a small groan of anticipation as I felt three pairs of hands on me wandering all over my chest. I had no doubt that I had the widest grin ever seen on any man anywhere as they grasped, rubbed and kneaded me in a long slow rhythm that had my mind buzzing erotically. It was then I sensed a faint breath on my mouth. I opened my eyes to find Miss Whites own lips hovering enticingly over mine. They were slightly parted and shone wetly in the overhead lamp. I was gone. I couldn't say a word. All rational had flown through the window along with any trepidation or resistance I had left. Even more so when she whispered enticingly "So you think we're bad girls do you ?" before laying her lips on mine.

Somehow I didn't think she expected a sensible reply.

As our kiss deepened, I felt the tug and pull of my belt being undone and unlaced with practiced urgency. Somewhere in my sexual haze, I could hear the faint murmurings of Miss Red and Miss Black as they began to deliberately release my swelling member from what felt like the hottest jail in hell. There was the soft purr of a zipper sliding south and I grunted as a pair of hands fumbled inside the opening they'd created. I could sense Miss White smiling as she slowly drew her lips from mine as Miss Black exclaimed "Well, well. What have we here then ?" along with the sudden rush of cool air around the head and length of my cock. I opened my eyes to find my Supervisor, her arms resting lazily around my neck looking down at Miss Black who had drawn me out into the fresh air and had grabbed me just under the shadow of my bulbous head. Miss Red glanced up at me as she watched the woman kneeling beside her slowly begin to ease her warm hand up and down my even hotter stalk. "If we knew you'd been keeping something this big hidden from us honey." she teased. "You could of had me a long time ago. Isn't that right girls ?" They both nodded and laughed.

"Oh my, absolutely." agreed Miss White. "You're not exactly Mr Average are you Ian ?"

My groin was awash with sensation and God knows what other feelings. I swallowed hard and shrugged, feeling as I always did a bit embarrassed by their close quarters scrutiny. I never did feel comfortable being naked in front of the opposite sex. I always was the quietest and most shy kid in the class. "I guess so." I muttered as Miss White slipped her hand inside my shirt and began to play with the sparse hairs on my chest. Her face was so close to mine I could smell her natural perfume and feel the whisper of her breath against my skin as her breathing got heavier and hotter as we both watched Miss Black hold my cock to one side as Miss Red finally managed to undo my pants and ease them and my shorts over my extended organ, down my thighs and with much amusement, off my feet. Thankfully, she also removed my socks and shoes so I didn't look a complete fool standing there. Once I was free of any incumbents, their game began in earnest. Miss Red, totally against type as far as I was concerned, wrapped her small right hand around the girth of my cock and knelt up until her mouth hovered over its summit. Her eyes met mine briefly and I could see the flicker of her lust as she opened her mouth as wide as she could and slipped her lips wetly, slowly and erotically over the head of my penis.

At the warm sensation of being engulfed in a loving embrace, I dropped my head back and closed my eyes. My whole being was centred and focused around my groin as I felt her begin to use her natural oral tug as she took more and more of me into her mouth. I didn't need to see what she was doing. I could feel it. That firm insistent drawing surge from near the root to the wet smack as my cock sprang free momentarily from her red lips. Again and again she drew me nearly out. I could sense the rumbling and surge in my balls as they were teased by Miss Black who had now claimed her share of the cock-sucking spoils. I idly noted that their techniques were as different as chalk and cheese. Miss Red was the long slow tease while Miss Black was the fastest spunk slinger in the west from the way her head was bobbing up and down this way and that. The emotions were wonderful. If only....

Suddenly there was that tell tale flash of adrenaline shooting along every vein and sinew in my body. I thrust my groin forward in reflex as I felt myself flush scarlet. Instantly, knowing that I had only the merest fractions of a second to halt my surge from within, I used both hands to sink my fingers in their long thick manes and grip a fistful tight. With a grunt, I jerked them off my cock. "For fucks sake stop." I panted. "Or else there'll be trouble."

I blinked rapidly and drew several deep long breaths to gainsay my urge to come. That had been close. Too fucking close.

Kneeling at my feet, Miss Red and Miss Black looked up at me surprised for all the world like two cats who didn't get the cream - this time. Despite the close call it was my turn to laugh this time. I blew out my cheeks and looked at Miss White who had started to remove her own clothes. The more that fell away the more temptation turned to determination. Once she had slipped off her skirt she was left standing there in a dark blue half-cup bra, suspender belt and matching stockings. She was beautiful to me. A faux blonde Venus who I was going to enjoy very much. To my right and left, Miss Red and Miss Black were now doing the same until I found myself surrounded on all sides by a veritable feast of female flesh that had my mind and my cock in a whirlpool of pure unadulterated lust. The urge to fuck was paramount. I didn't care who was first. But they, on the other hand, seemed to have other ideas in mind.

This time it was Miss Red who said. "You know when you said we were bad girls Ian ?" she asked smiling as she pressed her warm flesh against mine. I raised an eyebrow. She took a finger and ran it slowly from my throat to my scrotum. "We didn't say we weren't did we...."


I figured whatever luck in life I was going to have had somehow all come together on this day. Right here, right now - with these bad bad girls. The voice in my head was constantly asking questions and coming up with a million answers and possibilities. I had cravings, desires, potential disasters and disappointments coming out of my ears. I could find myself either having a high old time in heaven if I'm right or getting my ass singed in hell if I'm wrong. Self-doubt was creeping into my thinking - again. This was neither the time nor the place for that. "But if you're wrong..." part of me muttered. I looked from one to the other. But they seemed determined to make sure I knew that they were, as they put it, "Very bad girls indeed. So bad in fact, that you should definitely do something about it." That came from Miss Black who, to my surprise, even blushed when she said it. I also noted that Miss White and Miss Red were of high colour too at the mention of those words. It was obvious that some seriously kinky buttons were in the process of being pressed here amongst the three women. Mine included - for the thought that these gorgeous women imagined themselves the way I had always dreamed about them had ratcheted up my spunk quota by a factor of 100% But that still left one question unanswered. Just how bad did they consider themselves to be ? Bad enough for them to let me... for them to submit too.. They were standing side by side looking at me expectantly in that way that women do when they wanted to pass the buck. For some strange reason, I knew that this was the moment of truth for me - for all of us.

"So you think you're bad girls do you ?" I said, keeping my voice firm which took some doing I can tell you.

They all nodded in unison saying "I do, me too, one very bad girl right here."

"And you think I should do something about it ?"

"I do, me too, count me in as well."

Feeling more confident by the second, I walked over to stand in front of them. Miss Red was to my left, Miss Black to my right and Miss White was in the middle looking nothing at all like the person who was my immediate superior. I smiled to myself. Power corrupts - absolute power deserves an absolute spanking. I could see what they wanted in their eyes. There was an intensity there that was unmistakable. No doubt they could see something similar in my own. I wondered if they knew I had that kind of inclination anyway. Maybe women can tell if a man is an arse man in more ways than one. They certainly appeared to want it. The fact that Miss Red and Miss Black seemed to hanker for it wasn't such a shock I realised. I'd always noticed how they had a certain submissive air about them whenever we got together during work hours around the water dispenser. To be honest, I'd always taken it as a kind of gentle flirting - fun but harmless and inclined to go nowhere. Boy, was I mistaken. But the real surprise was Miss White. Now with her usually prissy manner, I'd of had her pegged as the one to wield the whip instead. Boy, was I really mistaken there. As she was stood there now in front of me, I could literally feel the submissive vibes radiating out from all three of them and it was obvious it was no act.

I shook my head. There I go again. More questions. When was I going to realise that not every single thing needs a reason or explanation. There are some things in life that just are. Be thankful you're standing right where you are this minute. Some blokes would give their eye teeth for an opportunity like this. "Temptation is standing right there in front of you on a plate in triplicate." I thought to myself. "It only takes one bite - or one spank." Tomorrow was another day. If there were to be any consequences, tomorrow could take care of itself. As of right now - I was in charge.


It's typical of the male species how they pigeon-hole their sexual preferences as regards the female form into neat little boxes. Pathetic in a pathetic sort of way all told. But as I ordered the three women to take off their bra's, I could see the temptation for such immature reasons. Once hands were lowered and garments tossed aside onto the table it brought a smile to my lips to see that all three were amply endowed in the titular department. Miss White - pear shaped, full and slightly pendulous, Miss Red, high, up thrusting and decidedly perky and Miss Black who appeared to have two large melons sitting on her chest. I could feel my tongue slowly running along the inside of my lower lip at the tasty sight. All three had very juicy looking nipples that were definitely good enough to suck I reckoned. But that treat would come later. It suddenly occurred to me that one of the problems with standing there naked with your dick at full stretch watching as three women undress is that there's no place to put itchy hands with sweaty palms and still look like you know what you're supposed to be doing. In a normal situation, I'd of folded my arms and whistled but this was no ordinary situation. So with my right hand, I grasped the shaft of my cock and used the thumb to rub over and massage the purple head slowly. I was probably redder than they were as they watched me slowly masterbate myself. I stood grinning like the village idiot who had been caught pinching an apple. But hey, what's a little masturbation amongst friends !!

The least they could do was join in. But they seemed to want to be told what to do. So I told them. "I hear bad girls play with their tits." I know, it was lame, predictable and entirely appropriate. That was the green light and a moment later we were all at it. After a short while, I dropped my own hand and told them to "Stop. Face the table. Lean over the back of your chair and place your hands flat on it's surface." My imagination was running riot now. Their fantasies were now subservient to my own. God, if they only knew what was going on in my mind. Beware the dark side for there lies the path that only those who are of like mind should walk - or bend over - for they know what they're about to receive.

Watching as they turned to do as I ordered, Miss Red suddenly dropped in front of me and slipped my cockhead into her mouth where she gave it a quick suck before jumping up again and followed the others who laughed when they saw what she was up to. "Can't wait for you to knock, knock, knock on my heavens door Ian." she smiled at me as she faced away and bent over her chair thus raising her bottom to an obscene height. For an arse man, there was no finer sight.

The back of each chair was about a good six inches higher than the level of the table top. By bending over and resting their hands on the polished wood, it put them in a very easily accessable position where I could do anything I wanted with them - below the waist line that is. As I intended to do. Side by side as they were, I could hear them whispering amongst themselves. Even for bad girls its bad manners to talk with your arse up in the air like that. Stepping up to them and before they could realise what I was going to do, I raised my right hand quickly and from left to right - Miss Black, Miss White, Miss Red - brought my compact palm down hard once on each set of knickered bottom. The result was as I had hoped and expected.

Miss Red squealed and spun around "YIKES IAN !!"

Miss White gasped and wriggled "OH, OWWW. IAN YOU YOU....!!"

Miss Black yelped and shook her arse furiously "YEOW OOOOO HMMMMM IAN !!"

Each of them were looking at me wide eyed and not a little surprised as they stood there rubbing their smarting backsides. They were about to say something but I raised my hand again and they immediately shut up. Better much better. "Face front and stick your arse's up." A little hesitatingly they did so and I found myself presented with three bottoms of varying sizes - though all were what I'd describe as pretty big and fat. Exactly the kind I prefer. I stepped up behind Miss Red and knelt down so that my eye line was level to her bottom. A pretty spectacular view by all accounts. As per usual she was wearing red lingerie. She jumped slightly as reached between her legs with my hand and tapped each inside calf in turn. "Wider." I heard her gasp as her backside rocked and rolled invitingly as she eased her nylon stockinged legs further apart so that I could see the cusp of her cunt as her arse cheeks opened. Her legs weren't particularly long but they were perfectly formed and benefitted from her wearing short heeled shoes - also red but darker. Her arse was about six inches from my nose. And what an arse it was. It was stuffed to bulging into a pair of ruby semi see-through coloured knickers that were stretched to their limit. Both cheeks were separated by a long deep crack and were moulded full and round to perfection. Definitely an arse to literally and metaphorically drool over - which I sure as hell intended to do. I licked my lips for I wondered what she would taste like. Reaching up with both hands, I slipped my fingers inside the elastic of her knickers and eased them slowly over the fullness of each cheek - she wriggled about to help me in this - and down enough for them to stay taut between her thighs. I could see her flexing and tensing her thighs and bending forward further until her breasts were flattened on the table so that she was literally wide open and accessible to whatever it was I wanted to do to her. She muttered a soft "Ah, oh." as I laid my hands on her bare flesh. Her bottom was almost pure white apart from a faint dusting of pimples and freckles. She tensed even more as I applied more pressure and the fingers of both hands began to sink further and further into each plump cushion. "You have no idea how much I've wanted to do this." I smiled, seeing that the other two were watching rapt at what I was doing to their friend. They knew they'd be next. "To all three of you."

Over Miss Red's panting as I kneaded her arse firmly, enjoying the pliant resistance of each cheek and the sheer naughty thrill of pressing hard enough so that each was pulled further apart giving me a clear view of her sopping slit and the bare rosebud of her anus, Miss Black said "Oh, we know that Ian." she smiled as Miss White nodded in agreement. "We know exactly what you want to do to us - all three of us. Once we had agreed that the time was right, it was only a question of where and when. Of course, we also had to take other things into account too."

I paused with my lips a couple of inches from the pulsing core that was Miss Red's pussy. "Other things ?"

Miss White nodded. "Your marriage Ian. We know you've been having personal problems and we decided we'd only make our move when we were certain that there was no hope of a reconciliation between you and your wife. Remember last week when you went to Personnel and told them that you were changing your address and wanted your paycheck paid into a new account ?"

I nodded.

Miss White continued. I could tell she was treading warily not wanting to cause me any more hurt. "Gossip travels fast Ian. Especially in a place like this dominated by women. And of course there was also Charlie."

I blinked, trying to concentrate for the smell of Miss Red was intoxicating and the need to drink at her well was nearly over-powering. "Charlie ?"

"Have you ever known Charlie to keep a secret ?" laughed Miss Black who had reached under herself and was rubbing a long slim finger along the covered slit of her peach. "He kind of let slip this morning that your divorce papers had come through. If there had been any doubt honey, we, you, us, wouldn't be here right now."

Miss Red squealed softly as I gave her right arse cheek a pinch. "I can understand that. But what about you ? You're married."

She looked over her shoulder at me as I continued to play with her flesh. By now each thumb had slipped into the valley surrounding her vagina and was rotating the taut skin around the hole. "Same as you. I've been separated for nearly three months now from my husband. He had an affair. That's all you need to know. Now, are you going to give it to me or are you going to let me die with frustration here." she pouted, shoving her arse nearer my face.

Miss Black and Miss White laughed. "See Ian, no complications. Each of us, in our own way, have nothing to be ashamed of. We know you fantasize about us but hasn't it occurred to you that we do the same about you ?"

It was my turn to be surprised. "Er, no I guess not."

Miss Red reached over with her right hand and tussled my hair. "Well we have. You see, each of us trust each other completely. We share everything. That includes our inner most secrets and desires. Ever since you started work here you've always been something that is close to our hearts whenever we get together and talk. We could tell you've been having a hard time at home and only if we were sure the circumstances were right would we make our move. You come across as a decent hard working man Ian who's always tried to do the right thing and have never been anything but a gentleman with us. Isn't that right girls ?"

"Absolutely." said Miss Black. "Well, apart from the odd gripe at your boss. I think you're a good man." grinned Miss White. "Now, enough talk. Why don't you show us how a real man like yourself deals with three very naughty girls."

My gaze returned to Miss Red's pussy. Along with the temptation I had realised was also a tinge of guilt. Old habits die hard. They were right. What I had was no more. Maybe it was time for me to move on. Miss Red grunted as I gripped her again - this time harder, hard enough to keep her from moving. So with deliberate determination, I buried my face inside her arse crack and licked her voraciously from top to bottom.


I was, not to put too fine a point on it, as hard as fucking rock. So hard in fact that it was beginning to hurt. I was standing back masturbating myself again wondering who should have the pleasure of the first visit. All three were ready willing and wet from my oral ministrations. In the overhead light, each female orifice was greased and ready to go. My intention to spank them would have to wait - for a long while I hoped for the simple pleasure of fucking a woman was paramount now. But the way I was feeling I seriously doubted I would last that long. Who did I always imagine in my daydreams I'd want to fuck first if given half the chance ? There was only one real choice. Miss White jerked suddenly as I stepped between her thighs and gripped her hips - hard. Hard enough to bruise. I could hear the blood pounding in my ears as the roar of my lust increased to a deafening level. As soon as I had chosen Miss White, Miss Red and Miss Black got up from their respective positions and came to my side. "Hold her down." I ordered them. They nodded and did as they were told. Miss White was going nowhere. Not that I had expected her to. My cock was by now surging with impatience so I grabbed it and pointed it first at Miss Black then Miss Red and told them to suck it and make it good and wet. Eagerly they did so. Their tongues searching and probing until my pole glistened in the light. Pulling away from them, I grabbed myself under the billowing head and by pressing the crown down with my thumb managed to work it until I'd fed myself into the opening to her dripping slot. Teasing her, I rubbed it over and around the short nub of her clitoris making her jump and squeal with delight.

"Ahhh, God hmmmmmmm yes. Don't tease Ian. Push it in. Go on, as far as you can. Right up pleaaaaaaaaase !!" she whimpered as she tried to roll her hips to hurry my invasion of her body. Her head was twisting from side to side as she lay pressed down onto the table top.

"Your wish is my command Lady." I grinned. Shifting my balance so that the weight of my of thrust would be true, I pulled my hips back slightly and in one fell shove sank my cock right up her cuntal chute until I felt my ball sac bounce off her button. Hot and sticky wasn't the word. She was literally steaming.

"Agh !!" she grunted as she felt me lie forward over her back and cover her. "Oh GOD !!"

Miss Red and Miss Black had their faces close to mine. So close in fact that I turned slightly and kissed each in turn. Their eyes were shining with unfettered lust. "Fuck her hard Ian." whispered Miss Red. "Fuck her so hard she can't walk."

Miss Black nodded enthusiastically. "Fuck her like the bitch she is honey."

Even I blushed. I could hear bells ringing in my head. This definitely wouldn't last long if they kept talking like that. Bad girls talk dirty too. I shook my head trying to clear it and slowly pulled back before slamming into her again. Miss White had begun to groan and moan with each subsequent insistent thrust of my hips and each deep throated plunge of my cock. I was building rhythm now. My hips were pounding too and fro like the well oiled machine they were. I was staring down watching each impact of my solid flesh against hers and the shockwave that rippled out across the surface of both her soft cheeks. The chair which she was laid over was rocking back and forth now. It's wooden feet beating a clattering tattoo on the solid wood floorboards as I gritted my teeth and put every ounce of effort I had in fucking my boss. At the end of each stroke I felt her nip me trying to keep me inside of her but failing as I pulled out leaving just my engorged head buried inside the opening of her vagina. She was dripping. I could feel the wetness of her seeping down my thighs. She was mumbling obscenities now. Urging me to "fuck her harder." Calling me names "You bastard. You big cocked fucking bastard." Miss Black had dropped to her knees and got herself under us and was using her long tongue to lick my scrotum at the end of each thrust. Miss Red had dipped her finger in the pre-spunk juice and was slowly teasing Miss White's rosebud. Glancing wickedly at me, she rotated it carefully, applied a little pressure and eased it up into the depths of her squirming bottom leaving Miss White gasping and muttering "Oh you bad bad girl." Miss Red withdrew her finger, put it in her mouth and sucked it. I was wide eyed.

"She's ready Ian." she said as she was joined by Miss Black who had pulled her hair free of its ribbon and was now cloaked in its shawl. "I know you want to - we know you want to - she wants you too."

Oh shit. I gave a final thrust and withdrew my red hot poker from her cauldron. It was steaming and leaking in equal measure. I was covered in sweat and was totally on some sort of sexual autopilot. My mind was in overdrive and all I could sanely think about was to unload what I had harvested. Each woman grabbed one of her bumcheeks and pulled it apart for me to get a clear shot at Miss White's puckered arsehole. I could feel my heart hammering in my chest as I took aim by pressing the head of my swollen cock up against the tight orifice. Despite Miss Red's lubrication it still looked way too small for me to shove myself into it. Still, nothing ventured, no arse fucked. I pressed further forward, the hairs on my legs scrapping statically sexily against her blue nylon stockings. It didn't look like it was going to open as I applied more leverage and pressure.

"Harder Ian." urged Miss Red. "You're going to have to push harder. It's tight because you have such a big cock."

"Tell me something I don't fucking know." I growled as I did as I was told. Suddenly Miss White bucked and her head flailed around as she yelped out in pain. "Bingo." Her anus had finally spread open enough for me to gain a cock-hold so to speak. With more pressure, and with me keeping it ram rod straight, the head of my organ sank in with a disgusting "plop" and disappeared. I had to stop. I was close. So close I had to take deep breaths to calm myself down. "Geez, close call Ladies." Miss White had twisted around and her eyes met mine in a feral meeting of wills. Her teeth were bared but she looked absolutely stunning as she reached back with her right hand and clawed at my chest.

"Fuck me in the arse you big cocked stud." she gasped. "Fuck us all like that." She gasped louder as I pushed more of my cock up into her dark alley. I didn't know how much she could take so I took it slow. A pained expression crossed her face as I fed more and more into her. There was no stopping, no barrier, no nothing until with amazement I was firmly seated with my balls brushing her mound below. I was blowing hard - we both were - as Miss Red and Miss Black wrapped their arms around the prone woman and gave her a loving embrace.

"I bet that feels great." said Miss Black.

Miss White had squeezed her eyes firmly shut and was nodding vigorously to her companions in debauchery. "Oh God yes, You have no idea. I can feel him right in my..." she didn't finish her sentence for I had withdrawn suddenly and she yelped with the sudden exit. For me it was too late. I had reached the summit of my first foray and had gone right over the top. I was, as the saying goes, about to blow like Moby Dick.

"Uhoh." I blurted out as I staggered back clutching my soon to erupt prick.

In a flash all three spun around to drop at my feet. Their eager faces hovered closely together under my pulsing organ as they stuck out their tongues and waited. I was gone. I didn't care where the fuck they were. All I knew was I had passed the point of no return and was about too blow big time.

The first wave was ecstasy. It washed over me and sent tingles from head to toe as I looked down just in time to see the first spurt of my seed erupt from the end of my bucking cock. It's thick streamer cast directly over the face of Miss Black who shut her eyes quickly and squealed. Most landed in her long hair but some shot straight over her tongue. I could tell this was going to be a big one. Having enough sense to spread my load, I fired the next two copious volleys at the other women kneeling at her side. With each thrust I covered them with a daisy chain of pearl like spunk that had them laughing and giggling and asking for more. Only when they had realised I was spent did they begin to kiss and lick each other in a way that made me begin to understand how close they truly were. I just stood there exhausted watching open mouthed. Once they were done cleaning themselves, it was my turn and I found my tender shaft being licked lovingly by three gorgeous women who made sure they didn't miss a drop. When they had finished they sat back and looked naughtily up at me with big grins on their faces as they licked their lips. I was at a loss for words when Miss White smiled and said "See, I told you we were bad girls Ian. To give you time to recover for your next fuck, I think you should show us what should really happen to bad girls who are naughty - especially their big firm bottoms. Don't you agree ?"

Miss Red and Miss Black nodded eagerly.

"Yeaaaaaaaaaaah !!" they urged.


I think this is where we came in. Despite the fantastic cock sucking, pussy plunging and arse banging, this was what I really wanted to do. They had pushed the table to one side to clear a space and had placed a chair in the middle of that space. Each woman was still wearing their knickers. I'd told them to pull them back up and they smiled calling me a "Kinky so and so" as they did. Hey, don't they say that most of the fun on Christmas morning is actually unwrapping your present in the first place ? Same principle for an arse man. Women should think about such things. Men lust by visual means. A little peek-a-boo goes a long long way as far as this fella is concerned. So there they were. Standing side by side as I "lectured" them about being bad bad girls.

"You know you're bad girls don't you ?" I told them.

They were all staring down at their shoes. Hair was loose and hanging down now so that I could barely see their faces. "Uhuh. We do Sir."

"And what do bad girls think about ?"

Miss Red spoke first. "This bad girl thinks about being fucked up her arse all the time Sir."

Miss Black was trying hard not to laugh - or agree. Even though she did. "This bad girl likes nothing more than to suck cock - the bigger the better. Like yours Sir."

Interesting answer. I could relate to that. "What about you ?" I asked Miss White finally.

She raised her head and looked my straight in the eye. "This bad girl thinks that these cock sucking and arse fucked bad girls should have their big fat bottoms thoroughly spanked until they start to cry like babies."

I swallowed hard. I was just about hard in other ways too as Miss Red and Miss Black were obviously aware. One down, two to go. Good answer. No complaints from me on that one. By the time I was finished tonight, I intended to have done everything to them they wanted me too. "You do ?"

All three nodded. Miss Red spoke for all of them. "Mr Ian Sir. Us bad girls like nothing more than to be taken over a man's lap and have our bad girls bottoms spanked good and hard. " She paused and licked her lips suggestively as she glanced at my belt lying on the table. "And not only by your hand either...."

We all stood staring at each other for a moment. The tension and sexual electricity between us was so overpowering the air crackled with its charge of anticipation. Sex was one thing - this was something else. A step away from the normal. A painful one too. I was game. What arse man wouldn't be ? But I had to be sure. If they were agreed, I would finally live out my most cherished yearning. There was no way I was going to hold back. I'd not only be cheating myself but them too. I had already come to the conclusion that they wanted me to join their merry little band. If things appeared as they seemed, this wouldn't be a one off event. That was more important at this minute. But I didn't want them to think I was doing something I didn't want to do for fear of upsetting them or whatever. They had to realise that in this game the stakes were far too high as far as I was concerned. I looked at each of them in turn. I think they could tell that their answer to my final question would be important to me. "Are you sure?" I asked. "I need to know."


Being a firm devotee of the female derriere there are no words to describe the sheer encompassing joy of watching a woman lay herself over your lap, raise her hips at your order and wait for you to pull and tug her knickers off her exquisite backside to leave it bare and just waiting for you to spank it. I was than man and I was in absolute heaven as Miss Black did as I have just described. Blessed with a shapely full behind that poked north with alarming saucicity, it was an arse born to be spanked. Miss White and Miss Red looked slightly deflated for they had not drawn the short straw as they gathered close about me so that I could smell and feel their warm skin next to mine. If I turned my head, I was sure they wouldn't hesitate to feed me a nipple or two to lick and suck as I spanked away.

Miss White bend forward, her lips close to my left ear. "This bad girl is an especially bad girl you know. Did you know that she always used to ask us during mid-morning coffee break how big a cock we thought you might have ?"

Miss Black twisted in my grasp. "Oh you fibber. I did not !!"

I raised an eyebrow at her.

She blushed. "Well, alright so I did - only once or twice though." she conceded. "But she's the worst !!" she pointed to Miss Red. "She keeps going on about how she'd lie in bed at night imagining you shoving that big cock of yours up her tight little arsehole while she plays with her pussy !!"

Miss Red slapped Miss Black's bottom sharply. "Oh you tell tale !! What's wrong with thinking that ? Don't tell me you don't think about that too you bitch. What's so different about thinking that and what she's always telling us..." She was nodding towards Miss White who was biting her lip trying not to laugh at the younger women's antics.

I looked at her.

She put a finger to her lips and went "Ah..."


Spanking a female bottom was everything I imagined and wanted it to be. The sights and sounds were perfect. The sight of my hand striking Miss Black's bottom hard and firm was enhanced by her gasping reaction and exclamations that had her also bucking and kicking sexily in my ensnared grasp. Being inexperienced I'd started off reasonably slow. Think of it as a symphony that begins and builds to a throbbing climax and much applause. As the spanking commenced I'd quickly learned to vary my technique. Some slaps were flat palmed and full causing much ballooning and pancaking of arse flesh. Some were just clipped toppings that smote from south to north that merely stirred a ripple that made her purr. Some though were gate-crashers that splatted her padding revealing her arsehole and cunt to my drooling gaze. Between us, I could feel the insistent pull of my cock. Interestingly, by concentrating on spanking her arse I'd somehow also managed to numb my fucking urge. That meant I could deal with all three before I had to screw them again.

I raised my palm for about the twentieth time and brought it down. SPANK. Good. A good one. A gate-crasher.

Miss Black bucked again and scissored her long legs. Her right hand was trying to rub the smart. "AOW AH." she groaned, her thighs rubbing together erotically. "My poor bottom Ian. What are you doing to my poor little bottom ?!!"

Miss White stepped forward, her tits swinging pendulously in my face, and grabbed the spanked woman's rubbing hand. "Not so much of the little. You know the rules - no rubbing until after he's fucked you up your arse."

Miss Black cursed and tried to wrestle free. I had a firm grip of her. She was going nowhere. "Hey, you bitch !!"

Miss Red giggled as she rubbed her prominent pubis against my upper right arm. "Stop complaining silly. Haven't we always talked about what this would be like ? Now you're finding out for sure !!" Hefting her right tit, she offered me it's nipple to tweak and tease. "Ignore her Ian. She's into it more than any of us. Spank her as hard as you like. She loves it."

Miss Black glanced at me as I slipped my fingers under her and eased a couple of them into her slot. She was as hot and wet as hell. Her face was beetroot but her eyes were sparkling in their intensity. She really was loving it. "You do?" I asked as I raised my palm over her bottom again. Her eyes darted from my hand to my face as she bit her lip.

After a brief hesitation - she nodded. "I do, I really really love being spanked."




Three very naughty and not to mention thoroughly spanked girls stood before me watching as I got to my feet. I'd just finished spanking Miss Red which for all the world was like spanking a wriggling eel. But by God, it had been fun. By the time I'd finished with it her arse was the shade of a ripe tomato and probably as sore as hell. I hadn't exactly gone easy with the sauce. Whilst still rather large, it was more compact than either of the others. It had a tension to it that meant she could take a much harder and longer thrashing. If I had been that way inclined. But not tonight. I'd glanced at the clock and noticed that the time was getting late. So as I'd lifted her carefully to her feet where she stood sniffing tearily and rubbing her bum, I winked at her and told her "Next time." She'd smiled at that and grasped my head and kissed me full on the lips.

Miss White, who was also stood there rubbing her bottom after I had given her a very vigorous seeing to, saw what had happened and exclaimed "Hey, that includes us too I hope !!" I laughed, noticing how the blue of her stockings off-set her wide womanly hips and the razor shade of her snatch. "Oh boy." she winced prettily. "You have no idea how great that was Ian. My bum feels wonderful. Sore, but absolutely stingingly great."

I came over to her and gathered her in my arms and gave her a kiss. "My pleasure. Arsehole sore too ?" I teased, letting my fingers brush over her back orifice.

"It is you brute." she hissed, scolding me playfully. "Just the way I like it." She looked over at her friends. "Alright, I'm still hot to trot here. What next ?"

The other two women came over to us and I found myself surrounded by a bountiful amount of willing feminity. Miss White was hugging me from the left, Miss Red from the right and Miss Black from the front who was smiling knowingly as she slowly rocked forward and back watching as my cock rubbed up and down her belly leaving a trail of fizzing juice. I had something in mind that I'd like to do - but not yet. That would be the last thing I would do to them before we had to leave. Think of it as the icing on the cake. I kind of suspected that Miss Red and Miss Black wanted a taste of King Cock by this time and I was more than happy to oblige. But which one first ? Maybe I should toss a coin. But they, as I was to find out in future, were always one step ahead of me as regards this sort of thing. Not that I was put out or anything. Being the play-thing of three sexually independent women, one does have to make allowances after all. It was Miss White who had the rather shamelessly naughty solution to this particular problem.


Let me paint a very kinky picture. Miss Black being slightly taller and heavier than Miss Red got up onto the table first. Using a solid tube-like piece of packing foam, Miss White had told her to lay face down and place it under her hips thus raising them slightly above the height of her head. Miss White was directing the proceedings and she turned to Miss Red with a devilish smile on her full lips. "Now then, it seems to me that we can kill two pussies with one cock by doing it this way. Get up on the table and lie over her the same way with your hips resting on her upturned bottom."

Miss Red blushed despite herself. "Oh, you mean...."

Miss White smiled and winked. "I thought you might like it."

Miss Black agreed but wasn't too sure. "Oh my, are you sure this will work ?"

Miss White held Miss Red's hand as she clambered up onto the table. "I think so. He's certainly big enough to put a smile on both your faces this way. Now stay still while I make sure she's in the right position on top of you. I don't want you to end up being squashed."

Bemused, I stood watching as Miss White manoeuvred Miss Red until she was lying head to head and toe to toe on top of Miss Black. It was comical watching as they fussed about until she was satisfied. It definitely was an interesting position as I walked around behind them. Especially the way the foam support raised and lifted their sex so that it was easily accessible to my erection. Looking between their spread thighs, between sheer stockings and suspenders, I had a prime view of four very inviting doors I had the opportunity to knock on. If I did this right - I intended to thoroughly inspect all four.

Miss White turned to me now. I could tell she was in her element and loving the sheer lunacy of it all. The woman had one vivid imagination for sure. She grabbed my hand and explained the situation - not that it needed explanation but I went along with it anyway. "See Ian." she began, drawing me nearer to the action. "We don't have that long. So if you fuck them this way you can choose your own route." Something suddenly occurred to her. She cursed softly "Shit. Hang on. Won't be a tic." She knelt on the seat of a chair and reached over with her right hand between the thighs of Miss Black who was on the bottom. Carefully, she extended a slim finger and slipped it into her friends sodden pussy hole. Miss Black squeaked and jerked. "Shhhh, stay still. I need something to oil up your arseholes. Here we go." Withdrawing a wet finger, she used the copious amount of pussy juice to lube up both Miss Black's and Miss Red's other orifice until they were slick and ready to rock and roll. "Da daaaaaa. They don't call me the mother of invention for nothing. There you go Ian Honey, fuck them whichever way you want. I'm sure they don't mind either way."

Miss Red turned her head. "Both ways please."

I gave her a mock bow. "As you command." Feeling slightly foolish, I climbed up onto the table until I was kneeling between two sets of female thighs the sight of which was truly erotic. As was to be expected, I was completely and totally at full tilt and I could feel the dull ache of a sack full of boiling spunk. Shifting forward, I made my choice. Pussy fucking first. Arse fucking last. I had long since gone past caring who ended up with the millky prize. All I knew was I had one last surprise left for them after this. I glanced to where it was lying and felt myself grow another inch.

Servicing her first, I sank my engorged ram-rod right up Miss Black's cunt letting her feel the benefit of its length and girth. A few deep strokes later and she was groaning and whimpering for me to fuck her harder. Meanwhile Miss Red was giggling and wriggling as she felt my weight rest lightly on her lower back and my hands grip the still red overhang of her bottom so that I could gain more leverage. "When is it MY turn Ian ?" she grinned as I rammed home into Miss Black a couple of more times. "Ouch !!" she yelped as I gave her arse a slap.

"Don't be greedy. All good things come to bad girls who wait." I scolded her.

She twisted around and kissed me as I lent forward. "And I really am a bad girl aren't I..."

Fondling her wonderful tits, I nodded. "Yes, you are. I wouldn't have you any other way." Swiftly, I pulled back and out of Miss Black's clinging pussy. She gave a faint moan of disappointment as I shifted my hips up and with one sharp poke drove myself up Miss Red's eager sex next.

"Aghh, oh Ian. Oh shit. Oh my....ooooooo" she yelped as I began rodgering her silly. I had more freedom this way and I used it to my best advantage. My hips jarred against her still sore bottom. Plunging deep and retreating to nearly out, I fucked her as hard as I could. Long enough for her to suddenly go rigid and moan a long climax before collapsing in a heap on Miss Black. I was sweating buckets but was still in control of my ejaculate. My balls felt the size of grapefruits as I withdrew with a wet "plop" and lowered my aim towards Miss Black's unprotected anus.

By that time, Miss White had climbed onto the table and joined us. She was at my side and was grabbing my head and smothering me in a plethora of wet kisses. To think that this morning I thought this woman was the Bitch Queen from New Orleans. Truth is definitely stranger than the imagination. I moved my head back a couple of inches and looked into her hazel eyes. There was a whirlpool of emotion swirling in them. I could tell she wanted to say something - something important - something that mattered. But she was unable to say it for whatever reason. I lifted a finger and put it to her lips. "This is perfect. YOU don't have to say anything."

Her gaze dropped for a brief moment before returning. She nodded and mouthed a silent "Thank you." as I pulled her close to my side. We both looked down to see the other two staring at us. I broke into a wide smile which turned into an impish grin as I slapped both their upturned bottoms. Time had become an irrelevance to each of us by now. We were in our own little cocoon. A place where there was no need to explain anything. As I lent forward I bent right over and kissed Miss Red and then Miss Black. Tomorrow was sure going to be an interesting day at work. One thing I was sure of was that what had happened tonight would bind us together forever. It would be our secret. Our sexual secret. I felt a twitch as Miss Black flexed her rosebud around the partially submerged crown of my cock. She looked at me expectantly - waiting for a good shafting up her back passage. "Now then, since you're such a bad girl, if you want some of this you're going to have to ask for it."

Miss White laughed out loud at the look on Miss Blacks face. "He's right."

Miss Red bent down and whispered something in Miss Blacks ear making them both collapse into a fit of giggling. Removing my cock, I thumped the head on both sets of bottom cheeks. "Hey, hey. Enough of that. If you're not bad enough I'll take my bat and balls home." I pointed point dexter at each of them in turn. They burst out laughing.

Miss Black looked at me contritely. "Yes Ian Sir." she began. "Please Sir, can you shove your big fat dick up my bumhole and give me a good hard arse shagging with it ? I've been ever such a bad girl. Please Sir. I know you know I want it." For effect she raised her backside. Miss Red wanted to see what was going on so she slid off her friend and off the table to stand beside it. All the while she was slowly playing with herself.

"Go on Ian." urged Miss Red, her hand caressing my right thigh. "You know you want to."

Too fucking right I did. Positioning myself just right, I slipped up into Miss Black with surprising ease. She grunted a bit and gasped as I sank firmly in and was able to lie over her for a brief moment savouring the heat emanating from her over my manhood. I closed my eyes and let my own instincts take over with the gentle thrust and withdrawal of my hips. The small room was filled with her soft mewls of satisfaction and my darker mutterings that built and built like the orchestra I had imagined until our sex were crashing together with enough resonance and power to shudder and shake the table on which we danced. I was near the point of no return when she reached hers. She squealed and began to groan out loud as I felt her stiffen right up literally lifting me off whatever contact I had with the wooden table. With a great grasping gasping shivering sigh she collapsed just as I reached my own peak. With a final urgent thrust to trigger my come, I grasped my shaft and pulled it out in one swift move. Hauling myself up to my knees I threw back my head and just let myself go. This time there were three surges from my groin. Long ones. Painful too in a pleasurable sort of way. I'd closed my eyes tightly shut watching as fireworks exploded and I could hear in the dark the gasps of the others as I shot out streamers of spunk from the raw end of my penis.

It took moments for me to gather myself and I slumped down in a kneeling heap breathing great gulps of air into my lungs. The fireworks were still there. I desperately clung onto the last of them before they faded and died. The room was quiet as I opened my eyes. Looking down, I sighed as I watched Miss Red and Miss White using their tongues to scoop up my spend that had covered the bottom of Miss Black in a glistening sheen. "Bad girls. Really bad girls." I groaned as I fell off the table with a bump. I was, not to put it too mildly, absolutely fucking knackered.


The show was over - or so they thought. Filling a cup of water from the dispenser, they used a hankerchief to clean themselves up a little. Skirts, bra's and blouses were put back on again as I slipped on my own clothes. All that is except one item. I was standing to one side watching them as they got ready. You know there is something sexy about women putting clothes ON too. They had a kind of grace about the way they did it. Each helping the other with buttons or fasteners. I felt like it was something special to watch. Smiling, I did up the last button on my shirt as they turned and came over to me. They were chatting amiably, smiling and laughing without a care in the world.

Miss Red reached out and slipped her arms around me. "Hmmm Ian. That was great. I always thought there was more to you than met the eye. Guess it's true what they say that the strong silent type have more to hide." She stood on tiptoe and kissed me on the cheek.

Miss Black was next. "If I'd of known...." she started but shook her head laughing as she kissed me too.

I stood feeling somewhat bashful under their attentions. "Er, thanks. I wouldn't of missed this for the world either ladies."

Miss White, my boss, came up to me and laid her arms over my shoulders. "I guess this is one way to give you a raise Ian." she smiled. "Like the others said, tonight has been special and wonderful. You made it so. Now that we've broken the ice there won't be the need for any hesitation next time."

I held her at arms length. "Next time ?" I said. "There'll be a next time ?"

Miss Red reached down and rubbed my cock through my pants. "Of course there'll be a next time darling. Did you honestly think that tonight was a one off ?"

"Er, to tell you the truth. Yes. Yes I did think that. I didn't want to presume..." I stopped.

Miss Black had returned after getting her coat. "This was a big decision for all three of us Ian. This was a matter of having complete trust in each other as close friends - and lovers. Once we knew your circumstances, we agreed that if it was possible we wanted you to join us. You're the first man we've had and you will be the last. We just weren't absolutely positive you'd want to join us so we had to tread carefully. That's why we really stayed behind after work. Think of it as a kind of test."

"Test ?"

Miss White continued. "Oh yes. We had to be sure you were the right one. Charlie's a bit old for this sort of thing after all. All three of us know you keep staring at our bottoms during the day."

I didn't know what to say. I felt like a kid caught red-handed pinching sweets from the sweet shop. " do?"

Miss Red laughed at the look on my face. "Shhh Ian. Don't be so embarrassed. Of course we knew. It was fairly obvious. Your tongue practically hangs out whenever one of us walks past your desk. Haven't you wondered why we always seem to make sure we dress to your liking ?"

This was getting surreal. "I er...well, what I mean is. Do you ?"

"Of course !!" laughed Miss Black. "We talk about that all the time. What use is having a decent arse if we're not going to use it to our advantage ? You know - summer dresses, short skirts, tight slacks, hot pants that sort of thing. Ring any bells ?"

Now it did. Oh boy. The trials and tribulations of being an ass man.

"And you are definitely an arse lover honey. Its written all over your face. So never ever feel uneasy or unsure around us. Of course, during work hours we'll still flirt and flaunt our booty in front of you to tease you. But remember, from now on in you get to arse fuck and spank the feast." promised Miss White. She picked up her coat and was about to slip it on. Then something occurred to her. "But don't think this changes the fact that I'm still your boss because it doesn't. I'll still give you a hard time if I think you need it ok ?"

No problem with that. I nodded. "Absolutely."

She smiled. "Good. God, look at the time, it's gone 11. We should be going." She joined the other two who were also slipping on their coats and were about to leave the office and head for their cars. I waited until they were about to open the door. My timing had to be perfect.

It was. "Stop."

As one they turned with puzzled smiles on their lovely faces and looked at me as I rolled up my shirt sleeve. "What's wrong Ian ?" asked Miss Black.

I held up my belt.

"I say when you can go."


The following morning...

It was raining as I pulled into the parking space and switched off the engine. Once I'd got home last night I'd crashed right out and it took the alarm clock to wake me. I ached all over in a post sexual way that was delicious but tiring in equal measure. Easing myself out, I shut the car door noticing that my three lovers were already at their desks. Making sure the car was secure, I made my way into the building towards my section. I had to admit to a slight feeling of trepidation at what lay ahead. Would there be an awkward embarrassing moment when I saw them ? No, no of course not. Don't be stupid. We're all adults here aren't we ? Well either way I was about to find out.

But it was Charlie who I saw first.

"Hey mate, how goes it ?" he said, slapping my back as he walked in step with me as we climbed the stairs. "How was detention ?"

I glanced at him. "Detention sucks Charlie. It really sucked as much as you told me it would."

He laughed. "Heh, I can imagine. Not my idea of fun being stuck with Miss Uptight, Miss Bitchy and Miss Frosty I can tell you. Rather you than me. Bad girls the lot of them. Next time you'll be more careful won't you."

I made a face. "Oh sure. You bet. See you around Charlie." He slapped my back again and went to check out the production lines operating on the floor below. I made my way to my desk and slipped off my coat and hung it on the back of the chair. The three of them were at their desks already immersed in their work. Today was going to be a busy day as I stared at the huge pile of documents in my "In" tray. Last night seemed a life time away.


It was morning break when I saw them coming over. It was Miss Red first who was carrying two cups of coffee. She smiled at me as her eyes met mine. "Thought you might need a little pick me up Ian. Here you go. Careful, it's still hot." She placed the cup on the desk as she came around the left side and sat on the corner. It suddenly occurred to me that she wasn't wearing anything red. In fact she looked totally different. She had on a white blouse, a flouted black skirt with pleats and her legs were bare right down to her white shoes. She looked absolutely stunning. She laughed softly as I did a double take. "Thought that might get your attention. How do I look?"

"You look great." I responded with admiration.

"I'm glad you like it." she said. Then she licked her lips slowly. "You are such a bad boy you know."

I blinked. "I am ?"

Miss White had joined us and had heard her last comment. "Yes you are Ian." she grinned. Glancing around to make sure no one was near she lent over towards Miss Red. "Are you still sore ?"

Miss Red nodded and made an "Ooooo" kind of face. "Oh my yes. I can still feel the welts on my bottom. They're all stingy and make me squirm when I try to sit down in my chair. You're a bad man Ian - but I'm glad that you are." She gave her backside a quick rub for effect.

I was having a hard time not laughing.

Just then Miss Black came by with another woman from the department who was showing her something on a clipboard. As they passed, she glanced at the three of us over her shoulder and nodded with a knowing smile on her lips. "Hi there." she said. The other woman smiled and said hello too but was oblivious to the intimacy between us.

"Hello." I replied cheerily. No doubt we'd have to chance to talk openly later. Our eyes followed her as she suddenly, without the other woman even noticing what had happened, reached behind herself with her right hand and rubbed her right arse cheek. The same one that I had thrashed last night with my long leather belt. It had certainly been the right way to conclude our little get together by giving the three of them a taste of its bite as the bent over side by side, skirts tugged up and knickers removed awaiting its kiss.

Miss Red burst out laughing as her friend disappeared into another section. "No wonder she can't sit still. I bet her bum stings as bad as mine !!"

Miss White concurred. "Mine too. I had bruises when I got up this morning and it's all your fault Ian. How on earth am I going to go see the Chief Exec with a sore arse like mine hmmm ? Promise me one thing -"


"Next time, make sure I don't have an important meeting the following day." she laughed.

We all grinned as the bell sounded signalling the end of mid-morning break. My work station was surrounded on three sides by tall filing cabinets so they both had a quick glance before they bent over the desk and kissed me full on the lips. Miss Red was first. "Can't wait till next time Ian. I have an arsehole missing your big fat cock." she breathed into my mouth. She stood up, smoothed down her skirt and went back to her own desk.

Miss White watched the byplay of the younger woman with a smile. Waiting until she had gone, she turned to me as she was about to leave. "Last night you said there were no words needed. You were right Ian. Last night was perfect. But now I just wanted to say that you've made us all complete in a way. Especially in the way you spanked and used your belt on us. I know for a fact that was what we were all looking for."

"Looking for ?"

She nodded. "We were bad girls for a reason. The reason being the need to give ourselves totally over to someone else. You have no idea what that means to a woman. The freedom to be different to what is expected of us these days. We always suspected you were an arse man Ian. I'm sure I speak for the others when I say that we're glad that you are and that we found you first."

I didn't know what to say so I just nodded.

Our eyes met and a bond of trust passed between us. A bond that would bind us together in the future. I watched as she turned away from me and walked to her office - where, before she went in, she looked over her shoulder directly at me and reached behind herself to pat her bottom.


As I had predicted it had been one helluva busy day at the office. It was nearly 5pm and I was sat at my terminal calibrating the last few figures that needed to be entered into the inventory database. On screen, the hourglass finally disappeared and the routine was done. Checking it was saved, I was about to switch the thing off when suddenly a small flashing envelope appeared at the bottom right of my screen. Apparently I had mail. Clicking the icon, I waited until the message was brought from my private internal e-mail box.

The message appeared.

I sat back and started to laugh.

It read:

Saturday 15th

My place.

Eat spinach.

Do you have a camcorder ?


from the white queen


"Camcorder huh...?" Nope. Looks like I would be buying one before saturday.

Home movies ?

Now that sounds fun.

The end.

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