Friday, 27 June 2014

Spanking Story: Rosie Dixon - Spanked Nurse

 Authors Note: "Isn't it amazing what you find when looking through an old hard drive. I discovered this story about Rosie Dixon!! Blimey, this was one of my very first stories I wrote years ago. I had completely forgot about it until this morning. So here it is. I think its a fun story. Its a bit rough and ready with my punctuation all over the place but I do hope you enjoy reading it. Ian."


Slipping his fingers into the waistband of her white knickers, he began to tug them down over the cheeks of her fat bum which were still throbbing smartly after the first few spanks her had given her over her underwear.

"Oh..hmmmmmmmmm must you?" sighed the blonde haired girl as she lay over his lap wriggling slightly as his warm hand grazed a particularly sore spot on her upthrust behind.

"Fraid so petal. Remember, its intended to be a punishment to teach you not to be so forgetful in future isn't it?" he replied starkly as the full bulging expanse of her arse popped into view.

"Oh well, s'ppose so, I guess." she sniffed, wishing she wasn't so scatterbrained with her money for look where it had got her........about to be spanked!!


"Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!" shivered Rosie standing in the lobby to the block of flats where she and the other Nurses lived as she shook out her black umbrella sending raindrops flying everywhere. The building, a grey concrete tower, five stories high with around ten individual apartments was situated just across the road from the Royal Victoria Hospital and so was popular with those that worked there. At the sound of her moaning a head popped itself out of the "Enquiries" window as she folded her brolly, wincing as she started to undo the buttons on her bright yellow raincoat.

It was Mr Hardy. Her landlord.

"Hello petal, raining hard?" he smiled as she looked down at the puddle forming round her feet and groaned.

"Its bloomin' tipping it down outside Mr H so it is, oh bugger I'm wet through!!" she sighed slipping off her waterproof to leave her standing shivering in her rather tight white uniform. Watching keenly as she tottered around, Mr H stuck out his tongue and licked his nose as she bent over at the waist trying to straighten her white stockings and giving him a first class view of her rather large white covered bum sticking up at him.

"By gum....." he muttered to himself, smiling innocently as she straightened up and came to stand before him as he looked out through his office window. One thing twenty-four year old Miss Dixon was not and that was lacking in the "well-stacked in all the right places" department for she filled out her uniform with a kind of innocent "umphhhhh" that whenever he saw her had him walking around with a hard-on for the rest of the bloody day!!

"Hard day luv?" he asked trying hard not to stare like a dirty old man.

"Hmmm hmmm, I was on bed bath duty today...blecchhh, never seen so many randy old men Mr H, it was like privates on parade. I tell you Mr H, I didn't know where to look half the time aaaaaaand even some of the buggers offered is money, you know." she stuttered to a blushing halt as her landlord bit his lip trying not to laugh at the disgusted look on her pretty young face.

He could just about picture all those old codgers lying in bed when in walked Nurse Dixon with her soap, water and sponge. "Hello Mr So and so...would you like me to give you a bath this morning?" Hah, bet they all thought Christmas had come early the lucky devils!!

"Best get yourself upstairs and dry off before you catch yer death of cold Rosie." he smiled as she reached up to untangle the tats in her long hair, just as he was about to return to his desk a thought occurred to him as he watched the sway of her arse as she made her way to the lift.

"Oh nearly forgot pet, remember its that time of the month again oky-dky?" he called after her as the doors shwooshed open and she stepped in. Rosie blushed and gave him a weak smile.

"Oh crumbs," she thought to herself as the lift shuddered its way up to her 4th floor flat."...the rent!!"


Spanking Story: The Spanking Agency 7 - A Proper Charlie

Part 1.

Blimey. There are just some weeks when you don't know whether you're coming or going. And that was most certainly the case for twenty eight year old Melanie Sykes who was one of the Spanking Agency's favourite girls and who was making her way towards her next appointment.

It was the third that week and she was worn out. Her poor bum!! Monday had been another session with the very enthusiastically swishy, Mr Hall. He certainly was a whizz with his Colepepper cane. Good grief, he had her shrieking so loud she had lost her voice for a day or so. It was just as well she had a pain tolerance to admire for he had left her arse in right state.

Then on Wednesday the phone had rang. It was Dolly, the Agency's secretary. Was she available for an appointment later that day? Had her bum recovered? It was an emergency last minute booking. A little get together with some spanking enthusiasts who were looking for a lady to have some belt slapping fun with. Of course she was available. Was there a bonus for double time? Yup. Very nice. Seven p.m sharp. Taxi all sorted.

By the time ten o'clock ticked around, and she was safely on her way home, it felt as if her well therwacked and blazingly sore rear was the size of Mars. It had certainly been a novelty to be walloped by three men all at once with each holding their own leather belt just itching to have a go at her poor rump. Bent over a chair, first one had stepped up CRACK, then the next THERWHUPP and, finally, the third gentleman with a SHERLAPTHERWICK that had her yelping and drumming her feet as they went around again. And again. And AGAIN. Crikey, what a ta doo. As requested, to round off a thoroughly enjoyable time, she had to service her clients. By the time a taxi was called, her pussy was as red raw as her bum!!!

So, as you can see, Melanie Sykes was having a very interesting week...