Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Spanking Story: The Spanking Club

The woman stopped at the plain front door and reached up with a gloved hand to press the buzzer below the intercom. Stepping into the shelter of the alcove out of the biting winter wind, she leant forward twisting her head slightly so she could hear any response better. When there was no reply, she pressed the buzzer again listening to it echo dully somewhere in the flat above. Another pause, then...

"Hello ?" It was a woman's voice, bright and enquiring.

The visitor stepped closer still, stooping so her mouth was close to the speaker.

"Er, hi. I've er.. an appointment for two o'clock." she replied, glancing over her shoulder in case some passer by might hear. She was shivering slightly with a mixture of nervous anticipation mixed with no little amount of trepidation. Her mouth was dry and her heart was pounding in her chest. "I...I was told this was the address."

"Ah, yes. Is that Mrs Dickinson ?" asked the voice again. "April Dickinson ?"

April licked her lips which were slightly chaffed due to the cold. "Y..yes that's right."

"Hi there, its Faith. Remember me ? I was the one who chatted with you when you contacted us last week. Do you remember the password I gave you ?"

April nodded despite herself. "Uhuh, I think so...do you want me to tell you it here, right now?"

There was a warm laugh, slightly metallic sounding. "Please do, it's simply a precaution Mrs Dickinson. We have to be sure who we allow in. Pays to be on the safe side you'll find. Go ahead....tell me your password."

Mrs April Dickinson, a tidy, comfortable lady of forty, widowed with two son's long since flown the nest, of hesitant manner and of "volumptious" build paused for a moment suddenly aware of actions and consequences therein. By saying the "word" she was stepping out of her current life with all its security and predictability into a life which was anything but predictable or secure. She didn't have to. She could just turn and walk away and forget she'd ever seen that message whilst surfing around on the Internet. But she didn't move. In fact, she doubted she could move anywhere at all !!

"Mrs Dickinson ?"

April bent closer still, her lips were literally touching metal.

"Spanking...." she whispered.

Spanking Story: Secret Society of Spankers


Gallowgate House was as imposing as it's name suggested. An austere two floored building born out of the press-gang era during the latter 1800's, it sat hidden away from the shine and sheen of present day 21st century living. Inside its walls, it's history was that of the secret underground where people dwelled in it's Victorian shadows which gave life to mysterious meetings and gatherings concerning deeds best left unspoken. Even to enter it today was to step back in time into a whole new world. A world of mystery and enlightenment.

A world of secret societies.


part 1:

Don took his eye off the road and looked at me. "I forgot to tell you something."

It was a steaming evening with a low slung sultry sun and I'd wound the windscreen down half way letting the cool breeze waft over me. "Forgot what?" I replied as the car crested a rise and dipped down into a gully heading towards our destination. Not that I had any inkling where we were going in the first place for this particular destination was an intended mystery to me.

My companion smiled knowingly. "You have to do an initiation."

"A what?"

"Initiation. Before you can be accepted, you have to take the initiation. It's the rule and rules are rules." He glanced at me again and I could see he was much amused at my bemused look. Initiation huh? He didn't say anything more but just sat their driving with a smile on his face. Sunlight suddenly broke through the canopy of poplars that lined this side of the road blinding me with its glare. Pulling down the visor, I stared out of the window seeing the outskirts of a town in the distance. "Initiation?" I thought to myself. Probably something dumb like stripping down to my shorts, being smeared with treacle and having to recite some obscure gobbledygook whilst standing on one leg. No problem - I can do that. Though why I'm doing this in the first place God alone knows. I must be out of my tiny mind.

It's all his fault. Don. My work buddy. "Do you really want to know how I got that promotion Bill?" he'd asked me out of the blue one day. I suggested that he had either been the right person for the job or he was banging Miss Dooley, our boss, big time. "Hah!!" he'd laughed, slapping me on the back. "I wish." We were stood at the bar and he was buying me the pint he owed me. The first of several come to think of it. "In fact, I'm doing something so much better than that." he continued as he pointed out somewhere for us to park our backsides. Sitting in a quiet alcove in your typical village pub I'd frowned at him. He laughed all the harder and just tapped the side of his nose with a finger. "Secret. Let's just say it's not what you know but who you know."

"You have been screwing the boss." I muttered, feeling as if he was leading me around like a blind man on a leash.

He supped his pint for a bit then put the glass down and licked the froth from below his beak like nose. "I'm not. Scouts honour. It's true what I said though. It's not what but who you know. If you have the right connections you can do anything."

I snorted. "Don't tell me you're a bloody freemason." I was genuinely suprised for Don didn't seem the type to be a member of the funny handshake brigade. Or sheepshaggers incorporated as an old pal once told me. He wasn't far wrong in my humble opinion.

Don had the good grace to look affronted by my suggestion. "Oh Christ no. Don't be stupid Bill, this is me remember? No, I'm in with a different er crowd. As different as chalk and cheese." He picked up his glass again and raised it to his lips. He paused and looked at me over the rim. "Interested?"

Intrigued more than interested, I shrugged before nodding. Guess there would be no harm in just finding out what he was up to. "Sure. Why not?" Besides, it might be my lucky day. They might be a bunch of depraved swingers or something. It was about time I put my frustrated libido to good use. If it didn't get a dammed good workout soon it may as well shrivel up and drop off for all the good it's doing me.

Little did I realise that I wasn't exactly that far wide of the mark.