Thursday, 27 February 2014

Spanking Story: Dominus Domina

Jane was in big trouble.

As usual she'd been seeing how long she could stretch the patience of her new boyfriend by running around their new home in just a blue shirt and skimpy pair of knickers telling him that she wasn't in the mood for sex because she'd be late for work. "But I really will be honey !!" she teased as she gave him a flash of her smashing bottom as she scrambled around looking under their bed for her stockings.

That'd teach her to have another night of unbridled, garment throwing passion. Her new lover sure was a tiger between the sheets as well as between her cheeks !! "Mr Harris is a stickler for good time-keeping and I've already seen what happens when he gets angry."

Jeff grunted. "Oh sure. If that's the best you can do you deserve a sore arse twice over !!" he roared as he jumped up and chased her through to the kitchen where he caught her round the waist and hauled her cursing, squealing and laughing over his bare shoulder and marched her back into the bedroom where he threw her down over his knee.

"NO WAIT JEFF !!" she shrieked, giggling despite herself. "YOU CAN'T. I REALLY WILL BE LATE AND I'LL GET INTO TROUBLE - AGAIN !!!!"

Sensible and reasonable chap that he was - he ignored her and pulled and tugged her knickers down off her bottom and gave it a quick-fire SLAP SLAP SLAP to shut her up. Which of course was totally pointless due to the fact that he had just given her three hard spanks to her very spankable arse. Which of course was totally pointless due to the fact that he had just given her three hard spanks to her very spankable arse.

"YEOWCH - YEOWCH - YEOWCH !!" yipped Jane trying to fend him off and protect her cheeks from any more stinging ringing slaps. "You bastard !!" she growled. "You and your bloody spanking. Is that all you ever think about ?!!"

Jeff licked his lips. "WIth an arse like yours sweetheart it's hard not too. Now shut up and take your lickin like a man.'" he ordered as he easily held down his cursing and struggling girlfriend. He had to admit that the fight was half the fun of the exercise - that and watching her butt turn from a snowy white to a cherry red of course. Though he knew that this time there would be no making up straight afterwards. He sighed. Guess a spanking man can't have everything. He zipped in a few more rat-a-tat raps that had Jane flayling about wildly as she yelped and whined that he was a complete and utter prick.

"Why you - you OUCH !!" his girlfriend cursed as she twisted too and fro trying to reach back with her right hand to fend off his stinging blows which were now peppering her now tingling rump. Why couldn't he wait for later after she was finished her shift at the coffee shop ?!! "Men can be just so bloody unreasonable at times." she winced as another SPLAT echoed around their bedroom. Reaching across, she grabbed a pillow and swung it at him as hard as she could catching him on the side of his head.

In response to her attack Jeff grabbed her by her long blonde hair and gave it a painful tug. "Do that again and I'll go get thewhip. I'm not finished yet dealing with your arse. Now stick it up sweetheart so I can get a few good slaps on it. " he warned her, raising his hand again and bringing it down with a forceful....

"OWWWWWW !!!!" squealed Jane loudly, thinking it best she not wallop him with the pillow again. At the mention of the "W" word she thought submission was definitely the better part of valour at least where that bloody awful thing was concerned.

She only got a taste of THAT when she'd been REALLY bad or naughty. A session with that was not one to take lightly, although she had to admit, the sex afterwards was especially electric.


A few more hard spanks later and Jane could feel her cheeks starting to roast and swell painfully. Every slap made her groan and grind herself against his thigh. It was just bloody typical that just as she was starting to feel the erotic benefits of a dammed good thrashing she had to go to bloody work !!

It was so not fair !!

Despite the haze of pain, she realised that he had stopped reddening her arse and was gently rubbing each cheek back and forth in the lazy way he had. Jane turned her head and sniffed. Her backside felt twice it's normal size. Wow, he sure as hell had done a thorough job spanking her this time. "A...are you f..fer finished ?" she snivelled. Being late was the last thing on her mind at that moment. Maybe she could get him to phone in sick for her. They could spend all day in bed making up and maybe, just a little maybe, her bottom would recover enough for him to spank her hard again. But he would have to ask her nicely for she didn't want to appear a glutton for punishment. Jane smiled at that. Despite everything she was sort of partial to that sort of thing when in the mood.

Jeff ran his fingers through his goatee beard. He felt hot all over too. "God know's what her arse feel's like." he thought as he watched her reach behind herself and tentatively prod, poke and massage her red bum. It sure was red. It always amazed him that his lover could take such a thorough hiding without so much fuss other than threatening to castrate him with the bluntest knife in the kitchen drawer of course.

He suspected it wasn't so much the spanking but the idea of being submissive and ordered to do something or else that turned her on. A thing which he played on and used to his best advantage whenever he could. Realising the time, he bent down and gave each cheek a sloppy kiss that made Jane groan delightedly. "All done. You can get up now you naughty little slut." he laughed. He also knew from past experience that talking dirty and using dismissive put-down's also got her going. "Hurry up or I'll stick this thing up your arse."

Jane shivered as she always did at such talk. In real life if anyone talked to her that way she'd give them hell and what for.But this kind of thing between him and her wasn't real life. Behind the closed bedroom door things were different. She really didn't mind being called a hot house whore or a sleazy cock-sucking slutmonger. She made a face and jumped to her feet. It was then she noticed the clock idly ticking time by on the stand next to their bed. It had just gone 8.34am.

She was due at work by 9.

"Oh my God. You berk. I'm late !!" she cried out as she ran bare arsed from the room trying to pull up her knickers as she went.

Her Boss was going to go apeshit for sure.


As she suspected, she was in big trouble.

For as soon as she had ran through the shop door Mr Harris was standing there waiting for her, arm's folded with a disapproving frown on his face. "In the kitchen Miss Redwood - NOW." he ordered as he turned and strode away from her as she stood there muttering that she could "explain."

Explain what ?

That she was late because her kinky boyfriend was whacking hells bells out of her arse ? The way the day was going if she told Mr Harris that it'd might put idea's in his head. Another dose of that across her already sore bottom was not something she fancied. Hanging up her coat and smoothing down her waitress uniform she followed him all meek and contrite into the kitchen where she knew there really would be hell to pay.


Jane blinked. "But...but Mr Harris you can't ?!" she blurted out. It wasn't meant to go like this. She thought he'd just chew her out and give her another warning like he usually did. But not this time. She glanced at the small brown envelope in her right hand. He'd paid her up. He was sacking her !!

"He can't do that !!" she thought wildly. "I..I'm good at my job and I've just put my share of our first down payment on our new house. Jeff will go banana's when he find's out !!"

This was awful. Terrible. She could feel herself starting to cry. Maybe that would work. A few feminine tears to make him change his mind. She stuck out her lower lip which quivered nervously and looked pleadingly up at her boss.

Mr Harris, a bookish looking sort with sensible spectacles and little sense of humour, ignored her tearful countenance. For him, this was one time too many for her to be late. Which was a shame for she was a good worker, got on well with the cooks and customers and came with the obvious added benefit of being easy on the eye when dressed in her uniform. He had to admit it was one of the reason's he'd hired her in the first place. But this time enough really was the last straw. He needed an employee he could depend on. He had a thriving business to run and he abhored bad time-keeping most of all.

"Oh I think I can Miss Redwood. How many times is this ?" he asked as he pointed a finger at her. "Three, four ? I not only need someone I can depend on but someone I can trust. I need someone here to set everything up before the cooks arrive and we open. I'm afraid I really am going to have to let you go of your services."

Jane stood there with her heart sinking slowly. She really did need this job. She needed the regular paycheck coming in. How could she change his mind ? Her desperation made her feel giddy. "I'm truly sorry Mr Harris. I really am. I just...just...over-slept." she said, crossing her fingers behind her back to cover her little white lie.

Mr Harris shook his head. As in everything he was a bit old fashioned in his ways despite his relatively youthful age. His father was right. People had more respect and responsability in the old days. A thing he knew well for he was brought up in a strict household along with three older sisters and was never spared the rod when called for.

He recalled many a time when Dorothy, his eldest sister had got into trouble and found herself panties down over one end of the settee whilst their father used his sturdy leather belt on her. Afterwards his mother would sit with the other three of her offspring and say "A good hiding never did anybody any harm." as they listened to the CRACK of leather on flesh and the howls of anguish immediately in it's fiery wake. Even he had felt it on one or two occasions and he had learned his lesson well. What a pity someone like Miss Redwood had never felt such a benefit.

What a pity indeed. It would certainly do her the world of good. He shook his head sadly. "It's a pity in this day and age that such things are banned but in my humble opinion Miss Redwood what you really needed when growing up was a good dose of common sense, respect and proper guidance."

Jane looked up. She blinked. What was he talking about ?

"What ?"

Mr Harris sighed. Perhap's this wasn't the time and the place but he felt he had to give her the benefit of some of his wisdom. It might do her good in future and make her buck up her idea's. "Speaking with hindsight, there are far too many young people today who think they've got some divine right to an easy life. Not everything should be given out on an easy plate. Most of us have had to work dammed hard to achieve what we have in this life Miss Redwood. A good sharp shock is what some of them deserve in my humble opinion. But of course that's my old fashioned view."

Jane's mind was a whirl. She could hear a buzzing in her head as she tried to make hide nor hair of what he was saying. "A good sharp shock ?" she wondered. Wasn't that what her step-father used to say when he was paddling her bottom with his slipper when she'd been caught smoking and snogging behind the bikesheds at High school ? Was that what he was talking about ? Being punished for being lazy and slovenly ?

Her heart rate had suddenly shot up. Bells were ringing in her head. She was putting two and two together and coming up with a gazillion. A gazillion possibilities that just might save her job. If she played her cards right. But then again that would mean.........

She gulped. Oh no. Twice in one day ??!!!

She stuck her lower lip out further and looked up at him with her best little girl contrite look. "A good sharp shock ?" she whispered. "You"

It was Mr Harris' turn to hear bells ringing.


Mr Harris locked his shopfront door and pulled down the shutter. He turned to find Miss Redwood standing before him all wide eyed and attractive in her submissiveness. He shook his head. What on earth was he doing ?

He had a vague feeling that she'd out manouvered him in some way. It had never occurred to him in a million years that she'd suggest this as an alternative to being dismissed outright. So much for Miss Redwood being all prim and proper. He certainly was seeing her in a new light this day. As soon as he explained to her what he thought a "good sharp shock." should be she'd practically jumped up and down shouting that she'd accept that type of retribution instead. No wonder he was still single. He never did understand the fairer sex. Even more so after this. He had to admit, he found the idea of baring his employee's bottom and giving it what for quite - stimulating - in a thrilling sort of way.

Jane on the otherhand was anything but bemused. She was practically ecstatic with relief even if the consequences meant another hot session for her arse.

She had sometimes wondered what it would be like to be dealt with by someone like Mr Harris. Which was a little odd for although he was handsome in his own plain way he was not someone she would ordinarily be attracted to. Maybe it was the "school-teacherish" manner he had. That was probably it. She always did enjoy the thought of being treated like a naughty schoolgirl. Being spanked by Mr Harris would be as close to that fantasy as she was ever likely to get. A spanking. Lovely.

So she found herself standing in the middle of the cafe floor amongst all the tables and chairs waiting for him to take her over his lap and roast her rear bumper for being late once again. She glanced up at him and noticed he was hesitating. "Uh oh." she realised suddenly. "Maybe he's getting cold feet." She'd better give him a prod in the right direction just in case he was having second thoughts and decided he'd better sack her as he was originally going to do. Jane licked her lips. "I..I'm ready for you to spank me now Mr Harris. I know I've been a silly girl and I promise I won't ever - ever be late again." she said sincerely.

But it was her turn to be surprised at what happened next.

Jane stood rooted to the spot holding her skirt above her waist as she watched Mr Harris slowly unbuckle his belt and feed it through the loops of his trousers. Somehow, for Jane, this wasn't going exactly to plan. Why wasn't he going to spank her ? Was he gay or something ?

As soon as she had mentioned the "spanking" word Mr Harris had stepped back in alarm holding his hands up and shaking his head. "A spanking ?" he had blurted out. "Oh no, I can't do that. I mean that just wouldn't be proper would it ? Even though I'm sure it would be just as effective I don't think propriety would allow such a thing especially since you are my employee and I'm your boss. I think a good lashing with my leather belt should be enough to teach you the error of your ways Miss Redwood. Now, if you please, pull up your skirt, take down your er panties and bend over that table." He drew his belt through the final loop and shook it out like a teeny tiny whip.

Jane stared wide eyed and gulped. "Oh shit."


Mr Harris stood to Jane's right side and admired her rather delicious bottom which he noticed already had a faint pink glow to it. Slightly bemused and puzzled, he rolled up his sleeve and shook out his weapon of choice. He smiled to himself. "She probably thinks I'm a complete beginner in this."

Far from it. There had been one or two other young girls before Miss Redwood who had been under his gainful employ who had had need of a "short, sharp, shock" once in awhile. A certain Gwendolin Thomas sprang to mind. A naughty young madam who had had a fondness for "Old Bertie" his leather slipper. Still that was another time, long, long ago. Best get a move on before the other staff arrived. He shook the belt out again. "Now then Miss Redwood. I think a good bakers dozen with this should teach you a lesson.

Jane felt everything shaking and wobbling as she turned her head just in time to see "YEEEEEEEEOW!!!!" the belt land plumb dead centre across both of her upraised cheeks with a ear splitting CRACK. Christ that really hurt !! Talk about laying it on thick with a trowel.

Immediately there was another whistle and SLAP. "AGGGGGGGGH !!" yelped Jane as she drummed her feet on the plush carpet trying to disolve the awful sting. Number 3 followed like a painful wave as she squeezed her eyes shut and gritted her teeth.


The bastard - he's done this before !!!


Jane was in delirious agony and she had only taken six of the thriteen he had told her he was going to give her. Her arse felt ablaze and she imagined how sore and criss-crossed with belt welts it probably looked. God, what a way to keep her job !!

She jumped suddenly as she felt his hand touch her bottom. She turned her head and looked at him.

He stepped back suddenly and blushed. "Ah, was just checking you were alright Miss Redwood. Er - are you ?" he asked rather bashfully.

Jane made a face. She knew what his game was. All the men who had tanned her arse had done the same. Her bottom was like some sort of magnet. She nodded ruefully and blew out her cheeks. "I think so. You've given me a hard thrashing Mr Harris but it's for my own good isn't it ?" she sniffed. She should of been an actress.

Mr Harris had regained his composure. Oh boy, had he enjoyed this A LOT !! "It is Miss Redwood." he agreed. He then rubbed his chin as if he had suddenly thought of a rather bright idea.

"Miss Redwood." he began. "I don't want to appear forward but I have a rather unusual suggestion for you to consider."


Jane's face had turned as red as her bottom. What a suggestion !!

She was shocked and erotically thrilled he had even the brass balled nerve to suggest she adopt such an exposed postion in the first place even if it was a bit hard to maintain. It certainly presented her arse to his thrashing in the best light. Good God, with her panties now discarded on the floor everything was on show and didn't he know it !! Kneeling as she was on the table, she giggled to herself that she was literally the main course on the spanking and belting menu !! "Mr Harris must be getting a right eyeful of her pussy and bumhole. Despite the dull throb in both cheeks she wondered which one he'd prefer. She was so turned on she'd let him have a go at either one if he wanted too. She'd completely forgotten how many lashings she had left to endure as well. Eagerly, she stuck her arse right up and waited...

Mr Harris stuck his tongue between his teeth in concentration as he had watched his young waitress look him in the eye for a second, which felt to him like an eternity, then, biting her lower lip, climb unsteadily onto the table to await whatever it was he was going to do to her bum.

As she bent forward everything interesting spread outward leaving him with a landscape view of, well, just about the most picture perfect peach and pothole he'd ever had the pleasure to see. No doubt she had a boyfriend who was ploughing such fields often and thoroughly he mused.

Lucky bugger.

A soft chime from the clock above the bar signalled he'd better get cracking - literally - or else they'd have a rather startled audience watching them. "Alright Miss Redwood. That's absolutely perfect. Now here come you last seven lashings. Grit your teeth my dear."

Jane gripped the edge of the table and hung on for dear life.


It was all over.

Jane stood with both hands under her skirt massaging her cheeks enthusiastically as Mr Harris appeared from behind the bar and gave her a hankie. "Here you go Miss Redwood, blow your nose on this. " he offered with a smile.

Jane gratefully accepted it and dabbed her eyes. She'd better pop to the bathroom first and check her make-up. She must look a fright. She glanced at Mr Harris who looked as if he wanted to say something to her but couldn't put it into words. Jane gave him a penitent smile. "Oh boy, my bum doesn't half sting Mr Harris." she grimaced as she bent down delicately and retrieved her panties. As she stepped into them and tugged them up over her swollen rear she made a face and promised him that "I'm ever so grateful you let me keep my job Mr Harris. I won't ever EVER be late again and that's a promise. Look at the time, think I'd best go to the bathroom and freshen up in case somebody comes in and see's us. "

Her boss seemed almost relieved that she had made the first move after her punishment. Despite feeling awkward he had thoroughly enjoyed their little escapade and was slightly disappointed when she'd promised she'd never ever be late again. Thankfully no one had seen what they'd been up to. He had his reputation to think about and in a small town like this such gossip would spread like wildfire. At that moment as she disappeared into the bathroom Jane was thinking exactly the same thing.

But they were both sorely mistaken.

For they had both failed to notice a figure outside step quickly back and into the shadows before disappearing down the lane as Mr Harris turned, pulled up the shutters again and unlocked his cafeteria door for the other workers to enter. Unknown to him, there had been just enough of a gap between the shutters for someone with an idle curiosity to peek through.

As Jane stood doing her make-up little did she know that today was going to be an even longer and more painful one than she had ever imagined.


"Honey..." called out Jane brightly. "I'm hooooooooome !!"

Dropping her keys onto the hallway stand, she slipped off her coat and hung it on a hook behind the front door. Oh boy, was she glad that shift was over. It sure had been one to remember. "A dammed painful one too." she thought wryly. Being a waitress with all it's too-ing and fro-ing was not exactly condusive when dealing with a sore arse. All day every stoop, dip and bend had been agony until the sting had eventually faded into a dull persistant throb. "Though I shouldn't of been surprised." she mused. After all her backside had taken two thrashings in one day. No doubt there'd be bruises tomorrow as a result. "Great." she thought. "That's all I need." There was another problem too. She'd have to make sure that if Jeff wanted sex that night - as he usually did - she'd better turn off the light just in case he saw the rectangular blotches made by Mr Harris' belt on her cheeks and began to ask questions. Those would take some explaining for sure !!

Patting her bum with a smile, she called out again. "Jeff ?" She walked into the sitting-room. There was no one there. Even the tv wasn't on. "Jeff, where are you ?" she shouted. Maybe he had gone out to his office. After all he was his own boss. No such thing as a strict 9 till 5 for her boyfriend. The lucky thing. Suddenly there was a voice from upstairs.

"I'm up here Jane. In the bedroom. Come up here right now." It was Jeff.

Jane frowned. The words "Jeff" and "in the bedroom" usually meant only one thing. Sex. Lots of it. Jane felt her heart beating faster. Uh oh. One thing she had learned about her boyfriend was he had an insatiable appetite for her body. Not a bad body by any means she would remind herself. Usually by the end of a heavy lovemaking session she couldn't think or walk straight. No doubt he was probably still on the boil after spanking her bum first thing that morning. The spanking which made her late for work and the spanking which ended up with her getting the belt. QED. On another occasion a bit of bone jumping would be wonderful but this was neither the place or the time. Still, she was making assumptions. There was only one way to find out for sure. Making sure the skirt of her waitress uniform covered her arse she climbed the stairs...


As she entered their bedroom. She was surprised and bemused to find no one there. "Jeff ?" she called again as she walked throught the door and....BANG !!

Suddenly the door slammed shut making her jump with fright and turn to find her boyfriend leaning back against it with a smile on his lips. Jane stood wide eyed as she watched him take out a key from his shirt pocket, hold it under her nose before inserting it into the lock and turning it. CLICK. Jane could hear warning bells going off in her head. What on earth was he up to ? He only locked the door when....

Her eyes opened real wide and she dived across the bed to put it between him and her. She was breathing hard. Her gasps coming in heated pants. That bastard !! He want's to give me more !! That bloody, insufferable, greedy kinky bastard !! She glanced at the locked door. Maybe if she tugged really hard on the handle. Jeff saw her glance and grinned wider.

"Uh...nope. You're going nowhere sweetheart until I let you." he laughed menacingly holding up the key. "Only way out is with this. I've been thinking about you all day Jane. You have no idea how frustrated I've been sitting here waiting for you to finish work and come home. Guess what ? he smiled wider.

Jane stood frowning at him with both hands on her backside. He must be joking. There was no way her arse could stand any more punishment. Which of course was totally untrue. It could stand a whole lot more for she knew she had a high tolerance to endure a lot of pain. Not that she was going to tell Jeff that. "Let him find that out for himself !!" she reckoned. Despite her fuming she could feel her home fires burning brightly. They always did despite herself. Jeff had her sussed. He had her figured out to a tee. He was finally the man who knew what she really wanted by way of a sexual relationship and boy did he let her know it. A sore arse was very much a centre point to their lives together. But there were times when he could be such..a...a " bastard Jeff." she growled. "I've just finished work. You should be making my tea right now !!"

Jeff laughed out loud. He loved this sort of thing with her. She was such a drama queen always playing to the gallery. It was one helluva an act though. He stepped from the door - she stepped back to keep the same distance between them - and reached for something he had hid under their double bed. It was a bag.

Jane's mouth dropped open. "Oh, now hang on honey." she gasped, her cheeks flushing crimson. This wasn't fair. He know's how much those things turn me on. " can't use those things on me Jeff I'm still really sore after this morning. Being hit with those is just too much." She was edging back into the corner as he edged forward and emptied the bag onto the bed. Jane held out her hand. "Please Jeff. Let's talk about this huh ?" she whispered. Her eyes were rivitted on the short tan strap and fearsome looking multi-tailed flogger. She could feel that tingle beginning to grow. The one right down in the junction of her..

Jeff was shaking his head. "Uh..nope. Like I said. I've had a hard-on for you all fucking day. I need you to help me get rid of it sweetheart. No one's more qualified to do it than you. Now come here, I'll give you a strapping first then a session with the flogger." He reached out his hand.

Jane was having none of it. She squealed and jumped on the bed trying to shoot past him. He grabbed for her and missed. Jane reached the door and began tugging desperately on the handle. It was, of course, still locked. She muttered and cursed as he leapt behind her and grabbed her around the waist as she kicked and screamed at him to let her go. "No..Jeff I'm still sore after this morning. Let me go you buffoon !!"

Jeff hauled her off her feet and hugged her to him as his hands reached around and fondled her boobs. "But that was ages ago. Your bottom should of recovered by now and you know you just want me to do it to you don't you. Think of all the fun we're going to have once I've finished warming your arse. Now stop struggling and come lay over my lap."

Jane's mind was working over-time. His spanking her that morning had been ages ago. Her arse would of recovered by now. It always had done before. But there was no way she could tell him about what Mr Harris had done to it later that same morning. He'd belt her twice as hard for twice as long for sure if he found out. It might even finish their relationship for good !! There was no way she wanted that to happen. She loved him !! Even if he was an inconsiderate sod at times. He was intelligent and fun to be with. If she wanted to keep her man she was going to have to let him do whatever he wanted to do with her bottom even if it meant a doubly severe thrashing.

Ah, the sufferance of loving the one you love. Jane stopped struggling and let whatever was going to happen....just happen.


Jeff loved using the tan strap on his lovers arse. There was something sooooooo satisfying and theraputic about the way it CRACKED across both her cheeks and the way her flesh just kind of flowed around its impact like a wave and rippling out leaving only a reddish blotch in it's wake. He'd given her a few in different positions. Some over his lap, some of her kneeling and some in the position he was telling her to get into right now.

"Oh Jeff." whimpered Jane. Her bottom was absolutely blazing and the sting was absolutely horrid !! "My bum's gone numb. Don't make me lie on my back coz it'll rub on the duvet and I just HATE THAT !!"

But Jeff was having none of it. "Oh come on." he teased her, watching as she rolled over onto her back making a painful face. "It's ok, I'll hold your arse clear."

Jane thought that was about the most stupid thing she had ever heard.

Jeff whipped in the strap again. Hard enough to see the darker red blotch amongst the already reddish glow of her bottom. Jane kicked. Or tried to for Jeff had her legs trapped in his left armed grip. He'd pulled her panties down to mid-thigh.

Jane jumped and yelped. If she was honest she could no longer feel the CRACK at all. All she could feel was the resulting vibration and shock wave that exploded on her arse. Immediately there was another one. But this time it was different. She twisted around and saw that he had dropped the strap and had used his right hand. This was much more preferable to her. She loved a good old fashioned traditional hand spanking more than anything. It felt so much more intimate. Like there was some sort of spiritual connection between spanker and spankee.


Jane sighed and hummed as he swatted her low, quick and hard. She felt as if she'd reached a higher sense of being. She was surrounded by a rosy glow that with each of his spanks made her mind hum in that funny peculiar way that also made her as randy and suseptable as hell. One thing was for sure he wouldn't have a hard on by the time she was finished with it.


"Oh hmmmmmmmmmm Jeff. That is so nice honey." she sighed. This was undoubtedly the best session ever in the history of the world. She felt fantastic and she was as sticky as hell. She was so turned on she might even climax without anything up her. She had squeezed her eyes shut and lay there panting and waiting for what seemed the inevitable.

Jeff shifted around and pushed Jane's thighs apart giving him a spectacular view of her glowing bottom atop which sat an obviously ripe peach ready for plucking. He'd stopped spanking her and was just caressing and rubbing each tender cheek. It never ceased to amaze him how much his girlfriend could take. He suspected they hadn't reached her limits yet. That would take something like a thrashing with a cane. Or maybe a wet knicker cropping. That sounded rather inspired and fun.

Jane lay squirming on the bed wondering what he was going to do next. Maybe she should get up and help him to remove the rest of her clothes as well as his. It wasn't only her bum that was hot, she felt dammed hot all over !!

It was then she realised that he had picked up something else. Through a lovely sweetly painful haze she saw what it was. Uhoh.

He saw her looking at him wide eyed.

He gave her a wink and said. "I really think you need a taste of this sweetheart. Come with me."


Apart from the cane, which thankfully was an impliment they didn't have - at least not yet - the mini-multi tailed lash was by far the worst thing he had ever used on her poor little bottom. It was horrid, horrid, HORRID !!

Every stroke hurt like buggery mainly because it was like her whole backside was being punished at once. Now dressed in only black bra, suspender belt and stockings she lent forward resting her hands on the back of their sofa and stuck her sore target up for him to have a few swings at. He had moved their little adventure downstairs into the living-room so that there was "more room to get a bloody good swing at your arse " The considerate bastard. She heard the first strike before she painfully felt it. It "swooshed" through the air then landed with a loud and juicy SPLAT.

Jane jumped and did a raindance on the spot. "YEOOW!!" Bloody hell. That stung and no mistake. How many was he going to give her ? She suddenly realised he hadn't told her. It could be as many as he wanted. She shivered remembering the 24 he had given her when he had surprised her with his little "wrapped present" on her last birthday. Why couldn't he give her perfume like any other man.


"AGGGGGGGGGGGH JEFF !!" she cried aloud. "Not so dammed hard. You have no idea what my arse has been through today !!"



Jeff just smiled to himself as he watched her arse wriggling and shaking.

Unknown to her, he actually did know what her arse had gone through today.




A short while later....

Jeff sat back on the sofa and pointed to the throbbing bulge in his pants. Jane stood in front of him massaging her painfully sore arse with both hands and licking her sweet full lips knowing what was coming next. "Alright you slut, you've had your fun. Now it's my turn. Get on your knee's and take my cock out and put it in your mouth. You'd better lick and suck it real good or else I'll belt you twice as hard for twice as long. Do it now."

Jane glanced from his face to his crotch. Sucking cock wasn't something she liked doing but figured it could of been a whole lot worse in the circumstances. She winced feeling her bruised buttocks stretch and contract as she knelt between his legs and rested her slim hand on his Everest like tumesance. Like a coiled snake ready to spit venom it jumped to her tentative touch. Blindly, she felt its length and shape with growing alarm. It was big as it always was after he'd dealt with her bottom. She recalled the first time she had seen it. Really big was no exaggeration. Nervously, she reached for his zipper and drew it slowly down.....

Jeff smiled to himself wryly as he watched her giving him a reluctant slurpy blowjob. He knew it wasn't really her thing but he also knew there were times when she liked being dominated and told what to do. He grunted as she dropped down her head a few inches and then dragged her full lips back up his cock until they slipped over and off his swollen head with a noisily disgusting "plop".

He winced with the pleasure and reached forward with both hands and grabbed a fistful of her long blond hair. Oh boy, what a session. Her arse was in a right old state after the events of today. Looks like she'll only be up for it doggy style after she's got him good and hard.

He hadn't the heart to tell her that after he had spanked her that morning and made her late for work he'd felt guilty knowing that she'd be in trouble with her stickler of a boss again so he thought he'd follow her and explain to him that it was his fault she had been late for work.

Not tell him the real reason of course - just a little "unavoidably detained due to unforseen circumstances" white lie.

All that had changed when he had found the shutters down and the door locked with the closed sign showing. It was then he had spotted that gap. So he had glanced around to make sure no one was watching him then stepped up and peered through....

He smiled again. Well well, so her boss wasn't as pompous a fool as she had led him to believe.
No, this was one secret he wouldn't tell her. She'd probably go mad and give him what for if he did. He glanced over to his jacket which hung over the back of the chair. If there had been any doubt in his mind there was certainly none now. He was a spanking man in a spanking relationship with a spanking woman he loved. He wouldn't change his situation for the world.

That's why on his way back home he had popped into the local Jewellers and bought something for her. Something very special. For better or for worse.

Dominus - Domina.

The End.

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