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Spanking Story: The Spanking Agency 4

It was a cold December day and the smell of snow lingered in the air as the shadowy figure of a man made his way through the park towards the small boating lake situated on its south side.

Nature was in hibernation, the flower beds were bare of colour and the wind whistled through the skeletal fingers of the trees with a ghostly whisper.

Not that the man noticed as he sat down at a particular bench to wait, he had far more important things on his mind this December day.


Sally Albright glanced up at the supermarket clock and groaned to herself as she released she was going to be late.

The queue she was in seemed to stretch for miles and moving in slow motion as she muttered under her breath wishing they'd hurry up. Eventually, after what felt like an eternity, she plopped her basket on the till and waited as the shop asistant scanned her groceries through the infra-red beam accompanied by the beep of bar code recognition.

Finally, smiling as the young man packed for her and handed her her shopping she quick walked through the milling shoppers and out into the crisp December air.



A little while later she found herself jumping off the bus and running through the gates to the entrance to her local park hoping and praying she wasn't THAT late. Ignoring curious glances from strolling onlookers she rounded a path and crossed the bridge that spanned the lake where people fed the ducks and swans. Breathing a sigh of relief she saw that there was someone sitting on that particular bench she was looking for and he was carrying a newspaper as they had agreed upon. Suddenly she saw the figure get to his feet and turn to leave. "Oh hey, you WAIT !!" she called out causing the local wildfowl to flap around in alarm.

Thankfully he heard her cries and had turned at the sound of her voice. Gasping, she finally reached him and to her horror couldn't think of a sensible thing to say. "Oh er I ummm." she stammered, feeling herself turn red with embarrasssment.

The man, a quite attractive man, tall and dark too wearing a long black raincoat smiled at her making her heart skip a beat. "Mrs Albright ?" he asked, a low deep rumble that had her grinning back at him like a lovestruck sixteen year old.

Thankfully, despite her gasps she found her voice. "Yes, its Sally. Call me Sally." she said and stuck her gloved hand out.

Taking it in a firm but gentle grip he nodded his head. "Sally it is. Hi, I'm Bob."


"Mr & Mrs Smith ?!!" laughed Sally as she walked into the hotel room and went over to the window looking out and admiring the view from the second floor apartment.

Bob smiled and shrugged too."It was the best I could think of. Spur of the moment." he said as he turned from locking the door.

A simple thing but an action that made Sally's heart skip a beat and her mouth felt suddenly dry. Despite knowing why they were here, now that the moment had arrived they both lapsed into an awkward silence that had them both pretending tobe interested in some small detail when all they could think of what was to come.

"Nice room." said Bob finally as he came to sit on the end of the double bed.

Sally, standing holding her handbag in front of her agreed. "It is." She felt all shy of a sudden and tongue-tied. Good grief, she'd never thought it would be like this !! Thankfully her partner decided to take the lead.

"I er," he began, getting up to slip off his coat. "Don't you think we should get down to business." he suggested gently as he sat back down to watch her standing there fidgeting like a nervous sixteen year old and not the thirty year old she was.

"Alright, ummmm I guess." she murmured."Wha...what do you want me to do ?"


"Nice knickers. " commented Bob as Sally unzipped her skirt and shimmied out if it in a salsa wiggle leaving it in a puddle at her feet. That left her below the waist dressed only in a white flowery suspender belt, a pair of severe cut black panties and her long legs swathed in a sheer pair of classic seamed black nylon stockings that crackled with electricity when she rubbed her thighs together.

Bob was seriously impressed, this was turning out better than he had imagined or anticipated. Smiling at her, he twirled his finger. "Turn around, lets have a look at your bum Sally." he ordered.

Blushing, Sally did as she was told feeling the butterflies in her stomach as she turned and presented him with a rather broad bottom whihc was both her bane and enjoyment rolled into one knicker filled package. Deciding to give him an extra thrill for his money, she bent over, placed her a hand on each knee and rotated her buttocks right in his face. "Do you like it ?" she asked mischieviously over her shoulder, giggling as she saw the look on his face. Of course he liked it. Who wouldn't ?

Even her odious ex used to drool over it for many an hour. Reaching behind her, she slipped a single finger under the waistband of her knickers and see-sawed them down over each rounded, upthrust cheek down her thighs letting the crotch linger and "stick" in the valley between knowing his gaze would be rivetted on the emergence of her puss and arsehole.

Bob was impressed. Mrs Albright had a spectacular backside which was full, round and looked to be eminently squeezable. Something he was really looking forward to when he got to grips with her when he hauled her over his lap. He felt the girth of his dick thicken at the thought of promised "afters". Given the chance, he was going to bang this beauty something rotten and send her cross-eyed and red bummed all the way home. Satisfaction guaranteed indeed.

He started to laugh when this lovely woman who liked to be spanked looked at him over her shoulder through her hair and asked "Can you do me now ?"


Sally gasped as Bob bounced her further over his lap causing her forehead to bounce on the carpet before she managed to steady herself and try and regain some composure as he belaboured her upthrust bottom again. "Ohhhhhhhh owwwwwwwwwww Bob !!" she said through gritted teeth as he walloped her again dead centre across both, by now, scarlet cheeks.The heat in her buttocks was incredible, indescribable as she felt another wave of delicious stinging flow through each sphere. "Ah, ah ahhhhhhhhhhhh." she groaned as she bounced up and down again flailing her right arm back to try and ward off another strike from his palm.

Grasping her wrist, Bob gently forced it up her back. "Ah, no. Naughty, naughty girl Sally. Can't have you protecting your big fat butt can we. Another five minutes of good hard spanking I think for doing that hmmmm ?" he told her as she gasped and squeaked in alarm.

"Nooooooooooooooooo Bob. Pleeease you can't. Its so sore !!" she pleaded weakly as he splatted, spanked, swatted and smacked her all over again - this time much, much harder. Goodness knows what the other guests in the next room were thinking !!


Sally Allbright was one thoroughly well spanked lady by the time Bob let her up. Wobbling unsteadily on her stocking feet, her low heeled sensible shoes had long since disappeared, she grunted, groaned and gasped as she furiously rubbed each cheek trying to ease the pain and throbbing. She felt wonderful. Another thing she was as randy as hell. Time for plan B to swing into action. Peeking under her main of hair, she placed the tip of her finger on her lower lip like a nuaghty little girl. "Mr Bob sir, I was wondering....."

Bob grinned and sat back as Sally got to her knee's and began to quickly unfasten his belt licking her lips in feverish anticipation.


A little while later.

Sitting at her desk as the sun slowly sank in the west at the end of another busy day for her Spanking Agency, Molly Malone looked up as the door to her office opened and her secretary Dolly entered carrying the appointment book for the following week. "If you've finished booking all the girls for next weeks clients you can get off early Dolly. I'm just about done with the accounts here and I'll save you locking up for the night." she smiled.

She was in a good mood. Business had certainly been brisk this past month and the Agencies bank balance and cash flow was looking extremely healthy. What did they say again ? "Where there's muck there's brass." Molly smiled to herself. Perhap's that should read "Where there's spanking there's brass."

She sat back in her leather chair, stretched her arms above her head and sighed contentedly.

"You look happy Miss Malone." noticed Dolly as she went to get her coat.

"Hmmmm, I am Dolly." she agreed as Dolly came back into her office buttoning up her fake ermin and making sure her bright blonde hair was neat and tidy.

As she popped the last button Dolly looked up suddenly and asked. "Oh, I wonder how....." she began.

Suddenly behind her a figure approached and grabbed her around the waist lifting her clean off her feet giving her a big hug before setting the squeaking secretary down again delivering her firm bum a playful smack into the bargain.

Molly broke out laughing. "Well, looks like somebody else has had a good time today. How was your first appointment on the job. No complaints I hope hmmm?" she wondered getting to her feet and walking over to comfort Dolly who pouted while rubbing the sting from her behind.

"Oh you mean Mrs Albright ? "grinned Bob." I think I can safely say your Agency has another satisfied customer on its books. As your motto says...spanking satisfaction guaranteed." he promised, winking at Dolly who blushed warmly before breaking into a giggle.

Pouring them each a drink, Molly raised her glass. "Here's to our newest and only male member of our team and to all those frustrated ladies bums he's going to have to spank to earn an honest crust. Welcome to the Spanking Agency Bob."

Bob, a keen and enthusiastic spanker raised his glass and toasted Molly and Dolly. "Looking forward to it." he laughed.

He couldn't wait to get started !!


The End.

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