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Spanking Story: My Grandma's Big Bottomed Neighbour

Part 1.

Summer of '74.

A Saturday morning in July.

My dad's garden shed.

"You first."

"Me?" I replied looking wide-eyed at the girl as she stood fiddling with one of her two pig-tails watching me.

"Hmm huh, if you want to see mine, you've got to show me yours first." she replied her eyes bouncing up and down like a yo-yo from my red face to my crotch. I stood in sheer terror and embarrassment sucking my bottom lip wondering how the hell I'd got myself into this position in the first place.


My names John Turner, I live in the small seaside town of Newbiggin on the Northumbrian coast. I'm nearly sixteen years of age. I'm about 5ft 9" in my sock's, got a mop of blonde hair and been told I'm a bit on the skinny side. I'm the eldest in a family of six, two brother's Jim 12, Eddie 11 and suffer a sister called Hattie 8 who would drive the Pope mad.

Newbiggin is a quiet town mostly made up of rows of back-to-back terraced houses with many a families breadwinner (including my dad) earning their living at the nearby colliery. Its a close community, neighbours know neighbours and everyone round our way pitches in and helps each other out if times are hard. My family, The Turner's lived at number 17 about half way up the row of red-tiled, three bed roomed houses with about twenty making up the whole street.

The neighbours on our right are the Walkers who were both well into their pension. Mrs Walker is a little white haired lady who smokes like a chimney and wears wrinkly stockings, a blue chequered pinny and carpet slippers all the time, she's alright I guess, just a bit of a bossy boots who used to come out and clip our ears whenever our football used to smack against her windows. Mr Walker is a great big walrus of a man with an enormous bald head, white moustache and beard who liked nothing more than to tend his garden and prune the roses. To our left were the Sidebottoms. Mrs Sidebottom is a huge woman, not so much in bulk than in stature. She had muscles that would put an East German shot-putter to shame. Still she had her good points being a happy go lucky kind of person who always had a smile and wave not to mention she made a great apple pie.

Of Mr Sidebottom there was no sign of hide nor hair. Sadly, if the rumours were true, Mr Sidebottom had run away with the lady who sold the choc ices at the local pictures some months back which was a bit of surprise to us kids as we all thought he looked like Stan Laurel with the brains to boot - I tell you some women have no taste.

And then there is their daughter Beverley.

Now Beverley's a year older than me, a bit shorter with light brown steel straight hair that reached her bum. She has a fine spray of freckles which bridged her nose making her look...quirky. I've known her since we were little. With our families living next door to each other we kind of naturally hung out together and did things that kids normally do. When we were younger, she was a bit of a tomboy, never wore a dress and could mix it with the best of us lads. Nothing stays the same forever and as the years past and we grew up she started to change, not just in the way she acted, but how she looked. Dresses and ribbons in the hair...girlie stuff. Most of the gang thought she had gone soft in the head. I didn't think that at all for some reason. What interested me more about Beverley, more than that "silly" stuff was the obvious sublime emergence of something else.

Now me at nearly 16, I was well into puberty, spots and zits had seemed to pass me by - thank God, but it sure did play funny tricks with my mind. Both me mam and me dad were too embarrassed to talk to me about the birds and the bees, both probably hoping I'd pick it up and suss it out as I went along. Whenever I saw Beverley now, I didn't ask her if she fancied a game of football but just knocked on her door and looked at her as she would come to answer it with that smile, wearing her stripey dresses and I would get all tongue-tied whilst trying not to stare at the obvious hills on her chest. And then there were these strange urge's which usually had me tenting the bed sheets of a night-time, like an itch I could never find to scratch, a sort of compulsion which used to sweep over me whenever I was around her. It was bloody irritating, but not to put to fine a point on it - I just had to see what was under that flipping dress. It sure did funny things to my er....willy, that piece of flesh suddenly had a mind of its own and would rear its head at the most inopportune of moments. But events as they say were about to take a funny turn.


One fine summer's morning we sat side by side on the grassy bank of the local river soaking in the warm sunshine, just whiling away the hours when "Do you like me ?" she asked me out of the blue while she twiddled with the hem of her red and white dress.

We had slipped off our shoes and socks, slowly swirling our bare feet in the shimmering water watching the ripples scare the small catfish, water boatmen and flies. Surprised at her question, I stopped swinging my feet back and forth and kind of looked at her knowing my face was beginning to flush. "Well aye of course." I replied trying to sound cool, calm and collected which I wasn't.

"Hmm hmmm, do you think I look, you know pretty ?" she whispered lifting her hand and shielding her eyes from the silvery glare of the sun as it shimmered on the waters surface.

Best play it safe. I nodded. "Hmmm huh."

She smiled, sat back and stretched out her bare legs twiddling her toes as they gleamed wetly. "Good" came the response, so quiet I nearly didn't hear it. We both sat quiet each in our own thoughts as the wind began to pick up, blowing through the tree's and bushes that lined the far bank with the sun casting a golden glow as it rose in the sky.

I heard her take a deep breath and turn to me.

"How much do you like me John ?"

Bloody hell.

"Er, lots I guess"

"Enough to kiss me ?" she breathed out in a rush.

KISS ??!! Kiss a girl ?!! It felt as if my heart was expanding to twice its size, squeezing every organ in my body in a vice and banging seven bloody bells in my head. I glanced at her and was disconcerted to find her staring at me. Nothing ventured nothing gained as my Gran used to say. I nodded.

"Good, me too." she smiled, her mouth breaking into a wide smile. She sat up, patted down her dress and sighed as if she had made a decision. I felt my knee's go weak as she twisted round to face me. Biting her lip she reached up and slowly drew a finger down the right side of my face. "John." she spoke softly.

I turned to her, looked into her brown eyes which were sparkling with something beyond me, leant forward and placed my lips on hers in a chaste kiss. She closed her eyes and returned the embrace, her warm breath caressing me. After what seemed like an eternity, she drew back and ran her fingers over her lips which to my dazed gawp looked much more fuller and...and...I could swear I could hear music !! It was then I noticed an ice cream van going by making a racket. But those bells were still ringing in my head as I looked at my close friend with new eyes and saw that she had been transformed from a gawky kid into a whole new person. She cocked her head to one side like she was studying me and licked her lips in thought.

As I watched her tongue wet her mouth, I felt old willy wonka stir making me go red in shock and embarrassment. I quickly stuffed my hands into both pockets of my jeans and had a surreptitious fiddle to hide my boner. She glanced down briefly from my beetroot face to my crotch and back again and to my horror I watched a slow smile spread across her face. She got to her knees and with surprising grace draped both arms over my shoulders and pressed herself against me as she rubbed her nose against mine making me shiver with fright.

She turned her head slightly and rubbed her right cheek against me gently blowing in my ear and whispered "Do you want to play doctors and nurses ?"


Back in my dad's shed.

I looked at her as she stood half hidden in the gloom of the hut with odds and ends lying about belonging to my father. The only light to see by fell through the small netted window casting multicoloured sunbeams onto the dirt floor.

"You first." her words were ringing through my head.

If I had any brains and sense, I'd have run a mile but right here, right now was a chance for me to see....see what ? The only naked girl I had seen was in biology class and that had been a drawing. Besides we had spent the whole lesson on sex education either giggling ourselves stupid or in mortified embarrassment. I couldn't have ran away if I wanted to, I guess my inane curiosity and raging curiosity now ruled my head and heart. I nodded and looked down as I began to fumble with the button on my jeans and then with a slight tug drew down the zipper revealing my......OH MY GOD !!


Bugger. I had forgotten about them. I expected to hear her laugh, but no sound came so I glanced up. She had her hands clasped behind her back and was staring intently at my crotch with a her brow furrowed tightly. Thanking God she hadn't made fun of me, I grasped my jeans, twisted and hauled them down to my knee's. She leant further forward, the shafts of sunbeams dancing on her face. "Do you want me to ?" I thought I'd better ask.

She just nodded.

"Here goes." I mumbled, blushing brightly as I slipped my fingers into the elastic band and with a quick whisk pushed Scooby, Shaggy and the gang south. At first I stayed crouched, then taking a deep breath stood up and avoided her gaze trying to control both my hammering heart and breathing.

Everything was still for a second until "Its growing !!" she whispered sharply in wonder.

Eh? We both looked down as my appendage grew until after a few short surges it stood sticking out at full mast.

Beverley dropped to her knees, her mouth open and bobbing like a goldfish. "John, oooooo its so big, I never thought they got that big." she whispered, all the while keeping her eyes glued to my emerging snake.

"Er...thanks." I laughed, feeling my embarrassment wane and a sort of goofy pride wash over me. She was impressed!!

"It looks like a big, pink banana." she gasped.

We both laughed at that. She licked her lips and looked up at me beneath my pillar of flesh. "How big, do you know how big it is John.?" she asked bending down here, there and examining it from all angles whilst rubbing her hands over her thighs.

", but hang on a second." I looked around and saw the tin. "Over there, in that tin there's a tape measure which me mam uses for her knitting." I nodded to the shelf behind her.

She got up and had a rummage murmuring a "found it" and knelt back at my feet. We both realised the obvious at the same time. "Er, can I do it, I've never seen or touched one before." she quietly asked going red. I just nodded. Unfurling the tape like an unwinding snake she grasped one end and gingerly laid it on top of my penis and measured it down until she reached the base. "Eight and a hang on, stop still...nearly nine blimey...and that's got to fit" she stopped suddenly, realising what she was about to say.

"Nine." I mumbled. Nine ? Is that small, average or big I wondered. We both looked down contemplating my manhood, both of us not sure what to do next. I could see something was working its way from her brain to her mouth.

" you, can I, you know touch it, touch your thing. Just for a bit." she asked looking up at me, her round eyes shining and biting her lower lip.

"If you want." I replied knowing how nice it felt when I did it, it sure did feel good but I had always stopped before - something. It always felt as if there was something just out of reach, something wonderful. We both jumped as her fingers came into contact with my flesh, wrapping themselves around me with her thumb and digits just touching.

"Ohhh, its so warm and squeezy and and alive." she wondered aloud slowly beginning to run her hand up and down the shaft making the skin slip and slide over the purple head. Speaking of the head, every time her hand brushed over it, it felt as if the muscles in my thighs were going to collapse. It felt so strange and nice. "Like that ?" she asked.

"Huh huh."

"Do you want me to do it harder ?"

"Huh huh."

I winced as she grasped my willy harder and began to really jerk it off. I leant back against the wall feeling the blood begin to pound and the onset of that strange feeling.

"Eeeeh, you're leaking water. Look John look !!" she cried softly.

In a haze I looked down and saw both the head and her hand glistening wetly in the rays of sunshine. "Oh, it does that for some reason, even when I play with it." I mumbled not caring anymore.

"You play with yours too ?" she replied shocked.

I nodded.

"Oh, me too. It feels so nice doesn't it ?" she asked really beginning to get a good rhythm going.

"Beverley, that feels so goo.." I started to say when all of a sudden it felt as if someone had grasped my ball's and had given them a good squeeze. We both went "What the ?"

I banged my head on the wall as I jerked back in agony as we both watched my organ buck and rear, Beverley in shock let go and stared with a mixture of fright, alarm, curiosity and sexual emergence as the head of my penis opened up and spat a long streamer of what looked like white toothpaste high into the air where it hung for a second before falling gracefully in an arc to land with a splat on the floor.

"Johhhnnoooooh wooooooww" cried Beverley jumping back. It felt as if my body was on some sort of rollercoaster and I had gone down the first big dipper, sailed serenely up the other side and was about to go over the top again. Squirt number two was even longer than the first and nearly made me collapse onto my knees. I just groaned in ecstasy as it flew out and exploded like a firework. Beverley clapped her hands with glee and giggled. "Another...another.." she urged.

Squirt number three made my balls feel as if they had exploded in their sac.

"Wheeee!!!" shouted Beverley.

That was it, I was knackered and squirt number 4 dribbled out as if feeling sorry for itself that it had come last in a race. When she saw that I had finished, she ran across to me and grasped my wilting member and ran her hand all over it including through the goop. "Its like soup." she wondered and then to my total shock stuck her covered digit in her mouth. "Taste's like scotch broth too !!"

I looked at her as if she'd gone potty and just mumbled a "Ok, your turn now."

She stopped with her finger in her mouth as if remembering her part in the bargain. "Oh" was all she could say as she watched me haul up my underpants. She stepped back and was just about to lift her skirt when "BEVEEERRRRLLLEEY." It was her mam. "Gotta go." she jumped up, reaching behind her and opening the door.

"But wait, what about. I want to see yours !! " I blurted out still in a post-eruption haze.

She stopped. "Maybe tomorrow," she smiled and ran over quickly to kiss me on the lips. "What you just did was was wonderful. I won't ever forget it John."

With that she was gone. I stood all alone with my willy hanging out feeling like an idiot. I looked down and saw my spend lying on the floor in squiggles like some child's doodle. I dug my shoe into the dirt and covered it up. Glancing at my wristwatch I saw that it had just gone 12.30 p.m. It was Saturday. Time to go to Grandma's.


Part 2

Saturdays were a day of ritual for me.

As regular as clockwork, I'd grab me bike and pedal down to my Grandma's who lived on the other side of town. Every Saturday I'd usually meet up with my cousins or friends and we'd spend the day at the local welfare playing football or going up to Cresswell on a bike ride. My Grandma was a typical Grandma, a big jovial, roly-poly lady with a sizeable waist who wore her grey hair in an old fashioned bun. She was always cheerful and to me, she never seemed to have a cross word or bad thought about anyone. Her house, number 18 was situated in a cul-de-sac and she once told me it had been built in the late 1890's, each of its rooms were brimful with old victorian bric-a-brack which she had accumulated over her 75 years. Grandad had died in the Great war and had left her a widow at a fairly young age, she loved him very much and had never re-married.

To me her home was a sanctuary, a place to relax and have fun. On this particular Saturday I was going to get more "fun" than I bargained for.


Mr Wicks looked up from his garden as I cycled past giving him a wave. "Hello bonny lad, back again ?" he lisped between the Sherlock pipe stuck in his gob as he tended his daffodils.

I smiled and nodded as I slipped off the bike and pushed it through my Grandma's gate and up her path. "Me mam says that me Gran's got a few messages for me to do, something about the garden." I replied propping the bike against the wall. As I turned to go through the backyard I glanced over at number 22 and noticed the net curtain drop back and a shadow move away. I blinked but gave it no more thought as I clicked the dividing gate open and went inside already able to smell the wisps of an apple pie cooking in the oven with the hiss and crackle of chips frying in a pan of fat. "Hello Gran, just me." I called as I dropped my coat and bag in the hallway.

"I'll have your dinner ready in a jiffy John, just go and wash your hands afore you sit down." she replied, waving a spatula around for effect.

I looked around. "Aren't Jim and Alan here ?"

Grandma had gone over and was draining the fat from the chips into the kitchen sink. "Oh, didn't your Auntie Bella tell you, they've gone to the town for the day, I think she's going to buy them each a new school uniform for when they start the high school."

"Oh." I sighed, disappointed.

"Anyway John, I've got a favour to ask you, might be worth a bit extra pocket-money." she smiled, her large frame and bosom wobbling in her plain green checked dress.

"Favour ?"

She nodded and began to set the table, breathing on the knives and forks and polishing them. "Hmmmm dear, you know Mrs Robinson from next door ?" she replied going to the cupboard and getting the salt and vinegar bottles.

"Number 22 ?"

"That's her, well we were having a chat during the week and she said how much she liked what you've done for my garden and how tidy it was. Well, since her husband died a couple of years ago hers has gone to rack and ruin with weeds and nettles." she looked at me as I stood there with a slight frown knowing what was coming next," I said I'd ask you if you'd spend a little time tidying it up for her. She said she'd pay you and all...and make you some tea."

Gardening. Ugh. I shrugged and smiled. "Sure Gran, no problem." I replied figuring the extra money would come in handy. Besides it would give me plenty time to mull over in my mind what had happened that morning in my dad's shed with Beverley. More importantly, I could plan on where and how she was going to show me hers. After all, she'd certainly gotten her money's worth when I showed her my todger and all that "other stuff". I gave a start when I realised my nan was staring at me with a funny look on her face, I turned red when I realised I had inadvertently stuck my hands in my pockets and was pinching the end of my willy which was still tender. I turned and ran to the stairs.

"Just going to the bathroom."


If my Grandma had one over-riding plus point it was that she could make a great chip. I leant back on the chair and patted my stomach, belching slightly. "That were great Gran." I sighed feeling as fat as a pig.

"Two helpin's John, you'll bust your belly so you will. Mind you've got to go and do Mrs Robinson's garden this afternoon." she laughed as she got up, picked up empty plate and popped it into the sink.

I sighed and got up. "Ok, I'd best make a start then."

"Good lad, just knock on her front door she's expecting you. Mind don't you hurt yourself with the shovel." she offered reaching over and patting me on the shoulder.

I picked up the shed key and went to get the spade.


Now I didn't know Mrs Robinson very well, just kind of caught glimpses of her as she hung out her washing if it was breezy and to be honest couldn't picture her in my mind. From what me Gran says her old man passed on a couple of years ago and that he was nigh pushing sixty when he popped his clogs whilst she was still only around about forty years of age. They were a pretty quiet couple by all accounts, kept themselves to themselves although me Gran says that on odd late evenings she could hear funny sounds coming from their bedroom. She even told my mam that she had heard Mrs Robinson crying and giggling, sometimes at the same time.

"There's nowt so queer as folk" as my Gran says.

With the spade in one hand, I reached up with the other and pulled at the shiny brass lion headed knocker. Rat-a-tat TAT !! I stood back and waited, self consciously patting down my unruly hair trying to make a good first impression. The door swung open. Huh? If my lower jaw wasn't attached to my skull it would have hit the floor for I found myself staring at the biggest bosom I had ever seen.

"Are you John ?" said an angel.

I blinked. "Huh huh." tumbled from my mouth. I blinked again and looked up, turning slightly red. On the doorstep stood a red-headed woman, a bit shorter than me wearing a flowery patterned blouse, red skirt, red tights and a pair of shiny leather shoe's. She was smiling at me with perfect white teeth set in a perfect wide mouth, in her eyes was a sparkle which made me realise she was amused at my child like gaze.

"Well, hello John. I'm Mrs Robinson, but you can call me Laura okay ?" she said with a smile.

I nodded like a dummy. I shook my head trying to regain my dignity as I smiled and said "Hello." I stuck out my hand and watched her laugh as she reached forward and grasped mine in hers and shook it. "P..pleased to meet you Laura." I mumbled watching the way her shoulder length, slightly curly, centre parted hair moved and swayed as a gust of wind whistled by.

She stepped back and with a nod. "Come on in, I'll show you out back. Its a bit of a mess I'm afraid."

Glancing at her bosom, I stepped inside her home thinking "They are without question, the Mount Everest of boobs."

The door clicked shut.


Not to put too fine a point on it, I was knackered. It sure was hot, the summer sun sat in the sky beaming and smiling as if it was on holiday enjoying the sun. Thank God for the slight breeze coming ashore from the North Sea. Leaning on the spade, I surveyed my labours up till now. I had cleared away the nettles, weeds and bracken and had just started to dig the soil over. I turned slightly, looked back at the house and the kitchen window where I could just make out Mrs Robinson making the tea.

Mrs Robinson.


I still hadn't recovered from the shock of seeing her for the first time. I thought she was absolutely beautiful. I gave a start and then laughed when I realised that I hadn't thought of Beverley Sidebottom once in the whole afternoon. What I wouldn't give for my Grandma's neighbour to do what my friend had done this morning. I shivered at the thought. "Someone walkin' over my grave." I muttered, enjoying the feeling. I sighed wearily. Never in a million years. I turned back and figured I'd better earn my crust and started to dig the soil, reaching down now and then to pick out any lingering weeds amongst the worms and creepy-crawlies.

Five minutes later. "John ?"

I turned and found Mrs Robinson before me smiling with that hair blowing around her face. "Er...hullo, its er.. I've just got to finish this part and then that's that...I think." indicating what was left to do.

"Oh, don't worry about that. That'll keep for another day, come inside and wash up, I've put your tea on the table." she nodded and turned to head back up the path.

Watching her, I bit my lip as my eyes were riveted to her retreating figure. "For an old woman, you look in great shape." I sighed inside as my gaze dropped down her hour-glass figure to watch the mesmerising sway of her red skirted hips and backside. I swallowed hard and reached down to pick up my discarded shirt and followed her.


"Now your Gran says you like strawberry jelly and custard is that right ?" she smiled scooping a ladle full into my bowl.

I just nodded. "Thanks very Laura."

She laughed musically. "See that wasn't so hard. I won't bite you know!!" she laughed again as I went beetroot. She pulled out a chair and sat opposite me at the table. "You look pooped. Hard work?" she asked as she spooned a piece of red jelly between those lips.

I shrugged my shoulders. "Oh I don't mind, keeps me busy I guess."

"Good, now eat up afore it gets cold." she instructed me twirling her spoon in the custard.

We both sat quietly eating our desert, me trying not to slurp and make a mess, she glancing up now and then giving me an inquisitive look. With a last mouthful, I sat back and sighed. "That was great, thanks very much."

"Its the least I could do for you since you've done such a grand job." she replied, her face nestled in her up-turned hands with elbows on the table watching me. For a split second I stared back into her eyes and then shyness got the better of me and I looked away around her kitchen. I saw her grin and sit back. "Okay, do you want to watch some tv until your tea gets down ?" She got up and went into the sitting room through the adjoining door and switched the tv on.

Feeling slightly nervous, I followed her and sat myself down in a chair opposite the settee where she had placed herself whilst smoothing down her skirt. A pair of hairy arsed wrestlers were beating seven bells out of each other on the screen taunting the crowd and pulling faces. I tried to concentrate but found my gaze drifting to her as she sat laughing at the onscreen antics. After all these years of visiting my nan and right next door was a woman to die for. I swallowed hard as I watched her twist slightly and cross her right leg over her left flashing me a brief glimpse of red nyloned thigh. I felt that familiar stirring in my underpants and went scarlet as I tried to adjust my willy on the sly.

I looked up as Mrs Robinson gave a sigh, yawned and stretched her arms above her head making her bust do funny things in her blouse not to mention my libido. She seemed to lose interest in the tv and turned to me as I sat with a wriggly grin on my face.

"So, your Gran says your sixteen John ?"

"Hmmm huh, I'm due to finish school next summer although me mam wants us to stay on and get me A levels." I replied relaxing a little.

"A levels, what do you want to do ?" she asked leaning forward and sitting on the edge of the couch.

"Er, well Biology I think and maybe English."

"Biology, so you like to read about the birds and the bee's eh ?" she winked making my stomach do a somersault. I just smiled a "something like that" smile feeling self-conscious and strangely light headed at the same time.

A strange, peaceful quiet settled over us as if either of us didn't want to spoil or lose the feeling, whatever that was that had built up around us. Perched as she was on the edge of the seat, I watched as she ran her hands up and down her thighs with a slight frown across her face as if something was on her mind and taxing her. "Do you have a girlfriend John ?" she asked quietly not looking at me.

I decided honesty was the best policy. "Girlfriend ? Er no, well not exactly a real girlfriend. Just someone who lives near me I kind of hang around with." I stuttered looking down at my feet.

"Ahhh, a girl next door. A sweetheart" she responded reaching up and running her hand through her red hair.

"Sort of....I guess, maybe some day." I said quietly, glancing up to find her looking at me with warm brown eyes. I shrugged and made a face which made her laugh. "Is that your husband ?" I asked pointing to a photograph of a man on the mantelpiece.

"Oh," she gave a start and I was afraid I had upset her." Yes, that's Jim. He passed away a couple of years ago...bad heart." she explained.

"I..I didn't mean." I began but she held up her hand.

"Its alright John., its alright, life still goes on doesn't it ?" she whispered turning to look at me.

I pressed my lips together in an apologetic grimace and nodded. "Sorry. I didn't mean to upset you." I began.

As if in slow motion, I watched her lean towards me and place her left hand on my right knee, rubbing it back and forward slightly. "Sshh, no matter John." she breathed as we both looked down at her hand as it slowly caressed my knee.

My heart was hammering in my chest and every blood vessel seemed to be throbbing fit to burst. I was not only scared, but really scared for both of us had felt the shift in atmosphere that her simple reassuring gesture had caused. "Mrs Robinson, I don't.." I murmured between clenched teeth.

"Shhhh, its alright, trust me." she whispered back as she slowly increased the pressure of her hand. And then she looked up at me. Now I don't quite know how to put this, but something passed between us, a kind of spoken agreement which needed no words. She looked me straight in the eye with hers sparkling with a need I felt in my bones. "Do you trust me John ?"

"I think so."

"Good, I don't want you to be scared or afraid around me understand?"

No words, so I just nodded slightly.

"Good, do you want to be with me, to see me ?"

I still couldn't speak, did she mean what I think she meant ?

I nodded.

She slipped off the settee and knelt at my feet, wobbling slightly to get comfortable. "Good, I can show you things, teach you things." she quietly mouthed as she slowly began to push her hand up my thigh. We both watched her hand move towards the crotch of my pants as if hypnotised. I drew a breath as I felt the palm of her hand rest on the front of my jeans lightly. She stopped and I felt her cup my chin with her free hand. "I've a confession to make John, I've lived next door to your Gran for nigh on 15 years and whenever you've come to visit her I've watched you grow up into an attractive young man, someone who's kind and caring...when you dug her garden a couple of weeks ago, I watched you from my bedroom window and I felt I ...I.." she sighed and I could see her eyes mist over with a veil of a tear, "...I've been so lonely since my husband died."

I reached up and brushed that red hair away from her eyes.

"Do you want us to do this ?" she asked.

I nodded and blushed.

"John, this is between you and me, no one must know understand ?" her voice was low and hummed with a seductive timbre that made my knees go weak. I understood completely, if I wanted her to continue it had to be a secret, our secret.

"I understand." I mumbled feeling scared and excited at the same time. Laura sat up on her knee's before me, leant forward and placed her full red lips lightly on mine. To my delight and shock, I felt her slip out her tongue and run it round my own dry one's. I mumbled something as she opened her lips and caressed them forcefully over my own, forcing them open and giving me my first real kiss and when she stuck her tongue in my mouth and tickled The feeling coursing through me was one of fuzzy delight which seemed to radiate from my pants outward making me glow warmly. I slowly opened my eyes as I felt her lips depart as she sat back and looked at me with a seductive smile.

"Like that ?" she asked breaking into a beaming grin.

I nodded. "A lot. Can we do it again ?" I was blushing like a beacon.

She slapped my leg slightly and made a mock cross face. "To eager my lad, but for you a treat." She pressed forward again but this time reached up and sank her hands in my hair and plastered her mouth vigorously over mine again. She sat back with us both gasping for air and fanned her face. I stuck out my bottom lip and blew a whisp of air that wafted my fringe.

"Wow...Mrs Robinson." We both burst out laughing.

"Well, at least you like my kisses. Stand up John. I, I want to do something for you." she asked softly as a slow flush spread over her.

I stood up awkwardly and looked down at her as she knelt at my feet looking up at me, all the while she was licking her lips obviously scheming a scheme. I watched her take a deep breath and lower her gaze till it was inches from the crotch of my jeans. UH OH!!!! Images of Beverley Sidebottom in a similar pose flashed through my mind. Not looking at me, she leant forward and placed a kiss on the front of my pants.

"Can I take it out your..." she began, blushing purple. "What do you call it John ?"

What ? " c..cock I guess" I replied stuttering over the word. If my mam knew I was talking like that she'd of kicked my arse from one end of the street to the other.

But Laura just nodded. "Cock. Cock's a good word.." she smiled, "There are other words I've heard like," she seemed to think hard and then continued. "like prick, dick and penis of course."

I simply looked at her in a daze.

She glanced up at me and winked whilst blushing. "Oh my, aren't I awful John ? Don't be embarrassed with me. Sometimes rude words can make us feel more excited don't you think.?" she grinned as she began to unfasten the button of my pants.

I decided to be bold and play her game. "C...cocks alright, but I quite like dick, dick's a good word."

She laughed and looked up at me quickly as she began to slide my zipper down. "What about fuck ?" she whispered quietly.

It sounded so strange hearing a grown woman, a flipping gorgeous one at that saying such a nasty word. "Er...what ?" I blustered feeling slightly unsure and queazy.

"Fuck, don't you know that word?" she replied as she began to ease my pants down over my hips.

"Oh THAT. Sure, just not sure if I should use it in the presence of a lady." I shrugged feeling another boundary crossed.

"Oh believe me, we're going to be using that word a LOT." she broke into a giggle which made her sound like a little girl.

I glanced down and saw that she had worked my pants down to my knees and was staring at my underpants. I breathed a sigh of relief, thanking God that I had changed from Scooby Doo to a plain blue set. How embarrassing would THAT have been?!

Laura had stopped and was staring intently at my bulge which had begun to move of its own accord like a snake beneath the sand. "Well I never, I see John is a big boy. Maybe we should see how big." she said surprised as she began to force my pants off each leg with me reaching down and holding her shoulders as I balanced on one foot then the other. In a flash, I stood naked from the waist down save for a pair of tented shorts and football socks. "Take off your top honey." she instructed, sitting back as I unbuttoned my shirt and let it slip to the floor.

"Er, what about the window ?" I asked, glancing through the net curtains hoping nobody could see.

"Oh bugger. You're right, wait right there." she slapped her thigh and got up running over to draw the white flowered curtains shut. In the half-light, she knelt back at my feet and ran her hands up my legs tickling the hairs nicely. "You look wonderful." she murmured.


"Can I see your cock John ?" she looked up at me asking for permission.

Who was I to refuse a beautiful woman. "Sure." I responded simply.

She reached up and grasped the waistband of my underpants and taking a deep breath slowly drew them down, snagging them as they crossed the head of my penis. I watched her eyes widen and her lips mouth a silent "wow" as my thick member sprang free and bounced about like a demented jack-in-the-box before its natural weight settled it down, pointing at her red face directly between the eyes. "Ohhhhh John, that is so big!!" she laughed. "Crikey, it must be about eight or nine inches long." she mumbled reaching up and grasping the shaft "and so fat!!"

I felt ten feet tall. " you like it Laura ?" I asked tapping her head.

As if realising that the large prick belonged to someone, she gave a start and looked up apologetically. "Oh I do John, I really do !! I promise you here and now that I'm going to make your cock feel so nice."

I winced as she began to concentrate on her jerking up and down motion, blushing slightly as my head began to ooze that watery stuff. "Er...sorry it does that all the time." I muttered apologetically.

"Oh, that's just to make it easier to stick in a woman's vagina. Like a lubricant. You see ?" she replied grasping my penis hard making its head bulge out obscenely in her small fist. "Do you like the way I'm giving you a wank ?" she breathed as she worked faster.

"Wank ? Oh you mean er...masturbate. Am I right ?"

"Wank, that's one word for it. Jerking off is another."

"You, you had better s..s..stop Mrs Robinson cos some funny stuff comes out when I.....urghhh and it makes a right mess." I muttered closing my eyes as I realised that what had happened with Beverley was about to happen again. I heard her laugh.

"Don't you worry your pretty little head about that." I heard her mutter. "Can I lick it ?" came a disembodied voice.

What ? Did I hear right ? How to describe the first time a woman's put her tongue and lips on your willy ? Sheer heaven. It felt so good I had to lie back and close my eye's.

Laura bent forward, kissed the head first and then began to lick the puss off the purple crown whispering. "Yummy." She then forced her stretched lips over my cockhead with a muffled "hummprrhh" and began to give it a good hard and long slurp. I blinked and opened my eyes as waves of warmth washed over me as I looked down, staring at the way her cheeks in full suction hollowed and inhaled with the effort. Now I knew what orange juice felt like when sucked through a straw. With the head in her mouth, suction full on, she grasped the base of my shaft and began to really stroke it. With a flash of fireworks, I gave a lurch and pressed forward in reflex burying another three or four inches into her mouth.

Uh oh !!

I figured I'd better warn her about what was coming. "Laura. Its cooooming out, you'd b...better get your hankie ready or else !!" As I felt the first rush of sap, I grabbed her head and tried to push her off my firing weapon. But she wouldn't have it, she hung on and bit gently down just behind the expanding crown making me stand on tip-toe and wince. As she felt the first spurt travel up the main road, her suction increased dramatically, resulting in a disgusting slurping sound just like water spiralling down the plug-hole that had me go weak at the knee's. As it fired free, she gave a squeak, hmmed and ahhed as I whitewashed her tonsils, gurgling happily like the cat who got the cream. And then, to my great shock and stunned surprise, she grasped the bottom of my dick really hard increasing those wonderful feelings and pulled my white covered cock-head from her mouth.

I watched gob-smacked as she purposefully aimed my wedge directly at her face and gave my tender todger a swift jerk. Like a ticker tape parade, squirt number two came out like an express train and landed smack dab in the middle of her forehead where it exploded in all directions at once. Squirts three and four blasted out in succession as if not wanting to miss the show. Some stuff splattered her hair, some coated her brow, some dripped and plopped onto her rosy cheek's and one particularly dribble drooled down her nose pooling in the cleft above her upper lip.

I was mortified...and extremely excited. More so when with round yes I watched her stick out her tongue and waggle it around her lip's collecting my stuff and sucking it into her mouth with disgusting relish. WOW. My body had had it, what with digging the garden and giving this grown woman a drink of my essence I was worn out. I dropped back into the chair with a silly smirk on my face. I watched fascinated as she used her finger's to gather the goo from around her face and as she looked at me, sucked each finger as if it was a delicacy. When she was finished she sat back and smiled, droplet's of white pearls decorating her hair.

"Like that ?" she asked.

"Th..that was great Mrs Robinson."

She rubbed her hands up my shivering legs. "Good I'm glad, now do you want to play a game of Doctors and Nurses with me ?"


I sat naked on the double-bed as my Grandma's next-door neighbour began to undress in front of me. Leaning forward, I stared as Mrs Robinson reached up and started to undo the buttons of her flowery white blouse. Every now and then she'd glance up and smile at me beneath the shroud of her long red hair.

"Nearly there." she smiled as she unclipped the last button, her blouse being pushed into a wide "v" by the thrust from below. "Do you want me to show you my tits ?" she asked. "They're ever so big and bouncy."

I glanced down and saw that my cock was at full mast, it was so hard that it had begun to hurt. With a quick whisk, she slipped off the garment and stood before me, her obviously huge breast's fighting the constraint of a red frilly bra.

"Do you think they look nice John?"

I nodded.

"Do you want me to take them out and let you see them ?"

I nodded....twice. I licked my lips, watching her reach behind herself and unclip the clasp of her bra. Immediately the weight of her bosom surged forward as she held the flimsy lace to her chest trying to hide the abundance of flesh from my gaze.

"Look at my breast's John, aren't they huge ?" she giggled. They were massive, a conical perfection that hung slightly down due to their size and weight, they lay spread on her rib-cage with each summit topped off with a saucer of brown and a sizeable teat to match. They were bleach white and shook erotically with her breathing. I stuck my hands between my legs and played with my balls giving them something to do. My mouth dropped open in awe as she shook her shoulders making her abundant tit flesh wobble and shake, enough to make me sea sick.

She saw me looking like an idiot and smiled, glancing at the bedside clock she frowned slightly. "We'd best get a move on if you want to stick that fine, big boy of a cock up my fanny and fuck me won't we John." Her strip commenced as she undid the belt of her skirt and with a belly-dancer shimmy slipped it to the floor. She stood before me, posing with her hands up and running through her hair, her massive bosom swung free and her lower body was painted in red stockings and suspenders. For a woman of forty odd, she looked as sexy as anything I had seen or could imagine. Nobody I knew could hold a candle to her. She blushed sweetly as I admired her body and looked her up and down in a state of obvious arousal.

She glanced down, reached up and grabbed both tits in her hands, massaging them hard and licking her lips as she swayed her hips. "Oh John, just look at your prick, its soo hard, is that just for me ?" she teased.

I just nodded. So did my dick.

She came forward and stood at the bottom of the bed. She hefted up her right breast offering me her teat. "Here, do you want to suck it ? You might get a surprise." she smiled slyly, making my eyebrows shoot up.

I leant forward and still looking into each others eyes nibbled the rosy bud.

She reached up and clipped my ear. "Ow, you. Don't bite !!" she laughed.

I spent the next five minutes moving from one tit to the other sucking both nipple's to my hearts content. In the end, I sat back and licked my lips.

She swatted my arm. "Like that huh ? I know I do." She suddenly turned around and leant forward slightly, sticking her bum in my face. I swallowed hard. A big, round, fleshy, wobbly, perfectly fat arse encased in red see-through knickers. "Do you like it John?" she asked over her shoulder.

"It sure is big." I replied.

She pouted. "Oh ?"

"No, no thats great, I love fat bums, er... not that I've seen any you understand. " I quickly replied trying to allay her fears.

"Really ?" she whispered giving it a wobble.

"Really." I replied. "Can I take your knickers off, I've always wanted to do that."

She nodded and shufftied nearer the bed, bending over more making me feel like I'd swallowed my Adams apple. There are really no words to describe the absolute beauty and joy of her bottom. From that day, hour, minute forth I was a confirmed devotee of the female backside.

"Are you alright John ?" she asked looking back at me quizzically.

I grinned shyly and cupped my hands about a couple of inches above her arse. "Its just, so flippin wow. You've got a fantastic bum Mrs Robinson." I laughed waving my hands around, shaping in the air the dimensions of her sit upon.

"Good, I needed to know that." she sighed, looking me strangely. "Go on, enjoy yourself, pull my knickers down." she urged giving her bum a waggle making the fatty flesh of each cheek wobble seductively. She laughed as she watched me stick my tongue between my lips and interlock my fingers and crack the knuckles. "Its just a bum...!!" she laughed.

"Not to me its not."

"Good." she replied again as if I had answered an unasked question.

All my concentration was focused on the red stretched knickers which just about covered the wide expanse of her hips. Gingerly I reached in and eased down in a zig-zag motion the flimsy material. My eyes were glued onto each strip of white flesh as it appeared, the cheeks bisected by a long deep gash from which a funny smell wafted. As a tease, I pulled the cotton outward and with a twang let the knicker elastic snap back making her jump and give a little squeal.

She looked back at me with a red face and round surprised eyes, I thought she was going to tick me off, but - "Again, do that again John. I liked that." I noticed she was watching me like a hawk brooking no argument. "Hmmm." she mumbled, I watched her hang her head down and shake that blazing mane. Her tits, hanging like a pair of porcelain bells swung slightly and slapped together wetly, traces of her milk mixing with her dew like sweat. A low murmured. "Again John."

Did she like the sting ? I pulled back the elastic further, to its furthest reach and let it go.

Twang..crackk!!! The elastic bit into her fat arse flesh leaving a thin red line and made her flesh ripple.

"Does it hurt ?" I asked feeling unsure.

"Hmmm, just a bit, feels nice and tingly though." she groaned. She spread her legs slightly and hollowed her back more, the curve of her spine bending into a graceful upward arc as she threw back her head moaning to herself, her mind off someplace. It didn't occur to me that the pain was fuelling her ecstacy. Something I was to learn more about later. Getting a grip of her knickers again, I drew them quickly down off her buttocks and down her red stockinged legs, pooling them at her feet.

She was still off someplace else, so I knelt forward and looked with child like wonder as the peach of her sex was revealed to me.

My first look at a vagina.

"Mick Jagger's lips.....sideways" was the only thing I could think of, I tried to stop my guffaw, but the bugger escaped and leaked out from my mouth.

She turned and looked at me having a giggle fit.

"Whats so funny...?" she asked smiling at my mirth.

"Hah, no...ahh, nooooo can't tell you...hah haaaaaaa!!" I was gone.

She sighed and waited for me to settle down.

"Finished ?"

I nodded. "Sorry....just me, something stupid.."

She shrugged her shoulders and decided to take charge. "Watch..." she whispered. I sobered up real quick as she reached around with both hands grabbing an arse cheek in each and pulled them apart. For me it was a life affirming, defining moment. Before my adolescent eyes sat the pouched purse of her sex with the dark sink of her forbidden dark hole above. Framed by a fine spray of red hairs, the lips of her vaginal opening glistened wetly with the same hue as the stuff which came from mine whenever it was excited and hard. I understood once thing, it was as clear as day...she was turned on sexually, turned on by being with me, someone twenty-six years her junior. I gave a start as the fingers of her right hand appeared between her legs and watched fascinated as her index finger traced the crinkly line of her vagina and .....oh woooow!! I nearly fell off the bed as she stuck her finger into her hole and stirred it around murmuring and moaning. Her head was thrown back and her teeth were bared in an animal frown.

She slowly relaxed and with her head hung down. "Do you like my pussy John?"


"You're what?" I blurted out like an idiot.

She giggled and murmured a "silly old fool." She twisted around, her fat backside still in my face. "Pussy, my pussy...why what do you call it?" she seemed genuinely interested.

"Er, well," I couldn't meet her gaze while I blushed with shyness. ".Eer vagina, er or fa...fanny I guess." I finished lamely looking at her apologetically and feeling like a schoolboy. She reached back and ruffled my hair.

"Fanny eh.?"

I shrugged.

"Well John, I think it has many names, some quite nice such as pussy which I like, fanny, slot, minge or some are nasty and dirty like ahhh twat, gash and er cunt...don't like that one much Which one do you like hmmm?" she asked her eyebrows heading north.

I was all goggle ears. Talk about learning about sex on the hoof. This sure beat Biology class. "Me?" I asked surprised she had asked me something so personal to her, she nodded. "Well pussy...puss, you're hairy puss sounds quite good.." My face felt like a furnace as I watched her smile and then...bloody hell!!!!. She bent forward and that great crack opened up more with her dark hole winking a hello. I was really beginning to sweat. She reached further through her legs and ran them over her er.... ahhh backdoor.

"What about this, what do you call this?" she asked, biting her lip, her colour high and eye's hooded.

"That?" I was mortified she'd want to ask me what I called "that". What the hell was I supposed to say? My brain worked overtime. " that's yer arsehole....isn't it?" I replied trying not to make obvious my fascination with her waste deposit chute.

"Thats nice...arsehole sounds nice..or you could call it bumhole or just use the proper word...anus." she smiled talking to me like a teacher. " thats its real name."

Well, you learn something every day.

"You'll learn...and I intend to teach you if you want John?" she straightened up letting go of her bum cheeks making them snap together with a quivery slap.

I sat back and waited.

"Is your cock hurting, it sure looks big and hard." she bent forward and inspected my throbbing tool which stuck up like a periscope from the sparse down on my crotch.

Of course it bloody hurt. "Just a bit Laura." I replied quietly feeling the moment of truth had arrived.

She stood semi-naked looking at me, her own desire obvious in her eyes. "Do you want to make love to me John?" she asked sitting on the edge of the bed and rubbing my thigh.

I nodded.

"Have you slept with a woman?"

I shook my head.

With my eyes cast down, I felt her smile.

"Do you want me to be your first?"

Decision time...heart going pitter patter. "Laura I want you to be the first."

She smiled and leant forward to kiss me on my forehead. "I'll make it good, so good you won't ever forget it."


"Easy...oh that's sooooo nice, you're such a good big boy, push a bit more..ooooooooohhhhh you're filling me right up, right up in my belly." she hissed in my ear whilst licking my lobe and making me shiver. I felt her legs reach around my torso and wrap around my mid-rift as I sank forward and buried the last three or so inches up into her pussy.

I waved goodbye to my virginity as I felt her insides squeeze the length of my cock as it sat stuck in the pit of her sex. It sure was hot. I opened my eyes and focused with difficulty as I lay on her heaving bosom which jiggled beneath my bare chest.

"Hmmm, I feel so full John, oooooh your cock is soooooo huge in me, just ahhhhhhh, m.m...move it back and forth a bit, ooohhhh yes like that, that's eeeeehhhhhh, hmmmmmmmmmmmm a bit harder." she panted as she raised and lowered the cradle of her sex in time to my tentative thrusts.

I felt fucking great. Like a cork bobbing on the waves as this grown woman began to fuck me hard, I slipped both my arms under her armpits with my hands able to caress her face and dig into her sweat streaked hair. I grunted as a particularly intense spasm shot up my spine and nestled my face in her crown breathing in the scent of a summer glade. The only sound in the room was the "uhh huhhh" of animal coupling as she commanded the pace of our rutting with her ankles tapping me on...slower, faster and harder.

As the fucking grew in strength, the springs of the bed began to squeak and squirrel as I pounded my Grandma's neighbour into the mattress, any thoughts of being gentle gone with the onset of emotion. "Ahh, yes,,,ahhh yes, harder John, that's right, thats good, good lover you're fucking my cunt good...." she chanted like a mantra.

This wasn't going to last for much longer, it felt as if my dick was going to burst, it felt as hot as a poker sparking at the tip. "I'm nearly..." I huffed my eyes shut tight as she grasped my head and kissed me with great passion. I felt her double her efforts as her pelvis ground against mine.


Her scream nearly blew out my eardrum as she groaned hugely and howled her climax to the world. It was a big one....I think. I grunted as her thighs squeezed me in a vice like grip knocking the wind out of me. I looked down and her eyes were shut tight, her teeth hissing a jaguar snarl as she began to pull my hair. Ow. Then I felt myself floating above the bed as she heaved my whole weight up as I balanced only on our connected sex. Her inner strength surged up and sang out loud as a second wave of orgasm swept her bones. "JJjjjjjjjjjjjjoooooooohhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..!!!" her cry rose and died like an aria on the wind.

I felt her lower me to earth and her muscles begin to soften.

A grunt and surge suddenly overcame me. "Uh, Lauuuuura, its uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu." turn. My first "inside a vagina" orgasm was a humdinger as I winced as the first squirt bathed her walls with my nectar. In my trip, I saw her eyes open and she beamed a smile as she saw that I was in my climax. She squeezed her pussy tightly around me, milking my semen. My second, third and forth emissions were no less fierce or of less volume, it sure felt as if I had stuck a pint of spunk up her fanny with most of it seeping out around the lips of her sex. With a great sigh I collapsed onto her and I felt her reach behind my head, stroke my hair and kiss me gently on the right cheek.

"Wonderful, that was so wonderful." she whispered.


I came downstairs and sat at the kitchen table tucking in my shirt waiting for Mrs Robinson to come down.

Mrs Robinson - my lover.

The past couple of hours hung over me, I smelt of it, I could taste it and feel it. It still felt as if my penis was in her, the sensation lingered still. But I was puzzled.

As she was getting dressed she had looked over at me. "Can I trust you John?" she asked quietly.

She seemed serious. I nodded. "Always."

"Good, now go downstairs and wait for me."

So here I sat. I heard her pad down the stairs dressed in a white dress belted at the waist, bare legged with a pair of white plimsolls. In her hand was a brown package. She went over and picked up my bag pushing the mystery package into it. "I, I want you to look at what's in the bag when you get home and don't tell or show anyone understand. This is between you and me and I want to be able to trust you understand John?"

She was really serious.

"I understand, you and me."

She smiled visibly relaxing. "Will you come again next Saturday?" she asked standing behind me as I sat loving the way she rubbed my shoulders.

I nodded.

"Besides you've got to finish tidying my garden.

We both laughed.


"Had a nice day dear?"

I skidded to a halt in the kitchen. "Er...aye mam, you know same old same, just did a favour for nan's next door neighbour." I replied feeling uncomfortable.


"Dug her" I started to blush so I turned and headed for the stairs with my bag grasped tightly in my right hand. "Going upstairs to read mam."

"Okay son...have fun."

I drew the bolt and rattled the bedroom door making sure it was locked and then went over to my bed. Just what was in the brown paper bag? With daylight fading and the evening gloom setting in, I stood by the window and looked at what Mrs Robinson had given me so secretively. A magazine? I looked at the cover. "Janus" Below the title was a full page picture of a woman showing only her back view, her hour glass figure was clad in a long black dress as she stood slightly bent leaning on a high stool. But it was the state of her dress which made my heart beat faster. The hem had been thrown up over her shoulders thus revealing her stockings and suspenders to the reader.

What was Mrs Robinson doing with this? With a casual flick, my thumb selected the middle pages by chance. A sheet of white notepaper fell out as I opened up the page and did a slow-motion spiral to the floor. I ignored the fallen sheet, my eyes were staring at the double paged spread of colour photographs which lay before me. I swallowed hard. I mean, I really swallowed hard.

Fucking hell.

Fucking bloody hell.

It was if someone had stuck a needle of pure adrenaline into my spine and shot it up in one go.

I was stunned.

I was shocked.

I had a bloody great big hard-on.


The photo on the left page showed a man of around 50 years of age, dark haired, distinguished, wearing a dicky-bow tie sitting on a stool. Across his knees lay the vast continent of a naked female bottom, but that wasn't the half of it. The distinguished gentleman was slamming his hand down in a captured moment of time as it impacted against the pliable cheeks of her bum. It looked real. Her fat arse was a collage of crimson and motley blue's, testament to a thorough spanking, her black stockinged legs cast far and wide as the pain sank into her flesh. I moved closer to the window to try and get a better view with more light, my gaze travelled up her bent spine to her thrust back faceless head.

Her hair was red.

I blinked.

No it couldn't be.

I reached up, closed the curtains quickly and went to the side of my bed switching on my lamp and looked at the second colour photo. My heart gave a lurch and fell to my feet.

No question.

The second photo showed the young lady with her back to camera, dressed only in stockings and suspenders reaching back rubbing her scarlet arse. Her head was turned, looking over her shoulder with tears streaming down her face at the camera. It was the red hair that did it. Absolutely no question. I sat down in a dazed shock and simply stared at her.

It was her.

A younger her.

It was Mrs Robinson.


Lying on my bed I read the note.



Now you know why I asked you if I could trust you.

Please don't be shocked. Yes its me. I did this about 10 or so years ago. The man with me is my husband Jim. Yes, he is spanking me and someone is taking pictures of me being spanked. It was done for a good friend who works for the magazine. I bet you're surprised that such magazines exist John, well they do and some people enjoy what they show...some even like having it done to them. Like me. Why? Well, its hard to explain in this short note but its an extension of my sexuality for me. I get very excited by someone giving my bum a good, hard tanning. I love it.I miss it now. You said I could trust you. I am and do. Read this magazine, look at me getting a spanking and see if you are interested in giving me the same. I would love for you to spank me.....hard. If not, no matter. Give me a call.


ps: Please destroy this letter.


Ring-ring- -ring-ring.

I took a deep breath. "Its me...John."

"Yes, I read your note...."

I laughed slowly.

"Yes a bit..."

"I would love to spank you Laura...very much."

"See you Saturday."


Part 3.



"Did that hurt?"


"Oh?" I stepped back and looked at my handy work. Rubbing my chin, deep in inspective thought I surveyed the damage. Her fat arse looked in a sorry state. Across its vast expanse lay bands of bruised blues and yellows wallowing in a sea of red. "Do you want some more Laura?" I asked thinking that maybe she'd had her fill.

Her red head was buried in the pillow as she thought a bit and then. "Huh huh...another ten John." came a muffled reply.

TEN?!!! God, she was really into it. "Ohhhhhhhhhhkay, here goes, grit your teeth." I stepped back and shook out the 2ft long, two tailed leather strap like a lion tamer slashing his whip. I flung it back as if casting a line, heard the leather crack as it swung past my ear and put my whole shoulder into the powerful downward delivery. The tail split in two as it landed on her arse cheeks, plum bob centre with a lightning flash and crack. CCCCRRRRAACCCKK!!

"AAARRRGGGGGHoooooowwww!!!" she screamed loud and long making me thank God that my Granny was hard of hearing next door. "ELEVEN!!!!!"

I licked my lips, grinning as I watched her shake, rattle and roll her arse as she tried to run away from the sting. Well, she asked for it. Twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen. "Laura, last one coming up...going to give you a really hard one to finish, Okay?" I wasn't surprised there was no answer, her whole being must have been trying to control the hurt. Still, she asked for it. KKEERRRRSSPPPPPLLLAATTT!!

I hit her so hard that the fat on her arse expanded to twice its size as it blasted out sideways away from the strap, it was so hard that it made her sex point straight up as the muscles of her bot were rearranged due to the severity of the blow. Mrs Robinson was kneeling on all fours on her bed, dressed only in black-netted stockings and suspenders, her huge bosom swung free wobbling with a locomotive motion on the ocean that had me drooling for another taste of her milk. Her fanny was pussed out, leaking like a waterfall as she spank orgasmed.

Uhhhhh. Urp. My surge hit me at about the same time and I dropped the strap, climbed on the bed between her legs intending to stick my cock up her snatch...ahhhh. Too late. Hair trigger. Just as I grabbed her stinging flesh, making her cry out in pain, squirt number one beat me to the line and fired its slurpy salvo straight up over her wincing buttocks, past her spine and landed with a pppsssffftttt in her hair. Oops. Squirt number two was on the way when I had a bright idea. Why waste some cold cream when I could use my own special brew to soothe her aches and pains. Good idea John. So, I grabbed my pecker and aimed fusillade number two dead centre in the middle of her wiggling arse. By the time I had finished my spend, the whole area of her butt was a gooey mess with frosty strands dripping from her overhangs, a river had sprung up between her arse crack with little streamlets running down the lips of her pussy. The crater of her arsehole was a pond of mucus and slime as my semen formed a natural pool, I wheezed hard and drooled some spit to mix in with the funky gunky. I wonder if she meant what she said before as I stared at her brown hole? I would just love to be able to shove my....

"So, this is why you like to visit your Grandma?"

I nearly died of fright as I spun round at the sound of a familiar voice. The blood drained from my face as in the bedroom doorway stood a figure.

It was Beverley Sidebottom.


Maybe I should start at the beginning. Saturday morning. I was running round like a blue arsed fly doing my chores and getting myself ready for my regular visit to Grandma's. As I pulled my bike out of the shed, I still couldn't quite get my head around the events which had transformed my life a week ago. I wasn't a virgin for one thing. Boy, that had disappeared spectacularly. I felt different. No, really I did....more mature and worldly-wise. I went back indoors to collect my gear, whistling.

"Here's to you Mrs Robinson,

Jesus loves you more than you will know...uwowowo.."

"You're happy." smiled my mam as she sat reading the paper.

"Hmmm hmm, going to nan's." I replied picking up my bag and its secret cargo.

"Be good now, don't get into any back home by eight mind, ye hear John." she smiled. I bent down and kissed her head.

" problem mam." I was gone. Cycling along, I could feel my heart beating faster as I relived the moment I saw the magazine and her letter. Who'd of thought it eh? Mrs Robinson liked to be spanked and belted. Wow. I had spent the past few days looking at her in the magazine getting a thorough whacking from her late husband followed by a seeing to with something called a tawse. I read the articles, studied the drawings and drooled over the pictures of her arse all week, making sure I knew what was expected of me and leaving nothing to chance. Could I hit a grown woman.? Hit her hard enough to make her cry?


Only if she asked me.

That reverse logic calmed my fears and made me more confident on doing the deed. I began to whistle my happiness.

"Rain drops keep falling on my head...da da dah dadad da dah...."


"Gran, I've er.. promised Mrs Robinson I'd er... help her clear out some stuff in her er... atic and is, is that okay? She said she'd make me some more er....jelly and custard for our tea." I winced at my efforts to plan an escape route to spanking freedom. Gran just patted my head and called me a "good lad". I love my Gran. "Back after tea then, bye!!" I was out the door like shit off a stick. Looking round first, I took a deep breath and knocked on Mrs Robinsons door. I stood with my hands in my pockets fidgeting from one foot to the other, nerves dancing all over me. Looking up, I saw her shadow behind the door glass as she came down her hall. I licked my lips and swallowed. I blushed beetroot as I saw her.

"Hello John, come to tidy my atic?" her voice sang.

I nodded.

"You'd best come in then." Ding-dong bells.

My spanking career was about to begin..........big time.


The old Chinese clock on the sideboard ticked and tocked merrily on its journey into the future as Mrs Robinson and I sat side by side on the settee looking at the pictures in the magazine. "Ohhhhh, now that one." she said making a face at the photo of a younger her being giving a particularly hard spank by her late husband, "...that one really hurt, Jim used to like to slap my bum real hard, sometimes his spanks were so hard I'd pee myself!!" she finished covering her ruby, red face and laughing in embarrassment, rocking back and forward.

I just sat there open mouthed with a bloody, great hard-on. Pee herself?


But I was puzzled about one thing, intrigued I guess as well. "Laura, how, I mean why did you get involved in this, this...kind of thing."

She stopped laughing, looked thoughtfully at me and composed herself, her brow furrowing as she sighed. "Well, let me see, Jim and I got married when I was only 23 and he was around 42 - 43 so he had been around a bit whilst me I was as pure and innocent as the driven snow," she smiled at her memories," I gave him my virginity on our wedding night and as time past we came to know each other's little ways and habits, as we lived together you find out things about people that you'd never of guessed, so with my husband he just had a thing about my bum, he was always playing with it, you know always giving it a rub and a pat. Well, one night we were getting ready for bed and I was putting on my nightie and I had just bent down to take off my knickers when SMACK", she waved her hand around in an imaginary spank "...he gave my bum such a wallop that it knocked me off my feet onto the bed. Eeeeh I was so shocked, I jumped up and hopped around the room clutching my bum. Well, he was so apologetic, he said he didn't know what had come over him and he just had this urge to smack my bottom, he said he'd always wanted to do it even afore we were married. So, I sat on the bed beside him and had a bit of a think and talk and asked him why he wanted to spank me...he shrugged his shoulders and then he came right out and said it..."Can I smack your arse Laura please". Now, in them days John, a wife took a tellin off her husband but even so and this is what is so strange...I wanted him to do it in a I said yes and that night he put me over his knee, slapped and spanked my bum for over an hour.....and it was sooooooo lovely. I think I fell in love with a sore bum then and there. From that day on, he used to hit me every other day or when I asked him too and from using his hand we went on to use different things to mark my bum such as his slipper, his belt - ohhh that really bruised me bum that did, er... oh aye and he made this huge leather strap at work with a split in one end called a two-tailed tawse."

She closed her eyes and wiggled beside me. "And when he used that for the first time, he had to put my knickers in me mouth ter stop us from screaming the house down. It hurt that much but I really, really loved it." She stopped and looked at me with a pink face. "You must think I'm daft." she blushed.

No way. "No, no I don't Mrs Robinson, to be honest I would love to do to you what your husband did to you, if you'll let me?" I sat back on the settee and reached down to rub my crotch with her watching me.

She leant against me and put her lips to my left ear. "Ooh yes John, I'm going to not only let you smack my big, fat arse but belt it, whip it, cane it and I might even let you fuck it." she whispered.

To a randy 16 year old, she may as well have stuck a firecracker up me bum and lit it. But....did I hear right. Fuck her arse? Fuck as in fuck, fuck? That meant sticking my 8 and 3/4 inch cock up her bumhole?!!

My brain stopped working as she stuck out her tongue and licked the left side of my face from my jaw to my temple. "Hmmmmmmm, I think Mrs Robinson has been such a naughty little lady John, don't you think she should be given such a hard spanking hmmmmm, maybe you should make her go upstairs and change for her spanking." she lisped in a little girls voice which had me nearly filling my shorts with spunk.

I just nodded.

She grinned and got to her feet and went to the door. "Lets really play doctor's and nurses."


I climbed those stairs in slow-motion. My heart was rattling in my chest, I had an erection in my pants and to be perfectly honest I was scared shitless. I reached back, wiping my hands on the back of my jeans and crossed the landing to her bedroom. In the doorway I stopped dead in my tracks. Somebody, somewhere had just conjured up my inner most fantasy and laid it before me.

Mrs Robinson knelt on her double bed dressed in a sky blue nurses uniform, the skirt had ridden up her thighs and the darker band of her stocking tops with just a smidgeon of white thigh revealed itself. On her head was a little cap to complete the picture with her red hair bunched and clipped beneath it. Fucking beautiful. Absolutely fucking beautiful. As God is my witness, I was sure as fuck going to make sure that not only her arse was sore this day. She smiled as she saw me staring like a fool with my obvious state of arousal in full view. Mrs Robinson was a nurse. Mrs Robinson was a real-life fucking nurse.


"Like it John?" she whispered, leaning forward slightly the weight of her bust pushed out the material so sexily.

"You're a nurse?!" I gulped. State the flipping obvious dimwit, why don't you.

"Noooo, how did you guess?" she grinned with her fists balled on her hips.

I licked my lips and stuck my hands in my pockets. "Er, kind of got a thing about uniforms...Laura." I said softly.

Should I tell her something that personal? She twisted round, got off the bed and approached me smiling, she stopped in front of me and reached up to ruffle my hair. "Ahh a secret secret, you're in luck me to. I just love to wear things especially if I know I'm going to get a sore bum." she whispered leaning forward and planting a smacker on my lips.

I just grinned like an idiot and stood fiddling with my expanding dick.

"Are you going to spank me John?" she asked breathing in my ear.

Is the Pope a Catholic?

She began slowly to rub her right thigh up my left side pushing her body against mine. Urp...those needles and pins. "I've been thinking all week about you smacking my arse. I've been so wet and squishy John. I'm such a naughty girl aren't I and what should a strong, young man like you do to punish me...hmmmm?"

Her tongue was now in my right ear. I took a deep breath with my heart doing its best ding-a-ling. "Smack your bum Laura."

She pulled back, looked into my eye's and pouted. "Smack my little bottom? Oh, please don't sir because it hurts soooooo much. You'll make my little bummy wummy allllllll red and so hot!"

I simply stared and looked at her as sirens and warning bells went off in my brain. She stuck a finger in her mouth, gave it a quick suck and slowly ran it around her lips. She deserved an oscar. Now I knew her little game, she was playing a role which she had obviously acted before...well, well. I learn real quick. I felt a tingle in my bones as I realised how much the thought of dealing with her excited me. I was now a bona-fide spanking addict. Step forward Mr Spankspere. To spank or not to spank, that is the question. "Pull up your uniform Mrs Robinson." I ordered quietly, smiling inside as I watched her eyes widen and sparkle.

She muttered an "Oh, you!!" but still slipped each hand under the hem of her knee length uniform and began to wriggle and strain to pull it over her hips.

I went over to the bed and sat down, watching her as she revealed her black fish-net stockings and suspenders to me. I LOVE stockings and suspenders. "Come here, its time for me to give you a spanking Mrs Robinson" She hesitated, reached down and rubbed the front of her knickers giving me an embarrassed smile before she came over to stand before me with her eyes downcast. "You're a very naughty girl Laura," I began getting into character. "And you must be punished very hard, I think you need a good, hard smacking on your bum. Don't you agree?" I put on my sternest face and voice.

Laura looked at me and I could tell that she was loving our byplay and that her excitement was high.

"Oh but why? Why must you smack my bum John, I promise I'll be a good little girl....really I will, won't you let me off puurrrllleeesee!"

"Over my knee Mrs Robinson." I directed, raising my voice.

She sighed, shivered, turned sideways and gracefully bent her body over my knee and laid across me with her upper torso resting on the corner of the bed. I was surprised by her light weight and found I could move her around quite easily. I looked down. Another moment in time to remember for the rest of my days. Mrs Laura Robinson certainly had a big, fat arse, it lay before me with her nurses uniform tucked up into a bunch around her waist. Her arse was encased in a sheer, black pair of cotton knickers that looked full to bursting point with the abundance of bum fat. I realised she was looking at me with a beaming grin on her face. "What?" I replied feeling guilty.

"Ha haaa men!" she giggled. "My Jim always said I had a big bum." she then sighed giving the object of my affection a wiggle.

"How many do you want Laura.?" I asked rubbing her knickers.

Laura turned her head back to the front. "As many and as hard as you like John, I can take quite a lot, okay?" she murmured.

As many as I liked....we'd be here all night if I had my bloody way. "Okay here goes, I'll give you some over your knicks and then I'll take them down and wallop you on the bare arse."

"Good." she whispered.

Since I had never done this before, I figured I'd better make my first attempt a good un, so...


I hit her bot as hard as I could, so hard that my hand flattened out misshapen with the force of the blow. "Ow, that hurt." I grimaced feeling my hand throb. Apart from a grunt and low moan, she didn't blink an eye or turn a hair. All I got was a whispered."Ooo luveeeeeeerrly John!!" For some bloody reason I felt disappointed, I had expected her to scream the fucking house down. Right Miss you asked for it. I rolled up my shirt sleeve and put my whole shoulder into the next spank.


Laura gave a short squeal and kicked up her feet, her ankles bouncing off her cheeks. "Johnnnnnn, ooooooeeee not so hard at the start dear, shit oooowwww, build me up and I can last for hours." she winced turning to look at my red face.

"Oh, right alright." I replied lamely, secretly pleased that I had finally got a reaction. So for the next five minutes I continued to slap her knickered derriere listening to her "Ooooo" and "Aaaaaahhh" as her heat built up. I learned one thing. Spanking sure is hard work. Its okay for women all they have to is lie there and take it, for the spanker doing the whackin' it sure as hell raises a sweat. I tapped her on the head. "Mrs Robinson, I'm going to pull your knickers down now and smack yor bare arse."

Mumble, mumble, mumble.

As if I was unwrapping a priceless artefact, I delicately tugged down her undies a bit at a time, but the crotch was stuck fast under her belly. "L..lift up a bit Laura, I cannit pull them down cos they're stuck..come on lift yer arse up." I heard her sigh and ease up her weight allowing me to inchy-pinchy her saucy see-through's down over her buttocks to mid-thigh where I left them. Blimey. She sure didn't have a white bum any more. I hadn't really taken much notice of where I spanked her but I could see that the right cheek had taken the brunt and blazed scarlet while the left just looked a nice comfortable pink. But how many should I give her? I didn't want to make her cry, but then again she seemed more than happy to accept what was dished out. Ah-Ha!!

I looked at my watch, it was just after 1.30pm.

I undid the strap and reached over in front of her. "Since this is a punishment for being such a bad girl, I'm going to smack your bum hard until the time reaches twenty-five to two on this watch, here take it so ye can see how much longer you've got to go and suffer." Laura turned to face me and gave a little "Oh, this is different" pout and a " five minute bare bottomed spanking - bloody hell" raised eyebrows look of apprehension.

I made a show of re-rolling my sleeve up. "Understand?" I asked her. She licked her lips and nodded slightly, turning back around she gripped the bedsheet and began to moan and keen. Right, Mrs Robinson here goes. Remember, build her up slow. My first bare bummed spank was a skimmer, the delivery like flicking a flat piece of stone across a pond.

Left cheek - Slllllaaaaapppppp.

Oooh, a nice wobble there.

Right cheek - Slllllaaaappp.


Hey, this was a lot of fun.




Pancake, wobble, wriggle and moan. "Like that Mrs Robinson" I smiled. No answer. Still, she must of liked it by the amount of juice trickling out of her fanny.

"Ow,ow, owooooooowwwwwchhhh John, hmm like that, more like that, h...hit my right cheek harder...please." she moaned as her head jerked up and her red hair shimmied as she shook her mane.

Ow wasn't the word for it. My pecker felt as if it was in a cage, not only that it was bloody hungry. Maybe if we took a break, she would suck the spunk out.

"More John, hurry, its so gooooooood" she mumbled again waggling her arse to get my attention.




I was now into full blooded whacking, smacking and spanking now. Laura bounced and weaved on my lap and had started to cry a little and howl. She had also started to swear like a trooper, language that even made me blush. "WOWOWOWOWOW - yes!!" she screeched after I had zinged in a particularly hard one which beat the shit out of her left arse cheek.

"How long left Mrs Robinson?" I asked wishing father time would get his skates on as it felt as if my hand was going to drop off.

She sniffled like a little girl. "W..w...won more m...minute...John, oooooooo sore bummy wummy!!" she hiccupped holding the watch no more than six inches before her face.

I felt her body hesitate as if making a decision and then she turned her head to me with tears streaming down her face. "J..John, spank the shit out of my backside as hard as you can for this last m...minute...don't worry, I..I can take it, don't be scared of hurting me, its what I like." she pleaded with watery brown eye's.

As hard as I can?

I nodded.


1.35: The final minute.

In that final minute I whaled the tar out of her arse, I must of smacked her about forty times, each one as hard as I could muster. Wham, bam, slam, whack, crack, therwack, you name it it was done. With ten seconds to go, she climaxed. Absolutely no doubt about it. As I slammed my hand down dead centre across both swollen cheeks, she screamed and bowed her body into a steel bow. Then she gave a squirt. It shot out from her sex in an arc that left me speechless.

"MMMM" she groaned as she reached her peak and descended from high. Outstanding. She slumped over my lap, breathing like a steam train going uphill. I looked down and paled. Her arse wasn't an arse. It looked like a painters palette with hues of cobalt blues, sunburst oranges, flaming reds while here and there sat dollops of yellow ocre. It had also swollen up. It looked twice its size. Her legs were slightly open and her arse crack glistened with sweat and female arousal, her puss lips gaped, sighing serenely at the passing of her fluid. Then there was the smell. The stink of sex juice hung in the air.

Uh oh. "L...Laura, yed better, better get up, h..hurry cos my c cock's starting to leek and...and, oh bollocks...LAURA GET UP!!!" I whined feeling the tell tale signs of Sidney sperm running to catch the mainline express to freedom.

"Hmmmm dear, what....oh....OH..OOHHH!!!" she mumbled as she suddenly realised what the hell I was talking about. She scrambled up and tottered about as if she was blind drunk. When she finally got her bearings she grabbed me and pulled me too my feet.

"What, Laura for fuck's sake hurry." I groaned as she dropped to her knees and we both fumbled with my belt and zipper. She hauled my pants down, grabbed my white y-fronts and yanked them south. "Top, take your top off John...quick." she urged as she stooped and whipped her half-mast knickers off.

In all it probably took me twenty seconds to get naked. "Wh...heyyyyy!!" I gasped as she pushed me back, sending me sprawling flat on my back on the bed. My prick was lolling around like a blood filled leech who was pissed, its head throbbing purple.

Laura licked her lips and jumped over my thighs. "I know where that thing is going." she laughed as she aimed my spear at her fanny and with an "Ow, thats big!!" sat down on it in one go. Mr Bee had just found the honey pot. I didn't last very long, she bounced up and down a couple of times rubbing her scorched arse against my hairy thighs when...




I looked at the clock.


I could hear Laura in the bathroom as she wrung out the flannel and washed my sperm from her face. She came back in to watch me as I recovered from my third orgasm of the afternoon. "You certainly have stamina John, I bet your mam feeds you porridge for breakfast" she laughed. I made a face and looked down at my penis which hung to one side feeling sorry for itself. She stuck her tongue out and threw the damp cloth at me giggling, she seemed so happy. I sat up and watched her as she went over to her dressing table where she turned around, trying to inspect her bum.

"God John, look at the state of it, look at those bruises!!They'll last all week, you bad boy. I just don't know how I'm going to sit down." she glanced at me and hissed her breath between her teeth.

I bent forward and picked up the slipper. "Don't blame me, you wanted some of this. I was quite happy just smacking your bum." I explained brightly waving her late husbands slipper in her general direction.

She came over, sat by me on the bed and ran her hand up my leg. "I know, I know. Its my fault, when I get started with a sore arse. It has to be a really sore arse and well, I thought I'd give you a treat by showing you some of our little toys and I do so like the slipper." she grinned shyly.

I had given her forty hard whacks with the leather as she knelt on the bed until she orgasmed again rolling around the bed like a dervish. You could of fried an egg on her seat by the time I was finished. I reached up and played with her left breast as it lolled over me, its pink distended nipple still oozing with droplets of milk. The taste of her still tingled my palette from the copious amounts of her essence I had drunk from each tit. She had bottle-fed me each one after my first come, murmuring sweet nothings as she squeezed and kneaded the flow.

"I think you really are a tit and arse man aren't you?" she smiled as I pinched her teat.

"I am now." I laughed slapping her boob making it wobble like a cow's udder.

She stopped and looked around. "Want to try something else?" she asked getting to her feet and going to the cupboard.

I nodded. I was game for anything. Nothing could surprise me after what I'd just gone through.

She bustled about in the dark. "I think its in here, hang on...aye here it is, oof a bit heavy." she called as she found what she was looking for.

It was a black bag.

"What's this Laura?" I asked sitting up as she placed the holdall on the bed between us.

"Oh, just a few nick-nacks Jim and I collected during our marriage." she replied enigmatically. She pulled back the zip and sat back looking flushed. "Go on, you take them out." she whispered as her hand went between her legs and began to fiddle with that thing she called her "button".

I shrugged my shoulders. I reached in and felt all sorts of things. Whats this...a long plastic bendy tube? I pulled it out. My jaw hit the floor and she shrieked with laughter at the surprised look on my face. It was a rubber penis!!! "Laura, wh..what?" I stuttered staring at the fake cock as it flopped around in my grip.

She was pissing herself laughing. "Ha, hahhhhh its, its a dildo!!" she guffawed. She took it off me and stuck it in the valley between her boobs giving the head a suck.

"I call it Dickie." she said straight faced.

That did it, my turn, I was gone as I fell off the bed in hysterics.


On the bed lay Dickie the dildo, Wally the vibrator, Billy - the four balls on a string (what the fuck were they for.!), Sidney the slipper, Bertie the belt, Siegfried the strap( it was German) and finally Corporal Cane.

"One more." she said staring into my eyes.

I reached in and moved my hand around. Ah. It lay coiled like a snake around the "outside" inside of the bag. It was leather. It sure was long. I unfurled it from the bag.

"Say hello to Thomas, the two-foot long split tailed tawse." she looked at me grimly biting her lip and reaching around to rub her arse in fear, dread and anticipation.


The present, the here and now...

"So this is why you like visiting your Grandma's." said Beverley as she stood in the doorway to the bedroom.

Laura gave a little shrieked "Oh no." and rolled off the bed to pick up a dressing-gown which hung over her bedside chair and went into the bathroom. I was so shocked that I stood there like a lemon for a second before I realised I was butt naked. I grabbed my shirt and underpants in a flurry whilst glancing at the closed bathroom door where I could hear Laura cleaning herself up. Beverley came into the room and stood by the bed watching me hop about like a demented frog trying to stick my right foot through my trouser leg.

What if she told me mam about what she's seen?


She might call the police....oh fuck. I straightened up and blushing profusely tried to look her in the eyes. "Beverley, I..I, its not what you think...Laura, Laura's just been showing me er...aahhh" I muttered lamely feeling as low as a bug on a rug.

"I've got eyes in my head John, I could see what you were doing." she replied with her head cocked to one side studying me.

"I'm sorry...but..." I gave up, I just couldn't think of a sensible thing to say to her.

The bathroom door opened and Laura came out. "John, go downstairs and wait for me Your friend and I are going to have a little talk. Go on it'll be alright." she smiled as she sat on the bed. With a glance at Beverley I stumbled from the room.


My brain hurt.

It sure was working overtime. Wow, was I scared. I looked at my watch They'd been up there for more than ten minutes. What the hell were they talking about? My imagination was running riot. Then I heard someone coming downstairs. I stood up, my heart hammering hard and fast. "L..Laura." I burst out as she came into the room. I glanced behind her expecting to see Beverley. But she wasn't there.

Mrs Robinson smiled.

"Go upstairs she wants to talk to you."


"Sit down John."

I sat. I looked up at her as she stood before me dressed in a blue and yellow stripped top with yellow skirt.

"I..I, me and Mrs Robinson have had a chat and she's explained everything to me .....everything." she said looking down at me with a funny expression.

Everything? Didn't like the sound of that at all. "You mean she's told you what we've been doing er together." I burbled feeling distinctly uneasy.

"Everything John. Losing your virginity and everything. Including you giving her a spanking and using that thing on her when I first saw you together." she nodded to her right indicating the leather tawse lying on the floor.

Christ!, she must think me some sort of nutter to be hitting someone with that. "Beverley, its not what you think, she, Laur...Mrs Robinson er likes to be hit on her ahhh bottom." I pleaded trying to make her understand.

"She does understand John, I've told her all about me and my late husband, I also showed her the magazine."

I gave a start as Laura came in to the bedroom.

"You did.?" I asked, shocked.

They both nodded glancing at each other.

I looked between the two....something was going on. But what.

As I sat on the bed, Laura came around and sat in her bedside chair watching my friend as she stood before me. I could hear my heart hammering in my ears.

"John?" asked Beverley quietly.

I looked up.

She licked her lips and looked over to Laura who smiled and nodded. "Do, do you remember what you said last week?"

Last week? My mind was in such a whirl, I couldn't remember what happened this morning. "Er, last week, no...where?"

She took a deep breath. "In the shed."

My heart got the express elevator to hell. ", you mean when we er I showed you my er thing and, and..." I stuttered, the memories flooding back.

She smiled at my red face and confusion. She nodded. "I never did get to show you mine did I?" she whispered, a sparkle of amusement in her eyes.

Uh oh....what? Did I hear right? Go along with the ride John. I shook my head.

"Do you want to see it John?"

Ding-a-ling-bells. Couldn't talk so I just nodded.

"Do you want me to show you now John?"

I nodded twice, my senses were punch drunk.

She stepped back a pace and began to undo each button of her shirt.

Oh wow.

There were six buttons in all and as she undid the last she looked at me. "For you." she breathed. She shrugged the top off her shoulders and let it fall about her waist.

I stared at her bust as it sat slung in a plain white bra.

"Do you want me to show you my breasts John?" she asked.

I nodded....again.

As she unhooked her bra, I took a deep breath and sighed as each sizeable tit came into view. For a sixteen going on seventeen year old they were a fair size, a succulent handful that had my palms itching. "Do you like them John?" she moaned as she hefted them up with both hands.

I nodded.

She let them drop and bounce making me swallow hard. Bending forward slightly she unfastened the clasp of her skirt and unwound it from her hips. My mouth dropped open as she stood before me in only a pair of white panties. "Do you want me to take them off for you John?"

"Y..yes." I croaked, even after three volleys my cock was beginning to get ready for action. She blushed beautifully and in a slow striptease that had me grabbing the mattress with both hands eased down her underwear and slipped it off. I simply stared at her naked body. Her boobs were slung wide and firm on her chest and at the pit of her saddle sat the hairless lips of her sex.



Her legs were long and graceful with muscles hidden by the smoothness of her pelt. She was beautiful and when she unwound her brown hair, spreading it around her like a shroud. My cock crowed. I was speechless.

"Do you like what you see John?"

I looked up, sat forward and slowly ran my hands up her legs, past her thighs, up over her hips and back again lightly. I just grinned like an idiot and nodded at my future wife.

"Turn around Beverley, show him your bum."

We both gave a start forgetting that Mrs Robinson was still there watching us, so lost were we in each other.

"Would you like to see my bum John?" she asked putting a finger to her bottom lip.

"Yes please." Lamebrain answer.

With a ballerina swivel she turned, presenting me with her arse. It was perfect. It wasn't overly big like Mrs Robinsons but it still had a fair portion of puppy fat to make it stand out. I leant forward and planted a kiss on each cheek making her giggle. I looked over at Laura. She winked. Huh?

"Why don't you ask him Beverley?"

Ask what.?

The silence was deafening.

"Ask me what Beverley?"

She turned back and I found myself face to face with her vagina. Did she want me to take her er....

"John, you can't sleep with me. Not yet, I'm not on the pill and I don't want to take any risks or anything but would you to spank my bum?" she asked softly, her face flaming red with her whole body shivering.

Did I hear right? To right I would. I reached out and took her hand, kissing her palm I nodded. "Beverley, I would love to spank you if that's what you want."

She frowned, thinking and reached out to pat my hair. "Laura told me all about spanking and those other things you've done and, and I would really like for you to do them things to my bum John but not so hard at first until I see what its like okay?" she added nervously, her tits wobbling nicely.

"Scouts honour." I replied.

"Okay then." she shivered nervously. You'd better give me a little spanking." She slowly settled herself over my thighs.

"Here, let me help you dear." offered Laura reaching forward to guide Beverley further over towards her thus raising her bum higher. "Now John, be sensible just go easy and give her a light smacking to start off with. Beverley, if you want him to do it harder tell him and he will." smiled Laura.

We both nodded.


"Oh." she cried softly then nodded.

I brought my hand down on her right cheek with a fair crack.

"OOooooo" she moaned as her bumcheek pancaked and wobbled. "Hhhhhhhhhmmmm." she wriggled, opening up her thighs showing me her fanny and anus.


Definitely had to get in there. Six spanks later I stopped and rubbed her body from her thighs to her spine. "Like that?" I asked.

She seemed to think for a second then "Ohhhhhh John, its so tingly and stingy and warmmmmmmm!!" she murmured rubbing her groin against my thighs.

"Want some more, a little harder maybe?" asked Laura.

"Ooo yes." she replied groaning as I rubbed the tight, wet lips of her puss. "John hit me harder please."

Yes mam.

You're faithful servant.

I began to spank my future wife harder, harder still...much harder.


A little while later...

I reached down and sank my right hand into a sea of red and my left into an ocean of brown. I groaned as Beverley forced her lips over the head of my penis and sucked hard.

"Hhhhhhmmmmm" she moaned as she tasted my pre-emission on her tongue. Laura, kneeling at her side pressed her face to my pubic hair and began to lick along my exposed shaft, bathing my flesh with her spit as if she were licking a lolly. I was in heaven. Heaven was having one hell of a fucking party. Laura and Beverley both looked up at me as they played with my dick, both of them naked kneeling at my feet worshipping my manhood. Er....hang on. "Are you ready, cos I'm about to blooooooowww!!" Beverley gave a squeak as she looked along my cock cross eyed as she realised that she was about to get her first mouthful of spunk. Laura reached up and jiggled my balls.

"Here it comes!!!" she cried. "Suck harder Beverley!!"

Squirt number one shot out of my piss-hole and promptly filled her mouth to bursting point. She backed off immediately, coughed and choked.

"Swallow it dear. You're supposed to swallow it, don't let it go to waste!!" laughed Laura, giggling giddily as she watched the younger woman make a face and then give an exaggerated "gulp".

"Bbbbleeeekkkkkkkkhhhhcccchhhhh!!" she gasped as my spunk sank into her stomach.

"Er, ladies, girls what about?" I pointed to my now free dick as it swung around uncontrollably with salvo number two hurtling up the tube. But they were gone, both giggling. I gripped my cock behind the tender head and with my left hand grabbed a handful of each of their hair in a bunch and drew their faces together.

"Ow John ooouchhhh, what are you..oh, OH!!" they cried out together. Squirt number two shot out and I directed the stream of jism from one face to the other painting a squiggly line over their skin.

"Uuuuuurrrrrrrr." squealed Beverley as salvo number three shot up her left nostril.

"Johnnnnnnnn!!" moaned Laura as I fired the rest of squirt number three over her eyes and forehead.

"Stick your tongues out now!!" I ordered. They did, pushing them together. I laid my cock head on their joined pink flesh and oozed and kneaded out squirt number four. "Lick it up girls." I laughed. They both sat back on their haunches and savoured the taste of me. I dropped back onto the bed and stared at them. Both their faces were glistening wetly, a film of watery white spunk goop dripped, slithered and slunk here and there. Laura, with an icicle strand hanging from her nose looked at me. She smiled wickedly. She leant forward, stuck out her tongue and began to scoop and clean my sperm from Beverley's startled face. After a short while.

"All done, all clean your turn." she smiled.

Beverley looked goggle eyed.

Then with a wicked grin proceeded to lick Mrs Robinsons face clean.

Fucking wow.



All three of us sat around the table having a cup of tea. Each of us had showered and dressed as it had been getting late. Laura sat pensively looking at us. "So, Beverley you can't tell anyone mind, it has to be just between us three what happened, if you want it to continue." she said rubbing her arms.

Beverley nodded. "I understand Mrs Robinson, don't worry I, I was shocked when I saw you both before. I had gone to seek John but his mam had said he had gone to his Grandma's for the day and why don't I go and seek him, well when I arrived and knocked on her door she said he was tidying your atic and just to go in if there wasn't any answer and that it would be alright saying you were a nice lady and wouldn't mind.." she replied looking earnestly at Laura. "Boy, I sure did get a surprise!!" she laughed. "But I'm so glad you let me in on your games." she finished.

"Good, here's the thing, where do we go from here, I know I would like you both to visit again. John how about you, what do you think.?" Laura asked.

I nodded. "Count me in."

They both laughed.

"Me as well." agreed Beverley. "Only two conditions." She blushed and looked at her hands.

"What are those dear?" asked Laura kindly reaching over to pat her arm.

"Well, first that leather thing. The one with two tails he was hitting you with when I first saw you in the bedroom." she whispered.

"Oh, the tawse." I replied.

She looked at me and nodded. "Hmm huh, next time I want you to hit me with that okay." she beamed.

I nodded.

She turned to Laura. "Secondly, I know you're a nurse Mrs Robinson, do, do you could arrange to get me on the er...pill?"

We both blinked.

Laura nodded.

"But why?" I blurted out. Way to go numb nuts, stupid question.

She turned to me, leant forward and kissed me lightly on the lips. "Because silly, I want you to fuck me the same way you did Mrs Robinson - after you've belted my arse with the tawse of course.."

Mrs Robinson clapped her hands giggling.

Me ?

I was speechless.


Part 4.

This was awful. Terrible. It was all HER fault. Mrs Robinson. What had she said again.? "Don't play with it John, leave it alone until next Saturday." What ? After the events of last Saturday afternoon, how the hell was I supposed to do that?!! It was like having a bloody itch you couldn't bloody scratch. Except this itch was nine inches long and had a mind of its own.I lifted my head from the pillow and peeked down the bed.


There it was. My pecker had gone camping again. "John, do you play with your willy often?" Mrs Robinson had asked me. What sort of stupid question was that to ask a randy sixteen year old ex-virgin. OF COURSE I played with it. All the time if you must know. It was the only way to get it to go down. I thought women knew about this stuff ? I had nodded whilst blushing my shame and embarrassment.

"I thought so, but dear if you stop for a few days your sperm will build up and when we have our little get-together next weekend, you'll have lots and lots of it stored in your balls just for us." explained Mrs Robinson.

Hadn't thought of it like that. But not have a wank for a whole week? "S'ppose so."

She had reached over and kissed me on the cheek and ruffled my thick hair. "Good boy. Isn't he Beverley."

I had glanced at Beverley who was thoroughly enjoying my discomfort. Just you wait. Just you wait until I take that tawse to your fat little arse. Just you wait.

Resting my head back on the pillow, I stared up at the dancing shadows on the ceiling as the huge oak outside my bedroom window wheezed and swayed in the moonlight breeze. It had been a strange last few days at school, everyone was excited because it was the last week afor the summer holidays but for me I couldn't give two hoots, my only thoughts were of the coming weekend when I would get to sleep with Beverley.

Beverley Sidebottom was in a different class to me - 3 West, so I only got to see her at break or dinnertimes, even then she tended to hang around with her giggly mates who would nudge each other and whisper amongst themselves whenever I approached to talk to her. But for the past few days I had hardly seen her, only catching the odd glimpse as we changed classes....for some reason I got the feeling she was trying to stay out of my way. Except once. It had been dinnertime on the Tuesday. As ever when the bell went, there was a mad dash to be out of the classroom, across the way and into the mess-hall to queue up like soldiers on parade...knife and fork in hand with our blue meal tickets ready to be clipped by Nellie Willis the dinnerlady. As me and Harry Higgins had skidded around the corner like Scooby and Shaggy, I had abruptly ran smack dab into my would-be girlfriend knocking her and her schoolbooks flying in all directions.

Plonked on her bum with legs akimbo, she had glared up at me with a face like thunder.

I didn't know where to put myself as I scampered about retrieving her wares and apologising profusely.

"You NIT!" she hollered "|Watch where you're going you stupid sod!!"!!! I was horrified. I could see Saturdays re-union going up in a puff of smoke. What made the situation worse was my mate Harry, who was killing himself laughing at my red face and obvious discomfort. I turned to him as I stumbled about with a pile of Geography books. "Shut the fuck up."

He started to laugh more as Beverley jumped to her feet, brushed down her dark blue uniform and grabbed her books from my grasp. "Wait till I tell everyone that big bottomed Sidebottom's got you wrapped around her little finger !!" he smirked. Still guffawing, he turned and ran into the hall where the mid-day hubbub of eating pupils was in full swing, buzzing like a swarm of hungry bee's.

We were alone.

"Beverley...I...I'm so sorry. I was..." I began.

Before I could finish, she stepped forward and placed a finger tip to my lips. "Sssssh. No matter, I'm alright....just playing to the caveman." she smiled, nodding at the retreating figure of my dim witted friend.

I was shaking with relief. I nodded. Thank God for that. We stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. No words were needed. I wanted to see her again...before Saturday. "Beve...."

She looked around, smiled cheekily and quickly stepped up to me. Her lips touched mine in a brief kiss then she whirled around and was off down the corridor, her hair and skirt billowing behind her. She stopped and turned. "By the way." she said knowingly. "I saw the nurse yesterday....about my condition...she gave me some pills.....I have to go back and see her again on Saturday." She started to laugh. Holding her books in one hand, she reached around and patted her bum through her skirt. "See you Saturday!!" With that, she was off.

I never saw her again for the rest of the week.



I flung open my bedroom curtains to reveal a world of water streaming down the window pane. Typical. Never rains but it pours. No matter there were more important things to think about other than the dreary weather. Today was the day. Today was going to be a VERY interesting day if everything happened the way I wanted it to happen. Never had a week lasted so long. But finally it was here. Time to get ready. Time to go visit my Grandma's big bottomed neighbour.


Ring-ring Ring-ring.

With a mouthful of sugar puffs, I looked up as my mam answered the phone.

"John...its for youuuuuu...its Beverley." she called.

Spladoooooosh. Breakfast cereal and milk everywhere as I jumped from the chair like a startled rabbit and bounded into the hallway like an eager puppy. Blushing, I took the phone from my mother "Ta mam." I began as I moved away so that the phone cord was stretched to it's limit. My mother didn't move and looked at me with a curious expression on her face. " stuff !!!" I made a face and waved her away.

My mother sighed and went back into the kitchen. "Kids!!"

I waited until the coast was clear. " 'ullo?" I mumbled into the phone. It was her. I felt a tingle go from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. I listened intently as I kept glancing towards the kitchen. "Yep.......two o' the bus stop. Got that. See you then Beverley." I whispered. Suddenly "Love you to" popped out. The line went dead and I stood there looking at the phone. Did I just say what I think I just said? More importantly did she just say what I think she just said? Life had suddenly got a lot more complicated.


My dad says that if you want to make a good first impression always make sure you've combed your hair, brushed your teeth, busted your zits and are wearing clean underwear. "You never know son when you might get hit by a bus." was a creed he lived by and he was always right. Another of his little wisdoms was always arrive early for an appointment as it shows you're ready, willing and able. I glanced at my watch. 1.50pm. Standing under the tin roof of the tiny bus shelter, I could hear the rat-a-tat tat of the raindrops as they fell from the sodden murk beating a drum like rhythm that would be hypnotic if it wasn't so wet. The grey clouds billowed ominously overhead, grumbling their malevolence and discontent to the little people bellow. At my feet, the shale and shingle lay submerged under a spiral pond of rainwater leaving me standing on tiptoes trying to keep my socks dry but failing miserably. I snuggled deeper into the warmth of my coat waiting for her to arrive.


A moment later as I stepped out of the shelter into the pouring rain I saw a small figure running towards me holding up a black umbrella against the driving rain. It was her. Two o'clock. Bang on time. My heart started to thump in my chest as she approached with its echo pounding in my ears. I started to laugh as she skipped her way through the puddles, across the green and onto the pavement where she skidded to a halt beside me. "Look at me...bloody rain!!!" she gasped. She shook out the umbrella and patted the raindrops from her coat. "God, I bet I look a right mess. Just as well I didn't put my best shoes on they'd have been soaked." she muttered, twisting this way and that to make sure she wasn't covered in mud.

When I didn't reply she stopped and looked at me as she pulled the tats out of her long hair. "What...whaaaaaaat?"

I bit my lip and looked down at her feet. "Wellies."

With a grunt, she whacked me over the head with her brolly. "There is nothing wrong with wearing Wellington Boots I'll have you know." She looked over my shoulder as something caught her attention. "Here's the bus." She grasped my hand and waved her hand to attract the drivers attention. As the bus pulled to a halt she turned to look at me with a sparkle in her eye. "Time to go visit our special friend."

We were on our way to Mrs Robinsons.


"Are they full?"

I looked down.

"They look full." can she tell? I shrugged my shoulders trying to feign cool and failing. "Should be. I haven't know, what you said, last week, about not playing with it." I mumbled as I watched Mrs Robinson slip her knickers off ready for her spanking.

She smiled.....amused at my leering gaze as I stared at her naked flesh which was starkly framed against the black night of her stockings and suspenders. "Oh, so you haven't had a sly wank then?" she asked with a hint of amusement.

"No." I began. "Scouts honour!!!" I said as I turned purple.

A voice rang out from the bathroom. "I bet he has, he can be a right fibber Mrs Robinson!!" shouted Beverley who was rinsing out a small flannel with cold water. She came back into the bedroom rubbing the cool cloth against her bum. "Can't you." she smiled.

Trying not to stare at two pairs of naked breasts I spread my arms wide. "Look I haven't touched it, honest." I pointed to my obvious arousal. "Look at it, it's been like that all week. It won't go down."

Beverley came to my side, curling her arm around my shoulder. "Ahhh diddums." she giggled as she reached down and grabbed my extended member.

Er. Hang on. Better not. ", wait. Better not do that or else stuff happens." I grunted trying to wrestle free from her grasp.

Beverley pouted. "But can't I play with it John, you said I could while you smacked my bum." she wheedled. She stepped back and leant over the bed and wriggled her by now scarlet butt in my general direction. "Is it red?" she pouted. "It feels red and its so sore Mrs Robinson. He really spanked it hard didn't he." she gasped.

Laura came over to stand beside her, her more fulsome body in sharp contrast to Beverley's slender figure. "Yes he did dear. He's getting to be a very good spanker." she smiled taking the small hand towel and bending down to soothe the sore spots on Beverley's bottom. Laura looked at me. "Is it my turn now John, do you want to spank my big, fat bum?"

No was definitely not an option.


"Owwww dear, hmm that one was nice and hard!!" she groaned happily.

Sitting back against the headboard, I flapped my hand trying to cool it down. Never mind her bum, it felt as if my hand was on fire. Flexing my fingers, I blew on them dramatically like the little Brando I was becoming.

Laura turned her head as she wriggled over my naked lap. "Are you alright dear?" she asked concerned.

I made a face at her. "Hand hurts something rotten."

"Oh, well seeing as you've spanked two bottoms, I guess it would. Now you know how our backsides feel. Isn't that right Beverley?" she laughed.

Beverley, who was still standing naked as a Jaybird rubbing her sore bum with the damp flannel nodded. "Uh huh, mines still tingly. " she agreed. "And he only gave me twenty slaps!!

Laura nodded. "Ah, but your bum's a lot smaller than mine. I've got years of fat on mine, wait till you reach my age!!!"

"Silly" giggled Beverley. She skipped across to the bed and gave me the wet cloth. "Here use this John, it'll get rid of the sting."

Ah...much better. Just what I needed. I gave her another hard slap across the expanse of her large bottom.

"Aghhhhhooo YES !!" she squealed as she bucked up and down. Looking down, I could clearly see the outline of my red handprint and just below that was the unmistakable signs of a bruise emerging. Once she had settled down again, Laura hung her head over the side, mumbling to herself as she rummaged around beneath the bed. Looking for something. "Found it!!" she cried.

Oh? Found what?

With a gasp and wiggle, she twisted her voluptuous body around and held up her discovery. "Da daaaaaaa!!" she grinned triumphantly. It was the tawse.


"OOOOW that hurts John Turner AND don't try to hit my pussy!!"

Oops sorry. I pinched my nose along with my cock as I watched Beverley wriggle her bum trying to shake off the sting of a particularly hard swipe which had kissed the lips of her fanny as well.

Laura lifted her head and looked back at me with a frown. "John dear, you have just got to measure your swing. I know this is your first time using the tawse but you have to be careful in case you hurt someone by mistake alright dear?"

"Sorry." I mumbled. Get a grip. I shook out the tawse trying to figure out the best way to swat their bottoms. As in fishing it was all in the wrist action. A flick at the end of the cast. Easy when you figure out how it should be done properly. Both Laura and Beverley had their bottoms stuck up in mid-air each waiting expectantly to feel the lash of my new toy. Having another couple of practise swipes, I made sure I got the range as well. All the while, Beverley and Mrs Robinson looked at me as if I had gone potty. Realising they were watching me I spread my arms wide. "Fishing."

They looked at each other and laughed.

"Men!!" they giggled together.


Blimey. Mrs Robinsons bum was in a right old state. It sure did look swollen and sore. Of course, the effect was greater because she had a much bigger, fuller arse than the girl kneeling next to her on the bed.

"Oooeeee John dear, you haven't half whacked my poor bot good and hard. Its sooooooooo SORE!!" she groaned as she waggled her hips with a sexual samba that made the old jungle juice in my balls surge dangerously once again. Laura turned to Beverley who had her head buried in the blankets, gripping the corners with her teeth as she whimpered at the sting in her bum. "Her bum looks as sore as mine!!"

Beverley didn't answer but rolled on her side and was resting a hand on her pussy. "I think I.." she whispered. "I think it's time."

Laura smiled and got to her feet as I stood there with a flagpole at full mast. "Are you two sure?" she asked. "You have to be sure Beverley."

Beverley nodded. "I'm sure Mrs Robinson." She took my hand and made me sit beside her on the bed. "Can..can you give us some privacy. I just want it to be between me and John."

Laura bent forward and kissed her cheek. "Of course dear. Now you treat her right John. I'll be downstairs making us something to eat. Just come down when you're ready." She turned and left the room, pausing to smile at us before closing the door.

We were alone.

"My bum hurts." she winced as she gave it a rub. "But I like it. It makes everything so much more real. I'm glad you like spanking it John. As long as we're together you can spank it as often as you like."

We laughed. Then we kissed.

"Are you sure about this?" I asked as I began to rub my hands over her body. She was perfect.

"More than anything John." she whispered. "More than anything."

Through the bedroom window the rain clouds were starting to drift away and the soft glow of sunlight filled the room as we made love together for the first time. The first time in what would be a lifetime filled with the joy of spanking and sex.



I was brought out of my musings by a gust of warm wind which dipped and swirled down the lane as we turned the corner to our street. She still had hardly spoken a word. We were approaching her house. Coming to a halt outside her backyard gate, I reached down and ran my hand through her hair. "Beverley...we're home....are you?" I began.

She lifted her head and looked around as if coming out of a daze. "Oh." she whispered in her sing-song way.

I took her shoulders and held her at arms length. "Are you alright?" I asked concerned.

For the first time since our journey home, she looked up at me. She stared. Not saying a word. Then she smiled, reached up a hand and caressed my face with her thumb lightly over my cheek. Her eyes were like diamonds, sparkling in the sunset then with a soft "Oh John.." she stepped forward and laid her lips on mine as she wrapped her arms around me drawing me into her embrace. "Oh" she whispered with the unmistakeable sound of tears in her words.

"Me was the same for me too." I gulped.

Sniffling, she stepped back. She looked down at her feet as if considering something. "When...I...can we?"

I nodded.

Her smile of relief was beautiful. No other word for it. It made me feel ten feet tall. The most important man in the universe.

Suddenly her smile turned into a wicked grin. A cheeky grin that I knew was going to get me into trouble if I wasn't careful. What is she up to now?

She grabbed my hand and began to drag me past her door, up the My house? She pressed a finger to my lips as we crept into my backyard. What WAS she up to?


She stepped behind me and pushed me into the shadows. "Come on quick shhhhhh." she whispered, glancing at my kitchen window. Nobody was around. All was quiet.


Beverley winced as she carefully eased open the door to my dad's shed and tugged me inside. Closing the door she turned to me and smiled before dropping to her knees at my feet. She then began to undo the button on my jeans and to slowly pull down my zip. There were those tingles again and I could feel my blood surge to where it would always go first whenever she was near. I gulped and sighed as I felt her warm hand reach in and grasp me before pulling me out into the cool evening air. I heard her mutter a soft "Hmmmm.." as I felt her breath on my expanding cock and then the bliss of her lips slipping over me. Heaven.

We were going to play Doctors and Nurses again.

I was home.


The End

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  1. How can there be no comments? It was amazing! Wonderful! Took me on a trip thru time to back when I was that age.