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Spanking Story: The Spanking Milkman

Part 1.

December 1974 - Monday morning - 5.30am.

The milk float shook, rattled and rolled as it turned into Sycamore Drive, the collected empties in their crates jingling as the battery powered van sped on its serene way at the top speed of 20mph. Forty eight year old Edward Jones, wrapped up warm with black overcoat, woolly scarf and bobble hat to keep out the minus Celsius chill whistled as he neared the end of his delivery round with his breath chuffing and huffing around him like a steam engine.

The chill bit his nose as he sat in his open cab, the faint dusting of snow setting a festive scene even though Christmas was still a week away. He reached up and flicked the Santa Claus which hung from his rear view mirror. He pulled up and hopped out grabbing a couple of pints of milk and dropping them on the step of number 38 - The Wilsons.

A note was in one of the empty bottles, pulling out his round penny spectacles he read it.

"Dear Eddie,

Could you also please leave a pint of orange juice and a six-box of farm eggs please.

Ta very much.


"Orange juice and eggs. Now where did I put them ?" he muttered, going to the back of the float and opening the case. "Here we go." he whistled and placed the requested items on the step next to the two pints of milk.

With a hop, skip and a jump he was back in the cab and on his way.

Everyone in the street was asleep apart from the odd behind drawn curtain's glow of the early shift workers or those returned from nights, the pitch black darkness only broken by the golden haze of lamp lights. As the milk-float rumbled on, he arrived at number 42.

One solitary bottle stood on the doorstep.

Eddie smiled as he saw the folded note stuck in the neck. Pulling to a stop, he grabbed a pinta and went over to the door. Swapping bottles he took out the note and read it.

He grinned. He began to whistle a tune as he stuffed the note into his top pocket while looking up at the dark, drawn bedroom curtains of number 42. He doffed an imaginary cap and jumped back into his van setting off down the road whistling merrily.

"Santa Claus is coming to town.."


At the sound of clinking glass, the curtains of number 42 twitched and parted slightly. Through the gap, the woman peeked out into the dark dawn watching as the burly figure of the milkman drove away from her door.

"Oh heck." she murmured. What on earth had possessed her to write that note ?! She reached back and rubbed her bum through her nightie. Tomorrow was going to be a very interesting day that was for sure.


Edward Jones had been the local milkman for nigh on twenty years and loved his job, he knew everyone and everyone knew him.

He was a big bear of a man all pumped up gristle and muscle, for a bloke approaching fifty he was in pretty good shape. He wasn't especially good-looking, his face was a bit non-descript with a boxers beak, Kirk Douglas dimple and his black, now greying hair was thinning fast...worse luck, his main asset though was his jovial manner and nature. He was the sort of person who couldn't stand still for a minute. He had to be seen to busy keeping his mind and body active whether it was at work or pursuing his afternoon and evening interests as his milkround was usually finished by dinner-time. He added his dues and efforts to various local charities, helping out with fundraising and raffles, to all intents and purposes he was a treasured member of the local community.

He was also single.

With his own business.

The local women of the towns ladies guild where he worked as a volunteer found this situation most intriguing and Mr Jones was often the subject of much gossip amongst the more eagle eyed and crafty of the opposite sex. Matchmaking was the order of their day. He knew it as well and played along with the "Oh, Mr Jones. You are a saucy devil !!" banter directed towards him when he found himself in the Town Hall tea-room with around six or seven distinguished and attentative ladies each offering him some morsel as he sat in his old-fashioned black suit and dicky-bow tie enjoying their "attentions".

Over the three months he had been a volunteer with this particular group, he had become acquainted with three rather interesting ladies all of whom worked part-time in the local charity shop on the high street where he regularly delivered bric-a-brac for sale. Ladies, he had discovered to his delighted surprise shared "certain" common interests as him. Interests that most certainly would be frowned upon if they ever got out and became public knowledge. It was one of these ladies he was paying a visit too this fine winters Tuesday morning.

Her name was Elaine Smith, recently divorced and she lived at number 42.


Eddie looked up and down the lane as he pulled the note from his pocket.

"Dear Eddie,

I'm afraid I'm not able to pay you for this past months delivery's again, so perhaps we can come to some sort of arrangement like we did a few weeks ago ? If you're not too busy, I will be home between the hours of 10am and 11am tomorrow, Tuesday the 22nd.

I look forward to seeing you then.



He looked at his watch. 10.15am.

He smiled as he imagined her waiting on tender hooks for him to arrive. He liked her immensely, she was a bonny wee lass about five years younger than him, a bit shorter than his 5ft 11" with her blonde hair set in a Maryln Monroe style moptop and perm who filled her sensible blouses, knee length dresses and skirts very nicely indeed. She was of breezy character smattered with an easygoing charm, kind, compassionate but with a hint of nervous purity which did funny things to him below his expanding girth and waistline. Whenever he visited the shop, she'd greet him with a twinkle in her blue eyes and wind him up something rotten with suggestive glances and innocently revealing postures.

He stuck his hands in his pockets as he remembered that fateful day just a few weeks ago which changed each of their lives forever.

It had been a cold and chilly Wednesday in November..


Eddie grunted as he lifted the cardboard box full of odds and sods out of his van and staggered into the Charity shop barging the door open.

"Are you all right Eddie, you'll do yourself an injury doing let me help." tutted Mrs Smith as she came from behind the counter and added an extra pair of hands to the job.

"Ta very much petal, tis a bit heavy and all, must be getting too old for this sort of carrying and humping !!" he wheezed as they both shuffled sideways like a pair of duelling crabs and plonked the box down on the stockroom floor.

"Whew !!" sighed Elaine wringing her hands. "How's about I make us a hot cup of coffee to ease our aches and pains ?" she smiled going to get the kettle.

"Good idea lass. A cuppa sounds grand." he grinned reaching in his trews and pulling out a hankie to wipe his brow. He sat down at the small table, looking around at the rows of second-hand clothes and jumble festooned with silvery, shimmering tinsel and cheer.

"Ye've made a right smashing job with the decorations Elaine. Are you going to hang some lights on the tree ? If you haven't any here I think I've got a set lying around somewhere at home." he called out.

"No, its alright. I think there's a box in the cupboard here that'll make do." she called out above the hiss of the steaming, boiling kettle.

Eddie got up and went into the small kitchen, standing at the door he looked at her as she fussed about.

She was dressed in a flowery, long sleeved white blouse which was buttoned to the top and a knee length ocean blue skirt which had a thin golden stitch as a hem-line. He wasn't sure if she was wearing blue tights or thigh, high stockings and suspenders. He smiled grimly knowing he much preferred the latter.

She smiled at him warmly and urged him to sit down. They made small talk for a while, commenting on the weather, Christmas and shop business. But for some strange reason he could sense and see something was on her mind making her flush every now and again whilst avoiding his gaze. "Wonder wot's up ?" he mused as he looked at her over the rim of his cup trying not to make his interest too obvious. Come to think of it, he wouldn't mind making his interest obvious but he knew she was still coming to terms with her divorce and the resulting fallout.

He decided to take the plunge in a roundabout sort of way. "Elaine petal, is anything wrong ? You seem a bit upset." he asked before he bit into his thick sandwich.

Elaine gave a start and rattled her cup in its saucer. "Oh, me no nothing." she stuttered going red."Well, not exactly nothing Eddie. I've er.." She bit her lip wondering how she should put what she was about to say.

"Its alright, you can tell me anything, after all I am your milkman." he laughed gently making her smile.

She drew herself up, thrusting out her bosom which made him swallow expansively. "Well, actually Eddie it does have something to do with you being my milkman." she began fidgeting nervously.

"Oh ?" he muttered surprised.

She nodded. " know it's nearly time for me to settle my m..monthly milk bill again ?" she began, leaning forward looking at him with those big, round blue eyes.

He nodded.

"Due Friday as I recall." he mused as he chewed thoughtfully, his mind running here and there trying to figure out what she was up to.

"Well..." she began, her voice dying to almost a little girl squeak."I...I think I'm not going to be able to pay you. I'm a little short this month what with Christmas and all. I promise I'll pay you next month. Please Eddie, I'd be ever so grateful." she smiled hopefully at him.

He sat back and stared at her. "Not again !!" he thought. "This is the second month she's missed." he sighed as he reached up and scratched his thinning pate. "Thats two months missed Elaine. You'll cost me a fortune. Its just not good enough is it ?" he scolded her watching her stick out her bottom lip and pout like a naughty child. She shook her head.

"You're a grown woman Elaine, all you have to do is put a couple of pounds away every week and everything will be as right as rain." he sighed sitting back in his chair, knowing that she had wound him around her little finger again. He shrugged and nodded. "Suppose so. Last chance mind Elaine." he said, his voice rumbling to make the point.

She smiled at him gratefully.

"If you were my wife, I'd of belted yer bum for being so daft." he said suddenly as he took a sip of tea.

There was a stunned silence as he realised what he had said. Eddie coughed embarrassed. stood up and looked around as he fumbled with his coat making ready to leave. "Er.." he began with his face a beacon of blushing red. "Thanks for the cuppa. I'd best be off, got to visit the dairy."

Elaine sat there gobsmacked.

"He said what ?" her mind stumbled. "Did he really say what I think he said ?!" The words "I'd of belted yer bum." rang round her head and to her great, gasping surprise she found herself becoming rather warm and fruity in southern regions of her person. She glanced up at her elderly friend who was fixing his scarf around his neck with a purple face. She was staring at him in a whole new light.

Maybe instead of...

Maybe he would rather...

Maybe he would like to...

She gasped, her chest heaving as she realised she wouldn't mind a bit if he took her stupidity out on her backside, in a strange roundabout way she felt she owed him something for his labours. But a belting ? "Could I actually submit to that, let him do that to me ?" she asked herself feeling goosebumps rise. But how to break the ice, she knew he was interested in her, she had seen him looking at her often enough with thinly disguised admiration. A slow smile crept up her face as she had a rather bright idea.

Eddie was about to leave the shop when he heard Elaine calling him from the storeroom. To be honest he couldn't get out of there fast enough. "Talk about making a chump of yourself Eddie." he scolded himself flushing with embarrassment.

As he passed through the doorway. "Elaine, whats the matt..." he began but his voice died in his throat as he stared at her as she tottered about on the top rung of a small step-ladder.

He stood staring as he watched her reach up with her back to him trying to grab a box on the top shelf of the cupboard.

She looked around and saw him standing there staring as more and more nylon clad leg was revealed as she stood on tip-toe, she smiled at his obvious bemused interest. She put part two of her plan into operation.

She turned and reached up again,

"Eddie, I think the Christmas lights are in this box. But, I don't feel very safe. Can you hold the ladder ?" she called out, wobbling her backside for greater effect.

Eddie swallowed real hard and went over trying not to stare at such a tasty morsel but gave up with a shivery sigh.

He grasped the ladder just below her white pumps as she fumbled about above trying to heave out the box.

"Er sure petal, I've got hold of the ladder now. Just you watch what you're doing. Don't you think I should do it?" he asked looking up.

Big mistake.

He stuck his tongue out between his teeth as he gazed up at the vision before him. His eyes as round as saucers, he stared up transfixed as her skirt flowered open like the bottom of a church bell revealing the secrets of her femininity to him in glorious technicolour.

Her backside was encased in a powdery blue pair of snug-fit knickers, her blue stockings clasped in place with white clips whilst showing a fair amount of white thighed flesh to his slavouring gaze. He winced at the uncomfortable feeling in his pants.

Elaine, figuring that he had had enough time to have a bloody good look glanced down and put plan three into action.

"I....I think I've got it. Yes, there we go. I'm coming down now so keep a hold of the steps Eddie until...oh." she wobbled as she began to hesitantly make her way down.

"Take your time Elaine." he encouraged her, his voice sounding squeaky as he continued to lick his lips at the sight of her swaying hips.

As she tried to plant her right foot down on the next step she lost her balance. "Eddieeeee !!" she cried feeling herself falling back knowing he would catch her.

Eddie gave a start and stepped forward while automatically reaching up to grab her hips and to his horror found his upper body disappearing underneath her skirt as she landed on his shoulders astride his head. He staggered back and tottered around not able to see where he was going.

Elaine giggled to herself as she squeezed his head between her thighs and covered her mouth with her hand trying to stifle a laugh as she heard him mumbling under her skirt.

He could feel the material of her knickers rubbing against the back of his head and the warm heat radiating from her white thighs as he tried to gather his wits, by rights he should have lifted her off him and dropped her to the floor...but he hadn't..he simply stood there like an idiot, non plussed as he savoured the view and the smells as he held her tight.

She gave him another second then she reached down and tapped his head through her skirt.

"Eddie ? she smiled as she felt him running his hands up and down her thighs as he supported her weight on his shoulders.

There was an unintelligable grunt.

"Do you like my bum.?" she asked him quietly as she bit her lip.

There was a pause then another grunt.

"Do you remember what you said earlier ?" she asked making a face as she felt his whiskers scraping the inside of her left thigh.

Another pause.

Another single grunt."

She eased forward slightly in his grip pushing the crotch of her knickers against the back of his neck. "Maybe, since I've, I've been such a silly nincompoop lately you should...." she drew a deep breath. "Give me what you think I deserved. A belted bum."

"Eddie, since I can't pay you with money maybe I could settle my bill this way by letting you smack my bum. If that's alright with you.?" she whispered softly, praying that she hadn't made a fool of herself.

No answer.

Seconds went by.

Still no answer.

Elaine looked down but could only see his shoes. This wasn't going to plan.

It hadn't worked.

She began to feel embarrassed. "Eddie." she began, wishing the ground would open up and swallow her whole.

Suddenly. "YYYEEEEEEOOWWWWCCCCH Eddie !!!" she cried out.

He bent down and dropped her off his shoulders onto her feet, smiling as he watched her frowning and "ooohhhing" and "aaahhinngg" as she rubbed both cheeks of her bum where he had pinched her.

He grinned as she looked up, smoothing down her skirt.

"What ?" she asked him feeling totally embarrassed under his gaze.

"So Mrs Smith, instead of paying my bill you'd rather I spank your backide as way of recompense hmm ?" he asked folding his arms.

She bit her lip, frowned and nodded.

"Are you sure ?" he asked her.

She nodded again.

"We'll have to arrange a time. When are you free ?"

"Friday. I..I'm free Friday afternoon." she stuttered.

"Good." he nodded. "I'll deal with you on Friday. See you then petal." he smiled and with that he was gone.

Elaine stood motionless. "What on earth have I gotten myself into ? A spanking at my age !!"

"Is he really going to smack my bum ?"

He was and he did.


The present.

With a smile and shiver at the memory he stepped up to the mahogany door and rattled the knocker.


Elaine jumped in fright as she stood with her hands in the kitchen sink doing her dishes.

"Ohhh..." she cried as suds flew in all directions as she looked for the tea towel to dry her hands.

Her belly was full of fluttering butterflies that made her head spin and feel faint.

"He's here..." her mind shivered recalling his last visit just a week ago when he had dealt with her for the third time. Her bum cheeks clenched in anticipation.

"Just, just a minute...coming..!!" she called out as she ran down the hall stopping as she passed the long mirror, giving her shoulder length blonde hair a pat before answering the door. Steeling herself she took a deep breath and clicked it open.

The milkman stood on her step beaming a toothy smile and nodding his head.

"Ow do, Elaine...just me, right on time just like you said in your note..if all's well.?" he boomed, his voice sounding like a welsh tennor.

She glanced across the street and waved her hand at him.

"Shhhhhhhhhushhhhhhhhh, yah daft nelly, come in afor the whole street see's yer.!" she whispered fiercely.

Stepping aside she let him in, she poked her head out of her door looking around and satisfied no one had seen anything she slammed it shut.


"Eeeeeeh Elaine, them's nice knickers dear, you been spendin your Gerald's money again." smiled Eddie as he bent down and tugged up her grey skirt.

Elaine looked at him through her legs as she hung upside down on the wooden trestle.

"Bought them from Woolies, why don't you like them Mr Jones, I even put on me good stockin's and suspenders...?" she answered feeling the blood rushing to her head in this uncomfortable position.

The knickers in question were pink, frilly and made of cotton and hugged her nether regions so very nice and tight, her shapely pins were painted in thigh high tan stockings held in place with a white suspender belt and clips.

"They look right smashing Elaine, they sure do make your arse look nice and big." muttered Eddie standing back surveying the lady before him.

In his spare time, he had made a special present for her....a padded four legged tressle which he had surprised her with...telling her it would be ideal for when they had one of their get togethers.

Ideal for a big bummed lady to drape over.

At this precise moment Elaine was suitably "draped".

"Er...Eddie, what's it going to be this time dear.?" asked Elaine bumping up her hips to try and get more comfy.

Standing with his back to the fire, he rubbed his chin as he warmed himself up with the logs snapping and crackling away.

"Well, let me see now, what did I use on you last time.?" he wondered aloud as he stood admiring the view.

"Oh, you....sod Edward Jones you know exactly what it hairbrush and AND it really marked my bot so it did, it made such a big bruise on my left cheek that lasted for days...I couldn't sit straight, eeh I was so embarrassed at the way I kept fidgeting at the last ladies meeting..they must of thought I had ant's in my pants.!" she finished bending further forward lifting her left foot and rubbing it up and down her right calf.

"Heh heee, you silly lump, now that I would like to have seen, heh hee more like ants in yer knickers...heh heeee" laughed Eddie reaching forward and pinching her sizeable right bottom cheek making her squeak in alarm.

"What are you laughing at...?, it wasn't your bum that was soooo sore, yours would be as well if you'd have had 20 whacks with that thing...!!" she scolded him stamping her right foot for effect.

"Alright, alright calm down afor ye pee yourself petal, no I shan't use the hairbrush again....I've got something extra special in mind just for you this day." he whispered bending over her slightly.

Elaine shivered.

"Oh...?" she asked alarmed, one thing she knew was that Mr Jones was full of surprises.

"Hmm huh dear, bought this especially for today's little get together." he smiled.

"W..what....oh...OH....OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH..!!!!!" she squeaked as he walked around in front of her and pulled out the instrument of her coming torture from a brown carrier bag.

"OOOOOOOOOooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh...Eddddddddiiiiiiiieee.." she moaned squeezing her thighs and bum cheeks together, "Yyyoouuuu can't use that on my little bummm pllleeeeasseeee..!!!" she started to whimper knowing that the old bugger wouldn't take a blind bit of notice.

Eddie snorted in disbelief....what a fibber.!!!!

"Little, did you say little...whey Elaine Smith you've got the fattest arse this side of the Tyne, look..," he stepped forward again and grabbed a fair chunk of beknickered blubber,"...look, see've got more padding than a sumo wrestler...this is a big, fat, mature WOMANLY hintend, you're not some little dimple with a seat the size of an apple, noooooo this is a reeeaaalll arse you've got here and real arses are nice and big and bouncy," he gave her a quick slap making her jerk and grunt,"..and what do ladies big fat arses need most...hmmmm.?"

Elaine sniffed.

"A s..sp..spanking.?" she mumbled tearfully.

"AND...?" he asked her in a stern manner.

"A b...belting a...and whipping...sir." she whispered feeling like a schoolgirl. Eddie savoured his moment of triumph whilst resting his hand on her curved back.

"Good we had better make a start or we'll be here all day."

She nodded.

"Oh heck," she cringed looking at THAT THING in his hand,"...that is going to hurt me soooooooooooooo much.!!"

Eddie came around and made a decision.

"So my gal, you can't pay me for another month..hmmm, well, thats just not good enough is it...?" he asked her tut tutting as he walked around her bent frame," it.!!" he whispered tapping her bottom.

" sir, its n.n.not...I'm soooo sorry sir really I won't h...happen again...pleeeeeasssse don't p..punish me...sir...its Christmas!!" she had begun to weep now as they both got into their stride.

"Christmas...bah humbug...!!!, you're such a bad little girl Elaine, I've warned you before what would happen if you couldn't pay me...well time to pay the piper..with a sore arse my girl...on the bare.!!" he replied reaching forward and with a swift yank drew down her pink frillies over her full womanly hips to mid thigh.

"Ohhhhhh,...." she moaned blushing beetroot with shame and embarrassment as she knew he was staring at her naked backside and the secret treasures held within.

"Very nice my dear, I think a good twenty laid on handsome and hard should mend your ways...prepare yourself now." he ordered stepping to her left side.

Elaine reached out and grabbed each leg of the tressle, her knuckles turning white with fear and....and..


Eddie raised his arm back and looked at his surprise present for his good friend...

He had gone to the local leather goods shop and browsing around had purchased one or two knick-knacks.

Including this.

As it reached the top of its swing, the leather bound shaft bent back with the momentum, the folded, shiny brown tip swayed slightly as it hung suspended in time and then with a grunt.....


Edward Jones, the milkman swung with all his might.


With a fearsome lash, the riding crop fell.



She screamed as blow number twenty landed smack-dab across both cheeks of her welted bum.

Eddie, grinning widely leant forward and inspected his handywork laughing as he watched each cheek wince and wobble trying to ease the sting.

"Whew...she can really take a fair hiding can this one." he muttered to himself.

He was suitably impressed by her tolerance of extreme pain.

He took out his spectacles and perched them on the end of his nose looking at the criss-cross tramlines of bevelled, purple welts which decorated her fat arse.

He licked his finger and touched one particularly sore looking crevasse.

"OW...owch Eddie, thats flipping sore you know." she cried out as tears dripped from her cheeks.

"I bet it is petal, you sure can take a whipping like no one I know..." he wheezed as his eyes dropped to her hairy furrow where his nose could detect exotic perfumes wafting.

He felt a familiar heartbeat stirring in his trews.

But he decided he'd better not push his luck, he didn't want her to be upset if he tried anything "funny" on with her...just best be thankful that she let him indulge his fantasy in real-life. He still couldn't believe his luck that he had found someone who was "into" this kind of thing as much as he was.

He smiled warmly at her as she tried to get up.

"Oooo, feel a bit dizzy, help me up Eddie.." she mumbled as he stepped forward to guide her as she tottered about unsteadily whilst trying not to stare at her fair bush which was on full view.

"There ye go petal, how are you feeling now...that was a fair lashing ye took.." he asked her concerned.

Elaine reached down and grabbed her French knickers hauling them up over her roasting backside.

"Ow," she winced and blew her cheeks out, huffing and ppsffffttttting as she gingerly wobbled her bum around.

"Eeeeeh Eddie it sure does sting, I bet you've made my arse swell twice as big ye devil.!!" she smiled before laughing at his pink complection.

Eddie just beamed and nodded.

She looked around and her eyes fell on the crop.

"And where on earth did you get that thing,...they're only supposed to be used on bloody horses.!! she laughed picking it up and waving it around.

She stopped, then with a twinkle in her blue eyes brought the rod to her lips and gave it a kiss.

"But I love it..."


A little while and a hot cup of tea and chocolate biscuit later...

They stood on her doorstep with the wind gusting around them with faint flecks of snow swirling in the mix.

"Now you run along Edward, I've got to do me face up and put some cold cream on my you know what and then I'm out shopping for this afternoon." she looked up and down the lane before stepping forward and planting a kiss on his cheek. "Eddie, that was wonderful...I love it when you chastise me like that...makes me feel so giddy and go on, off with you you silly old bugger !!" she grinned giving him a push.

She watched him walk away aways.....then he stopped.

He turned and pulled the collar of his coat up around his ears and fixed his flat cap.

"Remember" he shouted."If you want anymore special deliveries leave a note in the empty bottle."


Part 2.

December the 27th.

Jennifer Bootle looked up as she heard her letter-box clack shut signalling the arrival of Mr Woods the postman.

Getting up and setting aside her book she went and collected her mail.

"Ooo three..." she mumbled to herself bending down to pick up the white envelopes lying on her mat.

Back in her sitting-room she opened them up, the first two were letters and well wishes from relatives down south hoping she had had a nice Christmas.

"Ahhhh sweet..." she smiled placing each letter behind the clock on her mantlepiece above a roaring fire.

The soothing lilt and soft jingle of carols sung by choir on the radio filled the room as she looked at the last envelope.

The third letter was altogether a different matter.

It was addressed her, but when she turned it over she saw there was a return address on the back.

Leaning down and using the fire glow to read by...her heart stopped.

Her hand came to her mouth in surprise.




She recognised that address....and knew who lived there. It was from Mr Jones....her milkman.


Miss Jennifer Bootle was 37 years of age, she had never married having spent most of her adult life looking after her ailing mother who had sadly past away last year, she lived fairly comfortably in a small bungalow just behind the 11th century church of St Bede with its towering spire dominating the landscape for miles around.

She was a dark haired woman, her locks as black as pitch fell to her waist although she usually kept it bound in a huge single pony-tail tied off with a black ribbon.

She was a pleasing shape having inherited much of her poise and stature from her mothers side of the family with wide matronly hips, a comfortably sized bosom and a seat best described as "stuffed". She stood around 5ft8" in her heels and wore clothes with elegance and style.

And what style.

Ever since she was a little girl and had sat in school reading about life at the turn of the century, Victoriana women had fascinated her, the way they looked and the way they dressed with tight bodices, corsets and French bloomers underneath flowing pleated dresses, skirts and other fancies.

Over the years she had collected many items which reflected her interests, costumes sadly not to be worn in public but only at special functions like the local Historic Preservation Society she belonged to.

Meetings were held on the last Thursday of each month and she would readily volunteer when they needed someone to model clothes as part of a discussion or lecture.

Still, even as she went about her daily life working at the Charity shop on the high street outwardly dressed in sensible blouses, knitted cardigans and respectable tweed skirts...underneath the fasade of modernity she wore her treasures of times past, tight laced whale boned corsets, white sleeveless chemises and finally to round off the nod to her ancestors..a full pair of French, split bottomed bloomers.

Speaking of charity.

She looked up from the unopened letter at the clock..10.30am.

"Tsk...I'm going to be late.!" she admonished herself and ran to get her coat shoving the letter in her cardigan pocket. Making sure everything was secure she left the house for her shift at the charity shop.

*(proof-read aok)

What a day..!!

She plopped herself down in a chair.

"Busy...hmmmm.?" asked Mrs Purvis, a wobbly doughnut of a lady with a scary mop of ginger beer hair.

Jennifer smiled and waved her hand in front of her face.

"Yes...rather." she sighed.

Mrs Purvis was engrossed in examining an ornamental vase decorated with the picture of water lilly's floating on a distant lake fired with a china blue glaze which sparkled in the light.

"I'm not surprised, ye've got some fair nick-nacks in this week....are they all jumble.?" queried Mrs Purvis as she put the china down.

She turned and plucked a particularly fine pink and red dress from the "?5 the LOT.!!!" rack.

"Hmmmmm...they were delivered yesterday when I was off, think they're from the post Christmas job lot sales in Newcastle." she explained.

She looked on as Mrs Purvis held the second-hand dress before her in front of the long mirror.

Prudence Purvis twisted this way and that, humming and aahhing as she tried to figure out how she could fit into the flimsy dress which was obviously too many sizes too small.

Jennifer hid a smile behind her hand watching her antics.

"Never in a million years." she thought as the older woman gave up with a sigh and hung it back on the rail.

"Bit tight..." she mumbled, sticking her lips out like she was sucking orange juice through a straw.

Jennifer just nodded...tactfully.

Mrs Purvis pulled on her woolly hat, buttoned up her coat, said cheerio and left the shop as the snow began to fall again outside.

All was quiet as Jennifer went into the kitchen/storeroom to make a cuppa when she remembered the letter.

With kettle boiled and a tea bag stewing in her cup, she sat down and drew the knife under the ridge of the envelope.

Shaking slightly, she began to read.


His last words held her transfixed.

She could feel her heart da, duh dumping in her chest, she felt quite woozy as the blood pounded around her system.

"I'll call at around 10.30am on the 28th,if thats agreeable with you.

If you wish to cancel...just give me a ring from the shop and we'll forget all about this.

Whatever you decide, I'm sure we will remain good friends.

Your humble servant,

Mr Edward Jones esq."

She silently mouthed the words over and over to herself.

Her eyes narrowed on the date.

"28th....?" she mused taking a sip of tea.

The 28th was tommorrow.

"Oh...thats, soon.?" she realised.

Could she go through with it.?

But even as she fought to find an excuse, a way out..something else was stirring....stirring deep in her soul and her loins.

She wanted this.

She crumpled the blue note-paper into a ball, squeezing it tightly in her fist.

"I will go through with it." she spoke out to the empty room.

She reached back and brought her long, black pony-tail over her right shoulder and began to stroke it slowly.

"If only I hadn't been so blummin' nosey..." she smiled ruefully.

She sighed remembering that fateful Tuesday afternoon just before Christmas, a day when her world which had been so nice, placid and calm fell apart.

It was supposed to have been an innocent pre-Christmas shopping trip.

With her friend.

A friend who lived in the same number 42.


It was just before Christmas...

Jennifer stood at the bus stop looking worried, glancing every now and again at her watch.

"She's late.!" she sighed as she tucked up the collar of her coat trying to keep out the winters breeze which had begun to pick up.

Then she heard someone calling.

"Jen...Jennifer...wait up, oofffhhh" shouted a blonde mopped, blue over-coated figure hurrying towards her.

Jennifer smiled as her friend Elaine Smith came up to her, huffing and blowing as if she'd run a marathon.

"Eeeeh, sorry pet....I'm sooo now though." she wheezed as she rummaged in her hand-bag for a hanky to blow her nose.

"Sokay...Ellie, no harm...look here's the bus now...come on, got any, look, here I'll pay us there, you pay us back." shuffled Jennifer grabbing her friends arm and hauling her onto the bus, telling her to sit at the back as she got the tickets.

Elaine, still out of breath wobbled unsteadily as she made her way down the aisle trying to find spare seats as the bus was full of festive day trippers out on a last minute hunt for Christmas presents. Jennifer followed and plonked herself down next to her, shuffling her backside until she got comfy on the squeaky, two-sitter seat.

Subdued in their own thoughts, they both watched the world sail by out of the window, sometimes one or the other pointing out little everyday things which caught their fancy.

As the journey went on, Jennifer looked at her companion who seemed rather quiet.

She wasn't usually this way, the Elaine Smith she knew was a bubbly character who always had a smile, sunny disposition and who, when she got going could talk the arse off a donkey.

But for some reason not today, although she certainly couldn't keep about ant's in your pants.!

She couldn't stop wriggling.!

Every now and again, her fair features would pucker up into a wince as the bus bobbed and lolled over a particularly big bump in the road, she was even "owwwww"ing under her breath.

"Maybe she's had an accident...or something." thought Jennifer as she listened to her friends breath whistle between her teeth as they went over a pot hole.

She nudged Elaine's arm with hers.

"Are you alright dear.?" she asked concerned.

Elaine turned to her and blushed.

"W...what,, no everythings fine Jennifer...just feel a I've got a bit of a temperature coming on...a bit ahhh hot." she mumbled, "...I'll be fine once we get to the shops." Jennifer nodded and smiled.

"If its just a chill she's got, then why can't she sit bloody still.?" she wondered.

The bus continued on its journey.


"Oh....Jennifer, look at this, isn't it lovely and such a beautiful red." cried Elaine as she held up the blouse from the rack.

Jennifer bobbed her head from shoulder to shoulder examining the garment.

"Sure is Ellie, suits you to a tee....why don't you go and try it on...changing rooms are over there." she nodded indicating the way.

Elaine, free from the shackles of spendthrift wheeled around and attacked another rack where the skirts hung.

"Ahhhhhhaaa.!" she cried finding her size in a matching red, "..there we go Jen...look, I'm a scarlet woman.!" she laughed.

Jennifer, already weighed down with bags of this and bags of that smiled at her older friends happiness.

"She must of won a helluva settlement." she mused, smiling.


A little while the fitting rooms.

Elaine pulled the curtain back and stepped inside the small cubicle.

"Keep an eye out while I try these on." she whispered to Jennifer.

Jennifer sat herself down in a nearby chair and nodded.

"Hurry up mind, time's getting on."

Elaine grinned and drew the curtain back closed.

Jennifer smiled and nodded at the assistants who hustled and bustled about here and there helping customers with queries and sales.

She glanced at her watch tapping the dial.

"What's taking her so long.?" she sighed as she stretched her legs out to ease the ache in her feet as they still throbbed from an afternoon's gallivanting around the shops.

She could hear Ellie cursing and mumbling as she stripped off trying on her choices.

Looking down, she could just see underneath the bottom of the curtain as a blouse and skirt dropped to the floor.

Then for some reason...curiosity got the better of her.

She glanced around making sure nobody was watching her, then reached across with her hand and pulled back the curtain just a smidgeon to peek inside.

Jennifer felt her mouth bob open in amazment and shock.

"What on earth...?"

At that precise moment Elaine had bent over at the waist displaying her sizeable backside to Jennifer's open mouthed gaze.

"Blimey, no wonder she couldn't sit still.!" gasped Jennifer to herself.

Unknown to her, Elaine was showing off her freshly cropped derriere, each cheek flashing red, yellow, mottled blue, black and crimson.

Raised welts criss-crossed her fat arse as if she had been branded with a hot iron.

Jennifer was dumbstruck.



"Has she been attacked, in an accident...or something, were the police involved.?" she wondered as she watched her companion reach behind her and pull out the seat of her white knickers which had got stuck up her arse crack. "Why hasn't she said anything.?" she mused as Elaine suddenly straightened up in the cubicle pulling up the red skirt.


Elaine glanced in the mirror and saw the gap in the curtain and the reflection of her friend staring in shock at her blistered bum.

Their eyes met.

Jennifer froze, then flushing with embarrassment she dropped the curtain and sat back bolt upright in her chair, her heart hammering in her chest.

"Oh what.?"


Elaine paused with her key in the lock and turned to Jennifer, a look of uncertainty on her face.

Since the incident that afternoon, they had hardly spoken to one another through sheer embarrassment and awkwardness.

Elaine knew what her friend had seen, she sure as hell couldn't miss it as she had practically stuck her bum in her face.!

She had been mortified as she realised what was on show....even though her backside still throbbed something rotten, she had forgotten about its colourful disposition in her delight of spending.

"What on earth must she think.!" she had muttered as the cubicle curtain fell.

She had dressed in double quick time and had greeted Jennifer with a fixed smile and gone and bought the red blouse and skirt.

Now as they stood outside her door she felt she needed to break the silence between them......but what to say.?

Elaine bit her lip.

"Jen..Jennifer about this afternoon...I, I think I'd better...." she stumbled feeling herself blushing,"...cup of tea.?" she finished lamely.

Jennifer looked at her for a second then nodded.

Elaine turned the key, pushed open her door and let them both into her home out of the biting wind.


Jennifer was speechless.

She didn't know what to say.

She took another sip of tea and stared at Elaine who was sitting opposite her as they both sat at the kitchen table.


"But, but....doesn't it hurt.?" she asked trying to understand how her friend could like having THAT done to her.

Elaine rubbed her arms as she thought about that.

"Oh, it hurts alright....he certainly lays it on when he gets going so he does, but...I don't know why Jen but...I really like and enjoy it...sounds daft I know but once you get above the pain and can handle it, feels so nice.!!" she made a helpless face.

Jennifer nearly choked on her tea.

"Nice...nice...!!" she laughed shaking her head, "...but your bum's all marked and bruised.!" Elaine just shrugged an "I know".

More questions were popping up in Jennifer's head.

"How, how many times has know done it to you.?" she asked, genuinely interested now that the embarrassment and shock of such an intimate tryst had faded.

"Em...let me think, started last November when I couldn't pay my bill..he er..spanked me that first time, then I er...missed it again and he used one of my flip-flops to whack me, then...hmmmm the third time he used my hairbrush...that flipping well hurt a lot.!" she grimaced making Jennifer laugh out loud at her audacity and brass neck.

Elaine's eyes lit up.

"Oh aye, and this morning he used a riding crop on me...that's why I couldn't sit still on the bus...ouwch talk about having an itchy, sore bot.!" she finished giggling like a schoolgirl. Jennifer rattled her cup in its saucer.

"This mean he was here THIS morning.?" she asked shocked and bemused.

Elaine just smiled and nodded at the wide eyed younger woman.

Then she had an idea.

She licked her lips.

"Do you want to have a look...I'll show you if you like.?"

Jennifer jumped back in her chair.

"Show me what.?" she asked dimly.

"My bum silly, so you can see what he did."

"Oh, you want to." muttered Jennifer feeling the blood drain from her face.

"Wait a sec..." laughed Elaine as she got too her feet and turned around,"...ready.?" she asked over her shoulder.

No, she flipping well wasn't...but she nodded anyway.

Elaine reached back and began to tug up her skirt.

As more and more of her friends blistered backside was revealed, the more she began to feel a certain seed germinate and begin to grow within her.

And so on that chilly Winters afternoon, Miss Jennifer Bootle, a fine upstanding member of the community was bitten by the spanking bug.



Eddie Jones placed the phone back in its cradle and wandered back into his sitting-room.

His budgie was whistling and screeching away as he went over and jiggled the bell at the top of its cage.

His mind was in a right muddle as it went over and over what he had just learned over the phone.

In truth, he felt as if someone had hit him over the head with a hammer.

"Well, bugger me..!!" he wondered aloud.

He opened the cage door and stuck his finger in, tenderly brushing it up against the birds bright blue breast.

"Here...come on Ollie." he whispered.

The budgie looked at him for a second then jumped onto his digit and twittered nervously as he drew his hand out into the open.

He gently stroked it.

"A bit of advice Ollie, never, ever under-estimate budgies of the female persuasion....especially one's that cannit keep their beaks shut."

Ollie chirped in agreement.

He laughed and looked around.

"Ahhh...thats an idea." he grinned and flicked up his finger causing the bird to squawk and flap around the room until it landed on the lampshade bobbing its head.

Going over to the fire, he sat down in his chair and reached for his glasses, then from a drawer he took out a notepad and pen.

He stared at the blank, blue page before him tapping his teeth with the biro.

Then he began his letter.

"Dear Miss Bootle,

Just had an interesting chat with a certain Mrs Smith..."


The 28th of December dawned cold and bright, the cloak of winter still cast around for all to see with the land bitten hard with frost and coated with a sheen of fresh snow.

Jennifer Bootle was up bright and early bustling about as she cleaned the ash from the fire, stoking it up again so that it burned brightly and fed heat into her home.

Once settled, she made a cup of hot cocoa and opened her curtains letting in the day as she stood in her dressing-gown staring at the hills and moorlands painted white.

It seemed an ordinary day.

To ordinary folk it was an ordinary day.

But this day for her was going to be anything but ordinary.

As she finished her breakfast she realised that time was marching on and that she should be getting ready for her visitor.

All was quiet except for the clock's slow tick-tock, counting down the seconds till he arrived.

Time was her friend and also her enemy.

She didn't know whether she wanted it to slow down so her impending meeting would never arrive or for it to hurry up so that she could get it over with.

She smiled and decided it was no use worrying about such things for what events transpired would only take their natural course.

The clock began to chime and strike nine bells.

"Best get ready." she spoke aloud.

She went upstairs to her bedroom.


It was undoubtedly the fastest milkround in the history of milkrounds that was completed that day by Edward Jones.

In, out, no time for chatter or small talk this day.

And so, having given himself a brush up and change of attire he found himself walking through the ankle deep snow of Sycamore Drive towards number 56.

He still couldn't believe the events of the past few days.

It had all begun when he received that phone call from Mrs Smith.

He frowned as her tried to remember her exact words as he hunched up his overcoat to keep out the chill.

" you know Miss Bootle, the one who sometimes works at the Charity shop.?

You do..yes, long black hair, oh not that well...well alright.

Emm...well, you see Eddie something really funny's happened and...ahh hang on, maybe I'd better begin from the start....."

And she had.

He had nearly dropped the phone.

One little phrase kept echoing in his head..he would never forget it as she said...

"We've had a little chat and she...would you,...Eddie, er ahh...she'd like you to do to her er..what you are doing to me....if you're interested..Eddie...Eddie, are you there.......Eddie.?" He couldn't speak.

Miss Bootle.?

Do to Miss Bootle what he was doing to Mrs Smith.?


"Oh Eddie...thats, thats wonderful and so kind of you...not till after Christmas don't think she's on the phone, so why don't you post her a note...hmm hmm...think the 28th would be fine....oh and Eddie...have fun.!" So he wrote her a letter and posted it.

The day and time had arrived for them both.

He could feel his heart thumping, head throbbing and other personal doo-dah's coming out of hibernation.

He stopped with his breath billowing out in clouds of white.

The door of number 56 loomed before him.

Steeling himself.....he knocked.




Jennifer jumped as she paced around the kitchen rubbing things with a damp cloth and polishing with a duster trying to keep her mind occupied.

She froze.

"If I don't answer it..." she thought.

But even as the thought past and died, she felt herself walking through the hall to the door.

She stopped and reached up, smoothing down a stray tendril of loose, black hair then..


She opened the door.


Eddie sat on the couch with his tongue stuck in his cheek as he watched the 37 year old woman begin to undress.

His hands rested in his lap, more to hide the state of his obvious arousal as the attractive lady revealed her body to him.

She had started to unbutton her white, long sleeved blouse all the while casting him little glances as her face began to blush.

With a shrug of her shoulders, she cast aside the garment leaving her upper body covered only in a sleeve-less old fashioned chemise.

The silence between them crackled like electricity as Jennifer moved down to her full black skirt and undid the clasp.

She looked up into his eyes as she let go of the skirt, smiling slightly as she watched his eyes widen as it slithered to the floor and pooled at her feet.

Eddie, with his pulse racing reached up and stuck a finger in his shirt collar letting the steam out.

Her striptease continued.

She stepped out of the skirt and placed her hands behind her back clasping them.

She waited while he looked at her.

Eddie felt like he was in a sauna with the heat full on as his eyes followed every curve, dip and wallow of her body, but the most surprising thing about her was her dress.

She looked just like one of them saucy Victorian ladies who adorned those naughty seaside postcards he had seen years ago.

She wore a frilly white chemise/vest and it was tucked into what he thought was a pair of white, billowy French bloomers which reached down to mid-thigh and was trimmed off with ruffles around each panty leg.

A pair of black stockings reached up to the bottom of each bloomer leg and was held in place with a white garter-belt.

She looked absolutely perfect, as pretty as an old fashioned black and white picture.

He lifted his hand, indicating for her to turn around.

Jennifer did a slow twirl showing off her costume.

She stopped facing him again.

Eddie groaned inside and wiggled his groin a bit in the chair to ease his discomfort as he watched her reach up, grab her pony-tail, bring it over her shoulder and untie the red ribbon which held her mane in place.

He felt as if he was going to have a coronary as she suddenly dipped down, bending at the waist and ruffled her hands through her hair spreading it out like a fan before snapping back up and letting it fall around her face and shoulders. Eddie's mouth dropped open as she slowly raised her head and smiled at him shyly.

"Well, Mr Jones, what do you think...will I do.?" she asked him quietly.

She stood before him like a white, cloaked valkyrie with porcelain skin off-setting her halo of darkness.

Eddie just stared wondering what he had got himself into and whether he should make a run for the door.

But he just sat there like a pudding.

Jennifer could see her effect on him and warmed to him instantly.

"So, Mr Jones...I hear that you like to smack mature ladies bums such as Mrs Smith's from number 42 and that you now want to have a go at mine." she teased him.

Eddie blinked.

"Er...what.?" he stuttered.

"My arse Mr you want me to show you my fat arse and let you smack it.?" she whispered low.

Eddie nodded like a prize plonker.

"Huh huh.." he drooled.

" do you want me....Sir.?" she asked him, emphasising the last word which for some reason she found powerfully erotic.

Coming to his senses he stood up, removed his jacket dropping it on the chair and began to roll up his right shirt sleeve.

Time to take charge.

"Right..Miss Bootle, you've had your its my turn." he thought frowning.

She stepped back as he approached her with a determined look on his face feeling slightly less confident now that the moment of truth had arrived.

He shot out a hand and grasped her wrist making her start.

"M..Mr Jones......please.!" she murmured as he sat back down and drew her to his side.

"Shhhh petal, just lie over my lap and get comfy afor we get started." he smiled looking up at her.

Her heart was rattling in its cage with a mixture of fright, fear and nervous excitement which washed in waves over her soul.

Guiding her down, he held her gently as she bent over and balanced herself on her midrift.

He waited until she was settled.

"Alright Miss we.." he began, but she cut him off.

"Jennifer, you can call me Jennifer if you want." she told him turning her head to look at him through a mass of dark hair.

Eddie nodded and gave her bot a little tap.

"Ta very much...will do, now Jennifer lets see...have you ever been spanked before.?" he asked her, rubbing his hand over her bloomered right cheek.

" even when I was little." she answered truthfully.

Eddie rubbed his jaw.

"Okey dokey, well since you're a virgin so to speak, I'll give you a few over your bloomers then I'll take them doon and give you a crisp bakers dozen on the does that sound.?" he reasoned.

Jennifer, with the blood surging to her head thought about that and sighed.

"Since you're here at my invitation...I guess I can hardly complain can I.!" she laughed making him smile as well.

"Thats a good lass, now don't worry cos its supposed to be quite nice once you get used to it...or so Elaine says but she never could keep her gob shut...she can be a right little tizzy as her bum gets hotter...and complain, why she could drive a priest to drink that one he heee" he snorted.

Jennifer began to giggle at that.

"Eddie, you don't have to tell me anything about her..she always was a right scatter-brain, but you sure did a thorough job with the crop on her bottom didn't you.?" she asked.

"Oh, teck nee notice of her moans and grumbles pet, her arse is like elephants hide...tough as old boots..she can take her lickin' no worries aboot she got a surprise when I whaled her arse with that crop though." He reached down and rubbed her stockinged legs, loving the feel of the different textures.

"These are smashing Jennifer...they make you look naughty.!!" he grinned,"..anyway's say hello to a sore arse and goodbye to your spanking virginity."

Jennifer had a second to gather her wits and brace herself with an "Oh...I think I'm readyyyyyyyooooooOOOOWWCHHHHH..!!"


Eddie delivered a firm handed slap to her right cheek which blew out the material of her bloomers with a dull therwack.

"Ouch..." muttered Jennifer crossing her ankles and bobbing her feet.


Number 2 landed with a juicy fizz which jerked her head up and made her wince.

"Owwuch..." she whispered feeling a distinct throbbing tingle beginning in each nate.


Number 3 landed square in the middle of her arse making her grunt and squeeze her eyes shut...she was about to say "Owwwwwuchhhhh.." when..


Eddie delivered Number 4 which landed much harder, making her shriek with surprise and bend into a bow as she tried to fight off the pain.

"OW-OW-OW-OW-OW.....hhmmm OOOOOWWWWCH Edward" she gasped trying to turn around and reach back to protect her bum.

"Ah..ahhh, keep your hands down, naughty...naughty." he scolded her.

He reached around her with his left arm and braced her down, holding her tight and began to whack her bum in a tom-tom rhythmn whilst whispering to her that she was a naughty little lady who needed a bright red bot.

"Aren't you my dear.?" he teased her.


"A bad little girl." he replied.

" I..." she gulped trying to absolve the sting, but Eddie had other idea's...


".....aaaahhhhhhh y...yes I AM A BAD LITTLE GIRL MR JONES.!"

He reached up, wound her black coife around his left hand and began to whack away in a drumbeat tempo with his right, increasing the force of each blow.

He could see her flushed face with her eyes squeezed shut tight and her white teeth bared as she fought her demons.

The covered spanking lasted for another minute until he let her hair go and she slumped down moaning and groaning.

"Alright..Jennifer.?" he asked her, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a hanky," take this and blow your nose afor we start again."

Jennifer sniffed.

"A...again, oh, yes...hmmmm ooooee Eddie my bum feels as big as a balloon.!!" she gasped.

In that he had stopped spanking her for a bit, her backside felt quite numb and fruity as the pain had lessened and the sting subsided.

With a throaty groan, she tensed every muscle and stretched out her body preparing herself for what was to come.

Eddie bit his tongue as he watched her settle, his eyes drifted to her seat as he wondered how he should continue with her punishment..

"Punishment...?" he, this wasn't a punishment..but what was it.?

It wasn't strictly a sexual liasion, although he must admit having now had two very attractive females bent over his knees whilst bare arsed did cause him a certain amount of "discomfort" in his nether regions.

He certainly was too much of a gentleman to try anything funny or overt with them.

They seemed quite content with just having a sore bum.

So..if its not punishment.?

He scratched his thinning pate.

"Don't be a fool Eddie Jones, never question a good thing." he mused.

Someone was speaking to him.

"Eddie..are you alright.?"

He blinked and looked over at Jennifer who was looking at him with raised eyebrows.

It suddenly occurred to him that as he had been off daydreaming, his right hand had somehow found its way between the junction of her thighs and was absent-mindedly rubbing wotsit through the white bloomers.

"Huh..oh sorry...miles away, hang on while I take doon your knickers, maybe you'd better lift your belly up so I can bare your botty." he mumbled to her as he felt his face flush red at his wandering hand.

Jennifer just grinned as she watched him puff himself up at being caught rubbing her so near to her sex.

"Hmmmmmmm." she smiled inside, "..well, well Mr Milkman..interested are you.?"

She jumped slightly as he gave her a tap.

"Up petal, time for your bloomers to come down." he urged her.

But she wasn't having any of that...these were special bloomers.

She reached back with her right hand and stuck a finger in the folded strip bi-secting each cheek.

", look..see, they're proper Victorian knickers...just undo the buttons under the fold...and pull it open can get at my bare bot that way without having te tek them doon...see?"

"Oh aye...." he muttered.

Eddie had a bit fiddle and with nimble fingers undid the three buttons that held the seat of her bloomers closed.

He grasped each side and pulled it open.

He gave a low whistle.

This was better that pulling them down.!

Her backside sat before him framed in a halo of white cloth, each crest of fatty flesh bulged out into the open....a fine pair of white, trembling hillocks said hello to the outside world.

"What an arse...!!" he wheezed, "...blimey Miss Bootle, I have to say that you have a very fine sittapon."

Jennifer felt a quirky pride, that he found her bum appealing wash over her.

"Th...thank you very much, is it a little red.?" she asked him softly

"Aye, just a little bit...bit surprised cos I spanked it pretty hard...I reckon you're of the same stock as Elaine." he wondered aloud as he surveyed each bump.


He nodded.

"Like you she's got a fat arse, erm...what I mean is...your bots can take a fair amount of stick afor it gets to yer...see I think its because both your bums are big and have a lot of fat in them, so you both can take a lot of whacking afor it starts to tell." he explained.

Jennifer just muttered an "Oh..I suppose so."

"Look see, if ye had a little, skinny bum with no paddin', just skin and bone..when it was spanked, the sting would have nowhere to go would it.?" She just grunted.

"What on earth is he babbling on about.?" she sighed, bending her head down wishing he would hurry up and deal with her.

The waiting, the anticipation was terrible.!

" skinny arse's for me...give me fat, flabby, bumcheous one's like yours and Elaine's any day."

The fat, flabby, bumcheous arse gave a wriggle, shutting him up in mid-stride.

"Mr Jones, thats all very interesting and I'm really happy you find my fair bum so fat and appealing but...all talk and no action makes little Miss Bootle here a trifle come on, we haven't got all day...tan my arse Eddie....pleeeeeaaaasssseeee.!!!"

Eddie made a face.

"Oh, righty-ho." he smiled sheepishly.

Jennifer tensed, feeling his body move as he raised his right hand high. "Ready.?" he asked.

No, not really.

She nodded her head with black hair flying.

"I..I think soooo..." she squealed as she felt the air vanish from around her right bum cheek as his hard hand filled the vaccum,"...but this is going to huuuuuuurrrrrt sooooooo muuuchh.!!" They both grunted as the first true blow landed with a resounding crack which made them both jump.

There was a split seconds silence, then....

"Owch." winced Eddie blowing on his hand.

"AAAaaaaaagggggghhhhhhh EEYYEEOOWWCCCHHH.!!" screamed Jennifer feeling as if someone had dropped a red hot water bottle on her rear end.

Not giving her a chance to recover, he struck again laying in the next flat-palmed spank even harder.

Jennifer simply screamed.

And continued to yeowl, howl, curse, kick and mewl as her milkman continued to give her an extra special delivery.

Jennifer Bootle had joined Elaine Smith in the ranks of Mr Jones's rosy, red-bummed harem.


"Oh...hmmmmm, that feels wonderful Eddie...more." groaned Jennifer as she knelt on her settee.

"Pleasure's been all mine." smiled Mr Jones as he reached in and scooped out another frothy gunk of gooey face-cream.

He rubbed it into both of his hands making them slick and shiny as he turned back and approached his glowing target.

"Ahhhhhhh, oooo thats cold...but ssssoooooooo nice.!!" she sighed as he sank both of his hairy hands into her burning arse and massaged in the salve.

She couldn't keep still as he kneaded her bruised flesh like he was pummelling dough.

"Oh...Eddie..that eases the hurt and sting so much." she whispered as she laid her head on her forearm on the back of the settee.

Eddie, with his tongue hanging from his mouth just grunted.

His eyes were glued on her rear as his hands continued their massage as he pulled and pushed each cheek around and around.

She didn't seem to mind when he pulled them apart showing off her jewels to him.

He licked his lips feeling his todger groaning in his pants.

"Down boy....don't push it." he muttered.

He could of spent the rest of the day playing with her red bum but he felt caution was prudent.

He stepped back.

"There done."

Jennifer slipped off the couch and reached back, gingerly feeling her sticky seat through the split in her bloomers.

"Wow..Mr Jones, you certainly did a thorough wonder Elaine recommended you." she laughed.

"Happy to be of service to so wonderful a pair of ladies." he grinned reaching for his coat.

Jennifer looked at him.

"Oh...going so soon, I was about to make us a cup of tea."

Eddie fitted the cap on his head and walked to her door.

"No, thanks all the same, best be some deliveries to make to the Charity shop." he smiled.

As he turned to leave, she put her hand on his arm.

She wanted to thank him for this morning.

She wanted him to understand what it meant to her.

He looked at her and patted her hand.

"What petal..?"

"Eddie, what, what we just did, you did to me was so, so...wonderful ..I'd never of thought something like that could be so.." she frowned trying to think of a suitable word,"...well, fulfilling." she shrugged feeling awkward. He reached forward and grasped her hand bringing it to his lips.

"Me as and Elaine have made an old man very happy."

She dimpled and slapped his arm.

"Silly sausage..!!" she teased,"...old, you're not old've had me and Elaine jumping through hoops ye daft bugger, my bums so sore and I've used all my cold cream up..I'll have to make sure that I've got a new jar for next time." They both stared at each other thinking the same thought.

Next time.

Was there going to be a next time.?

Their eye contact spoke volumes for them.

Very much so.

He gave her a cheeky wink.

Her eyes widened as he leant forward, reached around to grab her right bum cheek and whispered in her ear,

"Maybe..this naughty little bum needs more than a spanking, I'm sure Uncle Eddie the milkman has one or two very nice little things he can use to make naughty little ladies sing a higher note." he breathed.

Jennifer shivered.

The enduring image of her friends cropped arse danced before her.

She nodded.

"Next time." she murmured not able to look at him.

He kissed her forehead.

He turned, opened the door and grasping his collar against the biting wind walked away from her as she stood on her doorstep in her dressing-gown.

He stopped and turned.

"Till next time."


The next day.

Jennifer Bootle and Elaine Smith sat in the stockroom of the Charity shop discussing their encounters with Mr Jones the milkman.

The thoughts and questions flowed back and forth easily between the two grown women.

What did he do.?

What was it like.?

How much did it sting and hurt.?

Did he do it on the knickers or on the bare.? He made you bend over what.!!

He sure has a hard hand doesn't he.!!

Did you cry.?

Did he try anything on.?

and finally the most important question for them both.....

Are we going to let him do it again.?

They sat giggling, comparing battle scars and tall tales oblivious to the outside world. Which at that precise moment was a bit unfortunate.


Lauren Brown stamped her feet clean of snow and peered in through the shop window.

The door was locked.


The lights were on.

"Must be out back.." she sighed.

She reached into her bag, pulled out her purse and found her set of keys.

She reached up, inserted it into the lock and clicked the door open.

For some reason she didn't call out.

She dusted her coat, walked through the shop and approached the door to the stockroom. She could hear the low murmur of indecipherable voices.

"Hmmm, sounds like Elaine and Jennifer are having a quick cuppa. I'll give them a surprise." she smiled. But life sometimes doesn't work like that.

She was the one about to get the surprise.

Just as she was about to rush in and say hello, their voices reached her and became crystal clear....

"Did Mr Jones spank you a lot Ellie...he whacked my bum sooooooo hard over thirty times...!!"



Lauren stopped dead in her mouthed, listening to her two friends discussing intimate secrets.

"Mr Jones......?" her head buzzed.

Lauren covered her mouth in shock as she stepped back.

"They were spanked by Mr Jones.....Mr Jones my milkman.??"

Her world was about to be turned upside down.


Part 3.

Lauren Brown sat at her kitchen table running her finger idly around the rim of her cup, her mind far off in the past reliving the events of that morning when she had visited the Charity Shop. She kept going over and over the words of her friends "conversation" that she had silently overheard. They had sounded so happy. Their eager and whispered joy had two things in common.

One name.

One subject.

They were Mr Jones and spanking.


Lauren backed up quietly, her hand to her mouth as she tried to leave the shop without her friends noticing she had ever been there. With shaking hands, she closed and locked the shop door. Turning, she quickly walked away into the swirling mass of post-Christmas shoppers. People and traffic all around her were nothing but a distant blur as her mind worked overtime still trying to come to terms with her "discovery". She just couldn't get THAT conversation out of her pretty little head.


Lauren Brown was 26 years of age and had just bought her first house in Sycamore Drive - number 69. She worked as a clerk at the local Building Society, earning a good wage and had just secured a fixed mortgage over a period of twenty years.

She was currently single and unattached, although in the looks department she had no problem attracting attention from members of the opposite sex whenever she went into town for a drink with her work mates. She got her fine features from her mothers side with a curly mass of light brown hair which hung swirling in ringlets to her shoulders, her eyes like deep pools of emerald green set in an elfin face, topped off with a dainty pixy nose and bee sting pout. She wasn't too thin nor too fat but a kind of in-betweeny shape with skyscraper legs, bulging bust and a backside which, while compact jutted out alarmingly.

She was independent and didn't suffer fools gladly. Although her spare time was at a premium, she spent her weekends doing voluntary work. Through this, she put in a few hours each Saturday morning helping out at the local Charity shop on the high street. It was here she had met Elaine Smith and Jennifer Bootle.


Lauren sighed and picked up her cup for a last sip.

What on earth was going on between Elaine, Jennifer and Mr Jones her milkman ? She had been rooted to the spot for nigh on two minutes listening as Jennifer described what Mr Jones had done to her the previous day. There was absolutely no doubt in her mind what they had been discussing and what had happened.

"But why ?" she thought. That was the mystery.

Had he blackmailed them ?

Mr Jones - her milkman ?

Don't be daft.

But what then ?

Questions upon questions requiring answers piled up in her furtive mind. Her natural inquisitiveness was in full flow now. She had to know why, where, when and how. Then an idea popped out of nowhere.

A bill was due to be paid tomorrow. Her milk bill.

She smiled.


Eddie Jones knocked on the door of number 67 and whistled while he thumbed open his payment book. He doffed his cap and pulled his pencil from behind his right ear.

"Evenin' Mrs Bagshott. Still a bit nippy isn't it ?"

Nellie Bagshott, dressed in blue smock, white pinny, wrinkly stockings and carpet slippers stood there under a set of hedgehog curlers looking at him with a frown. "Blood out of a stone Mr Jones. You can sweat blood out of a stone." she cackled, her voice dry from over 30 years of smoking.

"Everybody's in same boat." he replied licking the tip of his pencil.

Mrs Bagshott simply drew up her formidable bust and leered at him with a stare that made him step back. "Daylight robbery for a pinta milk." she muttered as she opened her purse.

"That'll be eleven pound fifty please." he finished sticking out his hand and smiling broadly.

She grunted as she paid him.

He bobbed his hat again. "Cheerio Mrs Bagshott. See you same time next month. Say hello to Reginald fer me." he waved as he walked on to his next customer.

"Poor bugger." he muttered under his breath. What on earth had Reginald Bagshott, his childhood chum, ever done to deserve a right old bat like her. He simply shook his head and walked down the lane to his next customer. He looked around, fixed his cap to smarten himself up as best he could then knocked on the plain front door.


He coughed as he saw a shadow approaching through the frosted glass and raised his eyebrows as the lady of the house opened the door.

"Evenin'. Just your friendly neighbourhood milkman again." he grinned looking into the young womans beautifully pure eyes.

Lauren Brown of number 69 smiled at him in return.


"Blimey, what a picture !!" he thought as she stood before him in a yellow and white striped shirt, blue knee length skirt and black sensible shoes.

"Hello Mr Jones. That time of the month again ?" she smiled, her perfect white teeth glinting in the late evening sunshine.

"Fraid so Miss Brown. Part of the service." he laughed trying not to stare.

She tilted her head to one side as if sizing him up. "Oh, I'm sure you give a very good service Mr Jones." she smiled back enigmatically.

He felt himself swallow nervously. He took off his cap and grasped it between his hands. "Oh, I always make my deliveries on time. Need to keep a firm hand on the tiller so to speak." he laughed blushing red at his own innuendo.

Lauren, admiring his brass neck laughed at his good humour. "Ahh Mr Jones.If only you knew what I know." she smiled inside. The question now was how to extract all the juicy details from the master spanker.

"Should I ?" she wondered, biting her lip.

For some strange reason, her emotions were a jumping mixture of nervousness, excitement and something else she couldn't quite put her finger on.

"I've left my purse in the kitchen. You're not in a hurry are you ? I was about to have a cup of tea and thought maybe I could make you one as well ?" she asked him, standing back against the door indicating the way. She knew that her address was the last on his round for that area.

Eddie felt as if he had just gone over the edge of a big dipper rollercoaster and his belly was somewhere up around his gob.

Still no matter, he was through for the day and what more could a man ask for than to be in the company of someone like Miss Brown.

"Thanks very much petal, very kind of you." he nodded and followed her into her home, clicking shut the door to number 69.


Eddie sat on the easy chair beside the gas fire as it hummed and clicked away.

He could hear her preparing a fresh pot of tea in the kitchen. "Milk, sugar ?" she called out.

"Er, milk and two sugars please."

He looked around the sitting-room with its tasteful decoration and pretty ornaments with the stunning vista of a sunset landscape dominating the room as it hung on the chimneybreast. "Very nice." he thought, admiring her low-key surroundings.

There was a clink of china as she backed into the door, opening it with a budge whilst carrying a tray. "Here we go." she indicated, holding a cup and saucer for him.

"That's smashing Miss Brown."

She laughed.

"Lauren. Everyone calls me Lauren. Miss Brown makes me sound like a right old biddy." she teased as she sat down opposite him. "Have a chocolate biscuit as well."

"You'll get me fat you will Lauren." he laughed.

They both laughed, an easy warmth flowing between them. A comfortable "enjoy your company" kind of feeling.

As they made small talk discussing this and that, Miss Brown realised that she liked Mr Jones's company very much.

His maturity leant him an easygoing charm far removed from the brash crudity of men her own age.

She sat back and drew her legs up under her.

Looking at him over the rim of her cup, her mind wandered.

"So Mr Milkman, you like to spank grown women and do other things to their bums as well." she thought, her eyes narrowing slightly."But how did you, Elaine and Jennifer get together ?"

The question was like an itch she couldn't scratch but had to find, it had kept her awake all last night causing her to toss and turn as visions of bare-naked ladies wailed and cried in her dreams. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it was driving her to distraction.

She decided to take the plunge.

She put her cup down and licked her lips, trying to get her mind back onto what he was talking about.

"Its not a bad living being a milkman, pays the bills I suppose." he reasoned, munching away on a biscuit.

Lauren ran her hand through her hair and bit her lip.

"Here we go." she thought.

"So Eddie, how did you get involved at the Charity Shop.?"

"Oh that, well lemme see, through my younger brother I guess, he was handicapped and I'd help me mam and dad care for him so always felt a need to help others and I decided to do some voluntary work here in the community and I eventually ended up doing deliveries for the shop on the High Street.

"How's your brother now ?"

"Oh ahh, he passed on a few years back when he was in his late twenties." Eddie sighed, recalling painful memories of sad times. Lauren reached forward.

"Oh Eddie I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to." she whispered, hoping she hadn't upset him.

He waved his hand.

"No, no. It was a long time ago. He's in a better place now I think." he smiled sadly.

"I'm sure he is Eddie, I'm sure he is." she replied kindly, seeing him in a new light.

"You're a good, kind man Edward Jones." she thought. "How did you meet Mrs Smith and Miss Bootle ?" she asked, steering the conversation away from his bygones.

"Elaine and Jennifer ? Well, just through the shop I guess and they are on my milk round." he answered, feeling slightly uncomfortable.

"They're a right pair of characters." laughed Lauren.

Eddie nodded. "Aye, they are that."

Lauren felt her chest begin to tighten as she circled her prey.

"Saw them yesterday - at the shop." she murmured whilst taking another sip of tea.

Eddie looked up, trying not to appear unduly flustered or interested in the antics of his lady "spankees".


Lauren drew her feet back down and sat forward.

"Hmm hmm, I thought I'd visit the shop and say hello to Jennifer who's shift it was..." she placed her cup on the table, "...and well, the funny thing was, the door was I let myself in and...and I could hear her and Elaine out back, so...ahh I thought I'd surprise them and.." she looked around the room before settling her gaze on her milkman,"...then I heard them talking."

"Talking.?" muttered Eddie, feeling something was certainly up.

Lauren nodded, rubbing her hips.

"...talking....about you." she finished, looking at him with those crystal eyes.



"Er...wh..what about me.?"

He shifted nervously in his chair.

Lauren gathered her courage.

"About what you did to them."

Eddie felt as if someone had chucked him out of an airplane without a parachute. His mind was zinging about like a rubber ball.


Bluff it out.

"Did to them.?" he stuttered.

She nodded.

"I overheard everything." she replied.

"Everything.?" he swallowed, not liking the way she was fencing him in.

Maybe he should leave.

"Everything....every detail." she smiled.

She had him cornered.

She knew.

His mind was racing.

"So, know about everything...everything we did, I did to them.?" he gasped, still trying to find his feet. She nodded.

The cut and thrust was over, she drove forward and struck him right through his rib-cage...piercing his heart.

"Mr Jones...I know you have been spanking Elaine and Jennifer."





" huuuuuurrrrrrrrrts hurts sooooooo muchhh."

Lauren could feel tears running down her cheeks as her first spanking continued.

"Ooooooeee owchy Eddie...hmmmm do it a bit harder..on the left cheek, you're hitting me too much on my right side...pleeeze.!!"

Eddie took no notice and whacked her real hard in the same spot.


Lauren shrieked, feeling as if she was going to pee herself as the hurt rolled up and smothered her, making her feel giddy as her natural painkillers ran here, there and everywhere trying to ease her pain with the alarm bells ringing.

"OH EDDIE PLEASE.....HIT THE OTHER SIDE.!!!!!!!!!!" she hollered as she bucked over his lap causing him to hold her tight.

Eddie wheezed like he was on a bucking bronco.

"Flippin heck...she's strong.!!" he muttered as her cheeks parted and her fanny and arsehole winked at him.

Oh heck.


It was like hitting a solid rubber ball.

"Whey, bonny lass..yor arse is flipping firm...jeez, thems a tough set of buns ye've got there." he winced as he felt his hand throbbing.

Her arse-cheeks weren't anywhere near the size of Elaine's or Jennifer's but were perfectly formed and stuck out like a naughty girl sticking out her tongue.

She'd taken around twenty spanks from him and didn't seem the worse for wear, in fact she seemed to want more.

So he gave her more.

A lot more.

She began to scream.

Then to howl.




and then...with her head flung back, panting, mewling and grunting.

Climaxed.....wetly, soaking his trooser leg.

Eddie got a right, bloody fright.

"OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH YYYYEEEESSSSSSSS" she gasped as she shook her butt in his face before collapsing in a sweaty heap over his lap.

"Blimey.!" thought Eddie.


Eddie went into the hall and eased the long mirror off the wall.

In the sitting room, Lauren danced from one foot to the next as her backside crackled and snapped.

"Here ye go Lauren...turn around." he said as he held up the mirror for her to see her bum.

Lauren, with her tongue stuck out between her lips turned around, hiked up her skirt and showed her reflection her bare bot.

Twisting her head around, she stared at her pear shaped seat as if it belonged to someone else.

WOW.....did it look sore.!

"Look at the colour of my arse Eddie...its scarlet, look what you've done to it..and its red hot as well.!!" she gasped as Eddie scratched his head trying not to stare at her nakedness like a leering idiot.

"Sure is Miss Brown.!" he laughed.

Er...urp....flipping heck.!!

She suddenly bent at the waist like a gymnast and peered upside down at her doppelganger's backside, surveying the damage through her spread legs.

Eddie gulped and stuck his hand in his trouser pocket adjusting his tackle, it felt as if he'd swallowed his adam's apple as it bobbed up and down like a cork at sea.

Her er..zippiddy-doo-dah's were on show and she didn't seem to mind.

He looked away feeling himself beginning to sweat, amongst other things.

Lauren was so engrossed by the state of her arse that she didn't even notice his discomfort.

"It certainly wasn't what I expected Eddie." she offered.

", what did you expect.?"

She thought about that.

"Well, I'm not sure...just thought it would be more, more.." she stuck her arms out as she balanced on her head," a punishment..I guess, but it wasn' was quite nice once you'd whacked me a few times and got me warmed up." She eased herself up and pressed down her skirt...hang on, something was missing.

"Oh, me where did I, you.." she mumbled looking around.

Eddie went beetroot.

He stuck his hand in his pocket and fished out her skimpy panties.

"Er...ahhh..ummm, put them in me pocket....for yea didn't ahh lose em." he mumbled, feeling like he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

She grinned and took them as they dangled from his hand.

"Oh...right." she smiled, watching him as she bent down and slipped them on, jumping slightly as she eased them over her hips.

Eddie didn't notice that his tongue was hanging out.


Lauren stood with her back to the sink and shook her head in amazement.

"God, can't believe we just did that Eddie." she wondered aloud.

Eddie, sitting at her kitchen table eating a freshly made ham sandwich just shrugged his shoulders.

"Me neither." he mumbled.

He still was a little dazed at what had happened.

One minute he was afraid she was going to call the Police about him and the next.....


"..............spanking Elaine and Jennifer."

Lauren smiled as she saw Mr Jones pale and put down his cup of tea, she could see the worry lines on his brow wax and wane as he tried to come to terms with the revealing of his (their..??)secret.

Eddie's brain was buzzing as he tried to figure a way out of this mess.

Problem was, he couldn't.

But something was niggling him as he sat facing her.

"Why the hell, having invited me into her she telling me all this over a cuppa.?" he wondered, twitching his nose.

Eddie thought there was more to this, more to Miss Brown than met the eye.


Perhaps, she wants to know more.

Eddie looked up at her as she watched him.

"If she wants all the gory be it." he decided.

He sighed expansively in resigned defeat.

He nodded.

"Fair do's lass...its true."

Lauren blinked.

", you really have been...doing that to, to Elaine and Jennifer.?" she blurted out, a bit surprised that he had easily capitulated.

He spread his hands.

"Aye, only once with Jennifer but a few times with Elaine." he muttered, sticking out is bottom lip.

Lauren could feel something stirring in her, a tingle which was creeping up her spine and making her feel all shivery and lightheaded.

She had to know everything.

Little Miss nosy parker.

", why...?" she whispered.

His eyes crinkled as she let slip her mask.

The bait was took, now to reel it in...and who knows.?

He eased forward on the chair and rubbed his whiskers.

" happened like this."


A little while later....and a tale told,

Lauren sat back wide eyed.

"Gosh....I didn't think Elaine was scatterbrained,!!" she laughed,"...and Jennifer, Jennifer's so prim and proper...butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.!!"

"Everyone has their own little ways and secrets Lauren, I guess we just found a way to share them. If you told me a few months ago that I'd be whacking a pair of respectable ladies bums every now and then I'd of though ye'd gone doollally." he smiled nodding.

Lauren rubbed her arms.

More questions.

"But...a spanking Eddie, I mean I could understand if you were..ahh, what I mean," she tailed off, going bright crimson leaving him in no mind what she was getting at. Eddie puffed up his chest...affronted.

" its nothing like that..even though we're all single and unattached, well...the spanking thing just happened between me and Elaine by accident...come to think of was a bloody novel way to pay her milk bill.!!" he laughed...she as well.

"I guess." she giggled rocking in her chair.

", well here's a thing...a confession if you like, I think I've always had a thing for ladies bottoms..don't know why or where it comes from...but my interest slipped out one day in front of Elaine and..she must of felt the same way because she wormed her way around into getting me to spank her bum...and Jennifer also ended up getting her seat warmed as well by accident...although she admitted she was caught out being a bit nosey."

He smiled as his mind wandered off to what had happened between him and Miss Bootle yesterday.

Lauren ran her eyes over him, for a man well into middle age he was in good nick...a bit stocky at around 5ft 10" she guessed but with a cheerful pep to him which made her like him enormously. "Hmmm huh...nosey." he tsked.

There was a faint twinkle in his mind, which whispered, lit, flared up into his darkness and exploded into a fiery firework.

He lowered his gaze to Lauren.

Nosey parker.

It seems Jennifer Bootle wasn't the only nosey parker who worked at the Charity Shop.

His sub-conscious whispered to him.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking.?" it said.

His eyes swept her over from top to toe, admiring her youthful beauty.

Lauren's eyes bobbed in copycat.

She felt a nervous flutter take flight in her belly, making her feel as if she was now the one being pursued.

Self-consciously, she rocked her hips slightly as she felt her buttocks begin to pulse with her heartbeat.

As if someone had switched on the light in a dark room, her mind jumped with the knowledge of where he may take her to.

Her hands fidgeted in her lap and her breath came out in shallow gasps.

"Oh my God, he's going to ask me if I want to...surely he isn't going to ask me to do THAT.!!" her mind reeled.

But he was.

With their eyes locked, he eased forward out of the chair and knelt at her feet taking her hands.

"Why,?" he whispered,"...why Lauren...tell me why.?"

Her eyes felt as if they were going to pop out of her head.

"W..why...what.?" she stumbled, feeling her whole being humming to an unknown ballad.

"Why...all this, all these questions.?" he breathed softly.

She looked down at their held hands.

Then up into his face.

He knew why.

The second she had heard her friends talking...she knew why.

But she couldn't speak....couldn't ask him to do what her soul wanted.

He could see her fighting her he helped her in her battle.

"Lauren, do you want me to do to you what I do to Elaine and Jennifer.?"

Her heart gave a lurch and thudded like thunder in her chest.

Go on...jump.

It's easy.

Go on.

She jumped.

She nodded.

He caught her.


Eddie bit into his sandwich and smiled.

Lauren, still standing by the kitchen sink watched him come back to the present.

"What.?" she smiled.

"Oh nothing...enjoying memories."

She came over and sat beside him.

"Ouch.!!" she whispered as her bum wriggled on the seat.

He grinned and held up his hands.

" asked for it, don't blame me.!!"

"No silly, just a bit sore," she thumped him on the arm, then frowned..something had to be decided here.... now...they had to make a decision,"...Eddie, where do I, we go now.?"

Eddie looked into her pools of green.

He knew what she was asking.

To join them.

He patted her hand.

"I'm sure Elaine and Jennifer would welcome you with open arms for me, well, I figure I can handle another grown woman and give her a sore bot." he finished laughing.

She gave him a pout.

"I'd love to join your little group Eddie..if you're really sure it will be alright.?"

He simply smiled.


Ring-Ring Ring-Ring.

Elaine picked up the phone.


"Oh, hello Eddie."


"Lauren..yes, see her at weekends in the shop."

"She heard what.?"

"Oh my God...we never knew she was there.!!"


"You're in her house now.?"


"Eddie...oh Eddie, you never...!!"

"On the bare.?"

"Bloody're old enough to be her father.!!"

"Join us.?"

"Eddie of course, tell her we'd love to have her join us...the more the merrier you dirty old bugger.!!"

"Jennifer...oh, I'm sure she'll agree...Lauren's a lovely lass."

"Hmmm, I think she's working at the Charity Shop...yep, I'll give her a call..when should we make it...the 31st..its New Years Eve, we'll have a party.!!"

"No, no ye daft sod Eddie...we'll arrange something to eat and drink...all you have to do is bring yourself and your toys.

"Bye...see you around 7 o'clock on the 31st."


Ring-Ring Ring-Ring.

Jennifer smiled at the customer as she picked up the phone.

"Oh, hello Ellie."

"Hmmm huh...thats nice of him to call...what about yesterday.?"


"But the door was locked and....oh heck, she's got a spare set of keys hasn't she.!!"

"But she seems so ...quiet."

"HE DID WHAT.....!!!"

"Yes Ellie, I understand, well if its alright with you two...its fine by me."

"A get together...when.?"

"New Year's your house, hmmm yes, think I'd of just spent it on my own...he's bringing his toys.?"

"Oh my God...!!"

"Can't wait...!!!"

"Time, okay....I'll write it down...hmmm hang on till I get a pencil.....okay...hmmm that."

"Seven O'clock on the 31st...I'll put my best frock on.!!"

"Bye bye Ellie....see you then."


The fire snapped and crackled as Eddie Jones sat staring into its orange glow with a glass of fine Scottish Whiskey in his hand.

What a day.

What a day to come.

He smiled as the anticipation swept over him.

In three days time, he was going to have three mature, bare arsed women before him.

He took a swig.

He was going to get them all to sing a particular song.

The song of women being thrashed.

He raised his glass and toasted his three ladies.

Three ladies and their bums.

He couldn't wait.


Part 4.

New Years Eve...

The last day of December 1974 dawned wild, white and wintery.

The wind howled, groaned and moaned as Mother Nature bid good-riddance to another year by shaking her pelt, showering this little part of England with a blizzard of snowflakes. Gods creatures huddled indoors each bemoaning, in their own way the whims of spells cast.

The human folk of this land were beginning to stir as they prepared to bid goodbye to the old and welcome in the new.

For four such individuals this day...the last day of December was going to depart in a rather interesting way.


Edward Jones poked his head out from beneath his bedclothes and frowned at his foot as it stuck out from under the covers.

He waggled his big toe as it peeped through the hole in his blue, hooped sock.

"Humpphh...I need a wife." he muttered, wincing as his mouth was dry and cracked from the cold.

Today was a rare day for him....a day off meant a lie in.

He flung back the sheets and sat up with a struggle, blinking as the day said good morning.

Trooping downstairs in his blue stripped pyjama's, he flung open the sitting-room curtains revealing a world of swirling white.


More snow.

Shivering with the chill, he poked the embers of the fire letting it breath into life and from his coal scuttle added more fuel to the flames.

In no time at all the warm glow filled the room as the fire snapped and crackled merrily.

He did his stretches..up 1,2,3 down 1,2,3.

In his cage, Ollie preened himself as he sat watching his keeper farting and wheezing as he worked out the creaks and groans.

"Mornin Ollie...see yer up bright and early."

Ollie just looked at him and began to chirp like a chipmunk.

Eddie waved his hand.

"Wait a minute..wait a minute, I'll change your water when I've had a piss."

Ollie, appalled at the lack of service threw a fit and began to sqwauk and whistle.

Eddie gave up and muttering an "you're like an old wife" went into the kitchen to set a brew on.

Sitting down with his tea, toast and marmalade, he mapped out the day.

"Let me see now..."

Get washed/shaved - remember underarm deoderant and talcum powder, clean shirt ironed, fresh underwear and socks, feed budgie, watch a bit of telly, make a bit of dinner....erm...then what.?

He had to try and keep his mind occupied. He worked the bread with his jaw.

Seven O'clock.

Tonight was the night.

He looked at his kitchen clock.


He wished Father time would get a bloody move on.


Elaine sat beside her window and watched the white flakes lash against the glass as the snow fell in anger. She looked at her watch.


She sighed, reached up and began to unravel her blonde hair from the curlers, giving her head a shake making her bob bounce. She had a busy day.

Clean up, make sure everything was spick and span then prepare the cuisine for tonight.

With just under twelve hours to go, the butterflies were starting to take flight.

And all the while, the clock went tick-tock, tick-tock.


Jennifer couldn't sleep.

She reached over and picked up her alarm clock.


It was no use.

She had to get up.

She sat in her nightie and scooped another steaming spoonful of porridge into her mouth.

"Eleven hours, 45 minutes....." she sighed.

No question about it.

It was torture.


Lauren clicked on the radio and sat down to read her paper.

"......and that was the Beatles with Penny Lane here on Radio Northumbria, hope you're feeling bright and breezy this chilly winters morning...the last day of the year.

For all you early risers...times just gone seven-twenty, lets play something a little mellow for all you sleepy-heads out there...Marvin Gayes..I heard it throught the grapevine."

"Sure did..." muttered Lauren.


Father Time tugged his beard, yawned, stretched, put his feet up and promptly fell asleep.

As he snored, dreaming dreams of ageless memories, the sands of the here and now slipped into the past.

Time crept on.


He awoke with the night as black as pitch, the sky crystal clear and the stars twinkling like diamonds in a blanket of dark velvet.

Father Time looked at his watch.



Elaine Smith was in a right old tizzy, running around like a blue-arsed fly as she checked that everything was laid out to perfection with sandwiches here, sausages on a stick there and plenty of booze to knock out an elephant.

"Oh God....God." she cried as she bolted up her stairs to check that she looked decent.

No worries on that score.

"Knickers....which bloody knickers." she mumbled, rooting around in her underwear drawer.


See-through black knickers, stockings and suspenders.

For Eddie.

She slipped them on laughing.

"Hope he doesn't have a flipping heart-attack.!"

Just then..

Ding-Dong Ding-Dong.

"Oh heck.!!" she cried.

Their little get-together was about to get underway.


"Jennifer...wait up.!!"

Jennifer turned having just rang the doorbell.

Lauren, wrapped up in a long black coat ran up the lane towards her.

She stopped and they both looked at each other.

They didn't know what to say.

So they both started giggling.

Elaine opened the door to find her two friends having a fit.

"Wots so bloody funny.?" she asked with her arms folded.

They both waved their hands unable to speak.

Elaine gave up, stepped out into the snow and pushed them inside before the neighbours called the goon squad.

"Wait till Eddie gets a go at their arses...they won't be bloody laughing then." she smiled inside.

The door to Number 42 clicked shut.


Eddie winced as he plucked another hair from his right nostril.

"Ow...bugger." he muttered, his eyes watering from the sting.

He gurned in front of the mirror making sure he was presentable, had no strange smells and that he hadn't nicked himself with the razor.

"Well, what do you think Ollie.?" he asked his budgie.

Ollie, totally uninterested walloped his bell, turned around and promptly evacuated his tract into the bottom of his cage.

Eddie looked crestfallen.

"That bad huh.?"

In the distance, the Town Hall clock began to chime seven bells.


Elaine, Jennifer and Lauren sat around the coffee table, each holding a cup of tea and nibbling on salmon sandwiches.

"So what was so funny.?" asked Elaine.

Jennifer and Lauren smiled sheepishly at one another.

Jennifer broke the ice.

"Oh, twas nothing Ellie...its the first time I've seen Lauren since...since, we've both know," she felt herself blushing,"...dealt with by him."

"Oh" nodded Elaine.

Lauren piped up.

"This is so unreal, I mean..why we're here, when you think about have to laugh really.!" she grinned looking at the older women.

Jennifer nodded in agreement.

"Ellie, Lauren's right...three grown women meeting in secret, waiting for a man who we all know is going to give us a hard time of's so daft its funny." she reasoned.

Elaine sat back pondering.

"Yes it is isn't it, but you know what, I love what he does to me...don't ask me why...haven't got a clue." she sighed.

Jennifer sucked a thoughtful tooth.

"Hmmmm, me neither....curiosity I guess, after I saw your bum."

Lauren laughed.

"Eddie told me all about you two and what you got up to, serves you right Jennifer for being such a nosey parker.!!" she giggled as her friend stuck out her tongue.

"True...true, but at least I pay my bills on time..isn't that so Ellie.?"

Elaine just smiled and took another sip ot tea.


Lauren looked at her watch, frowning.

"Its ten past seven..he's late, wonder what's taking him so long.?" she thought.

"Don't worry he'll be here soon enough, after all what man could resist the opportunity to have three mature ladies at his disposal." smiled Jennifer reasurringly.

In the orange glow of firelight, Elaine watched the younger woman fidget and rub her hands on her skirt.

"Nervous.?" she asked quietly.

Lauren jumped a little.

She nodded.

"A bit...aren't you, I mean about what he's going to do to us.?"

Elaine sat forward and patted her knee.

"Eddie Jones is a good kind man, he won't make us do anything we don't want to do...besides its three against one...we'll eat him alive.!!" she finished laughing.

Jennifer, watching the byplay had a thought.

"Has he er...ever tried anything wise with either of you.?"

They both shook their heads.

"Me neither," replied Jennifer,"...but I think he is interested."

Elaine and Lauren sat staring at her.

"Don't say you haven't noticed.?" murmured Jennifer.

Both women turned pink.

"Well," whispered Lauren,".....I er...saw his pants sticking out at the, you know...from his e..erection." she blushed.

Elaine agreed.

"Same here..but the position I was in the poor bugger could hardly fail to get a hard-on.!!"

They all laughed at her little "step-ladder" adventure.

"I'm surprised he didn't throw you on the floor and ravish you Ellie..he must have great will-power.!!" smirked Jennifer.

Elaine held her hand up.

"No, no he was a perfect gentleman," she scolded them,"...but that was after he pinched my bum.!!"

Jennifer got up and stood warming her hands over the fire.

"How old is he Ellie.?" she asked.

"Oh, forty-eight I think...well nigh enough."

Jennifer turned and looked down at her companions in arms.

"What would you do if he did.?" she asked quietly.

"I er...." stuttered Lauren, for some reason the question made her heart flutter and her senses begin to awaken.

Elaine eased forward until she sat on the edge of her chair.

An important dilema hung over them, the answer of which could have serious ramifications for each of them.

"God, haven't really thought about it...come to think of it, he is quite attractive in a craggy sort of way." mused Elaine.

Jennifer brushed the crumbs from her skirt.

"What about tonight...maybe we should give him an extra treat." she whispered.

Lauren and Elaine looked at her as if she'd lost her marbles.

"You mean, here...all three of us and him...together.!!" Lauren blurted out, not knowing if she could take that step.

"I'm not seeing anyone, are you...Lauren...Elaine.?" she asked sitting on the arm of the young woman's chair.

They both shook their heads as they all sat in silence contemplating this turn of events.

Could they do that.?

It was one thing to have a sore bot...but this.?

They cast furtive glances trying to guess each others thoughts.

Jennifer sighed and rubbed her arms.

"I...I'm game, it would be just between us four, I'm sure Eddie wouldn't say no."

"I bet he wouldn't, he's a man for God sakes Jennifer.!" snorted Elaine patting her blonde hair.

Lauren sat back and bit her lip.

"Well, I think I could do that...but he's old enough to be my dad isn't he,!!," she wondered aloud, "..but I quite like him, he's nice, funny and...and kind." she whispered.

Jennifer looked at Elaine.

"Thats two for yes..what about you.?"

Elaine stared at her two friends.

"Did they know what they were asking...going to do.?" she thought.

Sleep with their milkman.?

Eddie Jones.?

She thought about him.

"A good, kind and caring man." she had often said.

She felt the stirring of sap beginning to rise.

She nodded.

"But one question.?"

"What.?" asked Jennifer and Lauren in tandem.

"What about us....between us.?"


The blizzard was if full flow now, the snow tinged with frost swirled around the dark figure as it trudged up Sycamore Drive to number 42.

Eddie Jones pulled his bobble hat tighter over his head trying to keep out the biting wind.

He hefted his right shoulder, shifting the weight of the bag slung there.

"Flipping weather.!!" he cursed as the wind groaned around him as it danced between the tree's.

He looked up and between the flakes could see the orange glow through the window of number 42.

He glanced at his watch.


His heart was hammering in his chest.

He knew.

They were waiting for him.


Lauren and Jennifer stood up as the snowman entered the room.

Eddie shivering, tried to take off his gloves but failed.

All three women stepped forward to help him shed his wet things and get warm with a kind of mothering affection which made him smile.

"Here, let me take your coat." offered Elaine as she helped him shrug it off.

Both Jennifer and Lauren grabbed an arm and pulled off his mits, hanging them near the fire to dry.

"Bahhhh, its freezing out." he wheezed trying to get his jaw to work.

Lauren ran from the room into the kitchen and came back with a hot cup of tea.

"Here sit yourself down Eddie and warm your bones with this." she urged like a mother hen.

"Ta petal, much appreciated..oooh I'm all stiff.!!" he groaned as he bent to sit down.

Elaine, Jennifer and Lauren looked at each other with secret smiles as he wheezed the word "stiff".

After warming himself inside and out, he sat forward and looked at his three female friends sitting on the settee watching his every move.

They seemed to want him to break the ice.

He placed the cup and saucer on the coffee table.

"Well ladies, whata ta-do...who'd of thought we'd all be sitting here because of one thing." he smiled, his genuine affection for each of them showing in his eyes.

They laughed...somewhat nervously he thought.

"Suppose the question now is where do we go from here.?"

He stuck out his lip and reached up to adjust his blue tie.

"I think we'd better get one thing straight...are you, we...all sure we want to do this.?" he asked with a serious look on his face.

Total silence.

A bit of fidgetting...then Elaine spoke up.

"Eddie, I think I speak for all of us...while we've been waiting for you we've had a little chat...about certain things and well, each of us is a grown woman and know our own minds so..." she paused, "...we all want this...the three of us...we want you do those things you do to us..again, here the same time."

Eddie looked at each of them in turn. Jennifer nodded.

Lauren nodded.

Finally, Elaine nodded.

"Good, now we know where we all stand on this." smiled their milkman.


Their games were about to begin...

"I'll spank each of you first...erm." thought Eddie as the three women stood before him as if on parade. A problem.

Who first.?

He had an idea.

He raised a finger.

"Eeny-meeny-mineey-mo, spank a lady hard and slow, if she screams let her go....eeny-meeny-mineey.....MO.!!" he pointed between the three. His finger rested on Jennifer.

"Oh bugger." she muttered.

Eddie crooked a finger.

"Come here bonny lass."

Elaine and Lauren smiled with relief and went to sit on the settee to watch the dark haired woman's ordeal.

Jennifer positioned herself to his right side as he sat forward on the chair.

"Lean over petal." he urged.

Quaking a little, she draped herself over his lap.

"I hope you've got them bloomers on again." he asked her, tapping her bum.

She nodded.

"BLOOMERS.????" giggled Lauren.

"Oh aye, she likes her frillies does this one." laughed Eddie reaching down to hike up her long black skirt.

"Well I never." muttered Elaine as Jennifer's antique underwear was revealed.

"That's nowt, watch this." grinned Eddie, licking his lips as he unbuttoned the seat.

He reached in and pulled apart the material.

Her sizeable arse ballooned out into the open bringing appreciative gasps and sighs from the audience.

"Oh Jennifer, you've got such a big, fat white bum.!!" swooned Lauren.

Eddie grabbed her left cheek making Jennifer mutter an "OW!!".

"Aye...its a fat un all right, as for being white..well, Uncle Eddie will just have to do something about that won't he my girl.?" Jennifer grunted.


"I think a nice round fifty spanks should be suffice...I'm sure you want to provide our guests with much entertainment..hmmm Jennifer.?" he asked running the tip of his finger over both mounds.

"S'ppose so..."

"Right, here we go."

Eddie then delivered the first of fifty hard smacks to her cringing bottom.


Elaine and Lauren winced at the first crack in mute sympathy for their friend.

But they didn't turn away...curiosity and fascination of a thoroughly delivered spanking held them sway.

"OWWWWWWWCCCCHHHooooohhhhhhhhhh EdddddddiieeeeeEEEEEEK!!" wailed Jennifer as he began to increase the force of his blows until he was fairly whalling her backside.

By the time he had reached number thirty, she felt as if her bum was going to fair hummed and crackled with sparks of pain shooting up her spine and exploding in her head.

She had begun to grunt and keen as her bot went numb.

"AAAAAGGGGGGgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh....owwwwwwwwwwwwwww..that hurts.!!" she cried as number thirty-five sang home hard and true.

"So does my bloody hand.!!" muttered Eddie wheezing with the effort to hold her tight.

Her arse was bright red and looked so sore.

He could hear her start to sniffle with her nose in the carpet.

"Best gets a move on..." he thought and promptly increased his beat like he was bashing a bongo.

Jennifer started to shriek at the change of pace, kicking her feet and whipping her loose black hair around.

"GGGGGGGAAAAAWWWWDDDDDYYEEEEEEEOOOWWWwwwww.!!" she wailed as her feet kicked in the air.

"Ow Eddie, you're spanking me toooooo haaaaaard, h..hurry up and finish..perlllleeeezzzzeee...!!" she whimpered.

"Last one." mumbled Eddie.

He saw her nod.

"Th...thank God fer that.!!" she hiccupped.



He laid number fifty in hard and fast making each cheek pancake out as he sank his palm into her arse-flesh, hitting her so hard that no sound came from her lips other than a "whoosh".

Jennifer kicked out and then flopped exhausted over his lap.

Eddie looked at Elaine who was staring at him with an open gob.

"Sweet-pea...go and get me a bowl of warm water." he asked her.

Elaine snapped out of her trance.

"W...water.?" she mumbled,"...don't you mean cold cream.?"

Eddie shook his head.

"No you nellie, not fer her...fer hand flipping hurts.!!"


Half-an-hour later....

Three well spanked ladies stood before Eddie with their knickers either off discarded or at half-mast and their skirts hiked up around their waists.

"Well.?" he asked them, trying not to stare at the display of their femininity.

"It hurts Eddie." pouted Lauren.

"Mine stings awfully too." agreed Jennifer.

"You could fry an egg on mine.!!" laughed Elaine.

He nodded...satisfied that he hadn't been found wanting.

"Right...who wants to play with some of my toys.?"



All three of them stood around the table watching with increasing trepidation as Eddie unzipped his hold-all and rummaged inside.

One by one he laid them out.

"Kept these for a rainy day." he grinned.

Amid gasps of...

"Oh my God.!!"

"What the hell is THAT.?"

"Oh, that looks awful Eddie.!"

He laid out his toys for them to gingerly peruse at their leisure.

Elaine felt faint.

Jennifer went numb.

Lauren, the youngest simply stared as she stroked her bum.

Eddie thought he had better make an introduction.

He coughed.

"Ladies..I'd like you to meet my little collection of nick-nacks seeing as they're about to say a warm hello to your botties." he began.

Lauren gave him a wry smile.

Jennifer stood round eyed wondering what the hell she had got herself into.

Elaine snorted.

"Me and the riding crop are old friends.." she smiled grimly.

Eddie nodded.

"That ye are pet...that ye are."

He reached forward into the pile and pulled out...

"This is me old gym shoe..back from when I was a lad." he began, waving it around in his right hand.

"And this, this is me carpet slipper, as you can see its got a leather sole." he smiled, indicating the floppy vessle in his left hand.

"Say hello girls."

All three women blinked, smiled and mumbled.

"Hello Mr Gym Shoe...hello Mr Slipper." they giggled, enjoying the absurdity of their child like response.

Eddie picked up another impliment.

"Now this little beauty, I found torn off a conveyor belt at the dairy, its made of rubber, about a foot and a half long and three inches wide."

"Its a strap.!" blurted out Jennifer feeling her bum cheeks clench in alarm.

"Hmmmm hm, that it is young lady..and its sooooooo bendy" he smiled grinning evily at them in turn.

"Oh heck.!"


"That is going to really hurt Eddie.!"

Eddie nodded to Lauren.

"Remember bonny lass, if you don't want too, you don't have too."

She smiled at him gratefully.

" its not the hurt that worries me, its just..just I mean..I've never seen anything like this.!" she whispered as she picked up the riding crop.

"You'll learn real quick." muttered Elaine sarcastically.

"Now, now ladies." tutted Eddie dropping the strap.

Lauren pointed to other things.

"What's them.?"

Eddie gave her a guided tour.

"Right, ladel..big spoon, old work belts, them's got studs on watch out, ping-pong bat.."

"You're not serious.!" laughed Jennifer.

Eddie looked at her and waggled his finger in front of her nose.

"Tut, tut...I'll remember that Miss Bootle." he smiled.

She shut up.

"Lemme see now, that's a paddle made of hard leather..doesn't half make a racket when it hits an arse, the crop you've seen and finally...dah daaah.!!" he grinned finishing with a flourish.

He picked up his last and favourite weapon.

He gave it a swoosh, snapping back his wrist to make it hiss and sing as it cut through the air.

Three lower lips hit the floor.

"Let me introduce to you finally, the weapon of pain, the deliverer of welts and the kisser of ladies bum's everywhere....the cane.!!"

Whip-crack away, whip-crack away.

They stood in stunned silence as the bamboo wobbled, swayed and shivered as he held it up to the firelight.

He could see three pairs of hands surepticiously rubbing three pairs of hind-quarters.

"Oh." whispered Elaine.

"Hmmmm." muttered Jennifer.

Lauren looked from Mr Jones to his cane.

She reached over and gently wrapped her fingers around it, drawing the rod to her face.

With a solem pause, she bent forward and kissed the tip.

"I definitely want to try some of this......" she murmured.


Elaine looked around the room with her fingers tapping her lips.

"Hmmm, its too small...I think you're going to need more room Eddie if you want to get a better swing." she reasoned.

Eddie looking around, nodded in agreement.

"True petal, not much space for me to deliver a good hard whacking is there." he sighed, trying to figure out how they could solve the problem.

Elaine looked at Jennifer and Lauren.

She raised her eyes to the ceiling.

They both frowned in puzzlement.

While he wasn't looking, she jabbed her finger skyward.

Like a light bulb being switched on...they nodded understanding and made eyes, bobbing their heads in acknowledged agreement.

"Eddie.." began Elaine,"...since there's not enough room here...why, er..why don't we go upstairs to my bedroom...its nice and roomy up there, you can get at our bums much easier." she smiled, keeping her fingers crossed behind her back. Eddie paused, rubbed his chin.

"You sure Ellie.?" he asked.

She nodded.

"After all we don't want to spoil the fun do are here to belt our arses, isn't that right girls.?"

They nodded...eyes twinkling at secrets kept and unfurling.

"Okey-dokey...I'll get my up in a sec." he smiled, non the wiser.

Behind his back, the three women went upstairs.


"YYYYEEEEAAAAARRRRRROOOOOOWWWCHHH!!!" yelled Elaine as her tormentor slammed in number twenty as she stood with her hands on the bed, feet apart, skirt around her waist and no knickers.

Eddie felt the vibration resonate through the rubber strap and up his arm like a mini aftershock.

The black rubber, twisted and twirled as it snaked back from the blistered flesh of the groaning woman.

"Aaaaaaaaaaghh, hmmmmmm Eddie....twenty." she groaned as she fought the pain.

She stumbled back, reaching to grasp her swollen arse cheeks that bore red-hot testament to a very hard belting.

Jennifer and Lauren rushed to her side to help their stricken friend, each forgetting their own bruised, strapped and stinging bots.

"God Eddie, you hit her much harder than either of us two." cried Lauren examining the crimson hue of Elaine's seat.

Eddie, with white shirt sleeves rolled up and tie loosened just smiled as he watched them comforting each other.

Since they had been in the bedroom he had slippered Jennifer twenty times.....making her shriek and wail.

Paddled Lauren ten times....until he could see blisters forming.

Spanked Elaine...again, cos she stuck out her tongue at him calling him an "old fuddy duddy" for not removing his tie.

So that made it..

Elaine....spanked(twice)and strapped.

Jennifer..spanked and slippered.

Lauren....spanked and paddled.

Not a bad nights work.

While they huddled together comparing bruises, splodges, blotches and shades of red, he nipped downstairs and grabbed a bottle of sherry and four glasses. He glanced at the clock...11.15pm.

"What a way to see off the old year." he grinned and hurried back upstairs.


As he entered the bedroom, the three women jumped apart looking guilty.

He frowned.

"What have they been up to.?" he wondered.

He smiled and hefted the bottle of plonk and glasses.

"Here we go ladies, lets celebrate our little shin-dig and the New Year." he beamed.

Surrounded by sweet smelling femininity, he filled four glasses and stepped back.

He held up his glass to them.

"I'd, er like to give a little toast and say a few words." he began feeling himself flush slightly.

They smiled and nodded.

He paused, looking at each of them in turn.

Elaine, the eldest with her Doris day blonde mop, looking slinky in a black dress, black stockings and suspenders....the woman who couldn't pay her bills on time.

He toasted her.

Jennifer, sensible Jennifer with her great mane of midnight hair hanging to her waist, dressed in a white blouse, long black skirt and wooly stockings held up by white garters...a right nosey parker. He toasted her.

Finally Lauren, young, sweet Lauren with her windswept brown curly hair decorating her shoulders, those pure green eyes, kiss me quick lips, dressed in a white muskateer shirt, frilly lapels and cuffs, blue pleated skirt reaching to her knees and with those perfect legs swaithed in white stockings and suspenders...the ones with the "follow me north" line up the back....the lady who made him feel young again.

He toasted her.

To all three.

"I'm not the sort of bloke who's very good at this sort of thing..but, well...whatever happens in the future, I won't ever forget this night...I, I hope you feel the same've made an old codger very my fair damsels in distress." he blushed, saluting them and then downing the sherry in one.

Elaine, Jennifer and Lauren looked at one another and nodded.

They raised their glasses to him.

"And to you Eddie." they murmured.

They went over and smothered him in a hug, kissing his cheeks until his face was a tatoo of lipstick. "Thank you Eddie...this has been a wonderful experience." whispered Lauren hugging his right arm.

"Me too Eddie...never been so happy, wouldn't of missed it for the world." agreed Jennifer, her hand resting on his left shoulder.

Elaine stood before him...smiling.

"Eddie, I'm sure I speak for all three of us by saying that you have brought a special kindness and warmth into our lives that we will cherish're a good, kind man Edward Jones...perhaps we should show you how much we appreciate and like you." she finished with her eyes twinkling with amusement.

"Oh..." wondered Eddie...not too sure where this was going. Elaine turned to her two friends.

"Don't you agree.?" she asked them with eyebrows raised. Both stood licking their lips.

They nodded.


Eddie felt like a cat on a hot tin roof.

What was going on.?

"Oh heck.!" wheezed Eddie, feeling his heart thudding like a jack hammer in his chest.

Elaine stopped in front of him and held up the cane.

"Eddie..we've had a little talk and we're agreed...we want you to cane us....together at the same time....cane us hard." she whispered quietly.

"You do.?" he muttered numbly.

Lauren kissed him softly on his cheek.

"Hmmm hmm Eddie...I want you to cane me sooooo much.!" she breathed in his ear.

Jennifer rubbed her hand up his back and whispered in his other ear.

"Me too Mr Milkman...I want you to welt my fat arse."

Ohhh heck.!!!

Eddie stuck his tongue in his cheek trying to think straight.

"Never look a gift horse in the mouth.!" he thought.

He looked at them.

"Be my pleasure ladies."

Elaine took his hand and made him sit on the edge of the double bed.

She winked at him.

"But first..we thought we'd give you a little treat and put on a show." she whispered, then she kissed him on the tip of his squat nose.


Eddie felt he had died and gone to heaven as he sat like a dimwit watching as three beautifully mature females stood before him and with a shy nod to each, began to undress for him. He didn't know where to look first.

As hair was shook and buttons unbuttoned, he felt as if someone upstairs was playing the "Hallelullia" chorus.

Elaine reached up and slipped the straps of her slinky black number over her shoulders, holding her hand against the material covering her bra-less breasts.

Eddie was staring directly at her.

"Ready Mr Milkman.?" she teased.

He nodded like an idiot.

She dropped her hands and her boobs swung free as she stood naked to the waist.

Eddie gulped dryly.

"What a set of knockers.!!" he sighed as her milk orbs bounced a little with their strawberry tips swelling up as her excitement grew.

"Do you like them Eddie.?" she asked in a little girl voice.

He nodded, his tongue licking the tip of his nose.

His eyes move right to rest on Jennifer who was smiling sheepshly as she watched her friend bare herself.

She undid the last button of her blouse and then slipped it off.

Her breasts were held in an old fashioned brassiere, she reached back and unclipped it, shaking it off.

She straightened up and showed him her standout titties.

"Very nice." muttered Eddie with a hang-dog expression.

Lauren, feeling nervous decided she had better put on a show.

"DO you want to see my tits......sir.?" she asked him quietly.

"Huh huh."

She looked at him shyly as she dropped her shirt revealing two perfectly formed baps with dainty, pointy nipples budding out.

Eddie just groaned, feeling his pecker going nuts in his trews.

Elaine looked across to Jennifer and Lauren, her eyes darting to their nakedness.

"Ready girls.?" she asked.

They nodded.

They turned around and each proceeded to shimmy their hips.

Eddie's eyes popped from their sockets as they slid their skirts and dress down firm, white thighs and off stockinged legs.

As they stood bent, they reached back, grasped the waistband of knicker or bloomer and slipped them down over still stinging butt cheeks.

Eddie grunted as they bared their arses for him.

He reached up and pulled his tie off, loosening the top two buttons of his shirt.

"Christ..what the hell are they trying to do to me.?" he muttered to himself.

He had to get a grip....or else.

"Come here...all of you." he ordered.

They stood straight and turned, presenting him with a perfect view of their sex.

"Aw...God...give me a break..please.!!" his mind sang as the scent of lubricantine wafted over him.

They stood before him.

He looked up at them, taking each of their hands in his.

"Why.?" he whispered.

"Eddie...we want to be with you, its as simple as that." smiled Jennifer, "..don't we.?"

Elaine and Lauren nodded.

"You don't have too." he replied, feeling his emotions beginning to well up.

"We just wanted to show you how much we care for you Eddie." whispered Lauren.

"Don't you want us Eddie.?" twinkled Elaine.



Want as in want want.?

All three of them.?

At the same time.?

"They'll put me in hospital.!" he winced inside.

Did he want them.?

Stupid question.

What man wouldn't.

He nodded.

All or nothing.


"Lauren, this is such a dopey idea.!!" giggled Elaine as she knelt on the bed.

Lauren reached over and slapped her elder friend on her bum.

"No its don't be you Jennifer." she organised.

Jennifer reached up and squeezed her tits before clambering on the bed with a "this IS a dopey idea" look as she straddled Elaine and laid faced down across her back.

Lauren clapped her hands in glee.

"See..see..its going to work Eddie, just like I said." she squealed and promply jumped on the bed with youthful vigor.

"Me next." she laughed as she tried to stand up.

Elaine grunted as she felt the extra weight settle on her back as Lauren clambered over to sit astride Jennifer's hips.

" come I'm on the bottom." muttered Elaine.

"Cos you're the oldest silly." smirked Jennifer who could feel Lauren twisting herself over her.

"See it worked.!!", burbled Lauren as she turned to look at a rather bemused milkman,"..lets call it a piggy-back spanking position, right Eddie.!!"

Eddie thought it must be their collective time of the month, either that or they had gone nuts.

Here he was at the mercy of three randy women.

Helluva way to spend New Years.

Knelt on the bed before him was a three-story tower of female arse's, Elaine's broader beam was on the ground floor sitting squat holding up the weight, Jennifer's slightly smaller rotundy had a pretty view from the first floor and Lauren's compact bot had the penthouse view.

What a sight.

What a totally, cock hardening sight.

He reached down and squeezed his pole through his pants.

"I wonder if they'll let me.?" he wondered.



Lauren looked back over her shoulder.

"Spank us first bots cooled off, afor you cane it you've got to warm it up a little.!!"

He nodded.

He stared at three open vagina's with hair trimmed lips and three brown arsehole's which winked at him, enticing him with mocking twitches of.."wanna come and visit Auntie Anus dear...hmmm?"

Fucking shit.

"Hurry up fer God's sake Eddie...these two fatties are gonna squash me like a bug.!!" gasped Elaine.

"You three want a spanking..well, you're gonna get a hold on tight and grit your teeth.....I think I'll start on the top floor and work my way downstairs then back up again!!" he smiled laying his hand on Lauren's back as she hung in the air.


"HUHHHOOOOOOWWWWCCCHHHYYYY.......ooooo!!" squealed Lauren as he walloped her arse hard and dead centre.


"UUUUUUUuuggggggghhhhhhhhaaaaaawwwwWWWW..ow!!" groaned Jennifer as his hard hand zipped in and flattened her right cushion.


"Achhhhh...OW fucking OWIE-OW...Eddie, that was too fucking hard.!" shrieked Elaine as she swore like a trooper.

There was a stunned silence at the swear word.

"Eeeh naughty little girl...Eddie, did you hear that, she swooooooorrre" giggled Lauren.


"WhhhhaYYYYEEEEEEOOOOOOOWWWWW Eddie.....what did you hit me that hard for.!!!!!!" cried Lauren as she wobbled her crotch trying to ease the sting.

Eddie blew on his hand.

"For being a little tell tale and miss goody-two shoe's.!!" he laughed.

Elaine snorted.

"Thats right Eddie, you tell her...serves her right.!" muttered Elaine, feeling her back starting to ache as the pressure grew.

Jennifer, bent low over her older friends back, her face nestling in her blonde curls grunted as Eddie really started to get in his stride.

"Oh ow." she started to whine.

Eddie started to wheeze with the effort of spanking three grown women at the same was like banging away at a set of tom-toms, he paused and pulled out his hanky from his pocket.

"Whew girls...this is hard work." he smiled breathing hard.

Then he had an idea.

"Ay up....keep still now." he ordered them and climbed up on the bed.

Lauren looked at him with a perplexed frown on her pretty face.

"Wot are you up to Mr Jones.?" she asked him.

He winked at her.

He reached down and pressed his hands on her shoulders.

"Lauren, Jennifer bend your shoulders down a bit, get them as low as you can...thats it, bend your back..good, now keep still."

He moved to their heads and slipped his left leg over Lauren's shoulders like he was sitting astride a bicycle with his feet just touching the covers on either side.

"Eddie...what.?" panted Jennifer.

He looked down, grinned and beamed.


Absolutely perfect.

Even abso-fucking-lutely perfect.

Bent as they were, all he could see were three pairs of arses laid out step-like before his eyes.

If he reached down he could even give Elaine's fair rump a hefty spank.

At that precise moment all three women realised what he was doing and began to giggle and tut-tut.

"Eddie, you kinky old bugger.!!" laughed Elaine, well imagining the view he must have.

Lauren felt the rasp of his trews as he sat astride her back.

"'re not." she gasped.

Too fucking right he was.

It was like having a living, breathing, fleshy, fat arsed drum-kit at his disposal.

He always fancied himself as a bit of a musician.

"Lets see..." he muttered, sucking his lower lip,"...let's play the samba.!!"


"Aggggghhhhhhhh nooooo, ooouchhhhhhhhhhh Edddddiiiiiiiiiiyyyyyyy.!!" they all wailed as their milkman bopped their bums to a funky beat humming the cha-cha.


"Nice backing vocals girls.!!"


Ten minutes later, Eddie hopped off the bed and came around to look at the damage.

Hard work.

His hands hurt and he had a bloody great, roaring hard-on that he figured he'd have to deal with "au un-natural" when he got home.

Fucking hell.

What a sight.

He could hear them snivelling and sniffing as their pain died.

Each set of cheeks flamed bright red, with his hand-prints clearly defined...he had really given them a hard spanking.

He'd better help them up.

Elaine groaned as she felt her burden lift.

Jennifer and Lauren with swollen eyes, pouted as they stood hopping side by side.

"Ow." sniffed Lauren, her face all puffy and red.

Jennifer looked at him whilst she licked her lips.

"That was a hard one Eddie." she whistled.

Elaine staggered up and the three well spanked women huddled together seeking comfort in sanctuary and numbers.

Elaine wiped her eyes.

"God Eddie, you flipping brute...we won't be able to sit for a week.!!" she winced, feeling her arse skin sag back.

He felt guilty and was about to say enough was enough when..

"Do we get our canings now.?" asked Lauren quietly as she rubbed her bum.

Elaine and Jennifer looked at one another, then at Eddie.

"Maybe we should call it a night." he replied.

Jennifer shook her head.

", far as I'm concerned I knew the rules when I came here...lets finish what we started...then we can relax, can't we Ellie.?" she spoke directly to her blonde friend. Bolstered by the other womens courage, she nodded.

"Cane us Eddie."


Eddie nodded.

"Go fetch the tressle."

Elaine turned to Jennifer.

"Its out in the shed..give me a hand to bring it up."

After they had gone downstairs, Lauren turned to him.

He stood looking at her pristine, naked beauty as she was lit in an orange glow from the low-lamp.

The soft sheen of her hair, the grace of her swan like neck, rounded shoulders, firm, high breasts, the gentle swell of her hips, the vee of her cunt as it sat simmering, the perfect symmetry of her legs sheathed in white stockings.

He stared silently at her as if in a trance.

She saw his appreciation of her in his eyes.

In the pit of her sex, she felt her juice begin to flow and dampen her tunnel.

She knew that she was going to let this man inside of her.

She wanted him.

"Eddie, you want to fu..." she began, but was cut short when

Elaine and Jennifer returned each carrying one end of the wooden support.

Jennifer was giggling.

"What..?" smiled Lauren, her gaze going from the older man to her breathless companions.

"Its her.!", laughed Elaine,"...she wouldn't come outside.!!"

"But we're practically silly nit, someone could of seen.!!" gasped Jennifer, shocked that she could of done something so daring. Eddie smiled and took the device from them.

"Lets get this set up...then I'll cane you." he promised.

That brought the two chatter-boxes up short.

"Oh heck."


In order of youngest to eldest, Eddie dealt out their canings.

Twelve good, hard, true strokes which left raised welts in the bamboo's wake.

He made them count each stroke as they stood bent at the waist over the wooden platform he had made for Elaine.

Lauren screamed blue, bloody murder at the first few cuts, her legs kicking like a randy rabbit.

"Hold her down." nodded Eddie.

Elaine went around and grasped her hands, Jennifer bracing each dainty foot.


The blade of the cane sank far into her compact arse, their sturdy rubberyness bouncing the cane back with a whippy spring.

Lauren hollered at the top of her lungs, a vixen wail which sent shivers up his spine.

Jennifer was next.

She bore her branding well, with whimpered "Awww's" and gasping "God that hurts.!"


Eddie delivered number twelve with a devilish flick of his wrist that sliced the cane in at an angle, it struck at her most sensitive spot just below the bulging overhang of arse and thigh.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh...fuck.....owwwwwwww Eddie...t..twelve." she screeched.

He tapped her back.

"Good girl...up." he motioned her to stand with Lauren who had calmed down and was rubbing her arse while blowing out her cheeks.

He turned to Elaine.

"You next...over."

He caned Elaine hardest of all, a really, really devastating caning which had her bucking and howling like an animal.

Jennifer and Lauren watched the action awestruck, amazed that she stayed bent for her thrashing.


"Last one Elaine...get ready." he warned her.

He drew the stick back, far back over his shoulder...waited while she settled, watching as she tightened her buttocks..then with the full force of his powerful shoulders struck...

The crack echoed around the room as the cane dealt its fire.

Elaine bucked and bent her body in an upward bow, gritting her teeth and shaking her head.

She began to keen as the pain spread from the welt, stamping her feet and flexing each butt cheek.

Her soul fought her pain.

Beyond the pain...her sexuality reared its head and washed her body in a wave of warmth and bliss.

This was what she loved.

She would endure the pain....for this was her reward.

The glow of orgasm.

There was a long pause.



"Wow.!!" muttered Jennifer and Lauren in unison.












"Happy New Year.!!!!!!!!!"


They clinked their glasses together and said hello to January the 1st 1975.

Eddie sat on the edge of the bed as his three "spankees" sat at his feet naked, having sighed their way through a pot of well rubbed in cold cream. Each bum glistened and glowed.

Each bum bore the bruises and welts of a hard seeing to.

No recriminations.

No crosses to bear.

No harsh thoughts or words.

For each of the women loved it.

"I guess..I'm your first foot Elaine." he laughed.

She made eyes at him.

"I've got no problem with that Mr Jones, does this mean I don't have to pay my milk bill.?" she grinned.

He wagged a finger.

"Now, now Elaine, what happens when bad girls don't pay their way.?" he smiled.

"They get their bums smacked.!!" blurted out Lauren.

"Lucky you." sighed Jennifer.

They all laughed, falling about.

Good company.

"You three are just ganging up on me...if you don't watch out I'll have to give you a good seeing to again.!!" he warned them.

He looked at his watch, sighed and began to fasten his shirt buttons deigning to get ready.

Wishing he could stay.

But work called...early to bed, early to rise.

He stood up.

"Well, guess I'd better make of the downsides of being a milkie." he sighed.

The women at his feet exchanged glances.

Nodding, they understood it was now or never.

Jennifer made her move.

"Maybe we want you to give us a good seeing to you put it." she whispered looking up at him.


Eddie gawped at the three of them.

"Again.!!" he muttered, not a little shocked.

They nodded.

"But, but I've just caned you..what more do you want...bloody hell ladies, your bums must be flipping sore by now." he finished scratching his head. Elaine delivered the devastating, knockout blow.

"We're not talking about THAT kind of seeing too Eddie."



Lauren knelt up and began to undo his belt as he looked around dumbfounded.

"Wh,, look hang on, you don't have to." he stammered.

Elaine rubbed his leg and shushed him.

"Shhh Eddie.....its New Years...make a wish." she purred.

Jennifer moved closer as Lauren drew open the belt and began to pull his zipper down.

"We felt after all you've done for us Eddie that we'd give you a treat.." moaned Jennifer as she saw the shadow of his organ in his underpants.

"T..treat.?" he squeaked.

At his feet, Lauren looked up with her crystal gaze.

"Don't you want to fuck us Eddie.?" she breathed.

Eddie's heart dropped to his feet and rebounded straight up into his throat.

Fucking nora.

Fuck them.?


"Christ, they'll have me for dinner.!" he muttered inside.

Fuck his milkround.

He nodded.


Three pairs of hands grasped his underwear and drew them down over his manhood.

His penis sprang free.


Then a low murmur.

A collective feminine gasp of "Ooooh Eddie.."

He looked down at the three shocked women who were staring at his rather large cock.

"God Eddie, you'd make a donkey feel jealous.!!" gawped Elaine.

Jennifer wished she'd brought her glasses.

Lauren simply drooled as she stared at his engorged monster.

" big.?" licked Jennifer.

Eddie grabbed his shaft as it bobbed about with a mind of its own.

"Er...well, think around twelve inches...never measured it you understand." he blushed.

"Its all veiny.!" wondered Lauren, bending forward to inspect and sniff it.

"Look at the size of the head." muttered Elaine.

Her friends nodded.

"Its as big as an apple.!!" giggled Lauren in awe.

"Wonder if it'll be able to fit in, know..pussies.?" blushed Jennifer.

Elaine sat back on her haunches.

"I'm as sure as fuck gonna try." she laughed.

Eddie was all ears and boggle-eyed as he stood twisting his fingers listening to their un-ladylike language.

He tried to remember when he had last slept with a woman.

"Glenda Boggs..." he muttered under his breath.

In a rush, it all came back to him.

Glenda Boggs..


Three years ago.

In Farmer Pickard's barn..behind the bales of hay.

She was the milk tester for Millers Dairies up by Alnwick way, a fine buxom wench of around fifty summers she was, who could squeeze a cow's teat like she was pulling a pint. He shuddered as he remembered how she had stroked and pulled his plonker as she clambered over him in her purple fishnet stockings.

As she worked away with her refined technique, she had him erupting in two minutes flat with a streamer that was a foot long.

As for her "oral" ministrations.


She could suck a ping-pong ball through a problem.

She had him cross-eyed with fright and delirium by the time he white-washed her tonsils.

Speaking of cross-eyed, when he dropped his y-fronts that first time she had nearly fainted, muttering obscene little chants as she caressed his dong...

"Oooooooeeeee who's a pretty little boy then.!!"


"Oh're hung like a bull...and those balls.!!"

He had oversized sperm tubs.

She promptly reached forward and licked the leaking puss off his knob end as it oozed out, making "hmmmmm ummmmmmm tasty.!!" noises.

As she knelt at his feet sucking him off, he realised there was no doubt about it.

She was totally off her fucking rocker.

Still, at least he fired three fruity loads into her.

Never again mind.


He blinked as he recalled those times.

Three years without a fuck.

He wasn't one for "artificial" ejaculation.

"So," he reckoned," thats three years of spunk sitting in my knackers."

He looked down, sort of listening to the appreciative mumbling coming from Elaine, Jennifer and Lauren as they crooned over his donkey dick.

He should have more than enough.

If he was going to "do" all three.

He smiled.

"Boy...are they in for a surprise.!"


Elaine stood up and drew herself into the crook of his left shoulder and began to lick and kiss his neck whilst unfastening his shirt buttons.

Eddie reached around and rubbed her butt making her groan as she turned his head to kiss him deeply.

"Mr Milkman....are you going to give us an extra pint of your milk, you know the one with such a creamy flavour.?" she breathed against his lips.

He smiled enjoying her naked nearness, the warmth of her flesh bathing him.

"Gonna get my pump, stick it in you and fill you up...all three of you." he grinned with a wicked stare.

Jennifer looked up and ran her hand up his leg.

"Hmmm bad boy." she sighed.

Lauren, feeling as if she was going to burst with sexual energy pulled off his trousers and flung them across the room.

Elaine removed his shirt and vest leaving him standing naked before them.

She rejoined her friends as they sat at his feet.

Their eyes ran over his aging body.

"You're in pretty good shape for an old man Eddie." observed Lauren who "owwed" when he tweaked a strand of hair.

He was kind of squat with not much fat, just a slight hint of a tummy appearing, grey hairy chest, thick set shoulders and arms befitting his labours but the only thing that mattered to them was the thing that hung pendular between his legs. His big, fat and gnarled cock with its cyclops eye staring, leering at them ready to spit its venom.

Elaine made the first move and reached up.

Her slender fingers sank into his wiry pubic hair and closed around the base of his cock-shaft.

"Wow...just reaches.!" she wondered aloud, showing Jennifer and Lauren how massive it was.

"Its as thick as my arm.!" gasped Lauren feeling a nervous twinge in her nether regions.

As she began to ease her hand up his length, something occurred to Elaine.

"Eddie, you've had it cut." she asked him as she gripped his shaft just beneath the skinless flange.

Eddie curled his toes as she increased the pressure.

"Er...aye, about fifteen years ago..had to really, used to give me jip when it got the snip at the same time, nuts swelled up to the size of grapefuits and turned black.!!" he grimaced remembering his close encounters with the scalpel.

"Black.?????" they chirped.

He nodded.

"Hmm huh, had to walk like John Wayne...they were that sore.!"

He tutted as they fell about laughing.

"Wasn't bloody funny.!" he blurted out.

No matter.

They still fell about pissing themselves silly.

He scratched his temple.



Elaine looked at Jennifer and Lauren who were blushing prettily and licking their lips salivating for the tastes to come. "Right, got that.?"

They nodded.

Elaine drew a deep breath as Lauren moved to her right and Jennifer to her left.

They knelt at Eddie's feet.

Elaine grabbed his fucker and levered it up until its purple head was staring her in the face.

"Christ..its big.!" she muttered.

She slowly eased forward, opened her mouth as wide as possible and forced her lips over the pulsing apple.

"Gnnnuffffffffffhhhhhhhh." she groaned as she felt her lips slip over and around the crown to settle behind the slick ridge.

His head was so large that she couldn't move her tongue, there was no way she was going to be able to take much more than the first couple of shaft inches. She snorted through her nose then grimacing, pushed her head down a little, stopping when she felt him butt against her throat.

With her lungs heaving she started to suck, at the same time trying to swallow all the mingled mucus which was gathering in her mouth.

As Eddie, Lauren and Jennifer watched on, the disgusting slurping sound permiated the room like someone sucking the last vestages of juice through a straw. Eddie looked down at her bobbing head and reached to stroke her blonde hair, murmuring endearments to her..

"Ahh, that's a good girl..."

"Ugh...hmmm suck harder Ellie, that's right...hmmm."

Elaine's eyes sparkled as she wallowed in the stench of his humid scent, she mumbled a muffled "gnnffhhh"..a signal to her friends.

Jennifer knelt forward and stuck out her tongue and tentatively began to lick the exposed shaft from top to bottom, bathing it with spit.

"God Eddie...its hot.!" she sighed as she traced a pulsing vein.

Lauren, feeling like a spare tit at an orgy crouched down and slipped under Elaine.

Brushing her hair from her eyes she came face to face with his sac as it bobbed up and down.

"Big've got huge nuts Eddie.!" she admired, " you could fill a milk bottle with what they carry."

Eddie smiled then jumped as he felt her dainty tongue reach out and lick his scrotum.

"Fuck.." he winced.

He shook his head as the wash of pleasure shivered over him as they got stuck in to their task.

"Like that Eddie.?" whispered Jennifer looking up at him as she mouthed his cock-shaft.

He reached down and sank his hand into her black mane and grabbed a tuft making her "ow...".

Elaine was getting worried, she had been sucking him for nigh on five minutes, Jennifer had been licking him and Lauren tonguing his balls for extra stimulation...yet he seemed no nearer coming off. She glanced up with her question writ large in her eyes.

Eddie saw and realised.

"Surprise." he smiled back at her.


Eddie sat on the bed as Lauren slowly pulled her mouth off his dick, breathing great gulps of air, she knelt back and looked at him.... shocked.

She wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

"Tell me they put a knot in should of come by now.!" she breathed savouring the taste of his juicy pre-cum.

He shrugged and smiled.

"No...nothing so daft, just been able to hold back my stuff thats all..don't tell me you want me to be a "wham, bam thank you mam" type of bloke.?"

Jennifer reached over and fondled his still rock hard organ.

"No, no...but..I mean, we've all had a suck now, just thought you'd of fired off in a flash." she sighed as she stared at the nine inches sticking out of her fist.

He shook his head.

" point in wasting it, I reckon this first time together I should pump it up your fannies." he reasoned.


Pink faces all around.

"Thats so sweet Edward..but one question..who first.?" asked Elaine.

He twitched his nose.

Easy peezy.

"Eeeney-meeney miney-mo......."


Eddie eased himself off Lauren as she slid her white-stockinged legs from his shoulders.

Breathing hard, he settled beside her and stroked her flushed face as he watched her breasts rise and fall.

Her last climax had hit her hard, knocking the wind out of her as he pounded her into the mattress all through her ecstacy.

She had groaned, whimpered and screamed long and emotive as she felt him bend her down into a curled ball, her ankles level with her ears as he grunted and filled her snatch with a load of spunk...his third eruption of the night which was still copious enough to squelsh back along her chute and seep out from her sex.

Lauren groaned and sighed as she tried to move, every part of her was aching, every muscle, every joint. Elaine knelt beside the bed and lovingly brushed her hair as she watched her drift back to the present. "Like that.?" she smiled with affection.

Lauren turned her head, her eyes bright with sparkles and tears.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhh huh, oooooooh, hmmmmmmmmm nice." she murmured.

Elaine looked up as Eddie rolled off the bed and wobbled unsteadily to the bathroom.

Her eyes dropped to his hairy arse as he toddled off.

She smiled.

She reached down and ran a finger through the lips of her own vagina, searching.

She felt the sticky fluid and scooped a goop.

She brought her finger to her face and studied it.

Eddie's seed glistened in the glow from the lamp as it sat on her fingertip.

She sniffed it.

Lauren was watching her.

Elaine paused.

With a smile, she reached over and offered her his spend mixed with her own juices.

Lauren flushed redder, but raised her head and opened wide.

She closed her mouth and sucked it clean.


Eddie kissed Jennifer long and hard, forcing her up against the bathroom door.

"Murrrrmmmhhhhhhh Eddie...wait.!" she gasped breaking away from his lips.

"What.?" he smiled as he reached down and fondled her welted bum.

Jennifer squeaked as he traced a particularly painful stripe.

"Ow,...God Eddie, aren't you tired...I mean fucking three women one after the should be knackered.!" she giggled.

He thought about that.

" I'm not, guess looking at your red bums keeps the old lead in the pencil." he grinned.

She sucked his lower lip as she reached between them and grabbed his wilted cock.

"Okay Mr Milkman....can you give us one last delivery.?" she teased.

In her hand, the snake awoke.


Eddie outlined the plan.

All three women looked at him as if he'd thrown a wobbly.

"You mean together...!!" gasped Elaine as she slipped off her stockings and suspenders to stand buck-naked.

Lauren and Jennifer did likewise until they were as nature intended.

Eddie watched the final strip, fisting his penis which stood up, firm and hard for the fourth time.

"Eddie Jones, you have a vivid imagination." sighed Jennifer as she rubbed her puss.

"And I thought we were in charge.!" muttered Lauren who stared at his prick as it filled with blood.

He waggled a finger.

"My treat....remember.?"

"Sppose so.."

"We did say that didn't we.?"

"But Eddie, this is kinky.!"

"Thats the point Lauren." he smiled as he felt his ardour return at the thought of what he was going to do to them.


"This is so uncomfortable Eddie...we only just fit."

Eddie stepped back and enjoyed the view.

Elaine, Jennifer and Lauren all lay bent over the tressle presenting him with their elevated backsides which still bore the blotches, bruises and brands of their spankings, beltings, paddlings and canings.

"Ready girls.?" he asked.

Mumblings and mutterings of begrudging ascent.

He stepped forward behind Jennifer, bent slightly, gripped his dick and shoved himself under her buttocks.

Jennifer squeaked and stood on tippy-toe as she felt him push up trying to find the lips of her cunt.

"Ahhh, Eddie...down a bit, hmmm there...there..ahhhhhhh.!!!" she cried as he found her slot and wedged his cock-head just inside the lips to her sex.

Elaine and Lauren turned as best they could to see her about to get fucked.

He reached down and grasped her hips to hold her still and gave a might heave burying his twelve inch prong up her fanny in one shove.

Jennifer shrieked and grunted as she flung her head back with black hair flayling about as she shook with the sudden insertion of his meat.

"EEEeeeeeeeeeeeddddiiiiieeeeeeeeeee aaaaaahhhhhh yeeeeessssss!!"

"Fuck.." he gasped as her heat bathed his shaft.

Elaine eased herself up and stepped by his left side, she licked his cheek.

"Go on Eddie, fuck her hard, fuck her until she can't walk..."

Eddie drew his cock out of her and then slammed back in making him wince and her shriek.

With admirable vigor, he fucked Jennifer hard and fast, crashing and flattening her sore cheeks with each slamming thrust.

Jennifer was gone.

After five minutes of solid hammering, her soul drifted off as her climax surged over her limp body as she hung over the tressle.

As her orgasm surged, she began to keen and purr, baring her teeth as fireflies buzzed in her mind.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck me haaaaaaaaarderrrrrrrr Eddieeeee..oh...c..cuming sooooooooooo haaaaaaarrrrrrdddddddd." she panted.

Lauren jumped up and ran around in front of her and lifted her head.

She leant forward and laid her lips on hers, kissing her deeply.

Elaine smiled at the embrace.

Another barrier broken.

Eddie waited till she had recovered and pulled his still hard erection out of her.

Lauren helped her up and led her to the bed where she fell back breathing heavily.

Jennifer reached up and caressed Lauren's face.

"I loved that." she smiled weakly.

"Lauren." barked Eddie.

Lauren turned.

"You next...come here and bend over."


Eddie grunted as he sank his turgid member up the younger woman's puss revelling in its inert tightness.

"Agh..too big.!!" she pffssst as she felt him hit bottom.

Looking at her wriggling backside, he could see the corrigated ridges of where he had laid into her with the cane.

Little canals criss-crossed each cheek with dull blotches of faint bruising beginning to flower.

He pressed his right thumb into a particularly crimson and blue spot.

Lauren kicked out at the sudden sharp pang of pain.

"Ahh Eddie, what..?" she grimaced turning her head to look at him.


"Hmmm huh....but nice." she smiled shyly.

He eased back pulling his prick out of her hole and rubbed the sticky head over the spot.

"Cream...personally manufacturered by Mr Jones the milkman." he guffawed making Elaine and Jennifer smile and "daft sod" as they sat on the bed watching the fifty year old man giving the twenty-six year old woman a good, hard fucking.

"Don't tease her Eddie..and get a bloody move on, I'm next and my sore fanny wants some more of your cock stuffed up it.!" cajolled Elaine reaching down to finger her puss.

Jennifer turned and watched Elaine diddling her clit.

"Let me Ellie.." she whispered to her.

Elaine jumped...not a little alarmed.


She'd never considered sex with the same to speak.

She looked at Eddie giving Lauren a thorough seeing too and turned to Jennifer who was smiling in that lovely way she had.

Last night, this dawn had been a voyage of discovery for them all..each had grown fond of and closer to one another.

Here she had found a quiet peace, a place amongst trusted friends where wants and desires could be shared.

Man to woman.

Woman to man.

She leant forward and whispered..

"Woman to woman."


With a huge grunt and shove, Eddie brought Lauren off as he battered her red buttocks with his groin as if he was trying to nail her to the wooden horse.

Lauren bent upward and back as her climax flared brightly, pins and needles stinging her limbs as she howled her joy.

"Eddie..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes, yes, yeeeeeeesssssss thereeee!!" she panted as her heart rattled in its cage.

Eddie gripped her hips and held her solid, his fucker stuck far up into her belly, his bloated totem rasping against buttresses in her womb.

With his left hand, he grabbed her damp hair and hauled her back until she was pressed against his chest panting like a vixen in heat.


He twisted his hand in her hair turning her face to him.

"Open your your eyes and look at me." he hummed to her.

Gasping as her climax rolled on like a runaway steam-train, she fluttered her lids and gazed with crystal wonderment into his.


"Tell me, tell me what you want Lauren.?"

She winced as he corkscrewed his hips, sending the twist up his shaft into her gut.

"Wh...Eddie...ahhhh, m..more." she mewled.

"More what.?"

"More f..fu.."

"Say it, go on...."

He pushed forward again making her cry out as her climax rose again in her pit.

"Ahhhh, f..fuck...fuck, fuck me Eddie..I want to be fucked...give me a hard fucking..."she chanted.

He saw her pools losing focus as the flush glowed above her bosom and rose like a tidal wave of pleasure upon her shore.

He drew her face to his and smothered her lips breathing..

"Sweet, beautiful Lauren.."


Elaine and Jennifer laid on the bed watching the mating of two people poles apart in age but joined in mutual delight.

It was obvious to them both that they were seeing a special bond being forged as they coupled, something apart from the group.

Jennifer whispered in her ear.

"I think our milkman is a little smitten with the kitten.!"

Elaine smiled and nodded.

Eddie stepped back, his penis popping out of Lauren's puss with a juicy "plop" which made her "ow".

Lauren was exhausted.

She flopped over and hung on the bench trying to gather her wits.

" me up...I can't move.!!" she gasped, feeling her legs turning to jelly.

Jennifer laughed, bounded up and assisted the younger girl who wobbled as she tried to stand.

She looked at Eddie who was wheezing liked a prize bull, glancing down her eyes widened.

His cock, glinting with female fuck juice still hung hard, its bloated head feeling sorry for itself as it wept onto the carpet.

He hadn't ejaculated.

"You're a fucking machine Eddie and we three thought we were going to eat you for breakfast..." she smiled in admiration of his stamina and virility.

He nodded wearily, he was covered in sweat.

"Fuck it, I need a drink...a glass of water." he muttered and trooped off to the bathroom.

Jennifer dropped Lauren on the bed where she flopped back.

"Are you alright petal.?" asked Elaine of her freshly humped friend.

Lauren nodded.

"I'm knackered...and sore, what a cock.!" she smiled, blowing the hair from her face.

"Here, use this..." offered Jennifer as she cleaned her face with a blue, damp flannel.

"Better.?" asked Elaine.

"Much, aahhh I feel as if I've been turned inside out, oooo I'm all a shiver."

"No silly, you've just been given a bloody good bonking by superman.!" giggled Jennifer.

Elaine watched soberly.

"And its my bloody turn next."


Eddie mounted Elaine as she lay supine over the bench like a living sacrifice.

He crouched down and forced his cock-head between the lips of her twat, reached down and pinched her "little man in a boat" which opened her up and with a "here we go bonny lass" fed her his manhood.

"Pfssssssssst...fuck Eddie, you're touching my heart.." she grunted as he slowly built up pace, her oil lubricating his tool as their animal fuck continued.

He gripped her arse hard, rubbing her bruised and branded bot-flesh with an intensity that had her squirming under him as he nailed her across the padded bar.

Jennifer and Lauren watched with shocked fascination as the eldest members of their troop put on a show of brutal sex, a show of male dominance with the female submitting to his power.

Eddie crouched down slightly and adjusted his angle of attack, pumping her slot in an upward jabbing piston motion, the force so great that he was shoving her torso further over the beam with her nose nearly in the carpet and her feet flailing in mid-air as he hammered away.

"Ugh...ugh, p..puleezzzze, ahhhh Eddie..ugh, ugh" she groaned as he seperated her arsecheeks with his thumbs. Looking down he could see her anus winking at him as the bloated length of his cock see-sawed in and out of her sex.

"Another time." he muttered as he felt the "tickle".


Gonna come soon.

Elaine gripped each front leg of the stand as her body juddered from the pummeling it was taking.

Never mind her arse being sore...her whole body would be aching for days after this little adventure.



Way up in her birth canal, she felt the ripple of a featherlike caress as the soft murmur of delight signalled that it had arrived and was about to send her into orbit. That wonderful feeling, flowered like a rose..growing..growing surely but steadily.

Her face was a mask of sweat, her hair a blonde dripping mass as it framed her face.

"Agggggghhhhh..yeeeeeeessssssss..I, I feel it Eddie..harder c'mon screw me harder...ahhhhhhhhhh hmmmmmmm." she panted.

Lauren stood up and walked to his side rubbing his hairy shoulders.

"Go on Eddie, fuck her, fuck her real good...go on, he's a good fucker isn't he Ellie.?" she urged as she watched on.

Elaine could do no more than nod.

Lauren crouched down, her face only inches from their joined sex.

She knew that he was close.

His balls had drawn up into their sac and his cock-tube was starting to bulge out with pent up spunk.

"Are you there Eddie.?" she asked looking up at him.

He blinked.

"Fucking nearly." he grunted, his face twisted with the effort.

Lauren turned to Jennifer.

"Here Jen come here...beside me." she pointed.

Jennifer followed her instruction with a puzzled look on her face.

"Ellie...don't let him spurt it in you."

Elaine deep in a fog looked around at Lauren.

"Wh...what...aggggghhhhhh.!" she winced.

"Not in you....he should do it on us, on our faces.!" she smiled.

Jennifer went white.

"Are you serious Lauren.?" she gasped.

Lauren rubbed Eddie's leg.

"He has to, don't you see.., it would be like he was putting his, his mark on a brand." she explained.

Jennifer and Elaine looked at each other.

Elaine feeling her climax erupt, grunted and nodded.

Then she came.

She squealed as her come arrived and went ding-a-ling.


"Ugh..shit, hurry get together here it comes.!!" he yelped.

Elaine, Jennifer and Lauren banged their heads together and stuck out their tongues awaiting his starter soup.

Eddie grasped his wang and whacked it on Lauren's head.

"Ow...what was that for.!!" she cried rubbing her forehead.

He grinned.

"For being such a clever cloggs petal.!" he laughed.

"Oh.!" she blinked.


Sydney sperm fastened his seat-belt and lit the fuse.

With a slow burn, Eddie felt his testies expand as they prepared to fire a last salvo of white goo-goo juice.

His fourth orgasm.

With a painful grunt, the floodgates opened and his last load caught the ride to freedom.

"Ahh, fuck-shit open wide.!" he groaned, his toes curling with the effort.

"Say aggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.!!!!!!" giggled Lauren.

Not for long.

Eddie aimed his first spurt at her pretty face.

It hit her smack-dab, plum-bob in the middle of her forehead and splattered her features, leaving them coated in a thin watery film of impotent gunk.

She squeaked in alarm as she squeezed her eyes shut.

"Urrrrrrrrrrr Eddie....disgusting.!!" she bellowed as his snot juice dribbled over her lips, into her mouth and onto her tongue.

Jennifer nearly farted as she laughed her head off.

"See...serves you bloody right for coming up with such daft idea's." she wriggled.

"Jennifer." smiled Eddie.

She turned to find him pointing his plonker at her face.

Her smile froze.

" Eddie, you can'tttttt.!!" she began.

Spurt number two disappeared up her nose making her snort with shock as it went up one nostril and glooped out the other.

Lauren pointed and laughed.


Eddie ignored the bickering and turned to Elaine.

"Open wide Mrs Smith." he winked.

She opened her lips.

He stepped forward quickly and laid his massive dick-head on her tongue.

His last spunky emission of the night/morning drooled out and pooled on her pink scooper.

He squeezed out the last drops like he was milking a cow, shaking his knob-end to make sure his balls were empty and then with a fart flopped back onto the bed.

"Thats it ladies...I'm totally fucked." he sighed.

With a pond of semen on her tongue, she looked at her friends with their spunk soaked faces.

They smiled.

They came to together in a collective hug and with purr's of shared love licked, tongued and cleaned each other.

Then they swallowed his spunk.


The snow had begun to fall again as the milk-float drew to a halt and Mr Jones the milkman stepped out into the blizzard.

He trudged over clutching a fresh pint of milk.

The lone empty sat on the step.

In it was folded a note.

He reached down and swapped the bottles, taking it out.

In his cab out of the snowstorm, he put on his glasses and read it.

He smiled.

The game was afoot again.

With a whistle he set off.

Behind him..........the curtain of number 69 twitched.

The end.

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