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Spanking Story: Walloping Pancake Sally

"I pancake REAL good."

Johnny looked at his work colleague. "You what ?" he asked surprised.

"Pancake," replied Sally without missing a beat. "You know, spanking or whatever. My arse pancakes real good. Ask everyone who's had a go at it."

Somehow Johnny got the impression that her idea of "everyone" was different from his. In the office, shop floor packer Sally had what was politely termed as a "reputation" and she didn't give jack shit who knew about it. A real free spirit was Sally. She looked it as well, 26, single, well-off, dammed good looking in a sluttish type of way and who lived life not only to the limit but beyond it by all accounts.

So here he sat listening to her during mid-morning break as she educated him to the joys of spanking and spin-offs therein. The image of her bending over their Supervisors desk while he lashed seven shades of shit out of her backside brought a wry smile to his face. Mr Butterworth, you kinky bastard. Does your wife know ?

He really doubted that somehow.

He wondered how many of the lads in this place had "had a go" at her rear end. He sure as fuck hadn't. He wondered if he should ask. Maybe if he asked her politely, "Sally, would you do me the honour of letting me spank your big fat arse please. Pretty please ?", she would let him. The thought was the far side of insane before he'd even thought it. He wouldn't have the nerve or balls to ask her in a million years. Still, this particular topic of conversation sure as hell had livened up what would otherwise have been 15 minutes of sheer boredom before she went back to the daily grind of packing toilet rolls and womens "things" and he back to his mundane existence in accounts.

Oblivious of his thoughts Sally continued on her way... "I was born with a big bum I reckon. Some girls are aren't they ?" she said brightly. Johnny nodded sagely as if he knew what the fuck he was talking about. "Its funny isn't it, I never knew I was into getting my arse smacked until someone asked me if he could do it and would I let him. Maybe I've always been into it. My dad used to spank me when I was growing up when I got into trouble. I used to scream my bloody head off. He worked at the Shipyards on the Tyne did my dad and he had hands like a bloody gorilla's. Huge they were and calloused !! Geez, his spankings really hurt they did. He never spanked me when I was little though...only started when I was 12 or so and was going to High School. I remember once when my mam caught me smoking with some friends and told him he went apeshit and grabbed me and bent me over the arm of the settee and took off his belt and gave me a right thrashing over my jeans. I was sore for a week and could hardly sit still in class !!" Sally made a face. "Funny how I quite enjoy it now isn't it Johnny after all these years ?" she mused as she smiled at the tab in her hand.

"Uhuh. "said Johnny. "Any idea why ?"

Sally blew a smoke ring thoughtfully. "Hmmmm, dunno really. Maybe its the thrill. Sort of sexy naughty in a being a bad girl again way. I really like being made to take my knickers down knowing that my bums going to hurt for a bit later. I like the sting."

"Sting ?"

"Uhuh, the sting. After the pain goes away my arse only stings a bit. Its quite nice really. Its sort of a warm glow like when you eat a hot pepper and it spreads all over." she explained, moving her hands from her crotch over her belly to her impressive bust. Johnny just swallowed hard.

"What do you prefer ?" he asked.

"What ?"

Johnny rested his elbows on the table and propped his chin in his hands. "Well, what I mean is. Do you prefer a straight over the knee spanking or do you like things used on you ?" An honest question he thought.

Sally pursed her lips, considering. "Erm...well, I've had a belt used on my bum. Oh, and a strap thingy too, one boyfriend even used a ruler on it !! " she laughed, giggling behind her hands. "What else ? Oh....and my ex-french teacher sneaked his school cane home one night and gave me twelve licks with that. Oooooo that brought tears to my eyes I can tell you !!!"

Johnny smiled, daydreamingly. Downstairs he had a raging poker that he knew he was going to have for the rest of the dammed day. What he needed was a girlfriend not another night with slow hand luke. "Well, which is it then ?" he asked again.

"Oh, well, has to be a good old fashioned over the knee spanking for me Johnny. I just luv it, luv it, luv it !! Thats how I learned that my bum pancakes good." she replied, glancing up at the clock. Johnny noticed the look and sighed that the moment would soon be lost. Typical, bloody typical. Good old Johnny, the firms resident agony aunt. Got a problem ? Want to talk about it with someone you can trust ? Johnny's your man. He'll never take advantage of all your guilty secrets. He's a man of honour and principle is our Johnny. Your mother would even like him. He's a girls best friend.

"I've never done it. " he thought depressively. Except it wasn't a thought. It should of been - honest, but it kind of slipped out in his abject desperation. The weary words of a has been, except he hadn't even aspired to the "has" bit yet, more like "please God give me a fucking break".

He hadn't even realised he'd said anything until he saw Sally staring at him with surprise. "You haven't ?" she blurted out as if it was the most astonishing thing she'd ever heard.

"Wh..what ?" he gasped, looking uncomfortable and as if he wanted to run for the hills. What had he said ?!! !!

"Spanked anyone." said Sally sympathetically. "Not even a girlfriend ?" she asked. What sort of girlfriend wouldn't put her arse at her man's disposal ? Was Johnny dating a nun ?

He could see the pity written all over her face and he shrivelled a little more inside. Girlfriend ? As if only. Embarrassed, Johnny stood up and went to the sink to rinse his coffee cup then get the hell out of Dodge asap. ", not really. Anyhow, never occurred me to ask if I could I er guess." he muttered over his shoulder. Not so much a little white lie as a great big black fucker !! He couldn't get back to work fast enough. Knowing his luck, that little tid-bit of information would be all round the place within the hour. Sally, bless her black nylon stockings and suspenders, was not one known to keep secrets to herself as he could tell from past experiences. A conquest is meant to be shared was her motto. Many's the time he'd walked past the "group girlie huddle" next to the water dispenser and he could feel their eyes on him as they'd watch him go by and giggle something hilarious or other about his lack of pokerbility. Probably ended with the obvious query "virgin ?" Ah well. Least the pay was decent. He jumped suddenly when he felt Sally's lips close to his ear. He was so surprised he couldn't move as he felt her hands wrap round his waist.

"Well then Johnny sweetie, I think I can help you out there don't you ?"



Later that same Sally's flat.

"Drink ?" asked Sally. Absolutely. The one thing he needed was a drink, it might stop his bloody knee's knocking. Make it a large one to match his stiff one. He nodded as he looked around her apartment. "Please." Not bad. He'd expected a mix of Barbiville and Disneyland somehow but he was pleasantly surprised. "Nice place."

Sally smiled as she handed him a lager. "Thanks. My own little bordello." she laughed as he blushed bright red. She shouldn't tease him. She'd noticed how some of the girls where she worked would wind him up trying to embarrass him and no doubt the other lads in the office took the piss out of him for being shy and awkward with the opposite sex. Some people can be right nasty bastards at times. Still, least she was about to make his day and that gave her a warm glow inside. Sitting on her black leather settee she patted the cushion beside her. "Come sit down Johnny, you're like a cat on a hot tin roof." she smiled.

Johnny felt as if his heart was somewhere in his head. Sit ? There ?!! Maybe he should do a runner like he always did. Sod the spanking. He knew for sure that he'd make a complete tit of himself. He watched as she patted the spot beside her again. Nothing ventured.... He took a quick slurp of his beer for some Dutch courage and sat beside her whilst trying not too.

So there he sat, both hands gripping his glass between his knee's as he tried to think of something half decent to say as Sally turned to face him and rested her left elbow on his shoulder as she sipped her drink smiling at him over the rim of her glass. Johnny pretended to look at the ceiling to try and take his mind off the closeness of her body.

"So then Johnny. " she murmured, slipping off her shoe, lifting her right foot and running it seductively up and down his own leg. "Now you know I quite like to have my big firm botty spanked don't you hmmmm?"

Johnny nodded hesitantly still staring at his drink. He was so hot he felt his skull was going to explode. "Er...I guess I do Sally." he replied nervously.

She reached over and placed her hand over both of his sweaty ones. "My my...what do we have here then ? " she grinned, taking his right hand in hers. "What BIG hands you have Sir. Just right for spanking a bad girls bottom nice and hard. I think this big firm hard hand is going to make this little bad girl shout and scream and cry and beg you to keep spanking her harder....don't you think Johnny ?"

She was so close and her lips were breathing in his right ear. "Er.....if you say so Sally." He took another gulp of ale. If she wasn't careful he was going to pop his cork even before his cocktail was shaken and stirred. He wanted to be a million miles away but stay right here all rolled into one. He should be at home with his stamp collection and budgies.

"Hmmmmmmmm....I do say so Johnny. I'll teach you if you want." she whispered in his lug-hole making him shiver and mutter a silent anti-ejeculate prayer.

"Okey-dokey." he replied. Wonderful reply. Thank fuck she wasn't making small-talk.


"Unzip me and pull down my skirt Johnny. "

Shaking, Johnny reached up and fumbled for the zip on the back of her plain black skirt. Shit, he was all fingers and thumbs. Where the hell..........? AH, phew found it. He grabbed it and was about to yank it down when....

"Nooooooo.....slowly. " she ordered. "Slowly....I'm not a bloody chicken you know !!"

Johnny muttered something under his breath about "being stuffed" and carefully took his time. Slowly the zip came down, up the rise of her out-thrust buttocks, down into the well where lower cheeks met thighs until he sat staring at what looked like a pair of brilliant white panties peeking through the opened "vee" of her skirt. His pulse began to race as he realised she wasn't wearing tights. She must be wearing stockings and suspenders....white ones. He swallowed hard. One thing he definitely knew ....frilly lingerie on a well endowed female did it for him big time.

Sally rocked her hips. "Hey........stop daydreaming. Pull my skirt down and off. C'mon Johnny hurry up I can feel the pins and needles in my arse starting already !!"

Pins ? Needles ? He hadn't even touched her arse yet. With wishy-washy determination, Johnny grabbed her skirt and yanked it down and off before she could say "Don''ll rip it !!". He pulled so hard in fact, Sally tottered around like a spinningtop in front of his tongue hanging gaze trying to get her balance. She failed and fell flat on her face with a squeak. Johnny, mortified, jumped up and failing to ignore the white-flesh combination below her waist danced around her offering his hand and apologising as if his life depended on it. Which at this precise moment in time felt like it did. "Oh shit, I'm sorry Sally. Don't know what got into me...are you alright ?" he asked concerned. It felt like his heart was trying to squeeze out of his anus.

Sally groaned softly and turned over to sit spread legged with her white panties on show. She reached up and ruffled her shoulder length bottle blonde hair. "Wow, that was great. Nobody's ever done that before. Never knew you were Johnny. So masculine and demanding. Showing a woman exactly what he wants and she'd better be ready when he comes to get it." she grinned, looking up at him with a surprised expression on her face as she reached up and gripped his hand.

Johnny just looked non-plussed and bemused. " do. It was ?"

Sally brushed down her now loose blouse which just about covered all her interesting bits. Looking up at him she blew a whisp of stray hair from her face. "Uhuh Johnny. I never knew you had it in you sweetie."

"Neither did I." he said baldly. Perhaps under this exterior of a weakling a real man lurked. One who knew how to handle real women like Sally. If only he knew where it was hiding. Still...least it had got the evening off to a good start. All he had to do now was make sure he gave her arse the spanking she obviously wanted and demanded. He sat back down and tried to sound confident. "Alright then Sally." he said, his voice rising as he went. "What do you want me to do now to you ?" He even patted his knee for effect.

Sally literally clapped her hands with glee and grabbed the hem of her shirt and bundled it up around her waist in her desperation to get over his lap. At the first sight of Sallys "decorage'" Johnny felt his courage screech to a halt, do an about turn and run away as fast as it could for there in front of his wide blue eyes was the perfect vision of the male ideal of female sexuality. It sat framed like a Picasso in white lace with the sheen of fair hairs swaying like a field of corn in a mid-summer morning breeze. She wasn't perfect. She was perfection itself. Johnny sat staring, mesmerized at the roundness of her pubic mound as it bulged out against the material of her panties. "Do you want me to show you my big bum Johnny ?" said Sally suddenly, a wicked, knowing grin on her face as she did a slow twirl for him. Johnny didn't need to say a god-dammed thing.....


Now in this big wide world in which we live there are bums, and then there are bums. Johnny had seen some bums in his time, mostly in magazines or through surreptitious glances at the secretaries bending over unwares in front of him as he sat at his desk to put away files but he knew, he KNEW, that never was a bum so described as the one he found himself staring at right now. Full, round and jutting out to an obscene degree Sally wobbled it in his face for his delectation with a rascally flourish that had Johnny wondering if he'd died and gone to some sort of bumcheous paradise.

Her panties fitted snuggly over both upthrust hemisphere's to such an extent he could swear he saw the elastic waving the white flag. Just as he was getting his senses back to some sort of normality she gave him another shot of testosterone by bending slightly forward and resting both her small hands on her knee's. "Well then ?" she asked over her shoulder. "What do you think of it ? I told you I had a big arse didn't I?" she pointed out, stating the blindingly obvious. "Johnny.....Johnny ?"

Johnny, now one randy son of a bitch, had his nose about an inch from the great vertical divide of her arse crack nearly going cross-eyed as he tried to get his mind around the mindblowing expanse of her seat. He wanted to just bury his face between each cheek, to rub his own against her vastly more enticing ones. To touch, to feel, to just...........just uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggh. He couldn't think of a word, he didn't think one would do Sally's absolutely spankolicious posterior justice. All he knew was Sally was going to let him wallop it pancake silly.


Sally was teacher to Johnny's pupil and Johnny was one dammed keen student.

He would of have to have been made of stone not to be considering his tutor had parked her arse over his lap and had lifted her hips so that her bum was in his face like a three course meal.

Sally peeked at him from under her left armpit. "Hey....did you hear me Johnny ?" she scolded him like a naughty boy. "I said.....take my panties off to mid-thigh ok ?" she ordered. Johnny licked his lips and nodded. Reaching up with both hands, he inserted his fingers in the taut waistband of her underwear noticing how her white suspenders were inside rather than outside them. She must of been in a hurry this morning getting ready for work. Like he was treading on eggshells, he lifted the cloth away slightly from her surprisingly pale skin and slipped his fingers further inside. As they touched her warm flesh, Sally shifted slightly and he could feel the tightening and squeezing of her muscles in anticipation. Well, here goes nothing old chap.

"I'm er...are you er ready ?" he asked. Better make sure, just in case.

"Uhuhhhhhhhhh feels nice Johnny. Take my panties off. " she sighed, resting her head on the arm of the settee. Sally felt wonderful. Light as a feather with that familiar buzz in her head. She was a little surprised she felt so turned-on and horny. She'd had her arse whacked many a time by all types of blokes who only thought about themselves and how quickly they could satisfy her own needs and wants so that they could mount her and get in her saddle. But not this time, this time felt special. Really special, for she sensed there was more to Johnny be-good that met the eye. She felt hot all over but with shivery chills on the outside dancing up and down her spine. Maybe she should of got him to undress her totally.

She could tell where this was heading and she'd rarely if ever reached those heights. Keep going Johnny, my dear sweet innocent little boy. Take me there and I'll give you a night you won't forget. She felt her panties slithering over each cheek, a bit at a time in a see-saw motion that was so deliberately teasing it nearly drove her insane. If he didn't get a move on she'd end up biting the cushion to stop everything popping.

Finally, after what had seemed an age, she shivered at the cool air that caressed her bottom as she was de-pantified so to speak. Oh boy, somewhere down below Mr Orgasmus Climacticus was getting on his bike. This was going to be a great spanking, the best ever.........if only the daft bugger would get on with it and stop leering at her arse and crotch !!


Johnny had regressed into a Neanderthal and could only think in grunts and groans as he finally revealed Sallys rump to his drooling, dribbling gaze. "Uhhhhhhghhhhhh hhhhhhhh oooooo ahhhhhhhh hmmmmmmmmm. " It looked good enough to eat as it wobbled in front of his nose like an upturned blancmange with her "perfume" wafting around him like some exotic lure. There was no way, absolutely no way he was going to fuck this up. Not now. Well, not unless his trouser snake had other idea's. It was then he noticed her bum wasn't perfect. Nearly, but not quite. It was pitted with little pin-pricks of freckles that could only be seen close up. There were mottle marks too, soft reddish blemishes like rose petals on the snow and faint dimples that would be cute if he wasn't so crazy with lust. Another thing he noticed was that the divide between each cheek wasn't exactly straight.

Well fuck me stupid, look at you Johnny boy, first time you get a member of the opposite sex bare arsed under your nose and you have to nitpick. The thought was so ironic that he started to laugh at his own absurdity. Now that you've realised that this lovely creatures backside isn't exactly 100% what are you going to do ? Tell her "Sorry honey, your arse crack goes wonky as it heads north and that just isn't good enough for a perfectionist like me..." Sure Johnny. No wonder the ladies think you're a lonesome wanker. You're all talk and no action sunshine and this is your chance to do something about it. So get spanking or you'll end up being a loser for the rest of your life. Good-boy Johnny raised his right hand.......


"What the hell is he doing back there ?!!" wondered Sally as she wiggled her bum impatiently again. "For God's sake Johnny, I'll go off the bloody boil if you don't get cracking !!"

Cracking being the operative word.

Sally yelled out in pain, shock and surprise. Each emotion rolled into one as they washed over her from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. Surprise at what had happened, shock when her body, ergo her bum, realised that it had and pain, well, the pain was just plain excruciating as it radiated out from its epi-centre. Sally, the calm rational little soul she was, scrambled up howling like a banshee and danced around the room gripping both arsecheeks as if they had been roasted over a hot spit. " stupid prick Johnny !!" she cursed, bending double and furiously rubbing each cheek. "Not so HARD !!!" she wailed. What was he doing ??!!

Johnny gulped and looked from her crotch to his smarting hand. What had he done wrong now ? Hadn't she told him to spank her bottom ? Didn't he do it right ? Wasn't that how John Wayne had done it with whatsername...the big arsed brunette ? Johnny started to stammer, trying to explain. "Wh...what, didn't I ? Didn't..didn't you like it ?" he said looking bewildered.

Sally glared at him like he'd lost his marbles. "NO you pillock. It was FAR too hard. Haven't you heard of foreplay ?" she muttered ruefully. Of course he hadn't...least not in the spanking sense. Gingerly, she sat by his side and sighed, feeling the smart in each cheek where he had given her an almighty wallop. "Listen Johnny." she began. She was going to teach this little twerp how to spank right if it killed her. "My arse is not a piece of meat you know. You can't just wallop away from the get go. You have to be more subtle than that. See, you have to know a girls limitations if she lets you spank her little white botty in the first place okay ? Thats why you have to warm her up first not beat the living daylights out of her backside. Now me, I can take a lot these days, but you do that to someone who's not as hardspanked as me and she'll have the Police up your jacksy for grievous bodily harm before you can say "use grease !!" See this thing here..." she explained, prodding his left temple. "Its called your brain...use the fucker or else !!" she finished with a warning glare as she settled over his lap again. Ding dong...round 2.


Johnny wised up real quick.

Subtle she says, warm her up first she says. OH-KAY I can do that. And he did. Not perfect of course, but with each wallop he learned. Start off with skimmers, testers that produced a mere shimmy. Then on her direction, ones where he only hit her with the tips of his fingers. Dainty one's as she called them, not too soft, not too hard but enough to make her squirm and as she muttered "Those make me go all squidgy in the galley."

As Sally's pancaking walloping continued, he watched as the whiteness of her skin changed slowly into a mottled pink that with each called for harder spank into a sort of rosepetal blush then into a furnace looking fire that had her crossing her ankles and telling him to call her a "bad, bad girl" or "a naughty little slut who deserved her thrashing" Throughout he kept walloping away. Sometimes soft, sometimes hard, but always accompanied with a satisfied sigh until........

"Hmmmmm....what do you think of my pancaking then Johnny ?" whispered Sally, now grinding her crotch against his thigh as her fever rose. "Don't I pancake REAL good Johnny ?"

Johnny watched her right cheek hollow out in a crater shaped pancake before rebounding back to its original shape only a bit more colourful than before. "You pancake real good Sally, real good. Do you want to pancake some more ?" he asked. This was outstanding. Amazing. Unbelievable. He LOVED watching her fat arse pancake as his flashing hand sank into her flesh before bouncing away. He LOVED spanking period.

He heard Sally groan and grunt. "Pancake me harder Johnny, much harder. I'm nearly there...oh God I'm gonna go out of my tiny mind in a minute !!"

Johnny grinned and raised his right hand to pancake her shaking big ass harder, he could feel his heart hammering in his head and the blood rushing through his veins, especially on the motorways heading south. And if he was really lucky.......he might end up this night loving something else too.


The End.

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