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Spanking Story: The English French Maid

Mr Buntz slipped on his white glove and walked over to the dresser as Francesca watched him with rising trepidation.

Standing with her hands behind her back, she bit her lip as he extended a white finger and drew it oh-so slowly along the top of the wood.

There was an ominous pause as he looked at the result, inspecting it closely causing twenty-five year old Miss Francesca to swallow nervously as her employer turned and "tut tutted" as he held out his extended digit, waving it under her pert nose.

"Whats this girl?" he asked.

Francesca stared at the offending smudge going cross-eyed with fright as she felt her insides turn to jelly for she knew exactly what was coming. " dust Sir." she mumbled not able to meet his warped gaze through his thick frames.

"I KNOW its dust girl," he rumbled threateningly. "I want you to tell me WHAT ITS DOING THERE?!!" he finished, his voice rising as he loomed over her as she stood fidgetting in her "quaint" maid's uniform.

"Er, Sir." she replied lamely, realising she was in for an uncomfortable evening judging by the rising colour of Mr Buntz's purplish face and the wriggly lines adorning his furrowed forehead.

"Dunno, DUNNO?!" he shouted going potty. "What sort of answer is that you silly girl?" he thundered as he quickly stripped off the offending glove with a snort of disgust and tossed it onto the bed.

Acting like an apoplectic Headmaster, he puffed himself up and pointed ominously towards the door. "You know the rules my girl. Get your fat arse down to my office and bring back my things. Right now do you hear me!!" he ordered grasping her by her bare arm, spinning her around and giving her short-skirted bum a hefty wallop to send her on her way with an "Owch..yes Sir!!" as she stumbled out of the room in her high-heels.

Oh golly gosh gumdrops.

Her big bum in for it now!!



As Mr Buntz pulled a chair into the middle of the bedroom floor Francesca stood listening to his tirade with her belly tingling spookily as her heart thudded in her throat.

"It just isn't good enough girl is it?" he blustered as he straightened his tie before plonking himself down in the chair and waggling a finger at her as she stared down at her shoes.

" Sir..sorry Sir." she whispered.

"Sorry....SORRY." he grunted as he reached for and grabbed her shivering hand. "Its too bloody late to be sorry girl and you know how many times I've told you about keeping each room spotless for the guests haven't I?" he finished, dragging her over his lap as she squeaked at being up-ended while he delivered a juicy wallop to her full short-skirted behind.

"Owch!!" she winced as he walloped her again this time on the other cheek without breaking his stride.

"Stop hollering girl, I told you the rules when you came to work here. None of this warning rubbish. If you don't do your job properly its either my way or the highway understand girl?"


"YEOWCH oh....yes..yes Sir." she whimpered as he belted her again this time the full force of his spank landing across both her upthrust buttocks making them spread and pancake out alarmingly.

Mr Buntz's spanking continued with Francesca writhing about trying to avoid his stinging slaps that were "rat-a-tat tatting" over her warming derriere with a scattergun approach.

"Right, lets have this skirt up girl." he muttered, grabbing the hem of her uniform and folding it up out of the way leaving her "oohing" and "owwwwwing" in her skimpy frilly white panties. "Ah," he smiled grimly. "Starting to turn a nice shade of red my dear."


"Aiieeeeeeeeowwwww..oh oh ohhhhhhh!!"


"OOoooooch..hmmmmm purleeeease Mr B..Ber..Buntz not so hard cos it hurtssss!!" whined Francesca as her boss continued to belabour the now bare cheeks of her roasted bot as her panties enticingly disappeared up her dark crack. On and on her spanking went and for a split second she thought he was never going to stop until....

"Right girl, enough of that." he ordered grabbing her by her blonde pony-tail. "Stand up and get your fat red arse bent over the bed sharpish, MOVE IT!!"

Francesca, her bum one huge plumptitude of throbbingness, winced as he tugged her up and giving her backside a quick rub before bending over to await the next part of her punishment from Mr Buntz. Glancing over her shoulder, she muttered an "oh no." as he picked up the many tailed leather tawse and swung it experimentally through the air leering at her with a glint in his eye.

"I'm going to give your fat arse a taste of this my girl so bend right over and grit your teeth, good..over..more..good now stay down or I'll lash your thighs as well..understand?" he told her threateningly as he stood to her left side as she whimpered softly. But Mr Buntz ignored her plea's as he whipped the tawse down viciously across her unprotected cheeks with a HISS and SPLAT that made her jump and scream as the leather bit deep into her red flesh.

"Agggghhhhhowwwwwwwww...oh that really, really stings Sir!!" she shrieked as the next slash fell catching her full across the wide expanse of her backside.
"Gggggnnnyeeeeeeoooaaaaaaghoooooo!!" she cried aloud as she ground her teeth together and screwed up her eyes as he continued to relentlessly slash at her big bum back and forth with the tails searching out ever nook and cranny of her vulnerable womanly bot.

Giving her writhing behind another fruity whack, Mr Buntz angrily told her to keep her arse still or else he'd use the cane on her as well.

" oh Mr Sir, you can't I hate the cane I'll do anything you ask but plllllllease don't cane me please!!" she cried out in shock reaching around with both hands to protect her cringing bum.

The Cane!!

God, she really hated when he used the cane on her bum because he really whipped it in hard..hard enough to raise painful welts which blossomed into purplish bruises that lasted for a week!!


As the leather strips fell across her again, harder than ever with her keeinging wail of "NOOOOooooooaghhhhhhhhhhhhwcHHHH!!" as the pain rushed up and exploded fireworks in her brain.

But this time it was too much to bear as she squealed and bounced upright to dance around the room rubbing her sore hint-end furiously trying to lessen the bloody awful sting in each rosy cheek.

"Get your bloody self back down girl!!" Mr Buntz shouted as he lashed her across the backs of her thighs which had her yelling even harder.

"But..but I can't Sir." she whimpered, squeezing each cheek hard and feeling the tears trickling down her flushed face as she started to sniffle and sob out loud.

But Mr Buntz was having none of it. "Right girl, I've just had about enough of your back-chat. I'm fed up with your slovenly attitude, whining and not being able to take your whacking without acting like a cry-baby," he muttered darkly walking over to pick up the length of thin whippy bamboo that lay on the dresser.

Therwicking the cane ominously through the air he pointed the tip at her. "Right, I think a little humiliation will do you the world of good along with a few good, hard cuts of my cane don't you think, so....." he flicked the business end of the cane up and down indicating her uniform. "Strip!!"

Francesca stripped. She knew from bitter past experience that it was no use trying to plead or wheedle her way out and so with a shuddering sigh she started to take off her skimpy maid's uniform until she was standing before the bed in only her suspender-belt and dark seamed stockings.

Mr Buntz stared at her heaving outstanding boobs and tutted. "No bra?" he wondered aloud.

Francesca shook her blonde head. " Sir, I..I never wear one." she whispered, blushing prettily as she self-conciously crossed her arms over her hardening nipples.
Mr Buntz reached over and smacked her hard on her backside.


"I'll ow ouch you, don't you ever, ever, work here without wearing your bra again do you hear me?" he scolded her. "If I catch you with your tits hanging loose I'll whip you so hard you won't be able to sit on your welted arse for a month of Sunday's. Do I make myself clear girl!!"

Nodding quickly as she bent over the bed, Francesca gripped the blankets, screwed her eyes tight shut and waited for the six cuts he always gave her with his terrible cane.


Even before the wood landed plumb across her already sore flesh Francesca screamed in fear, her cry rising as the evil wand embedded itself deep into her padding making each nerve shriek in pain as if she were a horse being branded and that was only the first one.


Only five more to go.


"You can stand up now Francesca. Wait there till I get the cold cream." Mr Buntz ordered.

Francesca nodded feeling giddy and light-headed at the overwhelming sensations eminating from her swollen backside.

Mr Buntz came back into the room and sat on the edge of the bed. "Over my lap girl and I'll rub some of this into your arse to cool it down." he indicated as he unscrewed the lid of the bottle.

Dribbling a large dollop on each red hemisphere, Francesca gasped as Mr Buntz began to roughly knead, pinch and rub the white cream into her flesh moaning and groaning as the cool liquid eased the hot throbbing in her loins.

"Next time you're so lazy my girl I shall really thrash you do you understand?" he warned as he left the room.

Oh heck.

"Y..yes Sir...I really, really do!!" she promised.

Sitting alone in the bedroom Francesca let the pain from her thrashing ease before with a whimper she got to her feet and began to get dressed again in her uniform.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh........hmmmmmmmmmm.....sore." she winced as she bent over feeling the raised bruises and cuts stinging as she gingerly stretched the taut skin of each fiery cheek.

Why on earth did she let him do that too her?


But as she opened the bedroom door and reached up to click off the light she knew why.


The next morining Francesca was up bright and early and was making her way downstairs when she bumped into a little old lady who was coming in the opposite direction with a knowing smile on her wrinkled face.

"Good morning Mrs Bishop, see you're up nice and early today." smiled Francesca reaching up to smooth down her dress as the old woman stopped and tapped the side of her nose.

"That I am my dear, best time of the day though I'm surprised to see you up and about at this hour especially after last night." she finished with a wink as she rested her boney hand on her arm.

Francesca blushed beetroot. "Oh..that, heard?" she stuttered.

Mrs Bishop nodded. "Sssssssssh, don't worry my dear your secrets safe with me and besides," she began leaning closer."Does a lady good to sing out loud once in a while!!"

Francesca laughed. "Yes..yes it does doesn't it Mrs Bishop. Why have you?" she asked with a glint in her eye.

The old lady laughed, shaking her head and started to climb the stairs. "Ahhhhhh now my dear, that would be telling wouldn't it?"

Francesca nodded. "And your secrets safe with me Mrs Bishop, have a nice day now." she laughed.

At the top of the stairs the old woman turned and waved. "Oh I shall Mrs Buntz...oh I shall."

Making her way carefully down the stairs of the seaside hotel she and her husband Cyril owned, she wondered what he would do next to satisfy her craving for having a sore bottom.

Hmmmmmm....wonder what indeed!!

The End.

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