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Spanking Story: Dr George's Spanking Therapy

In a downtown clinic a bespectacled Dr George was in his morning surgery nodding understandingly as he sat behind his desk listening to his new patient, Tabitha Lansing – a strikingly raven haired, shapely and vivacious 45 year old divorcee with 3 grown up boys, trying to put into words 30 years of suppressed sexual frustration.

She was perched rather attractively on the edge of a black leather sofa in front of the window through which shafts of sunlight filtered through the blinds. “Well Doctor George,” she began slowly. “It’s kind of, you know, embarrassing to talk about – even to someone as qualified as yourself.”

Dr George, who bore an uncanny likeness to Woody Allen, smiled reassuringly at the nervous woman. “Nonsense Mrs Lansing,” he began.

“OH please call me Tammy, Dr George.” she interjected. “No need for formalities.”

“Tammy it is then.” he agreed as he took down notes. “As for being embarrassed, well, believe you me, I’ve just about seen and heard everything about the human condition that a man in my profession can hear. Being embarrassed is only a problem if you let it be. As this is our first meeting, think of it as your first psychological barrier to get over. So take a deep breath Tammy and just let it all come out. You’ll feel quite relieved afterwards. Light headed almost. That’s a promise.”

Tammy really wondered if he had seen and heard it all. Was her “problem” a common one? She doubted it. In all her years, she’d never met anyone who bore the slightest hint of a “problem” like hers as she was growing up through college, work and her, eventually failed, marriage. But then again, her condition wasn’t something you brought up in idle chit-chat during a girls get together at the local supermarket or wherever.

It had been her divorce that had been the final straw. She needed to talk to someone – anyone – about her condition before she went crazy. It was much worse than an itch you couldn’t scratch! In this case, it wasn’t so much an itch that was bothering her more a good slap.

She put her hands on her cheeks trying to hide her blush. “Oh my, this IS so embarrassing Dr George.” she laughed. “But here goes.” She composed herself. “Ever since I can remember I’ve always had an interest in..” Tammy paused, looked down at her lap where she was twiddling her thumbs nervously. “…my bottom.”

Dr George felt his eyebrows rise despite himself. “Your bottom?”

She shifted and squirmed “that bottom”, hardly able to meet his surprised look. “Well, not so much my bottom per se. More about what things can be done with it, I mean – to it.”

Her Doctor pushed his owl shaped spectacles up onto the bridge of his nose. This most certainly was getting very interesting. Very interesting indeed. “Like what?” he asked as he fiddled with his pen.

Tammy bit her lip. Well, here she was. This was it. Eventually. After all her doubts and deliberations she was finally going to confess her guilty secret to someone other than her reflection in the mirror. Goodness knows she’d practiced this precise moment enough times in front of it. “Show some spunk woman get it over with!!” she heard the voice in her head scolding her. She glanced up at him. “Like – spanking.”

It took him all his ware with all not to let his mouth drop open. “Spanking?”

“Another one?” he mused to himself.

Tammy flushed hotly at the mere mention of the word. It always provoked that reaction in her. No matter where she was, what she was doing or who she was with, if she heard the word “spanking” the world turned technicolor with exploding fireworks and it took an absolute age for her to calm down. She gave him another apologetic smile. “See, told you it was embarrassing. I can’t explain it. I go all funny when I think about being – spanked. Sometimes it gets so bad I can’t do whatever it was I was doing. It really is a bit of a pain.”

Dr George had removed his spectacles and was chewing an end thoughtfully. This certainly was a turn up for the books – an enticing one too if he was honest. “Indeed. A pain in the ass literally you might say.”

Tammy smiled despite her discomfort. “Or not. That’s the problem Dr George.”

He got up from behind his desk and came around to sit next to her on the sofa. She shifted slightly but didn’t say anything. She considered her analyst as any woman would a man. He certainly wasn’t Mr Universe. Heck, he wasn’t even Mr Small town in the middle-of-nowhere America but he did have a certain “something” about him. From their 15 minutes together in this first session, she’d found him personable, a keen listener and sort of fascinating in an “ugly authoritative” sort of way. He was dressed in a short sleeved neatly ironed blue shirt with dark blue diamond tie and black slacks. She felt hot all over. It had been six months since her divorce and she’d lost count the number of disappointing blind dates she’d had to endure. Her dates weren’t the problem – most had been fine. It was just her. Call it feminine intuition but she knew none of them had that thing about them that she wanted most. A manner which would mean she’d be guaranteed to get a good old fashioned spanking on her rather large and round butt if she asked for it. “Doctor George must think me a right trollop.” she groaned to herself.

But if she could hear what was going on in her psychiatrists head..

Despite the whirr of the cooling fan above them it had suddenly got rather hot in the room. Dr George told himself to be professional even though he didn’t feel it inside. Inside, his heart was thudding loudly in his chest. He had a guilty secret too. He quite enjoyed the idea of taking a grown woman across his lap, raising her skirt, pulling down her panties and slapping her shapely rear until it was as hot, red and sore as a furnace. “Or not?” he blurted out, trying to sound calm and collected.

Tammy twisted her fingers and sighed loudly. “That’s my problem Dr George. No matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to find a man who’s interested enough to want to spank me. It is just so frustrating. I’m beginning to think I’m never going to find one. There’s also the other thing.”

“Other thing?” he asked.

She lowered her head to avoid his gaze. “I’m scared that if I was in a relationship with a man and I came straight out and asked him to spank me he’d think I was different - or worse. He might think I was a – “ her voice had dropped to a whisper. “ – a pervert.”

There was a moment’s silence. Then he put his hand over hers which was clasping her knee. “Nonsense. Of course you’re not a pervert. Far from it. I’ll have you know that you’re not alone in having these desires and wants either. Would it shock you to know that I’ve met a few women with the same feelings as you have?”

Tammy looked up and blinked. “What?” she exclaimed surprised. “There are?” She gasped. “You have?”

He nodded. “Why yes indeed. It’s not a crime to want to experience something that “normal” people see as different. Remember, in the spanking world you’re as normal as everyone else and that everyone outside that world are the one’s who are different. I can assure you Tammy that there ARE men out there who want nothing more than to give you a thorough spanking on your bare bottom. Don’t be so downhearted; in my experience it’s a question of when, not if, you’ll meet someone.” He reassured her by patting her on the knee again where her short dark red skirt had ridden up to expose her bare flesh. It was something that didn’t go unnoticed by his patient.

She looked at him with a doubtful expression. “Well, I don’t know about that Dr George. I wish I could share your optimism but from what I’ve experienced all the men I’ve dated since my divorce have only one thing on their minds – and that’s to get me into the sack!!” She clasped her hands together and gave a sigh. “Knowing my luck I’m never ever going to get my bottom spanked. It’s so depressing Dr George!”

Dr George glanced at the round clock which was on the wall behind his desk. “Mrs Lansing,” he said emphatically. “I have a suggestion to put to you.” He slapped his knee comically.

Tammy looked at him. “You do?”

Dr George sat back on the leather sofa. “Indeed I do. Seeing as I’ve booked you in for an hour for your first session with me and we’ve barely used 15 minutes of that - what say I solve your immediate problem right here and now?”

“Oh?” she asked. Her heart leaping for she thought she realised what he was going to suggest but not quite believing or grasping that this was the type of therapy she thought he had in mind. Were psychiatrists allowed to do something like that? Wasn’t it unethical? “You do – you can?”

Dr George nodded eagerly. What a splendid remedy. “Very much so.” he said enthusiastically. “I think as part of your ongoing treatment I should give you a good firm spanking right now.”

Tabitha Lansing was nigh speechless. “Here?” she blurted out in surprise. “Right now?”

He just sat there with a silly grin on his face and spread his hands wide. “Well, you paid for the full hour.” he pointed out. “It seems a shame to waste the 45 minutes you have left just discussing the things you already know about yourself. Even in the short time we’ve been together I think I have a good picture on the type of woman you are and the type of thing you need to rediscover your confidence. So, do you want me to give you a spanking or not?”

Tabitha looked at the clock. “A 45 minute spanking?” she gulped.

Forty-five minutes.

“I guess so.”

Her psychiatrist beamed and patted his lap.


Part 2.

Tabitha Lansing was about to get and experience her very first spanking at the hand – by the hand - of her psychiatrist, Dr George. Blushing madly deeply, she self consciously tried to tug down the hem of her very short red skirt which made her Doctor chuckle at her antics. She glanced up at him when she heard him laugh. “If I’d of know I was going to be spanked I’d of worn something more appropriate – and longer!” she said earnestly as she wiggled her hips fussily. She then took his hand as he helped her over his lap and felt him moving her around to get her in the best position for her first ever EVER bottom slapping. As he bounced her up and down and left and right she felt a tell-tale bump nudging her lower belly. Well, what did she expect? She knew she had a figure to turn heads - especially her bottom, which she had always considered her prize asset since it had blossomed alarmingly in high school. “Am I doing this right Doctor George?” she asked, feeling slightly girlishly as she rubbed her fleshy thighs together.

Her Doctor grunted as he lifted her hips slightly and adjusted his lap to ease the pressure on his throbbing tumescence which was a natural reaction to having his face filled with a bum-full of succulent female bottom flesh. “You’re doing splendidly Mrs Lansing.” he enthused as he patted her rump warmly as if to reassure her. “As for your skirt, I have to say it enhances your bottom magnificently even if it is rather short. If I may be so bold – shall we begin?”

Tammy turned her head and looked at him over her shoulder through her long cascading hair. “I don’t think I’m in a position to say no am I?” She gripped a cushion for comfort as her brow furrowed as something suddenly occurred to her. Something she hadn’t considered before – another part of her “condition” perhaps? To her it was both ridiculous and thrilling in equal measure. “Do you think I should ask for my spanking Doctor?”

Dr George rubbed his chin considering her point. “Do you want to ask for one?”

“I’m not sure.” she replied with a frown. “I do and I don’t – if you see what I mean.”

“Indeed I do.” he said, noting her perplexed expression. He had seen this type of thing before with women who wanted something but didn’t think it was ladylike to actually have to ask for it themselves. “It’s only natural to have doubts about confronting your inner most feelings. But you’ve already taken the most difficult decision by coming to see me. Getting a spanking is merely the next natural step along the road as you come to realise that you’re just as normal and healthy a woman as the next - albeit with a more colourful shade to her sexuality. Indeed, probably a red one by the time you leave here.” he chuckled. “It’s only my considered opinion Mrs Lansing but I do think you should ask me for a spanking. You obviously have a need to rationalize a reason for receiving your spanking as well.”

Tabitha frowned. Why did she have to open her big mouth? ASK for a spanking?! It had been hard enough picking up the phone and making an appointment in the first place. But the more she thought about it, the idea of actually ASKING someone to spank her did make her glow from head to toe. She got more hot as she looked over her left shoulder and said “D..Dr George,” she began hesitantly. “I think I need you to give me a spanking. I think I really do need one. On my bottom. On my ass. On my big fat butt.”

Dr George nodded – professionally of course. “Alrighty Mrs Lansing, you have suggested an excellent course of treatment if I do say so myself. One emotional and physically therapeutic solution coming right up.” He raised his right hand and after a moments pause – long enough to allow her to change her mind – he brought it down on the crest of her bottom with a dull thud.


As the session progressed and the minutes ticked slowly – increasingly stingingly and painfully - by..

“So Mrs Lansing,” asked Dr George who had broken out into a sweat as he flattened his patient’s skirted rear with another meaty wallop. They were now well into triple figures. “Are you enjoying your spanking?”

WALLOP. Tabitha grunted as she felt her backside ballooning back into its perkily rotund shape. One thing was for sure – she sure did have one elasticated and solid ass. Not only was her sexuality and downright enjoyment of the experience expanding so was her backside to boot!! The only way she could describe how she was feeling was to say it felt as if she was standing naked in front of a huge open log fire and was bent facing away from it with her hands on her knees as the crackling flames toasted her swollen buns. Like roasting her big fluffy white marshmallow cheeks until they were crisp, tanned and so very very hot and it felt absolutely wonderful. “Oh, it’s most certainly different to how I thought it would be Doctor George.”

CRACK. “How so Mrs Lansing, more painful?” he asked.

SLAP. “Hmmmmmmm ow,” yelped Tabitha as she bucked up and down on his firm thighs. “After a spank like that – yes, but not in a painful hurting sort of way. I can’t explain it Dr George, all I know is that being spanked is exactly the solution to my emotional problems. It feels like my inner self has just walked out of a long dark shadow into warm bright sunlight. It’s delightful and delicious. Keep spanking me please!!” She glanced up at the clock on the wall. “I still have 10 minutes left yet!!”

Sensing her ebullient mood, Dr George thought it best to move on to the next stage of his patient’s treatment. “Splendid Mrs Lansing. It gives me immense satisfaction to see the results of my diagnosis working so effectively and immediately. If I may offer another suggestion, in the time we have remaining in this session, I think it an ideal opportunity to introduce a natural progression to what we’ve been doing so far so that you can better understand all aspects of that part of your sexual being that has been suppressed within you for so very long.” He gave her ass a last SWAT for effect.

“AAOW!!” yipped Tabitha as she scrabbled round with both hands to clutch her backside. WOW. That one had stung like hell and she loved it despite the smart wallowing around, over and through her bum cheeks. Boy, she sure did feel dammed hot and spicy for between her thighs she was absolutely buzzing. This was great – being spanked was the best thing ever.

Tabitha’s mind – along with her hormones - was working over time musing over the slightly unreal question of the matrimonial status of the gentleman over whose lap she currently resided for she had glanced at his ring less hands with a keen feminine eye. An opportunity for another time perhaps? Through her heat haze she thought she heard him speak. “Hmmmmmmmmm, natural progression?” she smiled lazily, purring contentedly as she stretched. “Doctor George, believe me – you can do anything, absolutely ANYTHING you want right now and I’ll let you.”


Later that same day..

Tabitha Lansing felt there were a thousand and one pairs of eyes watching her as she walked down the avenue idly browsing the local apartment stores checking out the latest fashions and bargains. She had the slightly unreal feeling that each of those pairs of eyes were glued to her put putt putting bottom which felt about twice its normal size after her invigorating first session with her psychiatrist.

And what a first session it had been.

Especially when she’d found out what he’d meant by the phrase “Natural progression.” In other words, the removal of her skimpy pair of matching red lacy panties until they lay taught between her damp thighs. How had he put it again?

“Now then Mrs Lansing,” he’d began. “For a spanking to be most effective for the recipient it has to be done in the proper fashion don’t you think?”

Before she could think of a sensible answer he’d slipped his hands underneath her by now up around her hips skirt and was doing interesting things with his fingertips. “Oh?” was all she could mumble. That felt soooooooo good!!

“Now in all the latest medical research done by trained professionals I’ve read they recommend a spanking should be given on the bare bottom. Since you’ve been such an outstanding patient and have responded magnificently to my suggested treatment I’m now going to move on to the next stage and remove these wonderful panties of yours so we can continue your spanking but this time on your bare bottom which I have to say Mrs Lansing is looking rather splendidly scarlet. Now be a good girl and raise your hips.”

Tabitha did as she was told and as her panties were pulled ziggidy-zaggedy down over her hips and full red bottom she could feel the breeze wafting over her smarting rear from the whup whup whup of the over head ceiling fan. She felt herself shiver and the only thing that crossed her mind as she heard - then felt – the resounding crack of her first bare bottomed spank was the revelation that “THIS WAS DEFINITELY WHAT SHE WANTED.”

So for the final 10 or so minutes of her session with Doctor George, she found herself unable to stop herself giggling like a schoolgirl as he spanked her bare bottom until it was as red as her panties..


Doctor George followed Mrs Lansing out into the reception area where his rather strikingly gorgeous receptionist looked up from behind her desk and smiled. “Yes Doctor George?”

Sitting on the edge of her desk he picked up his appointment book. “Helen, can you book Mrs Lansing in for another appointment.” He looked at the other woman whose face was probably as red as her bottom. “I take it same time next week is fine with you Mrs Lansing?”

Tabitha had lost her tongue for the receptionist had smiled a knowing smile when they’d made eye contact so she merely nodded and took his hand when he offered it. “Huh huh.” she mumbled as she let him lead her out of his office.


His receptionist looked up from checking case-notes as her boss came back into the office gently whistling to himself. She smiled for she knew the reason why. He’d been in such a good mood quite a lot lately as more and more women had asked especially for his services. He came to stand beside her and she felt herself shiver slightly.

“Any more appointments this afternoon Helen?” he asked as she felt him gently blowing her thick long red hair playfully. She felt herself beginning to squirm in her seat. There were times lately when she thought it might be best if she did her job standing up judging by the number of times she let Doctor George refine – indulge - his own special brand of physical remedies on her!

Not that she complained of course. After all, a woman with this particular fetish needed to get it satisfied some way or the other.

“Ummm, no Doctor George. All done for today.” She licked her lips and turned to look up at him with her baby blues. “Is…is there anything else you want me to do….want to do to me before I go home?” She could feel her heart thudding in her throat. She wondered what he would use this time. Last time had been that dreadful wooden paddle he’d bought the last time he’d visited Vegas for that psychiatrists convention. He’d bruised her bottom for a whole week with that thing!!

“Why don’t you lock the door and come into my office Helen.” he smiled suggestively. “I’m sure we can think of something – to while away a few hours.”

As he watched his receptionist and her spectacularly rotund ass swaying this way and that as she went to the door he mused that a psychiatrist’s lot was sometimes a tough one.



The End.

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