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Spanking Story: Like Mother Like Daughter

It was late one winter's Wednesday evening when the phone rang at Mrs Bentley's thatched roof cottage. Constance Bentley, a slim, well proportioned lady in her late 50's and recently divorced from her slapdash of a husband Bruce of some 25 years put aside her sewing and went to answer it. It was her daughter, Abigail, on the other end of the line sounding, well, quite upset by all accounts. Constance was a little shocked as to be expected. "Abigail dear," she asked concerned, "Whatever is the matter ?!"

Her daughter took after her both in good looks and deportment. Even though she was dark and her daughter blonde. Her daughter was also a headstrong girl of nineteen who had been married to George, a city broker, for some 3 months and they had moved into a large stately home nearby thankfully. It sounded like her precious pumpkin was crying. What on earth had happened ? Had there been an accident ? Was she alright ? She clutched the phone closer to her ear and listened as her daughter spoke. "M..mer..Mummy, c..can you you come round quickly. I....that is, George wants to...wants to speak to you right this m..mer minute...please Mummy." whimpered her daughter sniffily.

Where her daughter was concerned nothing was too good. "Of course dear, I shall get my coat and be there forthwith. Don't cry pumpkin, I'm sure whatever the problem is we can sort it out. Leave the backdoor on the latch and I'll be there in about 5 minutes. Is that husband of yours home from work yet ?" There was a pause.

"Y..yes Mummy, he's right here....waiting for you." she finished enigmatically.

Constance frowned. She didn't know what to make of that. Perhap's they'd had an argument. "Well, can't stand around thinking about it." she thought to herself. If that oaf of a husband has been upsetting her pride and joy there'd be hell to pay. "I'm on my way sweetie, won't be long...."


Pulling to a stop in her daughter's driveway, Constance got quickly out of her car and went round to the back of the house to enter through the rear entrance. Curiously, she noticed that her daughter's two cats were sitting on the kitchen window sill watching intently at something happening inside. She noticed that all the front lights were off too, apparently the only one on was at the rear in the kitchen. Reaching the backdoor, she clicked it open without knocking and made her way along the hall towards where a sliver of light shone between a gap in the door. Just as she was about to open it she head her daughter pleading to someone.

Hesitant, she stopped and listened. It was her daughter: "No darling, please don't, pleeeeeeease don't do that. You know I don't like that. I swear I won't ever...ever...EVER do that again. I'm sorry, I really really am. No can't, I'm too old for another spanking and my Mother will be here too in a minute !!" cried her daughter's voice in rising alarm.

Constance, hidden in shadow, heard her daughter's husband stop short Abigail's pleadings. He sounded seriously angry.

"Oh, so that's who you were on the phone too upstairs hmmm ? Good, the sooner she gets here the better then. She'll learn what a willful and naughty daughter she has. I've never been so embarrassed in all my life Abigail. Its time you dammed well learned to grow up. This time I'm going to make sure I teach you a lesson you won't soon forget. Now stop struggling and come here !!"

Constance stood listening wide-eyed with amazement. Crikey, what was he so angry about and why was her daughter pleading with him ?!! He shouldn't be talking to her flesh and blood like that !! What was he talking about when he ordered her to "STOP struggling ?!!" Trying not to make a noise, she lent forward and peeked through the gap to see what was happening.

Her mouth dropped open in shock.


Abigail pulled and tugged at her husband's hand trying to break free from his vice like grip. She loved him dearly but he could be so.. so stubborn and unreasonable at times. She knew what was coming. It had happened once or twice before when she'd been petulant and childish. The first time had even been on their wedding night. What an experience that had been !! Maybe telling him that she had had a headache because she'd sipped to much champagne at their reception wasn't such a good idea. Not only had she surrendered her virginity that night but that of her bottom too !!! George suddenly gave a sharp tug and with a squeak she tumbled over his lap leaving her bum sticking up towards the ceiling. It was just her luck she was wearing a loose skirt under her apron leaving her poor bum covered in nothing more than a pair of flimsy white panties. Well, they most certainly wouldn't offer her cheeks much protection at all !!! Still struggling furiously, Abigail squealed a loud "No darling NO !!" as she felt him grip her panties and haul them down to her ankles in one swift yank.

"Now my girl, let's deal with this bottom of yours again then shall we ?" he said in that tone which made her heart skip a beat.

The beastly beast !! Before she could conjure up other apt names she felt a whoosh of air and a sudden SWAT. His first spank landed across her mid-ships causing her to jerk with shock and the pain of it. "OOO GEORGE NOOOO IT STINGS !!!" she yelped trying to kick free. But it was no use. He had her waist in a vice like grip. He really meant it. She was just going to have to take a bloody good thrashing as he called it. CRACK. "WOW OW NOT SO HAAAAARD DARLING !!!!" she cried out loud again. Ouch, that one had really stung. Her bottom was stinging terribly and he'd only spanked it twice !! She'd just have to grin and bear it. She only wished he'd get on with it.

But George ignored her plea's. He lifted his hand again and brought it down good and hard across the crown of both his lovely wife's cheeks. Naturally, she yelled the house down. His eye's noticed the time on the kitchen clock hanging on the wall. He smiled wryly.

Abigail was having hysterics. She kept bouncing up and down on his sturdy thighs and twisting her head to keep an eye on the door. Her heart was pounding. "Oh please get a move on darling, hurry!!!" she gasped as another spank rocked her behind. "Mummy will be here soon, she can't see me like this...she just can't !!" Her husband brought his palm down again....hard.


Constance stood frozen to the spot as she heard her flower give another "OOOOOUCH !!!" as that monstrous so-called husband of her's walloped her bare bottom again. She was completely gobsmacked. Who on earth does he think he is ??? She was so shocked she wondered if she should call the Police and have him arrested. He can't do that to her !! She'd have to put a stop to it, right now. She was most certainly going to give him a piece of her mind whatever she decided. Sticking out her chin, she pushed open the door and burst into the room just as he was helping her weeping daughter stagger to her feet where she stood rubbing furiously on her naked, red and sore buttocks.

"MUMMY !!!!" squeaked Abigail, her hands covering the gasp from her lips.

Constance was in full flow. She approached George who was still sitting on his chair. He was staring intently at her, so intently in fact that she nearly lost the courage to confront him. Nearly but not quite. "Now look here young man." she fumed, pointing a finger at him." Just who do you think you are punishing my daughter like that ?!!" She was so angry her face was turning red. "I'll have you know I'm seriously thinking of having you arrested for such disgraceful behaviour. You can't spank her bare bottom just like that and think you can get away with it, its....well, its just not allowed !!" Constance turned to her daughter. "Go pack some things pumpkin, you can come stay with me tonight. You're not staying here with this..this brute !!" she ordered as she stood with hands on hips.

"Wh..what ?" sniffed Abigail, glancing at her husband who had started to rise to his feet. Both the women took a step back - just in case. "B..ber..but I can't do that Mummy. He's my husband, we were just...just..." she stopped helplessly and slipped both her hands back under her skirt to massage her bumcheeks.

"Are you going to tell her or shall I Abigail ?" said George.

Constance looked from one to the other then back again. "Tell me what ?"

Abigail bit her lip. "I...I've been a a... naughty girl Mummy and and...George was giving me a spanking because I'd made a bit of a scene at a party we were invited too last night. It was all my fault."

Constance stared at her daughter then at her husband who she noticed uneasily had come to stand right in front of her. "Even so dear, he...he just can't spank you. You're a grown woman for heaven's sake !!"

George, taller than her by some 6 inches, lent forward. "Maybe if you'd taught her some manners when you raised her she wouldn't have turned out like she has. She's naughty, disrespectful and sometimes downright rude in company. Do you want to know why I'm punishing her tonight Constance ?"

His face was so close she could feel his breath on her own. She was suddenly unsure of herself. All she could do was nod and gulp. This wasn't going as she had planned at all !!

"We were at an office reception yesterday evening. I was chatting with some prospective clients when she suddenly slapped one of the Director's on the cheek and stormed off saying he had pinched her bottom !!" he explained in a low voice that gave Constance goosebumps.

Constance gasped. "Had he ?" she asked Abigail who stood, head bowed, chewing on her lower lip.

Abigail shook her head. "No Mummy, I made it up." she whispered.

"You did what? Why for goodness sake ?" Constance was speechless.

Abigail glanced shamefaced at both of them. "B...because I w...wanted to go home. I..I was bored."

Constance blinked. She couldn't believe her daughter was saying such things. George was right. She had been naughty and downright disrespectful. Maybe he was right, maybe she hadn't brought her daughter up to have good manners and grace after all. It suddenly occurred to her that she had been far too lenient with her only child. In a way, it was her fault after all. For once she didn't know what to say. She should just apologise and go home. "Oh...Abigail, how could you ?!" was all she could muster.

But George had other idea's.


" can't be serious !!" - " can't do that to my Mummy !!" Constance and Abigail said in unison. They were both staring at him in total shock and surprise.

George smiled. "Oh, and why not ?" he said. "She's admitted that it's as much her fault as yours dear. If a spanking's good enough for you, then a spanking's good enough for your mother. Don't you agree Constance ?"

Constance glanced at the door wondering if she should make a run for it. Thing was, she could hardly move her legs, she was rooted to the spot. "Of course not, don't be so downright stupid. Do you honestly think I'd allow you to spank my bare bottom Sir ?"

"Indeed I do." countered George."I'm not surprised your daughter has turned out the way she has judging by your reaction Constance. Seems to me that you're a bad rolemodel, you've let her run rings round you for all these years. Never keeping her in check and always pandering to her every whim. Its not her that needs a lesson Constance....its you."

As she listened to his words, Constance knew with mounting guilt that he was right. It was she who needed to be taught a lesson.


"Stand over there darling." said George as he re-took his seat. Abigail was in a daze.

"Yes dear." she said, not quite believing what was happening in their kitchen. What was happening was she was about to see her husband spank her mother's bare bottom.

"Are you ready Constance ?" asked George as he raised his hand.

"No I am not !!" she replied haughtily, but nevertheless hesitantly slipping her hand into his. "But you are right. If my daughter can be spanked for being disrespectful the least I can do is take a spanking for being so so...." her words tailed off.

"It's all right Mummy. George understands. Don't you George ?" said Abigail brightly. For some strange reason she was quite looking forward to seeing her Mummy punished. Her Mummy had always been the bossy one of the family. Her Daddy had never got a look in side-ways. Mummy was always ordering him around and complaining about everything under the sun. Nothing he ever did was good enough for her. No wonder he wanted a divorce !! Maybe if her dear Daddy had put his foot down a bit more and did what her husband was about to do to Mummy's bottom things wouldn't have got that far. She had always felt sorry for her father. It wasn't his fault his wife was a bit of a shrew. Abigail stood back as George pulled her mother towards him.

Constance tried tugging her hand away but it was no use. George held her in a firm grip. She was going nowhere. His hand dwarfed her own as she realised how big a man her daughter's husband really was. Maybe she should yell for help !! But it was too late for he was telling her what he was going to do to her. "Now Constance," he began sternly. "You know why I'm about to spank your bottom don't you ?"

Constance stared at the black and white tiled floor. "Yes...I think so." she sniffed resignedly.

"You think ?" he replied sharply, his voice rising.

Constance gulped. If she wasn't careful she'd make him really angry and that would make him give her a real good walloping by no mistake. She nodded quickly. "'s because I've been...." she frowned. Been what ? A bad mother ? Only in so much that she had merely pampered her daughter as she was growing up. What then ? She was that stubborn she didn't want to admit anything. What had her daughter said again ? Oh, yes....that word. The "n" word. N for naughty. But she was a well educated, sophisticated and mature lady ?!! Did women ever stop or grow out of being naughty ? She glanced at her daughter who still stood rubbing her red bottom. Apparently not. Least not in her son-in-laws household. She chewed on her lip.

"Been what ?" said George, interrupting her thoughts.

Constance wished the ground would open up and swallow her. Her mouth was dry but she still managed to whisper a pouting. "Naughty.....I've been a naughty girl."


Constance was trying to be brave and stoical but as her spanking continued, delivered with relish and gusto by her son-in-law she was beginning to fail miserably. At the commencement of her thrashing, he'd juggled her twisting body over his lap until he had her bottom at just the right height then, oh how embarrassing !!, he'd grabbed the hem of her full skirt and slowly tugged it over her black pantied bottom leaving it tucked in above her hips. Constance was mortified. She turned bright red and had started to rise. "No, wait. I'm sorry. This has been a terrible mistake George. Let me up or else there'll be hell to pay !!" George's response was to instantly and with skilled ease whip off her panties in a flash leaving her bare. "GEORGE !!!!" she had squeaked with alarm. "Not in front of Abigail PLEASE !!!"

But it was too late and in a thrice he began to introduce her fullsome backside to the dubious delights of being spanked for the first time. SLAP. The next in a seemingly never-ending line of SLAPS landed with breath expelling force across already two sets of sizzling bottom cheeks with such a CRACK that Constance even forgot to cry out. All she could do was screw her eyes tight shut and hope that he would be satisfied soon and be dammed with it. But he wasn't. She was about to learn one thing, and that was George was nothing if not thorough in his deeds. SMACK. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh oooooooooooooo...." she shouted this time for his palm had landed so hard she could feel her bottom flattening out into a shallow bowl before bouncing back obscenely into its former full shape leaving only the white imprints on glowing red of his fingers.

Abigail meanwhile stood transfixed, watching wide eyed and open mouthed as her good, kind, loving but masterful husband belaboured her Mummy's, to her surprise, rather large derriere. Crikey, he was certainly giving it some stick. By now, five minutes of none stop spanking and yelling had passed. It had turned her Mummy's bottom from a rather pasty white through to a nice reddish sunrise glow then to what must now feel like a raging furnace tomato red. It looked ever so painful. Abigail knew how her Mummy was feeling. She'd been on the receiving end of one or two of George's wallopings and could bear witness to how much they bloody hurt. Her eyes glanced at the clock. Seven minutes. A seven minute spanking. Her Mummy wouldn't forget this in a hurry. She wouldn't be surprised if she never set foot in her house again after this !! She looked at George who was concentrating intently on making sure he covered ever single part of her mother's rump. Along the top, just under the spine, over and across to both side's and finally, to Mummy's obvious horror, along the bottom's of both cheeks to where flabby flesh met sturdy thigh. OOooo ouch, she knew how much THAT hurt too !!!!!

By ten minutes Constance had been transformed from a calm, considered and assured woman into a screeching, sore and very, very sorry naughty lady. "AAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHH," she wailed as her spanking continued. "STOOOOOOOOOOOOP PLEASE....IT HURTS SO MUCH !! OH MY POOR BOTTY !!!! I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRY SIR, I'M SORRY !!!!!" Oh she was. She was really really sorry. She was one soundly spanked big girl. She promised him she'd never ever be so naughty again. As the clock began to strike the hour, her bottom endured a sudden flurry of rapid slapping spanks that had her screaming, kicking and pleading. One, two, three, four, five, six and finally seven. The tears were streaming down her cheeks and her bottom felt twice its normal size. Her bottom no longer felt the sharp sting of each spank, it had gone a sort of humming numb that buzzed signals to and from her brain. She was breathing heavily and sweating. Her legs and thighs were apart. So much for her modesty. At that moment she couldn't care less. Let him see that she was bare all over. She couldn't even give two hoots about her daughter being there either !! Just let him stop !!

Actually, George had. "Abigail, come here and help your mother to her feet and fetch a hankie too." he said as his young wife quickly moved to help her up. Constance grunted and groaned as she eased to her feet. Wincing, she fell into her daughters arms.

"Oh Mummy, there, there. Its over now." hushed her daughter giving her a hug. Then with a twinkle in her eye said. "It bloody stings doesn't it !!"

Constance, despite her agonies, nodded, blew into the hankie and dried her eyes then gave her daughter a slight re-assuring smile. "OOooo it does dear. A lot !!!"

George sat watching as both women stood, skirts bunched up, knickers to their knee's comparing and rubbing their freshly spanked bottoms. He smiled inwardly. Now here was a situation that could prove interesting indeed !!


A few days later,

"George !!" shouted Abigail as she stood at the sink doing the dishes. "Mummy's here !!" she called seeing her mother coming up the rain sodden path.

Constance came into the kitchen and took off her coat and hat. "My, what a rainy day !!" she laughed as George came in to take her things and put them near the radiators to dry. "Am I late ?" asked Constance, her eyes darting to her daughter's husband nervously.

Abigail started to giggle. "Mummy, you are so predictable these days. Of course you're late. You always make sure you're late otherwise George wouldn't be able to punish your bottom would he ?!!" she teased.

Constance made a face and stepped up quickly to slap her daughter's bottom sharply. "George is right, I should of done this a long time ago when you were growing up !!"

"OUCH. That hurt Mummy !!" Abigail cried out, turning and rubbing the hurt spot. "Darling, are you going to let her get away with that ? I think Mummy's been a bad girl again, don't you sweetie ?"

George removed his pipe. "Now pumpkin, don't be jealous. I'll deal with you later alright ? " he smiled, giving his beloved a quick peck on the cheek as she stood pouting with disappointment. Didn't her husband know that she needed her bum dealt with too ?!! . Why was it Mummy always got preferential treatment ? But he had already turned to Constance who was standing licking her lips, her hands already caressing her bottom through her tweed skirt in anticipation. "So then Constance, what do you fancy being thrashed with today hmmmm?"

Constance didn't even bat an eye-lid. "OH, lots and lots of good whippy hard one's from that big leather slipper of yours George please. As many as you like dear. Just remember to give me them good and hard !!!"

So much for happy and extended families.


The end.

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