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Spanking Story: Gladys Pew District Nurse

Authors Note: From recollection this is the second story I ever wrote - Coal Miners Wife being the first- and I was just beginning to discover my own sense of rhythm for the type of spanking fiction I wanted to write. I have always enjoyed "old fashioned" belt and braces erotica born from everyday natural surroundings with stories about real people in real situations. Gladys Pew is an "old fashioned" romantic spanking story and I hope you enjoy reading it. - Ian.


It was the 22nd of December in the year of our Lord 1951 and in the small Northumbrian village of Rothbury, Gladys Pew drew back her curtains and gazed out into the world at the dawn of a new day. The hills in the distance lay sprinkled with a dusting of white bearing witness to the snowfall during the wee hours.

"Oh bugger !!" groaned Gladys realising that her last day at work before the Christmas break was going to be an uphill (literally!!) struggle. Turning, her breath huffing and chuffing around her like a steam train, she padded in her nightie back to the bed.

"7.15" she muttered to no-one in particular before plonking herself down and finishing her first cup of tea of the day.

Through the steam she looked around her bedroom contemplating her life and where she was at as she approached the turn of the year. On the bedside table, a shaft of morning sunlight glinting on the glass was a picture of her and her husband in bygone and happier days.

"Oh George...." she heaved a great big sigh as she thought of her husband who had passed on not 7 years ago. Reaching over, she traced a finger over his fading form wishing with all her heart that...

"Silly sausage." she chided herself. "No use thinking like that, he'd call me a daft old biddy if he was here.." she smiled at his memory.


A long time ago...

Gladys Pipkin had married George Pew in 1930, she was 20 and he 27, they had moved from Acton, London up to Northumberland so he could find work in the big smelting and steelmaking yards by the North East coast.

They had saved and bought a house in the small picturesque village of Rothbury, Willow Way number 56. It had 2 bedrooms, a sizeable kitchen, garden and an indoor loo, but to Gladys it was the view from her window which was special, before her lay the rolling hills of dales and valleys of an unspoilt countryside.

But darker times lay ahead...... George had received his call up papers during the spring of 41 and had decided to join the army as part of a mechanized tank battalion. During the campaign through the lowlands of Scandinavia in 1944 he had been killed in action....

It wasn't until 3 months later that the postman delivered the telegram.


Life moves on..... Gladys Pew was now 41, sported an hour glass figure, a welter of dark brown curls cascading past her shoulder and through hard study worked at the local surgery on the high street as resident District Nurse, her duties were to assist Dr Donkin in the day to day running of the practise and visit all the elderly patients who were unable or unwilling to travel into the village for treatment.

She was much loved by the people of Rothbury who would wave and shout a cheery hello whenever she cycled past resplendent in her blue uniform.

Finishing her cuppa she got up and went to her dresser where she pulled out some clean underwear..

"Hmmm..."she thought looking out at the wintry scene, "I'd best pull on some woolies..."

Dressing quickly, she reached up and pulled on her nurses uniform over her blouse, tugging her french bloomers in place, she fastened the clasps on the seat before hopping around dragging on a pair of dark woolly tights and with a final flourish slipping on black laced sensible shoes.

Admiring herself in the mirror, she bobbed her head slightly left then right, and finally with a "'ll do!!" she headed downstairs grabbing her bonnet on the way out.


"Ooh bloody is cold....brrrrr" she whistled to herself as she slipped and slided across the frost to her shed to get her pushbike, leaving a track in the snow she propped it up against the drainpipe and ran back inside where she sat down at her kitchen table to check her schedule for that day..

"Hmmm, let me see now." she hummed to herself putting on her penny piece spectacles.

"Mr 9.30.. Mrs Binky....10.....remember her prescription...hmmm huh and so on....until 12.30. Mr Jones...prescription and check-up.....oh-kay all done and dusted." she pulled the pencil from her teeth and popped it into the top pocket of her smock adjusting the clasp of her timepiece which hung fastened above her left bosom.

And she was off.


A little while later... 12.15pm.

"Good mornin' Gladys.........keep peddlin' bonny lass, its too cold to stop." shouted Mr Bobbins the butcher as he stood arms folded at the door to his shop surveying the world around him. Gladys looked up, her face beetroot red at the effort needed to cycle up the high street stuck out her tongue giving him a cheeky smile and wave as she passed.

"Hah!!!!!!!!!!" he laughed as he watched with interest her wobbling sizeable backside wriggle back and forth on the hidden saddle as she pumped away.

"By gum." he thought. "Fancy having that sitting on yer todger!!"

Smiling, he raised his hat as three of his regular customers entered the shop.

"And what can I do for you lovely ladies this fine day. How's about a big goose for your Christmas dinner...only tuppence ha'penny a pound!!"


Gladys stepped off her bicycle and went into the chemists, the bell above the door ding-a-linging merrily as she entered greeting all with a hello. Mr Bumpkin, the chemist came down from behind the counter, smiling expansively in his white smock..

"Hhhhhello Nurse Pew...managed to get out and about have you. Every where's snowed in and it looks like we're set for more over Christmas..still it'll keep the kids wotto." he burped, his jowls wobbling obscenely.

Gladys just smiled sweetly and handed him the last prescription for her to pick up, she always felt uncomfortable in his presence probably due to the fact that she suspected he had certain designs on the merry to speak.

"Hmmmmm huh, here's this last one for Mr Jones, oh and you better give us something for his piles....."

"Oh my, I was right Cissy!!" he shouted turning to his wife who turned a shade of puce at her loud-mouthed husband." I told you Mr Jones was walkin' funny when he came in here t'other day. I tell you Nurse Pew, he was in a foul temper...his face was near nigh purple!!" mouthed Mr Willis, turning and disappearing behind the screen.

Gladys just smiled at the shocked looks of his customers.


Not far away..


Alfred Jones looked up sharply from his newspaper. Ding rang the quarter hour from the big Grandfather clock in the hall. "Oohh bugger and sod it n'all." he grimaced fishing out his watch from his pocket. Alfred Jones had just turned 60 and he was a short wiry little man with a tuft of grey hair standing to attention at the front of his balding pate.

He liked his new Nurse very much, the last one had been a bloody witch, she was built like a brick shit-house with a voice that stripped paint at 100 yards and she used to prod and poke him something rotten and well, there was that time when she stuck that bloody great needle in his left bum cheek for some ailment or another. "This'll stop yer getting the flu and other germs Mr Jones."

Damn and blast. "Thank Christ, she had buggered off with the window-cleaner" he sighed to himself smiling. Now Nurse Pew was a different kettle of fish. She was pleasant, friendly and good company. Besides, he grinned to himself, she had a bloody great big bottom which was rather smashing to behold!! He spent most of her visit asking her to pick things up and do odd jobs so that he could see her best feature to his best advantage.

"You sly, dirty old bugger." he chuckled to himself. "Hang on a second." he thought sitting bolt upright. "Oh bloody hell, I forgot!!"


Mr Jones bungalow lay at the outskirts of the village on a slight rise, it was a neat little thing with well manicured gardens surrounded by a privet hedge. Gladys hopped off her bicycle and opened the garden gate and crunched up the path, her bits n' bobs in her satchel.

Rat-a-tatting twice she pushed open the oak door and stuck her head inside. "Mr Jones, its only me Gladys. Can I come in pet?" she cried. No sound. "Strange." she wondered entering the hall and closing the door cutting off the biting wind. "Are you there Mr Jones, its Nurse Galdys. Yoohoo hello?!"

Thud and Thump.

She looked up realising that he was upstairs. "What are you doing Albert. I'll come up shall I?"

A muffled mumble came from above. "Mmmmmmmm don't worry yerself petal. I'm coming down now." wheezed Albert as he appeared at the top of the stairs.

"Whets up?" she asked as she followed him into the room waiting for him to sit down by the fire. He grimaced as he gingerly lowered himself down. Gladys jumped up and went to her case. "Ooh Mr Jones, nearly forgot went to the chemists and got your tablets and some cream for your know er.." she felt herself going a little pinker. "P.I.L.E.S." she silently spelt out to him.

Albert waved his hand dismissively. "Oh, its not that pet." he began scratching his head. "It's me spectacles. I cannot find me spectacles. I don't know where I've put them." he blurted out, his gums flapping as if they had a mind of their own.

Gladys held up her hand. "You can be ever so forgetful Mr Jones now where'd you have them last?" she asked calming down.

"Eeeh now, I'm sure I took them to bed last night." he answered a thinking scowl on his whiskered face.

"Wait here, I'll have a look." she replied getting up and heading for the stairs.

Arthur licked his lips as his gaze dropped to her plump rear end as it disappeared from the room.


Gladys entered the bedroom and stopped slightly taken aback. The room was a fair size and decorated with a true Victorian flavour with a double-bed the dominant feature, but to one side beside the window was an easel with pots of paint, various sized brushes and pencils lying on a rainbow palette.

On the canvas was the beginnings of a snowy landscape roughly sketched in charcoal which she recognised from looking out of the window at the view.

"Oh, that's so lovely." she admired.

Against a wall, was a batch of canvas stacked on end together, Gladys crouched down intrigued and flicked through each one. There were all types of paintings - landscapes, portraits, bowls of fruit and flowers, even one of the Sunday market. She was not only surprised but impressed at the obvious quality and talent involved in their creation.

"Well, well.." she thought. "Mr Jones the artist. Who'd of thought!!" Standing up she went over to his bedside table and cabinet searching for his false teeth when something caught her eye and made her stop abruptly. On the bottom shelf of the table was a pile of books and magazines, she sat on the bed and reached down. "Hmmm, "How to Paint Life.", "The Human Form in Colour"" she murmured to herself until she stopped suddenly, her heart giving a lurch as she came upon the magazine at the bottom of the pile whose partly exposed cover she had glimpsed a moment before.

Looking around making sure she was alone she tugged it out, her mouth forming an "O" as she looked at the cover.

"The Spanking Memoirs of a Victorian Lady....Illustrated."

Gladys Pew felt as if her world had stopped as her hands began to shake and her heart played a bongo-bongo dance in her chest. On the cover was the drawing of an elegant lady dressed in full Victorian regalia, with her back to the world she was lifting her dress showing off her full generously filled white bloomers with her pink derriere peeking through the gap.

Gladys began to breathe heavily feeling her pulse quicken and her face flush prettily. On the floor between the lady's pantaloon's lay a long thick black belt. Gladys felt as if her eyeballs were going to pop out of her head, but it wasn't that which shocked her, making her gasp.

At the bottom of the cover it read. "Erotic Illustrations by Albert Jones esq." Turning the book over she was confronted by the younger visage of "distinguished gentleman Mr A. Jones. Spanking Artist extraordinaire"

It was unquestionably, undoubtedly the self same Mr Jones - if a lot younger. Looking over at the door, making sure all was clear she began to flick through the pages of the magazine pausing when she came upon an illustration. A world of distinguished gentlemen in natty suits and outlandish moustaches with voluptuous ladies arranged in various "undignified" poses feeling the kiss of hand, belt, cane and tawse(?) beautifully drawn and elegant in style was revealed to her soul.

And then she came to page 40.

A mature woman of around 30 was bent over a trestle while a dark haired gentleman his coat cast to the floor, shirt sleeves rolled up muscular arms laid the blurred arc of a leather belt across her well stacked rear, bisecting two previously dealt weal's. But it was what the lady was wearing that stopped Gladys Pew's breathing.

The lady was drawn dressed as a nurse circa the 1900's, the wide sweep of her dress arranged over her back, the gap in her bloomers tugged wide with buttons popping and straining as her full fleshed arse poked its majesty out. The matron, her head bent back and mouthing a charcoal scream kicked out her black silk stockinged legs, the left adorning a garter-belt for decorage'.

"G.g.gosh!!" mouthed Gladys silently as she squeezed her thighs together at the squishy feeling in her belly. In all the years she had been married to her dear husband George she had never felt this "naughty" before. To be honest it had been the missionary way all the time with him. "A good man, but lacking in the imagination stakes." she used to sigh to herself as he hauled himself off her , kissing her lightly on the tip of her nose with a "That was lovely dearest." before he turned over and fell asleep. But here before her was a secret fantasy - a great big submissive juicy one.

"So." she realised "He likes to draw spanked ladies of a certain disposition does he hmmmmm."


"Where's that daft ha'perth got to?" muttered Mr Jones to himself as he got to his feet. "Gladys, where are ye pet. Have you found me spectacles" he cried out from the bottom of the stairs.

"Coming Mr Jones!!" came a slightly breathless voice from above.

Gladys patted down her smock and placed the magazine back as she found it. Her face flushed she looked around and spied Albert's spectacle case hidden under a book by his bedside. With a last glance around the room she headed downstairs to set in motion, if she played her cards right, an interesting afternoon.

Albert looked up as she came into the room. "Well, did yer find them?" he squinted at her wondering if she had been mooching around upstairs. An uneasy feeling pervading his bones at the thought of her rooting around his personal belongings.

Gladys held up the spectacle case. "Here you are Mr Jones they were beside your bed. I'll just give them a quick clean." she smiled, a funny look on her face as she felt her heart racing.

Albert blinked but said nothing. "Something's up." he thought to himself as his eyes drifted down to the wide expansive backside of Nurse Pew. He licked his lips involuntary as her wriggling and wobbling posterior disappeared into the kitchen.

"Bloody hell." he thought wryly. "What I wouldn't give to ..." he shook his head ruefully. "Don't be so bloody daft. She'd put you in hospital or worse."


Gladys felt her insides turn to jelly at her indecision as she cleaned his spectacles with a clean cloth. Her mind was working overtime. "Oh cripes." she thought. "What if he get's angry and chucks me out if I ask him about those things upstairs?!" she muttered to herself. Her mind was a swirl of confusion and girlish excitement. Finally, she steeled herself and decided to take the bull by the horns.

"I won't get another chance..."


Handing him his set of sparkling spectacles, she sat on his settee and watched him fiddle and slip them on with a wriggle of his nose. He pushed the frame up to the bridge of his nose. "Happy now?" she smiled sweetly.

"Oooh, that's smashin' petal. Now I can see straight without tripping over everything." he grinned at her.

Gladys smiled and leaning slightly forward grasped her knees with both hands. This was it. "Er, I see you're a bit of painter then Mr Jones." she began hesitantly.

"What? Oh upstairs. Oh aye." he blushed slightly waving his hands dismissively. "Helps me pass the time. Bit of a hobby. When I was your age I used to love going up Coquet way, past the river up by the ferry with me pencils and paper. Aahh those summer days just lying there doodling watching the world go by." he sighed, his face taking on a far away look.

Gladys looked upon him with new eyes. "Well, well where's grumpy old scrooge gone?" she smiled to herself understanding his passion for his hobby. "I saw a landscape of Warkworth Castle." she began.

Albert came out of his reverie and looked at his nurse. "Did yer like it? Aye, smashing place it is." he asked.

Gladys nodded. "Hmmm hmm beautiful." she replied looking directly at him.

He nodded, feeling something was on her mind but said nothing.

"Have you ever had anything published in like a book or or magazine?" she stuttered, feeling her face turn a deep shade of rouge.

He looked at her slightly bemused. "Where is this going?" he thought puzzled. He decided to play the game and see where it led. "Oh, that was years past when I was a young whipper-snapper. Had a few things er done. Mostly of er people. You know ladies. Portraits and the like." he replied drifting off into silence.

"Oh, you painted ladies?" she asked.

"For special occasions." he nodded as he stuck his finger in the rim of his collar to let out the steam. He watched Nurse Pew run her tongue around her lower lip and he could tell her mind was ticking over. "Here it comes." he thought.

"I..I...I saw the er the magazine on your er table. Underneath the books." she blurted out feeling her face get hotter and hotter.

He felt his face drop with a look of surprise and shock. "Christ, she had been sneaking around his unmentionables?!" he realised. "Magazine?" he replied slowly.

Gladys nodded. "The one about Victorian ladies and their er memoirs."

The room was still and quiet as they both realised what they were about to discuss. They're eyes met, knowing they were sizing each other up about how much they thought they knew or could go. Mr Jones grasped the arms of his chair in a tight grip.

"Oh that one" he began sticking his chin out and then his bottom lip before running a hand along his whiskers. "I did that a long time ago when I was living down south in London. Helped pay me rent it did." he grunted by way of explanation.

Gladys pursed her lips deep in thought. "How did you get into doing that er subject? You know about sp..spanking er ladies." she finished in a rush blushing brightly.

Albert ran his tongue along his upper denture, feeling slightly unsure where this topic was heading. He glanced at her. "Ack pet, it was a bit of fun twas all." he began. He decided to elaborate a bit more. "Saw an advert in the old London Gazette asking fer someone who could doodle or draw a bit and who was a bit dapper with a pencil. Now when was it?" he drifted off trying to recall when he had received THAT letter. "1925. Aye that's it. Summer of 1925." he smiled.


Summer of 1925.


Albert Jones looked up from his steaming porridge as the postman disappeared down the yard. Dabbing his mouth with a napkin, he got up and went to see what had been delivered this day. A single brown envelope lay on the matt, he adjusted his spectacles, propping them on the bridge of his nose.

Stamped on the back was the hallmark and return address of:

"Phineaus Potter - Purveyor of Antiquities Victorian - 23 Church Street, Hammersmith, London."

Albert drew in his breath realising what it was as he ran back into the room and took a quick sip of tea. "Please, please." he hummed to himself. Ripping open the envelope, he flapped open the letter.

"Dear Mr Jones. Re - your application for employment with P. Potter Ltd.


I would like to inform you that you have been successful in your pursuit of a position here within our establishment. Your tenure as lead illustrator of "special projects" will commence as of 8.30 am Monday 17th July 1925. Could you please report to Mr Slocombe 8.30 sharp. We hope you will enjoy your ensuing career with us here.

Yours Your faithful servant Phenius Potter. (Proprietor) "

At 34 years of age, Albert Jones was about to discover his true vocation in life.


Two months later - September 1925.

Albert Jones stood with his mouth gaping open as he watched Mrs Fanny May bend over the kitchen stool hoisting her voluptuous green velvet dress up and over her back with a "Bugger, Mr Jones. Who decided I'd have to wear such a garment as this." she complained still fighting to grasp and pull up the full skirt. "Bugger, bugger, bugger!!" she went on - and on.

"M..maybe I can give you a hand with that Mrs May." he offered weakly as he tried not to stare at her outstanding charms.

"No, don't you worry Mr Jones I can manage." and with a final heave. "There yer go, you can make a start now." she finished, her head hanging low over the other side of the stool.

Albert gulped expansively at the sight that lay before him. Mrs May was a well upholstered lady of the street who had said goodbye to not only the best part of her 30's but also her looks as well. She'd been hired by P.Potter esq as a model for a new range of publications that had been described as very "hush hush."

"But, what's it about Mr Potter sir?" he had asked Albert puzzled on why everything was so secret. Mr Potter, stroking his grey whalebone moustache and beard, had looked at him with his one good eye, bent forward and whispered in his ear. "Now listen Albert, you're a good lad and good at wot ye do, but I've been approached by a certain someone high up." he pointed his finger to the ceiling to emphasise his point. "To provide the illustrations for a certain type of magazine which certain gentlemen like to peruse at their leisure." At that he winked and tapped the side of his nose conspiratorially. "A little bit of how's yer father, seems certain well to do folk like to read and see stories and pictures of large ladies getting their.." Mr Potter stopped and looked around before mouthing to Albert as if he was an idiot. "B.o.t.t.o.m.s smacked. "His bushy eyebrows disappearing under the folds of skin that sat on his forehead.

He sat forward wagging a finger in Albert's face. "Mind Albert, keep it to yerself Don't want no funny business with the plod...understand?" he warned keeping his voice low.

Albert, shaking himself out of his stupor nodded dumbly before gathering his wits. " mean you want me to draw ladies getting their er bottoms slapped on the the b.b.bare?" he blurted out

"Hmm huh. Look lad, we're getting a fair penny for our troubles and all." replied Mr Potter sitting back and hooking his fingers into his braces and pulling them forward a couple of inches from his rotund belly.

"W..when do I s.s.start sir?"

"I've arranged for a suitable model to come to the studio tomorrow at 2. Fine woman. Make sure you're ready."

"Bloody hell. Tomorrow?!" he thought swallowing nervously.

Albert blinked at the memory as one Mrs Fanny May looked over her shoulder.

"I haven't got all day Mr Jones. Get a move on." she complained, shaking her backside at him as if trying to hurry him up.

"Oh, right. Er I'll do a sketch of you like that first and then you er can er open your ahh bloomers." he began before fading into embarrassment.

"Righty ho, luv. You just tell dear sweet Fanny what to do and how to look."

Albert picked up his sketchpad, drew his charcoal pencil from behind his right ear and licking the tip set to work on the first of his many sessions with Fanny May bent over in various "unladylike" positions.


Mr Jones sat back in his chair and looked at Nurse Pew sitting before him rubbing her thighs in rapt attention at his tale. "So." he began pulling out his lower denture inspecting it thoughtfully. "Thats how I came to drawing what you saw."

Gladys sat open mouth for a moment before she gathered her wits and found her voice. "Well, gosh Mr Jones, that's a a wonderful story and here's me thinking you were a bit of an old curmudgeon." she replied genuinely impressed with her elderly patient. "Did you, you know ever er slap a ladies bottom?" she asked feeling that squiggly feeling again in the pit of her stomach.

Albert put his spectacles back on and screwed up his face. "Go upstairs and fetch the magazine and I'll show you." he ordered.

Gladys jumped up and ran upstairs. A moment later she was sat next to him on his settee. "Here ye go Albert." she wheezed slightly out of puff.

Albert gave her a look as he pushed his spectacles back up his nose and flicked through the musky and yellowing pages. "Ahh, here we are." he stopped his thumb at a particular page showing a drawing of a buxom lady, her sizeable bosom spilling from her low cut dress bent over what looked like a trestle with the vast expanse of white flesh and crack protruding from her bloomers.

Gladys felt her heart begin to thud faster and faster.

"Now this bonny lass was Mildred Whistle. Now she liked to act the part. For this 'un she bared her bum." he corrected himself. "She said to me - Mr Jones seeing as this one's to be in colour don't yer think I should have a red bum and some marks? Well, who was I to argue with a lady askin' such a favour?" he smiled beginning to laugh at the memory. "So I went and stood next to her, bent her over a bit more makin' her bum stand out and slapped each moon nice'n hard. Heh heh, sure did make her squeal, then blow me, she asked for a mirror so she could have a look, an she wasn't happy!!" he turned to Gladys who had a wistful smile on her face.

"Why don't ye take off your belt and give us a couple a whacks with it to make some bruises she then says. I tell ye Gladys I was shocked. Shocked at her candour. I mean I'd never hit a lady coz it just aint right but she was bold as brass and insisting so I unfastened my leather belt, doubled it up and gave her a couple of hard swishes that made her jump sharpish n' stamp her feet something rotten." he laughed. "I tell ye there was three big purple'ns showing on her backside by the time we was finished and you know something Gladys, she even kissed me on the cheek. "Tah very much. That stings nicely." she says as if I'd given her a real treat."

Gladys closed her eyes to the thought before slowly opening them and looking at him. "How many women have you done that to then?" she asked quietly.

Albert looked down at his hands as if counting mentally with his fingers."Oooh blimey, around about twenty as I figure." he finished.

"Twenty?!" blurted Gladys feeling her bumcheeks clench with surprise.

"Aye that's about right. Twenty." he turned his head slowly and looked at his District Nurse. "Although its been a good few years since I've warmed a bonny lasses seat." Tsk, it was only a wee fib.

There it was. The obvious point of everything they had been dancing around ever since the topic had arose between them. Out in the open. She knew all she had to do was walk through the door.

"Would you do it again if ye could." she asked hesitantly. "If you found someone who'd like to try it n' all?" she got out, feeling as if her face was going to burst.

Albert just nodded. Time to make his move. "What about you bonny lass?" he asked, looking her in the eye. "Is that what this is all about?"

Gladys felt as if the world was shaking and quaking at the seams, Albert Jones was changing from an old man to someone who could make her dreams come true. Licking her lips she nodded slowly, hesitantly. "I'm not sure. But I've never done it before not even with my late husband. He wasn't into anything funny like that Albert."

He reached over and patted her hand smiling encouragement. "Same for me, never married and I'm nee spring chicken any more but I reckons I can still make a ladies posterior nice'n hot. Want to give it a try?" he asked squeezing her hand. Gladys smiled at him. "You can be my number twenty one."

"You're the last on me round for today, so I think we've got enough time for it." she replied biting her lip nervously. "So Albert Jones, you're a bit of a dark horse and all aren't you you sly old devil." she laughed.

"Oh aye, I still have me moments petal. Now lets make a start then. Go into the kitchen pantry and bring out me stool." he began, struggling to his feet wincing slightly. "Oooooooh me piles."


"Go on Nurse Pew, bend right over and grasp the wood." he ordered, watching the younger woman bend over the stool, stretching her uniform tightly over her figure making him give a low whistle of appreciation. "Oooee Gladys, you don't half fill that uniform of yours something smashing bonny lass."

Gladys just grunted feeling the blood rush to her head as she bent herself double.

"Can I have a feel afor we start pet?" he asked, standing directly behind her body.

"Er wot?" she wheezed feeling the breath being squeezed from her lungs.

"Don't worry yourself. I'm too old to try any hanky-panky. Me tiddler gave up the ghost years ago. No more lead in the old pencil alas." he chuckled as he heard her mutter an "you dirty old sod" somewhere below. He saw her head bob and her dark brown hair ripple beneath the cap which was in danger of tumbling to the floor. Reaching forward he spread his hands wide, sinking his fingers into the uniform covered expanse of the nurse's wobbling hint end. It was firm and solid bent as she was, the outlines of her knickers traced out enticingly before him.

"Oooh Mr Jones." she moaned.

Deciding to take advantage, he gripped her arse cheeks harder taking a couple of meaty handfuls of covered flesh.

Gladys, her face beetroot red felt wonderful as she felt him mould her arse cheeks like a piece of doe. "Mmmmmm that's so lovely Albert do it harder."


"Yeowch!!!" she screeched with her head snapping up in shock. "Wh..what was that forr?!!" she cried, turning her head and looking at him with a pained expression as he stood behind her in his carpet slippers.

"Just testin' sweetie." he smiled.

"Ohhhhhh you." she began before KERSPLAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!

"Hmmmm owww!!!" she squealed and wheezed as Mr Jones delivered a second juicy blow to her right cheek.

"Just getting into me stride and swing of things Gladys. Just grit yer teeth and bear it out." he said tapping her up thrust bum which was swaying back and forth.

"Oooow all yigggghhhhhhhtoooooowwwwwchhh!!" she whimpered as number three sang home making her press her weight forward, shake and stamp her feet in protest.

"If ye don't watch out pet, ye're going to fall flat on yer face." he wheezed, his hand floating in mid-air as if deciding which spot was next to feel its sharp kiss.

"How many more Albert?" she asked. Her bum felt twice it's size and was throbbing like a sore tooth - but in a nice way.

"Well, seeing as you're squawking like a parrot, I reckon ye should try a few with your knickers n' tights off. If yer game that is."

"Eh?" thought a befuddled Gladys as she tried to gather her wits. "Did he mean?"

"Are ye game?" he asked again gently, knowing this was a pivotal moment.

Gladys nodded.

"Good lass, new hold still while I pull up your skirt." he beamed trying to insert his fingers under the hem of her stretched tight uniform. "Bugger it Gladys, canna get a grip. You'll have to stand up and take them off yourself pet."

Wallowing around like a beached whale, Gladys struggled to her feet tottering about unsteadily beetroot of face. She glowered at him under lowered lashes as she inserted her fingers in either side of her smock and wriggling her lower torso like a belly dancer she bumped and swayed lifting and inching the dress above her hips revealing her black woollen tights to his hawk-like gaze.

"Blimey petal." he blurted out. "Ye don't half fill your knickers." he finished licking his lips in undisguised admiration.

She looked up and smiled before giving him a questioning look. "Should I?"

"Off with them and all" he said pointing to the last of her decency.

With a wry "you bloody would" frown, she reached in and grabbed a bunch of material and whipped them quickly, bloomers and all down around her ankles.

"" he breathed as she balanced on one foot and shook them away leaving her bare from the waist down.

Gladys stood with a mixture of mortification, embarrassment and extreme arousal washing over her, hands covering her bush staring at her feet. Albert Jones gulped, his adam's apple bobbing up and down as he swallowed his nerves. "Ye look smashing petal." he began breaking the silence that had fallen in the room. "Back over."

Bending back over, feeling her muscles groan and ache as she levered herself down into a comfortable position. "How many?" she asked, her face a dark mask.

"Twelve. Since this is your first lot we'll stick to a round dozen."

The first crack caught Gladys unaware making her squeal more in shock than pain as his hand sank into her cushion leaving in its wake a rather nice smart. "Hmmmmm one." she thought to herself, surprised that this was quite nice.

Sherrrrrrrlap. Cracccckkkkkk. Whapppppppp.

"Ohhhhhh owwwwwww." she whimpered.

"Here's the last one, I'll make it a special un so grit your teeth ok?" warned Albert feeling as if his hand was on fire and about to drop off.


"Yeooooooowch!!" gasped Albert blowing on his hand.

Gladys turned and looked at him and burst out laughing. "Oh ouch. Serves you right for hitting my bum that hard."

Albert was surprised. "If yer arse hurts half as much as me hand, ye'll not sit down fer a week. So what's so funny anyway?" he admonished her feeling as if his pride had been hurt.

Struggling up, she reached around and cupped her arse cheeks giving them a little pat and rub. "This might sound daft Mr Jones, but it feels soooooo nice and warm now that me bums gotten used to it I wouldn't mind a few more if you're obliging'" she asked licking her lips.

"But..but didn't it hurt sweetie?" he asked feeling shocked at her stoicism.

"Oh aye, but the sting doesn't last and it leaves a funny smarty type feeling, me bums throbbing a bit now."

Albert rubbed his jaw while looking at his spanking hand. "I'd love to petal, but me hands sore." he looked at her apologetically, trying not to stare at her privates which were now on full show.

Gladys looked disappointed. "Wait a minute...I've got an idea!!" she grinned.


Albert blinked. " 40?" he said mystified flicking through the pages of THAT magazine.

"Hmm huh." she replied, a low smile spreading on her blushing face.

Mr Jones, wearing his penny spectacles found page 40 and looked up at Nurse Gladys Pew slightly taken aback. "Ye want to try this lass?" he asked.

"Hmmm huh." she nodded as she bit her lip. This could really turn out to be a bad idea.

Albert nodded, closing the page and looking around the sitting-room. "Lemme think now. Where'd I put em? Hang on, I did me washing on Friday so.." he disappeared into the pantry where he began to root around in his laundry. "Aha, found it!!" he shouted from the other room.

Albert came back into the room with a big grin while Gladys stood with her hand before her "O" shaped mouth as she stared at the large double thick leather belt hanging menacingly from his grip. "This un's from me good trousers, just put them through the wash for Church on Sunday. This canny belt came with them." he shook out the belt to its full length. The belt was dark tanned and crossed with veins of wear and tear and at full stretch it must of been about 2 - 3ft in length and as supple as a snake.

"God Albert that looks awful." she gasped."That'll sting something rotten on me bum."

Albert smiled and shrugged as he bent the belt in half, holding it by the buckle before giving it a swing and making it woosh through the air. Gladys felt her knee's start to shake. Albert squinted at her realising she was having second thoughts.

"Yer don't have to if you don't want to."

Gladys looked at him in surprise realising this was as much to his enjoyment as hers. She tilted her head to one side, eyeing up the writhing snake. " Albert, it was my idea and ever since I saw your drawing I've wanted to see what it was like so...." she nodded her head.

"Yah're a real trooper Nurse Pew, now get back over and we'll make a start, its way past dinnertime and I'm famished."

Gladys gave him and his belt a last wary look then checked to make sure her arse was still bare and gave it a last rueful rub. "Sorry boys." she laughed to herself. "This is going to hurt you more than it does me."

Albert waited until she was settled and then he crouched down near her head.

"Now Gladys, you're a big lass. You're not a skinny wee thing and ye've got a great big mature well padded arse so ye should be able to tek a fair beltin' and lashin' across it. A grown lady should be able to accept a hard thrashing and no mistake." he told her sternly.

Gladys looked at him, through a veil of hair which had come undone from her bonnet.

She gulped and nodded.

Albert patted her on the shoulder. "Here we go then..." he said stepping back out of view. "I'm going to give you a good half-dozen stingers for now. Brace yerself these are going to hurt." he told her as he lifted the doubled leather back and above his head like he was going to crack a whip.

"Ohhhhhh.......nooooo." groaned Gladys, her face scrunched up in anticipation and fear. "Oooooooo."

Albert swung his right arm down low and hard watching the width of the leather strike her left buttock first, sink in a couple of inches before it continued its path around the full expanse of her backside to her right hip, the flesh rolling back in waves as her body started in shock before jack-knifing in reaction.

"OOOOOooooyeeeeeooowwwcccchhhhhhh Allallllllbert OOOOOOow" she screeched at the top of her lungs making him wince at the noise. The belt had rebounded off wriggling as if pleased with its first effort. Albert was speechless. He had hit her much harder than he intended to but she had come through it and had settled down for the next lash. "Well, well." he thought impressed. "She can take a fair amount of pain and jip, she can."

He whipped the leather back quickly over his shoulder before ricocheting it back through an arc onto her bruised flesh..


"YYYYYEEEEEOOOOOOWWWWWCCCCCCCH." she screamed again as she wriggled her arse and stamped her feet trying to shake off the pain that was washing up and down her spine.

Albert meanwhile went to his drawer and too out a couple of ear plugs and stuck them in. If he wasn't careful he'd be deaf for a week due to the racket she was making. Not that he was even contemplating giving her less than what she asked for. He was a gentleman of his word after all.


Albert chucked the belt into his chair and helped her to her feet.

"Are ye all right pumpkin?" he asked concerned for he was a bit worried after the thrashing he had given her she might run to the local plod and get him arrested for beating the District Nurses backside black and blue. He looked at her arse which was turning from deep red to a weird purpley black colour.

Gladys swayed to and fro a little as she gingerly reached around and fondled her throbbing bottom. "Oooooh bloody nora!!" she winced. "Albert, they don't half throb an' feel twice as big...but.." she closed her eyes trying to find the right words. "Iit doesn't feel as bad as I thought it would." she looked at him with her teary face glowing rouge with a big surprised grin. "Ye didn't half tan me arse Albert Jones and you know what?...I loved every second of it!!" She reached over and kissed him on the cheek before turning and looking at the clock. "Eeeh look at the time, I'd better pull on me knickers and tights afor I catch me death of cold and bugger off home afor it starts to snow again."


Albert Jones burst out laughing as he watched Nurse Gladys Pew try to sit her fat arse on the bicycle seat not once, not twice, but three times before she settled herself down and pushed herself away down the lane turning slightly and giving him a wave.

"What a lovely lass." he smiled picking up his magazine and flicking through it. "Now." he thought to himself. "What did she say as she closed the door?"

"Page 60..." Albert found the page and gave a slow secretive smile.

"Oh Gladys Pew, you naughty little girl."


Part 2.

Gladys Pew, naked from the waist down turned and looked over her shoulder at her reflection in the mirror. She let out a relieved sigh as she realised that most of the purple and black splotches were beginning to fade away. "It's about bloody time n'all." she muttered to herself thinking it had been just over a week since her encounter with Mr Jones and his belt. She made a face as she relived the days since.


Christmas had come, blazed brightly and passed as it always did with her greeting and visiting friends and relatives nearby. All the while as she smiled, laughed and played her bloody arse throbbed something chronic. "Blimey." she thought, sipping a dram surrounded by the congregation of the local church - including the Vicar and his chubby wife on Boxing Day. "If they only knew what I'd been up to and if they ever saw the state of my backside....."

Dressed up to the nine's she had glanced around the hall looking for her bums torturer. But there was no sign of the artist. She didn't know whether to be relieved or disappointed. Giving herself a mental shake she banished all thoughts of him and threw herself with gusto into the festivities.



"Page 60...."

She couldn't stop thinking of her last words as she left his house that day. "Why the hell did I say that to him?!" she chided herself feeling a mixture of anger and embarrassment at leaving with an offer hanging in the air between them. She was sitting at her desk in the village surgery gazing out at the frost bitten fields as a biting northerly wind made the oak tree's sway and bend in the distance.

The events of that day ran through her mind. "Why why why?" she questioned herself. "Why did I do it? I could have put everything I'd worked for these years in jeopardy. He could have thrown me out and informed my boss doesn't bear thinking about." she sighed, getting up and standing by the window watching the blue tits and robins flapping and dancing around searching for scraps in the fresh snow.

But he hadn't thrown her out. With her acquiescence, he had spent the best part of an hour thrashing her arse black and blue. That wasn't the problem though, there was no denying the point which troubled her so. She had not only enjoyed her debasement but had positively encouraged its prolongment with the request of a belting. There was no denying the wave of emotion that washed over her.

She had wanted it and with a shiver of shocked recognition she finally understood that she wanted more.


At that precise moment, Albert Jones was grumbling to himself as he dug his way deeper into his garden shed. He reached up and brushed away frost encrusted white cobwebs from the nooks and crannies of the inner depths of his sanctuary. With his breath wheezing around him, he continued his search until "AAaaaaaahhhhhhhaaa found ye ye bugger!!" he cried triumphantly as he reached over a pile of junk and fished out a long sachet of faded leather. With an ambling gate that confirmed his advancing years, he ran back up his path with a skip and a jump.

With the kitchen door shut, he went over to the stove which was burning brightly stacked up with chopped logs and began to unravel his package. With a last downward tug, the leather sheaf coiled itself onto the floor leaving Mr Jones beaming a happy smile as he greeted a long lost friend.

"See yer still in good nick me lad." he began as he flexed his arm through the air, a whoooooooosh breaking the silence. A long lost companion of yester year had returned. He began to whistle as he laid the instrument on the table.

His cane.


Gladys packed her bag at the end of her work day and said cheerio to Mildred Knutt who worked part-time as a secretary cum receptionist.

"Bye Gladys, s.s.s.see t.t.t.tommorrow." the older woman had stuttered as Gladys packed her bag into the carrier case on the back of her bicycle.

"Toodlooooo." she waved in response as she headed off, the winter darkness drawn down all around and lit only by the arcs of street lights. All around shops were closing and shutting up as she cycled past on her way home. Squeezing the brakes slowly, Gladys Pew drew to a halt at the crossroads at the end of the lane and stopped as she felt the deep beating of her heart.

Turn right she would head off home.

Turn left...

She licked her lips, unsure of what to do. "Be sensible." she sighed. "Just go for a chat, say hello, check that there was no "problem" between them. He was her patient after all. It was her duty of care to look out and make house calls." Her heart continued to throb noisily in her chest.

She gripped the handlebars and pushed off leaving the day and the village behind.


Rat-a-Tat Tat.

Albert looked up from his newspaper as he wondered who this could be at this time of night. "Bugger." he muttered as with a sigh, he got up and hobbled to the door. He gave a start as he unlocked and swung open the door to reveal a wrapped up warm but still shivering Nurse Gladys Pew smiling apologetically on his doorstep stamping her feet. "Gladys!!." he blurted out, looking left and right in case anyone was around. "What are ye doing here bonny lass at this time on night?"

"Can I come in Albert. "she asked shivering. "Just for a minute. I need to talk to you. Please.."

Albert nodded backing away and letting her past him into the welcoming warmth of his parlour. "Get yerself by the fire before ye catch your death of cold." He fussed around her like a mother hen. Gladys smiled as he took her coat and hung it up in the porch. "What brings ye around here?" he began, looking at her with a crooked gaze. "I'm not in trouble am I, after er you know.." he jerked his thumb over his left shoulder for effect.

Gladys, still hugging herself laughed and shook her head. "'t worry Albert. Iits just, well, it is about what happened and what we did." she replied feeling herself turn red despite the cold still making her bones grumble. "Albert, I just can't stop thinking about what happened last week." she tried to explain to him, her hands spreading wide in a show of puzzlement.

"Eeeeh petal, I did hope you were alright. I didn't mean to whack yer bum see hard but ye seemed to be able to take it. I've never whaled an bum harder than I did yours."

Gladys looked at the old man who seemed genuinely upset that he thought he'd really hurt her. "No, no Albert its alright. So's me bum - although it didn't half change colour after I left here. It lasted all bloody week an all but that's why I'm here..." her voice drifted off.

Albert wheezed and drew a slow deep breath.

Gladys drew herself up and looked him square in the eye. "That's the problem. I did enjoy it. A lot. Hard though you whacked me, I can't explain why, I probably don't know meself but its just so so nice." she gasped an expression of hopeless befuddlement on her face. "And I want to feel more.. So if yer willing and all I'd like another dose Tonight if that's ok with you." she blurted out watching him go from open mouthed wonder to a sly cheeky grin.

Albert felt totally elated. "I knew it!!" he rejoiced inside. "Just had a gut feeling she was one of them there ladies that are really into it."

He beamed and nodded. "Be my pleasure petal."


The snow had begun to fall again and was swooshing against the sitting-room window as Albert Jones drew the curtains shut and switched on a table lamp which sat near the fire. The room danced with an orange glow with excited shadows running and playing hither and dither.

Gladys, shocked, put her fingers to her lips as she realised he hadn't forgotten. Page 60. "Cripes." she gulped feeling her knees quake.

Albert, his penny frames resting on the bridge of his nose looked at her over the magazine and with a knowing look he turned and showed her what was on page 60.

A grown woman was bent over a stool, her dress cast up over her back shrieked out in charcoal agony as an elderly refined gentleman with handlebar moustache drew a welt in her ample derriere with a whippy bamboo cane. "So ye fancy some o' that then Gladys. Mind its a fearsome thing a caning. You'll really scream and holler yerself hoarse when old Mr Whippy comes a calling." he chuckled.

Gladys glowered at him as if he was the devil himself. She nodded and with false bravado and said "Hmm huh, that's what I want....can you do it Albert?"

Albert didn't say a word as he turned and left the room.

"Whets he flipping doin now?" she wondered. "Bloody Hell!!" her mind screamed as Albert came back into the room and stood before her. For in between both hands, bent into a graceful arc, was a length of bamboo.

"Say hello to Mr Cane Gladys."

Gladys felt her mouth go dry and her heart leap into her throat rendering her speechless. She nodded dumbly.

Albert looked around rubbing his jaw deep thought. "I know. Alright Gladys, this time we'll have every thing off and bend yourself over the back of the settee. I should be able to get a good swing at yer bum that way." he ordered beginning to pull the furniture away.

Gladys gave a start. "You mean take of everything?" she looked up, alarmed and blushing at the thought of disrobing in front of someone old enough to be her father.

Albert, looking back over his shoulder as he manoeuvred his settee into the middle of the room, nodded. "Oh aye. Don't fret yourself pet, those days are long gone fer me. Just want to admire your obvious charms my dear." he winked before rasping and chuckling at the hurt look on her face.

"You bloody, dirty old sod Albert Jones. Yer a right fibber and no mistake!!" she stood with hands on hips giving him a smiling glower. She looked over at the cane which lay on the table and knew she would have to play his little game if she wanted him to lay it on her.

Albert stood up as he watched her do a slow strip in front of him, her alabaster whiteness shining in the glow of the lamp. Off came her uniform, followed by her chemise, corset, tights, bra. "Blimey!!" gulped Albert. "That's a cracking pair of bosoms she's got on her!!" With a final flourish she hooked her fingers in the waistband of her bloomers and slipped and wriggled them past her hips and off leaving her standing as nature intended. She stood before him self consciously as he gawped at her like some love stuck parrot.

Albert whistled.

Gladys tried to cover her bits and bobs. "Well, Mr Jones are you going to stand and stare at me like a ninny or are you going to cane my fat arse for me?"

"Eh, oh aye er get yourself over here and bend over the back and keep your legs nice n straight." he ordered dragging himself back to his senses.

As she walked past him she stuck out her tongue and called him "a daft bugger."

"That's a round bakers dozen that is for that." he scolded her.

Gladys with a last soft sigh of no pain dropped herself over the settee back and wobbled her backside and hips enticingly as she worked herself into a more comfortable position.

Albert stood directly behind her admiring the view. "Sod it, if only I were 10 years younger." he thought ruefully. "I'd give ye a right bloody seeing to and that's no mistake." He reached over and grasped the bamboo by the slightly crooked end and reached down and tapped Gladys on one ankle. "Wider...c'mon spread them further apart."

Gladys craned her head around and looked at him through her dark hair which she had let down when she had removed her bonnet.

"Spread em." he ordered in a louder voice.

She obeyed.

"Whew!!" he wheezed, sticking a finger in his shirt collar to let out the steam as he was presented with the sight of both Mrs Pew's (widow) secret orifices.

Gladys felt her body throb with shame as she knew what she was revealing to him and what he was unquestionably staring at but she broke into a low smile. This was lovely. "A..Albert...ppleeeeease cane me, cane my fat well padded arse nice 'n hard and make me squeal." She wriggled feeling her passion rise.

"Here it comes...hold on tight. This is ganna sting something rotten." he replied stepping to her left and bouncing the cane on her cheeks to take aim.


"Ohhhhhhhblooooooooooooooooddddy yeeeeeeowcccchhhh" she screeched, seconds after the rattan had rebounded back and quivered in Albert's hand. "OOOOoooowww, hmmmmmmmmm try annnnnnnnother one quick!!" cried Gladys, her bare feet stamping and her knee's jack-knifing up and bobbing against her backside.

Albert licked his lips. He bent forward and looked at her quivering arse. A little red lined bump crossed the fattest expanse of her hint end and looked as painful as hell."Here comes number 2, brace yourself."

A swing, a whoosh, a pencil thin slice and finally a "Ffffffffuuuuuaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!" shriek followed by "Bloooooooody nora Aaaaalbert, hhhhhhhhm ooooooh doesn't half sting eeeeeh!!" Gladys slightly shocked at the level of pain, reached back and grasped her bottom wincing as she felt the welts. "Oohhhh Albert, I bet they look reeeeeal sore." she moaned feeling tears beginning to well.

"They do that do you feel petal, do yah want to take the rest. I'll stop now if its too much fer you to handle." he asked concerned.

Gladys shook her head even though the sting was terrible. " you keep on and lay it on just as hard Albert, I'll shoot and holler if'n it gets too much." she whimpered. Her head hanging back low into the cushions where she grasped one and stuck a corner in her mouth to bite on.

"Ok petal.....number 3."


Gladys squeezed her eyes shut and grabbed her backside. "Ooooooeeeee, I'll neeeeeeever sit down for a month of Sundays!!!!"


Number 12 sang across her backside with a whispering hello with her echoing shriek a testiment to an unwelcome reply. Gladys bit into the cushion as the pain washed up from her hips and suffused her body with a warm glow. "HHhhhhhhhhhhhhmm huuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh" she finally blew.

Albert blinked as he watched his prim and proper friend groan, shake, squeal and then whimper as the unmistakable signs of her climax made her oblivious to her attendant tormentor. He stood back watching as she gave him glimpses of her vagina and anus as she peaked and flowed downhill with a hiccup and soft sighed burp before she collapsed with an...

"Ooooooooooe Allbert that was soooooo hmmmmmmmm..........wonderful."

Albert tipped an imaginary cap. "My pleasure pretty lady."


Now dressed and having rubbed her face with a wet flannel, Gladys sat with Albert in a comfy chair sipping a brew before a roaring fire which crackled and snapped merrily. Gladys winced and made a face as she wobbled and swayed in her seat as her ribbed flesh rippled painfully. Albert laughed..

"I told ye it would hurt petal." he grinned.

Gladys looked at him and stuck out her tongue in mock defiance before breaking into a sweet jingly rueful laugh. "Ouch Mr hurts so it does." she pouted putting on her best little girl voice. "You're a beast sir for whaling into me so very, very hard."

Albert wagged a finger in her face. "Now listen to me missy, ye've been a bad little lady and all bad little ladies need to have the tar whopped oot them to make 'em sweet." He leaned forward until his face was before hers. "AND...if ye give me any more sassy backchat I'll welt yer arse again tomorrow. What do ye say about that then?!!" he teased and warned her as he sat back folding his arms in mock authority.

Gladys blinked and with a sly grin. "Promises, promises Mr Jones!!"


A little later that evening after Nurse Pew had gone.

"Now what was the number?" muttered Albert scratching his itchy bald pate as he reached for his phone.


Ring Ring.


"Its Albert, you'll never guess what I've been up to over Christmas."

The man on the other end of the phone was suitable shocked.


Part 3.

Mildred Knutt sat behind the desk chewing a toffee humming a tune as she flicked through the latest issue of "Knitting Patterns for the Creative Woman." Looking up briefly, she gazed around the surgery waiting room she had decorated with a fine tree cascading with tinsel and baubles of every colour as befitting the season, her wing framed spectacles perched on the bridge of her nose.

The room was empty, testament to a quiet day during the Christmas break, no one was ever ill during the holidays. "Ho hum." she sighed, glancing up at the clock wishing it was time to shut up shop and go home to her knitting.

Mildred Knutt was going on 47, she stood around 5-3" of fair hair going silvery, a robust and rosy complection with a build best described as "curvy farmers wife" like. She was to all who knew her a good upright member of the community who chaired the local townswoman's guild and baked a mean apple tart with a reputation far and wide in the shires. She lived her life at an amble, a quiet existence which befitted her solitary state having never married.

It was only her and Bagpuss the cat against the world.

"Ooh that's a bonny colour." she murmured to herself in a soft Scottish lilt as she turned the page and spied a particularly fetching number. "Must try that some time, hmmm blue. I'll have to visit Mrs Doolittle's wool shop first thing."

Clank. Bang.

Mildred gave a slight start as the surgery door swung open letting in an icy draft and a shadowy figure dressed for the cold hidden behind a black overcoat and hood. She manoeuvred the toffee around her mouth as she watched the tall figure stamp his feet to dislodge the snow on the matted rug before advancing into the warmth of the room.

"Who...cccan I you?" she began , her stutter, an affliction which had lain on her since she was a wee lass bubbling back to the surface.

The stranger threw back his coif and shook his full dark haired head. "Hello Millie, its just me pet."

"Ohhhhh it's you Mr Bobbins, yea gave me such a fuh fer fright yer did.." she frowned at him waggling a stern finger as he approached the bench.

Robert Bobbins the local butcher gave a chuckle as he rubbed his hands on the nearby radiator, looking around at the empty room.

"You're quiet the night Mildred, where's all the whingers and shirkers eh? Making merry I'm figuring.'"

"Its Christmas ye daft ha'perth, its always like this every year." replied Mildred as she eyed the tall handsome man before her licking her lips nervously.

Bob Bobbins had just turned 32 and owned the "Bobbins Butchery" on the local high street which he had taken over as part of his inheritance, he was a tall man, quicksilver of mind and ways, strong built as befitting his work but was well know for his generosity to the local church and other good causes. He had been widowed at an early age when his wife had passed away suddenly about 6 years back.

Mildred cocked her head sideways and studied him closely wondering why he'd never remarried for it was certainly through no lack of effort from erstwhile single, widows, spinsters and good breeding hunting madams looking for a fine catch for their simpering daughters. Mildred broke out into a slow smile as she realised she knew the reason, the REAL reason.

"What would the honorary well ter do's of the women's guild say if they knew that their fine upstanding butcher had certain "peculiarities" in his character." she thought to herself.

Bob, his eyes narrowing below bushy brows looked at his good friend of many years suspecting something was playing on her mind by the gleam in her blue eyes. "Aye aye, pretty, what are you grinning at?" he whispered bending down and resting his elbows on the counter before her.

She gave a wistful wave of her hand. "Oh, you know me dear, something and nothing at all.."

"Hah." he laughed reaching into his pocket. "Here, this'll give you something to think about." he finished, placing a piece of folded note-paper before her and turning away drawing his coat around him.

"What?" she blurted looking up, but it was to late he was out the door and away into the night. She picked up the slip of paper, unfolded it and began to read.

"Dear Millie,

Would very much like you to visit on Friday for another of my little get together. May have a little surprise for you if you do. Bob's invited as well. If I can arrange things, it will be a fun night.

If minded be at my place around 6pm sharp.


ps: wear something suitable."

"Ooooh heck!!" groaned Mildred feeling the cheeks of her bum clench nervously.


It was Friday morning and the winter chill swept and whipped around bitingly as Gladys Pew trudged down the high-street to the butchers clutching the nape of her coat firmly under her chin.

Ding ding. The bell on the door bobbed and chimed as she pushed it closed and turned to enter the shop. She gave a smile to Mrs Winkle who was studying a sizeable leg of lamb that the butcher Mr Bobbins was waving before her nose, he winked at Gladys as she stood waiting to be served.

"Why hello Nurse Pew. " simpered Mrs Winkle, her daughters Nellie and Cissy at her side giggling and casting sly glances at the gentleman behind the counter. "What are we to do with this awful weather we've been having lately, it fair ruins the complexions of my girls so it does."

"I fear we are already doing the only thing we can do Mrs Winkle and that is to wrap up warm to keep out the chill, hardy folk like us just have to grin and bear it until the spring breaks." responded Gladys smiling sweetly.

"Hurrmph" belched Mrs Winkle turning back to her chore and fawning over the piece of meat. "Now Mr Bobbins, be so good as to remove the fat, can't have my girls eating the waste, growing girls need good wholesome meat isn't that so Mr Bobbins."

"Why yes, Mrs Winkle all girls need a little meat to keep them healthy and put a smile on their faces." he smoothly replied.

Gladys Pew blinked and looked at the butcher who seemed to be having severe difficulty keeping a straight face and absolved the problem by sticking his tongue in his cheek. He turned and looked at her and the look he gave her fair made her knees quake at the way of his words.

"All girls need a little meat." thudded around her head. "Did he REALLY say that?!!!" Gladys gulped and turned a nice shade of pink realising that the comment had completely slipped the twittering woman by. Mr Bobbins turned, sliced the meat and weighed it to his patrons satisfaction and wrapped it in paper before handing it over.

"That'll be 2 n'6 for this Mrs Winkle and I wish yea and your lovely lasses a good day."

Handing over the money, Mrs winkle turned and shooshed her two charges out of the shop waving cheerio's as they went. Mr Bobbins let out an exasperated sigh and pushed back his white cap. "I'll tell you a fine thing Nurse Pew, I'm sure every lady with weak kneed daughters is after me and my money and that's no mistake." he sighed looking out of the shop window at the retreating Winkle clan.

"Of course they do sir, you're a fine catch this winters morn." she burst out laughing at the shocked look on his face.

"Not yea and all." he groaned in mock offence covering his face with his hand.

"Hah, no I'm far too sensible for to place that before a fine gentleman such as you. No I'm content in my own way." Gladys looked around the shop checking to see that the coast was clear, she then leaned forward slightly crooking a "come here" finger at him. "I'm not THAT desperate you understand." she whispered to his face.

The look on Mr Bobbins face!! It was a mixture of surprise, bruised ego and a "you cheeky little madam" rolled into one. "Why Mrs Pew," he spoke slowly. "Maybe you should consider yourself THE catch not me seeing as there's more to you than meets the eye apparently." he finished cryptically watching a puzzled frown appear on her pretty face.

Gladys looked him square and stuck out her lower lip realising that something had passed between them. But what?

He realised he may have gone too far and changed the subject to ease the undoubted friction that had built up between them. "So, before we both catch our deaths what can I temp you with this fine morning?" he blustered spreading his arms wide to encompass his tray.

"Oh er let me see, I'll have a pound of your best bacon and some pea's puddin' if ye've got it and and well, I think that's all I guess" she motioned turning her mind back to the task at hand.

"There ye go Mrs Pew, from the finest pig in Northumberland and a fair dab of puddin' for tasters. To you a mere shilling'" he beamed at her.

Smiling Gladys reached into her purse and paid for her purchase, as she handed it over their eyes met and locked. Something passed between them, something natural and unspoken from a man to a woman. Gladys felt as if he knew her, knew more than he should or have aright to.. He had something over her to her disadvantage and the thought made her shiver.

Mr Bobbins broke the chain and bid her good day. "You'd best be off Mrs Pew, a good day to you." he smiled raising his cap.

"Y..yes I guess I should." she faltered turning away, shaking herself out of her lethargy she smiled and waved as she closed the door and passed in front of the window.

Mr Bobbins stood watching as Gladys Pew disappeared away in the distance. His face was set in a grim and determined jut for he knew that what events transpired this evening could forge a path for him that he had always wanted ever since the first time he laid eyes on the villages new District Nurse.


A few years past..

Robert Bobbins sat on the grassy bank and watched the gleaming freshwater of the river Coquet flow by serenely, he stretched out his legs and bowed his head back taking in the late evening sunshine. A fine days fishing he'd had. Two pike, a trench and a salmon by jove!!

The drift of the line dancing in the fading sunset brought a smile to his face. "Ahh this is the life so it is." he breathed savouring the smell of new mown hay as it drifted across the shire on a warm summers breeze. He turned his head slightly at the distant peel of bells from the tower of Rothbury Church.

Time was getting on and he'd best get back. Gathering up his gear and rod, he slung the dried effort of his days labour over his shoulder on a fine wire and set off back to his home smiling at the greeting his mother would give him as he laid his ware on the table for supper.

"You can't spend your life fishing Robert so yea can't, yer father isn't getting any younger so why don't you learn his trade and you'll be set fair in your ways without a worry besides being a butcher is no bad thing in these parts. You need to get out and about, you can't live the life of a widower for ever you know, Sally would of wanted you to forge on and get meeting with others and find another lass to be settling down with again." she'd always bring up, before her words would drift off as she looked at her son who had returned to stay at their little cottage after the untimely death of his wife.

"Yes mother." he'd nod putting off the inevitable.

Except this time would be different, this time he'd knuckle down and earn his living by good honest endevour.

As he made his way to the bridge by the lock, he stood and gazed out across the meadow of Brooks Wood remembering happier days past where he and his young wife would loll and while away lazy days picknicking. He drew a deep breath feeling the pang of loss thud in his chest as he turned and crossed the bridge. He stopped suddenly as he rounded the fen and approached the row of shops and peculiars on the high street. He stood and gawped at the alluring sight which was before him.

Outside Mr Willis's the greengrocers, bending over at the waist perusing the fresh produce that lay stacked on the floor was the becoming profile of a fulsome behind dressed in a navy blue pleated skirt which reached to just below knee level thus revealing a fine turn of ankle. He smiled as he watched it wriggle and wobble as she reached over and picked apples, oranges and pears to inspect.

"Well, well.." he whistled to himself.

Gladys Pew, the new District Nurse stopped what she was doing feeling something wasn't quite right, she felt like she was being watched!! She sprang up and whirled around to come face to face with a tall gentleman of younger years staring at her as she stood like a ninny holding a banana in her right hand.

"Oh...yyyou er shouldn't er how'd you do.." she stuck out her hand before realising that she was offering him a piece of fruit. She simply blushed and smiled gathering her wits. "I'm the er new nurse in the..." she turned slightly and pointed to the surgery. "I'm Gladys, Gladys Pew."

Robert Bobbins took the banana, smiled and then laughed. "Robert, Robert Bobbins but most all call me Bob. I'm er going to be the local butcher once me dad packs it in."

"H..hello R..Bob nice to meet you." she smiled up at him wondering why she should be so nervous around someone who was patently much younger than her.

"And you Gladys Pew and you." he replied softly taking in her form, colour, shape and manner liking what he saw.

Both not aware of the moods and ways of fate which would bring them together far into the future.


He took a deep breath at the warm memory and all the times he had wanted to get to know the District Nurse better but had never had the courage fearing age would bar her from him. But not tonight now that he knew her secret. Tonight was the first night of the rest of his life.

All thanks to Albert Jones and his artistic ways.

"Don't you be fretting yourself bonny lass, I've got a date all set up between us. I'll be making a better acquaintance with what lies under yer uniform real soon." he whispered to himself feeling a familiar stirring as he watched her fade in the distance.


Turning the key in the lock Gladys pushed the braided oak door open, as it swung inside with a creak and groan she looked down and saw the folded notepaper lying on her mat. Propping her groceries against the porch wall she bent and picked it up. "Hmmm, wonder who this is from?" she quietly said to herself as she shut out the cold and went inside shedding her coat.


Albert Jones grimaced and gurned at his reflection in the mirror as he tried to fasten his dicky-bow tie to no avail. "Bloody thing." he mumbled twisting the material to and fro. Eventually with a wheeze he succeeded and flipped down his collar, picking up a pot of lacquer he fingered out a hefty dollop and rubbed it into what was left of his mop before brushing it flat making him look like some dotty professor. As he was fastening his braces to his britches.

Rap a tat tat went the front door. Albert squinted at his clock. "Heh, a quarter ter six." he whistled merrily before shouting "Come in Bob, its already open."

Robert Bobbins stamped his feet clear of slush and new fallen snow and entered Mr Jones abode. Blowing on his hands, he smiled at his elderly friend. "It isn't half nippy out Albert, looks like another heavy frost and if it snows tomorrow will be as bonny as a picture."

Albert waved his hand at him. "Ahh you're a soft lump Bob so you are. When ye get to my age then yea'll have somethin' to moan about." he snorted making a face.

Bob just smiled and nodded. "What time is Millie due?" he asked turning the conversation to the more interesting matter now at hand.


"What about the er Nurse, do you think she'll turn up?" Bob asked trying not to sound too eager.

Albert shrugged his shoulders noting silently that ever since he had revealed what had transpired between him and his Nurse it had had a profound effect on his young companion in arms. "Well, well...maybe the widower has set fair his mind on the widow." he'd smile to himself. "Maybe I can play a cupid fiddle for the two." He turned and studied the young man who seemed to be avoiding eye contact and looking around the room. "No idea bonny lad but from my experience she's a filly with a cravin' and an itch that just has be scratched. Still we've still got dear Mildred to give a good thrashin' too if she doesn't heh heh"

Bob laughed trying not to show his disappointment at the prospect of Gladys Pew not showing up.

"I left a note n' all this afternoon tellin' her if she was of a mind to be hear around about half past six." Albert wheezed plonking himself down in his armchair and sticking his pipe in his mouth. "Sit down and rest yerself Bob, there's no need ter get uptight for if tonight turns out anything like a planned it we'll have a good session."

Rat-a-tat Tat sand the front door - again...

"That'll be Millie, she'll always be first in line for a whackin' will that one.'" chuckled Albert getting up and heading for the door leaving the butcher swilling a fine drop of whiskey in his glass. Bob listened as pleasantries were exchanged and Millie, having hung up her coat on the hanger in the porch, came in the room smiling at the young man sitting on the couch.

"So Robert Bobbins." she grinned at him, lifting a finger and waggling it at him as he sat there with a cheesy smile."He's roped in yea and all to whack my dear bum eh?" She turned and with a mock frown, hands on hips she drew in a whistling breath. "AND you Mr Jones, what have yea got to say for yourself, do ye be needing help to deal with me now is that it?"

Albert held up both of his hands in defence. "Oh aye petal. I'm getting too old fer this sort of thing these days. It takes a lot of spit and effort to whale your fair arse black 'n blue you know. Just thought yea might like a double dose for a change. We can take turns can't we Bob." he jerked a thumb over at his companion in arms who was sat enjoying the snap and crackle backchat between the two."I'll use me slipper and him'll swing the belt." He looked up at the taller woman and winked as he rubbed his stubble. "Do yea fancy a bit o' that petal?" he whispered making Mildred Knutt shiver. "We'll give your backside a right seein' too, isn't that right Bob?"

Bob grunted and held up his glass.

Millie looked from one to the other and drew herself up. "Yea two are right devils so yea are. If it ever got out that yer passion is to beat respectable old ladies bottoms you'd both be locked up and the key thrown away!!" she then stuck out her tongue in defiance.

"Miss Knutt!!" blurted Albert. "For a lady of fine breedin' yer a sassy little madam and you know what happens to bad little girls!!" he reached forward, grabbed her by the shoulder and spinning her around away from him, landed a fair juicy wallop on her sizeable rear.

"OOOOoouch!! Albert you sod!!" she turned admonishing her assailant while rubbing her bum furiously making both men laugh. "Can I have some more pleeese!!" she wheedled.


A soft white veil of snow had begun to fall and sweep around as Gladys Pew made her way to Mr Jones. The air was sharp with a rasping tinge as she trudged up the way to the top of Rothbury Lane. As she neared the crest, she turned and looked back at the picturesque hamlet before her.

Lights from houses and lamps sparkled brightly casting a Christmas aura over the village."If they only knew..." she sighed to herself wrapping her woollen scarf tighter around her face.

She turned and continued on.


"Surprise? What surprise?" Mildred looked between the two men who were sitting opposite her bathed in the warm glow of firelight.

"Ah, you'll just have to wait n' see petal." grinned Albert, looking at the clock on the mantelpiece.

Mildred knew they were scheming and cooking something between them. She could tell by Bob Bobbins high colour every time she looked at him. He certainly wasn't the shy type. He'd hardly bat an eyelid as she draped herself over his lap, her bare arse waiting for him to whack the tar out of it. But he now sat fidgeting whilst glancing towards the door, the clock and then back again as her and Albert made small talk.

Something was definitely up.

"Albert dear, what are you going to use on me backsiiiii.." her voice tailed off abruptly.

Rat-a-tat Tat sang the door..

Everyone jumped.

"Who?" Millie stuttered feeling confused.

Albert laid a hand on her arm as he got up to answer the door. "Ssssh sit still and be quiet. Leave it to me to sort out." he whispered urgently.

Millie just nodded and glanced at Mr Bobbins who was downing the whiskey and who then looked like he needed another. "What is that old bugger up to?" she wondered to herself. At the sound of another female voice Millie stood up feeling unsure and worried and as for who came in the door. "N..n..n..nurse Pew!!!!!" she stammered in shock.

"Mildred, what are you doing here?" Gladys gasped with surprise as she stood rooted to the spot.

Albert helped Gladys remove her coat and scarf whilst grinning like the village idiot. "Now ladies sit yourselves down and get warm. I've got something to put to you both - haven't we Bob..." he glanced at his male friend for reassurance who was looking and feeling distinctly uncomfortable and unsure of himself.

"Oh aye." he replied quietly as he sat forward looking at the new arrival who was standing rubbing her arms not too sure of what to make at what was going on.

Mildred crossed the room and went to her friends side and wrapped an comforting arm around her shoulders. "Eeeh, I got such a surprise when I saw you come in Gladys. You're the last person I'd have thought come visitin' here tonight." she said still shaking slightly.

"Well," Gladys began as she tried to hide her confusion. "I got this note this morning through the letterbox."

"YOU got a note too?" interrupted Mildred turning to look at Bob who looked like he wanted the floor to open up and swallow him whole, right there, right now.

"I knew it!!" she barked. "I just know them two were up to something. .I got a note and all, just after you left on yer rounds." She stood hands on hips glowering at the butcher. "Wait' till I get my hands on that devious little bugger!!"

Gladys Pew stood open mouthed as Albert came back in the room carrying a steaming teapot and cups on a tray. "Sit down Millie afor you wet yerself." he ordered with a smile. "You and all Gladys, have a cup of tea while I explain everything."


A little while and a warm cup of tea and chocolate biscuit later...

"So, seeing as you're both reasonable ladies I thought a nice get together would be smashin' to get to know each other better." finished Albert sitting back and smiling.

Gladys Pew looked at Mildred who stared back at her as if seeing each other in a totally unexpected new light. "Millie, you mean he's er done the same to you?" she said bewildered. "The er you know.." she trailed off blushing as she swiped her palm in the air.

Millie merely nodded because she was unable to speak for she was just as shocked to discover that Gladys was into "it" as well.

"Blimey!!" whistled Gladys feeling slightly calmer and sure of the situation. "But how did you er start with him?" she pointed at Albert who raised a hand.

"Ahh." he said. "With this - just like you." He reached down and pulled a magazine from under a pile of books. "She came around one day to do some messages for me and well, blow me down, I had forgotten I had left it on the table as I was having a bit of a spring clear out to get rid of some of me old paintings and the like." he explained. "And it just went on from there. Caught her reading it and found out she fancied a bit of that across her beam so I was more than happy to oblige an all."

Millie looked at Gladys who smiled apologetically like a little girl who'd been caught doing something she shouldn't have been.

"Couldn't help myself." she sighed. "Always felt a need to be taken in hand and dealt with so to speak. So well, here we all are Gladys."

Gladys reached over and placed a warm hand on Millie's knee. "Me as well I'm figuring. I found his magazine while looking for his false teeth and he gave me a right whacking over me tail that same afternoon!!" laughed Gladys. She stopped suddenly and turned to the quiet young man sitting watching them. She licked her lower lip. "What about you sir, how did you end up in all this?" she asked quietly feeling slightly faint and uneasy in his presence.

Bob stood up and walked over to the fire gazing down at the crackling embers. "It was about six months ago I guess. I was out fishing by the lock and saw Albert with his easel painting the fair on the far shore so I set up my line and went and introduced myself. Oh we only knew one n'other by sight and all before hand but we whiled away hours talking about this n' that." he turned with his hands behind his back looking at her as she sat before him. "H he invited me to come visit one day and see some of his works and maybe purchase a couple if interested."

"Wait a minute, of course!!" blurted out Gladys. "There's two of his pictures on your shop wall. The one's of Hexham and Warkworth Castle."

Bob smiled and nodded. "Aye, there his. So we became good friends and would often go to the river to fish and paint together. Well one day I was helpin' him in his shed and I came across a package and being a nosy so and so opened it up and got a right shock. Inside were his originals from the magazine which he had kept hidden away. I tried to put them back but he knew they'd been moved so I came clean and well, he told me his story and all." he shrugged his shoulders."Thats how I got interested in all this. He then told me about Millie and we started having little get togethers like this."

They all sat quietly as both women realised why they were here and had been summoned together. Gladys rubbed her hands down her thighs knowing that they had put their trust in her and what she decided in the next few seconds would matter a great deal to each of them. Looking at Mr Jones, she nodded an understanding to them all. "And that's why you've called me here tonight Albert. To see if I'm willing to partake in this thing what you all do?"

All three nodded.

"Just you men on us two ladies?"

Both Bob and Albert nodded. "Aye."

Gladys looked at Albert who was smiling kindly, then at Millie who wouldn't hurt a fly and finally at young Mr Bobbins. As their eyes met, she felt the same feeling wash over her as she had felt this afternoon in his shop.

She knew and understood that she couldn't refuse him.

She wouldn't walk away.

She nodded.



"Yeeeeeeeeeeowwwwch!!!!!" screeched Millie as Albert laid on the sixth hard blow of his leather slipper.

"Oooooowwwww Al..Albert you sod, that'n was a rreeel stinger!!" she burbled tearily

Albert just grinned while the other two spectators laughed.

Mildred Knutt, dressed only in her matching blue flowery bra, stockings and suspenders knelt waggling her roasting red-hot arse on Mr Jones couch as her soul absorbed the pain letting it wash up her spine.

"Bare up petal, you've only got another four te go!!" wheezed Albert, sticking his tongue between his teeth as he tried to take aim at the inviting dancing target.

"Oh bugger." cried Mildred knowing inside that she could take a lot more, the problem was so did he!!

"Millie, ye can be a right ninny when you start. Now keep quiet and I'll finish these off and then use the cane on ye for finishers. Ok petal?"

Millie just groaned and kept her position for the rest of her slippering. All she had to endure after that was that awful, terrible but darling thin swishy cane of his.




"Last one Millie." Albert told her as the slipper flopped around in his hand. "Stick it up. This one is going to really sting." He warned. "Grit yer teeth!!"


"EEeeeeeyyywwwwwchhhhhhhhAAAAAaaaaallllbeeeert Jones!!!!" she screeched making everyone wince as they watched the full bosomed and stacked body of Mildred Knutt wallow and sway as her hips shook the cha-cha and her abundant flesh rippled like an outgoing tide before with a soft sighed groan she eased forward and rested her head on her elbows smiling painfully as her body mood ebbed and flowed to a nice warm tingle.

Albert patted his bald pate and put down the slipper. He inspected the red blotched rear in front of him. "Ok pet, ye took the slipper well now lets see how ye can handle a few bites of the wood." he fussed, going over to the table where a fine collections of belts, slippers, strops and canes lay waiting for selection to begin their fiery work.

"Let me see now. I'll try this un'." he said choosing the longest cane in his collection. It was a fine crafted bugger with knobbly nooks and as thin as a pencil.

Mildred glanced over her shoulder and groaned. "Ohh, not that one Albert!!" she pleaded knowing he'd take no notice.

He swished it through the air splitting the silence. "Hold on now Millie, I'll give you twelve of these and then you can make do." said Albert standing and bouncing the business tip of the cane on his friends quivering arsecheeks. There was a swoosh and back therwick as Albert whipped and drew the rod back over his right shoulder where the tip swayed and bent alarmingly. He licked his lips looking over at Bob and Gladys who sat watching rapt the unfolding melodrama. With surprising speed and agility for an man of his advanced years, Albert flicked his arm and drove home the full length of the stick embedding it deep into the mottled hue of Mildreds buxom bottom.

Gladys would have sworn that the screech could have woken the dead such was its pitch and pain. "Owwch, I bet that bugger hurt!!" she grimaced feeling her own cheeks writhe in sympathy.

The thought had hardly evaporated when the caner drew another bow and brand. Bob could feel his heart thudding in his chest as he watched the older woman reach back and grasp both cheeks of her arse. He glanced sideways watching the nurse as she rocked slightly forward as each blow fell with her faint scent wafting over him. He smiled inside knowing that Albert had worked it so that he would be dealing with his attendant and fancy. He worked his jaw slowly back and forth wondering what she would look like naked from the waist down. There was one thing he was sure of this night and that whatever happened afterwards, if anything at all, he was going to make sure he dealt a thunderous thrashing to his charge something she would always remember.

His hands balled into fists as the thought invaded his pants.


Gladys could feel the overwhelming presence of Mr Bobbins as they sat near each other and noticed his quick glances which swept over her. She could feel the blood begin to roar in her ears at the thought of her stripping down in front of him. Her breath caught in her throat as she suddenly realised that she wanted him to admire her and body more than anything in the world at that very minute. "I'll give him a show that he won't forget in a hurry." she smiled inwardly preparing herself for her debasement.

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooowwwwwww enough A..Albert oooooohmmmy bum!!" winced Mildred turning to her tormentor as he laid on the final swipe with a rinky-dinky-do flourish.

Gladys got quickly to her feet and ran to the side of the weeping woman and helped her to stand. Albert stood back and let the two women comfort each other.

"Are you alright pet, that old bugger didn't half lay it on. Here take me hanky." asked Gladys concerned for her friends well being. Mildred snorted and dried her eyes before reaching back and feeling the raised welts. "Ooooh hhhhmmm. I think so. Oooooo I bet they look like the tracks at Central Station. Eee Albert, I think you were just showing off so I do." winced Millie trying to turn her head and look at the damage. Looking at Gladys with a winsome smile, she patted her shoulder. "Oh, don't worry about me Gladys, I've had many a thrashing from him and come through with flying colours. No doubt I'll be back for more and all once the welts and bruises have faded." she finished with a smile before patting a beaming Mr Jones on his pate. "I've had my seeing too now its your turn Mrs Pew." she laughed before hiccupping loudly and blushing as she pulled up her knickers.

Gladys reached back, felt her pure white full untouched backside and gulped before looking shyly at her tormentor who had stood up and was selecting his weapons with due diligence before turning to face her with a strange smile on his handsome face.

"Oh flaming heck!!" she quaked.


Robert Bobbins stood up and removed his jacket slinging it on the chair. His time had come. The time he had dreamed of since he spotted Gladys Pew outside the greengrocers all those years ago. Albert and Mildred moved over to the chairs by the fire and sat down, she grimacing as her fat sore backside settled in the seat.

Bob looked Nurse Pew up and down as if sizing up a prime piece of beef. He nodded to her and waved a finger indicating her clothes. "Take them off your Mrs Pew." he said softly.

Gladys, feeling as if her heart was going to pop from her chest, blinked and casting a last glance at Millie, who smiled and nodded encouragement, reached up and began to unfasten the buttons of her dark blue dress. "Its now between you and me Mr Bobbins." she thought secretly.

He leant back on the tables edge and watched the show. She was dressed in a deep black blouse and a full flowing blue skirt which reached to her ankles and looked ravishing to his gaze. He licked his lips as she slowly undid the 10 or so black buttons which decorated the front. As she moved lower more and more of her bare skin was revealed. She had decided to wear black to make her skin contrast starkly with her underwear. She stopped, looked up and undid her hair which she had coiled in a semi bun at the back of her head. With a quick flick, her hair fell loose to just past her shoulders creating a dark halo making her look much younger than her given years. She looked directly at him for nothing else mattered as she looked into his eyes. "Its just you and me." she thought again.

Hunching her shoulders forward, she slipped off her blouse leaving her dressed only in her bra from the waist up. Bending forward slightly, she hooked her fingers in the bunch at her waist and eased it over her hips and down making it pool at her feet. Stepping out of her skirt, she stood before him dressed to kill in a vision of black lingerie and goose pimpled flesh.

Whatever reservations Robert Bobbins had had on his designs for Gladys Pew, age, status and breeding all vanished as he looked her up and down slowly savouring the spectacular vision before him. He slowly stood up and walked over to her. Reaching up, he ran his hand through a strand of hair which hung over her left shoulder. He smiled in his eyes. "I'm going to take you over my knee and spank you first and then I'm going to give you a belting and to end you're going to get a taste of the riding whip." he whispered as he bent towards her and whispered in her ear.

Gladys felt a wonderful shiver of anticipation cast over her as she smelled his smell and looked into his eyes. "Anything you want me to do I'll do it."

They both didn't see Albert and Mildred leave the room.


As Gladys went over his lap, she turned slightly and looked at him. The moment frozen for both of them as a silent pact washed between them.

"As hard as you like Robert." she moaned as she fell forward and let him arrange her to his want.

"Over, over further." he ordered feeling the dominance of power fuel his blood.

Gladys bent over, her nose nearly brushing the dark blue carpet and her ankles waving past head high feeling the muscles of her stomach tense over what was to come.

"Twenty over your clothes Gladys." he reasoned staring down at the pear shaped shape of her packed seat wanting to sink his hands in her flesh but holding back for proprieties sake.

Gladys scrunched up her face and bit her bottom lip waiting. She tensed further as she felt his body move as he raised his hand, his left taking hold over her shoulders.


"Oooooh!!" moaned Gladys kicking her feet slightly, she was a little surprised that the blow had been easier to take than those delivered by Mr Jones. "Maybe he doesn't like to do it hard." she thought, feeling him tense as he prepared to deliver the next whack.


Bob watched as the material of her knickers hollowed and pancaked out around his hand as her bottom absorbed the impact. "I bet she thinks this is a piece of cake." he smiled as he struck home number six listening to her moans of supplication.

"OOOOoooooow Bob hmmmmmmmm that stings soooo!!!!" she whimpered.

"You little fibber." he smiled to himself. Unknown to her, Albert had discussed the nurse's tolerance to pain with him and her manner during their play.

" many more sir?" she wheedled turning to look at him over her left shoulder, a veil of tears beginning to show.

"Oh, just six more Gladys and I feel a more mature lady such as yourself should have her underwear removed to feel a true spanking don't you think?" he asked, laying his spanking hand on the crescent of her backside.

"You....b..bugger Robert Bobbins, you'll take them down anyways even if I say no!!" she pouted, making him nod and wink.

He slid both hands under the elastic and slowly eased them down revealing the full majesty of her bum to him. He stopped and stared as her knickers were swept down and felt an uncomfortable "situation" arising in his trousers. Her skin was snow white save for the pink hue which was at each cheeks summit, the broad expanse was split by a full dark crevasse that held untold secrets. He slowly looked her over from her hanging head, over her hollowed back, over her hips, past her black silk stockinged legs to the tips of her wriggling feet. In the warm orange glow from the fire he could see a thin sheen of sweat gleaming testament to the heat and burn ebbing in her veins.

He leaned forward slightly and quietly inhaled her scent. He closed his eyes to savour her smell. When he opened them, he saw that she had turned and was watching him, a light shining in her eyes.

He blushed slightly then slowly sat back and with a quicksilver flash........


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhrrrrroooooo!!" whistled Gladys as she reached and grabbed his ankles to steady her writing body as he whipped in another right-handed slap that made her left arse cheek shrink and wail.


Her head snapped back and her bucking body bowed a see-saw as it absorbed the sting. "OOOOooooow, that bloody hurt!!!!!" she screamed inside her head, clenching her bum cheeks trying to dissipate the heat.


"Eeeeeeechhhhhhooooooooouchhhhhhhhmmmmm" she wheezed knowing now that the sly bugger had been holding back and was dishing it out much harder than Albert ever did or managed. She gritted her teeth, smiling inside as she felt the tell-tale signs of a warm rush which was washing over her making each slap sting less painful and become more enjoyable to her.

Bob could feel his palm beginning to throb as he prepared to deliver the last spank to his wriggling victim who lay undulating on his lap. He was happily impressed at her stoicism and tolerance level, he knew he had fair laid it on by how much his hand hurt. But this last one........

"Last one Gladys, hold tight." he smiled raising his hand.

Gladys relaxed her whole body and waited. She new instinctively that this one was going be a real wallop.

Bob brought his palm down with all the force he could muster. His whole right shoulder and side braced and put into the blow which rebounded off her arse with a resounding crack. "Owch." winced Bob, feeling as if his hand had exploded.

Gladys didn't utter a word, her whole being attuned into accepting and bearing up to the blow as it wallowed and washed up every sinew and nerve. Her body jerked and bent up at both ends into a graceful bow shape, ankles crossed and with her breath whistling between her teeth. As seconds past, she bent and stretched every muscle feeling the lovely after effects of her spanking invade her crotch making her feel all squelchy and gooey inside.

With a start she felt a guiding hand at her shoulder encouraging her to her feet where she tottered about unsteadily regaining her composure which was a little difficult as Mr Bobbins was staring directly at her defenceless crotch which was bare, unadorned and on show to the whole world. But she didn't care as she stood grabbing, grasping and rubbing her tingling hint end.

As Bob slowly looked her over she smiled and said. "What's next?"


The glint of frost lay all around as Robert Bobbins and Gladys Pew walked together away from Mr Jones house. They had said a cheery goodbye to Albert and Mildred before heading off.

The northerly wind had got up and danced merrily in the wintery gloom as they trudged home. Neither said a word as they lay deep in their own thoughts at that evenings events and what it meant to each of them in their own way. Gladys felt her backside throbbing at each step, the lasting effects of a good spanking, belting and whipping resonating through her being warming her up. She cast a glance at her companion and smiled. She had laughed at the surprised look on the butchers face as she had gone and picked up the leather belt and handed it to him with the instruction that he "Lay it on good and hard, twelve I think should suffice." and he had.

"OOOOoooocheeee!!!!!!" and then to his even greater surprise "I quite fancy a taste of Albert's whip, fair looks a fearsome thing but I reckon a good slashing six will round off the evening nicely don't you think Mr Bobbins?" she had smiled, bending over and touching her toes making him swallow nervously at the inviting spectacle.

He nodded a "Huh huh. Be forever my pleasure Nurse Pew."

"OOOOOOOwwhhhhhhhh MR BOBBINS!!!!!!!!!"


Gladys closed her garden gate between her and her friend.

"Well, I'd better be off seein' as its getting late." he said softly looking around as his breath puffed out in billowing clouds of crystal white. "You'll be alright Gladys?" he asked, turning to look at her feeling his heart beat faster.

She just nodded.

"Good, good, see you tomorrow then." he doffed his cap and turned towards his home his feet crunching in the snow.

Gladys watched him and knew she wanted more. She grabbed the gate. "Bob. Wait...."

He stopped and turned to her. She took a deep breath and drew herself up. With a weak smile and sideways flick of her head towards her door. "I.. I can make us a a nice hot cup of tea to warm us both up or we...." her voice drifted off floating away in the wind. He looked at her standing there, a lonely solitary figure.

"Bob, I want you to come in....."

The end.

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