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Spanking Story: Bad Girls Talk Spanking

Surprised and shocked Chloe looked at Sarah, Sarah stared at Samantha and Samantha, because she was far more worldly wise than her friends sitting round the table, smirked knowingly at Linda who was sat red faced wondering if she had said too much.

"Oh is THAT all." purred Samantha running the ringed fingers of both hands through her brass covered locks and sounding as if she was the supreme "been there, done that, not only bought the t-shirt but had printed on it "Life is for suckers and I suck with the best of them" good time gal.

Samantha liked it known that she had been around the block a few times and took an amused sort of "bet you haven't tried that yet !!" pride in her sexual escapades and the reactions of her closest friends when she happily told them of the details.

Though sometimes, those currently sitting around the alcove table enjoying a late afternoon get-together in their favourite eatery didn't know whether to believe her or not. After all, how often do you hear someone say "Did you know what he did to me next ?" she asked brightly as she stirred her cappuccino, the girls always shook their heads for they knew they'd never of guessed in a million years. "Well, he took a strawberry from the bowl, made me lie back with my legs in the air then using his tongue he pushed it right up my bum !!" Samantha would pause, as she always did for she loved the shocked looks on the others faces. "THEN, when he'd pushed it up as far as it would go he'd taken the bottle of cream squirted it all over my you know what and then got on his knee's and crawled over to the opposite side of the bedroom. Then he made me squeeze and shoot it out of my bum like a teensy weensy cannonball so he could try to catch it in his mouth !! Amazing eh ??!!" she'd finished with a triumphalist grin from ear to ear as she listened to the others going. "WHAT ? THATS THATS..." "You fibber Sam he never did...did he?" "Thank yourself lucky he didn't have a bowl of grapefruit to hand..."

So Linda's revelation about her on/off love life with her long suffering beau Teddy was a mere trifling as far as the walking talking sexual encyclopaedia was concerned. Chloe, the youngest of the quartet by 3 years at 22 picked up a cherry from her trifle and sucked the fruit off the straw in that well practiced way she had. As she chewed on it thoughtfully she said innocently. "I thought only bad girls got a spanking. "

Samantha collapsed in a fit of the giggles. "Uhh nope, not always sweetie. Sometimes good girls too if they ask real nice." Sarah, the oldest at 30 gave her 27 year old friend a "Ok, don't tell me.....you too? " wry look of unsurprised disdain. Samantha just shrugged enjoying Linda's latest episode of burgeoning sexual discovery and emotional confusion. She wondered where dear lovable but dim Teddy had gotten this sudden flash of inspiration.

Spanking ? Oh dear, she was surprised Linda hadn't fainted dead away when he asked her. Personally, she would of eaten Teddy alive.

Chloe, the bookworm, the "sensible and level headed" one of the group spoke up and said something sensible as usual. "Spanking ?" she flustered "That's wife beating !!" she pointed out vigorously. "Well, it would be if you were married to the creep..." she corrected herself quickly.

Linda's head spun round and she glared at Chloe. "He is NOT a creep. He might not be the most....most exciting man between the sheets..."

"Way too much detail honey..." murmured Samantha.

".......but he's good and kind and and...he loves me !!" finished Linda emphatically.

"How do you know ?" asked Samantha off the cuff.

Linda glared at Samantha. Oh, that smart arsed bitch. Linda so wanted to ram those words down her throat but her mouth bobbed open as she tried to remember when Teddy had ever told her that he loved her. Samantha sat opposite with a bemused smile licking the cream off her teaspoon. "Teddy." began Linda forcefully. She'd show this slack pussed hussy she wouldn't be pushed around."..doesn't have to. I know it. We just are. It was meant to be."

Sarah stuck her tongue in her cheek. Oh dear sweet Linda. So sweet and innocent at 25. God, when on earth had I lost that carefree emotion she sighed to herself. Life could be such a cruel and spiteful bitch sometimes. She caught Samantha's amused gaze and shook her head slightly to warn her to back off. Samantha smiled, she knew the score. She was just teasing and couldn't resist a last gentle prod in the ribs - or slap on the backside maybe - before conceding ground. The last thing she wanted was to upset her young friend. But couldn't resist the obvious..

"Then why does he want to spank your perfectly formed little arse then hmmmm?"


Spooning out a spoonful of strawberry trifle Linda watched as the jelly, shaped uncannily like an upturned rump, wobbled away like mad in its own little fruitifide universe. Much like her own seat would look she mused if it was laid over her childhood sweethearts lap should the unthinkable happen. So much for thinking she knew ALL his quaint little sexual habits.

She'd thought she'd covered all bases in their relationship, least the ones between the sheets. Sexy underwear, frilly knickers, half cup bra's from which her 34c's spilled out - just, those black themed stockings he told her made him "want to roger her silly" and, of course, her outstanding oral technique which had blossomed thanks to Mr Greens Greengrocers extra big banana's. She felt herself flushing as she realised her three friends were waiting for her answer to Samantha's pertinent question. Oh my giddy goodness. Why DID Teddy want to spank her bottom ? Wasn't her loving enough for him ? Why do men just have to be so so....complicated !! "Er, I er..."she began hesitantly. She didn't have a clue. "I'm not exactly sure."

"Does he want you to spank his ?" asked Sarah suddenly.

Linda, shocked shook her head sharply. "What ? Good grief no. No he hasn't. And I wouldn't even if he did. Its not natural. " she shuddered. How could Sarah think such a thing ? Maybe, oh no, maybe he was one of them there perverts she read about in the Sunday tabloids who were into rituals like bondage and cling film. She felt herself get all emotional and sniffy at the thought.

Samantha handed her a tissue to blow her nose. "Of course he's not a creep. He's obviously a bum man and just realised it somehow. Anything could of set him off honey." she went on." You could have bent down in a certain way, he could of gotten the idea from a dirty magazine. " - Linda frowned at the thought of her Teddy ogling all those tits and bums - "...or he could of simply had a flash of divine inspiration. But one things for sure toots, once bitten by the bug you'll either have to satisfy his need or he'll take his meat and two veg someplace else. Need to get your thinking cap on." she suggested, toying with the gold chain round her tanned neck.

"I'd tell him to sling his hook I would." said Chloe quietly. Let a man spank her bum ? She couldn't let anyone do that. No way. But what if he looked like Brad Pitt ? Chloe licked her upper lip in contemplation of being given a thrashing by her dreamboat. Uh oh, that sure did complicate matters. She wasn't so sure of herself now. So much for righteous indignation and women's lib.

Sarah sat back deep in thought. "And how come you know so much about this then Sammy ? From the way you're talking you sound like an expert. Many a man spanked your fat arse then ?" she stabbed with a smile. She reckoned Samantha Jo Hale had tried every trick in the good book and then some. Samantha just smiled a knowing smile. "You could say that....."


part 2

Linda sat looking both confused and slightly flushed at the same time as Samantha retold her "oh you know....a little slap and tickle which led to something more." tale to her rapt audience. Confused because she was surprised "other people" did "it" and slightly flushed because in a roundabout sort of way that was waaaaaaaaaaay too complicated for her to explain, it was dammed sexy to listen too as well !! Not that she'd admit to it of course. Good girls wouldn't, couldn't and SHOULDN'T even think about such disgusting and depraved pursuits. Well, at least not every single day.

"Do you know something Sammy Jo." said Sarah suddenly, "Your idea of having sex is like trying wrestling, sumo and yoga all rolled into one. The men, and I've no doubt many men you've gone through in your time must feel like they've had the life squeezed out of them after a session with you. You don't so much as suck as drain dear."

Samantha just waved an idle hand as if swatting away an observation that meant jack shit to her - as if she cared about her reputation as a human python in the first place. "Oh sod off Sarah. What's wrong with a healthy girl like me making sure she gets her fella to give her a good old fashioned, teeth rattling, bone shaking, scream inducing jolly good rogering hmm ? If I let a man between my legs he'd dammed well better shape up or else he's got to abandon ship with a torpedo full of spunk. I know what I need and I know exactly how to get it toots." she finished, rapping her fist against the table as Chloe glanced around embarrassed in case someone in the coffee shop had overheard.

Sarah shrugged, preening slightly at been thought of as an sexual dinosaur. "I'm sure you do. Its just that my idea of sex is to make love not act like I'm on an assault course with Captain bloody Caveman !!"

Samantha sighed exasperated at her friends old fashioned attitude as the other two sitting listening burst out laughing. "Oh give me a break !!" she blurted out. "This is the Twenty First Century for Gods sake Sarah. All that shit about lying back and thinking of England went out with Mary Poppins !! Look, all I'm saying is its a womans right to make sure she gets exactly what she wants from a good shag that's all. If they personally don't no one else will, especially some spotty little Herbert who thinks he's God's gift to women just because he thinks he knows which buttons to push to get a girl going. Spare me the moralising, I've had more than my fair share of Slim Whitmans to last me a lifetime. So don't you listen to Miss Marple here Linda, always try everything once then you'll have no regrets." she finished emphatically.

"Even spanking ?" said Linda wide eyed. Blimey, when Samantha Jo got going woe betide anyone who got in her way. God help the man she married. Maybe she should take notes.

"Even spanking sweetheart." replied Samantha as she took a sip from her Cafe de Columbia. She could feel her blood racing. Calm down Sammy. Calm down. Now where were we when I was so rudely interrupted ? Ah yes, spanking. "You see, me and Butch were just larking about on the bed. Foreplay and all that." she went on.

Sarah raised her eyes to the ceiling. Butch and foreplay ? Somehow those two words seemed mutually, totally and stupidly incompatible she thought with an inward smile. She'd met this Butch once. He was your typically standard knucklehead. Shaved skull with a face like a pissed off Butchers dog, the obligatory tight white t-shirt so he could show off his tattoo's and muscles, stonewalled jeans and white trainers. If dear old Butch had a brain cell he'd be an amoeba. "And what do you do for a living Butch ?" she'd asked on first meeting as Samantha went to fetch the drinks at a local pub. Butch, who bless him, had spent the moments while his lover was away leering at her best friend thought about it with that nobody home look of "oh hang on....which way to my brain ?" before coming back with the classic "I'm a stud !!" that had him snorting and guffawing like the donkey who had found his ass.

Sarah sat staring at this lamebrain who probably only had a 4 inch dick for a second as he sat giggling at his own dry wit. It was the first time since their schooldays that Sarah felt sorry for her best friend. Holy shit, talk about post sex insomnia. You could do so much better Sammy Jo, so much better than Butthead here. Still, there's no accounting for taste. She shook her head as Samantha continued on with her spanking adventure with Butch the Neanderthal. Thank God she'd dumped him.

"Foreplay ?" asked Chloe innocently. She couldn't quite get her head round the concept of her voracious friend indulging in heavy petting before the main event somehow.

"You know, a fiddle here, a twiddle there. that sort of thing. Anyway, there we were grappling around when I found myself sort of bent over his lap as he tried to pull me up onto his er..." Samantha made a funny sign in the air.".......thing. Well, he pinned me down so I couldn't move and he got my arm and twisted it up my back like this..." she acted out what had happened.".....then he said some things, kinky things like what he was going to do and I said he couldn't." Samantha paused, considered her last statement and waved her hand airily again as if swatting away a fly. "Well, I meant he COULD but I just didn't want to make it easy for him. So, soooooooooo there I was and all of a sudden he went "WHACK!!!!".

She slapped one hand into the palm of her other with a loud crack that had one or two curious glances coming their way from other tables. "He spanked you ?!!" gulped Linda. "Just like THAT?!!!"

Samantha nodded. "Yup, just like that."

"Wh..what did you, what happened next ?" gasped Linda again. She was feeling slightly giddy and rather hot all over. It wasn't supposed to be like this. What happened to her righteous indignation ? At the rate her sexual education was growing she felt she wanted to practically jump dear Teddy's bones and BEG him to slap her little firm botty silly. Wallowing in a morass of pent up confusion she barely heard her friend continue on with her tale.

"Well, I was so shocked. I was going to beat the living shit out of him, if I could of gotten up that is. He still held me down and was laughing his head off. It was a game to him. I don't think he was into spanking or anything like that, no, Butch wasn't that smart come to think of it. Actually, I think he got a kick out of taking the upper-hand for a change. So the big sod did it again, then again and again. Until he was slapping away knocking seven bells of shit out of my arse. It hurt, really bloody hurt and I was kicking and screaming that I was going to kill him once he'd let me up. " she remembered, wrinkling her nose at the memory.

"That's awful. I'd of called the Police that's what I'd of done. " said Chloe shocked.

Samantha picked up her coffee cup. "I was until......."

"Until what ?" said Sarah who'd sat listening quietly with a sense of quiet intensity. Sweet Samantha Jo may be the belle of the ball and enjoying the attention but she wasn't the only....

Sarah smiled. Should she or shouldn't she ? She took a sip from her cup and looked at her the woman sitting opposite her playing the Grande Dame. Perhaps she'd quite enjoy the look on her friends faces when they realised she wasn't remotely like Mary Poppins after all. Another time maybe.

Samantha put down her cup which rattled in its saucer. "Until, well. How can I put this ?" she mused thoughtfully. "Don't get me wrong right, it WAS painful and really stung. But, BUT, after a while when I realised he was going to keep giving me a spanking that he was going to make sure I'd have to take it until he was satisfied I started to feel..." She paused again, a far away look in her eyes as if she was trying to find the right words so the others wouldn't think she was some sort of sexual schmorgassboard. "Look, the only way I can put this is to say it felt like at first there was pain ok but then there wasn't. "

"What ?" asked Linda non-plussed. No pain ? What on earth was she talking about ? Pain, of course there's going to be pain. Its a spanking. Spankings are meant to hurt. Aren't they ?

"I know it sounds stupid but I, well, my bum, stopped feeling the pain. Somehow, and I don't know why, I felt just so...so dammed great. Like I was floating, it was weird but wonderful at the same time. Kind of like a lukewarm orgasm that went on and on. I couldn't even tell when Butch had stopped. Maybe he did coz I'd stopped fighting him and kicking and screaming. He probably thought I'd fainted or something. Go figure. "

"You were on a high." put in Sarah quietly.

"What ?" said Samantha staring across the table. Chloe and Linda did too, intrigued at this new aspect of "spanking".

"A high, an endorphin high." she explained further. "Its when your system kicks in when it realises the pains getting too much for your normal self to contain. So it stimulates and protects you with a natural pain killer. Did it make you feel light-headed Samantha ?"

Samantha nodded, surprised. "Uhuh."

"Feel queasy, a little faint ?" Sarah went on.

She nodded again. "That too. How come you know all about this ?" wondered Samantha suddenly, a bemused frown crossing her pretty face. Chloe and Linda were doing double takes between the two protagonists. Sarah just smiled, picked up her teaspoon and licked it.

"Ah, now that would be telling wouldn't it ?"


part 3

"So lemme get this straight Sarah." said the man considering the unexpected turn of events in which he found himself. "You want ME to spank you ?"

They were sitting side by side cuddling on the sofa. He feeling surprised and not a little shocked, she feeling scared shitless and awkward at opening her big fat mouth when he'd asked "So....is there er....anything, anything at all that you er like doing ?" before they got down to the nitty gritty of why he was in her house in the first place. Maybe it was because she wasn't exactly a sexual person in the truest sense. In fact, judging by her past experiences with 15 second whirlwind shaggers and those men who thought foreplay was taking their underpants off - and heaven forbid she says they have to wear a condom - she was surprised she hadn't renounced "pleasures of the flesh" and simply become a nun.

But there was always her little secret nagging away at her sub-conscious that kept her the right side of the tracks. And all because of a little 10 year old sod called Johnny Brewis who whilst they were playing in her wendy house at mummys and daddys (as you do) had thrown a tantrum over something or other and had suddenly bent her over the plastic oven and given her 11 year old bum a walloping with her Barbi plastic spoon saying. "My mum gets this from my dad when she's been naughty."

She should of ran to get her dad but she hadn't she'd just stood there rubbing her bottom saying that "She wouldn't be naughty ever, ever again." Which was a complete fib of course and hardly a day went by when she didn't try to be a naughty little girl in her wendy house again in front of Johnny Brewis.

Sarah was gripping her hands so tightly together her knuckles were turning white with the tension. "Me and my BIG FAT MOUTH !!" she whined inside. "Why the hell didn't I keep it shut !!" She knew she was nearly purple with embarrassment. She wanted the ground to open up and swallow her whole. She couldn't even look Tom in the eyes !! This was the worst day.........EVER !!

Tom was her latest and hopefully last boyfriend. Not that she'd had that many in the first place. No, Tom would be number...3. Numbers 1 and 2 had departed nearly as soon as they had arrived. Number 1 had taken her virginity whilst number 2 had taught her all about premature ejaculation and that sometimes it really is better to spit than swallow. So much for her sexual education. Brief and to the point just about summed it up really. And she was nearly 20 too !! Then Tom had entered her life with a bump, literally. She had been training to be a medical receptionist and had been filing one day, putting patient records away. She'd been bent over looking for "Y" backing up along the aisle when....oof !! She found herself sprawled on the floor, paperwork all over the place and with a nice young man standing over her offering his hand and apologising profusely for not watching where he was going. She took his hand and smiled as he said. "Hi, I'm Tom Woodward. I'm the new doctor."


Sarah bit her lip. "Well, yes I guess. Least I think I do." she answered truthfully. She wouldn't blame him if he ran a mile. What must he be thinking ? A woman ASKING for a spanking ?!! Her and her big mouth. So there she sat waiting, trembling wondering what he was going through his mind.

Tom reached up and scratched his blonde head. "A spanking huh ?" he laughed quickly. "Well, seeing as I'm a doctor, if there's a list with everything that I thought I knew about female sexuality I reckon that activity would be somewhere near the bottom. Literally."

Sarah grasped his hand. "No, no no noooooooo, I..look...Tom. I don't know what on earth I was thinking about. I ...look lets forget I said anything ok ? I get this way sometimes, probably my time of the month or something. Lets just drop the subject." she urged him earnestly.

Tom sat thinking a bit as she looked at him with that expression that always made him go funny inside. Spanking huh ? Well, there's a first time for everything and he knew he was a bit partial to the female posterior anyway. Sure, he'd tried other things with it...but spanking it ? A slap and a pinch he could understand...but this ? Hmm. She had asked...hadn't she ? He cleared his throat and gripped Sarah's hand which he could tell was trembling. "Lets NOT drop the subject okay ?" he began, his thoughts playing catch-up. "You wouldn't have trusted me enough to tell me something so personal to you if it wasn't important or something you wanted or needed Sarah....aren't I right ?"

Sarah didn't say anything, just broke his gaze and stared down at their clasped hands. After a pause, she nodded and muttered a "Guess so..."

Tom smiled. Though they'd only been courting for a short while he sensed the trust she had placed in him by confessing such a personal secret in the first place. He certainly was a good listener. And her was crazy about her. What's a little spanking between lovers ? "I know so sweetheart. I may be a bit daft sometimes but I'm not stupid so you take your time and tell me EXACTLY what kind of spanking you want me to give you...."

Sarah could feel the tears in her eyes. "Oh Tom....I want you to..."


Samantha sat back as Sarah finished her tale. "Well well, little Miss Goody-two-shoes, you're a bit of a dark horse and no mistake. Always suspected there was more to you than met the eye. So Tom's spanked your arse has he ? I never knew he had it in him either. Here's me thinking he was the shy retiring type and all the time he's been slapping you happy." Samantha shook her head and laughed. Wonder if the spanking couple would like an extra bottom so to speak sometime ?

It was Linda who was the most surprised. "Tom SPANKS YOU ?!!" she hissed, making sure no one eating at the other tables could hear ."ON YOUR BOTTOM??!!"

Sarah had the decency to look slightly embarrassed. "Fraid so sweetie. Guess none of us are perfect after all...even me."

"But thats just it....EVEN YOU !!" Linda went on. "I mean....it is Tom we're talking about here isn't it ? You aren't two-timing him with another man called Tom are you ?"

Sarah smiled at the question. "No Linda...it really is my Tom. Tom..Tom."

"But but....you're both so..so normal ?!!" gasped Linda, still not able to get her head round the fact that Sarah and Tom were into spanking too. This can't be happening. All her friends were turning into some sort of raving nymphomaniacs and fetish freaks. She glanced around the cafe. How many people in here are into spanking too ? How many women are sitting at one of these tables squirming because their boyfriend (girlfriend?!!) or husband has given them a walloping so that their bums were stinging like mad ?!!

"Its not that rare you know..." said Samantha suddenly. "Lots of couples are into it or whatever. I read about it in Cosmopolitan once. All these people with their kinky secrets. You know the saying...what goes on behind closed doors." she winked at Chloe who, as usual, gave a snort of disgust even though she was taking all this in. Maybe there's more to this spanking lark than meets the eye. Perhaps she should have a word with her boyfriend as well.

Linda sat pouting and looking really confused. Not for the first time this day. "I am so confused." she began."I only told you about Teddy wanting to spank my bum because I thought you'd be so shocked you'd tell me to tell him to go sling his hook. Now look what you've done. You've done it.." she pointed an accusing finger at Samantha. "And YOU'VE done it.." she pointed her finger at Sarah next. "Any you Chloe Bell...well, you haven't done it yet....but I can tell by the look on your face that you're thinking about it !!" she finished with her voice rising, turning her finger on her friend. "Just what am I supposed to tell Teddy ??!!!"

The other three other women looked at each other.


Later that same evening....

Linda was sitting beside Teddy on the sofa watching tv. For Linda watching was definitely the wrong word for her mind was jumping around everywhere like a jumping bean who had something to jump around for. She was in a dilemma. Should she or shouldn't she open her mouth about you-know-what. Her feelings were a jumble, half terrified and half excited as she's ever been. Oh, why was she even contemplating doing something like this ?!!

She must be out of her mind. So much for helpful advice from her friends. She was more confused than ever. As Sarah had said when they parted after leaving the cafe. "Linda sweetie. None of us can tell you whats the right thing to do, that's something you're going to have to discover for yourself. I'm sure Teddy will understand and love you just as much as he did before whatever you decide. Just remember we're here for you if you need us ok ?"

Linda had kissed them all on the cheek goodbye and walked slowly back home knowing her Teddy would be waiting.

Linda glanced at her boyfriend out of the corner of her eye. "I wonder if he's thinking about the same thing I'm thinking about ?" she mused. He dammed well should be. It certainly was on hers all the time, she couldn't even think straight. It was like there was some sort of spanking imp dancing around inside her head whispering "You want a spanking...you want a spanking laaa laaaa la..."

The scary thing was, the imp was probably right. It was now or never. "T..Teddy ?"

"Hmmmm ?"

"You...you know that thing we...you talked about the other night when we were in bed ?" she began hesitantly, feeling hot flushes wash over her.

Teddy gave her a quick look and turned back to the tv. "Thing?"

Linda gulped and sat closer to him, leaning against his right shoulder. "Uhuh, you know...that THING. That thing you said you wanted to do with......to me....on my..." she paused feeling herself shaking."...bottom."

That last word definitely got Teddy's undivided attention. She even felt him jump slightly in surprise. "Er....sure, kinda. What about it petal ?" He had turned and was sort of looking at her in a roundabout way.

Linda licked her lips for they'd gone dry all of a sudden. "Well...I've had a little think about it."


Linda was chewing the inside of her mouth in apprehension. "I..er...I think I can...if you still want too...you know DO IT." she finished in a rising whisper as if speaking about some great secret. There, she'd said it. She'd finally gotten it off her chest. Perhaps he'd forgotten all about it. Maybe he was having a little joke, playing a little wheeze. She hoped...wished wrong. She was surprised to learn she wasn't as disappointed as she thought she'd be...not at all.

"Are we talking about what I think we're talking about Linda ?" said Teddy slowly, emphasising each word.

"I think so. Don't you know ?" replied Linda, there was NO WAY she was going to say the S word first. Absolutely no way.

"I thought you knew." he countered.

Bloody men !! "Well, you brought it up in the first place didn't you ? How was I supposed to know you're into THAT ? " she argued in return. Of course he knows what we're talking about. Why won't he just say it ? She realised he was probably as embarrassed as she was. There had to be a way out of this impasse. She sighed and just stared at her boyfriend. Teddy was sweet but he wasn't exactly the Quarterback in the team, even if he did have a cute tight end. No, her man wasn't one to take the lead. It would be up to her to take the initiative.

She stood up and took his hand. "Well, since neither of us can say it lets just do it."

Hand in hand they both went into the bedroom.


As per usual the following day after work Linda met with her girlfriends at the local city cafe near the Metro Station. She was late and realised the others would be waiting for her, so she ran the last block or so and entered the eatery puffing and panting. She was out of breath as she made her way to their favourite table. She needed to sit down.

"Hi..hi hi..everyone !!" she gasped, slipping off her coat and kissing each of her friends on the cheeks in greeting. She then promptly pulled out her chair and dropped down on it without thinking.

Big mistake.

"Oh....owwwwwwwwwwwch !!" she squealed and jumped straight back up clutching her still sore rear-end.

As one Sarah, Samantha and Chloe gathered around her giving her big hugs and started to cheer, clap and whistle. "YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY SHE DID IT !!"

As always the proof was in the pudding.

The End.

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