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Spanking Story: For Old Times Sake

Part 1.

Her long red hair, wild and unkempt, cascaded around her like a fiery fan as she trapped her lower lip between her perfect teeth. Her deep green eyes were sparkling with the joys of discovery as her slim hand reached up and touched her lips as she stumbled slightly in the lush green breezy grass.

With chest heaving, she shook her head playfully before she waggled an "Oh naughty you!!" finger at her companion who sat on a weatherworn rock watching her dance away. Laughing, she turned and ran up and away through the mountain heather towards home.

Jack Bauer stared after her until she disappeared from view then glanced down at his still tingling right hand. He grinned and was about to chase after her when he noticed the long red scarf lying discarded in her fleeing wake.

Reaching down he picked it up. Lifting it to his nose he breathed deeply. He could smell her on it. Grabbing his coat, he set off after her with his chest swelling with a new sense of being. A startling sense of sexual enlightenment and the realization that he had finally found that strange something that had somehow, enticingly, hovered just out of his reach for as long as he could remember.

Today was his fourteenth birthday and the girl was the only daughter of the family who lived in the cottage next door to his own. Her name was Megan and she was a year younger than him. The year was 1977 and the world to them was simple, carefree and alive with possibilities and opportunities.


It was 7.00am on the last day of the Twentieth century and the multi-textual city lay sprawling in a crisp white valley under the murky haze of a rush hour winters fog. People of all shapes, sizes and creeds moved through the concrete canyons via various means towards their daily destination and the delights of gainful employment with the city echoing to a strange chorus of hoots, honks, bells and whistles in their wake.

Jack Bauer winced in the back seat of the taxi as it jerked to a sudden halt as a dirty silver greyhound bus pulled out into their lane from the intercity freeway where a queue of multi-coloured metal rumbled and grumbled in the freezing early morning temperatures. Wrapped up in a black overcoat he reached up a gloved hand and rubbed the back of his neck as he listened to the cab driver yelling Hispanic obscenities at the poster of a large bosomed lady selling coffee stuck haphazardly on the rear of the bus. He could feel every bone aching through his thirty seven year old body which was all he needed after the year he'd had health wise. He grunted and huddled deeper into the leather seat as he pulled his dull red scarf tighter under his chin to keep out the biting chill that whistled through the open window of the taxi. With his next inhale he closed his eyes for she was there again and his world, this mad mad world, dissolved into a golden glow of rolling hills, gently swaying heather and luxuriant green grass as he remembered her soft gasp that was caught on that autumn breeze as he slowly took her over his lap and began to lift the hem of her summer skirt....

He opened his eyes and sighed "So long, long ago." for the years had passed, too many to recall, since he had last seen her. In this concrete jungle he wondered where life had taken her and if she had remembered their promise of so long ago.


"Would you think me bad if I told you what I wanted?" asked the girl as she knelt in the grass with her long flowing red hair rippling in the autumn breeze. Her eyes were shining like sea green emeralds as she glanced away from her companions surprised but excited stare and pretended to smooth down her knee length floral summer dress. Her heartbeat was thundering apace and her cheeks were flushed to a rosy hue as her breath escaped her full lips in whispered gasps of anticipation and exploration. Even at thirteen she felt she was somehow standing on the shoreline of a vast adventure and her softly spoken question was her first tentative step into the ocean of her budding sexuality.

Her companion said nothing for a moment then tilted his head to one side and looked at her in that way he unconsciously had that made her catch her breath as her heart fluttered in her chest like an early spring butterfly. His face, angular and distinct, broke into a slow smile that made her promise herself he would be hers forever and a day and that nothing would part them.

"Should I not say such things Jack?" she asked, knowing that she already had but wanting oh so much to know what he was thinking. She felt herself lifted up until her heaving chest was close to his as he slowly reached forward and grasped her around each upper arm with his large hands and pulled her to him. Her lips opened as his hovered over her own. Her eyes were wide with fright and wonder.

Was he going to kiss her?

Over hills and valleys the autumnal breeze raced catching the two of them in a gust as they shared true loves first kiss which would always be an eternal memory upon this green and rolling hillside. Their kiss was electric and brief but to them it was as perfect as they had imagined. In that moment, as Megan O'Shaunassy stared back dreamily into the eyes of Jack Bauer they knew it would be forever come what may.

Their second kiss was deeper as the joy of the first still washed over them making them hungry for more. As he held her close in his arms, Megan felt his hands which held her firmly to him slip slowly down to the soft swell of her hips then finally to rest on the curves of her bottom where they gently stayed. Her heart no longer beat now but was a flowing torrent that coursed through her very soul. When his lips released hers she whispered to him again urgently. "Ask me Jack." she breathed with her lips gently touching his. "Ask me my deepest inner desire and I will tell you."

Her companion just smiled and drew her into his arms once again. His hands never left their last resting place. Such was loves first flush that they were oblivious to everything around them including the fact they were under the gaze of others.


Megan Halliwell slowly opened her eyes as the jet liner vibrated through the rumble of turbulence as the autopilot banked slowly and serenely from the last vector onto its ILS approach. She blinked for her vision was still clouded by green grass, dancing heather, rolling hills and dales. And of him as always. Her cherished memory faded like a ghostly mist as she remembered where she was. Shifting slightly in her seat, she breathed deeply and eased the ache in her lower back as she began to gather her things now that she had arrived at her destination. It had been a difficult time since her husband had passed on.

Looking out of her oval side window into the birth of a new day - the last of the century - she gasped at the sheer spectacle that lay before her in all its fading flickering neon and firefly concrete splendour. There was a soft beep and she looked up to see the warning message flashing. As she fastened her seatbelt her eyes glanced up at the digital clock.

It was 7.30am on December 31st 1999.

After all the years of whispering dreams and a memory she was finally here. As the airliner descended through the low cloud base it passed over the tallest building in the largest city….


As they lay side by side each cloud became a childish dream as they passed overhead. The boy took the girl's hand and laid it entwined in his across his chest. "Are you happy?" he asked.

"Everything is perfect Jack." she smiled turning her luminous eyes to his. "Everything is perfect being here with you. Are you too?"

Jack nodded. "Yes. More than anything."

The girl rolled onto her side and picked a blade of green grass which she teased over his cheek. "I wish we could stay like this forever. I wish time would stand still. I wish I could make my wishes come true."

Jack raised a finger to her lips. "Shhhhh. I want nothing more than to be with you Megan you know that." He frowned slightly. "But…" he began but his voice trailed off. There were no more words for he knew that none was needed.

Megan took his hand and brought it to her lips. "I dream a dream every night before I go to sleep. A dream where we are apart and we promise to meet at a special place at a special time on a special date." She broke his gaze and stared at her hand in his. "If ever we are apart…"

He silently turned her face to his and they stared deep into each other's eyes, drowning in pools of winsome yearnings for the truth was too much to bear and to speak about. Jack could feel his heart swelling in his chest at the thought of the future, his future, her future, their future, any future where they were not together forever. A voice, maternal, motherly whispered to him "We have to go away Jack, your father has a new job.." He closed his eyes for his heart felt as if it was going to burst with pain and anguish. A dream would be the only thing they had together. He raised his head and kissed her softly. "Then we had better make your dream come true. Think of a time, a place and a date."


The tallest building in the largest city was ablaze in a kaleidoscope of multi-coloured lights as the last day of the century and the dawning of the new approached in all its significant and expectant glory. The surrounding streets were a mass of joyous humanity who had come to bear witness to a timeless event in their history few of whom would see the like again.

Amidst the throng and flowing rivers of bumper to bumper traffic, a yellow taxi-cab pulled up outside the skyscraper and a single woman got out. Paying the fair and more the slight figure stood for a moment and stared upwards marvelling at the imposing size and scale of the building. The building she had chosen all those years ago upon a green and rolling hill. Behind her a huge neon digital clock blinked away the century's final seconds.

It was 11.40pm and the night for Megan was alive with anticipation, hopes and dreams. Gathering herself, she smiled at the doorman as she entered the lobby.


It had been a memory from a child's picture book that had been her inspiration and the view was as deep and as spectacular as she had imagined it would be. It had been an easy choice all those years ago. For some reason this place had a magic and significant aura for her. Megan closed her eyes and smiled as the city winter wind swirled caressingly around her as she stood looking out from behind the safety fence. The night sky was a velvet black from which a rainbow of diamonds sparkled matched by the twinkling cityscape far far below. She was here. She had arrived as she had promised over twenty years ago.

Now only one thing mattered as she searched the milling crowds that were celebrating the new century around her on the platform.


"Happy New Millennium Sir." said the doorman as he touched his cap by way of greeting.

Jack smiled in return. "Thank you." he replied. "And to you and yours."

Behind him the neon clock flickered over to 11.50pm. Approaching the elevator he was breathing heavily for it felt as if his heart wanted to leap from his chest. She had to be here. She just had too. He stood watching the arrow slowly arc across the half-dial as the elevator descended. He glanced again at his watch.


Happy New Century.

In a world where time was everything at that moment, Megan felt the very air around her change as the old century gave way to the new. At that moment the dark exploded into a shower of fireworks amidst the cheer of the crowds around her. It had passed midnight and as she had promised she was standing at the top of the tallest building, in the largest city on the last day of the last month of the last year of the century.

As she had promised she would be if they were ever apart.

But she was alone.

He wasn't here as he was meant to be. As he had promised.

She felt a deep ache in her heart as the fear he wasn't coming overwhelmed her. She stood looking out into the crowd silently watching partygoers embracing, hugging and kissing each other as they celebrated the New Year and the new century. It took her a moment, a timeless moment, to realise someone was standing there staring at her as the crowd parted like wave. Her breath caught in her throat as the man approached. He was familiar yet different. Older. He came to stand before her and when he smiled she felt the tears running down her cheeks as he took her hands in his and simply said "Hello Megan. I told you I'd come."


For the dreamers among you who are true and fey of heart - an epilogue.

The young girl twisted and turned in his grasp as she felt his hand rise to strike her bottom again.

"Ah Jack." she gasped as she rolled forward across his lap feeling the smart sting crackling across her white pantied rear as he let her go. Her deep green eyes were sparkling with the joys of discovery as her slim hand reached up and touched her lips as she stumbled slightly in the lush green breezy grass. With chest heaving, she shook her head playfully before she waggled an "Oh naughty you!!" finger at her companion who sat on a weatherworn rock watching her dance away. Laughing, she turned and ran up and away through the mountain heather towards home to be followed moments later by the boy who had stooped to pick up her discarded red scarf.

On the hill above and behind stood a man and a woman silently watching them and who had been apart for so long but were now together forever. "Do you remember?" Jack asked. "Do you remember that day when you told me your secret desire Megan?" He looked at the lovely woman standing beside him amongst the green grass and verdant heather as the wind swirled around them as if whispering - you are back home.

The woman, her long red hair free and flowing took his hand in hers and drew herself into his arms. "I remember how time stood still between us as I told you. I remember that moment when you took me over your lap and raised my dress. And I forever remembered the moment when you raised your hand and you gave me my first spank. Those memories will be with me forever Jack for they are eternal and are a blessing on my soul." Her lips found his as her voice dropped to a husky whisper filled with yearning.

Jack stared at Megan for she was even more beautiful than she had been all those years ago when life was young and carefree. He smiled. "Maybe we could…."

Megan raised a hand to his lips and returned his smile. Hand in hand they made their way to where it had all began as in the distance the phantoms of their childhood slowly faded away into the late evening air….

The End.

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