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Spanking Story: The Spanking Agency 2


Annie Dodds brushed back her long hair, glancing over her shoulder as he slid down the zip and began to ease his black pants over his hips. She could feel her body begin to tingle with anticipation, merging with the dull throbbing of her bum into an intoxicating mix of swirling emotion.

Her eyes followed every line and curve of taut muscle as she waited for her impalement.

Hairy legs. Black hairy legs.

He reached over her and sank his hand in her thick dusty blonde hair which hung in rivulets down to the middle of her back.

Watching as he grasped the waistband of his underpants, she took a final deep breath and stared as he drew them down to mid-thigh. The moment of revelation was frozen in time as she stared...agog.

Flushing red, she looked up from his bare manhood to his face. His dark features bore a "well, what do you think of that missy!" amused expression as if he'd been in this situation many times before.

Her eyes dropped down again. "That thing is really big and fat..." she thought.

She felt his chosen orifice twitch in muted alarm. Her and her big mouth. "Why, oh why did I tell Dolly about that?!" What had she said to her again ? She blushed as she recalled answering the questionnaire to join the Agency.

"Any er....special er...skills?" the nice blonde lady with the big boobs had asked.

Step forward Miss Gobshite. She had nodded, smiled wickedly and with a secret whisper to the wide eyed secretary had said "You can call me Anal Annie...."


The story of how nineteen year old Annie Dodds found herself on all fours about to be given a thorough rodgering up her poop chute went something like this. It had been two months earlier. Annie Dodds gathered her books and put them in her bag, grinning like a cheshire cat at the unexpected turn of events. Her and her college classmates had been preparing for another two hour lecture on the history of something or other when they had been informed by Mr Johnstone, the course head, that Mr Wilson the lecturer had been taken with the flu and had been sent home to rest. So it was an early finish !!

Saying cheerio to her friends, she set off home intending to spend the rest of the day thinking no more of the why's and wherefores of Ancient History. Nope, little Miss Lazy was going to relax and have some fun.


Annie Dodds was well into her nineteenth year and was as pretty as a button. She was quite tall, she certainly towered over some of the girls in her class and was even able to look down on some of the snotty boys with their zits, pimples and bad breath who were forever pestering her for a date. Her features were refined and sharp with high cheekbones, a slightly pointy nose, lips that could be described as rude and with a head of hair that looked like a sunburst through a sandstorm. Figure wise, she had no problems turning heads but that was probably due more to her minimalist attire which usually consisted of just a flimsy blouse and a short mini skirt that showed off her long tanned legs. Her boobs were nothing special and sat on her frame like a pair of medium sized oranges. But as for her bum. Her bum was a TOTALLY different kettle of fish. She knew she had a spectacularly jutty-outty bot. It was as if someone had stuck a bicycle pump up her bumhole and pumped up each solid cheek until it was an obscene size. When Annie Dodds wiggled everyone noticed.

She looked as pure as the driven snow but never judge a book by its cover. Inside her pretty little head, unpure thoughts bounced around making her permanently fruity. She also had a VERY vivid imagination. Which in five minutes time was going to get even MORE vivid and from a rather unlikely source. Her mother and father.


As usual on her way home from college, Annie took the shortcut through Mr Giles field, pausing to feed Barney the Shetland pony a clump of fresh grass. The southern boundary lay right up against the back of her garden only seperated by a low fence. Hopping over, she made her way down the path to the backdoor. Unshouldering her black bag, she was just about to make her way past the dining-room window when something caught her eye through the net veil. What ? She stopped and peeked hesitantly inside. Looking back, it was one of those defining moments in her life which would forever remain crystal clear...no matter what age she reached. With her lips open in shock, Anne Dodds stared at the couple illuminated by a single sunbeam. "What are they doing ?" she whispered to herself. It was her mother and father. Doing things which daughters didn't think their mother's and father's did. Blimey ! It wasn't right. It was downright disgusting. But she couldn't turn away if she wanted to. A strange whisper held her fascinated at the silent movie.

Her parents were....making out.


"Here you go dear, sausage's, mash and mushy pea's."

Annie smiled at her mam as she put the steaming plate in front of her. Her eyes followed her mother as she fetched the teapot in from the kitchen and poured out three cup fulls.

"Had a good day at college flower ?"

Annie jumped slightly at her father's question as he sat opposite her wielding a fork with a sorry looking pork sausage stuck on the end of it. Tongue-tied, she nodded. She looked at her mother, a good kind woman of forty-five years with the same fair features as her, staring at her in a new light. A very new light. Until that afternoon, she had always thought of her mother as a bit of a prude, all prim and proper. Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Butter. Maybe it wouldn't melt in her mouth, but it sure as hell had melted somewhere else. Margaret Dodds pulled back her chair and was about to sit down when "OO !" she squeaked as she bounced back up like a coiled spring.

Annie blinked and bit her lip.


Annie turned to the sound of her father's snort of amusement. Eric Dodds, a well worn man of fifty years was sitting back beaming a brilliant, secret smile. "You alright petal ?" he asked his blushing wife who was gingerly trying to sit down again.

His wife glared at him. "Just a bit stiff dear." she whispered giving him a knowing look.

Annie glanced between the two "lovebirds". Playing their little games. She twiddled her fork in her mashed potatoes. "So, what have you two been up to today.?" she asked innocently. Amidst much huffing and puffing. He said he had been gardening. She had been knitting all day. Annie nodded. She knew better.......the fibbers.


It was the weekend and Annie waved goodbye as her mother and father left to visit Auntie Nellie who lived on the other side of town. Making sure that they were well on their way, she skipped back inside...locking the door. Her mind had been in turmoil all week. A restless energy had been stoked and was burning like a furnace in the well of her belly. She had endured three restless nights, lying awake with the image of her parents dancing in the mid-summer gloom. Images way beyond tender lovemaking. Images that had seared themselves on her soul. Images of acts surely not sexual...but resulted in a sexual act.

She stood alone in the sitting-room, her mind racing. She wanted to play the game her mother had. But first she had to find a substitute for her father. The kitchen. The clothes closet.


Closing the curtains slightly to hide her nakedness from the outside world, Annie laid herself over the arm of the settee. Making sure her right hand was free, she looked down at the devil in front of her nose. She had found it in the closet. It was her father's. She had been shaking with excitement as she drew it from his trousers. It was long and black with a crocodile mosaic along its length. It was her father's belt.

She reached down and grabbed it in her right hand. Twisting slightly, shaking the belt out, she took a deep breath and whipped her arm back behind her causing the leather to snap back with a crack. It missed, slapping against the back of the chair causing a cloud of dust to float serenely away. "Bugger." she muttered.

In slow motion she choreographed the movement, concentrating on the last snap of her wrist seeing how the lash fell. Maybe she should stand up and do it that way ? "No, .has to be this way." she whispered to herself. The way her father had belted her mother, over the arm of the settee. The symbolism of the act was what made her so dammed horny. Like mother, like daughter.

SSSSSNNNAAAAPPP CCCCCRAAACKK. "Yeeeoowchhhh !!" she whimpered as the pain flooded her loins. A perfect shot and quite a hard one as well. Her eyes were squeezed shut savouring the sensations. Another lash fell across the hillocks of her bum. Then another....and another. Until she had whipped herself ten times. Her bum felt all numb, but it was throbbing like a huge pulse as the blood surged beneath the marks. It was actually quite nice.

She rolled from the arm of the settee onto her knee's, her hands grasping her fat arse, pinching, squeezing, testing it. Absolutely no doubt about it. She was hooked. Without a hint of embarrassment, she felt between her legs and ran a slender finger along the moist lips of her puss. Wow. Little Miss PissyPants. She diddled her noodle, wincing as the hum of ecstasy radiated out from her hard button. She was definitely going to have to do something about THAT. But she had one more re-enactment to perform.

She went into the kitchen and opened the fridge door.


Annie sat on the end of the bed contemplating the cucumber. Sure was big. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. Why did her mother let her father do THAT to her ? She was no shrinking violet, she'd heard that some men liked to not only have sex up the pussy but sometimes in the er.....other hole. Some women too. She shuddered. "This is definitely not a good idea...." she muttered, trying to convince herself not to be so stupid. But all the while, the vision of her father mounting her mother danced before her. The tingle of naughtiness was back and whenever it sang to her, she always let herself drift away on the orgasmus tide.

Annie turned and picked up the tub of butter. "Right, what did he do first ?" she wondered aloud. Okey-dokey. Urgh messy. What next ? She flopped backwards onto the bed. Being bendy helped. She drew her legs back until her knee's were next to her ears. Grunting with constricted effort, she felt over and picked up the eight inch vegetable. With a coating of buttery gunk, it slithered and slipped in her hand. This was going to be awkward in the extreme. Lifting her head from the pillow, she peered between the valley of her breasts down past the rising bump of her sex to the crater of her anus. "Here goes."

With careful precision, she placed the narrowest end to her butthole and taking little gasps of breath, eased the tip into her rear virgin passage. Ow. OW-OW. Tight fit. After a little while though it was "Oooo...quite like this !" From that day on, Annie Dodds was a confirmed life-long member of the backdoor boogie brigade.


As ever, life goes on from day to day. But for Annie Dodds life had changed. She certainly viewed her mother and father differently. One thing was clear to her now, in truth it was something she had taken for granted all her life. That was the deep bond of love and affection between her mother and father. There was an invisible aura around them whenever they were together which she found hard to put into words, it was a kind of complete belonging together and trust. She now knew that her father spanked and did those "other things" to his wife often. There was times when her mother would cuddle up to her father on the settee whilst watching telly and he'd casually reach around her and rub her bum. Annie would wonder if he had spanked her while she had been away at college that day. Truly a deep and eternal lasting love.

But Annie knew their dark secret. In fact, whenever they were out, she'd run upstairs and play her little games....alone. As the days and weeks past, her desire for fulfilment grew as her compulsions ruled her emotions. Her solitary masturbation and flagellation sessions eased her hunger but only partly. She knew she wanted more. But for now it was enough. Until one fine day, when she made a discovery that would change her life forever.


It was a Saturday, the sun was shining and the world was bathed in a warm yellow glow. Annie yawned, stretched and threw back the duvet to sit up on her bed. A slow smile crossed her face as she realised she was alone in the house.

Her parents had left to spend a week in Skegness. Leaving her in charge. Her father had looked at her as they were about to set off. "Keep out of mischief my girl or there'll be trouble !" he had warned her. "Who me ?You can trust me daddy." she had smiled sweetly. Behind her back, Annie had crossed her fingers.


The wooden door of the shed creaked and groaned as Annie forced it open, a fine mist of dust hung in the air as she carefully made her way inside avoiding all the bric-a-braq of gardening tools, paint pots and other odds and sods lying about. The reason for this invasion of her father's private space lay underneath a worn blanket of McDonald tartan. She reached down, memorising how everything lay and slipped the cloth off the old chest.

Looking up, she frowned as she tried to remember the day when she had seen her father hiding the.......Aha ! In the old teapot. The key. Since she had been knee high to a grasshopper, she had often wondered what was hidden in the chest. She was about to find out.


Annie sat in the fireside chair staring at the telephone. In her hand was the latest issue of the "Fetish Gazzette", opened on page 45 and a particular advert.

Should she or shouldn't she ?

Her mind whirled in turmoil. Whilst her head told her to be sensible, her heart urged her on. But it was something else in her soul which won the war. A feeling which sat like a warm glow somewhere inside her. Her sexual desire. A desire she knew she could now quench. If she picked up the phone. But if she did, she knew her life would be changed forever.


Ring-ring Ring-ring.


"H...hello, is that the..the..."

It was.

"I..I'm enquiring about your er..advert.."

"Hmm hmmm...yes the Gazette."

"Yes, I'm interested."

"An interview ?!"

"Er...that'll be fine."

"So, thats Monday at 10.30am."


The twenty-third of the month eventually ticked around much to the nervous anticipation of the youngest member of the Dodd's family. She lay day-dreaming on her bed in just a white t-shirt and jeans, all the time aware of the possibility of a sudden telephone call. The anticipation was awful and thrilling at the same time.

Whenever her parents were out, she'd run into the kitchen, open the fridge and bound upstairs to give her back-passage a gentle work-out as if she were preparing it for an Olympic event. Ever since her interview alongside the nine other women before Miss Malone, she had been on tenderhooks. Miss Malone and Dolly the secretary had made them all feel very welcome as they signed their contracts, agreeing to the rules and procedures of the Agency and what was expected of each of them. Miss Malone had spelt out EXACTLY what would be required of them. In crystal clear language.

Rule number 1: The customer comes first.

Rule number 2: You will end up with a sore bum.

Rule number 3: Be prepared to perform a sexual service.

After the interview, they had all filed out and gone around to a local cafe to have a cup of tea and chat to get to know one another. By far the most spectacular of the troop was a large black lady with the colourful name of Bella Gingangooley.

Annie had shaken her head. "She likes to be GIVEN a spanking ?" She would have sworn it should have been the other way around. By the end of the day they were all firm friends and knew each others little personal "kinks". From that day on, the ladies of the "Spanking Agency" were a close nit group. All for one and one for all.


Ring-ring Ring-ring.

Annie froze as she flicked through her magazine. Was it ? Could it be ?

"Annniiiiieeeee, its for you !!" called her mother.

She dived off the bed and scrambled down the stairs to where her mother was holding the phone with a smile. "Its a lady for you dear."

Annie took the phone, mouthing "its a friend from college" to her mam. Waiting till her mother had disappeared into the kitchen, she lifted the receiver to her ear. "H..hello ?"


She stared at her first customer. Uhoh. He certainly was a very big man. Bulky was the word. He had no name Dolly had told her with a wink. She stood in his beautifully furnished flat as he walked around her like a hungry lion. The wash of submissivness and shyness washed over her as he stopped in front of her and nodded his approval. "Very nice. Much better than I had expected."

His voice rumbled like rolling thunder. She could feel every sense waken as she felt the slow burn of heat building in her loins.

"What's your name ?"

She looked up into his dark eyes. "A..Annie...sir"

He nodded. His eyes bore into her's with an intensity that curled her toe's. He pointed to her bag. "Do you have what I want Annie ?"

She nodded and went over to open it to show him. She pulled out the form detailing his wants. "Everything's on here, the er things you want to do to me." she whispered biting her lip, her eyes looking at the list of tasks she had to perform. Her bum cheeks clenched in nervous anticipation. At the bottom of the page was his sexual wish. Underneath her lashes, she glanced up at him as he read the charge sheet. Unknown to him, he was going to be the first up her arse.


The game was afoot....painfully.

"Over the coffee table girl.!" he ordered as she struggled from his lap to her feet.

"Y..yes sir." she winced as the fat flesh of her arse bunched up. Ow. Was her bum sore or what ! Bet it was really red as well. One thing was fer sure, he had a hard flipping hand. Standing unsteadily, she reached under her short navy skirt and rubbed both her cheeks which stung like hell after her thorough spanking. She looked around, she noticed there was no sign of her knickers. Navy blue schoolgirl knickers.

"Didn't you hear me young lady...get over now." he ordered as he got to his feet and towered over her.

Ahhh. Those ding-a-ling-feelings again. She was one wet and drippy young lady. Only dressed in a white shirt, striped blue and white tie, navy skirt and white knee length socks, she draped herself over the low glass table.

"Good. Now stick your fat arse up, higher...HIGHER. Spread your legs..wider...WIDER. "He was standing right behind her.

"I bet he's getting a right eye full." she shivered inside. She hung her head down, her two blonde pig-tails drooping down until they brushed the table. She could hear him rummaging around in her bag.

"Did you bring it ?" he asked.

She nodded. "Yes sir." The vision of her fathers belt floated before her. That had stung when she had whacked herself. But what was in her bag was REALLY going to hurt. When Dolly had handed the instrument to her she had nearly run a mile. It looked absolutely awful. Did women actually LIKE that being used on their bums ? She shook her head at the memory. Time to pay the piper. Get prepared to sing a tune. She turned her head slightly and saw him take it out. It hung limp from his right hand. A long, black, rubber razor strop.


"UUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHH." she whined as the strop sank into her pumped up and sore butt cheeks. Bloody hell ! It didn't half fucking hurt. It felt like she was being branded. How many had he given her ? Five ? No...six. Another six to go.

WHHHIPSSLLLAAAAASSSHH whistled the strop again.

The black haired man slammed in number seven driving her forward, her nose touching the table top. "Waggle your arse girl."

What ? Do what ? She couldn't even think straight. She sighed. Wiggle - waggle - wiggle - waggle. She straightened her legs to peek through them as he stood behind her. Her eyes widened as she saw he was fiddling with the crotch of his trousers. "Oh my God, he's going to put that thing in my bum." she shivered. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH !!"

Number eight was delivered with the same force and authority as the previous seven. "I bet my bums a state !" she wheezed to herself as she bent her spine down to try and disipate some of the pain. "I hope I don't wee myself." As giggly as the thought was, it vanished in a lightning flash as the tall stranger belted her some more.


Where we came in......

Annie watched as the stranger undressed behind her as she knelt on his bed naked except for her white schoolgirl socks. Hairy legs...hairy man. Her eyes were fixed on his penis which had started to harden and which hung down between his legs due to its length, width and weight. "He wants to shove that up my...my.." she gulped, turning back to bury her head in the cool white pillow. She could feel the bed sag and sway as he got on to crouch over her. What ? Ooooooo ! That's cold ! She jumped as she felt the cold liquid coat her anus.

She turned her head and saw that he was lathering his cock with the clear juice. Ah. Thank fuck for that. He had a big, fat cock. Hmmm, maybe eight to nine inches long and as fat as a coke can. Maybe it was just as well she liked cucumber sandwiches.


The stranger was pounding her into the bed as he rammed his cock into her arsehole. "Ugh...ugh...ugh." chanted Annie as the pain had vanished to leave that extra special tingle she only felt when something long and hard was travelling back and forth up her Khyber Pass. The man was crouching over her like a spider over a fly, nibbling her neck as he panted his sation to her. Wonderful. She loved the feeling of being dominated, taken against her will. Lovely. She could feel the soft flutter of her butterfly taking flight in her belly. Come on, I'm nearly there. Harder. Fuck me harder. Fuck my arse harder. Ahhh, oh thats it, rub me there. Harder...faster....harder...faster....until. She screeched and pushed her hands under her, getting up and throwing back her head to howl her climax.

As it washed over her, he dropped his full weight onto her and pummeled her like he was riding a horse. In her fog, she felt his ejaculate splash her insides, coating her dark funnel with a warm balm. His grunts rose as she collapsed onto her face, his body following her down to completely cover her. Seconds passed as their climaxes rose and fell.

She reached up and brushed the hair from her face. He was breathing contentedly in her left ear. She smiled. "D...did you like that.?" she whispered.

He opened his eyes and smiled at her. He reached forward and kissed her flushed cheek. "Annie, that was absolutely wonderful."

She giggled as he licked her face, feeling the shrinking twitches of his dick in her ass. Anal Annie was in business.....and loved it.

Another satisfied customer for the "Spanking Agency".


As the advert says,

Are YOU a frustrated spanker ? Can't find a willing partner anywhere ? We have the solution to your problem. CALL THE SPANKING AGENCY on 0183-555-789

Satisfaction indeed Guaranteed.


The End

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