Sunday, 16 February 2014

Spanking Story: The Deal

"That's the deal." said the man from behind his desk. "Take it or leave it."

The woman sitting across from him blinked, her mind working furiously on a way out of her predicament. "But you can't do that, that's...that's blackmail and you know it !!" she cried out in mounting trepidation and alarm.

Mr Higgins just shrugged his shoulders. "Well, its either my way or the police highway I guess." he replied with a sigh as he reached over to pick up the phone. "Don't plead little Miss Innocent with me Mandy, you were the one with your hands in the till. You've only got yourself to blame you were caught red-handed. As for your crime, I'm not going to stand for having my companies accounts fiddled..."

Mandy Miller, a smart, attractive woman in her late twenties was in a right pickle and that was no mistake. "No, please wait....can't we er, like er, come to some sort of other arrangement. Please don't call the Police. I'm sorry, really sorry." she pleaded tearfully. What on earth had possessed her to do such a stupid thing ? She wished she could turn back the clock.

Her Boss held his phone next to his ear with his finger hovering over the dial. "Well then, are you or aren't you ?" he asked sharply. "Come to think of it, you've worked here for how long, six months ? To be honest girl, your attitude leaves a bloody lot to be desired as far as I'm concerned. Don't think I haven't noticed but I've seen the way you treat some of the others on the shopfloor. Miss high and mighty doesn't come close. You know what you are Miss Miller ?" he said coldly.

Mandy, frozen in her seat feeling like a chastised little girl, shook her head as her tears rolled down her cheeks. " Sir."

Mr Higgins was warming to his task. Despite the seriousness of the situation he found to his surprise he was relishing the power he held over this young woman, his secretary, a very attractive one come to that. One reason, he had to admit, he employed her in the first place despite her lack of qualifications. "You are a brat Miss Miller. A b-r-a-t. A brat that needs to be taken down a peg or two and shown some manners and respect for others. So, that's my proposition. I either sack you right now, call the Police and you'll probably end up in jail or....." he said menacingly. "Or....I deal with you myself. So which is it to be ?"

Mandy gulped and felt faint. What was she going to do ?!!

With a feeling of dread she realised there was only one way out.



The click of the lock made Mandy jump and her heart flutter as she watched Mr Higgins take off his jacket and roll up his sleeve, her eyes widening as she saw he had forearms the size of Popeye's. Oh shit !!

She could feel her backside throbbing already !!

"Wh..what, what are you g..going to do Mr Higgins ?" she bubbled with fright. Her hands had found her rear-end and rubbed both cheeks in sympathy. How could he ? She'd never been punished before..she was the original Miss Goody Two Shoes. Oh no..her poor little bum !!

Mr Higgins contemplated Mandy as she stood quaking before him. She was dressed in a figure hugging black mini dress, her impressive bust bulging saucily over the top peek-a-boo style. By gum, she was a tasty morsel he thought to himself. He'd spent many a time admiring her tightly packed arse whenever she'd come into his office to do some dictation for him. Dictation - he smiled to himself. Now that would be something. He was single after all and as far as he knew she seemed foot-loose and fancy free. So who knows ? Maybe later. But for now he had to punish her for her crime. It had been a complete shock when he'd gone over his books at home a few nights back and realised that he was down about £250. He needed to teach her a lesson, one she wouldn't forget in a hurry. It would do her good in the long run and make her realise being a common thief was a road to ruin and heartache. "In light of the seriousness of what you did Mandy, I'm going to give you a good hard spanking on your bare bottom. So come here right now." he ordered as he pulled his chair out and placed it in the middle of his office floor. Mandy stared open mouthed. She couldn't move. A SPANKING ???!!!

But if she thought that was bad enough, she had thought wrong.

Sitting down Mr Higgins rubbed his chin as if considering something important. He lifted his hand and indicated with his finger. "I know, a little humiliation might work as well. Take off your clothes Miss Miller. Strip."

Mandy blushed beetroot and covered her still clothed chest and groin. "W..what ?" she mumbled in shock. This was getting worse by the minute !! This was awful.

Linking his fingers and cracking his knuckles in anticipation of some serious bottom warming her Boss looked up at her. "I said, take your clothes off. Right now !!" he finished with a bark. Just as well his office was soundproofed. Goodness knows what his workforce would think. Mr Higgins reached for his phone. "Your choice brat."

She was trapped and she knew it. The thought of her mother and father finding out what she did from the Police was just unbearable. Oh, the shame, the humiliation. Shaking like a leaf, Mandy began to undress as best she could. Which was difficult as she had decided to wear her most figure-hugging outfit that morning and no matter how she tried it made her look like some back street slut as she wriggled and wiggled easing it off to leave her standing in only a black thong that disappeared up the crack between her arse cheeks. It was just as well she couldn't look her Boss in the eyes for she'd of seen his eyes widen appreciatively as her voluptuous charms were revealed to his lusty gaze.

"Blimey. What a body !!" breathed Mr Higgins to himself. Much better than he'd imagined that was for sure. A big bosom and an even more appetising bottom he never did see. Maybe if he played his cards right......


SPANK - OW!!!!!!

Mandy gasped and kicked wildly as the crack of his hand across her spread bottom echoed around the room. The pain was awful, it zipped from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. Zap, zap SPANK "OOOOOOOOOOEE!!" Her backside felt twice its normal size and was throbbing like a sore tooth. Mr Higgins, when she pleaded that she couldn't help it, had grabbed her flailing hands and forced them up her back to keep her across his knee. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh it hurts Sir. It really does hurt !!"


Bang, crash, wallop - another searing flat palmed spank had this naughty young brat squealing and pleading and begging for mercy. Mr Higgins was rather enjoying himself. Who'd of thought punishing a ladies bottom could be stimulating. In his mind, conspiratoral cogs began to whirr..


"Oh-my-GOD" gasped Mandy to herself. Much more of this and she was going to have an accident. CRACK, SLAP, THERWAP - "Ahhhhh...ohhhhh.....OOOOOO !!" Rat-a-tat-tat drummed his hard hand on her soft pulsating behind, too and fro from one rosy cheek to another on and on it went as her tears began to flow, dripping onto the carpet from the tip of her perky nose. "Noooooooooo, I'm sorry I really am....agggh I can't stand it anymore. I'LL TELL MY DAD !!" she squealed finally.

Her Boss just smiled. Oh thats a good one. I'm sure he'd be non to thrilled to find out his daughter was nothing more than a common thief. If I was in his shoe's he'd do the bloody same !!

In fact, he'd do more than spank her. He'd go get his Buckskin belt and give her a thrashing with that. Now that would really make her scream, kick and howl that would. Still, he'd been spanking her now for about 10 minutes and he could tell from the way she was crying and had sagged over his lap that she'd worn herself out pleading for mercy. One last fusillade he thought - just for his sake.

"Alright Mandy, just a few more to make sure you've learned your lesson ok ?" he told her. "Repeat after me....."


"I..." SPANK "OW!!"

"Promise.."SWAT "EEK!!"

"From now on..." SLAP "AGGGGHHHH!!"

"To be a really, really..." THERWACK "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!"


With a final swat Mr Higgins helped a weeping Mandy to her feet where she hopped around grasping her bum with her lower lip sticking out in a chastised pout. No longer was she a brat, she was just a well spanked naughty little girl with a sore bum.


Eventually regaining her composure and making final adjustments to her clothes Mandy was about to leave the office for home when her Boss stuck his head round his door. "Remember Miss Miller, same time every Friday from now on ok. "

Mandy stared at him, not sure if she'd heard him right. "What ?????" she eventually gasped in horror as the throbbing in her bum made her wince.

"Same time next Friday for our little session. I think its a worthy cause keeping you from your bratish ways don't you ?" he smiled brightly. "Oh, I think a new dress code is called for too. I expect to see you in sensible clothes and stockings and suspenders from now on - preferably black ok ?"

Mandy stood open mouthed with her hands on her hips. "But, can't ???!!!"

Mr Higgins tapped the side of his nose. "We have a deal remember...." he replied with a chuckle. The look on his secretaries face was a sight to see !!!

Roll on next friday !!

Now where had he put that belt ?????



The End.

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