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Spanking Story: To Spank a Thief

It is not a well known fact that the Head of Security had eyes in the back of his head and could spot a thief a mile off.

But he did, which at that moment was just as well as he watched the young lady emerge from the changing rooms, glance nervously around and head quickly for the store exit.

Mumbling into his radio, he set off to intercept his prey who was clutching a leather shoulder bag to her chest before she could make good her escape. "Got you..." he smiled.


Lucile Lips looked at Ivor Biggun the store detective with a questioning "Well...where is it ?" glance as the young lady emptied her bag on the table in front of them.

But to her Security Guards surprise and dismay there was nothing - least nothing stolen he could see. Ivor blinked, removed his cap and scratched his bald pate in puzzlement. The girl, a slip of a thing of about twenty-three with mousey shoulder length hair, turned and looked at him smuggly as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Ivor looked to his Supervisor and spread his hands helplessly. He was positive he'd seen her go into the changing room carrying something. "I know what I saw." he said determinedly. "Why else would she have gone into the changing rooms?" he challenged looking at his boss.

Miss Lips, a sort of attractive in a plain sort of way bee hived battleaxe of thirty plus turned to the girl and peered at her over the rim of her spectacles. That was a good point made by her Head of Security. Why had she gone into the changing rooms ?

The girl chewed her gum harder and blew a bubble. "I was lookin' for the loo wasn't I ?" she retorted sharply. "I've done nowt wrong. N'if you can't prove it you can't keep me here. I've a good mind to go get my dad. He'd sort you out. He knows all about the law. He'd sue !!"

Ivor grunted. Like father like daughter obviously. Why wasn't that a surprise he thought disgustedly as he eyed her up and down as she stood before him. Must be one helluva family. Pity, she was a bonny wee thing and had a figure to match judging by the short skirt she was wearing "Careful Ivor." he thought to himself, "You're not only sounding twenty years older than her but twenty years stupider as well."

Realising the situation was getting out of control his boss raised a placating hand. "Now, now, there's no need for that is there Miss...Miss ?"

The girl picked up her mascara and lipstick. Flipping open her compac she stared at them both over the mirror. "Oh no you don't. I'm not telling you my name. I'm not that stupid. You'd run a check on me. I know all your tricks I do. Maybe I should call the Police and tell them that Lurch here got me in here under false pretences and frisked me for a quick thrill hmmm ?" she sneered." A bit of bad publicity for your store wouldn't go down to well on the front page of the local paper now would it ?" she suggested as she ran the lipstick over her each lip.

"Why that stuck up conniving little cow !!" raged Ivor to himself. Given half the chance he'd teach her a thing or two about manners. She wouldn't be so smug then by God. But he knew he was in a pickle. He'd practically frog marched her through the store holding her by the arm as the other shoppers stopped and watched. He'd get the sack he was sure of it. But he could of sworn.....

"Perhaps we can come to some sort of er arrangement then ?" suggested the older woman, trying to defuse the situation.

The girl paused in her preening. "Arrangement. Like wot ?"

Lucile Lips was thinking on her feet. "Maybe we could give you some know for discounts."

The girl thought for a second and shook her head. "Hmmmmmmmm nope. I want cash."

The Supervisor blinked. "Cash ? Oh, I'm not sure I'm allowed much ?"

The girl snapped her compac closed. "A hundred."

"What ?!!" blurted out Lucile and Ivor togther.

The girl just smiled and with the index finger of her right hand dialled an imaginary phone. "Ring, ring.....hello is that the Police ?". At the helpless look on the other two faces she started to laugh. This was better than shoplifting any day !!



"50....60......70.....80.....90......100. One hundred pounds cash." counted Miss Lips. "And this is as far as this goes alright ?" she warned as the girl counted the notes again before opening her purse and stuffing them inside.

The girl shrugged and nodded. "Fine by me. Time for me to go." she said coldly as she made her way to the door." Its been a pleasure. Oh and by the way, you want to teach your hired thug here how to treat a lady right next time. I've seen monkeys with better manners as well as looks." she laughed as she turned to leave.

Ivor took a step forward but his boss put her hand on his arm to stop him. "Think you'd better leave right now don't you ?" she suggested. The girl stuck her nose up snootily in the air and turned to leave with a flounce.

Suddenly, "Wait !!" called Ivor, picking up something from the table. "You forgot these." he said tossing them in her direction for to catch. The girl, momentary distracted, dropped her bag in surprise and juggled the keys in one hand but they slipped from her grasp onto the floor with a clatter. Giving him a rude stare she turned around and bent over to pick them up literally touching her toes. She seemed blissfully unaware that whatever false modesty her short skirt gave her it had just about disappeared out of the window. Which, given the circumstances, was rather unfortunate.

The Store Detective ignoring all pretensions of propriety and privacy stared as her full backside rose up like a crescent moon revealing her all to both his and Miss Lips open mouthed gaze. As her bottom rose higher and her excuse of a skirt disappeared upwards over her hips Ivor muttered an exultant. "Wait just one moment young lady......"


It was just as well the small office was soundproofed for the shrill shrieks and cries of a certain young lady who was at that precice moment being rather soundly spanked over the man's knee rang out loud and clear. As for her language !! Ivor was determined to make her pay for trying to make him look a fool in front of his boss. With gusto, her belaboured her round little backside with a flurry of stinging spanks and slaps that had her nates roasting ruby red and ever so hot.

"OOOOOOWWWWWWW, nooooooooooo STOP. SHIT PLEEEEEEEEASE I'M SOOOORRREEEE EEKK!!!!!!" wailed the young girl as she fought and kicked to try and escape from the Store Detectives clutches.

But it was no use, he held her down firmly, his right leg across both hers to hold her still. SPANK SPANK SPANK.....SLAP SLAP SLAP........CRACK CRACK CRACK went his right hand across her wriggling bottom. Despite himself, he was really beginning to enjoy this form of punishment. It sure as hell beat calling the Police. Least this way he felt this young foul mouthed madam was really getting her just deserts. What an inspired idea from Miss Lips he mused, she had obviously realised in a flash of inspiration that the last thing this young woman would want was to be hauled before the Police. SPANK SPANK SPANK on went the spanking for another five minutes as his Supervisor stood over them as he sat on the wooden chair walloping the now blubbering girl.

On occasion, Miss Lips would offer some words of encouragement, advice and observations on his spanking technique - well, it was only the first time he'd done this so he reckoned he was a bit of the novice. It never occurred to him to wonder where his Supervisor got her seeming experience from. "No, spank her there, just under the overhang...yes....where thigh meets buttock. Good, much better, make the little bitch scream. Go on, harder. Between the cheeks, pull them apart. Yes...oh God yes. Right in there where its tender. She'll really feel that in the morning.........."

The girl was by now a weeping willow and near hysterics as her rainbow arse slumped over Ivor's lap in obvious defeat. She was, as they say, about all spanked out. She'd learned her lesson, a painful and stern one. She wouldn't be shoplifting again in a hurry. Once up on her shaky feet, Miss Lips warned her to keep her mouth shut or else there'd be hell to pay. Crying, she dried her tears on the proffered hanky and quickly left the room with the other woman in toe. Ivor sat back, satisfied. His hand hurt, but it was a good hurt he realised. Spanking huh ?

It was a thing he could get to like doing quite easily. His smile turned into a wide grin then he laughed for there on the floor in front of him were two pairs of pristine white panties......


A little while later......

It had been a long eventful day as Lucile Lips finally arrived home from work.

Leaning back against her closed front door, she extravagantly kicked off each low heeled shoe watching as they bounced on the lower steps of her wooden staircase. With a sigh, she started to climb the stairs, quicker as she thought about what lay in store above. "Are you home ?" she called, but there was no answer.

Reaching her bedroom she saw the naked figure sitting at the dressing table. Lucile smiled, walked over and rested her hands on her lovers shoulders noticing the pile of £10 notes. Bending down she kissed a cheek. "I'm surprised you can sit." she whispered, running a hand through the mousey blonde hair.

The figure sighed as a wandering hand found a bare breast to caress lovingly. "Hmmmmmm, I've had a bath. Still stings though," replied the girl laughing. "That was a hard spanking your Head of Security gave me. He's a beast." The girl turned and kissed the older woman. "It was a wonderful idea. Do you think he suspected anything ? I wasn't sure we could pull it off." she wondered as Lucile slipped off her coat and went to the wardrobe.

"No, of course not," she said. "Ivor's a good man if a little dim at times. I'm sure he didn't suspect a thing. Why, didn't you like it ? You were the one who wanted a little more excitement in our love life didn't you ?" she chided.

The girl shrugged and got to her feet when she saw what the other woman was carrying in her grasp. She sighed and knelt on the bed with her still sore backside wandering up in the air. "Oh I suppose so. I admit it was really exciting in a scary sort of way. Are you going to finish me off then make love to me afterwards ?" she suggested hopefully.

Lucile smiled as she ran the ribbons of the tawse through her fingers. "Oh yes, you've had your fun now its my turn lover....."


The end.

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