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Spanking Story: Dealing with Daddy's Girl

It had been one hot day in the middle of June '52 as I recall when the remarkable Miss Marple had entered a particularly favourite restaurant I frequented and thus stepped into my life changing it forever...


The dog days of June had thankfully passed into a breezy July of hot-house temperatures, much beverages drank and minimal clothing need worn. Which judging by the vision sitting opposite me at our table this very second was fine and dandy by me.

Being an item, we had arranged to meet for lunch which we always did on tuesdays for she liked to spend some of the weekly allowance her daddy gave her shopping in the city and afterwards she'd meet me from work at our favourite table at the Boulevard en Suite to muse of the day we had each lived through.

She had entered gracefully with that whimsical air of beauty knowing, gliding amongst the diners and drawing many an admiring glance dressed as she was in a sleeveless white top and knee-length plain cream skirt with a hem-line of lace. A brief kiss on the cheek and we settled down to our meal. The food and wine was exquiste as we relaxed and I listened to her talking about her day, the things she'd bought and general idle curiosities that crossed her mind for she was not one to let a silence last for long in attentive company.

Resting her chin on an up-turned palm her eyes drift idly around the room, a sure sign that her mind was beginning to wander as the wine took affect. I smiled indulgantly able at lesiure to sit and admire her obvious pristine charms and wonder what they'd be like free of clothes and cares. For despite the obvious temptation, a gentleman would never force such an issue whatever the given opportunity. "Had a good day ?" I asked, making small talk to bring her back to me.

She blinked and smiled a perfect smile. "Oh my yes, don't I always. If daddy wants to give me money who am I not to indulge myself and see that it is spent forthwith !!"

I took another sip of wine. "You spent all of it?" I enquired, slightly perturbed.

My lovely companion smiled, rather cheekily I thought with a touch of devilment glinting in her eyes. "Uhuh.." she whispered bending forward across the table. "All gone."

I was hard pushed to keep even the mearest hint of a smile off my face as she proceeded to show me her newly bought wares. Much as I'd thought. Clothes and knick knacks that would most probably be worn or used once and then discarded. "All of it? I don't think daddy will be pleased. Wasn't that sum supposed to last you for a week ?" I enquired. Though she was the apple of her fathers eye I'd come to discover he was a man of strict morals and unbringing who ruled his house with a rod of iron and not one to accept loose morals.

"Oh, well, yes I suppose so. Besides, what he and ma'ma don't know won't hurt them or to the point, heaven forbid, me will it ?" she sniffed, blushing slightly and lifting her chin up haughtily. "I mean, you certainly won't inform him will you? " she stated flatly looking me in the eye. "After all we are an item."

Why, the trumpted up little madam !! Whilst somewhat grudgingly admiring her barefaced cheek I was shocked at her attitude. Especially her presumed opinion of my moral fibre or lack of. "Oh, and what makes you think I won't inform him ?" I enquired.

She smiled knowingly, smugly. "Well, I know you won't. Least not if you want to stay in my good books and find favour."

I was so shocked I could only stare at her as she reached into an ivory bowl and popped a grape into her mouth chewing smugly as if she knew she was right. "You think so hmmm ? Supposing I did. What would happen ?" I asked, regaining my composure as I dabbed my lips with a white napkin. At my question, she stopped chewing and her face turned slightly pale.

"Oh, well, daddy would do what all daddies would do wouldn't he? He'd blow his top and definitely take me in hand."

"In hand ?"

She licked her lips as if remembering something upleasant "It may have escaped your notice Sir but my daddy is a very strict daddy. He certainly doesn't brook argument from any of his daughters, especially his eldest one. "No excuses, no scenes and no blubbing !!" he always says. He just cuts to the chase and takes the rod to our er..." she glanced quickly around, lent further forward and whispered. "Bottoms."

Bottoms ? Her bottom ?!! The thought of her pater taking a slice of swishy bamboo to her as yet unseen on my part (for shame Sir) derriere was one to linger over and cherish on a lonely night. I can well imagine the scene as he laid on a bakers dozen of whippy stingers, more than enough to chastise a willfull and naughty young lady such as the remarkable Miss Marple.

Across from me I could see her licking the whipped cream off her desert spoon as if all was well in her little world. So she thinks I wouldn't tell hmmmm?



An hour later as the setting sun sank into an mid-summers evening haze we found ourselves in my apartment which was bathed in an orange laticed glow as sunbeams filtered through the blinds. Slipping off my jacket, I threw it over a chair and turned to the figure standing on my prize oriental rug in the middle of the floor. Her arms were crossed protectively across her ample bosom and she bore a deep, distasteful frown upon her pretty face.

"Drink ?" I asked her pleasantly. No answer, but I had expected that for the journey from the restaurant to here had been the same. After my comments at the dinner table she had gasped at my sheer audacity and despite initial protests had clammed up tight realising her predicament. I had her trapped in a web of consequence and she knew it.

The only sound was the sound of the world going by outside my first floor apartment window. Inside, time was, as they say, standing still. But time, as they say too, doesn't stand still for no man. "Lets begin shall we." I stated suddenly making her step back with surprise. Perhaps she thought I had been bluffing when in the restaurant I had said pointedly "If your daddy is to remain non the wiser over your spendthrift then it would be remiss of me as a man of manners and upbringing not to deal with you myself. After all its a matter of principle and the right thing for a gentleman to do." Now she knew better.

Standing before me, sullen, yet still a picture of radiance she glowered at me with fire and surprise dancing in her eyes. "I...you can't be serious. Its not proper. Indeed Sir, it is downright ungentlemanly and salacious in the extreme!! " she exclaimed with her hands bundled into fists on each hip. I could see her mind working over-time to escape. I kept silent. "Though we are an item, as you say, and have even shared a certain passion for kissing and fondling that still doesn't give you the right to punish my bottom. A ladies bottom a suitor shouldn't even see until at least their betrothal and preferably their wedding night!! This, this..." she pouted. "Its..its blackmail !!"

Rolling up my shirt sleeve I shrugged. "Well, it seems you have a choice to make then. Either I deal with you or your daddy does. I'd wager a fair bet that he'd deal with you more harshly than I as well as stopping your allowance for a period. Consider not being able to shop for a month or two. How would you endure such a prospect hmmmm?" I finished, smiling as her mouth dropped open at the very thought. I could tell that was a consequence she hadn't considered.

Her face flushed and her eyes opened wide as something else suddenly occurred to her as her gaze darted around the sparse furnishings of my apartment. "Oh but wait, how can you punish me when you have nary a stick of that awful bamboo to hand !!" she said excitedly and with much relief for she thought she had me at an obvious disadvantage.

No matter for I had other idea's. "Though a dose with a swishy cane would do you the world of good my dear there are other ways to punish naughty ladies such as yourself. A vigorous bout of hard hand spanking should suffice this time." I reasoned, walking over to my sofa and raising a helping hand for her to lie over my expectant lap.

Shocked, she jumped back in alarm and waved a finger at me. "A spanking ?!!" she cried. "On my bare bottom ?" she squeaked." Absolutely not Sir. Its bad enough knowing I have to bare my buttocks in your presense but to allow your flesh to touch mine is just not...not ladylike !!"

She was quite lovely standing there in the fading sunlight all indignant and fiery of temper. If our relationship was going to be a fruitful and happy one she'd just have to learn who was in charge.

"What was your daddy's phone number again?"


"Ow ow ouch. Please, oh not so hmmmmmmm ooooo hard !!" winced Miss Marple as I spanked her again trying to make her left cheek as tender and red as its companion. "Ah, haven't you finished yet Sir ? The sting is really quite awful you know!!" she pleaded, looking at me over her shoulder with dew drop eyes. I slapped her bottom again, this time a little harder. "Ohhhhhhh please, please owwwwwww stop. I'm sorry I really ammmmmmm. I've learned my lesson truly I have !!" she groaned, squirming around to grasp and kneed her scarlet behind as well as trying to fend me off.

Grasping her hand, I held it firm in the swallow of her back keeping it out of the way thus leaving me with an unrestricted view of her most alluring behind. A very fine behind it was too. Not too full, not too small. Blemish free with a dark cleft and each cheek topped off with a cute dimple. Most impressive and one which I intended to enjoy over and over and over.

Giving in to temptation, I gave her perfect bottom another hefty swipe with my firm hand if only to satisfy myself and to embelish her punishment.



A short while later....

Smoothing down her skirt, the lovely Miss Marple glanced up at me as I stood watching her with a look of amusement on my face. Reaching up she fixed her ribbon and met my gaze." You know, though you shouldn't of did what you did Herbert, all things considered I'm sort of glad you did. At least a spanking from you is far less severe on my bottom than a dose of daddy's awful cane." she smiled wryly reaching around to rub away any lingering after-effects. "Oh, do look at the time. I shall be late and no mistake. Cook will have the tea ready. I really have to go." She crossed to me and gave me a peck on the cheek before running from my apartment and closing the door with a bang.

Well, well. What an eventful end to what had looked to be an uneventful day. All because of the carefree whims of the most remarkable Miss Marple. I stood watching from my balcony as she walked carefree down the street with her hips swaying this way and that as if our spanking had never happened at all. I smiled to myself. No doubt she was already looking forward to another shopping expedition at her daddy's expense I mused as I picked up the phone.

"What was her daddy's phone number again?"


The End.

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