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Spanking Story: The Spanking Time Traveller

Authors Note: "Always been a big fan of stories that involve anything to do with the paradoxes and possibilities of being able to travel in time. HG Wells Time Machine is one of my favourite novels and I thought it would be an interesting challenge to write an erotic romantic spanking story involving the subject. Hope you enjoy it."


Another time, another place....

Higher than way up high in a building that was taller than tall the Time Traveller stood before a wall that wasn't a wall on the beginning of his journey far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city metropolis below. The wall, which wasn't a wall, swirled like a clearing mist, bee bopped a jingle and cleared to reveal the image of a grandfather clock. and the simple phrase. "What is time ?"

"May I help you ?" said the wall suddenly as the face of an attractive woman appeared.

The Time Traveller smiled. "I hope so. " he responded warmly as the wall opened and he entered into a room where time ceased to exist....


With a whoosh and a whistle the machine appeared from the tunnel and with gears grinding and brakes screeching pulled to a halt at its destination. With a final jerk that woke her up from her exhaustion, Laura Brannigan jumped automatically to her feet and fought her way to the double exit doors from which a grumbling mass of humanity on their way home from another working day tumbled out onto the platform.

Pinned in from all sides she held on tightly to her bag and followed the tide which took her towards daylight and towards her home on the far side of the river.

It was always the same, each day, every day, too and from work. "Is this it ?" she'd often mused as the train had clattered along its tracks on its routine way, the strobe lights along the tunnels merging in her mind like some neon line not to be crossed. "Is this my life, is this ALL there is ??" Get up, go to work, come home, go to bed, get up, go to work. Even her weekends were spent preparing for work come Monday.

As the swell of commuters finally emerged into the late evening downpour and dispersed from around her like a fading mist - are all these people thinking the same thoughts I am - she stood for a moment looking up at the faint sparkle of stars appearing behind the clouds amongst the black silhouettes of skyscrapers and office blocks.

One star had caught her eye, it was brighter and held her gaze as she sighed. "When you wish upon a star.....your dreams come true." she sang to herself.

Then she shrugged, unfurled her umbrella and stepped out into the chaos of the rush hour traffic and pouring rain.


Upon an celestial arc, set against a backdrop of multi-coloured hues the mechanical time machine soared. Around its hull, lights twinkled like the billions upon billions of stars around it as it turned and found that place in time it had been programmed for. With whirrs and clicks of clickety clack, whistles, hums and burps it slowed gracefully and came to a stop, waiting. Inside its warm cocoon, bathed in the glow from the myriad of dials sat the Time Traveller watching as time slowed around him and came finally to a standstill.

Through the transparent canopy he looked up to see stars being born in scarlet cradles and stars dying in explosions of technocolour leaving ring ripples upon the inky blackness of space. He smiled, awed, marvelling at the spectacle of the universe of time and space folded around him.

"We have arrived Sir. Do you wish to continue ?" asked a disembodied voice, a womans voice both pleasant and reassuring. He smiled again and reached into his pocket for the small metal disc. Reaching forward he placed it into a slot on the panel in front of him. A moment later on the window in front of him an image appeared and another voice, that of a commentator, spoke to him. "Welcome to the National Museums historical archive to the social and sexual institutions of the late twentieth century...."

"What year is it ?" asked the Time traveller.

"The year is 1998. Precice measurements are 17-11-1998. Local time estimated for stated destination on touchdown 17.45 and 30 seconds meridian standard laws accepted. Do you wish to continue ?" replied his female companion.

The Time Traveller reached into his pocket again ( wonderful !!) and took from it a copy of an old photograph with a name and date transcribed on the back as he had requested. It was the picture of a young woman. Nothing remarkable or special about that. Except that this young woman just happened to be clutching what looked like a very red and sore bottom.

"Yes," said the Time Traveller quietly. "This is the time."


Laura winced for she could feel and hear the thudding of the raindrops above her as they landed on her umbrella. God, she wished she was home. She needed a nice hot bath and an early night. "Welcome to the real world Ms Brannigan." she mused ruefully to herself as the stairwell to her apartment building loomed into view through the grey murk. "You know what they say don't you. All work and no play makes you young lady a dull little madam." she thought with irony. "So much for her change of career. Go out and get a real job. Sure. Right. Here I am doing a typical 9 till 5, getting soaking wet when I could be earning twice as much doing what I did."

As she climbed the wet stone steps and inserted her key into the security lock she thought about her "past life". She shook her head at the irony of it. "Least one things for sure I'm saving a fortune on cold cream." she laughed to herself as she let herself in and glanced at her wristwatch.

It was nearly six o'clock.


At that moment there was nothing there. But in the next moment after that moment there was.

In the blink of an eye where there had been nothing except a small green rise in a hidden corner of a latter 20th century park suddenly sat, as if by magic, a mechanical machine quietly humming to itself and surrounded by a heat haze as it cooled down from its temporal journey from the far, far away future. There was a pause as if it was unsure of its surroundings, checking, making sure it was where it was supposed to be. After what could of been an eternity but wasn't its side opened up and from the machine stepped a man dressed in an old fashioned two piece suit, casual white shirt with top two buttons unbuttoned and black leather shoes.

The Time Traveller had arrived.

The first thing he noticed was the air. He stood for a second smelling it, savouring its freshness and purity. How wonderful !! Coming to his senses - after all who wouldn't be over-awed at his situation - he looked around making sure no-one had seen his arrival. Not that he expected anyone too. All the data and possibilities had been checked before hand. They were far too thorough to allow for mistakes like that. Certainly no "strange observances" had been reported at that time in time.

He lent forward and pressed his palm against the plate. "Disappear one second ahead always along this timeline. Only re-appear when I tell you." he ordered. One second ahead should be enough. The machine would sit here undisturbed until he returned from his adventure.

"Yes Sir." said the woman. "Have a nice day." she said cheerily and promptly vanished into the future.

He smiled. There wasn't even an imprint on the grass he noticed with satisfaction. Another thing he had noticed was that he was getting rather wet. It was raining !! How wonderful !! Grinning, he made his way from the park and out into the world of 17th November 1998.


Part 2.

Swirling the gin and ice in her glass, Laura ran a hand through her drying hair and looked out of the window as the rain lashed against the pane. Watching as the huddled figures below scurried here and there getting a thorough drenching in the downpour. What a miserable end to a long and uneventful day at work. Ah work, she was respectable now that she had eventually graduated. Just.

Still all those years scrimping and saving as a student hadn't gone to waste. Least she wasn't pennyless and weighed down with debt unlike some of her classmates. No, whilst some had found dead-end part time jobs to help suppliment their grants she'd managed to find a "position" that had helped her not only pay off her bills but able to save a bit too. "For a rainy today." she smiled to herself, recalling what that "position" had entailed. Resting the glass against her chin she sighed at the memory of those times nearly three years ago now. Remembering, she walked in her dressing-gown to her old fashioned bookcase and reached up to a folder hidden amongst several others on the top shelf.

Returning to the window she opened the folder and took out an old magazine. Idly flicking through several pages past flashes of white and red she thumbed to a stop and took another sip of alcohol. There she was, her younger self staring and pouting back at her future self with her skirt pulled up to her waist, panties at half mast and her right hand trying to rub away the sting of a dammed good hiding. She had been nineteen and the chance to earn good money for a little sufference had been too good an offer to turn down.

"Ouch." she said aloud. It had really stung. More than she had anticipated or the man had promised. She had wondered if he was ever going to stop as she had kicked and yelled trying to get free from his grasp as he held her firmly over his lap.

By the time he'd finished her backside felt twice its size and she twice as excited. "Enjoyed a spanking ? Amazing !!" she laughed to herself. But she had. Shaking her head ruefully, she finally turned away from the window to go make something to eat not noticing the figure standing watching her from below, partially hidden beneath an old oak tree across the street from her apartment block.


Watching as she disappeared from the window, the Time Traveller nodded slowly. The data was correct. Time, place, everything. He turned and left to return to his machine where he would sit and wait always one second into the future so he couldn't be seen. Waiting until the following day when he knew exactly where she would be.

Then he would introduce himself to her.


Big Frankies Cafetteria sat on the corner of 22nd Street and was a popular early morning haunt of tourists, taxi-drivers, cops and those wanting a full english breakfast before going in to work. "A full belly is a happy belly !!" was Frankies trademark which he lived up to with ease.

As usual it was packed as Laura made her way through the tables to her own particular spot which was kept for her by Frankie whom she suspected had a soft spot for her despite she being 21 and he 50+ and looking it. "Waddalitbe sherrie ?" smiled Frankie flicking his dyed waldorf moustache as he handed her the menu. Laura just smiled indulging him for he knew she always ordered the same each and every day. Coffee, black, no sugar with a light breakfast, hold the fat and cholestrol please.

"Same old same Frankie. "she replied with a beaming smile that had him rocking on the heels of his expensive shoes. "You know me. Time is money and times ticking."

Frankie laughed. "Okey-dokey mon sherrie. One of Frankies specials coming up justa for you."

Laura smiled, noticing one or two admiring glances from the men finishing or starting the early shifts. Sorry boys you're wasting your time. This lady isn't available or looking today.

Glancing at her watch she sat back. It was 7.15am. She wasn't due to be at her desk till nine. She was early. Reaching across to the bowl she popped a peanut into her mouth. Time wasn't the most important thing on her mind after all....


The female voice in his head told him to wake up. "Its time Sir. A wonderful morning to you Sir. The time is precisely 07.15am, November 18th 1998. Weather is clear and all systems check out. As requested you are one second into the future of the current timeline. Sensors indicate that the area is clear. Do you wish to drop out of temporal displacement ?" enquired the voice.

The Time Traveller raised his head from its rest and blinked. Before him all he could see was a thin veil of vapour through which he could disearn shapes and colours. The machine was constantly shifting its position in time so it wouldn't be seen or detected but keeping itself near to his destination time. Clever, very clever.

"Yes." he answered as he reached up to touch the small bump where the implant had been inserted behind his right ear. His only contact with the future. His constant companion who told him everything he needed to know about his situation and the culture around him.

Any question would receive an answer. What is that ? What does that do ? Why is that so ? Where am I ? Which way do I go ? Tell me more about this woman Laura Brannigan. The device would tell him. For the device knew everything.


Feeling the last aches of waking up ease from her bones, Laura sat elbows on table cradling her coffee cup in both hands knowing that another mundane day stretched ahead of her like all the others. "Think end of the month girl. Think paycheck!!" she urged herself.

Where had all the excitement in her life gone ? Wasn't being an trainee journalist with the big city daily supposed to be interesting, stimulating and living life on the edge ? She'd spent the past three months sitting at her desk typing someone else's copy for Christ's sake !! She needed to find a story. Something that would get her noticed by her editor. Something big....really big.

She closed her eyes wishing it would happen. Now, right now.

When she opened them again she found herself staring, and being stared at, by a dark haired man in a two piece suit with a white shirt that had the two top buttons undone. The intensity of his gaze made her sit back in surprise and she found herself blushing at the sharpness of his attention.

"What the ?" she though, her ire rising as he suddenly looked her up and down. "The cheeky so and so !! Who the hell does he think...."

She was going to tell him to take that stare of his and shove it someplace else but then something happened. He smiled. A wide beaming smile with teeth that were whiter than white.

Then he spoke. "Hello." he said simply. "You don't know me but I know you."


Part 3.

Laura stared and frowned at the man, in his early to mid-thirties, as he got up from his own table and approached hers. She had momentarily been thrown off balance but her senses recovered quickly and she eased back in her chair as he came to stop before her.

He smiled again and turned and indicated where he had been sitting. "I'm sorry for staring. I forgot my manners. My name is..." she watched as he paused as if considering something. "....Michael. Yes Michael. I am so very pleased to meet you. " he finished by suddenly holding out his hand.

Laura blinked and glanced to her left where one or two patrons were looking curiously in her direction as they tucked into their breakfasts. "Least there are one or two cops around. " she noted with relief just in case she needed help.

Just who did this guy think he is ? He doesn't seem like a wacko. Maybe she should just tell him to go take a hike. But as suddenly as the thought popped into her head it vanished as her eyes fell on his hand. She had a sudden overwhelming urge to want to touch it.

As if of its own volition she saw her own reach up and slip easily into his. His hands were dry and smooth and she could feel the warmth of him. He sure as hell wasn't used to hard work. No manual labourer this one. His hand felt almost..almost feminine to her touch.

He smiled as his skin touched hers for the first time. "Hello again." he said charmingly.

Laura tentatively returned his smile. "H..hi there. Did you say your name was Michael ?"

The man nodded. "Yes Michael. My name is Michael. May I sit at your table ?" he asked politely.

No reason to say no. " Plenty of room for two I guess." she replied, watching as he carefully pulled the chair out and sat on it with deliberation. There was something about him she sensed. Something out of the ordinary, something she was not used to whenever a man came on to her. He had an innocence in his bearing that made her smile. A childishness for he seemed to consider every action as if it was important. Despite her initial reluctance, she was intruiged.

Then suddenly something occurred to her. "You don't know me..." he had said. "But I know you." What ? How was that possible ? They'd only just met. She was sure she'd never set eyes on him before.

Feeling uneasy and not liking it one bit she frowned at him, watching as he picked up a fork and tried to hold it as a child would which was apt for he was grinning like one who'd just discovered a new toy. "Wonderful !!" he said as if to himself. Bemused, Laura coughed. The man stopped what he was doing and looked at her a little bashfull she thought. Carefully placing it back in the exact position he'd picked it up from he shrugged a little embarrassed. "Interesting..." he said by way of an explanation.

Laura sat back. "I know I don't know you. So how can you, someone I'm positive I've never met, know me ?" she asked.

"I just do." he answered enigmatically.

Laura sighed. Playing hardball huh. "Thats not exactly an explanation." she muttered as she took a sip of coffee.


The Time Traveller smiled again. I know EVERYTHING about you Laura Brannigan. I know when you were born. I know how and where you grew up. I know who you married. Who you divorced. The last thought made him pause as his eyes met her enquiring ones. Blue, she does have the purest blue eyes doesn't she. His retro copy of her photo doesn't do her justice. When was the original taken ? A year or so ago he calculated. Her dark brown hair is longer now. Her figure, from what he could assertain, was fuller, more womanly.

He watched as she lit up a cigarette, taking a long draw and blowing a whisp of smoke from the side of her mouth as she waited for him to answer her question. He felt a wash of sadness come over him. And I know how, why, where and when you died he thought sadly. I have all the answers to all the questions you ever want to ask but I am forbidden by law and science to give you them.

He must tread carefully as he was instructed for one mis-step could change his own future....and possibly hers.

He placed both hands on the table in front of him. "I have a confession." he began. "When I said I know you , what I meant was that I'd seen you in here before, through the window whilst passing by and I thought that today, on this wonderful morning, would be as good a time as any to introduce myself to you. Speaking of introductions, you have me at a disadvantage for you now know my name but I don't know yours." he finished. That was as simple an lie as he could think of in the circumstances.

"You followed me ?" she asked, bristling slightly. "When.....why ?"

The Time Traveller smiled again. He'd been following her for years in the future so he could know her exact whereabouts when he arrived. He nodded. "Hmmm since yesterday. Since I ah arrived. Why ? Well, to my eyes you're a very attractive woman."

"Oh...really ?" she responded simply.

His answer seemed to have unsettled her for some reason. It was true. She was attractive. Had the men of this time not told her so ?

"Arrived ? " she asked suddenly. "Are you a tourist ?"

"You could say that." he laughed gently, amused at the questions.

"You sound english. Is this your first time over here ? Do you travel a lot ?" she continued on.

English ? Ah yes. Small country off coast of Europe. "I suppose I am and yes, I've seen some wonderful things on my travels. Truly amazing things." Things you wouldn't believe. Cities the size of continents, buildings that reach the heavens and a time where men and women are at peace and one with the worlds around them.

The woman seemed satisfied with his explanation and suddenly held out her hand for him to take. "Laura, "she smiled. "My names Laura." Her eyes fell on her watch. "And, oh shit....I'm late for work !!!"

He watched as she jumped up and gathered her things. "Damn, look I've gotta go. But....well, damn, you got a pen ?" she asked as she opened her bag. The Time Traveller shook his head. A pen? What was a pen? "Damn....look, if I tell you my number can you remember it ? Give me a call sometime after six tonight and maybe we can go for a drink ok ? If you er want to that is. My number is......"

With that she ran for the cafe door shouting over her shoulder. "GIVE ME A CALL !!"

Laughing, the Time Traveller's gaze fell on her retreating plaid skirt and to the commotion going on beneath it as it disappeared out of the door and off into the rush hour.

"Interesting lady." he thought. Perhap's tonight his dream was about to come true..


part 4.

It was a perfect crystal clear night as Laura sat on the small balcony overlooking the main restaurant in the company of this rather strange man called Michael as she sipped her post-meal glass of wine enjoying the tranquil setting and the soft music coming from down below.

To be honest, she was surprised they were here at all and that he'd taken up her offer to "give me a call !!" when she'd run out of the cafe late for work yesterday morning.

Anyway, she was glad he had. Despite his rather quaint quirks (she put it down to him being English, aren't all Englishmen rather strange anyway ?) that made him seem so out of place...out of time, she had enjoyed their first date.

Well, it wasn't exactly a date. Least not in the strictest sense of the word. It had certainly been different to what she was used to anyway. No coming on heavy, no smarmy charm to get into her underwear.

No, to her surprise, he was self-effacing, totally interested in her opinions and well, just so dammed charming it wasn't true. Yet she still knew little of him for he seemed far more interested in talking about her. Her every gentle query had been met with a shrug and comment of "Oh, there isn't really that much to tell......a boring life".

So she hadn't pushed the issue. Boy, this one sure liked to act mysterious. As for his manner, she just put it down to good old fashioned English reserve. He was most definitely born in the wrong century she smiled to herself. He's Victorian. An inquisitve Victorian too judging by the way he seemed interested in the least bit thing as they had arranged and met by the park near her apartment and walked to the restaurant a few blocks away. People, crowds, the noise, the wailing of sirens, the sound of a city at night fascinated him and she'd found herself waiting patiently for him as he stopped and watched for awhile grinning at some unseen amusement.

Cars too. He seemed particularly interested in cars of all shapes and sizes. They'd stopped at the intersection watching the lines of traffic below and their neon lights disappearing under their feet, he'd turned with his eyes shining. "Wait until they fly !!" he'd laughed, before something appeared to stop him and he'd shrugged looking slightly chastised.

She'd just smiled and said "You've been watching too many movies."

She sat studying him as he stared upwards with a hint of a smile on his face. "What are you thinking ?" she asked, following his gaze. The starshine was spectacular. She could see forever, back to the dawn of time...or so she'd read in an article about Astronomy in Cosmopolitan.

He didn't look at her but said softly. "As far as the eye can see and as far as we can imagine." he wondered aloud. "Not only far but when..."

Laura was half-listening for the wine was delicious "Hmmmmmm, when ?"

The man shook his head and looked at her and said enigmantically. "Someday....someday."


The Time Traveller looked around Laura Brannigan's apartment with undisguised interest. "Nice place." he observed, looking at the photo's on the wall. "Are these family ?"

His host smiled. "Hmmm, my folks. Those one's are of my ex-university friends and that one is of my graduation. I look good in uniform huh." she laughed, offering him the seat by what looked like some sort of contraption that had four humming orange strips behind a metal grill.

As he sat, he held his hand before the glow from the bars. "Yes you do. Ah, heat. Wonderful !!" he replied as he sat down and gently bounced up and down before settling back with an exclaimed "My, these are really comfortable aren't they!! I could never tell by the pictures."

The woman looked at him and laughed. "Don't they have central heating, chairs and sofa's where you come from ?" as she sat opposite him.

He could see she was teasing him. He held up his hands. "Not like this. " he replied as he patted the arm of the chair. He should concentrate more. He was sounding like a child. But he couldn't help it. He was living in history. Seeing and doing things he'd only seen in vidreels or books. He had a million and one questions that the companion in his head whispered the answers too.

Using that communication device to "phone" her had been an interesting experience too. Luckily, he had been well briefed and supplied with the means to use and purchase services by those that knew about such things. Nickels, cents, dollars and dimes. The currency with which to do things in the late 20th century.

He hadn't thought to ask how they came by such things as he prepared for his journey. Wouldn't his interaction using such currency in the past change the natural course of events ? He shouldn't worry so, their preparation was meticulous, it always was. They were famed for it, nothing had ever gone wrong before.

He looked up as the sole reason for his trip came out of what she called her "kitchen" carrying two containers of what looked like brown liquid. Ah, this must be whats called coffee. "Thank you." he said as he took the cup. He cautiously took a sip and blew out his cheeks in surprise. !! The taste was certainly different to what he was used to back home. People actually drink this to relax ? His mind boggled not for the first time since his arrival.


Laura listened as he talked. He always talks in the round. Nothing specific, just in general she mused to herself. She found him interesting in an opening pandora's box sort of way. He was a puzzle, an enigma. She fought back a smile at the memory of him jumping out of his skin when the phone had rang. It was her best friend Jennifer and she had got rid of her by whispering "Date....good-looking....peculiar....tell you all about it at work tomorrow BYE !!"

But tell her what ?

Laura took another sip of her coffee. That she got laid ? That he was great in bed and they'd had a night of wild unbridled passion that left her sore for a week ?

She didn't think so somehow. He just didn't seem the type for a first date shag. Laura sighed. Ah well, can't have everything I suppose for then he'd be too perfect. Idly, her gaze fell on to his hands and she felt her breath catch in her throat.

For the first time in a long time sex wasn't the most important thing on her mind at all.


The Time Traveller sat forward and placed his cup on the table in front of him. "So, do you like your...job ?" he asked out of polite interest. He knew she was a journalist. Someone who wrote about something that was read by a lot of people. Interesting vocation. She must be a valued member of society with such a responsability as that.

But he was surprised when she sat back and shrugged her shoulders. He also noticed she had looked at him rather strangely and the colour of her cheeks had changed.

The words of the time travel agent came back to him........

"This is important, very very important. You are under no circumstances to interfere or engage in any matters regarding sexual congress with members of the opposite or same sex. It is strictly forbidden. If you do so, your companion shall alert the authorities here and steps will be taken to return our machine back to our time leaving you stranded. Your companion will be ordered to terminate all contact and to degrade leaving no trace. Do you understand ? Under NO circumstance partake in any sexual liasions. You are only allowed to engage in the act for which you have requested. The act of physical punishment of the female is only allowed because there are no time-line consequences resulting because of that action. Please place your palm here if you understand...."

Punishment of the female. More than anything he wanted to experience that. All because of spending one morning researching the archives of the "Catalogue of human fetishes" in the National Museums Historical Archive to the Social and Sexual Institutions of the late Twentieth century.

It was here he had come across the image of "Laura Brannigan. Female. Late 20th century. Fetish: spanking. The striking of the female buttocks for both pain and pleasure. See also: Domination and Submission."

He would never forget that image of her rubbing her red buttocks. He'd asked the curator for a copy and had made enquires regarding who she was, what was known of her, where and when she had lived. He had been determined to meet her and experience what looked like the wonderful sensation of spanking her buttocks if he could. Only to spank her. Not to engage in sexual relations with her.

Despite his obvious desire and her attractivness he certainly didn't want to be stranded here in late November 1998. Despite his having a time machine at his disposal, he knew he didn't have all the time in the world. Spanking via a time machine didn't come cheap.


Laura shook her head and made a face. "My jobs ok I guess. " she sighed. "I'm just on the bottom rung of the ladder and need a break. Typing someone elses copy isnt exactly fun. But it pays the bills, so I can't really complain."

The man sat back and folded those hands. Big hands. Laura felt the butterflies in her stomach. God, you silly bitch don't be bloody stupid. Do you want him to think you're some sort of nympho-spankomaniac ?!! Hoping he gives you a good seeing to yes...a spanking...thats a no no. Thinking about getting a spanking had obsessed her years ago, why on earth had it popped up now ?!! She realised it was those hands...those big, soft looking hands. Artistic hands. Oh shit. Think of something sensible to say or else you'll find yourself on your knee's begging him for it. "So.....are you married ?" Laura could feel herself wince even as the words tumbled from her mouth. Way to go smart ass.

She tried to make light of her query. "I mean...I noticed you aren't wearing any rings or anything." She watched as a smile flittered across his strangely handsome face.

"Married ?" he said as if it was the strangest thing he'd ever heard. "No....can't say I am."

"A girlfriend then ?"

Again a shake of the head. "Girlfriend? Oh you mean a companion. No...not lately. Don't think they would find me all that compatable anyway. "

She watched him smile to himself. Obviously a private joke. Still, she was intruiged. She couldn't help herself. "Compatable ?" Was he a vegetarian or something ? There was a slight pause as he looked at her as if he was considering something. Laura just raised her eyebrows hopefully. "Sorry, silly question. You don't have to answer that. I don't mean to pry. Its a family trait being nosey I'm afraid." she remarked feeling herself blushing.

But he did answer. "Sexually incompatable I guess. " he said with disarming frankness.

He didn't even seem embarrassed about the admission. Laura felt herself go hot all over. Where was the air conditioner when you really needed it ? "Oh ?" was all she could think of saying. She thought that would be the end of that particular thread but no, apparently not.

He continued on. "No.....where I come from I'm a little different from the normal I think. People tend to frown about such things sadly. Besides, such practices have been banned for....oh, years now."

Laura frowned. Banned ? What on earth was he talking about ? She should leave the topic well alone but, dammit, she was hooked. "Banned ? Can I ask er.....well, what I mean is, I er.....what exactly are you, we, talking about here ?" she asked.

She kept eye contact as he sat in silence looking at her. What was his big secret ?

She saw him take a deep breath, his eyes crinkling up as if someone had said something amusing to him. Perhap's it was that little voice in his head telling him he was asking for a whole lot of trouble. After all, they were practically total strangers.

His reply, when it came, was off-hand, delivered dead-pan and completely and utterly floored her.

"Oh its nothing of import really. I just happen to have an interest in spanking the females bottom thats all."


The Time Traveller waited for he had all the time in the world.

He watched as this woman, this woman who's pouting face and red bottom had haunted him for years, stared at him with undisguised surprise and shock. It took her a few seconds to compose herself before she could say another word. "Perhap's I've said too much..." he said to her.

She said nothing and continued to sit staring at him as if he was from another universe. He smiled. Not quite. He wondered what was going through her mind. He hoped he'd soon find out.

It occurred to him that she might ask him to leave and that he would have to use the time machine to return to yesterday so he could re-introduce himself to her and try again. Only this time he would be more circumspect in his dealings with her. This could get real complicated if he wasn't careful.

Then the woman spoke. "S...spanking ?" she blurted out in amazement. "You mean spanking spanking ?"

He looked slightly unsure. "I - think so. Why, is it called something else here ?" he wondered.

Did it go by another name ? He hadn't considered that.

"What ?" she muttered. ", its still called that over here. Spanking. You're sexually incompatable because you like to...."

"Spank female - women's bottoms, yes. Although, I've never had the opportunity to actually do it." he explained with a wistful look on his face. "A character flaw I'm afraid. Does it shock you ?"

She shook her head. "Yes, well no...well...yes. I'm shocked you came right out and admitted it to me. I hardly know you do I ?"

She started to laugh to his own amusement. "Why are you laughing ?" he asked.

She stopped and looked at him as she bit her lip, rather endearingly he thought. "Oh, I can't possibly tell you on a first date. So let me get this straight. You're not married ? " He shook his head. "You don't have a girlfriend ?" He shook his head again. "And this is all because you can't find one that will let you spank her bottom ?"

This time he nodded his head. She started to laugh again and then stopped suddenly. This time she was looking at him differently somehow. He could feel his heart beating faster. "So you want to spank a grown woman's bottom then huh ?"

The Time Traveller smiled.


Laura woke from her slumbers swathed in a red haze of conflicting emotions that ran the gamut then back again. As she rolled over and tried to sit up, she groaned and winced at the throbbing coming from her bottom. "Oh..ow." she muttered getting to her feet and going to the bathroom. She grunted when she looked in the mirror. God she looked a right state.

Turning around, she lifted the hem of her nightshirt and gasped at the colour of her behind. No wonder it stung. It was flamming red. The memory of how it had gotten into such a state came flooding back.

She'd been spanked. Spanked really hard too once she'd showed him what to do. She smiled wryly. For someone supposedly into spanking he wasn't exactly an expert on how to do it. She had to literally take him by the hand and show him what to do once she'd settled over his lap.

A spanker in need of a spankee to show him the way. She should of been a good samaritan.

Her reflection smiled at her as she remembered his reaction when she had said suddenly, in a moment of madness, "Uhhh, look, maybe...well, what I mean is would I don't usually say this on a first date you understand but...well, would you like to spank my bottom ?"

You should be ashamed of yourself Laura Brannigan. You hardly knew the man.

She'd let him anyway and offered her backside to his obvious delight. Once the awkwardness of baring it had passed and she'd settled down over him all the feelings that she remembered came with it came flooding back and it had been as fulfilling as it had been all those years ago.

It had lasted an hour but felt like forever. He'd taken his time savouring the moment of each slap and spank always asking if she liked it or wondering if he was doing it right.

She had no complaints.....none at all.

That was until the spanking was over and he'd kissed her lightly on the cheek, thanked her for a once in a lifetime experience and said he had to go. And he had. Just like that. Leaving her watching him from her apartment window as he disappeared into the crowds as she stood rubbing the sting smarting each of her red cheeks.

She wondered if she would ever see him again.



The Time Traveller stood watching the flock of birds from his balcony as they made their way across the clear blue sky heading towards the far mountains in the distance. He was home. He had returned to his own time three days ago and had left the metropolis behind to spend sometime in quiet contemplation at his countryside retreat.

Just taking some time to reflect and savour the memory of his spanking adventure in time. It had been worth it. Every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day, month, year, decade and century he had had to travel to experience it. As long as he lived he would never forget Laura Brannigan.

He walked over to his desk and a small draw opened at his request. Inside was a small wallet from which he took the photo of this woman from the past. In his minds eye, he could see her face now as he'd began to spank her. He smiled. He loved that face.

She was dead now. Had been for over two hundred years but her memory for him would linger on. As he stared out as the sun sank slowly in a golden haze he felt his heart ache with sadness at the thought.

He shook his head as the soft chime of his communicator rang out. "Yes ?" he answered, looking at the small screen on his wrist. It was the face of the woman he'd seen at the Time Travel Agency.

"Sir. Please forgive the intrusion on your privacy but we have run a trace to find you as something unusual has happened as regarding your time trip. As was explained to you before you left we check all logs, implants and historical time-lines when a customer returns from his journey. Usually this is just routine for our records and is recorded as simply "non-paradox" case closed. But..."

"Is there something wrong ?" asked the Time Traveller. Had something gone wrong ? Had he somehow inadvertently disturbed the natural course of events ? He knew of the consequences if he had. He also knew it'd be the first time such a thing had ever happened.

"The female...Laura Brannigan." continued the woman.

"What about her ? " he interrupted, suddenly alert.

"Scans now show that the order of events before your trip have altered since you have returned from the past. It now appears according to official records of the era that this female disappeared on the 19th day of the month of November in the year 1998. Historical records state that no trace was ever found of her. The Agency thought you would like to know of this new information. Good day and we are glad you enjoyed your trip."

The screen went blank and the Time Traveller stood staring at it for a long time.

Disappeared ?

What had happened to her ?

Before his trip he knew everything about her. Her Birth. Her Life and how she'd finally achieved her goal of being a big city newspaper reporter of some repute. Her Death for he also knew that she would die of cancer at the age of 56 having never married or had children.

He stood looking out across the landscape. What had happened ?

The dying glare of the sun filled his room as he stood looking at her photo in his hand.

BEFORE his trip.

Then suddenly, he realised. He knew and everything made perfect sense. Everything was clear.


Higher than way up high in a building that was taller than tall the Time Traveller stood before a wall that wasn't a wall on the beginning of his journey far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city metropolis below. The wall, which wasn't a wall, swirled like a clearing mist, bee bopped a jingle and cleared to reveal the image of a grandfather clock. and the simple phrase. "What is time ?"

"Welcome to the centre for Time Travel." said the wall suddenly as the face of an attractive woman appeared. The image paused then smiled in recognition. "Pleased to see you again Sir. May I help you ?"

The Time traveller smiled. "Yes....I need to take one more trip back in time."

This time he wouldn't return alone.

The End.

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