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Spanking Story: When Harry Spanked Sally

Harry looked out of the window as another woosh of snow blew past outside as they sat in the warmth and glow of the initimate restaurant. His companion, Sally, sat opposite finishing off her desert of strawberries and cream in that deliberate and studious way that always made him smile. She was, as his mother used to say, a bit of a "fusspot".

"Walking in a winter wonderland..." murmured Harry, picking up a napkin to dab his lips. Sally glanced up at him then out into the dark seeing the snowflakes silhouetted in the arc of lamplight across the way.

"Ohhh, its snowing Harry, look !!" she smiled like a child,"I do so love winter."

"I know you do. Remember the time we went skating on the lake ? Or, hey, what about last Christmas when we built that snowman and you stuck the carrot in the wrong place. Naughty, naughty !!" he laughed.

Sally blushed. "I was wasn't I ?" she whispered bending forward over the table so no one else could hear her confession, her eyes glancing across to the other tables. Harry sat back and wiggled his brows before winking. He felt good, life was good, had been good and he had good friends like Sally with whom he could share his love of eating out.

He had known Sally for most of his adult life, they had met years ago in college studying English Lit. He had noticed her straight away, she stood out from the crowd like a beacon with her shoulder length crinkly strawberry blonde hair, shapely figure, though she usually hid it under volumnious sweaters and roomy skirts and baggy trousers, and slightly lost appearance. But the thing he liked most about her was her eyes. They were Disney like, big, round and deep blue. With her always slightly bemused expression they made her look so innocent as if she wanted to say "Nooooo really ??!!" all the time. Like now.

They were friends, good friends but just friends. He was 40, she was 38. They had both loved, lost and consoled each other many a time by ordering ice cream and sitting in front of tv watching "Its a Wonderful Life." Every evening they'd ring each other to tell of their day, work and all that. Discuss things, problems needing solving, intimate things...well, sort of. "No secrets." Sally had said one night last week suddenly as they sat on the sofa watching the game. Harry agreed after a seconds musing. Truth or dare.


Sally had collapsed in a fit of the giggles. "You're into what ?!!"



The word "naughty" rang through Harry's head like a bell chime. Since last week a single thought kept popping up at odd moments when he least expected it and he found himself pondering the question it posed. "Could a man and woman still be friends without spanking coming between their friendship ?" No secrets remember Harry. So there in the candle light with the snow falling outside decorating a festive scene so close to Christmas he asked her.


Sally stared at Harry, those blue eyes wide open, bemused. "Wh, why, well...I." she blurted out, her eyes falling from his before bouncing back up again. Had he really said what he had just said ? " Of course a man and woman can still be friends Harry, what a silly thing to ask." She lifted the glass of wine to her lips and took a much needed sip to give her breathing space.

Why on earth had he asked her about that ?!!

Had he been thinking about that whenever they were together ?!!

Sally took another sip and squirmed self-conciously in her seat. Good grief, was he thinking about that right NOW ?!!

She suddenly felt rather hot. Why hadn't he asked her something she knew sex. Sex she could handle. Sex was familiar, least it would be if she was dating again. In his own way Harry was quite attractive, no adonis for sure but he did posess a certain something that made her fidgetty whenever they were together. Why, did he find her attractive ?

Oh my God, did he want to sleep with her ?!!

She had considered that once but he was already in a relationship so the thought had passed on by. Was it important to her for him to find her attractive ? She glanced up to find him fiddling with his tie. She suddenly realised it was. "But we're just good friends !!" Aren't we ?

But the question was not about sex, it was about spanking. He had said he liked to spank women's bottoms. Did that mean he wanted to spank her bottom too?

Sally felt her heart thundering in her chest and took another sip.


"Do you want to come in ?" asked Sally as she opened the door to her apartment. She winced. Silly question. Harry always came in. Cup of coffee, together on the sofa watching late night tv. Only this time it was different. They stood staring at each other for a moment. She could see his mind working.

"Do you want me too Sally ?" he replied softly.

"I think so..."


It wasn't as she thought it would be at all. In fact, after the initial overwhelming embarrassment at being told to take down her undies and to lie across his lap she felt a sense of "right" come over her as she settled down. All the while she knew he was staring at her, she thought, rather large bottom.

To be honest she was more relieved that she had decided to wear the sexiest panties in her drawer, a pair of high cut black ones that fit her slightly awkward shape snuggly and gave the onlooker a sense of mystery at what delights lay hidden underneath. Sally found herself examining the flowery swirls on her carpet at close quarters as she jumped suddenly when she felt his right hand carress and cup her right buttock. So much for being just friends. At the onset of her tingle she squeezed her thighs together and smiled wickedly.

"Ready ?" Harry asked out of the blue.

Sally turned her head. Was he asking her permission ? She didn't think she was in any position to object at all. Perhap's he was offering her a last chance to change her mind. Typical Harry, always so polite.

It suddenly occurred to her that she wanted him to take control, not to ask but to make her take her first spanking. A shudder skipped up and down her spine making her cross her ankles in anticipation.

"You ready ?" he asked again.

"Uhuh." She mumbled, squeezing her eyes shut and clenching her teeth.

"Here goes."


Oh that stung. "OW !!" yelped Sally feeling his hand bounce off her left cheek.

"Alright Sally ?" he asked.

"IT STUNG !!" she whooshed, blowing out her cheeks and drumming her black stockinged toes on the carpet.

"Well, its meant too." laughed Harry, admiring the way his handprint glowed then faded on her alabaster cheeks. "That's why its called a spanking Sally."


"OEEE-OUCH, hmmm ohhhhhh…." She yelped again, her hips rocking and a rolling as he beat her bum to some invisble rhythmn of his choosing.




"Oooooooo Harry, not so hard !!" "EEEEekkkkkkk…yeeeeeowch. Hmmmmmmmmm….."

As the night wore on Harry gave his best friend a spanking she would never forget. Her first. Of many.


Feeling teary yet wonderful Sally cuddled up to Harry on her sofa.

"Stings ?" he smiled, his hand behind her back, running through her hair. "It does Harry. But its strange…" she whispered, toying with a button on his shirt.

"Strange ?"

"Hmmmm." She shrugged."I thought it would be different somehow." She wondered.

"Different ?"

"More, more, well…you know, hurting. Like a punishment. But it wasn't was it ?"she tried to explain her feelings.

"No it wasn't Sally. I'm not into that sort of spanking. For me it should be fun, enjoyable for both. A kind of foreplay, a warm up to…." Harry stopped, suddenly concious of her nakedness from the waist down. His, and her, thoughts drifting into an expectant silence. After a moment…


"Yes Sally."

"It is true isn't it ?"

"What is ?"

Sally sat up and looked into his eyes. "That a man and woman can still be friends even if spanking comes between them, if he wants to spank her…."

"Of course. I wouldn't of done it otherwise. You're my friend and that means more to me than anything. Even spanking."

Sally smiled beautifully and laid her head against his shoulder as they both stared at the roaring fire. Sally took another sip of her wine. What if ?

"Harry ?"

"Yes Sally ?"

"You know your other theory ?" she asked.

"Theory ?"

"Uhuh, you know the other one. About how a man and woman can never be friends without sex coming between them ?" she whispered, her hand coming up to stroke his cheek.

Harry felt his pulse quicken. "Er, I think I do."

"Maybe we should test that theory out too while we're at it."

Bemused, Harry turned his face to hers as her lips found his.


The end.

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