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Spanking Story: The Spanking Agency 5


Inserting his key into the lock, Mr Lister opened his front door just as the first pitter patter of raindrops fell from the grey leaden skies. Glancing up to the heavens he sighed for it looked like another storm was on the way.

Slipping off his black Macintosh, he threw it on the ornate coat stand in the hall and went into his kitchen to make a cup of tea to warm his bones after another hard day at work. Whistling along with his kettle, he stood looking out of his kitchen window as the thunder clouds rolled in listening to the tap-tap-tap against the glass.

Oh well, another lonely night in watching the television.


"Bugger, bugger, bugger !!" muttered the young woman as she hurried along the street pulling the lapel of her bright red coat tighter round her neck as she held her handbag comically over her head trying to keep dry from the falling rain. One thing she was not and that was dressed for the bloody weather. Sighing, she realised it was no use for she was soaked to the skin and twice as miserable with it. "If that silly bugger hadn't wanted me to suck his thing I'd of been home now!!" she muttered to herself as she finally reached her garden gate. Opening it, she slammed it shut angrily behind her and tottered up to her front door in her high heels rummaging in her bag looking for her keys.

Uh oh.

"Ohhh noooo bugger, bugger, bugger!!"


"Ahhh smashing." sighed Mr Lister contentedly as he sat back in his chair with his mug of hot tea steaming nicely in his grasp. "Nothing beats a hot cuppa after a hard day at work." Picking a biscuit from his plate, he carefully dipped it in making sure it was thoroughly dunked before nibbling on the soggy end. "Ummmph.....heaven."

On his television Wendy the weathergirl was sticking a black cloud with raindrops right on top of where he lived smiling sweetly as she chirped. "Can expect heavy rain for the rest of the evening, so if you're going out be sure to take your brolly with you." Admiring the girls rather splendid bottom when she turned to her weather map Mr Lister glanced out of his window watching as the storm grumbled its arrival by raining harder.

"Well Wendy sweetheart, looks like its just you and me and a cup of tea again."


Rosemary Butler was having a seriously bad end to her day. It had all started nice enough when she got a phone call from Dolly asking if she was free that afternoon to visit a client at his home who had asked for a "Big busted twenty something blonde". Such a description fitted the twenty-four year old Miss Butler to a tee - especially in the big and busty department. Thinking that the extra money would come in handy she had jumped at the chance. So, that afternoon at twenty past three she found herself outside a huge block of flats staring upwards, hoping that number thirty-two wasn't on the top floor.

Shit. It was.

An hour later she again found herself in the exact same spot. Except this time with a well slippered bright red bum that throbbed something horrid and the lingering taste of slightly bitter male spend on her tongue. Still, at least she could put her "ill gotten gains" towards something nice and give herself a little treat when she went shopping at the weekend.

It was as she made her way home that things got decidedly worse and wetter until she found herself standing before her front door soaked to the skin and locked out. Wet through, she ran round the back and peered in through the sitting-room window as her make-up ran down her face. Her gaze finally settled on her mantelpiece and with a groan she banged her forehead against the glass.

"Shit, shit shhhhhhhit." There they were. Her bloody keys.


Thump - thump, rat-a-tat TAT.

"Huh, what?" mumbled Mr Lister as he sat dosing in his comfy chair. There was another knock. Somebody was knocking loudly on his front door and threatening to pull his knocker off its hinges by the sound of it. Slipping on his shoes, he went to his window and peeked through his net curtains. Blimey, there on his doorstep was what appeared to be a young lady in a bright red coat and high heels who was doing a decent impression of being a drowned rat!!

Wondering what was up he went and answered the door.


"Here you go my dear, wash your face and dry yourself with this." smiled Mr Lister handing the young woman a damp flannel and big blue fluffy towel. "Now get yourself in front of the fire and warmed up or else you'll catch a chill." he ordered as his unexpected visitor stood in her short black dress sipping a cup of hot tea thanking him profusely for his kindness.

"I'm so sorry to be such a nuisance Mr ummm, Mr er...." she shivered, suddenly realising that although she lived but three doors away she didn't know his name.

"Lister, its Mr Lister." he said. "But most people just call me Jack."

"Oh, right ok J..Jack." she smiled thankfully. "Well, erm, you see I've gone and locked myself out and I went round the back and I see I've left my bedroom window open. So I figured best find someone with a ladder and well, I remember seeing you out last week cleaning your upstairs windows and and well..." she finished, licking her upper lip hoping she hadn't presumed too much.

"Ah." nodded Jack understanding her predicament. "Say no more. Tell you what, get yourself warmed up and once the rain has stopped I'll go fetch my ladder and see what I can do." Smiling gratefully, she started to dry her hair, rubbing vigorously with the towel. Unable to see his face, Jack found his gaze glancing down to her rather splendidly voluptuous figure that was doing interesting things in her tight top.

Swallowing hard, he tried to concentrate on something else. "Oh, erm...I er...don't er.." he began as she bent forward and shook out her long blonde hair before snapping back up straight and rubbing it again.

Peeking out from the towel, she stuck out her hand. "Butler, Rosemary Butler but most all call me Rose."

Taking her hand, he shook it before they both laughed.

"Nice to meet you Rose."

Out of the window the rain clouds were drifting away.



"Careful Jack!!"

Grunting, Jack reached between the gap of the slightly open frame and with stretched fingers managed to flick the latch up allowing the window to swing open. Shuffling unsteadily, he called down to Rosemary who stood holding the ladder staring up at him. "There we go, I'll climb in and go down and open your back door. Won't be a moment!!" he shouted, squeezing his body through the small opening and into her bedroom.

Below the young woman nodded with a small wry smile on her pretty face.

"Open my back door huh?"

Her smile got wider.


Now fate's a funny thing.

It pops up when least you expect it and as he made his way down the young woman's stairs and through into her sitting room it was not only about to pop up for Jack Lister but explode with a resoundingly big bang which would directly change his nice quiet little well ordered life. It was as he entered the room, a tastefully decorated and very feminine affair it was too that he saw her keys lying where she said they would be.

As he picked them up he happened to cast a brief glance at the stack of letters and bills stuffed in a small rack to one side. For something unusual had caught his eye. Idle curiosity getting the better of him, he paused and picked it up whereupon his eyes widened and mouth dropped open in both a mixture of surprise and shock as he stared at the words on what appeared to be a small blue business card.

"Spanking Agency?" he gasped out loud. "Rosemary Butler." he mumbled, mesmerised as he read the details. "Authorised Agent?"

Bloody hell, did that mean what he thought it meant? But he had no time to think for there was a sudden banging and knock-knock-knocking. Quickly, he replaced the card back from where he got it and went to let the young woman in who was tapping on her window wondering what was taking him so long to unlock her door. Using the latch key, he clicked open the door to find her grinning at him as he dangled her set of keys from his hand.

Clapping, she bounded up to him and pecked him on the cheek making him blush even more from head to toe. "Oh thank God for that Jack. If it wasn't for you I'd have had to call the fire brigade out and I'd of felt a right chump then." she laughed, as she plonked her bag down on her kitchen table. "I really don't know how I'll ever be able to thank you enough Jack. Guess I'll have to owe you one."

Jack merely smiled. "I guess you do Miss Butler." he agreed enigmatically as his mind worked over time and wondering if he should chance his arm considering they had only just met and the rather obvious fact he was old enough to be her father. "Er, well actually Rosemary I think you may be able to pay me back sooner than you think." he replied quietly as he followed her into her sitting room.

Turning, she looked at him innocently. "Oh?" she smiled, meeting his gaze as he came to stand beside her.

He nodded towards where he had found her keys. "When I picked up your keys I couldn't help noticing your ah business card."

Rosemary frowned at first wondering what on earth he was talking about then suddenly she realised what he meant. She blushed from head to toe with surprise and embarrassment that someone had discovered her "secret life". Staring at him wide eyed, she felt her heart pounding as he reached across her and picked up her Agency calling card.

"Bum's for hire huh?" he said looking at her.


The following evening,

Thump - thump, rat-a-tat TAT. He had only been home from work five minutes and was still dressed in his jacket, shirt and tie when he heard the rap at the door. With a smile, he went to answer it for he knew that this night he would be doing something far more interesting that being stuck in front of the television. Opening his door, he found a young blonde woman blushing prettily before him dressed in a long black overcoat holding a carrier bag across her chest with both hands.

Reaching into her pocket, she took out a small blue card and gave it to him to inspect. "Hi, are you Mr Lister ?" she asked politely. Jack nodded. "Hello there Mr Lister, my name's Rose and I'm the girl you ordered from the Agency."


Sitting on a chair in his small study, Jack watched as the young Miss Butler pulled her black dress up over her wide hips and quickly pulled her skimpy knickers down. "That's a big bum you've got there Rose." he noticed appreciatively, admiring the way it wiggled and wobbled as she came to stand by his right hand side.

"Oh, do you like it?" she replied looking at it over her shoulder. "Thank you very much. It is isn't it." she bent forward to ease herself over his eager lap. "Think I get it from my mother. All the women on her side of the family had big bums as well."

"Nothing wrong with a big bottom Rosemary. Just means more of it to spank after all." laughed Jack listening to her giggle as she wriggled around trying to get comfortable before he started to spank her bottom. "You ready Rose?" he asked once she was settled.

"Hmmmm huh, think so. You can spank my bum as hard and as long as you like Mr Lister because I can stand quite a bit of pain." she told him, looking over her shoulder as he slowly rubbed and patted each of her up thrust cheeks. "In fact I've had a thing about getting a sore bot ever since I was about thirteen when I got in trouble at school and was given a strapping from Mrs Peasbody my French teacher for being cheeky."

"Is that so?"

"Oh yes, I used to think there was something wrong with me because ever since that first time I was always getting myself into trouble over this and that and I always ended up getting either a spanking or caning."


"Hmmm owwwch. Ooo nice Jack." she sighed as she recalled her memories. "You know, its really kind of strange but I found myself looking forward to being whacked for some reason and I would be really, really disappointed if I got detention instead." She gave a wiggle of disappointment. She twisted around to look at him. "Aren't you going to get changed Jack, into something more comfortable?" she asked.

Jack nodded. "Good idea, its your fault anyway because I've only just got in from work and you were here so early and you seemed so eager to get started." he smiled rubbing her warming rear which had her squirming against his thighs.

"It is my fault," she sighed, easing herself up as he went to change. "I never could wait. I reckon you'll have to use that cane I brought on my backside as well to teach me a lesson won't you?"

"Be my pleasure." he grinned. What a wonderful thoughtful young lady.

Rosemary stood with her knickers stretched between her firm thighs and stuck her hands on her hips as she watched him take a casual shirt from a small cupboard next to his desk and began to get changed. "Hey, mine as well remember !!"



"The Agency sounds a smashing idea, how long have you been there Rose?"


"Aooow, oh that stings. Hmmmm think 'bout six weeks now. Oooo that's nice, keep doing it like that Jack cos it lights my fire." purred Rose, enjoying the tingly sensation as she always did from a hard spanking.


"How did you find out about it." asked Jack. "Can't imagine its advertised in the local papers."


"Eeekk, oh I heard about it through an old school friend actually. She already worked there and she kinda let it slip out one day when we were chatting over a cup of coffee at her place. When she told me all about it she came right out and asked me if I was interested cos she knew I'd had my bum thrashed before. She was in my class at school and all. Well, it was like a red rag to a bull I can tell you!!"


"I'll bet, you definitely have the bum for it."


"Oooooo, hmmmmm I do don't I. So anyway she took me round the next day where I met Miss Malone, she runs the place. She's really nice and she told me what I would be asked to do and if I had any questions especially about the "special service" that I might be asked to do on top of the spankings or whatever. I said no not really then I filled in an Application form that was that. A fully signed up member of the Spanking Agency. It's great."


"Special service?" asked Jack as he ran a finger across the cleft of her by now glowing red bottom "What's that?" He flattened both cheeks at once with a hard spank that rang round the room like a gunshot.

Even Rosemary felt that one. "Yeeeeeeowwwwch JACK, oh.....hmmmmmm. You sure you haven't done this before?" she winced, grasping his leg tighter as she fought the pain as it rolled up her spine.

"Nope, you've got a spanking virgin on your hands here Rose. So be gentle." he laughed.


"OWWWWW, you bad man." she laughed, her feet kicking high in the air. "Oh, I never told you about the special service did I?" she grunted.

Jack shook his head as he squeezed and prodded each plump bum cheeks and enjoying the way she ummmmed and ahhhhhhhed as she hung over his lap with her long blond hair covering her face. "No, no you haven't. Sounds interesting."

Rosemary laughed." Oh it is Mr Lister. You see it goes something like this...." she explained.

Jack was all ears.


Jack stood back watching with admiration as Rosemary started to take off the rest of her clothes. Peeking up at him through her mass of hair she did her slow sexy strip which she knew ALL red blooded spanking men enjoyed.

"How old are you Rose?" he asked, grinning as her impressively sizeable boobs popped out of the top of her black bra as she slipped her tight dress down over her wiggling hips.

"Twenty-four, why?"

"You're a big girl for twenty-four Rose, a very big girl." he noticed as she stepped out of her clothes before reaching behind herself to unhook her bra which caused her huge tits to wobble and bounce enticingly before his rapt gaze.

"Ooooo saucy." she giggled, tutting at him. "You are awful Jack but I like you. Speaking of which, how old are you?"

"Me, oh I'm well into middle age I'm afraid." he answered with a self-conscious shrug, watching her beautiful body walk over to the carrier bag she brought with her.

"Tease!!" she laughed. "Go on how old?"

"Pushing fifty." he muttered, feeling himself blushing for some reason.

"Really, oh my God that's great." she clapped giving him the bag. "I have ALWAYS had thing for older men." she whispered in his ear standing beside him on tip toe.

"Then today is really my lucky day." he laughed feeling relieved, giving her bum a gentle, loving pat.

Making eyes at him, she nodded to the bag he held. "Go on then, take it out. Don't you want to use it on me ?"

Neatly coiled into a semi-arc, he pulled out the cane. Both of them jumped as the thin end sprang free with a wicked "swish" leaving it quivering menacingly in his hand. He stared at it with surprise wondering if he should use it on her already glowing arse.

"Christ, are you sure about this Rosemary?" he asked. "I'm more than happy just to have you let me smack your bottom you know. I mean we don't have to if you don't want to."

Rosemary lifted her face to his and kissed his cheek. "Aawww, that's so sweet Jack but what makes you think its just for your enjoyment?"

Jack looked at her. "What?"

Rosemary sighed and took his hands in her own. "Typical man." she said looking into his eyes. "Did it never occur to you Jack that perhaps some women of a certain persuasion actually like to be spanked and caned for their own pleasure?" she explained softly as her hand suddenly wandered south of his belt buckle and gently cupped and rubbed the front of his crotch. A slow smile crossed her lips as she looked up at him seductively.

Blimey, the more he learned about young Rosemary Butler the more he felt she was running the show and leading him by the hand on a new adventure. "Including you?"

Rose smiled a beaming white smile. "Especially including me. Come on Mr Lister, I want you to cane my big fat bum nice and hard ok?" Letting go of his arm, she turned, pulled out a chair and bent her naked body over it with her pendulous breasts hanging erotically down as she looked at him over her right shoulder.

"I'm waiting Jack."



"Ok?" he asked as the cane bounced away from her writhing cheeks having delivered another swinging cut to leave a nasty looking red welt in its wake.

"Hmmmm, how many is that Jack?" she asked rocking her hips from side to side to ease the searing sting.

"Four, how many do you want?" He stood looking down on her backside as it swayed from side to side like some exotic snake trying to hypnotise him. This was incredible. She was incredible.

"Oh, I usually get about twelve or so. Though I did get two dozen from a Policeman once." she smiled, bending her head down to enjoy the sensations.


"A Policeman?" laughed Jack as he whipped in the wood again. This time slightly harder than the last one causing her to jerk forward and stand on the tips of her toes as another thin band of red appeared as if by magic.

"Owwwwwwch, hmmmm ohhhhh liked that one Jack. Ohhh hmmmm, hmmmm hmm huh, you wouldn't believe the type of men I meet from day to day who want nothing more than to smack a big titted blondes bum." she wheezed as she settled back down onto her heels to wait for the next slice of delicious pain. Rosemary was right, she'd met men of all shapes and stations. Everyone from a Vicar to a Politician. Funnily enough most of them were married and miserable. Speaking of which....

"Why aren't you married Jack?" she asked suddenly.


Rubbing his chin, Jack thought about that as he watched her squeal and reach back to massage vigorously her crimson hued criss-crossed bottom trying to ease the sting that stung sizzlingly. "What makes you think I wasn't or never have been married?" he replied, running the rattan against the slight overhang of her outstanding bubble-butt cheeks and thigh.

Rose laughed. "Dunno, call it feminine intuition."

"Ah, so that's what it is. Well a brownie point for you Rose because you're right. Don't really know to be honest." he pondered, drawing back the stick and taking aim again. "Guess Miss Right took one look at me and thought I was Mr Wrong for her. Perhaps I'm just a bachelor at heart and always will be."


"Awwwww, then Miss Right doesn't know what she's missing." sighed Rose sadly. "Including YEEEOWCH this!!" she cried out as another lash set off fireworks in her head.

"Whups my fault, that was a hard one Rose, sorry." apologised Jack as she bounced upright and danced around the room which made her very appealing bosom bounce and wobble all over the place.

"Oh hmm no, no, it was alright but it didn't half fucking hurt Jack!!" she winced making a face at him.


"My turn to say sorry. I didn't mean to swear Mr Lister honest!!" she gasped, quickly looking to make sure he wasn't upset or angry with her cussing.

But it was Rose's turn to be surprised.

"Don't mind me my dear" he said laughing and shaking his head. "If you want to swear your pretty head off you go right ahead. Does it turn you on to talk dirty while getting a sore bum?" he asked, enjoying the look on her face. Maybe she thought he was an old fuddy duddy or something.

"Maybe, sort of. It just makes me feel a bit more naughty to let myself go that way." she replied thoughtfully. Talking dirty did add a certain spice to proceedings she reasoned.


"Oh, hmmm OWWWWWWW!!" she squealed as she jumped up again. Holy shit.

"Only ow?" he asked innocently.

Kneading her bruised flesh, Rose smiled wickedly. "FUCKING ow Jack!!"


"Last one Rosemary."

Nodding, she blew a wisp of stray blonde hair away from her eyes. Wow, it had been a great session. For someone who hadn't done this sort of thing before he sure learned fast. Much to her own personal satisfaction.

"Okay, but Jack...."


"Make it a really hard one okay."

"You sure?"

"Hmmm huh, then I'll know I've been a really, really bad girl."

Their eyes met before she took a deep breath, sighed and turned to bend herself back over the back of the chair waiting for that moment she always seemed to dread and love at the same time. She knew she could take it. She always had for she always insisted to her client that the last cut of the cane should be the deepest. No holding back. Her big fat arse was sturdy enough and tough enough to withstand the pain.

"Ready Rosemary?" asked Jack, standing slightly further back to widen the arc of his swing.

Miss Butler didn't say a word. She simply nodded her head quickly as she tightened her hold on the chair and gritted her teeth....and waited.



Pouting at him, Rosemary clutched her swollen cheeks and nodded.

"Well, you asked for a hard one Rose." he muttered, peering around her back and inspecting her welted and very sore looking bum.

Suddenly his young friend started to laugh out loud. "Oh my God, the look on your face! Don't worry Jack because that was sooooooo great. I absolutely LOVED it even if it sure as fuck hurt like hell!!" she giggled reaching up to kiss his cheek. "But there is one thing Jack." she said finally.

"What's that?"

"I hope you've got some bloody cold cream handy!!"


Another time, another place....

"Ummmm yum, yum yummy."

Jack raised his head and tapped the naked woman lying next to him on her shoulder. "Hey, go easy huh. That thing hasn't been put to good use for a while you know." he laughed, feeling his toes curl as she sucked and licked his swollen cock harder.

With an obscene plop, she lifted her mouth from him. "Awwwwwww diddums. Is Jack's poor widdle willie feeling sowwy for itself? she pouted, talking to his stiff prong as she wiggled and waggled it back and forth before planting a big juicy kiss on its head. At that, Rosemary gave up and collapsed into a fit of the giggles that had her squirming on the double bed.


"OW Jack!!" she yelped at the surprise spank. "What, what did you do that for?" she muttered, wincing at the red palm print on her still throbbing bum cheek.

"To teach you to respect your elders Miss Butler or else its a good hard spanking for you." he laughed, running his hand through her long fine hair as she settled back down and got back to the task in hand.

Licking his stem from the base to the underside of his apple, she hummmmed and ahhhhhhed like she was licking a big lolipop. "Hmmmmmm, if I'd have known when I used to watch you hang out your washing Jack that you had a really big cock I'd of introduced myself sooner. Boy, did I get a surprise when I pulled your underpants down and this monster popped out in front of my face. I love your bog cock soooooo much!!"

"Glad you like it Rose. Now how about showing me some of that "extra special service" you promised me" he asked getting up to kneel beside her while she still played with his oversized love boat.

Bouncing around, she dropped down flat onto her belly, spread her legs wide apart and squeezed a pillow under her hips to keep them raised slightly off the mattress. "I love being fucked this way. Hurry up Jack, shove your big fat cock right up into my tight wet dripping pussy. Right in as far as it will go!!" Rose urged, reaching back with both hands to pull her fiercely stripped and bruised cheeks apart making it easier for him to find her dripping snatch.

Grabbing his swinging dong, Jack knelt between her spread legs and rubbed his purple head round her watery hole, teasing her as she bucked up and down trying to spear herself on him.

"For fuck's sake Jack don't do that, ram it up quick or I'll go nuts!!" she whined, then squealed as she felt him forcing her lips open wider and sinking slowly inside.

With slow strokes, he eventually sank down all the way until her rested his weight on her spread backside which made her cry out with a pained yelp and screw up her face in agony.

"Oh owwwwwwww, hell my bum still hurts." she whimpered.

Hunkering over her sweaty back, Jack nibbled her right ear. "Sssssssh, aren't you glad you forgot your keys now hmm?"

Biting the pillow, she gasped as he started the slow pounding of his hips against her backside. "Ohhhhh God Jack, you have no idea." she groaned, listening to the tap tap of the headboard against the wall above her twisting head. "I think I'll have to be more forgetful more often!!"


The following week,

Thump - thump, rat-a-tat TAT.

Mr Lister got to his feet and went to answer his door. Opening it he found a most attractive, buxom young blonde on his doorstep smiling sweetly at him. She was holding a card.

"Are you Mr Lister?"

"Yes, can I help you Miss?" he replied.

"Hello there, my names Rosemary and you ordered me from the Spanking Agency. Here's my card. I understand you asked for a big busted blonde who liked to be given a hard spanking followed with a lashing from the leather strap and who didn't mind being fucked up her arse afterwards." she smiled sweetly as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.

"That's right." nodded Jack. His eyes were twinkling as he tried to keep a straight face. "Is that you?"

Rosemary licked her ruby lips. "That is TOTALLY ABSOLUTELY so me. Can I come in?"

"Please." replied Jack standing to one side to let her pass.

As she brushed against him, she quickly kissed him on the cheek. Squeezing his already growing erection she whispered........

"I just love it up the bum Sir."

The End

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