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Spanking Story: The Spanking Agency #8 - The Interview.

Scenario: A series of episodes based around the idea of a special escort agency set up by a woman called Molly Malone and the spanking adventures of the girls who work for her.


High summer and the air simmered gently as the sun sat lazy in the sky peeking in through the blinds of Molly Malone's office as she interviewed the, potentually, newest recruit for her Spanking Agency. A 50 year old gentleman by the name of Bernard Bertram Bigglesworth the Third who sat opposite her in an outfit that made him look like he had just walked out of a 1950's catalogue and who was the bearer of a smart slicked back grey quiff and a bushy moustache that made him look even more like he came from another era.  Molly smiled as she listened to his lyrical tones and the way he made each word sound like a story in itself. The man was an out and out charmer.

"...oh crikey," he said thoughtfully. "Forever and a day I suppose. The Mater and Pater were brought up religious and strict so it was only natural that they did the same with the six of us. Myself and five sisters that is. Any misdemeanour or hint of mischief was met with the strap which hung by a hook on the back of the pantry door. Many a time I would come home to find an elder sibling yelling blue murder bent over a fireside chair as Mater strapped seven bells out of her bare bottom. I suppose that's where the seed was sown for this sort of thing."

Molly glanced down at his resume. "A teacher then a Headmaster?"

Bigglesworth reached up and twitched his nose. "Indeed. I was always of an inquisitive bent. Always had a keen interest in all things and sharing those interests with others - especially children as I grew older. I followed the usual route in these things. Mastered at University and got my first teaching position at a private school."


He nodded. "Yes. Quite rare back then for a private school. A good thing for it broadened my life experience and no doubt helped when I decided that I wanted to be a Head of my own school eventually some day."

Molly sat back in her leather chair. "So tell me how you got into this thing we do."

"Well, to be quite honest, it all came about suddenly and was completely out of the blue." he began. "By the time of the first.." he paused as his eyebrows rose slightly as he recalled the circumstances. "..episode, I had been Headmaster for a mere three months at a local Grammar school for year thirteen's and above. Basically learning on the job and, despite the extra responsibility, was quite enjoying it as I had a good group of support staff and teachers around me. The school was old school in its governance and standards were set by a series of rules that were originally outlined in the early 60's."

"For things like corporal punishment." said Molly.

"Indeed," he nodded. "Part of my remit was to mete out any punishments that were deemed neccesary and to make sure all pupils understood the rules of the school."

"How where those punishments dished out?"

"Depended on circumstance. The lesser evil was a bend over slightly sandshoe across a skirt or trousers through to the greater evil of a sturdy caning across the same. Different horses for different courses as it were. Actually," he mused. "Canings were very rare and were always last resort."

"So, this first experience?" asked Molly.

"Her name was Miss Tait." he began. "Florence Tait. She taught English Lit and Art History. Very well read and was well liked in the staff room. At the time of the first session she was about 42. I'd describe her charms as opulent." He paused. "May I be liberal with the actualities?"

Molly smiled. "Please do."

Bernard cleared his throat. "All arse and tit she was. Long curly raven hair. Blessed with a country figure. Like two copper pots on top of each other. She always wore floral dresses even in winter and was quite old fashioned in her manner and ways. It was early May. A Thursday from memory. About 4pm. I was busy with some mundane task or other when there was a knock on my study door and to my surprise I found Miss Tait standing in front of my desk not a moment later looking decidedly awkward. I asked her if something was amiss and she nodded. To cut a long story short, she confessed to a matter of pricked conscience that had troubled her for several weeks and that she had, in a moment of madness, helped herself to a number of items for her own personal use that were regarded as school property."

"She stole them?"

He nodded. "Apparently so, Miss Malone. Nothing missing had been noted on the routine stock check by my secretaries recently so I was a bit bemused by this turn of events. I always found Miss Tait to be a stickler for rules and an upright member of staff so this was all most alarming. I told her that I would have to report her confession to the relevant authorities which would, in all probability, mean either a suspension of her contract or outright dismissal. As you can imagine, she was distraught by both her behaviour and the likely consequences of her actions. Terrible situation all told for she was an admirable teacher and a cherished member of my staff. I was quite perplexed and disappointed in equal measure. But there seemed no other course of action to take."

"So what happened next?"

"It was then it all got very peculiar," he said. "She asked if there was some other way the matter could be dealt with without having to report it. I must admit I was slow on the uptake at first. I asked her what she meant and her face turned bright red. A "punishment" she said. A proper punishment as in a physical chastisement. Well, I have to say Miss Malone, I was completely flummoxed and flabbergasted at her suggestion! Was she implying I should take her in hand personally and give her bottom a good thrashing instead of reporting her? Indeed she was! There are few times I am at a loss for words but I was rendered speechless for a few moments. I asked her if she was serious. She nodded. Completely serious. She explained she needed to feel as though her crime was dealt with on a more personal level. She needed to suffer for her misdeeds. But she said she understood if I was unwilling to deal with her in this way."

"So when did you decide you were willing to deal with her this way?" asked Molly.

He laughed and held his hands up. "Oh goodness, straight away of course. I confess to the occassional day dream of taking one or two of my female members of staff in hand and giving their big bottoms a good spanking. But it would never ever have crossed my mind to have one of those female members of staff I day dreamed about asking me to do if for them." He reached up and fiddled with the knot of his tie. "And who was I to say no to such an offer?!"

"No, indeed. So you spanked her?" asked Molly.

"Not the first time, no." he replied. "I realised I had to be more formal in my attitude and punish her in a fitting manner. So I asked her if she was sure she wanted to do this. She nodded. I told her to lock my study door, to come over and bend over my desk. I explained that I was going to give her bottom a good caning and that six would be over her skirt with another six over her undergarments.I watched as she did as she was told and was faced with her skirted bottom waiting for me to do whatever it was I was going to do. I then went and got the school cane from the cupboard and approached her rear. She looked over her shoulder at me and bit her lip. Taking stance, I measured the length of the wood and swing before tapping the business end of the rattan across her upturned rear. "Six" I said. And six she got. I was quite firm. She did a little gasp and dance at each of the six and I allowed her to rub her arse to ease the sting before the final dose. I then stepped behind her, grasped the hem of her skirt and pulled it up over her wide hips. I will say one thing about Miss Tait, the woman has excellent taste in French knickers and seamed stockings with garters. I was quite taken aback by how full and tasty her bottom looked in her lingerie. Most impressive. Several salubrious thoughts passed through my head at that moment I must admit. Being a confirmed bachelor does have its advantages in matters of the opposite sex. But such musings were for later and I administered the last six cuts of the cane firmly across her beam and it was most satisfying to hear her yelp at each one. I bade her stand up and watched as she grasped each arsecheek and give them a furious rub to ease the pain. "Thank you." she sighed and, to my complete surprise, kissed me on the cheek before removing her person from the room. All in all, a most illuminating, surreal, and rewarding experience that I thought was the end of it. Except it wasn't of course. Far from it."

Molly watched as his gaze drifted and a smile passed his lips. What an interesting little adventure to have she mused. "Sounds wonderful. Please go on."

"Well, as you can imagine, the next day at the staff meeting was rather awkward. All prim and proper but laced with overt glances between Miss Tait and myself. I was quite fired up and had made liberal with the experience afterwards. Rolling it around my iD as it were. Nothing more transpired until there was another knock on my study door a week or so later after school hours. It was Miss Tait again. She explained that she had had another lapse of judgement and needed to be punished to free her from guilt. Only this time she suggested I give her a good spanking over my knee. And I did. A damned good one too. Over her skirt, over her knickers, and at her request, over her big bare arse as well. I must have spanked her for a good twenty minutes.

She got up, pulled her red lacey knickers over her bright red bottom and looked at me with a glint in her eye. I was sat in my chair feeling in a rather amused and aroused state wishing she would disappear so I could bring some relief to the old flag pole. I'm not ashamed to admit I was blowing steam from both ears by that time. Then Miss Tait said something quite unexpected but completely thrilling. "Do you want me to take care of you, Headmaster?" she asked. I blinked and said something pathetic like "I beg your pardon?" She bit her lip and glanced down at my impatient crotch. "Your ardour. Your thing. Do you want me to take care of it?" she asked again. She was blushing and so was I when the penny finally dropped I can tell you. Who was I to refuse such an exciting invitation? I blustered something inane and nodded. Next thing I know, and pardon the choice turn of phrase, she was sucking my cock like a prize rhubarb and did so until I fired off a first class volley of pent up frustration from the old walnuts. She then cleaned me up, popped me back indoors, gave me a peck on the cheek, and left me sat there as limp as a wet noodle wondering what the hell had happened to my well ordered life."

Molly sat laughing. She looked at him as he sat there with a wistful look on his face. "Never underestimate a woman's cunning when she gets an idea into her head, Mr Bigglesworth. Especially an idea regarding sex." she grinned.

Bernard blew out his cheeks. "And that's not even the end of it!" he exclaimed.

"There's more?!" laughed Molly harder.

He nodded. "A few days later, a Friday, after school hours, I was writing and checking reports in my study when there was a knock on the door. It was Miss Tait again. Only this time she wasn't alone."

"There was someone else?" exclaimed Molly. The man was turning out to be the Indiana Jones of spanking.

"Miss Tompkins. Geography. About 25. Tall. Blonde. Very slim. Quite bosomy. Quite shy when talking to her. Not one to put the first foot forward. Miss Tait turned and told her to come in as it would be "alright." You can imagine my reaction. Stunned amazement and a rocketting libido. Next thing I know Miss Tait is explaining that they had both been bad girls and needed to be dealt with right now. She went on to say that Miss Tompkins was of like mind and that she was agreeable to "anything and everything" that would transpire from there on in.

I stood up and asked Miss Tompkins if she understood what that meant. She nodded. "Yes sir." Sensing that they both wanted me to take control of the situation, I told them I was going to give them each a good hand spanking on the bare arse followed by a good slapping with my leather belt.

Then I had a moment of inspired inspiration and told them I was going to do all this after they had removed all their clothes and had sucked me off first as I reasoned that having a raging hard on would affect my ability to administer their punishments dilligently. They both glanced at each other then said "Yes sir." I walked over, locked the door and stood watching as they each stripped naked. A most impressive sight it was. Once naked, they came forward, pushed me against my desk so that I was leant back against it. Miss Tompkins undid my zipper, reached in, and extracted my fast extending member and gave it a jolly good wanking before she offered it to a similiarly kneeling Miss Tait who took it into her mouth and sucked on the knob end for all she was worth. For the next five minutes they passed my prick between them, laughing and giggling, and eventually made me spurt a not inconsiderable amount of jungle juice over their proffered bosoms.

 A most splendid time was had by all. Then I spanked them both. One after the other. Hard spanking. Hard enough for them to cry out in pain. Hot red arses for them both. After a short period of recuperation, I made them stand side by side, naked, bent over my desk with their arses in the air and I then belted them enthusiastically with my leather belt for a good ten minutes. By the time I was done their backsides were all shades of mottley hues and they came over to offer me kisses and thanking me for dealing with them in such a stern fashion. I thought that was that but no. Miss Tompkins sighed that her pussy was all wet and that a good hard fucking was the only way she was going to ease the itch inside. So they helped me to remove my clothes and we all ended up shagging each other silly for the next hour or so. I was quite worn out when we called it a day. A month later and, as time and events unfolded, I'm surprised I didn't end up in hospital considering how our little group expanded."

Molly blinked. "Expanded? How many women did you end up dealing with?!"

Mr Biggleworth flapped his hand in the air and looked to the ceiling. "Oh, by the end of term it was about five."

"FIVE?!!" gasped Molly.

He gave her a wink. "I guess word spread through the female members in the school staff room that their dear old Headmaster was a vigorous spanker of naughty big girl's bottoms and wasn't averse to the odd session of kinky sex either." He looked at his would be new employer. " You're not shocked are you , Miss Malone?"

Molly shook her head. "Not a bit," she laughed. "By the way, you're hired. Welcome aboard the Spanking Agency."


The End.

Author Notes. Whew, first story in awhile. Bit rusty but think it's a nice way to get back into the swing of things again writing wise. Doing a story for The SPANKING AGENCY is always a fun experience and I've wanted to get a more mature man into the mix as it opens up one of the aspects of spanking that interests me - older man/younger woman stories. Hope you enjoy reading it and will post more spank fiction as and when. Ian.

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  1. A jolly delightful tale showing us all how a rightness problems can turn guilt into lustful joy. We all need the strop at times to warm our behinds from the chill of routine ... exciting our suspended hormones of passion. Let's be of good cheer as we come and squirt together! Indeed--Jolly good fun! A