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Spanking Story: Rosie Dixon - Spanked Nurse

 Authors Note: "Isn't it amazing what you find when looking through an old hard drive. I discovered this story about Rosie Dixon!! Blimey, this was one of my very first stories I wrote years ago. I had completely forgot about it until this morning. So here it is. I think its a fun story. Its a bit rough and ready with my punctuation all over the place but I do hope you enjoy reading it. Ian."


Slipping his fingers into the waistband of her white knickers, he began to tug them down over the cheeks of her fat bum which were still throbbing smartly after the first few spanks her had given her over her underwear.

"Oh..hmmmmmmmmm must you?" sighed the blonde haired girl as she lay over his lap wriggling slightly as his warm hand grazed a particularly sore spot on her upthrust behind.

"Fraid so petal. Remember, its intended to be a punishment to teach you not to be so forgetful in future isn't it?" he replied starkly as the full bulging expanse of her arse popped into view.

"Oh well, s'ppose so, I guess." she sniffed, wishing she wasn't so scatterbrained with her money for look where it had got her........about to be spanked!!


"Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!" shivered Rosie standing in the lobby to the block of flats where she and the other Nurses lived as she shook out her black umbrella sending raindrops flying everywhere. The building, a grey concrete tower, five stories high with around ten individual apartments was situated just across the road from the Royal Victoria Hospital and so was popular with those that worked there. At the sound of her moaning a head popped itself out of the "Enquiries" window as she folded her brolly, wincing as she started to undo the buttons on her bright yellow raincoat.

It was Mr Hardy. Her landlord.

"Hello petal, raining hard?" he smiled as she looked down at the puddle forming round her feet and groaned.

"Its bloomin' tipping it down outside Mr H so it is, oh bugger I'm wet through!!" she sighed slipping off her waterproof to leave her standing shivering in her rather tight white uniform. Watching keenly as she tottered around, Mr H stuck out his tongue and licked his nose as she bent over at the waist trying to straighten her white stockings and giving him a first class view of her rather large white covered bum sticking up at him.

"By gum....." he muttered to himself, smiling innocently as she straightened up and came to stand before him as he looked out through his office window. One thing twenty-four year old Miss Dixon was not and that was lacking in the "well-stacked in all the right places" department for she filled out her uniform with a kind of innocent "umphhhhh" that whenever he saw her had him walking around with a hard-on for the rest of the bloody day!!

"Hard day luv?" he asked trying hard not to stare like a dirty old man.

"Hmmm hmmm, I was on bed bath duty today...blecchhh, never seen so many randy old men Mr H, it was like privates on parade. I tell you Mr H, I didn't know where to look half the time aaaaaaand even some of the buggers offered is money, you know." she stuttered to a blushing halt as her landlord bit his lip trying not to laugh at the disgusted look on her pretty young face.

He could just about picture all those old codgers lying in bed when in walked Nurse Dixon with her soap, water and sponge. "Hello Mr So and so...would you like me to give you a bath this morning?" Hah, bet they all thought Christmas had come early the lucky devils!!

"Best get yourself upstairs and dry off before you catch yer death of cold Rosie." he smiled as she reached up to untangle the tats in her long hair, just as he was about to return to his desk a thought occurred to him as he watched the sway of her arse as she made her way to the lift.

"Oh nearly forgot pet, remember its that time of the month again oky-dky?" he called after her as the doors shwooshed open and she stepped in. Rosie blushed and gave him a weak smile.

"Oh crumbs," she thought to herself as the lift shuddered its way up to her 4th floor flat."...the rent!!"


Now where Rosie was concerned, money was the root and source of all her troubles for when she got it every month in her pay packet off she'd troop with her friends and paint the town a lovely shade of red.....never once thinking about putting a bit by for boring trivialities such as her bed and board. Live for today was her motto.

On the last friday of the past two months, she'd been so skint she had gone downstairs, crossed her fingers, fluttered her eyelashes and with a little girl voice wheedled. "Oh Mr H, I've been ever so daft, my mam was right when she sez I'm hopeless with money," she had smiled apologetically at him,"...can I , can I pay you double next month....pleeeeease?"

Poor old Mr H. He'd just sigh a sigh, waggle a stern finger warning "no more let-off's Rosie, pay yer rent on time or else there'll be trouble.!!"whilst trying ever so hard to sound like he meant it, but...ahhh well, she'd just stare at him innocently with those blue eyes and wearing THAT uniform and he could feel all his resolve float away as with a "tut time mind Rosie!!" he would nod his head and she would then step forward and kiss him on the cheek in delight as he copped a quick hug from her.

"Bugger!!" he'd mutter to himself as he watched her bum doing the rumba as she'd walk away. Off no doubt for another night on the town leaving him all alone in his office rubbing his dick and calling himself all the names under the sun for being so soft with her.

But what could he do? He didn't want to come over as a grumpy old so and so. He most definitely didn't want to evict her for he would miss their little chats when she came home from work each day and the way she cheered him up whenever she was around. was then something unexpected popped into his head.

Something he had seen long ago when he was little.


Harold "Harry" Hardy was ten years old, he lived with his mam after she had gotten divorced from his dad when he was eight due to him being a ladies man about town. His mother was a good, kind woman who waddled through life with a smile that matched her manner and who, to keep a roof over their heads and put food on the table had taken a job at "Mr T. Graves & Sons" the local Undertakers as a receptionist. Many was the time he'd find himself going to the funeral parlour after school to wait for her to finish work at five o'clock then they would go to the local shops to get something to take home for tea.

It was a Friday. Running along the street, Harry arrived at the shop-door and to his surprise found it locked. With a frown, he tried to peek through the white nets hanging in the window to see where his mother was, but there was no sign of her in the office. Where was she?

Picking up his satchel, he turned and headed for the end of the street where he made his way through the back alley until he found himself at the rear of the buildings, counting the backyards as he went he found himself before a pair of big black gates made of iron spikes welded together like a portcullis. With a grunt he clicked open the latch, heaved it open and tip-toed quietly to the small building from where he could see a single lightbulb shining in the evening gloom. Maybe his mam was having a cup of tea with old man Graves snr..the owner. At the thought of her boss, Harry gave an involuntary shudder for Mr Graves to his young mind was a very scary looking geezer indeed, severe, tall at well over 6ft with a shock of white hair slicked back with grease, always dressed from head to toe in black and who bore a striking resemblance to Lurch from the Adams family.

Wait a minute. Hang on!!

Hadn't his mam casually told him once, when they had been eating fish and chips together while watching the telly that Mr Graves was a widower?

Oh heck. Oh flipping heck with a dollop of cream topped off with a peanut!! Maybe she was...he was...they know, getting l-o-v-e-y d-o-v-e-y!!

Blimey, the thought that his mam and "you rang Sir.?" might be getting romantically inclined sent a shiver through his young bones for he knew that having HIM as his step-dad would make his life hell in school. Harry slapped his forehead, bemoaning silly women as he crept up to the window to see who was about. As he approached, he crouched down so he could peek over the sill pretending he was Gi Joe on a secret mission far into enemy territory with only his waterpistol as a weapon. Getting closer, he could hear a funny sharp sound quickly followed by a woman's shriek and pleading voice then the funny sound again.

"Wot?" wondered Harry as he reached the wall and slowly inchy-pinchyed up until his brown mop and eyes peered into the brightly lit room where. Eh? Such was his surprise that he banged his nose on the rotting wooden window frame for there before him, on a high backed wooden chair sat Lurch er..Mr Graves snr, dressed in his funeral suit barking out a muffled order to to.....a woman's wriggling big bum which laid over his lap!!

Blimey. Not only that...the bum didn't have any knickers on!! Harry was gobsmacked, his eyes gaping wide open as he stared at the naked bottom which was wobbling furiously and bore a rosy shade of blushing red which meant...which meant she was getting her bum spanked!! As Harry watched on, through the window Mr Graves raised his hand again, talking silently to the lady over his lap who drummed her shoes on the wooden floor as if complaining about something but before Harry could wonder what Mr Graves slammed his right-hand down right across the middle of her huge backside with a resounding.....SMACK. Harry's mouth fell open as he watched the hard hand bounce away leaving the plump cheeks boinging here and there like a wobbly jelly on a plate with her white stockinged legs kicking and doing bicycle exercises with her long brown hair flying everywhere round her...

Brown hair? It suddenly dawned on him that his mam had brown hair. Long brown hair and she wore white tights. it couldn't be!! He could feel his heart pounding in his chest as he watched the man help the woman to her feet, easing her around until she stood facing her spanker as he reached into his breast-pocket and handed her a hankie which she used to dry her eyes and blow her nose. Through the misting window, Harry stared round eyed at the lady who stood quietly weeping with her white kickers and tights around her knee's slowly rubbing her sore bum. Harry, totally bemused dropped to the ground beneath the window and crawled on his hands and knee's out of the funeral yard. Once he was sure he was out of sight, he got to his feet, dusted down his school trousers and ran like hell for home as his mind somersaulted at the realisation that the woman that Mr Graves had spanked was... and really had been his own mother.

Smiling at the memory, Mr H slowly closed his rent book and made his way to the lift.


Rosie blinked in shock unable to think straight as she stood facing her Landlord in the kitchen of her flat. "Wh........what?" she gasped in reply to his intentions concerning the non-payment (again) of her rent. "But...but Mr H, you can't mean that!!" she flustered as he held open his payment book showing her the "not paid" squiggle for the past two months next to her name. Mr Hardy raised his eyebrows apologetically, stubbornly sticking out his chin for he had no intention of letting her get away with not paying her rent again.

Well, not really...more in a round about way, she would have to realise she had to offer him some recompense someway and if it wasn't through pounds, shillings or pence perhaps she would be willing to come to a more agreeable solution to get her out of the mire she had gotten herself into. Least that's what he was counting on.

Rosie meanwhile was in a right flummox as she stood fidgeting, blushing and frowning at him with an open mouth. "But Mer...Mr H, you can't evict me, " she gasped nervously. "I've got nowhere to go for a starters.!!" she squeaked, feeling the tears start to well up as she pulled a hanky from the pocket of her uniform. That she hadn't taken off her white Nurses outfit since coming home from work in the rain was a point eagerly noted by Mr H, indeed his plan would be much more fulfilling if she accepted his alternative solution dressed as she was standing before him prettily sniffing and blowing her red nose into her hanky.

"Fraid so petal, I did warn you last time that I couldn't let you off again or else I'd get into trouble with my its either pay up right now or I'm going to have to let you go and get a new tenant in." he shrugged as he placed the open book on the table in front of them.

Rosie stared at it. What on earth was she going to do, she didn't have any relatives who lived close and she most certainly didn't want to ask her friends or work colleagues for a hand-out to tide her by...but what was she going to do? She knew she was skint again after being out on the town three times during the past week, come to think of it she probably only had a tenner left in her purse and she certainly didn't have much left in her bank account after her trip with friends to Spain for a holiday two months ago. Biting her lip, she glanced up at him as he stood with folded arms watching her knowing that this time there would be no let fluttering lashes or simpering smiles to sway him. Not only was she scared witless but she found herself surprised that he seemed so so...determined for she knew him to be a kind soul who was always cheerful and ready to do the odd errand for her and the other Nurses in the building.

Surely he was too nice to kick her out?

"I...I don't have any money Mr H to pay my rent this month." she whispered in a little girl voice that sent shivers up his spine as she stood fiddling with a button on her uniform. Sucking her lower lip, she peeked up at him through her loose long blonde hair that had fallen around her face, blushing warmly to find him with his tongue stuck out between his teeth looking her up and down. "Oh...hmmmmmm?" she wondered to herself, a little shocked at the intensity of his gaze.

Even though she had lived in the same building as him for the past six months she had never really taken much notice and truly looked at him..until now. She knew his first name was Harold, though he liked to be called Harry, that he was pushing forty, of medium height and build with a slight tummy coming on, bore an unruly mop of brown hair like Mick Jagger and was, she realised in a kind of everyday way...the right side of not quite ugly. "Hmmmmmmm...seen worse...had worse, but could I fancy an older man like him?." she mused, her eyes dropping briefly to the rather prominent outline in the front of his jeans. Her blush rose higher as she realised that her Landlord was showing more "interest" in her than she had seen before and that she was seeing this rather plain man in a whole new light. "Well, well...perhaps." she pondered as he came around the table to stand before her.

Mr H shook his head and tutted. "Dear oh dear Rosie, what am I going to do with you hmmmmm,?" he sighed, folding his arms like a Headmaster scolding a naughty girl,"....I figured as much, didn't I keep telling you to put a bit by for a rainy day, I don't know lass if you were a wife or daughter of mine...." he sighed deeply before, with a deep breath to still his nerves he muttered,".......I'd take you over my knee and give you the sound spanking you deserve!!" He swallowed hard as he tried to keep a straight face for his true intention was there out in the open between them, he could feel his heart hammering in his chest watching as her mouth dropped open in surprise at his last words.

Had he gone too far?


".............spanking you deserve!!"

Rosie just stared at him dumbstruck as her face blushed with embarrassment. It felt as if someone had whacked her over the head with a hammer for every alarm bell was ringing loudly as her mind chanted the word "spanking" over and over again. "He thinks I should be spanked?" she gasped inside feeling both her sizeable bum cheeks clench in response to the implied threat, why she had never been spanked before even as a child!! "A..a spanking Mr H.?" she whispered to him, noticing that his own colour was rather high and also that his...his youknowhat had gotten larger as a result.

He nodded. "Keep going you fool, in for a penny in for a pound..or spanking as the case may be." he urged himself. "Might be just what you need Rosie to waken up your idea's and make you more responsable where money's concerned." he offered, unfolding his arms and wagging a finger at her for effect. This was it, she was either going to slap him one and phone for the police or she might, just might go along with it and see it as an easy way out of her current predicament. Rosie felt her mouth go dry as she weighed up this new possibility. Knowing he was only doing his job by demanding the rent, she suddenly realised that he must of put himself in a position where he would have been the one in trouble if his supervisor found out, but wait a minute, something else occurred to her.

Who had paid her rent for the past two months? Surely at the end of each month the full amount would have had to have been paid into the bank in order to keep the books up to date? Their eyes met as she looked up, the realisation dawning on her face. He must have, out of his own pocket...for it was ultimately his responsibility. She felt her shock melt away as she smiled hesitantly at him seeing him in a whole new light.

In her heart she didn't want to leave but she could see in his kind eyes what she would have to do in order to stay. "Perhaps...I do need a good spanking Mr H."


Harold "Harry" Hardy couldn't believe his luck as he followed Rosie into her bedroom with his eyes glued to the swaying motion of her big backside still hidden underneath her Nurses uniform.

"I think its best if you give me my spanking in here Mr H cos most of the girls are on night-shift tonight and nobody will hear you know." smiled Rosie as she stood nervously looking down at her white shoes.

Mr H nodded. "Hmmmm.....good idea, don't want to wake up the neighbours or give them any funny idea's do we petal?" he grinned as he sat on the bed, bouncing up and down slightly. Taking her hand, he brought her forward to stand in front of him feeling her tremble slightly as he breathed deeply enjoying that "clean uniformed" smell of her. Licking his lips, he looked up at her as she peered down at him over her vast bosom. "Now Rosie, you know why I'm going to spank you in a moment don't you."

"Be..because I've been a naughty girl Mr H."

"That's right Rosie, its to teach you a lesson isn't it?"

"Y...yes Mr remind me I've got to pay my rent!!"

"That's right Rosie, good girl."

"Is it, are you going you know, spank my bum bare bum?"

"Hmmmm., well I really think I should Rosie, but why don't I spank you first over your knickers then we'll see shall we?

"Ohhhky-dokey Mr H, oh, .do do you want me to pull my uniform up?"

"No Rosie I'll do that."


Jumping Jehozeefat!!

Mr H gulped as he let Rosie wriggle about to settle herself down as she draped herself across his lap with her white uniform stretching tightly across the voluptuous expanse of her rather big bottom.

"Is that alright Mr H, can can you get at my bum like that.?" Rosie asked sheepishly, turning her head and looking at him over her left shoulder as she gripped the bedclothes.

Trying to appear aloof - and failing, he rested his right hand on the summit of her bountiful bumps giving each a gentle pat, just to test the waters so to speak.

"Owch!!" murmured Rosie as she felt him pinch her bum causing her to writhe over his lap where, with a start she felt, and there was no disguising it, a rather large "thing" poking the left side of her hip. The realisation that her Landlord had a stiff winkle made her blush as she peeked again over her left shoulder to find his gaze transfixed on the sight of her massive arse squeezed into a too tight uniform that looked as if it would pop at the seams at any minute. "Oh Mr H....." she winced to herself, feeling a slight fruitiness begin to grow in her belly as she considered the man over who's lap she now lay getting ready for a hard spanking. The more she thought about him the more she liked him for he was someone who always seemed to be "there" in her time of need as that man who knows how to mend things, who thought nothing of helping out the girls in the building by doing the odd chore or favour if they had had a busy shift on the wards and whenever she arrived home, she would find him sitting in his office with a cup of cocoa in his hand welcoming her home with a cheery hello and a beaming smile.

What other things did she know about him?

He wasn't married. Had a nice flat. He owned a canary called Cyril and a budgie called Bert - a definite bonus in her book. He was always well mannered, cheerful and never seemed to get angry.........and who seemed to have the good fortune to be blessed with a rather large lollipop by the feel of things. Rosie blushed even redder as she shifted more of her weight over onto her left side, smiling to herself as she heard him "oooooffffh" as she wriggled her hip and thigh against his straining member. Maybe, just maybe her life was about to take an interesting little detour in a roundabout spanking sort of way.

After all......she was single.


"Corrrrrrr ouch Mr H," gasped Rosie, wrinkling her nose as the sting of his palm faded over her clothed bum. "Hmmmmm wow, that's twelve, six on each cheek are you going to give me some more?" she asked finally, reaching back with her right hand to rub and pat her tingling bum over her uniform.

Mr H nodded. "Yep, you betcha petal and call me Harry, you make me sound like an old man." he smiled at her.

Rosie blinked and blushed, murmuring "Oh righty-ho um Harry." as she felt his nimble fingers carefully wriggle their way under the hem of her white skirt and with slow deliberation inchy-pinchy it bit by bit over her ballooning bum which much to her surprise had started to tingle ever sooooooo nice. Harry felt like cheering and applauding as her white knickered arse popped out and wobbled into view as he folded her uniform carefully round her narrow waist.

He gave a low whistle. "Flippin' 'eck Rosie, you have a smashing bottom!!" he blurted out loud, causing her to giggle and chuckle as she "oh have I, I always though it was tooo big meself like." which had him "tut tutting" in mock horror.

"Not from where I'm sitting Rosie" he gulped weakly.

Sucking her lower lip, she made a "if you say so" face, wrinkling her nose as he lifted his flat hand threateningly over her quivering knickered backside.

"Fancy a few over your knick-knicks hmmmmm.?" he asked.

For some strange reason she didn't have to think twice. With a whimper she nodded.

"Hold on tight it comes geronimooooooo.!!" he winked.


Rosie squealed as he landed a right whopper of a smack across both cheeks bucking and gyrating her hips as the spanking sting sank into the blubbery fat of her behind.

"OOOOOooooooooo Mister H," she cried out loud, ".spank my naughty bum!!!"


Rosie could feel the band of her knickers being pulled up tight between the red cheeks of her now very sore bottom that had started to hum and crackle like a swarm of bee's had landed on it and were having a picnic. She still couldn't quite get her head around the fact that getting something as daft as a spanking could awaken such desires and emotions in her as she ground her pubis against the material of his jeans. Squeezing her eyes tight shut, she could see the zing and zang exploding like fireworks in her minds eye as the whispering tendril of an "uh oh" orgasm fluttered deep down in the pit of her wibbly-wobbly belly.

"Uhhhhhhhoooohhhh keep going Mr H.!!" she chanted to herself as he tugged her knickers higher until both her cheeks were bare to his lustful gaze.



"Pfffffffffsssssttttttt yeeeeeeessss..a..a....another H..Harry, hurry up!!" she whimpered as she kicked her white stockinged legs high in the air.


"OOOOOOOOOooooooowwwwoooooowwwwwch..ahhhhh that was a hard one Harrreeeeeee!!"


That did it. Up and over. Over and upwards. Bells rang and angels sang as Rosie rose, hovered and squealed her way to heaven with Harry gently slapping her cheeks helping her prolong her climax as she sailed off into the wide blue yonder. "OOOhhhmmyyyyyGaaaaaaawwwddddd....hhhaaaaaarrrrrrrrrreeee!!"


After twenty or so ringing slaps across the exposed cheeks of her now put-putting sore bum, Harry decided to try his luck...."in fer a penny in fer a pound." he thought to himself as he watched the spasmodic clenching and unclenching of her glowing buttocks. He mentally crossed his fingers as he let go of the thin strip of her kickers that had logged up into her deep, dark and mysterious crack.

"Right Rosie," he began, as he stroked her damp hair letting her recover from her delirium, feeling not only an obvious lump grumbling down below but a one in his throat as well,"....enough like that I think, now you know you've been a silly billy don't you.?" he asked her softly as he rested his warm right hand on the crest of her right cheek, smiling as she "ooooh...hmmmmmmed" as she wobbled it slightly to shift it from what must of been a particularly tender spot.

"Yes Harry." she sniffed.

"Good girl....but do you know what happens to bad girls who have been really naughty.?"

Rosie frowned at the question. " really Harry." she replied puzzled, wondering where this was going and what the devious bugger was up to for even as she sniffled and wheezed over his lap she could tell how much he was enjoying having her laid so and she guessed he was going to milk the situation for all it was worth. "Oh well...the kinky bugger!!" she smiled to herself, enjoying the warm afterglow enveloping her. Come to think of far was SHE willing to go?

Gripping the bedclothes, she stared down biting her lip...was she prepared to go all the way.? Squeezing her thighs tight shut, she slowly rubbed them together as the fine hairs tickled her gently causing all sorts of sensations to run helter-skelter up and down her spine. She realised if he asked her...wanted her...she would.


Harry meanwhile was oblivious to her thoughts as he took a deep breath and took the plunge hoping she wouldn't thump him one in the bargain for what he was about to do.

"Wuh..well Rosie, seeing this is supposed to teach you a lesson..I...erm...don't you think I should pull your knickers down and give you a nice hard spanking on your bum...your bare bum.?" he finished in a rush as he felt her give a start before settling down with a low groan mumbling a resigned "..oh s'ppose so Harry." Grinning like a cheshire cat, Harry rubbed his hands together before he grasped the elastic waistband of her white panties and slowly, savouring each millimetre of red skin revealed he drew them up, over and down until he folded them neatly at the junction of buttock and thigh. Perfect.

"Absolutely ferkin perfect." he breathed as his eyes feasted on her hidden secrets that peeked into view every time she clenched her bum. Harry was in heaven. He didn't know where this was going, how it was going to end..all he knew was that he had never been so obsessed with a pair of female buttocks as he was at that minute.Come hell or high water....those arsecheeks were going to get a thorough spanking if it was the last thing he did.

"A..are you alright Harry?" whispered Rosie looking over her shoulder at him with a wobbly smile.

Blushing at having been caught drooling over her backside he nodded "...never better sweetie, never better." Rolling up his sleeve, he reached over with his left arm, grasping her right hip to hold her still. "Are you ready Rosie?" he asked.

"Hmm huh..think so Harry."

He raised his right hand high.

"Oh Harry." she whimpered as she squeezed her cheeks tight shut in anticipation of the blow. "I'm sorry for not paying my......"



And so for the next five minutes Nurse Rosie Dixon was given a hard bare bottomed spanking from Mr Hardy her Landlord as due recompense for bed and board monies owed....and as her fat bottom got redder and redder, hotter and hotter she squealed loudly realising she loved it!!



At the sound of the knock, Harry looked up with a sigh from reading his morning newspaper, folding it neatly he took off his reading glasses and sat up straight. "Come in." he called.

With a creak the bedroom door opened and Rosie poked her head through the gap. "You awake Mr H?" she smiled sweetly.

Harry was more awake than he had ever been. "I sure am Nurse it THAT time?" he asked feeling his heart start to race.

Grinning at him, Rosie entered the room dressed from top to toe in her white pristine uniform....bra, kickers, stockings the whole works. As she walked around the bed, she glanced down and started to giggle as she saw the "tent" in the bedclothes as he sat up dressed in his blue striped pyjama's. Noticing where she was looking, Harry tutted. "Dear oh dear Nurse Dixon, you are such a naughty little girl aren't you," he sighed, shaking his head as his tent got bigger beneath the sheets. "I think you need a really good spanking."

Rosie stood by his right side pouting. "Oh Mr H not ANOTHER spanking please," she wheedled,"...couldn't know, use your belt on my big bum for a change?" she sighed as she shook her shoulders causing her big boobs to shiver and shake under her uniform.

Harry placed a finger against his lips thinking. "Hmmm...a belting eh?" he wondered aloud.

Rosie nodded. "I could pull my dress up, take my knickers down and bend over that chair...if you want me to." she whispered erotically.

"Nurse Dixon, I would love to whip my big leather belt across your fat bum...but....." he stopped, nodding to the tray in her hands.

"OH!!" Rosie gasped. "I nearly forgot...time for your bed bath Mr H!!"


Rosie woke up to the sound of clinking and chinking china as the bedroom door bounced open with Mr H, er...Harry backing into the room carrying two cups of tea on a tray. It took her a second and a peek under the white sheets to realise that she was lying in his bed.......stark naked!! Rubbing her eyes, her mouth fell open as he tottered around the bed to the small table. Oh....and so was he!!

"Mornin petal!!" he beamed, his thick hair all tussled and his chin sporting a shadow of stubble as he urged her to sit up and plump up a pillow. Blushing and smiling shyly, she stretched and yawned to ease the delicious ache in her bones that made her feel languid and so relaxed.

"Oh I'm soooooo sleepy!!" she sighed, thanking him for making her a wake up cuppa.

Harry nodded, sitting on the bed beside her he suddenly felt a bit self-concious as her shining eyes darted over his white nakedness as she sipped her tea. For him, last night had been fantastic, terrific and beyond his wildest dreams. He'd not only spanked a Nurse, he'd slept with one as well. Shaking his head, he laughed gently causing her to look up at him.

"What?" she smiled over the rim of her cup.

He shrugged, a bit embarrassed as he looked down.

"Go on. What?" she laughed, reaching over and slapping him lightly on his arm.

"Wanna play Doctors and Nurses again Rosie?"

Reaching for a pillow with her free hand, she swung it at him, knocking him onto the floor and giggling as she scrambled up onto her knee's with everything wobbling most invitingly as he grunted and looked up at her with her breasts thrust out at him.

"Tsk tsk Rosie, you shouldn't of done that petal, remember what happens to naughty Nurses!!" he laughed heartily as she bounced up and down on the bed holding the pillow as a weapon. At that Rosie squealed as he made a lunge for her, grappling with her on the bed and managing to get one or two resounding slaps onto her still red backside.



A month later.

Mr H stood with his arms folded looking at the young Nurse standing before him in her uniform. They were in his bedroom, a room where they had spent many hours over the weeks since he had threatened her with eviction - even though he wasn't going to really. It was rent collecting time again...kind of. With a difference.......the difference being they were now living together in the same flat - his.

"But....but, I don't have it Mr H!!" pleaded Rosie as she bent forward slightly, reached under the skirt of her uniform hooking her fingers into the waistband of her white knickers before easing them down off her big bum whilst looking up at him with a twinkle in her eye trying to sway his better judgment.

Harry was having none of it for he knew all her tricks by now. "Miss Dixon, if I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times your rent is due on the last Friday of every month and if you can't pay you have to do it by other that understood?"

Leaving her panties at half-mast, she straightened up holding the skirt of her uniform in a bundle level with her belly-button letting him see the soft blonde vee of her bush and her white stockings that reached to mid-thigh. The more he stared the bigger his grin got and the fuller her pout.

"Sorry Mr H, I forgot."

"Its just not good enough Rosie is it?"

"No s..s'ppose not Mr H." she mumbled turning red as she noticed how he was having difficulty keeping his eyes on her flushed face,"...a..are you going spank me Mr H?"

Harry shook his head. "No Rosie, seeing as its been four months in a row that you haven't learned your lesson I think the times come for more drastic measures I fear, so...." he explained, turning to open his wardrobe where he rummaged around before he brought out.....


"Oh no Mr H, can't, you can't use them on my big bum puhleeeeeeeeze!!" she cried as she hopped from foot to foot staring at the things he laid out before her wide eyes. Picking the smallest up, he pointed to the bed.

"Right, stop your snivelling Rosie cos it makes you sound like a big baby, now lie face down on the bed...go on, hurry up girl," he ordered as she turned with a worried look, kneeling on the bed,"... n' put a pillow under your tummy for that'll make your fat arse stick right up..ah, that's right, further over...smashing, I'll be able to whack you really hard like that!!" Stepping to her left side, Harry looked down at the studded leather strap in his hand, watching as it swung limply from his grip. Testing its suppleness, he gave it one or two experimental swings that had her wincing knowing full well that when he laid it on across her bare bum, as he often did, be it a spanking or slippering, he would invariably do it very hard........hard enough to have her shrieking and crying because of the awful sting.

Pausing a second to admire her submissive pose of perfection, he decided he'd best get a move on if they wanted to have some "afters" after her had walloped her. "Reach back and pull up your uniform Rosie, so I can see your bare bum...good thats it petal, okay, hand's to the front and grit your teeth." he ordered as he drew back his right arm and taking aim at Rosie's quivering bare buttocks.

Looking over her left shoulder, Rosie watched as the thin strap arced through the air making her"..aaggghhhnnnooYEEOW!!" as a band of fire seared hotly across her pancaking bum flesh with a severity that as she shrieked took her breath away as well. "Oh..oh OH Harry that HURTS!!" she wailed, drumming her feet again the mattress trying to shake off the pain in her buttocks.

Harry let her have her wailing moan, scolding him for hitting her bare bottom so hard with the first lash of the strap while she fumbled about, reaching behind herself and gingerly feeling the raised line of fiery red.

"That was toooo hard Harry, you're s..supposed to start gently until I get used to it, oooooh hmmmm I'll poop meself if you keep hitting me that hard!!" she hissed at him tearfully.

"Give over Rosie, how long have we been doing this..over a month right, you've taken it harder from my slipper so stop rubbing your bum, go on...take your hands away, put them back in front of you and stop being a cry baby petal you know your fat arse can take a really, really hard tanning don't you?" he laughed, watching as she pulled and pushed each cheek apart giving him a right eyeful of both of her holes.

Reaching up, Rosie brushed away the hair covering her face and muttered "S......s'ppose so, but it STILL BLOODY HURTS YOU KNOW!!" before she resumed her position lying over the pillow with her bulging buttocks poking high up into the air, just the right height for him to deliver the second strapping of the six he planned to give her and it was as just as hard as the first.



Two lashings down.....four to go.


Pointing at her with his cane, Harry nodded to her uniform. "Right Rosie, lets see..hmmmm, okay, off with your uniform.....yep that sounds fine and I'll take my cane to your bum kneeling on the bed again ok.?" he ordered feeling that oh so familiar tightening in the crotch of his trousers.

Rosie grimaced as she stood beside him, rubbing her sore backside which was still smarting terribly from the six wallops with his strap. " many Harry, how many are you going to give me?" she sniffled, reaching up with trembling fingers and starting to undo the buttons of her white Nurses uniform as her older lover watched rapt, waiting patiently for her to undress before he caned her.

"Twelve petal, twelve good and hard." he replied feeling his throat tighten as her top opened up into a vee revealing her well developed breasts wobbling snugly in their white sling.

"Oh." was all she could say as she shrugged her shoulders, her eyes fixed on the long thin rattan that he was flexing menacingly between his hands as she eased the top half of her uniform from her body then sticking her fingers in the bundle at her waist before shimmying like a belly-dancer to slide it over her wide hips and down off her white stockinged legs. Rosie slowly stood up straight, thrusting her chest out at him for she knew he particularly enjoyed the sight of her massive, milky white bosoms topped off with their inch long rosebud teats.

"That as well Rosie, take it off."

Even though they had been together a while she still felt herself blush as she self-conciously reached behind her back and unclipped the clasp letting the cups spring free from holding her bountiful flesh in place. Letting the bra drop to the floor, she crossed her arms across her chest suddenly appearing coy and shy in his gaze.

"Kneel on the bed Rosie." he ordered as she hung her head with a sigh, turned and got down on all fours with her breasts swinging gently like a pair of white upturned bells.

"Good girl, now spread your knee's wider..more..more, okay, now stick your arse up, go on higher, higher..stop thats it, now stay like that or else there'll be trouble." he finished in a low grumble, a sound which she often told him made her belly go wobbly and topsy-turvey at the implied threat. Resting on her elbows something suddenly occurred to her, perhaps she had better ask him or else he might remember half-way through her caning and start again.!!

"Mr H, you want me to count each one?" she whispered looking back at him.

Harry slapped his head.

"Cripes petal, nearly forgot...erm...yep why not?" he grinned as he stepped to her left side measuring the cane against her cringing bum as she "ohhhh......Harry, you're going to make my botty so sore I won't be able to sit a for a week!!"

Drawing the rod back he nodded, agreeing with her sentiments.

"Fraid so Rosie, but like I keep telling you sweetheart if you don't pay your dues..what happens?"


The cane sliced through the air with a cruel whispering hiss landing square across her plump seat biting deep into her flesh and drawing a thin red weal that had Rosie shrieking,"....I end up with a sore big bum Mr HhoowwwwCHHHHH,!!" she hollered, wiggling her fat arse wildly,".....OOONEEEE!!"


Twelve strokes later. Twelve strokes delivered good, hard and all counted.

Rosie winced as Harry thrust his hips back and forth as he lay on top of her grunting and sweating with his breath labouring in her right ear.

"Ow..ow..ow..ow Harry darling?" she whimpered, trying to wriggle her bum to ease the sting from the twelve purple raised cuts he had given her.

"Gnnnnnnnhuh?" he wheezed sweatily, feeling he was close to coming in her.

"Ow..ow you w..wer..want me to to ow my rent next month?" she asked breathlessly, her heels drumming against his thighs.

As his baby making juice rushed through his embedded erection, his toes curled as he shouted. "NOOOOOooooooohhhhhhhmmmmmmyGod YES!!"

As her own climax washed upon her Rosie smiled and giggled. " Thought you wouldn't Mr H!!"

The End.

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