Thursday, 18 September 2014

Spanking Story: The Spanking Agency #8 - The Interview.

Scenario: A series of episodes based around the idea of a special escort agency set up by a woman called Molly Malone and the spanking adventures of the girls who work for her.


High summer and the air simmered gently as the sun sat lazy in the sky peeking in through the blinds of Molly Malone's office as she interviewed the, potentually, newest recruit for her Spanking Agency. A 50 year old gentleman by the name of Bernard Bertram Bigglesworth the Third who sat opposite her in an outfit that made him look like he had just walked out of a 1950's catalogue and who was the bearer of a smart slicked back grey quiff and a bushy moustache that made him look even more like he came from another era.  Molly smiled as she listened to his lyrical tones and the way he made each word sound like a story in itself. The man was an out and out charmer.

"...oh crikey," he said thoughtfully. "Forever and a day I suppose. The Mater and Pater were brought up religious and strict so it was only natural that they did the same with the six of us. Myself and five sisters that is. Any misdemeanour or hint of mischief was met with the strap which hung by a hook on the back of the pantry door. Many a time I would come home to find an elder sibling yelling blue murder bent over a fireside chair as Mater strapped seven bells out of her bare bottom. I suppose that's where the seed was sown for this sort of thing."

Molly glanced down at his resume. "A teacher then a Headmaster?"