Saturday, 24 May 2014

Spanking Story: The Winner Takes it All

"Joe," pleaded Jenny as she tried to tug her hand free of his firm grip. "Be reasonable. It wasn't my fault!!"

Her fiance ignored her and dragged her into the bedroom. When she resisted at the door, he gave her a firm tug which made her stumble forward onto their double bed. This time there was going to be no arguments, no escaping consequences, and definitely no post punishment moods. Nope, this time, he was going to cane her pert little bottom then he was going to make her do what she had always been reluctant to do.

Not listening." he said as he locked the door then stood with his back to it.

Jenny scrambled to the other side of the bed and stood facing her soon to be husband. What was he going to do now? She sniffed feeling affronted, miffed, angry and nervous all rolled into one. It so wasn't definitely absolutely NOT her fault that she had forgotten to do what he told her to do. He sure looked determined. She swallowed hard.

They'd been together a mere six months and she was beginning to realise her man had serious bossy boots issues, which was sort of a problem because she was more stubborn and headstrong than him! Just why did he have to be so right for her?! She glanced at the crotch of his jeans. Apart from that silly. Though THAT was definitely a bonus, it was his all round yumminess which she loved about him. He did have his faults and she shivered for she knew he was about to show her what one of those faults were.

What would it be this time?

She figured he had a sliding scale of "Jenny's Boo Boo's" that he referred to when needed. Which she realised was becoming more and more regular the longer their relationship went on. Instinctively, both hands crept around and grabbed each full bum cheek which were clothed in a tight white pair of panties beneath a full pleated summer skirt. The scale so far had been spanking, slippering, belting and strapping - all suffered under duress but always with a tingle at the end. To think he wanted to make love straight after he had given her a sore bum. The nerve of the man! But today's little mishap went far beyond anything that she had done before. Think worst case scenario and double it. That meant only one thing..

"Fetch the cane, Jenny." he told her.

Oh no!! She stood fiddling and twisting on the spot. Her pretty faced screwed up in imagined pain and she pouted as she tried to wheedle her way out of this new punishment. When he had brought a bundle of canes back from the DIY store she thought they were for his tomatoes!! Boy, was she wrong.

When he had laid the strap, the belt and his slipper on the bed one morning and told her what they were for she could only stand there open mouthed and wonder what on earth had gotten into him. When he snapped his fingers and said, "Oops, forgot something." and then went to the cupboard and took out one of those canes she wondered if she really knew him at all. "For when you're really really bad, Jenny." he warned her as he bent the wood into a rainbow shaped arc between his hands.

And what had she replied? Had she told him if he so much as pointed that thing at her she would run a mile? Nope. Call the police? Nope. All she had done was stand there looking at him with wide eyes and muttered "Then I shall have to be a very very good girl all the time then, won't I.."

There was less chance of that than the moon being made out of cheeze.



Joe was a perfectionist. In all things, everything had to be just right. Even including punishing his soon to be wife, Jenny.

He tapped the business end of his cane on a particular spot on their bed. "Stand here. Both hands on the bed. Feet apart. Bottom up." He snapped his fingers making her jump. He reasoned she could refuse, but she had never done so before. Despite her complaining and whining she always faced up to her punishments.

They had met at a party and had hit it off straight away. But for him he wanted to be sure she was compatable with the kind of relationship he wanted to build his life around, so on their second date he was determined to find out one way or the other. It had been a simple thing. A sassy retort to a comment he made about something of no consequence. As she had walked past him he had given her bottom a firm smack that had her skip forward and squeaking in surprise. He had watched her reaction intently. She had stood there open mouthed, wide eyed, looking at him with an expression of "I can't believe you just did that!!" on her face as she fondled her backside. To his relief and delight there was no rebuttal or outrage at his slap, merely an intake of breath and a pout of a bad girl dealt with. From that moment, he knew she was the right girl for him.

Still, she was rather stubborn. Like right before this caning.

"Did you hear me?" he said.

Jenny stood twisting everything on the spot. "But I don't want to be caned Joe." she whined. "Use something else. Your belt. I like your belt."

Joe shook his head. "If you want the belt," he reasoned. "You can have it AFTER your caning."

"But Joe!" She stamped her foot in frustration. "The cane is horrid." She had grabbed the front of her skirt and was twiddling it into a knot. This was part of the game. She had learned that much from past escapades. When Joe set his mind on something, Joe would never let anything change his mind. Oooo, the nasty beast!! She would never admit it, but even though it hurt like hell there was that certain sensation of satisfaction at being able to take the worst he could give her which she was unable to put into any sort of rational reasoning or thought.

So, a caning he was going to give her and a caning she was going to take.

A last sniff, and she came around to his side of the bed and took her position. Hands on bed, feet apart and bum in the air. She idly wondered how many he would give her. Last time it had been six. Each had been searing as expected but none had pushed her over the edge of that particular emotion which would turn pain into a pleasurable sort of purgatory. She sometimes wondered if she had a screw loose. "I'm ready." she sighed finally, with a resolute wriggle of her sturdy haunches. Let him do his worst. Him and that fucking stick of his.


It was a dozen. A round dozen on her very round ass.

The first six he gave her were over her skirt and panties. She did a furious little dance at the end of each dull thud, twisting her face and groaning inwardly as the crack of pain rolled up from her striped behind to her skull where sparklers exploded. Then that sensation would creep up on her like a ghost tapping her shoulder from behind and saying "Boo!!" It was hot. A nice hot. A hot that sent tingles to her special places that seperated rhyme from reason and made her think naughty thoughts. Naughty thoughts where his "thing" danced before her in a sexual haze of bad girl lust. "Maybe he's going to tell me to.."

She shivered. Tell her to do what? There was that hot flush again. Lovely.

She gasped for she felt him raise her skirt and flipping it up over her back. Her head dropped further as her submissive side dominated her stubborn one. Ahhhhh. A waft of cool breeze soothed the dull ache in her buttocks as he pulled down her panties to mid-thigh. She was getting chills all over. She wondered if she should just grab him, throw him on the bed and demand he fuck her until that other dull itchy ache between her thighs was sated. That was a plan. His thing danced before her again in the darkness of closed eyes. Such a lovely thing. Such a divine bringer of pleasure beyond imagining. "Such a large thing.." her devil whispered in her ear. She started to giggle but her breath caught in her throat as she felt him tap her bare bottom with his cane.

"Six more, Jenny." she heard him say.

She was gone elsewhere now. Someplace else. Someplace nice. "Uh huh." she mumbled. Six was about right. Six was enough to reach what she wanted to reach, and afterwards, there would be more of the same but different. The six before were forgotten now for the only thing that mattered were the six to come.

She knew it was coming before it did. There was that force of pushed air before its cut bit home and the pain rolled over her.

"Agggghhhhhhhhhhhhh," she yelped in surprise, for the sheer vitality of the first bare cut always was. "Owwwwwwwwwwww!!" More fireworks of the mind. This time more intense, more everything. Her hips swayed this way and that, shaking off the bite but chasing the heat. "Ah, Joe. Another."

Five more times he caned her ample and willing bottom.


"Kneel at my feet, Jenny." he ordered her.

She did so and looked up at him. He appeared as if in a purple haze of sex. Her being was dealing with the pain but that was passing now. She still breathed deeply of her orgasm which had sprung forth with the last cut of his cane. White lightning. Sparks. Fireflys in the night. She tried to focus for he was saying something to her. What? Do what? Her hand had wandered to her moist crotch.

"Take it out." he told her.

She reached up with one hand and grabbed his belt, with her other, she slowly drew down his zip. He wanted her to do her not so favourite thing. She blushed at the thought. She licked her lips and wrinkled her nose. What had her mother once told her? Relationships are all about give and take. Her hand had slipped into the opening of his trousers and fumbled around looking for the thing which lived there. Knock knock who's there? The throbbing in her buttocks was now a sensory delight and she rode its sweet wave. He was hot and hard. Insistent and urgent. She smiled to herself. Now who was in charge? Not her man.

In fact, she mused, he had never ever been in charge in all the time they had been together. Let him think it so. Her smile grew wider as she let him slip between her lips with a groan.

She understood the game.

She really was the winner who takes it all.

The End.

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