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Spanking Story: Secret Society of Spankers


Gallowgate House was as imposing as it's name suggested. An austere two floored building born out of the press-gang era during the latter 1800's, it sat hidden away from the shine and sheen of present day 21st century living. Inside its walls, it's history was that of the secret underground where people dwelled in it's Victorian shadows which gave life to mysterious meetings and gatherings concerning deeds best left unspoken. Even to enter it today was to step back in time into a whole new world. A world of mystery and enlightenment.

A world of secret societies.


part 1:

Don took his eye off the road and looked at me. "I forgot to tell you something."

It was a steaming evening with a low slung sultry sun and I'd wound the windscreen down half way letting the cool breeze waft over me. "Forgot what?" I replied as the car crested a rise and dipped down into a gully heading towards our destination. Not that I had any inkling where we were going in the first place for this particular destination was an intended mystery to me.

My companion smiled knowingly. "You have to do an initiation."

"A what?"

"Initiation. Before you can be accepted, you have to take the initiation. It's the rule and rules are rules." He glanced at me again and I could see he was much amused at my bemused look. Initiation huh? He didn't say anything more but just sat their driving with a smile on his face. Sunlight suddenly broke through the canopy of poplars that lined this side of the road blinding me with its glare. Pulling down the visor, I stared out of the window seeing the outskirts of a town in the distance. "Initiation?" I thought to myself. Probably something dumb like stripping down to my shorts, being smeared with treacle and having to recite some obscure gobbledygook whilst standing on one leg. No problem - I can do that. Though why I'm doing this in the first place God alone knows. I must be out of my tiny mind.

It's all his fault. Don. My work buddy. "Do you really want to know how I got that promotion Bill?" he'd asked me out of the blue one day. I suggested that he had either been the right person for the job or he was banging Miss Dooley, our boss, big time. "Hah!!" he'd laughed, slapping me on the back. "I wish." We were stood at the bar and he was buying me the pint he owed me. The first of several come to think of it. "In fact, I'm doing something so much better than that." he continued as he pointed out somewhere for us to park our backsides. Sitting in a quiet alcove in your typical village pub I'd frowned at him. He laughed all the harder and just tapped the side of his nose with a finger. "Secret. Let's just say it's not what you know but who you know."

"You have been screwing the boss." I muttered, feeling as if he was leading me around like a blind man on a leash.

He supped his pint for a bit then put the glass down and licked the froth from below his beak like nose. "I'm not. Scouts honour. It's true what I said though. It's not what but who you know. If you have the right connections you can do anything."

I snorted. "Don't tell me you're a bloody freemason." I was genuinely suprised for Don didn't seem the type to be a member of the funny handshake brigade. Or sheepshaggers incorporated as an old pal once told me. He wasn't far wrong in my humble opinion.

Don had the good grace to look affronted by my suggestion. "Oh Christ no. Don't be stupid Bill, this is me remember? No, I'm in with a different er crowd. As different as chalk and cheese." He picked up his glass again and raised it to his lips. He paused and looked at me over the rim. "Interested?"

Intrigued more than interested, I shrugged before nodding. Guess there would be no harm in just finding out what he was up to. "Sure. Why not?" Besides, it might be my lucky day. They might be a bunch of depraved swingers or something. It was about time I put my frustrated libido to good use. If it didn't get a dammed good workout soon it may as well shrivel up and drop off for all the good it's doing me.

Little did I realise that I wasn't exactly that far wide of the mark.



"This is Gallowgate House. This is where we meet." said Don as he pulled to a halt in front of a building that looked like it had been designed by someone with a satanic sense of architecture. Either that or they had a thing for gallows humour which given the name of the place was quaintly apposite. Don had a great big shit eating grin on his face as he saw my bluff hesitation. "Hope you like red meat." he laughed as he got out of his car.

Slipping out of the passenger door, I stared up at the archway which had "Founded 1875" inscribed in the masonry. But that wasn't what had taken my notice. It was the words below that. "To Seek is to Find. To Find is to know" To know what? Don had made his way to the large palasade under the shelter of a sandstone arch and stood waiting by what looked like the main entrance - a large oak double door. Gathering my wits, I stopped beside him and turned. He was still grinning like an idiot. I smiled back and shook my head. "I knew it. You're a bunch of bloody cannibals."

Don burst out laughing and banged hard on the wood twice with his fist.


Oh boy. "Welcome to Satan's House of Fun. Debauchery and orgies are our speciality. In here for singles, doubles or whatever takes your fancy. For those wanting to experience something a little more spicy, over there we have the torture chamber where you can try out the rack if you want to stand out in the crowd. If that isn't your idea of a good time give the good old thumb screws a go or if you're into deep pain why not try out our piece de resistance - the guillotine. No refunds allowed. One trip only." I muttered as the door opened to reveal an older gentleman in a rather old fashioned and sombre dark suit. I glanced at Don who seemed to be deliberately avoiding my gaze. This was getting decidedly freaky. Don't tell me - this is Igor minus the hump. Seeing Don, he reached into his waistcoat pocket and pulled out a gold watch. "Ah, good evening Mr Baker. Prompt as usual I see." He turned and looked at me - up and down. "I take it this is Mr Smith."

"Smith?" I thought with a frown. I could see my companion was biting down on his tongue -hard.

Don rested a hand on my shoulder. "It is. He's interested in joining our society. This.." he glanced at me. "..is his first visit."

It was as if the proverbial light bulb was switched on and the older gentleman nodded saying sagely "Ahhh. Indeed. Please do come in. The others are already here." He then turned and indicated for us to follow him. Our footsteps echoed through a large gothic style hall lined with old Victorian windows on either side and which was dominated by a stage at its north end until we came to a door which opened to reveal a short corridor on which there were several doors left and right. I didn't say a word as I listened to Don making small-talk with our host. Our little tour ended when the old man stopped before a plain door which was at the far end of the corridor on the right hand side. He smiled at me before he rapped twice on the door. "I trust you will enjoy your stay Mr Smith."

"I'm sure I will, thank you Mr...?"

"You can call me Mr Grey." he replied, the artificial light shining off his close cropped white hair. "Oh, a word of advice if I may Sir." he offered as he reached to open the door. "Many years ago, when I was like you about to partake my inititation, the gentleman who's duty it was at the time recommended that I "Forget convention. Forget the rules our so called lords and masters make for us outside these walls. In here they do not apply. Ignore them." Those were wise words as you are about to find out." The door opened and he indicated we should enter. "Please.."


You could of knocked me down with a feather.

The room itself was larger than it appeared on the outside. Dominated by a large fireplace, it was roomy and square with plain but sensible furnishings which included a three seater sofa - in front of which was an ornate coffee table, two parlour chairs and a long table upon which sat a small bag made out of some sort of cloth with a necktie to keep it closed. But it wasn't the decor that made me gasp. It was the woman who was standing in front of the fireplace where a pile of logs had been set to be lit at a later date who made me catch my breath. It was my - our - boss, Miss Dooley. I was speechless, a state she could no doubt tell by the way my jaw was touching the floor. Now, a word about Miss Dooley. Even though I paint a picture of her like Mrs Ogre, she is in fact a rather attractive thirty plus something brunette with a rather solem manner - or so I had thought. I'd of never thought in a million years she would be into something like this. The possibility that this was some sort of secret swingers group suddenly didn't seem so bad at all. But then again, how did Mr Grey figure in all of this? There were more questions popping into my head than answers so far.

Miss Dooley smiled as she saw me. "Hello Bill." she said as she stepped forward. I gave her the once up and down noticing she was wearing a white blouse, black knee-length tight skirt and matching tights. Her dark bushy hair was pulled back and pinned at the nape of her neck into a double knotted bundle from which several stray strands had escaped. "Welcome to triple S. I'm so glad Don here has managed to persuade you to come join our merry little band. We're a very select group and don't accept new members unless they come highly recommended." Her grasp was warm and light as she offered me her hand.

I nodded. "Thanks." I replied as I felt her suddenly give my own hand a quick squeeze before letting go. I looked at Don then back at her as another woman entered the room. "Triple S?"

My host glanced at Don. "You haven't told him?"

Don shook his head. "I thought I'd leave that honour to you." If I hadn't been so confused I could of sworn he winked at her.

The other woman stood listening quietly to our conversation - such as it was - with a look of amusement on her face. She, like Miss Dooley, appeared to be in her mid-to late thirties and judging by her bearing oozed class and sophistication. Not as shapely as my boss, she was taller with a bonnet of close cropped blonde hair curling inward just below her fine jaw-line. Her pale blue eyes smiled at me in a way that made me feel as if I was being teased and appraised. "Aren't you going to introduce me Jane?"

"Jane" made introductions. "Of course. Kirsty this is Bill. He's our new member." She turned to me. "Bill this is Kirsty. She's our..." Miss Dooley paused slightly as if considering her words carefully. "...historical expert."

Both Kirsty and Don laughed at the description. I, on the other-hand, was decidedly non-plussed. "Historical expert?"

Kirsty came across and took my arm in sympathy. "Let's just say I'm an eager student of how things were done in the past. You'd be surprised how much fun it is experiencing how our ancestors used to live and how they dealt with certain "situations". As I'm sure you'll find out eventually." She led me over to the sofa and made me sit as she went to pour us each a glass of red wine. Don and Miss Dooley - I still couldn't find it in myself to call her by her first name - sat in each of the single chairs as the other woman gave us our drinks then sat herself down beside me. She raised her glass and "chinked" my own. "Bottoms up." she smiled over the rim looking me in the eye. Hers were fairly twinkling with delight.

"Cheers." I replied feeling hot and awkward. Hot and awkward because I was beginning to wonder just exactly what this so called initiation would involve. If I was right and this was some sort of swingers group maybe they would tell me I would have to....sort of....do...do it with... I glanced from one woman to the other. Oh shit. Oh holy shit. You have to be kidding. Here? Now? In front of the other two? I'd never done it with an audience before. I took a gulp of alcohol to calm my butterflies. Another question. The biggest. Exactly who with? My boss???? I could hear my heart rattling around my chest. I'd done it a few times in my head but right here, right now for real??!! I took another gulp. Surely they wouldn't expect me to do it with her. It would have to be with this other woman, this Kirsty. At least I hoped it would be. Now that didn't seem such an un-nerving thought. She was, after all, dammed attractive. But hang on, what else is an initiation for if not to put a person in a situation that is as unexpected as it is surprising? What better way to test a man's metal that to have him rodger his boss. Oh boy. I suddenly felt the need to open my mouth. "Don....Don said there was an initiation."

Kirsty placed her glass on the coffee table in front of us. "Oh yes. Everyone has to take the initiation. Isn't that right Donald."

My buddy raised his glass. "Yup." He was smiling at me - the bastard.

"In fact, Donald did his initiation with me didn't you Donald."

I looked at him. "You did?" The lucky bastard.

He nodded and sat back. "Absolutely. It was great, a real education. You enjoyed it didn't you Kirsty?"

"Yes Donald, very much so." she replied as she crossed her legs.

The whisper of nylon made me swallow hard. Any more of this and I would burn up. Well well, so now good old sensible dependable Donald was a tiger between the thighs too. A detail I didn't need to know somehow. It was beginning to look like I was right after all. Mr Grey was obviously the doorman and had the keys to the harem. I started to fidget, something I always do when I get nervous. And I was as nervous as I had ever been I can tell you. It was something which Miss Dooley had noticed.

"If we are all agreed I think we should get started don't you?" she said suddenly as she got to her feet and went to the table. There, she put down her glass and picked up the bag. She returned and placed it on the small table in front of us. "Now Bill, here's what you have to do." she explained as she sat forward revealing a very nice amount of cleavage. I gave myself a shake and told myself to concentrate on what I was supposed to do. But what had the bag to do with it? My boss was about to reveal all to me. "In this bag are a number of folded pieces of paper. On each paper is something you have to do in order to pass your initiation. On each paper is also the person you have to do it with."

I glanced at Don in alarm.

Kirsty saw my look and burst out laughing at the look on my face. "Don't worry Bill. We aren't that way inclined in here. At least not yet." she said patting my hand for reassurance. Well, that was a blessed relief I can tell you. Don may be a good looking bloke but he's not THAT good looking. I also didn't need a promotion that badly. At least not yet. "All you have to do is reach into the bag and pick one out." She was looking directly at me in a way that made me shiver inside from top to toe. I suddenly hoped very much that her name would be on the piece of paper I chose. Each of them were watching me expectantly. Miss Dooley was even blushing slightly as she sat forward. Don, as ever, had that great big silly grin on his face.

I sat forward until I could reach the bag. I glanced up at each of them in turn. "Well, here goes. Don't ever let it be said I won't try anything once." I muttered and carefully slipped loose the knot and undid the necktie. Hesitantly, I eased my hand inside feeling the slips of paper in there and giving it a quick stir with my fingers picked one out. As I did so I could hear Miss Dooley gasp.


This was NOT what I had expected. Though what I had expected was open to question to begin with. But this was DEFINITELY not it.

I was so surprised I couldn't even speak. I sat there looking at what was written on the piece of paper I had chosen. Surely this was some mistake. Someone had slipped this into the bag as a joke. It had to be. That was the only explanation. They were staring at me waiting for me to say something. "I er.." I stuttered. "I er think I've er..."

Kirsty laid her hand on my thigh. "What have you to do Bill?"

Jane nodded. "Go on Bill. Don't be shy. You can tell us. After all, we all had to take the initiation too."

I shook my head as I glanced from her to the piece of paper. "I think there's been a mix up."

Don chuckled as Kirsty moved to sit closer to me. "I don't think so somehow. What you see on that piece of paper is what you have to do. The person you have to do it with knows the rules too. It's something all the women in the group know they have to submit to. Go on Bill, say it. Read it out aloud."

Gathering my wits, I licked my lips for they had suddenly gone dry. What was on the piece of paper was something I hadn't actually experienced before though I have to admit the idea of doing it had crossed my mind once or twice in my various unsuccessful relationships. But that they say, is a guilty secret. A secret which they wanted me to read out loud. "It says...





I paused for a moment and glanced up at them. My gaze falling on one in particular.


The sound of silence was deafening indeed.


part 2:

Add shocked and confused to already bemused as far as I was concerned. I could literally feel the hairs on the back of my neck beginning to fizz and prickle as I looked at the three people in the room with me. A room that suddenly seemed to be getting smaller and smaller and hotter and hotter with each passing moment. I was finding it rather difficult to look my boss in the eye. Which was kind of a problem seeing as I was supposed to spank her arse according to the slip of paper in my hand. Why couldn't I have picked something sensible, normal and conventional like a knee trembler or something?! Hell, as of right now even a blow job sounded preferable. But a spanking? Oh boy. Miss Dooley had turned a rather fetching shade of pink but was still smiling at me as I reached up and rubbed a hand through my dark blond hair. "Ummm.." I started. "Maybe I should pick another one."

"NO !!" blurted out Kirsty suddenly. Then more sheepishly added "No, you can't Bill. You get one go and one go only. It's the rule and rules are rules. But you do have a choice. You can either take the initiation or you can walk out of that door and no one will be any the wiser. What happens in here doesn't go beyond these four walls and no one will think any less of you Bill. Isn't that right Jane?"

Jane nodded. "Oh yes, absolutely. None of us would ever do anything we didn't willingly want to do Bill. The choice is yours."

Well, that was sort of reassuring I guessed. Maybe this was just a one off freakish event. The sex thing would happen another time. I glanced down for Kirsty still had her hand on my thigh. Oh boy. The sex thing had BETTER happen next time. I looked at her and sighed. "Got to admit I was a bit shocked when I read what I had to do. I had figured that I would be.." I felt myself blush. "...you know. Have to do it with....er...what I mean is.." I mumbled to a stop as my tongue got tied and tripped over itself.

Jane smiled. "Oh, you mean sex."

I felt Kirsty move her hand slightly higher along my thigh. Instinctively, I tensed right up. "Don't worry Bill. The sex bit comes later. I'm sure myself, Jane and the other ladies will make every effort to make sure you get enough sex to keep you very happy for a long time. Isn't that right Donald?"

Don just grinned wider. "Definitely."

Kirsty moved her slim hand higher and was resting it lightly on my prominent and painful bulge. "In fact, I intend to make sure you get to do me first. So the sooner you get this over the better. I promise you that on your next visit we can really have some fun." She turned to Jane. "Perhap's you'd better show him what to do dear." Before she got to her feet to move out of the way, she gave me a squeeze and a pat for good measure. "Jane's the ideal lady to show you the ropes Bill. Being spanked is her speciality."

I couldn't think of a sensible thing to say so I said nothing as I watched Miss Dooley come round the coffee table until she was standing right in front of me. I looked up at her as I listened to the blood pounding in my ears. Oh shit. What the hell had I got myself into?!!


My boss slowly pulled up her tight skirt revealing more and more of her shapely thighs. They were perfect. Solid and meaty. She was wearing tights and as her skirt rose higher and higher it slipped up over her womanly hips revealing the shadow of what looked like a very skimpy pair of panties through the thin nylon. It was a peep show par excellance and I had the ring side seat. I could tell she was teasing me and enjoying my unabashed stare. For a second I thought my tongue was literally hanging out and I was panting like a dog. Nearly but not quite. Inside I was steaming though. I noticed Don had sat forward and was staring intently at Miss Dooleys rear. Kirsty was sat in the single chair now supping her wine with a smile. "Show him your arse dear." she said suddenly.

Absolutely. Show me you arse Miss Dooley. I need to see your arse.

What is it with hands?

What's a man supposed to do with his hands while he's watching a woman revealing her all to him? I couldn't very well stick them in my pockets even though I very much wanted to do that for obvious beneficial reasons so I sat there gripping both knees watching as she slowly turned around until I found myself staring at a shapely and very large bottom indeed. I was, by now, literally drooling over Miss Dooley's derriere.

"Bend forward Jane. Stick it in his face. Show him what you've got." suggested Kirsty helpfully.

Jane did as she was told and I ended up with a face full of nylon encased bottom flesh. The urge to just grab the dammed thing was over-powering but I was still a little hesitant. I certainly didn't want to come across as some sort of unrestrained pervert. Which was ironic given the circumstances.

Kirsty had seen my hesitation. "She wants you to pull her tights down Bill. You're in charge remember. Its your initiation test. She wants you to take charge and spank her bottom good and hard. So go on do what you want to do."

Feeling more confident now, I reached up and laid a hand on each of her bottomcheeks. There was still a wide expanse uncovered. She really did have a large bottom. It would take quite a while to spank all of it no doubt. I can do that - no problem. I rubbed my fingers and thumbs over the stretched material enjoying its fibric touch. God, I love the feel of nylon. It's such a feminine thing to wear. The slight frisson of static, the whisper of an electric spark just waiting to ignite. This was a moment I wanted to last but it was also a moment where I was desperate to experience more as swiftly as possible. So I eased the elastic hem away from her warm white flesh and slipped my fingers inside so I could pull and tug it over the bounty of her buttocks. I could feel her swaying her hips to help me in my endeavours and feeling like I was at some deviant peep show, I pulled down her tights until they were stretched between her thighs just above her knees. Instinctively, I lent forward and kissed one of her cheeks making her jump and laugh. She twisted around and ran her hand through my hair. "Easy tiger. Only the spanking this time. You can use my arse for anything else another time."

Oh boy.


I've slapped a few and tickled many. But never have I spanked one before. There is, they say, a first time for everything and this definitely was my first. Once I'd removed her tights from her bottom I'd discovered that Miss Dooley wasn't wearing panties at all but what in fact was known in the trade as "the beaver pouch" which was basically an elaborate thong. This ingenious device left her bottom cheeks free for me to do my deed. I have to admit to feeling slightly disappointed for I had often wondered what she would look like beneath the cloth. Ah well, another adventure for another day if I was lucky. She lay over my lap as I sat in the middle of the sofa so she could rest her upper torso on the seat and let her legs hang free onto the floor the other side. I was about to deliver my first smack of the evening and I was shaking like a leaf. How hard? How many again? Fifty plus? That sounded a lot. With my palm raised I stopped.

"Jane's a big girl Bill. She's had more spankings than anyone here. Including me. So don't spare her." said Kirsty.

Jane glanced over her shoulder. Her hair had come free of its bun and floated around us. "It's ok Bill. Spank me as hard as you like, I don't mind. Do you want me to count?" she asked.


She smiled. "Yes, count. Do you want me to count every spank?" she explained. "So you don't get lost."

"I er...sure. Guess so. Good idea. Shall I stop at fifty?" I felt a complete novice.

Jane pursed her lips. "Tell you what. Give me fifty-one and then we'll see."

For effect she raised her bottom and give it a wiggle. Get ready. Get set. Get spanking.


"Ouch !!!"


By forty-eight my hand was hurting. But I wasn't going to admit that. This spanking lark was everything I thought it would be. It was a visual and aural spectacular. Sights and sounds of flailing hair and shrieking yelps and yowls filled the room as I had continued to spank on in a rhythm of my own choosing. By now, Miss Dooley's sizeable arse was tomato red and looked as sore as buggery. But she never whimpered a protest to stop once. In fact, I was sure she could take a lot more than what was allotted to her. High pain threshold has this one. "Yikes FORTY-NINE!!!" she winced as I splatted my hand down again. I could feel the reverberation rolling up my arm into my shoulder. With each spank her cheeks had widened slightly and I could see the thong strip hiding her dark secret. I swallowed hard. Next time Bill - next time. I slapped her hard again as she cried out "Oh OW FIFTY!!!" I had caught her unawares for I had originally thought it gentlemanly conduct to give her a moments pause before striking her buttocks again. Oh boy, Miss Dooley was one frisky gal. She muttered, cursed and fought in a kind of faux way. Trying so hard not to break free from my grasp as it were. I tugged her tights lower thus making it more difficult for her to kick her legs which she had been doing. Necessity is the mother of invention and being ensnared by your own tights just about sums it up. The spanking had flown by - to my chagrin. Why is it that doing things that are so much fun go by so fast? But then again, tomorrow after all is another spanking day if I passed this initiation with flying colours. Despite her fake struggles and shrill pleadings, I suspected Miss Dooley was enjoying breaking in another new member. I had discovered that spanking a woman wasn't like I thought it would be either. It was more exhilarating than exhausting even though after fifty firm spanks I could feel the ache in my right upper arm and shoulder. But alas, all good things must come to an end. We had reached the climax of my initiation.

"Ready for the last one?" I asked Jane as she finally settled herself back down over my lap. I could hear her breathing hard even though her face was hidden by her loose hair. I smiled as I watched her buttocks flexing and relaxing. Oh boy, they sure looked hot. Hot and sizzling - just the way I like 'em. Good enough to eat too.

My spankee for the evening didn't look at me but nodded quickly. "Uh huh." I could feel her tense right up waiting for the last spank.

Even to a novice like me it was obvious that the last spank should be something special. One to remember. A sort of red letter spank with all the trimmings. And I for one would never disappoint a lady who lay so invitingly over my lap. The spank landed with red hot force causing a red hot reaction.

"YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOW !!!!" yelped Miss Dooley as she writhed and bucked against the sting.

"Fifty-one." smiled Kirsty. "I'm sure Jane will agree - you just got an A+"


A short while later...

I didn't say much in the car as we headed home. Truth is, the evening had gone by with such a whirl that my mind was still all over the place. So much for satisfying my libido. But in a way it had been satisfied in another fashion. It was a curious thing the power of spanking. It makes one man weep and another man sing. I felt different somehow. More...more... at ease with myself. Something inside me felt free. No longer suppressed and pent up. Even the colours of the countryside seemed more vivid on our homeward bound journey. Don had said as much as we left Gallowgate House. It had been the same for him too. He was right. It had been an unforgettable evening, one I'd remember for a long long time. Suddenly something popped into my consciousness. I glanced at Don who had his eyes glued to the road. "Triple S?" I said out loud. "No one told me what that meant."

Don grinned. "Your jacket. Look in the breast pocket."

Frowning, I did as he told me. I was surprised to find a small card. I pulled it out and looked at it.



I smiled as Don looked at me and gave me a wink. "Kirsty slipped it in whilst you were otherwise occupied. I'd of thought it was obvious."

He started to laugh and I joined in.

It looked like life had taken an interesting turn - for the better.



The two women stood watching from the entrance to Gallowgate House as the car disappear into the distance. Kirsty turned to her friend and fellow member of the Secret Society of Spankers. "You are such a bad girl Jane." she smiled as they went back into the building. They made their way back to the room and asked Mr Grey to make them some tea. The older woman sat on the sofa and picked up the small bag which still lay on the coffee table. She opened it and picked out a folded piece of paper. Seeing what was written on it she smiled. She took out another, then another until there were at least ten pieces of paper lying open on the table. Jane grinned and blushed as she stood massaging her sore bum. Kirsty looked up at her and started to laugh gently. "You really are a bad bad girl Jane."

On each slip of paper was written:





The end - maybe

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